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hoggsonSorry! My password manager renamed the document, I'll ensure it doesn't happen again!
Thanks! This is a great idea.From Andy
Hi all, hope you find this list useful, all the albums can be found in Tidal as both HIFI and MASTER versions and please feel free to add to the list as you find stuff.... oh and say hi :-)
Andy MerrillAdded 33 addiiotnal albums
Hi, and thanks for this great list :)
Andy MerrillThanks Lars ;-)
DaveThanks to you I now know my fav Gary Clark Jr album (Live) was added and now Im listening to it in sweet 96/24!Excellent! - Andy
AlexAdded about 6 more so far. Thanks for the list. Found B52's and a lone Miles Davis (Tutu)Tutu has been a fav of mine for a long time, glad it's useful - Andy
DbTom2Thanks for doing this Andy. Enjoying this.:-)
AndreaHi Rooners!! Thanks to everyone (especially Andy of course) for the great job!!Great that everyone s joining in! - Andy
GMT (Tom)Hi - Added a couple !ūüėé
DBTom2Hey, I'm in USA and not finding an Tidal Masters version of Wilco's The Whole Love in either Deluxe or regular. Can someone confirm there is one?Just re-checked and that isn't actually available (yet) as a Master so I've removed it
Mark DiracRow 500 is a duplicate of row 501 (St. Germain). I reckon I could delete it myself, but do not like to tinker. Thanks for this Andy.Thanks Mark - deleted dupe, feel free to edit things if you'd like :-)
Andy MerrillAdded some Rush and a Skid Row Album
KriHadInvaluable! Thanks for this very useful tool.ūüėé
Added Muse's "Origin of Symmetry":-)
Added The Doors "The Complete Studio Albums"
Removed dupe of Tom Petty / Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers "The Last DJ"
Corrected a bunch of √ł, √©, √†, and ¬°
Andy MerrillAdded Dokken - Tooth And Nail ... thanks @Mystic
Rajiv AroraAdded Arnesen: Magnificat from 2L. Thanks for this great list! BTW - I don't see either Division Bell or Endless River by Pink Floyd as Master. Plays Hifi for me.Division MQA = tidal.com/album/68735478Endless MQA = tidal.com/album/68733189Paste link in e.g. Chrome, then select PLAY IN TIDAL Works only with content available in your region.I suspect this is regionally limited. I get "The content is no longer available." I'm in Texas, USI can't see this either. I'm in Montreal. Can't see Iron Maiden or Thin Lizzy either.
Andreaadded some aother yes, one tom petty and one Dum Dum Girls
ChrisAdded Joy Division - Substance and The Sisters Of Mercy Unable to find Love - Forever ChangesForever MQA = tidal.com/album/68696632
Beng TiJust saying hi and thank you for the lovely list.:-)
Mark DiracA few of the "Master" / "Hifi" versions can be distinguished by Tidal's reporting of the date of the album. Eg. Phil Collins's Face Value. (I have a Tidal bug whereby if I play a "HiFi" track then my MQA is broken and I cannot get back to hi res, so is difficult for me to distinguish in the normal manner of just playing a track and checking. I am trapped in MQA land until bug is fixed.)
OrontesThanks for this! Added Nirvana - Bleach. Now playing: Joy Division - Substance, thanks for the find Chris :)
Andy MerrillHey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for the tremendous efforts (730+ albums) :-)
Rajiv AroraAdded a bunch of 2L albums - Spes, Stille lys, Quiet Winter Night, a couple of Ola Gjeilo, Come away, death, and a bunch by TrondheimSolistene
Mark AllenThanks for this list.Glad you like it, it's thanks to all that have contributed as well ;-)
Andy Merrill37 concurrent viewers users tonight - Google will run out of Anonymous <animal name> :-)
Denis ProvostThanks for the list - I feel like I'm part of a very small group of privileged audio enthusiasts enjoying MQA!
Not a lot of people know about this - YET!
Chris BowenAdded James Taylor, The Association, and Stevie Nicks albums. Thanks for starting this list, great idea!Thanks.
Anders VinbergAdded Buena Vista Social Club. Also available as a download, which sounds identical to me, and very different from the 96/24 download; the download is marked Remastered.
Anders VinbergHowever, I can't find Avishai Cohen/From Darkness in the Tidal desktop app...Is listed under Avishai Cohen Trio: tidal.com/album/68732711
NigelAdded Jan Gunnar Hoff's Living Album.
Chris AlpaughAdded a bunch of Itzhak Perlman albums including the complete warner recordings 1972-1980 which is a 25 (!!) volume set; i think i know where the 30,000 tracks are hiding; buried in classical recordings
Chris WysopalAdde 2 Doobie Brothers
Niek KuizengaGreat work! Thanks! How did you all find this? Just by accident?
Andy MerrillReinstated "everyone can edit mode" to the sheet as someone changed it, annoyingly, I feel it is right and best for ALL if everyone can contribute.

That said when you're editing **please** consider others and leave the structure of this document as it is. Thanks :-)
DimitrisGreetings and many thanks to Andy and all contributors, from Galaxidi, Greece!Thanks and enjoy Dimitris!
