ClubPresidentsPresidents ContactAdvisor/SponsorAdvisor/Sponsor ContactDescription
Academic TeamElias Sikavitsaseliass@student.normanps.orgTwyla Hartthart@normanps.orgAcademic Team is where a series of questions are asked about all kinds of topics, ranging from history to science to mythology. We compete in competitions around the state. Academic Team meets every Friday in room S210 for upperclassmen lunch and in room S213 for freshman lunch.
AlphasBraden Cardbcard@student.normanps.orgMr. Wormingtontwormington@normanps.orgThe purpose of this organization will be for students who love to show school spirit whether that means going to North events (sporting/fine arts/etc.), dressing up for spirit days, as well as encouraging others to do the same. This organization will have a safe environment for people to help promote a positive culture at North.
Art ClubFiona Chenfchen@student.normanps.orgSheila Huntershunter@normanps.orgArt club homes a collective group of creative people here at Noorman North who devote themselves to express their creativity through primarily visual arts. We do so by hosting and participating in events such as mini art classes, art cirtiques, and etc. We also provide artistic assistance and support to organizations such as DEN. Our main goal is to bring together artists seeking a place where they can do what they love with those who share similar passions. All are welcomed!! If you're interested in our club you can DM our instagram @nnhsartclub or contact our officers!
Asian Culture ClubKatherine Xuekxue@student.normanps.orgAmber Worster Are you interested in Asian Culture, good food, and volunteer opportunities? Well then Asian Culture Club might be for you! We are a club dedicated to create an inclusive and supportive environment while uplifting diverse Asian cultures through appreciation, cultural exchange, and advocacy work. Anyone is welcome to join and participate and we're always looking for new members! Email our officers or DM @NNHSasiancultureclub on Instagram!
ASL ClubYaniris Vega Rodriguezyanirisv2@student.normanps.orgKelley Tillman Elliot,,, eholland@normanps.orgAmerican Sign Language Club is a place to get together to learn about Deaf Culture and learn sign language. We show fun videos, play games, eat food, and learn to communicate with those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. All students and staff are welcome! We meet every Tuesday after school in N115
Astronomy ClubCamila Oseguedacazosegue2@student.normanps.orgMicheal Muddmmudd@normanps.orgWe will go out at night and look at and observe the stars, planets and the moon. We do this 2-3 times a month. We will have telescopes, planispheres and we will discuss constellations.
Black Student AssociationKamrin Proficekamrinp@student.normanps.orgVanessa Moorevmoore@normanps.orgAfrican American Association is dedicated to educating norman north students about black history. The club strives to spread African American culture, as well as celebrate it.
Block Chain ClubConnor Simmscsimms@student.normanps.orgVictor Reynoldsvreynolds@normanps.orgThe blockchain club will explore blockchain technology's theory and applications, a subfield of computer science and finance. Students who are interested in blockchain are welcome to join, learn about the fundamentals, and dive deeper into the more sophisticated and technical topics. Members who would like to be more involved with the club can research and experiment with blockchain applications and share this information with other members. The sector of blockchain is a somewhat obscure topic, which presents a lot of room for misconceptions and confusion, but the blockchain club can help students have a better understanding.
Book ClubAbi Maresamares@student.normanps.orgMrs. Dettmann, Ms., rachaell@normanps.orgWe are Young Adult Book Club where friends are made and memories are shared. We have small groups for our books so everyone can enjoy a genre they are passionate about so you can stick with a genre you love or explore new ones to enjoy. If you have any questions email the president Catherine Dunsworth at
Beyond Bible Study ClubMcKaillyn Gentrymgentry@student.normanps.orgKarin Moorekmoore4@normanps.orgBeyond Bible study is a club to get kids involved with developing a deeper faith and understanding of God's word. It can be a rewarding experience as it helps us to grow spiritually by engaging in meaningful conversations about the scriptures, gaining fresh perspectives, and learning valuable life lessons. Being able to come together each week with others who have the same interest as you do is a true blessing. God’s Word has an amazing way of speaking directly to you based on what is on your heart.
Cake ClubBryan Mr. Curry and Mr.
ChessRidwan Siddiqueridwans@student.normanps.orgMr. Brownfield sbrownfi@normanps.orgChess club is a no commitment club dedicated to chess. Every few months we hold chess tournaments.
Christians On CampusKennedy Carlsonkennedyc@student.normanps.orgChad Boesecboese@normanps.orgChristians on Campus is a relaxed club that meets once a week to start the day off right in the word. It's student-led and is open to anyone. There is also no signup, it is on a come when you can basis. We meet on Fridays at 8:30am in C210 (Media Room).
Climbing ClubHadden Blackmanhaddenb@student.normanps.orgMr. Hayskirkh@normanps.orgThe goal of the club will be to help like minded individuals who enjoy climbing to pursue their passion of climbing.
Comedy ClubJamaal Jacksonjamaalj@student.normanps.orgTyler Pipkintpipkin@normanps.orgWe want to give Norman North Students an outlet for comedy of all types. We encourage comedy expression of all types and want to give students a place to write, perform or listen to jokes and skits. We have meetings every 2 weeks at upperclassman lunch in N310.
