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1988-03-12GamehendgeLISTENMcGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > The Lizards > Tela > Wilson > AC/DC Bag > Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird > The Sloth > PossumTRANSCRIPTION
1991-10-13GamehendgeLISTENColonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird > Tela > AC/DC Bag > The Sloth > McGrupp and the Watchful HosemastersTRANSCRIPTION
1993-03-22GamehendgeLISTENThe Lizards > Tela > Wilson > AC/DC Bag > Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird > The Sloth > McGrupp and the Watchful HosemastersTRANSCRIPTION
1994-06-26GamehendgeLISTENKung> Llama > The Lizards > Tela > Wilson > AC/DC Bag > Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird > The Sloth > McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > Divided SkyTRANSCRIPTION
1994-07-08GamehendgeLISTENLlama -> NO2 > The Lizards > Tela > Wilson > AC/DC Bag > Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Fly Famous Mockingbird > The Sloth > McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > Divided SkyTRANSCRIPTION
1986-04-01IcculusLISTENIn this short, early version of Icculus, Trey introduces the song as being written by the (presumably fictional) Sneeze Blood Eyeball. After a short narration in which Trey talks about how much he and the band love Icculus and are so moved by him that they wrote a song about him, we move into the composed section, which is punctuated by Trey shouting "April Fools!"TRANSCRIPTION
1986-10-31IcculusLISTENAt their first recorded show on Halloween night, Phish turned to the prophet in the penultimate slot of the second set. Unlike at Rosemont Horizon (the only other Halloween Icculus to date), the holiday itself is barely mentioned in a fairly standard rendition of the song. TRANSCRIPTION
1986-12-06IcculusLISTENThis song is a toast to the great one.TRANSCRIPTION
1987-08-10IcculusLISTENTrey's work in this version is entirely unremarkable, but those listeners interested in audience participation will be sure to seek out this version for the unsolitcited narrative contributions of one, likely intoxicated, showgoer. TRANSCRIPTION
1987-11-19HarpuaVersion lacks the entire first verses and no narration, beginning in the part of the song which would later be the backing music for the narration.
1988-03-11HarpuaLISTENDebut of Harpua's narration! The mean, ugly dog rounds a corner and comes "face to fat" with a enormous, furry white cat. Poster Nutbag coils his body into a deadly arch, Harpua smiles. They are going to fight!TRANSCRIPTION
1988-03-22HarpuaLISTENHarpua meanders through town until he comes face to face with Poster Nutbag. Suddenly, a car drives by taking no notice of the animals. The two of them coil their bodies into deadly arches preparing for a fight.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-03-22IcculusLISTENIcculus amassed all the writings of the great thinkers in the Helping Friendly Book, but Wilson stole it because he was an asshole.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-03-22Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENTrey cuts to the meat of the story, assuming many of the folks already knew the build up, and then gives a brief intro to Icculus before breaking into Forbin>Bird proper.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-04-22HarpuaLISTENThe short narration here could be described as the barebones essence of the story, featuring only Harpua and Poster Nutbag, who is described as the meanest cat in the entire town. The dog smiles, the cat arches his back, the dog drips hungry saliva. There's going to be a fight!TRANSCRIPTION
1988-04-22Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENTiny narration from Trey: "At this point, the Famous Mockingbird lands on Icculus's shoulder. And he whisphers in the Mockingbird's ear and the Mockingbird flies off in pursuit of the Helping Friendly Book. Right, Marley?"
