Our three organizations — Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks and United Way of the Ozarks — are working together to convene our partner nonprofit organizations in Springfield and Greene County and coordinate our community’s response to our friends and neighbors in need.

It is our goal to focus our community’s resources and donations to best assist our nonprofit partners, while also avoiding duplication and avoiding investments where we believe other entities (e.g., federal and state government funding) will cover costs.

There are a lot of moving parts. Our pledge is to work together to coordinate our community’s nonprofit response for the betterment of our community during this crisis.

Brian Fogle, President & CEO, Community Foundation of the Ozarks
Janet Dankert, President & CEO, Community Partnership of the Ozarks
Greg Burris, President & CEO, United Way of the Ozarks
Agencies may submit requests for funding by completing this form.
INSTRUCTIONS: If you see an agency's request for funding, supplies or volunteer services that you can donate, please contact that agency through the information provided. Thank you for your generosity and community support!
Agency nameWebsiteEmail AddressPrimary contactPhone numberFunding requestFunding descriptionSuppliesVolunteers
Partnering organization
Springfield Dream Centerwww.springfielddreamcenter.comjody@springfielddreamcenter.comJody Dow816-718-5573$4,640.00This amount covers 1 month of program expenses for our COVID-19 response programming. The above amount is enough for 4 weeks of dinner, serving 300 guests each week, and meeting 20 neighbor to neighbor needs, as we anticipate this number increasing the longer people are without work. By using this funding to cover programs for a month, we are able to re-allocated dollars that would have been spent on programming to help keep our DC Academy assistant teachers and teachers on payroll, adjusting their roles to fill other needs in the organization until their program is back to full time. Currently, these staff would be considered non-essential as DC Academy has been moved to an online format and does not require the hours from each person that it would require if it was still onsite. We want to keep all our staff if possible, so if school goes back into session come April 27th, we can resume normal programming/staffing.To-go food containers (using 300 per week), Ziplock bags, quart size (using 150 per week), Size M gloves.Delivering groceries to auto-immune compromised neighbors. (Porch drop only, extra measures taken to ensure safety of volunteer and neighbor)Community Foundation of the Ozarks
Betty and Bobby Allison Ozarks Counseling Centerozarkscounselingcenter.organdrea@ozarkscounselingcenter.orgAndrea Bishop417-838-7585$13,500.00Our clients' unemployment has significantly reduced their ability to help pay for their mental health services during a time when things have become so much more difficult for children, adolescents and adults who are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, substance abuse, etc. We've also seen a wave of those people who are newly struggling with these issues. We operate on a sliding fee scale based on household income and number of people in the household and 50% of the clients we are seeing are needing further reduced fees. In June, clients were unable to pay a total of $13,500 towards their treatment and we expect this trend to continue at least through the fall. This funding goes directly to pay for our therapists' professional services. NoneNone at this timeCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Sculpture Walk Springfieldwww.sculpturewalkspringfield.orgtery@sculpturewalkspringfield.orgTery O’Shell205-914-4381$5,000.00The installation of our current rotation could possibly be staggered amongst the different artists due to travel constraints. Additional funding would help with our operational needs going into our next fiscal year beginning in July, 2020.NoneSWS could always utilize someone for marketing especially managing social media.Community Foundation of the Ozarks
Springfield Symphony Orchestraspringfieldmosymphony.orgjennifer@springfieldmosymphony.orgJennifer Cotner-Jones417-569-0169$3,000.00We currently all work from desktop computers at the SSO office. 3 staff do not have laptops computers.One staff has one that is her personal laptop from college that keeps overheating. We need laptops in order to work effectively and efficiently from home.We plan on keeping staff working and currently do not have the funds to purchase.3 laptop computers, 4 home printers/scannersNone at this timeCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks
Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield Koroglu605-695-3748$5,000.00$3900-purchase 1) Autoscrubber for our Henderson Unit. An automatic scrubber is a cleaning machine that can be used to efficiently and effectively clean floors, replacing traditional mops and buckets. They work to apply the cleaning solutions and aggressively scrub and dry surfaces in one pass. All of the water is sucked up into a floor machine which leaves an exceptionally clean, dry floor. Being able to clean with only one pass, as well as the ability to clean more square footage per hour, floor scrubbers help to speed up the cleaning process significantly. Stalnaker and Musgrave Unit staff have seen a tremendous difference in the cleanliness of the floors as compared to when just sweeping and mopping. Each unit needs its own machine as these machines are sturdy and thus heavy and difficult to transport.

$1100-funds will be used to purchase extra cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment. In order to keep our Clubs sanitary, we will be hourly disinfecting highly touched objects. Thus, we will be going through more cleaners and disinfectants than in the past. We are also going to be using microfiber towels along with the EPA-registered chemicals to protect our youth and staff from the spread of the coronavirus.

