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New Year's EveDonnamour1969Sequel to my fic, "Christmas Morning." Jim decides to make his New Year's resolution come true at Kevin's New Year's Eve party. AU, Season 2. Romance, some Adult language and themes, and mild sexual content.TYes119282218251012/28/19 20:161/5/20 15:58
Let's Go Homebeth9501The documentary has aired, Pam and Jim live in Austin, and they've now seen leaked footage from Jim's absence while at Athlead. Their marriage was just getting better and now they're worried it's about to dive again. MYes3660810315812/12/19 17:182/3/20 17:15
Crazy Night in PhillymiserycrushAU. Pam moves from Scranton to Philly because she scored a new job at a new rising company called Athlead! While out one night celebrating in Philly Pam decides to let lose and enjoy herself only to realize the next day that was with her new boss, President and CEO Jim Halpert.MANo719787398361928/28/18 15:022/4/20 13:42
Tales from Tech Support: Phone GuyDoomGoose"This morning, phone guy comes in, and he shows Michael that our phones have a PA function... and then he just, left..." KYes6829182214971/4/20 17:382/5/20 17:19
You, Me and the SeaJennaBennettAfter the events of Casino Night , Pam is adrift and Jim is anchored. A spin on early Season 3 that relies far too heavily on nautical imagery and references to Titanic ... TYes243625361592111/22/19 15:392/16/20 3:33
An Ode to MayDernhelmThe first workday after the Casino Night.KYes55774362/17/20 6:022/17/20 6:02
Her pale daysDernhelmJim fell in love with a receptionist almost immediately after he started working in Dunder-Mifflin. But she keeps a secret... that slowly kills her. MYes9612977232/22/20 15:072/22/20 15:07
Spring FeverDonnamour1969When the flu attacks Dunder Mifflin, Pam and Jim are the only ones left to go on a road trip training mission to other branches. Three days alone in a car together--hmm, what could possibly happen? AU set late Season 2. MYes33765555688501/12/20 8:112/24/20 7:32
The Oxford Comma Can Suck ItColeyAll she did was ask him to proofread a paper for art class.MAYes581419917123/1/20 1:243/1/20 1:24
Happy 10th Birthday, CeCe!beth9501It's CeCe's 10th birthday and she's about to have the BEST. DAY. EVER!KYes1419233753/4/20 17:033/4/20 17:03
Home Is Not PlacesJennaBennettPam calls off her wedding. Roy goes from zero to "I'm going to kill Jim Halpert" in a second.Note: no Jim Halperts were harmed in the making of this fic. K+Yes363915127143/13/20 4:593/13/20 4:59
HonestyenormousmonsterbabyAnother AU Jam love fest with twists and turns. Jim gets a promotion and falls for the new receptionist, who comes with secrets and baggage. MANo36691121927762/27/20 6:333/15/20 11:44
The Ski TriporangeiswhorishThe Dunder Mifflin crew reunites for a ski trip! In terms of adoption writer can do anything they want with the story.KNo272132453/17/20 7:243/18/20 9:50
Our Time TogethernicemorningtooAnd maybe someday it's me and you,But right now I can't seem to feel it too, You're on my mind,I know it hurts it's just not our time. A song fic to Our Time Together by Ivan B. A deeper look into Casino Night and the weekend following it. K+Yes9587553453/18/20 22:583/19/20 15:19
One last PrankPBandJloverJim starts at Stamford and immediately starts to regret his decision. Will one last prank on Dwight with the help of Pam change everything for them?K+No1403132403/19/20 16:213/19/20 21:50
The Twelve Days of SmutmasDuchess Cupcake, Coley, again18Oh, their true love gave it to them alright. Twelve ways from Christmas.MAYes5678554451857712/25/19 20:423/20/20 20:37
Build It BetterJennaBennettPam's father is leaving her mother. Somehow, Jim is to blame. Set Season 3, sometime after The Merger .MYes396918117283/20/20 21:153/20/20 21:15
The PoconosHotdogPam reminisces about her time spent with Roy in The Poconos. (If you don't like Roy maybe don't read). MANo2272033023/21/20 6:083/21/20 8:53
