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Looking for a roommate?
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TimestampName:Contact InformationPlease check the appropriate boxes.If you checked the "Other" box, please explain.If you DO have a place to live and are looking for a roommate to move in with you, please explain your living arrangements below. (Include apartment or house location, preferred gender of roommate, rent per month, utilities per month, etc.)If you would like to include any additional information, please do so below.If you DO NOT have a place to live and are looking to move in with someone, please provide information about yourself (Include hobbies, interests, anticipated sleep schedule, etc.). This will allow those seeking a roommate to determine if you would be a compatible roommate. Class of:
3/25/2014 10:30:47Keith Glenn(281) 748-6309
I DO have a place to live. I am looking for a roommate to move in with me.2 bedroom full furnished apartment, right off the bus line. All you will need is to furnish your bedroom. Walking distance from many great Frankfort restaurants, rent would be 425 plus bills. It is a huge place. 2015
3/27/2014 21:07:20Andrew Smith270-933-7924 or absmit14@louisville.eduI DO have a place to live. I am looking for a roommate to move in with me.I live in a condo in a very safe neighborhood off of Bardstown road. The rent is currently $1154 (we will each pay $577) and utilities are usually $100. So you will on average be paying $677 a month. The place is extremely large. It has a living room, study room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, deck, fireplace (I don't know if it works but it sure is fancy). There is a hookup in the basement for a washing and drying machine. The kitchen also has dishwasher, stove, and fridge. There is also a storage unit in the basement. I would prefer to live with a male. The best thing about living at this place is its only about 10 minutes from school and there are tons of places to eat. If you would like to meet me then just contact me. You would need to be able to move in June 1st. There is a deposit that equals the months rent.2017
4/1/2014 16:18:03JR Ozobu317-319-6627
I DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.Call me at 317-319-6627 and we can agree on a place to live which we both like. I already have a couple great apartments in Louisville in mind.Whats good! My name is JR and I'm an out of state incoming first year from Indiana. I did my undergrad at IU Bloomington. I am looking for a male roommate. I work out regularly and try to make it to the gym on a regular basis. Enjoy playing and watching sports and really want take advantage of University of Louisville athletic events throughout the year (i.e. football tailgates, basketball games, sports bars...). I enjoy a balance between school and social events. Work hard, play hard! I would prefer to study at the library or anywhere on campus/downtown. When it comes to music, movies, television shows; I enjoy pretty much everything. I am very accommodating. Other than that I'm pretty chill and outgoing and really to take advantage of all the city of Louisville has to offer (when we aren't drowning in exams of course...ha)2018
4/3/2014 19:36:26Bilen GhirmayEmail: bmghir01@louisville.eduI DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.I am looking at a couple of places around Cherokee park or Eastern parkway/Bardstown rd or Frankfort ave. I would like to be 10-15min drive from school. I'll be a third year so I'll probably be gone most of the day and be studying at night. I have a husband who lives out of town who might come down every other weekend. 2016
4/6/2014 16:01:19Christopher Hamann(859) 801-0507

Matthew Forsthoefel
502 931 5989
I DO have a place to live. I am looking for a roommate to move in with me.House at
120 East Oak street
Louisville Ky 40203
1.5 miles from Medical school and Belknap campus (biking is simple!)
1 first floor bedroom for rent with additional room for study space.
rent per month $450 + utilities avg $70-100 per month depending on time of year.
Excellent off street parking behind house
Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, and Full Kitchen!
Spacious Old Louisville House, 2500 sq ft.
Two rising Third Year Medical students as stellar roommates.
End of June to Early July move in, please contact Chris or Matthew with additional questions!
4/6/2014 23:38:36Megan Good(859)640-7356
Please call or text me
I DO have a place to live. I am looking for a roommate to move in with me.3 bedroom apartment in Old Louisville. $400/month rent + utilities/cable. YOU WILL LOVE THIS APARTMENT! Kitchen with lots of cabinets, huge living room with fireplace, beautiful sunroom, 1 bathroom, and a deck. Very quiet. FREE laundry located in building. Looking for 2 roommates who like to balance studying with having fun. Female roommates preferred.