Hope is not cancelled for Boys & Girls Club members thanks to the generosity of the United Way. We have created detailed, reopening plans. Knowing that our sanitary needs are being addressed would be a huge relief.
No urgent need for supplies right now.None at this timeCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Jacobs Ladder Care Service Inc.Jacobsladdercare.orgjacobshomecare@yahoo.comCamelia Jacob417-844-8635$29,000.00We need to expand the parking lot for the staff, hospice staff, family members and visitors. We need fencing around the building for safety and privacy, since we are taking care of dying people.Elastic fitted sheets for hospital beds, pillow cases, towels, wash rags, bed pads, comforter, coffee cups, napkins, plastic spoons, straws, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper cups.An engineer to design the parking lot.Community Foundation of the Ozarks
The Arc of the Ozarkswww.thearcoftheozarks.orgdwise@thearcoftheozarks.orgDanielle Wise417-874-1955$10,000.00Many people have been asking how they can help The Arc of the Ozarks during this difficult time. While we have plans and preparations to deal with disasters and crises, this situation is simply unprecedented. Our staff is considered essential, so even when shelter-in-place orders are issued, they still report to work to make sure we provide care for the individuals we serve. Many of our clients require 24/7 care with varying disabilities and underlying medical conditions. We need these items to continue to provide the highest quality of services to our individuals while keeping our staff and their families safe. We want to make sure we keep all of our staff, their families, and the individuals we serve safe.If you can donate any of the following items, we would greatly appreciate it!
Medical gowns; N-95 masks (only used for staff to care for individuals with COVID-19- The Arc will donate any unused masks to local hospitals); Medical masks; Thermometers; Cleaning products/supplies; Medical gloves; Toilet paper, Kleenex and other paper supplies; Soap, Shampoo and other hygiene products. If you would like to make a monetary donation, in lieu of these needed supplies, the funds raised will help to purchase the above items.
None at this timeCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks
Preferred Family Healthcarepfh.orhmtruitt@pfh.orgCelesta Hartgraves417-575-3675No estimateRent assistance for former older foster youth, who have been released from state custody.NoneNone at this timeCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Diaper Bank of the Ozarksdiaperbankoftheozarks.orgjill.b@dbozarks.orgKelly Paparella417-501-4411$10,000.00$10,000 will purchase 70,000 diapers. We anticipate an increase of 200,000+ diapers to be distributed during the next few weeks related to an increase in number of families experiencing financial hardship during the COVID-19 crisis.Diapers in all sizes, but particularly sizes 2 and 5. Baby Wipes. Cloth diapers (new or gently used).None at this timeCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks
Springfield-Greene County Library Districtfoundation.thelibrary.orgmelissaa@thelibrary.orgMelissa Adler417-616-0586$8,000.00The Library provides e-resources to assist with home schooling and working remotely. It provides free e-books and audio books, and streaming of movies and music. Since closing, the Library added Creativebug, which has more than 1,000 art and craft classes for all ages, taught by expert instructors. The Library is responding to community needs by increasing online resources at a time when revenue is falling. The Library typically spends $8,000 on downloadable e-books and music every month. The Library Foundation is asking for donor support during this closure to help the Library continue to provide information and entertainment at no additional cost to the community.None.None.Community Foundation of the Ozarks
Infinity Academyinfinityacademy.orgbrenda@infinityacademy.orgBrenda Bradshaw417-848-4392$7,500.00We depend on tuition income to cover all of our monthly expenses --- rent, payroll, online education fees, etc. We are not able to provide face-to-face education, but do not want to lay off employees or not be able to pay our other expenses. We are also trying to continue providing services via Zoom such as martial arts, visual arts, and music therapy classes for our students. Donations will cover two months of tuition for families who have been impacted by the outbreak so their special needs child can still receive the support needed during this uncertain time. Thank you!NoneNone at this timeCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks
Salvation Army of Springfieldhttps://www.salvationarmyspringfield.orgjw.smith@usc.salvationarmy.orgJeff Smith417-812-5634$50,000.00Additional Covid-19 Cost – Supplies, Food and Employee Costs – Possible Rental Assistance

Extra Supplies during Covid-19 – crisis through April/Early May 2020
- Harbor House Cleaning Supplies/Front Line Feeding $ 56.34
- Southern Missouri Containers - Boxes for Drive Through Pantry $ 867.60
- Harbor House - Front Line Feed Supplies for Walk Up Lunch $ 256.34
- Harbor House - Front Line Feed Supplies for Walk Up Lunch $ 284.82
- Ear thermometer Covers - Harbor House, FEC, Corps $ 101.94 - FEC stands for Family Enrichment Center
- Corps Cleaning Supplies - Kitchen, FEC dining room $ 7.20
- Thermometers - For Office, FEC, Daycare, Harbor House $ 326.76
- Cell Phone - Emergency Social Services Social Worker to work from home $ 50.00
- Additional Food Pantry Purchases (food) $ 5,224.79
Total Supply Cost: $7, 175.79

- Amount of hourly (nonexempt) staff pay for overtime hours from 03/26/20 to 05/04/20. This is for all departments, however the majority of the costs are between the two shelters: $1,188.60
- Amount of Covid 19 pay (time off) for thrift store employees who were off work due to store closure as a result of Covid-19 ordinances: 03/26/20 to 05/04/20: $5,744.80
- Borrowed employees from other departments to provide coverage in the shelters during 03/26/20 to 05/04/20: $1,481.76
- Extra staff expenses for our After School Program as a result of Covid-19. This program became an All-Day Out of School Program. We had to offer more hours of daycare to essential families working than the standard 3-4 hours we would have been normally open in one day. We expanded our hours and were open 10.5 hours each day, M-F.
- After School Additional Employee Costs: $4,827.96
Grand Total of all Expenses: $20,418.91

We are still very concerned about the future climate of monetary donations being made as we start to see the results of the current Covid-19 crisis. We are uncertain of the lasting effects. In addition, we are currently out of rental assistance. We receive over 100 requests at the beginning of each month. When we have rental funding available, the typical assist is on average $550 per household. Normally, we would assist about 15 households a month at this average rate, which would equal about $8,250. While we have some grant requests for rental assistance, we believe strongly they will not arrive in time to provide rental assistance June 1st and likely not during the first two weeks of June. We could use some funds to provide rental assistance for June, keeping in mind we would be able to use some funds to help cover personnel costs associated with administering this program. If allocated enough money to cover 15 households with an average assist of $550 per household, we would like to be able to use $1,567.50 for costs associated with administering the assistance.
Here is link for our needed supplies during the Covid 19- Crisis:
We will accept needed supplies at our 1707 W. Chestnut Expressway locationfrom 8:30 a.m to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m to 4:30 p.m. M-F
We will be accepting needed supplies for our multiple shelters, feeding and children’s programs.
Monetary donations allow the most efficient response to evolving demand, but our organization will accept select in-kind goods such as nonperishable goods to aid in meeting the urgent need.
Monetary donations can be made to our local Salvation Army serving Greene and Christian Counties at:!/donation/checkout
Extra basic necessities that can be given to someone in need can also be dropped off:
• Nonperishable Food
• Gift Cards to local grocery outlets or places which provide for critical needed items.
• Baby Supplies
• Hygiene Products
• Cleaning and Sanitizing Items
• Personal Protective Items
• Paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper.
We will need assistance with our food pantry on a weekly basis.