Fight For Menicemorningtoo"I wanted you to fight for me and you didn't." A deeper look into "Benihana Christmas" and "Back From Vacation" with an AU at the endKYes105751058923/22/20 2:163/22/20 13:54
Fun Run Cool DownSprinklesTheCatJim and Pam find a sexy way to cool down after the office Fun Run.MAYes211810613103/22/20 15:573/22/20 15:57
It Had Nothing to Do with Peanut Butteragian18So. There is an entire deleted B-Roll from "Sex Ed" where Pam and Jim are fighting all day, and then he slaps her butt on the way out. It's never explained. This is my explanation.MAYes474318917283/23/20 16:093/23/20 16:09
27 SecondsnicemorningtooA response to the 55 Words Challenge. The moment on the Booze Cruise brought down to 55 words. KYes234432653/22/20 13:143/23/20 20:05
CentricityNobleLandMermaidHe's scared to face his future. She's struggling with her past. Two brokenhearted strangers. One night in New York City.Inspired by Before We GoTNo335317177852/19/20 13:523/24/20 1:42
Are You Free For Dinner Tonight?nicemorningtoo"Where is your future?""She's back in Scranton." A deeper look into Jim and Pam's thoughts during "The Job," plus what I think could have happened on their first date. KYes120061189553/25/20 3:173/25/20 12:23
Where I Need To BenicemorningtooPam calls Jim after seeing Karen and talking to Michael about Holly. She just has to let him know she's where she needs to be and that she loves him. Set the night of "Lecture Circuit Part 2" TYes3043877233/28/20 19:333/28/20 19:33
To Have and To HoldJennaBennettIt started with the priest dying. It should've ended with the priest dying, but it didn't. Pam is about to marry Roy and things aren't going exactly according to plan... K+Yes17521083403/28/20 20:343/28/20 20:34
All They Neededbeth9501A sweet springtime date. Full of sweet fluff.MNo2747856073/28/20 23:133/28/20 23:13
We'll Go Down In HistorynicemorningtooLost in your emerald eyes, Lost in a place where I know you can see my soul A fluffy song fic to Emerald Eyes by Anson Seabra. TYes3841963663/31/20 2:243/31/20 2:24
Why Put Out A Fire When It's Still Burningagian18Jim isn't satisfied with the way he left Pam on the beach. In the middle of the night, he needs answers. MYes4862221312534/1/20 0:344/1/20 0:34
RevengeDonnamour1969Set in Season 3, immediately following "The Convict," wherein Jim gave Andy false information to woo Pam. Pam surprises everyone, however, by agreeing to go out with Andy.MYes21540424846202/29/20 17:054/5/20 7:29
The Stranger on the Planenicemorningtoo"What do I know? I'm just a stranger on a plane who was crazy enough to listen to your story." A take on Jim's trip to Australia and Pam cancelling her wedding. K+Yes6073754094/6/20 0:274/6/20 0:27
Day fifteenDernhelmThe Halperts. The shelter-in-place. Day fifteen. KYes326545044/8/20 5:064/8/20 5:06
The SwimsuitSprinklesTheCatPam shows off a new swimsuit that catches Jim's attention.MAYes143915613784/8/20 17:154/8/20 17:15
Paint It RedJennaBennett "When you're a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates. My kids are gonna be right about that." Pam on soulmates and finding her person. K+Yes176516124894/9/20 4:034/9/20 4:03
Is It Just MenicemorningtooI know it's cruel, But I kind of hope you're tortured too. Some of Pam's feelings throughout Season 3. KYes5770764194/9/20 17:464/9/20 17:46
Keep Me SaneFutureHeartsWithBooksOne night in Stamford, Jim finds himself receiving a phone call from the one person he has been trying to forget, but when he picks up, Jim finds his feelings for Pam renewed.Season 3 AU starts after Gay Witch Hunt. TNo426616159354/1/20 12:014/10/20 0:42
PiecesJennaBennettPam's teapot shatters, much like the last of her resolve.Set Season 3 (you know this about me by now...) K+Yes250220135994/11/20 5:294/11/20 5:29
