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Headline TypeFormulaExample
13 Ways to Benefit13 sure fire roads, paths, ways to [benefit you offer].13 sure fire ways to stay energized in the morning.
Acquire a Benefit Quickly with New MethodAcquire a [benefit] in a surprisingly short period of time with new method.Acquire a high ticket client in a surprisingly short period of time with new method.
Announcing the New Product that BenefitAnnouncing the new [describe the latest version of your product or service] that [describe a benefit of your product or service].Announcing the new pocket sized battery pack that also powers your laptop.
Are You Embarassed by ProblemAre you embarrassed by [problem you can solve for your prospects]?Are you embarrassed by small user base?
Are You Prepared to Benefit From Service?Are you prepared to [verb describing benefit] from [situation you can help prospect take advantage of]?Are you prepared to profit from an increased sales pipeline?AND CO from Fiverr. Free Business Software
For Freelancers & Studios
Build PrideBuild a [result your prospects want] you can be proud of. Build a remote tech team you can be proud of.
Do XYZ like a XYZ pro[Desirable prospect verb and result] like a [professional version of that verb]Practice music like a symphonic orchestra first chair.
Do You Recognize this?Do you recognize the [number] of [prospect pain point]. Do you recognize the 7 early warning signs of high blood pressure?
Don't let Problem Cause ProblemDon’t let [problem causing condition you solve for your prospects] cause the problem.Don’t let a lack of funding cause the problem.
Five familiar. Which one are you?Five familiar [problems your prospects have] - Which do you you want to overcome?Five familiar skin troubles - Which do you want to overcome?
FOMO HateIf you don't [action you want prospects to take] now, you'll have yourself later.If you’re out of the ICO market now, you’ll hate yourself later.
Get Rid ofGet rid of your [relatable prospect problem] once and for all.Get rid of your money problems once and for all.
Give Me This for ThatGive me [short period of time] - and I'll give you the secret to [result your prospects want].Give me 5 days - and I’ll give you the secret to learning any subject.
Here is a Method Helping Client Get ResultHere is a method that is helping [describe your customer group] to [describe the benefits they are receiving].Here is a method that is helping startup business founders find technical cofounders.
Here's a Quick Way to Solve ProblemHere’s a quick way to solve [describe problem for your prospects].Here’s a quick way to solve innactive daily users.
How Benefit Came to TestimonialHow [desirable benefit] came to [customer name].How nonstop startup applications came to Y Combinator.
How Product Helps AchieveHow [product] helps achieve [product’s desired beneficial result].How Pipedrive helps increase sales.
How to Acheive ResultHow to achieve [desired achievement you can help your prospect attain].How to achieve productive teamwork at your tech startup.
How to Benefit Convenient WayHow to obtain [benefit] in [surprisingly appealing or affordable way].How to obtain app downloads in the US for less than a dollar each.
How to Benefit this YearHow [prospects] can achieve [desirable benefit] this year.How SaaS founders can achieve exponential user growth this year.
How to Consuming Activity in Short TimeHow to [describe typically time consuming activity] in [describe surprisingly short amount of time you can help your prospect do the activity in].How to build a Facebook chatbot in 1 hour or less.
How to Defeat EnemyHow to defeat a [feared enemy of your prospects].How to defeat a cheaper competitor to your SaaS company.
How to Eliminate ProblemHow to reduce or eliminate [describe a pressing problem your prospect have].How to reduce sales calls with unqualified prospects.
How to Get Rid of ProblemHow to get rid of [problem you can solve].How to get rid of fake Twitter followers.
How to Have Result Even if ReservationHow to have a [describe what you can deliver], even [describe condition in which your prospect believes what you offer is difficult or impossible to obtain].How to have a shorter sales cycle, even when working with corporates.
How to Make a ChangeLearn how to make a [change you can help your prospects make].Learn how to grow a large Instagram following..
How to Receive a BenefitHow to receive a [benefit that most people thought they couldn’t receive under their present circumstances].How to receive a high ticket client even if you're an early stage startup.
How to Solve Problem without Having to Annoying TaskHow to solve a [prospect's problem] without having to do [some objectionable thing most people associate with solving the problem].How to solve an empty sales pipeline without having to ask for referrals.