1988-05-15HarpuaLISTENHarpua was moseying through town looking for a little precious birthday fudge when he runs into a Big White Furry Creature From Town.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-05-15IcculusLISTENIntrusion by a shaggy dog aside, this version of Icculus begins rather routinely. But as things heat up, we get one of the first versions of the song in which Trey shouts the praises of Icculus for an extended time, seemingly using every superlative he can to describe him. TRANSCRIPTION
1988-05-21TelaLISTENBrief introduction to the context of the song "Tela" in the Gamehendge saga, Trey explains that Tela rides up to Col Forbin kneeling by the river right after Rutherford the Brave jumps in.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-05-24HarpuaLISTENCompact narration provides a playful recap of the story's rudiments with some funny twists, including that this poster nutbag is named Cat, which Harpua sees as "hot lunch."TRANSCRIPTION
1988-06-21HarpuaLISTENTrey tells the brief story of a boy, his big white cat, and their nice nice relationship that comes to a unfortunate end when Poster Nutbag encounters Harpua, the big nasty bulldog, which has moseyed over from the bad section of town through the mediocre section into the rich section, where the boy and his cat live.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-07-25IcculusLISTENThe night that Phish left for their now-legendary trip to Colorado, they treated the Nectar's crowd to this Icculus in the first encore slot. This standout versions includes a well-timed sexual interjection from Fishman, an incredible amount of screaming from Trey, and of course Trey's impression of Bono's "This is Red Rocks! This is The Edge!" This version appears on the Junta re-release. TRANSCRIPTION
1988-07-25HarpuaLISTENThis fun variation of the classic story uses Paul Languedoc as the protagonist as opposed to Jimmy, and does not reference the Old Man, but instead has Harpua wandering the town. The free and silly Nectar’s is a perfect backdrop for this late 80s Harpua.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-07-29The SlothLISTENBrief introduction for "The Sloth" in this quartet of songs from "our musical" from Phish's first tour of Colorado.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-07-29IcculusLISTENWhile not a standout version for 1988, this is worth a listen for the sake of conjuring up the image of an early-twenties Trey Anastasio screaming to a nearly-empty bar that he is a pretty cool guy. This version appears on Colorado '88 and is sandwiched between some quick plot summary of the Gamehendge saga -- even though only four Gamehendge songs appear in the set.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-07-30HarpuaLISTENThe first Harpua performed in Colorado features some interesting banter before beginning, as Trey tries to quiet the crowd, and a solid narration of the encounter between the meanest dog and cat in the land far far far far, utilizing several of the tropes common to these early version.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-08-05HarpuaLISTENTrey names the dog Sam and/or Jack, comments on his proclivity for friends playing volleyball and his big paws/pause, and almost forgets to let the audience know that the cat is named something like Buster Narbsack.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-11-03HarpuaLISTENAnother concise retelling of the story once upon a time of the encounter of Jimmy's big, beautiful, fluffy white cat and the meanest, fattest, ugliest bull dog in all the town.TRANSCRIPTION
1988-11-05IcculusLISTENTrey alludes to a picture behind the stage of a mysterious person who turns out to be Icculus. As he begins to introduce the song, he ignores requests for Johnny B. Goode and Free Bird, instead pressing on through Icculus' standard format. TRANSCRIPTION
1989-03-14HarpuaLISTENThis rather standard telling has a few deviations. It starts with Trey leading the audience in hand gestures that accompany the song. There are also a few mentions to notable Phish family members (Paul, Tim) and a quick reference to one of Mike's dreams (something that will become a staple in later versions of Harpua).TRANSCRIPTION
1989-04-20HarpuaLISTENAs the final song at one of the last frat house parties the band would play in the NE, this electric Harpua has banter carrying on from the prior "Love You," before launching into a hilarious classic narration featuring ridiculous play-on-words, first with non-shot ass before a lot of screaming "my God" in the section where Poster's name is introduced. Easily among the wildest early versions.TRANSCRIPTION
1989-04-20EstherLISTENThe first of four "Esther" narrations, Trey contextualizes not so much Esther's place in the Gamehendge saga, but, rather seems to illustrate Trey toying with the song taking place in Gamehendge.TRANSCRIPTION
1989-04-30Rhombus NarrationLISTENBrief narration: "Imagine now, you’re going out into a deep green field, and there’s the Rhombus out in the middle of the field."