We also need assistance at the Family Enrichment Center and the Harbor House.

We have three shifts at each shelter which may need with. The shifts are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. and then 12:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Of course if someone could only volunteer for 4 hours of either shift that would be acceptable, but the full shifts would be helpful as well.

To volunteer, email and copy
Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Missouri Alliance of YMCAswww.missouriymcas.orgpatty@moymca.orgPatricia Miller5732307811$50,000.00I would like to bring in a grant writer and financial expert to assist the YMCAs in southern MO to complete comprehensive financial planning, wisely use the CARES act funding to support their organizational as they transition to a new normal, and apply for numerous small grant opportunities to support emergency childcare and food/meal programs. Secure warm and cold food storage.Perhaps well-check on YMCA seniors, assistance with technology for on-line classes.Community Foundation of the Ozarks
Great Circlegreatcircle.orgholly.hunt@greatcircle.orgHolly Hunt314-591-1715$9,595.00See full proposal hereGloves
Vital Signs and Blood Pressure Monitor with Cart Pulse oximeter
Blood pressure cuff
Outdoor Furniture
Waiting Room/Bathroom improvements
Air Purifiers
General cleaning and sanitizing supplies: Lysol, Clorox wipes, etc.
At this time we are not accepting volunteers due to the Covid-19 crisis, in the interest of the safety and well-being of volunteers, staff, and children.Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Lutheran Family and Children's Services of Missouriwww.lfcsmo.orgkatelyne@lfcs.orgKatelyn Eichorst, Grants and Contracts Manager3147542767n/an/a (updated 9/18/20)LFCS accepts donations of baby supplies, car seats, and Pack n Plays to provide for families who are struggling to offer their child a safe and healthy home.NoneUnited Way of the Ozarks
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ozarkswww.bigbro.comafrench@bigbro.comAshley French4178899136$0.00Clorox wipes and LysolWe would utilize volunteers who can be trained virtually to be Lunch Buddies for the fall. Currently we have 86 kids on our wait lists for all of our programs.

We are also in need of volunteers at our Think Big warehouse where we handle bags of clothes and bail them up to be sold. We needs folks that can lift trash bags full of clothes and potentially run a forklift.
Community Foundation of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Ozarks Area Community Action Corporation (OACAC)www.oac.acldumas-bell@oac.acLindsey Dumas-Bell417-873-3375$100,000.00A safe, functional home in which to shelter in place is critical immediately and in the months ahead. With the closure of schools, businesses, and with many working remotely or experiencing a loss of employment, there is greater need for homes to be efficient. Emergent needs include reliable access to running water, adequate plumbing, a stove or microwave to cook with, washing machine to launder clothing, remedy of issues which jeopardize the safety of the home, and more.
OACAC serves a 10-county area in Southwest Missouri including Barry, Christian, Dade, Dallas, Greene, Lawrence, Polk, Stone, Taney, and Webster counties. Our focus with the CSBG Neighborhood/Community Centers is to help people living at or below 125% of poverty to achieve empowered self-sufficiency. While we have modified the structure of services during this pandemic, our staff remains committed to and engaged in assisting those in need.
Most recently, our centers have received an influx of inquiries for assistance with housing related issues. With our communities in mind, we would like to be able to serve a minimum of 200 households across our 10-county area with up to $500 in repairs/replacements. To that, we are requesting $100,000. Of these dollars, 100% will meet the needs of low-income families and our CSBG funding will support the salaries and operational costs. We understand there are many variables to this request and the scope of needs during this time is great. We won’t duplicate services being provided by other OACAC or community programs or initiatives.
nonenoneCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
The Kitchen, Inc.thekitcheninc.orgrvanlaningham@thekitcheninc.orgRyan VanLaningham417-837-1500$2,500.00The Kitchen, Inc. requests funds to continue to provide PPE for our nurse and case managers as they serve those experiencing or at risk of homelessness in our community. Needs at this time include:

· Disposable gloves: small, medium, and large – ideally 2 cases of each.

· Disposable masks for case managers to provide to clients when they visit them.

· Individual/travel size hand sanitizer for case managers to take with them out in the field.
(updated 9/18/20)
· Disposable gloves
• Hand sanitizer
• Laundry soap
• Dish soap
· Sponges
· Flip flops
· Underwear
· Shorts – all sizes for both men and women
· All-purpose cleaning solutions
· Bleach
· Face masks
· Disinfectant sprays and wipes
• Protein foods: Beef jerky, single serve tuna and crackers, trail mix, Vienna sausages (pop-top cans), etc.
• Nonperishable foods
• Gatorade
• Socks
• Insect repellent
• Sunscreen
• Can openers
• Microwavable/dishwasher safe cereal size bowls
• Forks
• Sink stoppers
• Bath towels
• Dishtowels + dish rags
• Wash cloths
• Plungers
• Toilet brushes
• Mops
The only current volunteer opportunity is dropping off meals at the Rare Breed Youth Outreach Center to help feed the community's youth who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness. We are only accepting brown bag dinners that contain food that does not require refrigeration or heating up. Some brown bag ideas include: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit/veggies (fresh or cup), chips, beef jerky, single serve tuna with crackers, trail mix, Vienna sausages (pop-top cans). Brown dinner bags can be delivered on the day of your scheduled meal to the Rare Breed Youth Outreach Center, between 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM. Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Community Partnership of the Ozarks - Ozarks Alliance to End astadler@cpozarks.orgAmanda Stadler573-202-3565Up to $30,000up to $30,000 for alternative shelter/containment options for the most vulnerable/high risk of our homeless population (50 households x $150 shelter costs/week x 4 weeks)Assistance with meal distribution/deliveryCommunity Partnership of the Ozarks
Harmony Housewww.myharmonyhouse.orgjareda@myharmonyhouse.orgLisa Farmer417-837-7700$7,760.00Harmony House is anticipating at least a 40% reduction in fundraising due to the covid-19 pandemic. In addition to increased expenses for shelter supplies, food, and cleaning items that would normally have been donated in-kind, the lost income will have a substantial negative impact on an operating budget that was already extremely lean due to statewide changes with the VOCA grant allocation. We have adjusted meal service for residents to a grab-and-go meal to eliminate gathering in the dining room, which has increased weekly expenses to prepare enough meals versus our normal meal preparations for larger groups. We are also requesting in-kind donations of 33Gallon Trash bags, body wash and shampoo, Laundry pods, Coffee, Tea, condiment packets, and Clorox wipes.


