Internal Components Presentation Rubric
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ContentThe presentation includes information about all 7 components, describing the components throughly but succienctly in their own words.Some descriptions are lacking in detail and/or make the function of the component unclear.Many components lack crucial detail and/or represent a lack of effort.Not done.
CreativityThe author uses the Presentation software creatively, while making sure the Presentation contributes to the overall design of the website.Most preset themes are used. Minimal relevant images.Entire project uses preset themes and text. The colors do not fit with the overall site design.Not done.
ImagesThe Presentation includes an image of each of the 7 component that is labeled correctly.2 or more images of components are missing.Many images are missing and/or are labeled incorrectly.Not done.
RequirementsThe project includes a Title slide, a main "Motherboard Page," hyperlinks to each slide, a "Home" hyperlink, and a slide for each component (Motherboard, RAM, CPU, Hard Disk, Optical Drive, Power Supply, Video Card).1 or more of the required parts missing.Crucial sections missing contributing to a disorganized project.Not done.
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