1989-04-30Gamehendge NarrationLISTENTrey introduces the audience to Gamehendge by discussing the origins of four songs, "McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters," "The Lizards," "Divided Sky," and "Wilson."TRANSCRIPTION
1989-05-01EstherLISTENTrey delivers an account of Esther nearly identical to that of the first "Esther" narration.TRANSCRIPTION
1989-05-06Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENA short, simple, and classic connecting piece between Forbin and Mockingbird.TRANSCRIPTION
1989-05-09HarpuaLISTENIncredibly goofy early version includes Trey dipping into some of his Icculus-style screeching and a Fishman-supplied ass motif. Features an obscure reference to Burt Bacharach's "This Guy's in Love"TRANSCRIPTION
1989-08-12IcculusLISTENThis version was part of the wedding reception for Steve and Beth Drebber. It is unique only in that it includes a brief and quiet interjection from Steve and some goofy trumpet playing that probably comes courtesy of Fishman. TRANSCRIPTION
1989-08-26Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENSo at this time now, out of the sky, comes the Famous Mockingbird flying down, and he lands on Icculus’s shoulder. Icculus whispers in the Famous Mockingbird’s ear. The Famous Mockingbird flies off into the distance toward the Evil King Wilson’s castle to steal the Helping Friendly Book...
1989-09-09Rhombus NarrationLISTENThe band that came "all the way from Gamehendge" gives this brief introduction to the song "Divided Sky" to explain that it was originally an old Gamehendge chant to the gods of the night sky that was part of a yearly ritual pilgrimage to the enormous black Rhombus at the center of the field in GamehendgeTRANSCRIPTION
1989-10-14HarpuaLISTENIn-A-Gadda-Da-Vida quotes inside a fairly standard early version. Recording cuts out right before "I don't want a goldfish." TRANSCRIPTION
1989-10-20Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENClassic treament of the Colonel's visit to Icculus is short and sweet TRANSCRIPTION
1989-10-22Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENShort, classic narration has Icculus giving directions to The Famous MockingbirdTRANSCRIPTION
1989-10-31Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENShort and classic narration from the band's final performance at Godard College. TRANSCRIPTION
1989-11-02Rhombus NarrationLISTENFollowing on the second-ever Kung, "which was part of the ritualistic chant leading into this song ("Divided Sky"), in this truncated and pretty bizarre narration Trey utilizes the refrain "green grass, high tides, forever" to convey the majesty of the land where the black black black black Rhombus stands. Also, Mike screams "Yes!!!"TRANSCRIPTION
1989-11-03Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENShort and classic narration. TRANSCRIPTION
1989-11-10HarpuaLISTENFairly standard early version includes Trey using the word "betwixt" and some full-band "Sunshine of Your Love" jamming via Jimmy's stereo.TRANSCRIPTION
1989-11-30Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENShort and standard introduction to goings on in the song.TRANSCRIPTION
1989-12-07Rhombus NarrationLISTENShort but exciting narration features interesting backing from the band as Trey takes us on a subjective journey "through time and space" with two friends to the center of a vast green field where we climb atop a black Rhombus thanks to our hooks to scream to the gods of the night sky.TRANSCRIPTION
1989-12-29Rhombus NarrationLISTENLikely longer narration begins when recording stars after it is already underway, telling the story how "we" climb the Rhombus, look toward the clouds, which are splitting apart, and sing...TRANSCRIPTION
1990-01-29HarpuaLISTENThis standard (and slightly inaudible), early 90s version centers on Poster and Harpua meeting on the street after a stroll by both. Purple Haze teases are sprinkled throughout the narration, much to the delight of a number of spectators (“That was awesome!!!”).TRANSCRIPTION
1990-02-01Rhombus NarrationLISTENSimple introduction to the Rhombus lore, this narration takes us to Gamehendge and three intrepid explorers climbing to the top of the floating Rhombus and partaking in the Divided Sky ritual.TRANSCRIPTION
1990-02-25Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENBrief narration explains why Col. Forbin climbs the mountain to ask Icculus for help, who summons the Famous Mockingbird to steal the Helping Friendly Book back from King Wilson for the revolutionaries to use against the Evil King.TRANSCRIPTION
1990-03-01Rhombus NarrationLISTENBasic intro to Divided Sky, except in this version Trey specifically mentions "you" having friends with on the journey to the top of the Rhombus.TRANSCRIPTION
1990-03-11HarpuaLISTENApparently Trey was feeling somewhat verbose in this wordy early 90s version.Harpua is aware of Poster as they meet, even being the one to name the cat in this telling. The Jimmy “Purple Haze” tease accompanies his introduction.TRANSCRIPTION