Computer ClubAndrew Zhangzhanga@student.normanps.orgJames Courseyjcoursey@normanps.orgThe purpose of the Norman North Computer Science Club (NNCSC) is to provide members with a free and safe space to communicate which would enable the students to pursue their interest in computer science and to develop problem solving skills through competition, career talks, and communication.
Curtain Call ClubChris Duhecduhe@student.normanps.orgTyler Pipkintpipkin@normanps.orgThe purpose of our club is to provide like-minded students to a welcoming environment where they can express themselves creatively. Many students may not get the chance to act or perform either outside of school or inside a classroom for many reasons. Additionally, it would allow for students to be able to express themselves without judgment or negativity. The idea is for students to have an opportunity to be themselves. The goal of our club is to help students gain confidence in themselves and their capabilities so they can feel more comfortable with their performance. There will be various activities and exercises tailored for this purpose.
DECAWyatt Kelley, Natalie, npennell@student.normanps.orgJamie Wilsonjwilson4@normanps.orgDECA at Norman North is a group that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high school.
DENKinley Kitekkite2@student.normanps.orgChad Boesecboese@normanps.orgD.E.N. is Norman North's student council. The purpose of D.E.N. is to provide student government for all students at Norman North. D.E.N. also provides representation for the entire student body and works to meet the diverse needs of individual groups at Norman North High School.
Diversity CoalitionAthor Martinezathorm@student.normanps.orgSondagrsondag@normanps.orgThe Diversity Coalition's mission is to diversify our institution and also bring a voice to the many groups in our school that may be overshadowed. Our club consists of representatives chosen by their club. These clubs include HALCC, GSA, Feminism Club, African-American Association, Native-American Association, and the Asian Culture Club. If you want your club to have a representative in this coalition please email for more information.
Dungeons and Dragons Club (D&D)Quinn Hollowayqholloway@student.normanps.orgMr. Brownfield
Environmental ClubLangli Davis, Emma, emmaa2@student.normanps.orgMorgan, mattiem@normanps.orgThe Environmental Club empties recycling bins around the school, spreads knowledge on how to be more green, is contributing to building an outside classroom, and is overall helping better the world we live in. For potential members: Langli Davis
Engineering ClubLukas Mabonlmabon@student.normanps.orgMs. Parryjparry@normanps.orgThe purpose of the engineering club is to open up sophomores, juniors, and seniors to the different engineering fields. This club provides beneficial experiences for the members where they develop good communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. We hope to open these members to new careers they may not have taken notice of.
The Equality Alliance Joseph L.J. Villamil, Alaura Swensonjvillamil@student.normanps.orgJacob Gonzalesgonzalesj@normanps.orgOur mission is to work toward a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation and gender indentity, through education, support, social action and advocacy. We believe that Norman North can be truly safe only when every student is assured of access to an education without fear of harassment or violence. The TEA club welcomes students and teachers who want a safe environment to express themselves,and individuals who support the LGBTQ+ community.
FCCLAKaitlin Thomas and Kiersten, kaitlint@student.normanps.orgSherri Jonessjones8@normanps.orgFamily, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a national Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) for students in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) education. FCCLA offers intra-curricular resources and opportunities for students to pursue careers that support families. Since 1945, FCCLA members have been making a difference in their families, careers, and communities by addressing important personal, work, and societal issues through Family and Consumer Sciences education.
French ClubOlivia Friedemannoliviaf2@student.normanps.orgLane Whitneylwhitney@normanps.orgThe purpose of this organization will be to conduct activities and meetings that observe Francophone culture.
GEMSElias Sikavitsaseliass@student.normanps.orgKevin Warrenkwarren2@normanps.orgGirls and Guys Engineering, Math, and Science (GEMS) club is focused on getting students interested in STEM. This year we're designing, building, and shooting potato cannons. All are welcome and it's going to be an amazing year! If interested please contact Mr. Warren at or our officers.
German ClubNicolas Smithnsmith5@student.normanps.orgElliot Hollandeholland@normanps.orgGerman club meets every other Thursday to talk about German language, culture, and day to day life in Germany. We do lots of fun things like chocolate tastings and celebrating German holidays.
HALCC (Hispanic and Latinx Students United)Susana Hernandez, Marycruz, mmendoza2@student.normanps.orgLogan Curtislcurtis@normanps.orgIn Hispanic and LatinX Culture Club, we talk and learn a little about what it means to be Hispanic or LatinX in America and all over the world as well. There's usually food, games, fun activities, and some sort of lesson. If anyone is interested in joining or being a part of the club, email
History ClubElias Sikavtitaseliass@student.normanps.orgmikes@normanps.orgWe at History Club create a unique community for lovers of all things history and seek to spread historical awareness here at Norman North. You’ll probably be most familiar with our club through the presidential trivia segments our club does on the morning announcements. Being mindful of past to better our future.