· Grab-n-Go Meal Supplies ($6,100)
· Laundry Pods ($300)

Face Masks ($1,200)
· Latex Gloves ($160)
· TOTAL EXPENESES: $7,760.00
· Grab-n-Go Meal Supplies ($8,730)
· Laundry Pods ($300)
· Shampoo & Conditioner ($360)
· Maxi Pads ($100)
· Tampons ($200)
· Lysol Spray Cleaner ($400)
· Clorox 4in1 Spray ($650)
· Latex Gloves ($160)
· Toilet Paper ($330)
· Shelter Arts&Crafts/Activity Supplies ($250)
· Laptop Computers ($1,000)
With the current social distancing recommendations, we have closed Harmony House to volunteers in shelter. With that said, there are opportunities for donation drives for needed supplies that can be delivered to Harmony House until the guidelines are lifted.Community Foundation of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
FosterAdopt Connectfosteradopt.orgaarons@fosteradopt.orgAaron Schekorra417-866-3672$84,825.00By program/service, these are the resources we will provide to keep families stable during April and early May, and their approximate costs:
-Sammy’s Window: Serving 100 foster/adoptive families with deliveries of food, clothing, cleaning supplies, diapers, hygiene equipment, and much more ($9,300).
-Kinship Navigator: Serving 5 relative/kinship families taking placement of their relative children with food and direct aid ($7,725).
-Community Connections Youth Project: Serving 23 transition-aged youth with housing, driving, and employment resources through strengths-based case management, with food and direct aid ($22,310).
-Behavioral Interventionist: Serving 25 families of children with significant behavioral challenges with in-home assistance, enhanced by food and direct aid ($29,175).
-Extreme Recruitment: Serving 10 families who are taking placement of children with significant mental/physical health needs with food and direct aid ($12,015)
-Foster Parent Licensing: Serving 4 families seeking placement of children in their homes ($5,380).
Non-perishable food (in plastic or metal packaging), hygiene items, and cleaning supplies for our foster families are our biggest supply needs. We currently have no opportunities for volunteers. Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks
SeniorAge Area Agency on Agingsenioragemo.orgmark.applegate@senioragemo.orgMark Applegate417-955-2513 or 417-862-0762$18,952.00Used Delivery truck: $17,000
Rock: 10 tons to a truckload ($110/per truckload)--We need 12 truckloads for a food facility. It is our understanding that the county will deliver it free. So we just need the cost of the stone. We also need to cover the cost of boxes for packaging thousands of frozen meals to deliver: $1,952
Listed in description. Could also use masks, gloves, and toilet paper, as could most places.We always need willing food delivery drivers.Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartlandwww.girlscoutsmoheartland.orgasullivan@girlscoutsmoheartland.orgAnne Soots877-312-4764$7,850.00Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland is continuing to provide our services and leadership experiences to our 2,400 Girl Scouts across the United Way of the Ozark service area. We have introduced virtual programming (even virtual summer camp!) and are providing support to troop leaders. At the same time, we have lost revenue due to the cancellation of numerous program events, including our 2020 signature event, Project S.T.E.M and the early end of the iconic Girl Scout Cookie Program. We have experienced a significant loss of revenue in our retail shop as well. We are asking for assistance to help us make up a portion of this shortfall. Our team is continuing to work from home – supporting our volunteers and creating new program content at a break-neck pace. The funding will help us offset the revenue losses while continuing to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.NoneAs we continue to deliver innovative virtual content, we would love to have local business leaders and subject matter experts join us to talk about their fields. Our badge workshops and “Girl Talks” cover everything from auto mechanics to public speaking. If you are interested in volunteering to help girls develop leadership skills from the comfort of your computer screen, please contact us at It’s also the time of year when new troops start to form – and while meetings may look a little different this fall, we are still in need of volunteers who want to make an impact. If you are interested in forming a troop, or being a troop helper, contact our team at info@girlscoutsmoheartland.orgUnited Way of the Ozarks
Catholic Charities of Southern Missouriccsomo.orgmtaylor@ccsomo.orgMaura Taylor417-720-4213$1,500.00LifeHouse Crisis Maternity Home, a program of Catholic Charities of Southern Missouri, is a 24/7 residential transitional housing program for homeless pregnant women age eighteen and older and their infants and young children. Residents receive safe shelter, food, prenatal and post-delivery health education, comprehensive individualized strength-based case management, counseling (individual and group), life skills education including budgeting, and assistance with transportation, continuing their education, and finding employment and housing – all resulting in improved pregnancy outcomes for mother and infant, a reduction in homelessness/poverty, and a reduction in child abuse/neglect for this high-risk population. LifeHouse utilizes a professional on-site staff (FT Manager, two FT social work case managers, a FT registered nurse, a PT licensed professional counselor, FT live-in staff, on-call staff, PT cook, and additional support staff). We are committed to providing a safe home, food and necessities, and comprehensive services to the women, infants, and children residents of LifeHouse by doing whatever we need to do. Your assistance at this unexpected and dangerous time would be appreciated greatly. Currently, all of the LifeHouse Crisis Maternity Home residents (15 women, 4 toddlers, and 9 infants) are sheltering in place. In regards to cleaning, LifeHouse already had measures in place to protect the health and well-being of each pregnant woman, infant, and child. However, the rapid spread and the virility of the coronavirus has necessitated an increase in the use of cleaning products like disinfectant spray, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer. These products were costly to begin with and now lack of access, increased demand, and increased use have added to the expense of these desperately needed sanitizing products. Our free and reduced cost primary diaper and baby wipes vendors are also being faced with decreased supplies and increased costs and that translates to increased costs for LifeHouse.
Additionally, CCSOMO offers Homeless Prevention Services which helps families and individuals who are at imminent risk of homelessness to avoid eviction and achieve housing and financial stability; Supportive Services for Veterans and their families who are homeless or at imminent risk of becoming homeless through temporary financial assistance, intensive case management services and connection to community resources; Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies Program provides parenting and pregnancy support for low-income families throughout pregnancy and up to one year following birth. All of these programs are currently faced with increased costs and fewer resources to fill individual needs.
Baby WipesSizes 3, 4, 5 and 6 Diapers
Gas cards
Household goods to include basic dishes, utensils, pots, pans, towels, washcloths, and linens
Zipped mattress covers
Canned protein such as tuna, chicken, beef jerky, and beans
Laundry products
Spray disinfectants
Latex gloves
Cell phones for Case Managers working remotely
Toilet paper
Paper towels
NoneCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Friends of Abilities Firstabilitiesfirst.netjan@abilitiesfirst.netJan Kraft417-880-1756$29,960.00This request is to directly supply individuals with disabilities with necessary technology. Almost all people with severe disabilities are mandated to poverty in order to maintain their Medicaid eligibility. The supports they need to live in the community (not in an institution) are only available through Medicaid. There is no other payer source (private pay is not an option if you are in poverty and private insurance does not pay.) Many of the people we support do not have access to the internet or technology because they cannot afford it. Many of those who had jobs, have been laid off. Without internet or transportation, they are extremely isolated. We need to get them technology so they can communicate with others, get virtual health care, even order groceries and medical supplies. Tablets with data plans would not only help with the current isolation issue, they would also provide a multitude of assistive technology solutions to allow people even more independence. Through Art Inspired Academy, we are not able to hold our classes in person and must do so virtually. Many of our students do not have the technology to participate. We have need of far more, but would be able to make an impact with 40 of these units. Abilities First is willing to own and manage the distribution of the units to ensure they are used as indicated. Technology is no longer a luxury. It is necessary.iPads start at $329 and data plans $35 per month for a total of $749 for one year. We have need of far more, but would be able to make an impact with 40 of these units. Which would total $29,960.We are in crisis mode right now and, for us, volunteers are honestly needed for our higher level needs. We are just trying to meet basic needs right now. I know that sounds terrible and wish I had a different answer. Community Foundation of the Ozarks
The Veterans Coming Home Centerwww.vchcenter.orgcarice@nlecstl.orgChris Rice314-449-0563$500.00Funding several large pavilion tents to help feed the homeless during meals. Hand sanitizer, thermometers, cleaning supplies, toilet paper.Serving meals, overseeing the use of current day services.Community Partnership of the Ozarks
Safe to Sleep Harris417-862-3586 x 235$6,600.00We have 11 women in hotels at $150/week, would like funding to cover 30 days if it's availablethermometer (1-2), clorox wipes, lysol spray, disinfectant cleaning suppliesAt this time, our overnight shelter is closed, our staff is working with ladies in hotels and offsite. Possible need would be outreach to our guests at various locations; I am currently working on another facility that might need 24/7 oversight or check ins.Community Partnership of the Ozarks
Isabel's House Ary417-865-2273 x104$30,000.00Due to the COVID-19 Crisis and the shelter-in-place order, Isabel's House is anticipating approximately a $30,000 reduction in fundraising during the month of April due to cancellations and/or postponement. April is Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention month and is important for Isabel's House to bring awareness to the community. Additionally, Isabel's House has increasing expenses as we are continually serving the community at maximum approved capacity.