My cat Niels Bohr will also be living with us. He is very friendly!
4/7/2014 13:36:40Kimberly Okaforcell number: 757-339-8595
I DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.I am also a practicing Christian and enjoy going to church and reading the Bible. I would like someone who is also a practicing Christian but this by no means a necessity. My hobbies are reading books and National geographic magazines along with photography. My sleep schedule will most likely revolve around me staying up late into the night and then waking up later. I am a pretty neat person but not obsessively neat. Messes in the common area are fine as long as we each agree to be prompt about cleaning up after ourselves. Recycling is important to me and I hope that future roommates will be okay with recycling as well.
In general, I am a pretty chill person and can get along with most people as long as we each respect our personal property and space.
4/8/2014 14:28:05Anna Jonescell: 734-780-1033
I DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.I go to bed around midnight and sleep in as late as possible. I am a little messy, but not too bad. I enjoy being at home and prefer to study at home. Some of my hobbies are playing board games, video games, and watching movies. I am Christian. 2018
4/12/2014 20:46:20Andrew Godfrey859-583-3981 or awgodfrey@gmail.comOther. Please explain belowI'm looking to rent a place starting in July or August. My girlfriend will be moving here towards the end of the summer, so we are looking to find a place for ourselves. If you're a departing CO2014-er and have a good place that you think might work, let me know.2015
4/18/2014 12:35:41Andrea HillerPhone: 859-496-4853

I DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.My name is Andrea Hiller and I graduated from UK in 2013 with degree in biochemistry. I currently live in Lexington, but will be moving to Louisville in July to start my first year of medical school. My hobbies include running, hiking, working out, reading, and cooking. I tend to go to bed anywhere from 11pm-1am, but I like to wake up early (6am) to workout. I am not too loud and prefer to keep things clean and organized. I am looking to live somewhere in the Highlands area or St. Matthews.2018
4/28/2014 15:41:17Marie
(502) 303-8342
I DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.Hoping to live in the Highlands/Cherokee triangle area ~10 min drive away from school, but would be open to other options. I'd love to find an apartment/house/floor of a house to rent around there with 2-4 other people (each with our own rooms). I grew up in Louisville and am graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with degrees in Biology and Psychology. I'm very clean, and generally sleep from ~12/1am-8am. I'm fairly studious, but in my free time I love to hang out with friends, or watch shows like New Girl/parks and rec/modern family/SNL.

I'd be happy to move in in June or July. My boyfriend will be at Vanderbilt for law school, and might come in a couple weekends/month (and I would likely be in Nashville a couple weekends a month as well). I'm excited to be back home in Louisville!
4/30/2014 15:37:51Nathan Liu404-983-4907 by phoneI DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.Hi my name is Nathan and I will be an incoming intern at Louisville doing internal medicine. I enjoy working out and running and cooking as well. I am very relaxed and accommodating. Also enjoy watching shows like Parks and Rec. 2017
5/2/2014 11:35:25Andrew or through the class facebook page as Andy CroneI DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.I'm looking to live somewhere close to the medical campus. I'm not what I would call a morning person, but I'm not crabby in the mornings either. I'm really into music and have a vinyl collection and record player. I probably won't stay up too late, and I'm looking to move sometime in July. 2018
5/5/2014 0:43:07Adam
I DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.Hoping to find a decent place to live, very close to school. I am 23 and will be entering Med School this Fall. My hobbies include music, running, golf, working out, art, and cooking. I graduated with a music degree, so I enjoy listening to and performing classical music. My training is in voice, piano, and conducting. I like to play and sing sometimes, but will definitely be respectful of everyone's sleep and study schedules. I'm an avid baseball fan and I enjoy running and being outdoors too. I do a good job of cleaning up after myself, and ask that my future roommates do so too. Looking forward to starting school and meeting everyone!2018
5/19/2014 11:29:09Dirk Dorsel859-757-3691
I DO have a place to live. I am looking for a roommate to move in with me.I have a first floor apartment in the Phoenix Place Apartments complex within walking distance to the ULSOM. I am looking for a male roommate to share the two bedroom, 1-1/2 bath apartment. The rent for both of us to share is $750/month. There is a washer and dryer in unit. Parking as well as all utilities are included except for electric.
I will have my medium sized terrier mix living in the apartment as well. I am looking for a roommate who likes dogs and is a non-smoker.
Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested.
5/20/2014 17:35:34Samir ShahCall or text me at 859-327-6772. Email: DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.Hi everyone, my name is Samir. I am originally from Lexington but I went to college in St. Louis. I enjoying watching and playing basketball, running, and listening to music. I am a clean person and try to keep my living spaces fairly clean as well. I tend to stay up late at night but do not have an issue waking up early in the morning. I am a very flexible person and am always open to meeting new people. I am looking for a place in the Highlands ideally but am open to other areas as well - hopefully able to move in during July. 2018
I DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.I'm an extremely laid back person just looking for another medical student to live with. I have a couple friends in town but I really just want someone else who's going to be going through the same crazy lifestyle I'll be going through. I lived with six girls all through college (Ohio University) and we all got along extremely well. Two of them were pretty high maintenance and I still loved them to death so I can really live with anyone. I wasn't in a sorority but my boyfriend's a huge frat star so I'm Greek friendly. I love doing stuff outside, being active, going out for drinks and pretty much anything that involves being with other people. I really don't want to live by myself because it makes me uncomfortable being alone for long periods of time and I never can pick out outfits by myself. I don't snore or do anything else weird and I'd love a porch. 2019
5/23/2014 9:37:49Caitlin, 502.523.4426I DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.Hello all!
I am looking for one or two people to live with next year, preferably girls. I am fairly clean and I love to bake and cook so I would make a stellar housemate. I'll be in my second year so I won't be spending a ton of time at home, but when I am at home I am typically cooking, reading, watching tv, or sleeping. If you have any questions for me, just let me know!
6/3/2014 18:59:45Dominique RazeeqCell: (502) 330 0831
I DO have a place to live. I am looking for a roommate to move in with me.Hello, my name is Dominique (male). I have a very spacious apartment in Old Louisville that is between 2nd and 3rd on Burnett Ave. roughly 2 miles from the medical school. The common areas are furnished, but the available bedroom will be completely empty when you move-in so you will need a bed, desk, lamp, etc. Currently rent is $700/month ($350 each). Based on last year's bills electricity and gas were an average of $120/month. Cable was $48/month last year, and I estimate internet to be $42/month. That brings the total to roughly $560/month. There are also washers and dryers in the basement for tenant use. The bedroom that is available is very spacious (dimensions roughly 16'x13') with a good sized closet. I would prefer another male as a roommate. If you are interested you can call, text, or email me. I have plenty of recent pictures of the place I can send through email. I look forward to hearing from you. 2019
6/5/2014 9:51:43Adam502-889-5020
I DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.My current lease will end June 30th. I am looking to have roommates who are respectful and neat. I am an active person and exercise and workout regularly. I am a morning person, but I don't go to bed super early. Currently living in Clifton, but I am open to living in the Highlands, Crescent Hill, or Old Louisville.2014
6/10/2014 6:44:20Katie
I DO have a place to live. I am looking for a roommate to move in with me.I have a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment in the Highlands on the corner of Cherokee Rd and Cherokee Pkwy and am looking for a new roommate. Rent would be $550 per month. Utilities run from $60-$100 per month. The apartment is huge with a ton of natural light. It's very convenient to school and all the fun of the Highlands! Feel free to email me or send me a text if you're interested! 2015
6/16/2014 10:59:31Ken4407258373
Other. Please explain belowI recently moved out of a 2 bedroom house in the Highlands and bought a house after getting married. My lease at the house in the Highlands goes until end of July, and I'm looking to sublease the room there until then and have someone take the lease over and live with a great buddy of mine who is starting his intern year at UofL in internal med. In summary, I have a room to sublease and eventually have someone take over lease. Looking for male housemate for 2 bedroom house in Highlands. Rent is $1100, so your portion would be $550 plus utilities ($50-100/month). Great place to live, especially if you have a dog (fenced in back yard and plenty of parks nearby). Please contact if interestedReady for someone to move in ASAP, and can prorated June rent if interested. 2014
6/18/2014 10:20:42Clarisse

