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1/18/2016 17:19:26Teacher 1JohnYou worked so hard on these books! I'm excited to show them to my kids!yes
2/2/2016 18:37:49Teacher 1JohnI have Blue Jays around my house and they seem like tough birds! Do they have any predators?yes
2/2/2016 18:59:59Teacher 1JenYour owl books are amazing! My son, Bobby, and I are just reading through all of them and we are SO impressed by the pictures that you selected to go along with your text. The research you did is very informative, especially after you dissected those owl pellets! yes
2/3/2016 8:04:09Teacher 1Dr. LuftI'm so impressed by the beautiful ebooks the students of 2-C have written. I like the way that students included so many text features and bits of information to help your reader learn about the birds you studied. You are certainly expert researchers and writers! yes
2/7/2016 11:18:46Teacher 1westonIt was awesome. How did you learn all this information? yes
2/7/2016 11:29:10Teacher 1BradGreat job Remy. This book is wonderful, exciting and informative. My favorite part was seeing the eagle eating its prey. The artwork and pictures truly bring the beauty of bald eagles to life.yes
2/7/2016 13:15:41Teacher 1HillThese books are wonderful. I loved the life cycle page with the shapes. I learned a lot about blue jays from this book. It is really cool that the children learned how to use a Table of Contents. Great job, Fallon and 2Ch.yes
2/8/2016 15:46:22Teacher 1SarahI learned a lot about Eagles today. All these books are incredibly detailed and interesting. Great job 2-Ch!!!yes
2/9/2016 8:01:49Teacher 2JohnI am so impressed with your nonfiction books! Your diagrams really helped me to understand more about your birds. Thanks!yes
2/9/2016 11:27:33Teacher 2SarahI love this project! Today I learned a lot about hummingbirds, peacocks and their differences. I also learned about other types of birds like flamingos, penguins, owls. 2-I did an amazing job!!!yes
2/9/2016 13:41:24Teacher 2LaurenWow, 2nd graders, your ebooks are AWESOME! I am so impressed with everything from your organization, to your pictures, to the information that you shared. You are all amazing authors!yes
2/9/2016 20:50:47Teacher 2HarryWhat amazing authors you all are! Your illustrations were beautiful and your diagrams were informative. You must have done a lot of research to find all of those facts on birds. Thank you for sharing!
2/9/2016 21:23:56Teacher 2StephanieI think all of the books are amazing. Great job everyone!yes
2/10/2016 8:11:48Teacher 2BobbyThese books are great - thank you for sharing them with us! I love how the diagrams add so much detail. Good job everyone!
2/10/2016 13:48:51Teacher 2JoeI enjoyed looking at all the books.The work that went into them was very evident. The illustrations were so well done and the factual information really helped you learn about the various birds. Great Job!!
2/10/2016 13:52:59Teacher 2AlanCary, you made a beautiful book. As you have done with so many previous books that you've written on your own, you add illustrations that are well composed, colorful and informative, I look forward to seeing other projects that you complete with your class.
2/10/2016 16:53:45Teacher 2SteveThis is very informative. I can't wait to read the next book
2/10/2016 17:23:41Teacher 2Oliver These books are the BEST. I learned a lot of information about birds.
2/12/2016 15:44:39Teacher 1AndyThis book is excellent with lots of great information striking a balance between text and pictures. The author did his research and organized the book nicely. The Pelican book is a nice addition to all the great books written in Mrs. Cheung's class. Great job, love you, Dadyes
2/13/2016 7:58:12Teacher 1matthewWow! Alexis we are so impressed with your book about Pelicans. We learned a lot about them, and enjoyed the pictures. We also enjoyed reading all the books from 2-CH, amazing job to all!yes
2/25/2016 14:21:03Teacher 2GavinAaron this is a really interesting book. I like that you added lots of facts and I like your cover and you did a nice job with your venn diagram. Oh and how many babies do peacocks lay ?
2/25/2016 14:21:32Teacher 2NoahHi Maya I learned a lot about crows and king fishers, great book. The image choice is amazing. Your drawing is also amazing. It's interesting that female king fishers can lay 2-10 eggs. I noticed you added a lot of detail to your drawing.
2/25/2016 14:22:38Teacher 2matthewI love the way Jacob put a lot of information about the birds and compared them really well. I learned that blue jays are not birds of prey. I learned lots of stuff. I think you did a great job.
2/25/2016 14:36:31Teacher 2AlexisTo Avi,
Wow your book is amazing!!! How and why did you chose these birds? I learned a lot of stuff about Eagles and falcons in your book. I learned that a bald Eagle is not bald it just means it has white feathers above its head. I also learned that a falcon has pointed wings.
2/25/2016 14:42:39Teacher 2StellaHi Sam I love your book. I learned a lot about sparrows and hawks. I did not know that sparrows can live in cold and
warm weather. I noticed that you added lots of details.
2/25/2016 14:45:42Teacher 2YuzeTo Alexa
What does the Kingfisher eat? I learned a lot about Kingfishers and hawks. I noticed you did two birds and I did one.I liked your pictures a lot.
2/25/2016 14:53:19Teacher 2CiannaDear Sophie I like flamingos and owls.What website did you use to get all of that information for your flamingo and owl book?I noticed that that flamingos mostly eat shrimp and and catch insects for food. I also noticed that owls eat small birds.
2/25/2016 14:57:19Teacher 2AriannaHi Philip I read your book about eagle's and hock's I leaned about eagle eating rabbets. This is the best book I have ever read.I like that you have two animals.
2/25/2016 14:58:01Teacher 2LillyI loved the book Saxon!
I noticed there was great pictures.
I liked how you named the paragraphs.
2/25/2016 14:59:45Teacher 2JonathanTo Ella I like the way you used a venn diagram.How did you choose those birds? I learned that blue jays are songbirds.I really like the blue jay chapter.
2/25/2016 15:00:39Teacher 2matthewTo Eli.I noticed you included pictures.I like how you included how old you are on your author page. I learned that Eagles live almost everywhere.
2/28/2016 10:10:36Teacher 2JenWow...all these books are amazing! Thank you, to all the 2nd graders, for teaching me so much about Birds!! I loved all of the beautiful illustrations and all of the great details!
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