The $30,000 funding will be used to support staffing, food, utilities, program materials, cleaning supplies, transportation for families, and outreach.

Food Program-$3,000: This funding will be utilized to fund our food program to provide each child with a warm nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Children will also have three healthy snacks each day. Due to COVID-19 the cost for food will increase with children being home all day. We also anticipate having increased shipping costs in this area.
Direct Care Salary-$16,500: This funding will be utilized to cover the cost of our essential employees on the frontlines to provide services to the children in our care 24/7 and additional training on COVID-19 response.
Utilities-$5,000: This funding will help us cover the cost of utilities (electric, water, sewer, phones, internet, etc.) through the COVID-19 Crisis.
Program Materials- $3,000: This funding will be utilized to purchase necessary program materials related to the curriculum in place for the children at Isabel’s House. We anticipate having increased cost due to children utilizing supplemental curriculum in addition to what is provided by Springfield Public Schools while they are unable to attend school. We also anticipate increased shipping costs in this area.
Cleaning Supplies-$1,000: This funding will be utilized to purchase hospital-grade cleaning supplies as we have increased the frequency of our cleaning in our best effort to avoid COVID-19. We anticipate having increased shipping costs in this area as well.
Transportation-$4,000: This funding will be utilized to provide transportation for families in need of access to services
Outreach-$2,500: This funding will cover all of the outreach materials. We have flyers being included with each of the meals that have been distributed by Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield and The Kitchen, Inc.
- Dishwasher Detergent Pacs
- Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent, Free of Perfumes and Clear of Dye
- Free and Clear Dryer Sheets
- Baby Wipes
- Hypoallergenic Tear-Free Baby Hair and Body Wash
- Hypoallergenic Baby Lotion
- A+D Diaper Rash Ointment
- Hypoallergenic Shampoo and Conditioner
- Aussie Kids Detangler
- Baby Nail Clippers
- Lice Treatment Kits
- Children'ts Tylenol and Ibuprofen
- Infant Tylenol
-New Underwear, socks, and shoes for sizes Child: 5-12 and Youth 13 and up.
-Ethnic Hair Products (Shea Moisture, As I Am, Olive Oil, Africa's Best, Cantu)
-Wide Tooth Combs, Hair Brushes, Hair Ties
-Cereal Bars (no nuts), Graham Crackers, Belvitas, Goldfish, Fruit Snacks, Applesauce