Key Club InternationalSohail Hamishami@student.normanps.orgSherif Lotfyslotfy@normanps.orgThis club is for service learning experience. We do many different things to volunteer for the community including but not limited to serving and donating at local food pantries and shelters, participating in events like Spooktacular and Pancake Breakfast and many more. We strive to learn and grow through serving others.
Latin ClubNolen Jacksonnolenj@student.normanps.orgDina Kincaiddkincaid@normanps.orgLatin Club is all about having fun together celebrating Rome! We celebrate Roman holidays, have game and movie nights, go Toga bowling, and play Bocce in the park! It's a great way to have fun and make friends! No knowledge of Latin is needed!
Lunch Crew ClubKylee Moselykyleem@student.normanps.orgKevin Weberkevinw@normanps.orgThis is an inclusive club where students will spend a lunch hour during upperclassman lunch, on the scheduled days eating with the crew students at Norman North. This club will help people to make friends and build relationships with the special needs students as well as inspire inclusivity at North.
Math TeamEthan Li, Elias, eliass@student.normanps.orgMartha Maedermmaeder@normanps.orgThe math team participates in a few national or state competitions. These are the Oklahoma Math League (OML) and the American Mathematics Competition. (AMC). There are others we have participated in over the years, but with students schedules being so busy, it is hard to find participants.
Model United NationsDaniel Baseydbasey@student.norman.k12.ok.usNolan, Cappsjnolan@normanps.orgThe Model United Nations of Norman North Club is a student organization committed to increasing awareness of the role the United Nations and diplomacy plays in today's world. During our annual conference at the Model UN of the Southwest, high school and college students using simulated international crises and the debate of resolutions to demonstrate the U.N.'s role in addressing global issues. The staff of the MUNSW sends out country assignments based on need and student background. Competitive actors, debaters and those interested in international relations may also receive NFL points.
Native American ClubBrandon Dingesbdinges@student.normanps.orgZachary Grimeszgrimes@normanps.orgNative American Club exposes our members to culture and fun. We get to participate in fun cultural activities including field trips, and take part in school functions.
Norman North Disc GolfAndrick Shortandricks@student.normanps.orgMichael Stuemkymikes@normanps.orgWe organize different courses to meet at after school and play. The disc golf club here at North focuses on bringing new players to the sport and helping old players improve. Disc golf is a fun game similar to the game of golf but is played with frisbees. We have a wide range of skills in our players from people who play competitively to people just trying out the sport, all skill levels are welcome. If you are looking for a fun thing to do in your free time or want to try something new disc golf is a great start.
Photography ClubAdianna, acasey@student.normanps.orgGwyneth Easleygwynethe@normanps.orgPhotography Club is for anyone who likes to take photos or model for photos. Members participate in weekly photo contests, and work on improving new skills. Photo club also works with the school newspaper and yearbook to capture events. We can’t wait to meet new members!
Pickleball ClubSierra Hill, Kaitlyn , kbays@student.normanps.orgMr. Curry and Mr.,
Project LinusMarcella Oballamarcellao@student.normanps.orgElizabeth Howellehowell@normanps.orgProject Linus is based on a national organization! We make baby blankets and then donate them to womens shelters, childrens hospitals, or families in the community we know are in need. We recommend that everyone follows project.linus.nnhs on Instagram for constant updates!
Rotary InteractMallory Osbornmosborn2@student.normanps.orgMonica Minadeomminadeo@normanps.orgRotary is a national organization and Rotary interact at Norman North is just an extentsion of that. We do a lot of community service over the school year. We tie ribbons on Robinson for Breast Cancer awareness month and help food and shelter. It is just a club that offers a lot of community service opportunities and has influential speakers who now about helping the Norman community come and speak once a month.
Salad ClubDaniel Baseydbasey@student.normanps.orgTraci Seagrovestseagroves@normanps.orgTo promote healthy eating and nutrition
Science OlympiadKatherine Xuekxue@student.normanps.orgMattew McCoy/John, jwhite@normanps.orgScience Olympiad is a team competition where students compete in various events about STEM (science, technology, engineering, math). Subjects range from basic sciences like chemistry to more niche events like marine biology or ornithology (birds)!!
Travel Maddisen Butlermbutler@student.norman.k12.ok.usSheila Huntershunter@normanps.orgStudents learn to plan and budget vacation or educational trips, get experience with fundraising and budgeting, have the chance to go on club trips, with the possibility to have one of their planned trips picked for the large end of year trip (based on member vote).
Women's Advocacy ClubKathryn Paige Moorekmoore7@student.normanps.orgAmber Worster Lawsonaworster@normanps.orgOur goals is to help women within and outside of the school while also educating our students on topic involving women and issues that they face. We try to volunteer at womens shelter and donate supplies to women in need.
Young RepublicansKevin Weberkevinw@normanps.orgYoung republicans is a club for people interested in learning the "Right" side of political arguments or events. We discuss political topics and current events. We also do events with local republicans outside of school and meet with them. Whether you are a republican or a democrat your welcome to join us or come to a meeting.
Youth and GovernmentCesily Coveyccovey@student.normanps.orgBeth Freihoferbethf@normanps.orgHigh school students compete in model governments. We meet Tuesday at 8:40am in S109.