Hakan FaltHi from Stockholm. Thanks for great work. will help out. Added Natalie Merchant - Natalie Merchant, Bette Midler - It¬īs The Girls, The Corrs - White Light, Sam Amidon - Lily-O, Iron&Wine - Shepherd¬īs Dog. Lots of Foghat, Bonnie Raitt - Dig in deepūüėé
David EliasMany thanks to Andy and all for this huge convenience. Will share with others with caution on edits. Also easy to export/download for personal use. Any chance the bit rate can be added (unfolded MQA)? Added Iron & Wine "Ghost on Ghost".
Michelle RueMontrose's first album.
Martin THi to everyone & thanks for all the work compiling this list. I've added Joni Mitchell "Don Juan's Reckless Daughter" & "Shadows & Light" also Grateful Dead "Working Man's Dead"
Andreas RGreat work. Is it possible to add bit ? Like 24/96 24/192 etc. And maybe even if the blue light shows ?
Rajiv AroraBuena Vista is no longer available as Masters, at least in the US. :-(
SanchoBrilliant stuff, Andy! Thanks for getting it going, and thanks for everyone contributing. I noticed a few missing, so I'll attempt to edit. Cheers. (added some Rush and Yes)
Christian V.Added Nate Ruess, Marketa Irglova, Glen Hansard and Libera. Thanks for the list/effort.
PPHQUESTION: When / How often does the worksheet "Albums - do not edit" get updated ? / How often is a new Roon import / export done on the basis of community discovered Albums ? I'm asking, because i note a lot of Albums in the Discovered-worksheet, not appearing in the "Albums - do not edit"-worksheet, for example a lot (if not all) of Alanis Morissette's Albums. Also, i don't understand quite some rows are hidden in the "Albums - do not edit"-worksheet, not only top 18 lines, but also lots of rows in the middle, as well as first few colums. But whoever set this up, big Kudos ! Very nice work indeed ! it doesn't, if you see something there, you just copy paste (cells, not the rows) to the main spreadsheet and it will disappear from "Albums do not edit"
SuzyWhy is Tidal not simply providing us with a simple way to browse "MASTER"-files / -albums only ? As I understand it, currently the only major record label which provided MQA material, has been Warner Brothers. I wonder if and when the other large players, such as Sony and Universal will follow ! Maybe Tidal plans to move MQA to a more expensive subscription plan, going forward: $10 per month for 320kbps, $20 per month for CD / Hifi, complemented by a $30 per month plan for MQA / Masters.I agree. This is not sustainable. For now, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt, but long-term, they would be idiotic not to have Masters or MQA on the thumbnails, and give us a way to search and sort!
RobbyDOWNLOAD SCRIPT: Anyone interested in a fully automated download script for Tidal bit-perfect 24-bit / 48kHz original MQA-flac files, working fast, with automatic metadata tagging as well as album art ? Let us know ;-)
ThomasThis is very useful. I wonder if TIDAL is working on iconography to label albums as MQA or high res?
Andy MerrillNot being the font police...but Droid Sans...really? :-)
Andy MerrillAdded 14 Linda Ronstadt Albums MASTER in UK at least
BrainoAdded The Revenant soundtrack ‚ÄstRyuichi Sakamoto
VaheI got the meridian explorer2.. and I am really enjoying this.. and this list provides enough to start with pretty cool

edit: btw, hope this works, I made filter views for what was changed today or yesterday.
Thanks Vahe, Meridan Explorer 2 is on my shopping list too :-)http://i.imgur.com/Wy5YHvr.png
Christian V.Added Against The Current, The Amity Affliction, Frankie Ballard, Brett Eldredge, Cee-Lo Green, Christopher Cross and Christina Perri
Rajiv AroraFor those disappointed to find Linda Ronstadt's Simple Dreams not available in the US, fear not. Go to "The 70's Studio Album Collection" and all the songs are there in glorious hi-res. Ok, glorious MQA. ūüôĄ
Andy Merrillhey! we passed the 900 album post! Well done everyone.>>>>> Thanks, I think we can estimate that it'll be around 3,000 albums (avg 10 tracks each) so we have a way to go! >>>>>nice ! I wonder if somehow could somehow easily complement the list of albums (provided here by the online community) with detailed info, such as # tracks etc., say daily, by running a Roon export ? i personally don't have Roon, otherwise i would volunteer. i really wonder how close we are to the total of 30,000 tracks Tidal mentioned it currently has its hands on in MQA-format :-) thanks Andy for providing this platform !
Christian V.Added albums by The Devil Wears Prada, Down, Faster Pussycat, Gloriana, Halestorm, Johnny Hallyday, Faith Hill, Jason Mraz, Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates and Chaka Khan.