Here is a link to access our Amazon Wishlists:

We are able to accept donations between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 2750 W Bennett Ave.
We are currently looking for immediate assistance with outreach efforts (professional printing, graphic designers, content writers, delivery, etc.). At a time of crises, we need the community to know that we are here for them to listen, connect to resources, and take any action we can on helping overcome the crises that families are encountering.Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks
CASA of Southwest Missouriwww.casaswmo.orglfarmer@casaswmo.orgLaura Farmer417-864-6202$1,328.43CASA of SWMO requests $1,088.43 for a computer upgrade (laptop and docking station) for one employee. All other technology upgrades have already been received for other staff members. This is the last staff person that desperately needs a new laptop, in order to more effectively work remotely. In addition, CASA of SWMO requests $240 for an annual subscription to Kahoot, which will enhance our online trainings. CASA currently hosts weekly training opportunities for current volunteers, as well as new volunteers. Kahoot is a tool that can be used to better engage adult learners in training and make learning more fun for everyone involved. As we prepare to work remotely through the pandemic, as well as continue to host virtual trainings, it is essential that we are set up for success and efficiency. Thank you for your consideration. CASA needs approximately 700 additional masks for volunteers, staff, foster children and parents.We continue to recruit CASA volunteers to serve children who have been abused or neglected. In addition, there is a great need for CASA volunteers who want to mentor older youth in foster care. All training can be done virtually. To find out how you can get involved, please visit Thank you!
Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
SeniorAge Area Agency on Aging — ADDITIONAL NEEDSsenioragemo.orgmark.applegate@senioragemo.orgMark Applegate417-955-2513$25,000 for the project, though we will purchase as many kits as funding will provideWe are creating and distributing Senior Essentials care packs that include personal care items and supplies/provisions.We are buying in bulk, with a representative percentage of our Senior Essentials kits including adult incontinence underwear. While we will always accept donations of these items, to have as little contact as possible, for safety, we would prefer to order them and process them in our facility.We will always need delivery drivers in our seniors centers throughout the Ozarks (visit for the location of the ones near you). We will deliver these Senior Essentials care kits with our standard, no-contact meal deliveries.Community Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Ozarks Literacy Councilwww.ozarksliteracy.orgAjardell@ozarksliteracy.orgAmy Jardell417-631-2454$1,390.002 desktop computer monitors (with camera $200 each, without camera $100 each)
1 remote camera with a microphone for the computer to Zoom etc (our office computers do not have a camera or microphones)
Panera gift cards to provide lunch for our tutor training
Coffee maker to offer caffeine to our volunteers while they are training.
Writing A-Z online subscription $89.95
$500 for the printing of updated information brochures, bookmarks, and advocacy materials.
$250 for 20 Laubach teacher and student manuals for adult curriculum

(We are happy with hand-me-down equipment.)
Volunteers to train to be "virtual" reading tutors. We need volunteers that are interested and dedicated to helping to change a life through literacy.

We have 9 kiddos that are waiting to be rematched with a tutor.
Community Foundation of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Care to Learnwww.caretolearn.orgjwatson@caretolearn.orgChristian Mechlin417-862-7771$50,000.00$50,000 will help support the Care to Learn - Springfield Chapter which is in partnership with Springfield Public Schools. More vouchers to support students' health, hunger, and hygiene needs have been issued in the last two weeks than were issued during the whole 2018-2019 school year. We know this need is not going away any time soon and we will require funding to ensure we can support students as long as they need it.N/AN/ACommunity Foundation of the Ozarks
NAMI Southwest Missouri www.namiswmo.comstephanie@namiswmo.comStephanie Appleby 417-207-6162$15,000.00NAMI Southwest Missouri is requesting funds to help aid in operational relief for our organization. Our team is constantly going out and checking on our unsheltered friends and using their own resources. We currently have a part-time staff member that has been in ICU for approximately 2 weeks. We only have three full-time staff members and one part-time.This has added additional strain to our organization financially. Since our office is closed due to COVID-19, we are purchasing masks and other protective gear to go out in the community and provide support to our peers. We are also experiencing a substantial amount of financial strain due to working remotely. This has resulted in many tickets to our IT company and additional equipment to work from home.Tarps, sleeping bags, tents,
Kerosene heaters and lamps, flashlights and any other outdoor supplies for our unsheltered friends. Masks, gloves, and protective gear for staff. Individual hand sanitizers, Clorox wipes and cleaning supplies.
We don’t have a need as of yet due to the closure of our office. United Way of the Ozarks
Ozarks Regional YMCAwww.orymca.orgkcuster@orymca.orgKathryn Custer786-376-5814$10,000.00We have transitioned our childcare for Essential Employees program to Summer day camp. This program allows us to extend our capacity for care. The cost per child, per week is $100, we are requesting $10,000 for sponsorship(financial assistance) to send 100 kids to day camp. Our summer day camp offers a safe, fun and educational program for ages k-8. The children are fed breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack and are led by trained childcare professionals. Many families face barriers of the cost of childcare, especially during this time. Financial assistance for the program will ensure that no one is turned away due to inability to pay.NoneNoneUnited Way of the Ozarks
Ozark Greenways Inc.www.ozarkgreenways.orgmary@ozarkgreenways.orgMary Kromrey417-864-1941$280.0020 PSA signs for placement at trail heads promoting physical distancing of 6 feet. None. None. Community Foundation of the Ozarks
The Victim Centerwww.thevictimcenter.orgbbartel@thevictimcenter.orgBrandi Bartel417-224-7792$8,000.00#1: $2,000 to cover COVID19-related expenses in March and April. These expenses included cleaning supplies, PPE for clients and staff, virtual meeting software subscriptions, and virtual remote-access software to access the agency's server from home-office environments.