How to Stop Problem and Start BenefitHow to stop [undesirable activity] and start [desirable activity which prospect is able to enjoy because of the benefit you offer]How to stop spinning your wheels time and start being productive as a startup founder.
How to win XYZHow to win [desirable result your prospects want].How to win friends and influence people
How We Get Results for Relatable ReasonHow [product name] produces a [desirable result] for reasons that every [target customer] will understand.How Spotify creates instant productivity for reasons that every hiring manager will understand.
If You Are Prospect, You Can SolutionIf you are [describe the prospect you are looking for], you can [make an offer to those prospects].If you are a startup CEO, you can get automatic weekly reports of your team's time management.
It Provides Benefit While it Provides Other BenefitIt provides [one benefit] while it provides [surprising but related other benefit].BAMF provides tons of tactical startup advice while providing entertaining Facebook content.
It's a Shame For You Not to Achieve Goal When Other Prospects Do it EasilyIt’s a shame for you not to achieve [a goal you can help prospects achieve] when [describe people like your prospects] do it so easily.It’s a shame for you not to achieve 100k website visitors when online magazines do it so easily.
Keys to Benefit for ProspectKeys to [benefit you offer prospects] for [describe your prospects].Keys to a thriving social following for bootstrapped startups.
Listicle to Beat Relatable Priblem[Number of ways] to beat [relatable prospect pain point].10 ways to beat the high cost of living
Little Known WaysLittle known ways to [benefit you provide]Little known ways to increase Facebook followers.
Most X or Your Money BackThe most [adjective to describe customer pain point] you've ever tried/worn/tested, or your money back.The most effective way to generate leads you’ve ever tried, or your money back.
New Product Gets You BenefitNew [product or service] gets you [benefit your prospect values].New wireless charger gets you a full charge in 45 minutes.
Now You Can Have Result in Favorable CircumstanceNow you can have [appealing description of what you offer] in [the most appealing circumstances imaginable].Now you can have unlimited leads on autopilot.
Own a Expensive for Only CheapOwn a [something normally expensive] for only [a surprisingly low price].Own an apartment in San Francisco for only $2,000 per month.
Pro-Innovation BiasNew concept in [prospect hot topic]. New concept in weight control
Product Provides Benefit[Your product] provides [benefits your product offers].Pipedrive provides transparency in your sales process.
Quick Relief for ProblemQuick relief for [problem your prospect is experiencing].Quick relief for tech startups with very few users.
Relateable MistakeDo you make these mistakes when you [result your prospects want]. Do you make these mistakes when you generate B2B leads?
Result with Feature[Task your product accomplishes quickly and easily] with [benefit statement that includes description of your product].Get daily news with our Facebook Messenger chatbot.
See How Easily You CanSee how easily you can learn to [desirable result for your prospects.]See how easily you can learn to dance this way.
Should You Do Relatable Activity?Should you do [something the prospect has probably been thinking about doing]?Should you run Facebook Ads?
The Analysis
We Analyzed [Number] [Measurable] And This Is What We Learned
We Analyzed 100 Million Articles [And This is What We Learned]
The Audience[Audience]! Are You [Undesirable/Desirable Outcome]?Bloggers! Are You Leaving Traffic on the Table?
The Branded[Headline Formula] [Unique Branding]123 Ways to Get More Website Traffic: A Sumo-Sized Guide
The CelebrityHow to [Achieve Desired Outcome] Like [Celebrity]How to Sing Like Adele
The Command[Strong CommandStop Selling Out
The ComparisonAre You More Like [X] or [X]?Are You More Like a Tiger or a Lion?
The Expert Roundup[Number] [Expert] Share [What]14 Nutritionists Share Their Favourite Plant-Based Recipes
The ExplainerWhy [Thing] [Outcome]Why Spirulina Makes You Smarter
The FearmongerWarning! Are You [Something Undesirable]?Warning! Are You Eating This Food That Could Kill You?
The Fortune Teller[A Claim as if You Know the Future]You Won’t Be Able to Lose Weight in 2016.