cell: 502-974-5455
I DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.None smoking, like cooking.2018
6/18/2014 11:21:45Clarisse

cell: 502-974-5455
I DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.I am a female from Memphis, TN. I am pretty laid back, friendly and a non-smoker, I enjoy cooking. I am neat. I will prefer to share an apartment with a neat and a non-smoking female.2018
6/27/2014 21:30:41Ken(440)725-8373
I DO have a place to live. I am looking for a roommate to move in with me.Roommate needed in great 2 bedroom house in the Highlands. One year lease beginning July 1. Fenced in back yard. Great screened in porch perfect for entertaining. Washer/dryer in unit. Central air and heat. Water included. Offstreet parking. Great location!!! Walking distance to shops, restaurants and bars on Bardstown Road. Rent is $550/month. Utilities usually $50-75. 2014
7/7/2014 11:26:23Amanda Stovall502-418-2991
I DO have a place to live. I am looking for a roommate to move in with me.I have a fully furnished 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in Mockingbird Valley Vistas. It is less than 10 minutes from the medical school and hospitals. The condo was fully renovated 3 years ago with fresh paint and new carpet throughout. The additional bedroom has a queen sized bed and dresser. Rent is $500 and that is inclusive of all bills. Please e-mail or call me if you have any additional questions or would like to see the place!2015
7/13/2014 22:12:40NWnswied02@louisville.eduI DO NOT have a place to live. I am looking to move in with someone.Unique request. Looking for a room to rent for a few hundred dollars per month. I have a house in Northern KY and will only be staying in Louisville 3-4 nights per week and never on the weekends. Won't need access to washer/dryer or really anything else. Just looking for a room of any size to put a bed, a TV, and some clothes and crash 3-4 nights per week. As such, I'm really looking for someone who either has a room they haven't been able to rent and would rather have some money than none at all OR somebody who has a small room that they didn't care if it got rented or not. Either way, I'm willing to pay cash up front for the first six months and if it works out well, do the same in December. Maybe you appreciate the time value of money. Email me if you or someone you know is interested.2017