#2: $2,000 for replenishing consumable PPE and cleaning supplies related to maintaining a safe office environment for clients and employees. Cost is estimated to be $500 per month, and this request includes projected costs for 4 months (May-August 2020). The Victim Center is assisting clients in-person as of May 6, 2020 and is cleaning its offices every 30 minutes (between client appointments).

#3. $4,000 for 9 Chromebooks and 10 headsets and 10 webcams for TVC staff to use at home or in the office while working. This equipment will be used for equipping TVC's staff with tools necessary for providing TeleHealth to clients. TVC only has a few laptops and a few webcams currently, but it has 25 employees. TeleHealth is an important service for our clients who are at-risk due to age or health conditions, who live in rural areas and have a difficult time accessing our Springfield offices, or who present in high-risk locations such as hospital emergency rooms. TeleHealth will allow our staff to continue providing its therapy, advocacy, and crisis response services at no cost to victims. It will also allow us to adhere to HIPPA and privacy concerns associated with our services. *** Note, TVC has applied for a grant through CFO via Pitt Technology Group for these costs, but funding is currently pending.
Chromebooks or other inexpensive laptops with webcams. Paper towels, disinfectant wipes and cleaners.The Victim Center is planning a volunteer recruitment in July for volunteers to assist with our 24-hour crisis response line. Crisis Response is currently limited to phone-based services unless in emergency situations. Volunteers will be required to receive 48 hours of training, pass an interview and criminal background check, and be 21 years or older. More information on becoming a Volunteer Victim Advocate is on our website, www.thevictimcenter.orgCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks, Community Partnership of the Ozarks, United Way of the Ozarks
Plotlineplotlinefilm.orgplotline@plotlinefilm.orgJim Bultas417-986-3286$2,392.00Due to the closing of Alamo Drafthouse movie theater, we have had to cancel our largest fundraiser of the year, which is held every May, to screen our student filmmakers work. We are turning our Student Film Showcase, which was a ticketed event, into a free live stream so that students and families can still see what they've achieved. Our Summer Filmmaking Camps in June at the Boys & Girls Club and Perspectives Academy through Growing Up in the Arts have also been canceled. Between the expected fundraiser based on last years figures and what we would have been paid for the June camps we will have a loss of over $4,000. We are requesting funds that would cover our staffing and insurance for those two months.
General Liability Insurance — $226
Executive Director ( $1,083 per month) x 2 months — $2,166
Total — $2,392
Thank you for your consideration and for organizing this fund drive everyone!
nonenoneCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks
Breast Cancer Foundation of the OzarksBCFO.orgsam@bcfo.orgSam Pippin and/or Joe Daues417-862-3838 or 417-861-8267 (Sam's cell)$25,000.00All requested funds would/will be utilized in the next 30 to 45 days to provide direct support in Springfield and Greene County for those that have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are now in treatment for breast cancer. No funds will be used for any salaries or administrative purposes as BCFO has applied, and been approved, for a SBA PPP forgivable loan under the provisions of the new recently enacted federal CARES ACT.No supplies urgently needed at this timeNo immediate volunteer needs at this timeCommunity Foundation of the Ozarks
Great Circlewww.greatcircle.orgMichelle.Whitesell@greatcircle.orgMichelle Whitesell417-983-7672$4,719.50Great Circle requests funding for our Springfield Residential Campus and the Ozarks Family Resource Center (OFRC). We currently have approximately 90 children in our Residential Treatment Program and our 24/7 youth emergency shelter, the OFRC. We also have a full time nursing staff on campus that is in desperate need of supplies.

These children have undergone abuse, trauma, and neglect and are in our care either awaiting foster care placement, parental reunification, or placement with a family member. While at Great Circle they are not only receiving safe housing, food, and medical needs, they also receive behavioral and mental health treatment through case management to help them thrive and grow during a difficult time in their lives.

Since the campus has been under the stay-at-home orders due to Covid-19 concerns, these children are frequently monitored and cared for by not only our dedicated nursing staff, but also our case management staff. We have incurred unexpected overtime hours for our direct care staff at the OFRC at a cost of 3,354.00, and our nursing staff are reporting a shortage of necessary supplies to continue to provide healthcare in a manner that is safe for our youth and themselves, including gowns, masks, gloves, goggles, and thermometers; supplies totaling $1,065.50. Great Circle has also taken into consideration the acute need for extra sanitizing, and has asked our outside cleaning company to clean more frequently, adding extra costs that are not included in the Springfield Residential or OFRC budget, in the amount of $300.00. Please see budget below for a detailed breakdown of needs.

Supplies Needed Amount Qty. Total cost
100 count Box Gloves $86.00 10 $430.00
Masks $32.00 5 $160.00
Goggles - 2 pair per pack $21.00 2 $42.00
Gowns - pack of 30 $35.55 10 $355.50
Thermometer $78.00 1 $78.00
Cleaning company $300.00
43 days extra staffing OT $3,354.00
TOTAL $4,719.50

We appreciate the assistance of all our community agencies, and the opportunity to request these funds. Thank you much for your continued support.
General cleaning and sanitizing supplies: Lysol, Clorox wipes, etc.
At this time we are not accepting volunteers due to the Covid-19 crisis, in the interest of the safety and well being of volunteers, staff, and children.United Way of the Ozarks
Habitat for Humanity of Springfield, MOwww.habitatspringfieldmo.orgabby@habitatspringfieldmo.orgabby@habitatspringfieldmo.org417-829-4001 ext.109$10,000.00Habitat for Humanity requests $10,000 for the cost of materials and labor to install the HVAC in the Wilmoth Family’s seven-bedroom home.

Trane, Inc. has donated the furnace and air conditioning unit for the seven-bedroom home. SS&B Heating & Cooling is providing the additional materials and labor needed to install the HVAC system at cost, significantly reducing the overall cost to Habitat for Humanity of Springfield.