Rich.Thanks. But is this spreadsheet for US only? I'm in the UK and can't see some of these albums (one example is pink floyd divsion bell) This might be due to licensing that certain albums aren't available - so maybe worth to add a column for country verified?>>>>I'm UK based too :-)It's the column Q. Rich> Doh thank you. Its early here. Thanks again :)
markoThanks for the effort and for this incredible list.;-)
Christian V.Added Killswitch Engage, Maná, Christophe Maé and Paramore:-)
Andy MerrillUpdated the "Available in UK column"
Andy MerrillSorry everyone! Especially to those that have made changes since last night! :-(

I've had to restore to a version from last night as someone deleted the "available as master in UK" column (column Q), hate having to do this but this is an important column for me and many other users. I'm pleased people are contributing and would like to leave this open for editing but please consider this before making changes to the structure of the spreadsheet. Thanks.
Christian V.Added Rob Thomas, Shinedown, Silversun Pickups, The The Sisters Of Mercy and Skillet.thanks
Andy Merrill1,000! High Fives everyone.
Mark HThanks for useful and interesting list. Shame TIDAL doesn't provide better filtering/sorting. Updated some Available in AUS albums.filters in Tidal. one day one day...
Christian V.Added Stone Sour, Trivium, Twisted Sister, White Lion, Winger and Young the Giant. great stuff!
VaheWhy is there a copy of the sheet? it will be confusing I think if people start putting thereI dunno, people doing their thing, the first sheet is the real one though ;-)
LJasonGreat list. Put in my .02 MQA sounds incredible.ūüėé
RJeffAvishai Cohen Trio - From Darkness - The content is no longer available.:-(Streamed this in New Zealand yesterday (23 Feb). DanA
KriHadCompleted the artists "?"
Sorry for being ignorant, but what does "RS top" refer to?I just got the list from rolling stones, to compare to what's available -VI don't see why not knowing what "RS top" means should be any sign of ignorance.
Scott RHi all, this is a great project. But is someone deleting albums that are definitely Master? I just put back in four Doors albums that somehow had disappeared. And, it seems now that all the Maria Callas albums have been deleted too? She has about two dozen MQA titles on the site. Oh, and, just add that the Explorer2 playing MQA is easily the best $200 I ever spent on my audio system.Well, now there are a bunch of dual entries for The Doors. Maybe your view was messed up somehow. I won't delete anything, but go for it. And.... I want an E2, but seem to be out of stock most places I look.... LOL! Of course Amazon has it now. *shakes out pockets for loose change*Yeah, I saw that some reappeared. I deleted the dupes, too. Hope it doesn't put it back to zero. is there some sort of lag time between updates? Seems to be plenty of E2 stock here in the US :-)
KriHadChanged the artist Sisters Of Mercy to The Sisters Of Mercy, which means a few dupes I have not changed.
Hubert WHi, great work - thank you, it helps a lot! Added two recent David Bowie's boxes, happy to listen to them in MQA.
Andre PintoWaiting anxiously for my Explorer2 to arrive so that I can unfold the full quality of the Master files... Hello from Brazil, guys!
Steve GerrardWhy can't I see any Pink Floyd or Iron Maiden Masters? I'm in Montreal.
Ljason1200+! But still no Dire Straits ...
dave gthanks for doing this! i love the explorer2, totally worth it. let's hope sony and universal are next
BenReally really helpful. Thanks a lot!
Hubert WHi, seems a batch of new albums arrived, incl. some Mark Knopfler, Kate Bush, Janet Jackson, Tinariwen etc.Added some of them.
Alex G.Steve Gerrard, there are regional restrictions. We can't see those in Canada yet.
David SBog thanks for setting up this page - very cool!
RajivAny idea why there are such big gaps in row numbering on the main sheet? I don't want to mess it up by poking aroundPerhaps some kid. Or someone who doesn't realise it is a shared sheet. Or some idiot. I reset all rows back to default.
maestrojedawesome. thank you everyone for putting this together.
Scott RCan the person who put the Simon Rattle Beethoven title on please let me know where it is? Can't find it myself but I know Tidal classical search can be more than maddening at timesEnjoy here: tidal.com/album/68736037That's Fidelio when I search for that album. But it is a Master so an add to the list
Charlie P.I'm surprised Tidal doesn't have better organization for its catalog. This is a great find. Thank you everyone! :D
Dave NThis is wonderful - thanks for the work
Marc DiracWe're getting this sheet tidy and well-formatted again. I do like a neat spreadsheet!
LarsWhere is Arca available?
Rex. H.No Yeezy :(:(:(
BenAnyone else in the UK not getting Christine and the Queens in Master, even though it's listed here? Just wondered if it was a regional thing.
Scott ROK, I moved (again!!!) the album count calculator back to Row 2--where the formula works. Please don't move it again if you can help it. Thanks! This is a great project. I've already discovered and listened to so much great Master music.
Andy MerrillHi, Sorry again, but I've had to restore from an earlier version (7 February, 14:03) as someone destroyed most of the columns :-( Be careful out there!Thanks again Andy.
Andy MerrillNearly 1,400! :-)Andy, you can restrict access to certain cells, so if you do at least the top header, and smth random idk, it will be much better // 2/12 - I made header editting will give a warning - seems helping :)
Mark DiracWhat's with the big kiddie's font? How has that come about. And yet the row size is still at default 21.
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