Self-fulfilling prophecyDernhelmSometimes Pam has weird dreams. Sometimes they motivate her to do unexpected things. Set somewhere in season one (and, probably, AU a little)KYes2284954044/11/20 11:194/11/20 11:19
The Roads That Led Us Herebeth9501An afternoon drive, old memories, and the joy of romance.KYes1124433614/12/20 15:414/12/20 15:41
The Rainbeth9501For others, the tiny droplets would make them sad, dreaming of warmer, brighter days, but for Jim and Pam, the rain reminded them of everything good they had in their lives and the work they had put in to get there.TYes563863204/13/20 17:334/13/20 17:33
What, like it's hard?agian18In the deleted scene from "Dwight K. Schrute: Acting Manager," Jim and Pam have a little spat about Katy. This is what happened when they got home.MAYes3980181019034/14/20 17:134/14/20 17:13
Not TonightJennaBennettPam lets Roy take her home after Phyllis' Wedding . Sometimes you just listen to Tegan and Sara's entire discography, get lost in your feels about early Grey's (particularly that time Meredith slept with George) and write this…TYes250213124874/19/20 0:324/19/20 0:32
How to Say I Love Youbeth9501Tonight was the night he was going to tell Pam about everything. The longing, dreams, hopes, and the love that had flourished over time had finally become too difficult to stifle.TYes2183875154/19/20 15:034/19/20 15:03
QuarantineDonnamour1969Forced into quarantine together, Jim and Pam find interesting ways to cope. Set mid-Season 2. Rated MA for language and sexual content.MAYes268357961104793/22/20 6:354/22/20 8:09
The MonitorskylinesunflowersAndy isn't himself after the party but Oscar is there to help. Set after 8x04 "Garden Party".TYes1007342264/23/20 13:024/23/20 14:09
And They Dancedbeth9501A rare moment between Jim and Pam.My response to the 55 word challenge. KYes52642844/23/20 17:534/23/20 17:53
The East Winds (They Fly In)skylinesunflowersAngela knows he tries, but she just can't help herself. Set after 4x14 "Goodbye, Toby".MYes958232134/24/20 11:224/24/20 16:00
You Need to Understandbeth9501Set after Paper Airplanes, Pam and Jim are on edge with each other, but figure out a way to take that edge off.PrivateYes2399746214/25/20 23:344/25/20 23:34
Tales From Tech Support: Doomsday DeviceDoomGooseA what if they called IT moment in S08E06 - Doomsday. Carl saves the day.KYes953662234/26/20 19:344/26/20 19:34
First Loves and Second ChancesNobleLandMermaidWhen highschool sweethearts Jim and Pam's paths cross again 10 years later, will they have a second chance at first love? TNo161063539621911/7/16 15:005/2/20 17:13
In Plain Sight AshleyFilippelliPam, Dwight and company scramble to uncover what happened to Jim, while Jim engages in mind games with his reluctant but unstable captor in hopes of being found alive.MYes775802827809212/3/18 14:255/2/20 20:27
Pamela, or a Tale of Patience and Persistence DernhelmA Regency AU Jam story. KYes363784082367112/3/19 10:535/3/20 6:47
Just a Girl in a BarColeyHaven't you ever wondered how this meeting happened?MYes221016114135/4/20 0:095/4/20 0:09
Fancy New Beesly's Fancy New LifeonedaymoreSet in the third season, Pam snaps and moves to California, hoping to start a new life. He follows.MANo35646711095/7/20 2:095/8/20 10:36
Pam 6.0DoomGooseSet during S01E06 - Hot Girl. Pam has had enough of the little comments around the office, and reaches a tipping point.TYes3705857102145394/19/20 17:455/8/20 13:07
The Simple Thingswarrior4Jim and the kids help to celebrate Mother's Day with Pam.TYes18941095515/10/20 9:595/10/20 9:59
Counting on a New Beginningagian18When it is revealed that Pam missed out on the joys of her senior prom, Jim and Michael bring the employees of Dunder Mifflin together for a night that everyone will remember.Not at *all* inspired by Savage Garden. MAYes27194705464654/7/20 20:365/11/20 13:39
Subway GirlhomemadejamJim meets a mysterious girl on the subway.TNo7793373915205/8/20 10:105/19/20 8:01