1990-03-17Rhombus NarrationLISTENLacking any mention of the three-hook-ed instrument, Trey and two friends come down the mountain, through the deep wood, and enter a vast green green green field, at the center of which is a black black black Rhombus.TRANSCRIPTION
1990-04-04Rhombus NarrationLISTENBeginning with a brief description of the ills that would befall Gamehendge at the hands of Wilson, Trey tells the story from before, "back when when it was peace and tranquility," of how three chosen Lizards would venture to the mountain, injest the root, and seek a destination far away through the forest, a black Rhombus in the middle of a great green field.TRANSCRIPTION
1990-04-06Rhombus NarrationLISTENAfter an arduous journey at one mph in their truck up to Crested Butte, Trey tells a story about a land much like Crested Butte where the people perform a special ritual once a year, traversing the forest until they come to a huge green field with a black Rhombus at its center, which three fortunate subjects climb atop using their three hook-ed climbing instruments in order to sing a special sacred ditty to the gods of the night sky.TRANSCRIPTION
1990-04-07Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENBrief narration recounting that Icculus lives on the mountain, and he has instructed the Famous Mockingbird to steal the Helping Friendly Book back from the evil King WilsonTRANSCRIPTION
1990-04-20Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENClassic, short narration: "Here he comes now, The Famous Mockingbird, flying out of the sky down on to Icculus's shoulder. Icculus, whispering in the Famous Mockingbird's ear, "go to Prussia, fly to the highest tower of Wilson's castle, steal the Helping Friendly Book, and bring it to the innocent people of Gamehendge, thereby restoring peace and harmony to Lizards everywhere..."TRANSCRIPTION
1990-06-09HarpuaLISTENWhile this version does follow the same structure as many early "Harpua"s, it's noteworthy for Fishman's often-hilarious insertions from behind the drumkit.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-02-28The LizardsLISTENComing soon
1991-02-28EstherLISTENA brief narration functions to contextualize the story contained within the song, as opposed to Esther's role in the Gamehendge saga.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-03-31Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENWith Col Forbin before him, the great prophet, Icculus, tells the Famous Mockingbird to steal the Helping Friendly Book from Wilson.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-04-04Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENIcculus whispers in the Famous Mockingbird's ear, and it flies off into the distance to the castle of the Evil King Wilson in pursuit of the Helping Friendly Book.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-04-06IcculusLISTENAfter Steve Drebber's wedding, Icculus becomes much more of a rarity. The first version in two years is remarkable in that it includes a quick thank-you from Trey to the fans who have been following the band up through this final show of their first West Coast swing. The most noteworthy part of the narration, though, is when Mike offers some rare narration, speaking as Icculus himself to describe Phish as a camped-up, art rock Deadhead band.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-04-15Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENShort but dense narration contains important details of the Col's trek to find Icculus in the mountain, seeking help to steal back the most important book in the world, the Helping Friendly Book.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-04-18HarpuaLISTENHarpua ends up in the nice part of town. A young boy there pets his best friend, Poster Nutbag, who is his best friend that he loves. Poster Nutbag goes for a walk and there is an awful fight.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-04-21Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENIn this special Earth Day version, Trey gives a thorough and complete explanation of the perils in which Gamehendge finds itself as Forbin climbs the mountain to see Icculus for himself, complete with the rest of the story about how the lizards became "infected with the germ of hate and greed," to which he remarks that "hopefully that won't keep happening here on this planet." TRANSCRIPTION