The Hacks[Number] Hacks to [Achieve Desired Outcome]25 Hacks to Save More Money
The Hot Button[Controversial Claim or Story]
People Called This Mom An "Exhibitionist" After She Took A Breastfeeding Pic With Santa
The How toHow to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]How to Run Faster
The How to WithoutHow to [Desired Outcome] Without [Unpleasant Action]
How to Increase The Traffic to Your Website [Without a Marketing Budget
The How/Result
How [A Seemingly Inconsequential Action] Can [Undesirable Result
How Your Morning Coffee Can Lead to Heart Disease
The Ignorance AvoidanceWhat You Should Know About [Topic]What You Should Know About Your Roth IRA
The ImaginationImagine [Desired Outcome]Imagine Becoming a Millionaire
The Keyword[Keyword]: [Supporting Keywords]Healthy Eating 101: How To Eat Healthy on a Budget
The Lazy Man'sThe lazy man's way to [result your prospects want]. The lazy man’s way to a bigger personal brand.
The Lessons Learned[Number] Lessons I Learned When/From [Experience]7 Lessons from General Assembly
The Little Known Methods[Number] Little-Known Ways to [Desired Outcome]15 Little-Known Ways to Actually Reach Your Goals This Year
The Mistakes
[Number] Mistakes Most People Make When/With [Common Action]
11 Mistakes Most People Make When Washing Their Hair
The NewsBreaking: [StoryBreaking: Whooping Cough Outbreak in Your City
The Objection Preemptive
No/Yes, You [Pre-Empt Objection] to [Achieve Desired Result]
No, You Don’t Have to Count Calories to Lose Weight
The Outrageous[Outrageous/Controversial Claim]Why Canadians Are Actually Evil
The Pattern Interruption[Claim That Goes Against What Most People Think is TrueHow Fruit Will Make You Fat
The Promise[Promise of What Your Business/Content Will Do]We Can Help You Boost Your Traffic By 20%
The Proven Methods
[Number] Proven [Actions/Ways] to [Achieve Desired Result]
18 Proven Techniques to Build More Muscle in Less Time
The Question[Provocative Question]Are You Still Eating Dairy?
The QuizQuiz: [Which/What/How] [Quiz Topic]?Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
The Rally Cry[A Call to Arms]Let’s Stop Eating This Poisonous Food!
The Reasons[Number/”Here’s Why] [Outcome]16 Reasons You’re Fighting With Your Spouse
The ReminderReminder: [Claim or Truth]Reminder: Your Weight is Not a Reflection of Your Health
The ResultsHow We [Desired Result] in [Timeframe]How We Boosted Our Traffic by 20% in 6 Weeks
The Secret ofThe secret of making [desirable result].The secret of making women like you more.
The Secrets[Number] Secrets to [Achieve Desired Outcome]7 Secrets to Becoming a Digital Nomad
The See What Happened
[Person] Did [Unusual Action] [Timeframe]. Here’s What Happened
I Did Yoga Every Day for 6 Months. Here’s What Happened
The Sidenote[Headline] [[Sidenote to Tease One of the Points]
7 Lessons We Learned from General Assembly [#2 is Our Favorite]
The Silver Platter
[Number or How to] Simple/Easy Ways to [ Desired Outcome]
14 Easy Ways to Save $100 This Month
The Snackable[4 Words or Fewer Summarizing Topic]You Aren't That Special
The Social Proof[Social Proof] [Desired OutcomeThe Tool Over 283,000 Websites Use to Grow Their Traffic
The SolutionsWhy [Problem] [And What to Do About It]
Why You’re Not Getting Traffic to Your Website [And What to Do About It]
The Steps to Result[Number] Steps to [Achieve Desired Outcome]Inside The Porn Industry's Reckoning Over Sexual Assault
The Teaser
These/Find Out Which [Thing] Could/Will [Desired Outcome]
These 6 Foods Could Help You Lose 15 Pounds
The Testimonial[A Quote From/Summary of a Testimonial]How SumoMe Changed My Business
The TriviaCan You [Find/Spot/Answer/etc]Can You Find The Problem With This Photo?
The TutorialA [Power Word] Tutorial to [Achieve Desired OutcomeA Comprehensive Tutorial to Make a Budget
The Ultimate GuideThe Ultimate Guide to [Achieve a Desired Outcome]The Ultimate Guide to Eating Healthy on a Budget
The Ultimate List[Large Number] of Ways to [Achieve an Outcome]28 Ideas for Content Upgrades To Grow Your Email List
The Urgency[Action] NOW!Fix Your Conversion Rate NOW