L'amour La NuitonedaymoreMeaning 'love at night'. She wants him to stay every night. All she wants is someone to hold on to, specifically him. TYes1136955885/20/20 1:325/20/20 4:01
Haute Couture homemadejamA 1960's AU, where Jim's neighbour Miss Pamela Beesly is unlike any girl he's met before. Inspired by 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' and the song 'I Wish I Was a Girl' by The Vaccines.TNo2351552505/21/20 6:235/21/20 6:23
So Much To SaveJennaBennettMichael inadvertently attempts to smooth things over between Pam and Jim. Who would want two of their very best friends to be miserable after all? Set after The Convention . TYes12977675736444/4/20 23:195/23/20 1:15
As Far As First Dates GoBigTunaA first date fic in which things don't go the way either of them had planned. They flirt, they fight, they fu...uh, they figure it out.MAYes6621231615335/24/20 20:445/24/20 20:44
Kind of RecklessColeyIt's the kind of reckless that should send them running, but they know they won't get far.She's known him most of her life, but this summer Pam sees Jim in a completely different way.MANo22738443161259/4/19 23:005/24/20 22:51
Life's a BeachDonnamour1969An AU version of Season 3's "Beach Games." What if Karen wasn't there for beach day? What would that mean for Pam and Jim? A little romance with a touch of mild angst. MYes22152665862564/30/20 6:365/25/20 7:34
Fabric Softener onedaymoreThey bond over fabric softener on two occasions. KYes8501163875/26/20 14:175/26/20 15:35
Date LineComfectPost Casino Night AU where Jim goes to Australia, and Pam follows.TYes8700186407410223/9/20 19:335/27/20 18:19
Journals of a Stay-at-home-Dadwarrior4Jim chronicles the adventures of two weeks spent looking after baby Cece.KYes189693131419711/5/19 8:415/29/20 10:54
Worth the RisknicemorningtooNo one is allowed to love. It's illegal, end of story. So, what happens when two people who can't help their feelings decide it's worth the risk if it means they can be together? MYes26726326944524/10/20 13:585/29/20 17:29
A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhoodagian18"I need to get out of this dress."" I need to get out of this dress." MAYes822519917015/30/20 17:435/30/20 17:43
Tears Making TracksJennaBennettThe darkest timeline post Company Picnic . TYes475512117505/31/20 19:135/31/20 19:13
So InnocentonedaymoreSet in S4/S5. It all starts off so innocent, until it isn't. Warning, they both get fairly freaky, particularly Jim.MAYes30923226565/31/20 19:556/1/20 7:22
Dunder PDDoomGooseA Dunder Mifflin Police Station AU. TNo992522269705/17/20 19:126/1/20 19:00
God, I'm in LoveRavens8A first Date Story.TYes5395161219955/29/20 13:426/17/20 8:45
Christmas GiftsonedaymoreSet during A Benihana Christmas. After Jim rejects Pam's gift, she decides to give him a different present entirely. MAYes30833220926/17/20 8:246/17/20 9:49
Our Virtual Oasisbeth9501The Jam Fam gets a new game in their household. A family-friendly one shot about the most popular game on the market, Animal CrossingKYes1655643486/17/20 20:266/17/20 20:26
The AuctionDonnamour1969Dunder Mifflin Scranton's annual charity event is a Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction. With so many singles in the office, it's anyone's guess who will end up with whom. AU set late Season 3. Romance/Humor/Light angstMYes16027383436605/31/20 11:136/18/20 7:23
Change of PlansSprinklesTheCatIn the Booze Cruise episode, what effect would it have on Roy if the story was about how Captain Jack happily avoided marriage? Let's see what happens.MAYes10993443949724/17/20 20:506/18/20 18:44
Lucky Woman Ravens8A oneshot after the "Merger" parking lot scene where Jim sees Pam crying in her car. He goes over there and all is revealed.TYes1177658296/18/20 21:236/18/20 21:56
Leave Me AlonenicemorningtooJim finds Pam crying in the hallway instead of Dwight, he tries to figure out what's wrong but she doesn't want him to know that he's the problem. K+Yes523015810566/19/20 4:026/19/20 4:02