1991-04-26HarpuaLISTENThe old man lives deep in the North Country, near the Canadian border, where people's family trees don't have branches, and his ugly dog leaves home to wander until he comes to a town, the nice part of town, where he encounters a cat just let out by his loving owner.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-05-02Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENFor a great crowd clearly following the story's arc, this version includes the shaking, trembling, transforming mountain that is Icculus for the first time and an extended monologue from the god instructing the Famous Mockingbird to fly to the highest tower of the evil King Wilson's castle.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-05-03HarpuaLISTENThis version is replete with fun variations on the standard structure -- Jimmy is watching Cam Neely, Trey offers his Stanley Cup predictions, and Harpua's owner is given the moniker "Timber Hole."TRANSCRIPTION
1991-05-04Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENMicro narration covers a lot of ground in a short period, taking listeners through the vast forest and up the great mountain to get the help of Icculus for the Lizards to return to their old life of utter peace and tranquility.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-05-16Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENAnother micronarration, this one features the shaking and quaking, transforming mountain that becomes Icculus, who will call the Famous Mockingbird for help to steal back the Helping Friendly Book.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-07-14Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENAfter the mountain itself becomes Icculus and Forbin reaches the top, Trey tells the familiar story of Icculus calling on his friend the Famous Mockingbird to help Col. Forbin save the lizards by stealing back the Helping Friendly Book from the castle of the evil King Wilson.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-09-30Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENConcise narration attempts to catch up this noisy audience on the classic story of Col Forbin's trek to the mountain to find Icculus for help stealing back the Helping Friendly Book.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-10-27Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENExpanding some on the short early Mockingbird narrations, Trey takes Telluride to another mountainous land far away, where, "not unlike what happened in this particular country," an innocent people living in harmony with the land are enslaved by an evil King.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-10-27TelaLISTENBrief description of Tela's place in the Gamehendge pantheon.
1991-10-28HarpuaLISTENThe old man lives with his dog just nearby, and they like to hunt yuppies together. Meanwhile, in the rich part of town, Jimmy abandons Poster to go schralping so Poster is bored and goes for a walk, rather than Poster walking out on Jimmy, which is the usual scenario.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-11-02Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENOn the final night of their Colorado tour, Trey tells the crowd they had to play this story because CO understands the spirit of the mountain. Solid, if somewhat standard, history of the Saga.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-11-10LlamaFrom "Llama was preceded by a unique Gamehendge narrative by Trey, who said 'this song takes you to the top of a mountain with a rebel troop about to get attacked by these other troops coming up the mountain in a war-torn nightmare of futuristic Gamehendge.'" The recording of this version does not circulate as of March 1, 2018.
1991-11-13Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENReferencing an earlier "Rhombus Narration" from the same show, this brief narration picks up "a little farther into the future" to tell the story of the Colonel -- not Hampton -- seeking Icculus atop the mountain for help retrieving the Helping Friendly Book.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-11-13Rhombus NarrationLISTENThis fun, spirited, and detailed "Rhombus Narration" finds Trey transporting those inside Love auditorium to where Phish comes from. Whimsical musical accompaniment and pointed story-telling informs this standout version, a must-hear for those interested in "The Divided Sky's" inception.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-11-15Rhombus NarrationLISTENFollowing three lizard people, you climb on top of the Rhombus and realize you are in the middle of a great prayer.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-11-20Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENAnother 1991 version features Col Forbin climbing up the trembling mountain that sits in the middle of a forest near a vast green field with a tiny little black spot, the Rhombus in the center.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-12-07Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENColonel Forbin braves thousands of falling rocks and boulders, their collective force transforming the mountainside into the face of the Great and Knowledgeable Icculus, who, in an act of benevolence, calls upon the Famous Mockingbird to retrieve the Helping Friendly Book and save the people of Gamehendge.TRANSCRIPTION