The Wilmoths are a family of ten; parents Josh and Kristina, and eight children ranging in age from 5-18. Six of the Wilmoth’s eight children were fostered and then adopted from the Greene County Children’s Division. The Wilmoth’s currently live in a four-bedroom, one-bath home that doesn’t meet the family’s needs. Six members of the family have asthma that is difficult to manage due to the current homes’ wet basement and old carpets.

Construction will begin soon on the Wilmoth’s new Habitat for Humanity home after delays caused by COVID-19. The entire funding cost of the seven-bedroom build is estimated at $193,121. So far $16,250 has been raised for the project through a variety of grants, sponsorships, and donations.
NoneNoneUnited Way of the Ozarks
Victory Missionwww.victorymission.cominfo@victorymission.comJanelle Reed417-864-2223$0.00N/AEach week Victory Mission provides 500 family emergency food bags (including multiple meals). These bags are distributed through community partnerships at multiple sites throughout the area, reaching some of the most vulnerable populations with staple food items.

In addition to food bags, Victory Mission also provides 3,150 meals a week for men staying in our residential programs and 350 meals a week for children of healthcare workers utilizing the Discovery Center Childcare.

In total, through emergency food bags and meals programs, Victory Mission provides over 5000 meals a week.

We currently are looking for these items to help with those food needs: pasta, pasta sauce, plastic bowls and cutlery, bread, meat, shelf-stable individually wrapped sides such as fruit cups or chips, individual non-alcoholic beverages such as juice, water, tea, or sports drinks, plates, cups, napkins, or other paper goods, lunch sacks, cellophane wrap, and to-go containers. We also are in need of hand sanitizer and cleaning products for our men's shelter as they are cleaning continuously to make sure everyone stays healthy. We also are always in need of new underwear, hygiene items and toiletries, full size blankets and sheets. In lieu of items, if a monetary donation works better you can go to
There are a few volunteer opportunites open. Currently we are looking for Jobs for Life Champions/Business Panelists and Mock Interviews. All is being done through Zoom. For the complete list and when we will start accepting volunteers please go to
Council of Churches of the OzarksCcozarks.orgkfrans@ccozarks.orgKristy Frans417-862-3595$0.00N/AN/AN/AUnited Way of the Ozarks
Community Partnership of the Ozarkswww.cpozarks.orgpdeck@cpozarks.orgPatricia Deck417-888-2020$5,000.00The CPO administers an Emergency Assistance Fund to assist families and individuals with financial needs, such as rent, utilities, transportation, medication, obtaining birth certificates, and other miscellaneous needs. The situation surrounding the current COVID-19 crisis has affected the financial stability of a lot of families and individuals that we serve. We want to be able to provide the needed financial assistance to those who are, and have been, affected due to unemployment, lack of childcare, and other situations. No specific supply needs at this time. No specific immediate opportunities at this time. Community Partnership of the Ozarks
Ozark Trails Council, Boy Scouts of America Grothoff417-396-7569$6,800The Ozark Trails Council is requesting funding to help acquire safety and sanitation supplies. These resources will be used to ensure CDC guidelines, State of Missouri regulations and Greene County (and surrounding counties) procedures for COVID recovery are followed. This supplies will be used at 4 separate “Hooked on Scouting” events across the United Way of the Ozarks’ Service Area on September 19th, 2020. The Hooked on Scouting event welcomes new Scouts to come fish with their families and get a taste of what Scouting is. The safety of our Scouting families will be the highest priority while hosting these events, appropriate equipment and resources will be necessary to follow guidelines related to stopping the spread and hosting these events in the safest manner possible. These resources include; masks, face shields, gloves, cleaning equipment, social distancing mechanisms, sanitization pumps, etc.Cleaning equipment, including; a UTV mounted pump and tank, hand pump tanks for cleaning, cleaning chemicals, Personal Protection Equipment for staff and medical staff, additional staff training (cleaning, safety, CDC guidelines, etc.), and additional shields for food service.NoneUnited Way of the Ozarks
Polk County House of Hope Bledsoe417-777-3229$35,000$35,000 or more in community donations will help the PCHOH in Bolivar provide for domestic and sexual violence survivors in four areas of greatest need during this crisis: more hotel room for quarantine space; additional basic essentials like clothing, food, and toiletries; cleaning supplies; and direct financial assistance to survivors.
$2,000+ is needed to help PCHOH to purchase hotel space for incoming survivors that may be at greater risk in a communal living situation. Approximately $6,000+ is needed to cover the cleaning supplies, clothing, toiletries, diapers, and other essentials both our in-shelter and outreach clients need for the next few months not otherwise provided by in-kind donations. As survivors struggle to find work during this recession, their ability to remain financially independent and provide for their children--something already under threat after years of physical and financial abuse--is being wiped out. We approximate $15,000+ will be used for temporary direct financial assistance needed to help them cover small bills like a car repair, a cellphone bill, gas money, emergency childcare, a driver's license fee, etc. that may have otherwise driven them back to an abuser for financial support.
Any remaining funds will go toward general operating expenses like food, maintenance, furniture, toys, and miscellaneous expenses that we have typically covered through in-person fundraising events, many of which were cancelled because of the stay-at-home orders. We also had to close Hope's Closet, our thrift store that helped to raise revenue for the shelter as well as provide basic needs for survivors, for the safety of the community. Any support during this time would be deeply appreciated. Polk County House of Hope also serves the northern Greene County area.
Cleaning Supplies, Pillows Laundry Baskets, Laundry Detergent, New Towels & Washcloths, Women’s Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Razors, Hairbrushes, Hair ties, NEW Women’s; Underwear, Socks, Bras, Pajamas, Slippers, Journals, Planners and Pens, Boy/Girl Underwear– New, Boy/Girl Socks– New, Diapers, Baby Wipes, Pull-ups– All Sizes, Tampons and Feminine Hygiene Products For the safety of survivors and volunteers, we do not have any volunteer opportunities at this time within the shelter. We will, however, need as many volunteers as possible to help out when social distancing guidelines are lifted. Please visit our website to see all ways volunteers can participate in helping survivors of domestic and sexual violence in our community in the future. Community Foundation of the Ozarks