Slowagian18Pam said she wanted to take things slow. So this is how it all goes down (in some cases, quite literally).MANo118044122121877534/14/18 17:446/21/20 9:53
Line Dance My Life Awaybeth9501Jim and Pam meet in an unexpected place and feel a connection unlike any other either has experienced before. Will Pam let herself indulge in Jim's romantic tendencies despite her broken past? An AU look at JAM's love story.MYes16509365344695/1/20 21:126/21/20 20:28
Of Fish and OceanDernhelmPam reflecting on her life. Post Casino Night. KYes377963136/27/20 5:506/27/20 5:50
Fail the interviewKuri333She's trying to be honest, isn't she? So, in all honesty, she wants him to fail the interview.TYes4248362835276/25/20 13:126/28/20 12:36
A Little CourageRavens8After Pam hears Jim talking to his sister about courage, she is inspired to be courageous about her two problems in life:Roy and Jim. An AU season 1/2 story where Pam becomes "Fancy New Beesly" earlier.TNo18286711476/24/20 16:086/28/20 13:23
InflictionDernhelmShe was so soft, and warm, and yielding, and you didn't expect of her to hide a knife behind her back.'TYes4841195737/3/20 11:497/3/20 11:49
Love Ain'tJennaBennettSometimes Jim doesn't get Roy.A version of Booze Cruise where Jim rocks the boat. K+Yes5177453613686/20/20 22:107/4/20 21:07
InclusionDernhelmSince the day he'd met her, he wondered how it might have been.'MYes6671184147/5/20 20:157/5/20 20:15
Halfway HomeDernhelmHe thought that one day when things were finally right between them, he would tell her about this evening, and the painting, and the sun in her hair. But this day hadn't come yet.' Set before the seasons (and in AU). TYes34359496931424/23/20 14:297/11/20 7:07
Cabin 6onedaymoreSet after The Secret in S2, Dunder Mifflin Scranton embarks on a week-long retreat at a nearby campsite. MANo2128799987/10/20 20:357/11/20 9:12
SurfacingNobleLandMermaid"What was the point of secrets anymore, for three years he had kept this inside hoping it would fade but could only feel it getting stronger." An alternate take on Casino Night.MAYes10939422935706/25/20 17:547/11/20 23:54
IncantationDernhelmA different take on the Beach Games speech.KYes220763797/12/20 12:157/12/20 12:15
Jim Makes a DecisiontarthmsuohJim reaches an important and final decision that started from a simple lunch break with Pam in the break room.Takes places during Conflict Resolution, and is canon compliant.K+Yes2312975397/14/20 18:197/14/20 18:23
Time To Tell People How You FeelRavens8The teapot letter has been found by Pam. But in Season 3. What will happen when she finds it during her time of pining? What if Karen finds it? Set a few days after "Ben Franklin".TNo26241185577/15/20 21:147/15/20 21:41
Espionage ActonceletThe CIA needs receptionists, too. A short, silly story where Pam ends up a clandestine operative. Post Negotiations. TYes36491093237/16/20 20:127/16/20 22:41
We're Both Showing Heartsbeth9501It's been months since the Casino Night kiss. Pam is a new woman and can't wait to share her realized feelings with Jim. She's incredibly nervous, but ready for their future to start. Set during the MergerMYes12890524755107/1/20 18:477/19/20 20:20
Razor's Edgewarrior4Jim may be a bit of a slob, but Pam soon finds out there's one area he always takes great care of.TYes212220810217/19/20 21:267/19/20 21:26
Take me back to the startbottomlesschampagneA little something on Benihana Christams, one of the many wishful S3 oneshots, with small elements form the Return. Just a ansgt-fluff JAM :)))TYes32111365567/19/20 22:477/20/20 8:20
Shots of KaraokestupidwonderfulboringamazingSet in S3, Jim and Pam are forced to interact as an office outing at Poor RichardsTYes17301175027/23/20 10:457/23/20 17:42
Scranton vs StamfordstupidwonderfulboringamazingAt the Company Picnic, Jim has to reunite with the Scranton employees.K+Yes1141844267/23/20 10:527/24/20 13:25