1991-12-07HarpuaLISTENThis version finds the old man finally returning home from a long journey to find his once beautiful dog turned into a fat ugly beast of a dog, bloodthirsty and mean, always searching for his next hot morsel of flesh, which will of course next be Jimmy's cat, Poster.TRANSCRIPTION
1992-03-19Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENIcculus calls upon the Famous Mockingbird to retrieve The Helping Friendly Book, thus freeing the people of Gamehendge from tyranny and ugliness.TRANSCRIPTION
1992-03-26HarpuaLISTENTrey introduces Marley to the audience and brings her on stage for a straightforward narration that starts in the teeming jungles of Brazil, leading Page to quote "Brazil" with Fishman chiming in. Trey introduces Page as "a beacon of light in the world of flight."TRANSCRIPTION
1992-03-31Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENFrom a set featuring several Gamehendge songs, Trey links them together for the audience before sharing the story of the plight of the people of Gamehendge and the noble Col Forbin who has come to help them return to their life of peace and tranquility.TRANSCRIPTION
1992-04-04HarpuaLISTENTrey takes us from the Rockies back out over the East Coast across the Atlantic to the cliffs of Dover, where a mean old man, terrible at playing bagpipes, lives with his mean little dog Harpua, who goes out wandering the cobblestone streets looking for some action. TRANSCRIPTION
Fly Famous Mockingbird > Icculus > Fly Famous Mockingbird
LISTENTrey asks the audience to imagine the venue lifting up in the sky and floating, like a hot air balloon, across the sky to Gamehendge. He introduces the Lizards and begins to talk about their god just before > Icculus. After that short interlude, we have a standard mountain narration that concludes with Col. Forbin speaking with Icculus.TRANSCRIPTION
1992-04-21Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENIn one of the great psychedelic Mockingbird narrations, the lights go dark and suddenly you are floating across the ocean on a great houseboat that turns upside down because "gravity has no meaning anymore," floating toward Gamehendge to see the evil... the evil... King Wilson from an enormous hang-glider that provides you with the perfect view of the mountain below, Col Forbin, and the tiny Famous Mockingbird. This version is a must-hear, featuring powerful instrumental accompaniment as well.TRANSCRIPTION
1992-04-22HarpuaLISTENIn this special Earth Day edition, Trey narrates a version of the "Harpua" story starring Johnny Fishman as the old man who plays drums in a band, who somehow both has a cat named Poster Nutbag and is the owner of the big evil dog, Harpua which he's left just outside the gig. Trey sets up a story to perhaps give out Fish's hotel room number for a huge party later that night, but Fish blurts out a hotel room number that is actually Trey's, so Trey tries to spin the story to deflect from it being his room, and wraps up the story when Poster seeks to leave the party but encounters Harpua outside.TRANSCRIPTION
Fly Famous Mockingbird > Icculus > Fly Famous Mockingbird
LISTENWith a Wizard of Oz intro, Colonel Forbin is swept away to Gamehenge and climbs the mountain. With an Icculus narration in the middle of this featuring lots of screaming and some dry heaving from Fish, it's a great and early Gamehenge treat.TRANSCRIPTION
1992-05-02Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENAnother two-part narration with "Icculus" stuck in the middle, this version follows the sends us through space to the trembling mountain, following a quick reference to the L.A. riots in the beginning. The "Icculus" includes a reference to the Aquarium Rescue Unit being a "feeble Bluegrass band" before they read the Helping Friendly Book.TRANSCRIPTION
1992-05-06Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENAfter sending the crowd sinking down through Earth until it becomes up, Trey tells the classic story of Forbin climbing the mountain that becomes Icculus, with a stop in a revolutionary encampment deep in Gamehendge forest. TRANSCRIPTION
1992-05-09HarpuaLISTENA typical "Harpua" narration about a typical mean old man and his abused old dog, a typical young American boy watching a typical American rock song on MTV ("Teen Spirit") while petting his typical little cat, Whitey, and the typical deadly fight that ensues when the mean dog and helpless cat cross pathsTRANSCRIPTION
1992-05-17Fly Famous MockingbirdLISTENThis longer-than-usual-in-'92 narration from a show at an ice skating rink aptly begins with ice creeping over the cement under the feet of everyone there, before the plane of ice lifts up and away into infinity where it begins to tilt at an ever higher angle until you slip off the rink, falling and falling until you enter the atmosphere of a planet that had looked like a speck, which is Gamehendge, where there is a huge mountain...TRANSCRIPTION