History Hangar Log Book
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20 Mar 2019George Payne411 SquadronI live in St. Lazare, QC now. Wish I could get down there more often I miss you guys.
2 Mar 2019Barry Hubbard400 Squadron, 2 ARW, Other MilitaryKeep it up guys...Per Ardua
16 Sep 2018Fran400 SquadronI am the daughter of Sgt. Douglas Baker, who was a photographer, with 400 Sqd during the war and after the war he was a member of the 400 Sqd Reserves. I was also a member of the 400 Sqd Reserves. My dad made an amazing photo album of his time overseas and also when he was in the reserves. I would like to donate this album to someone that would appreciate it.
22 Aug 2018Dave Galant400 Squadron
2 Aug 2018Glenn Woolfrey (Capt Retired)CELE42C400 Squadron, 2 ARW, Other MilitaryBZ to the maintainers of his website GREAT JOB
30 Jul 2018Robert Terence Carter411 Squadron
24 Jun 2018George B Payne411 SquadronIt's great to be back in touch after a number of years without contact. I remember many of the people from when I was in the squadron in the 60's. Hi everyone.
24 Jun 2018Capt M. Dwayne Steckley CD2 (Retd.)400 SquadronGreat site, glad I found it. From a previous and proud former 400 THS member having the honour of serving in several positions including Adjutant, flight Operations Officer, Safety Officer, Security Officer, Anti-Terrorism Officer and Logistics Flight Commander. Keep up the great work!
12 Jun 2018David Caravella400 Squadron
13 May 2018John Neroutsos411 Squadronnil
13 Jan 2018Robert Carter411 SquadronServed '52-'57. Some memories becoming a little vague.
15 Oct 2017russellbrown@gmail.com400 SquadronDifficult to find a space for news!! / Very confusing!
I would like my 1957-1965 - 400 mates to to receive a little news.
My Grandson Spencer Thomas who is already a member of the RCMI and of the UK Guild, The Honorable Company of Air Pilots , at age 21 is to be Inducted into The Aviation Hall of Fame at San Diego CA on 9th Nov/17 as a senior officer of the ER Golden Eagles Flight team.


In the old HH photos (that I cannot find) there is a photo of him on the access ladder of T-33 667 . 667 is based here at Boundary Bay and is in excellent flying condition. Thanks to to maintenance troops! How about that...a 60+ year old T-Bird!
6 Oct 2017Gordon MossOther RCAFI'm not affiated with any wing I'm a veteran who served from 1967 to 1971 from Moose Jaw to Lahr Germany
5 Oct 2017Barry Hubbard400 Squadron, 2 ARW, Other MilitaryKeep up the good work on the site.
3 Oct 2017Alan Mills ( 66-76 )400 SquadronSuper site, Bill & Gerry & Ron!! I could spend many days here reviewing our Squadron's histories. Many thanks for the memories.
26 Sep 2017Bill Bishop400 SquadronA final test from the New History Hangar site to ensure all is working properly before we go live on October 5, 2017
17 Sep 2017Selwyn Williams400 SquadronAs a diver I found the wreck of Curtiss Mk1 Tomahawk AH845 crashed off Chesil Beach 8th November 1941. Pilot Officer Harold Fraser English survive but was shot down over Etaples 13th December 1941
12 Aug 2017Mike Richling400 SquadronHad a wonderful time meeting all those old faces at today's 85th. Thank you to all those involved in co-coordinating.
I got home and remembered an old story of when some of us were at an Oktoberfest at the Jarvis St Armories one time and somehow during the evening acquired a keg of draft beer. We brought it back to the Downsview Hanger and rolled it from corner to corner trying to hid it. I remember that we even had it at the top of the stairs into the orderly room before deciding that wasn't a good place to hide it. In the end we dropped it off at the Jr, Ranks mess and I seem to remember they served foam for weeks from that one keg. Now the good news was - the beer from that keg was free.
10 Aug 2017kam chiu411 Squadron
5 Aug 2017John LadeOther RCAF
3 Aug 2017400 Squadron
3 Aug 2017Mark Salvor400 Squadron400 Sqn. 1981-84. Fondly recall Class “B” service for extended periods at 427 Sqn. in Petawawa and 444 Sqn. at Lahr, West Germany.
30 Jul 2017Al Hooper400 Squadron, 411 SquadronGreat website
30 Jul 2017Kevin Lockey400 Squadron, 411 Squadron
18 Jul 2017Terry Carter (1952=57)411 Squadron
18 Jul 2017Douglas Watkins400 Squadron, 411 Squadron, 2 TASS (2 RSU)I can't believe I haven't posted here before - so many names - so many great memories
23 Jun 2017Vern MaRTYN400 SquadronWas auxilliary member 1967-1969 as well as ex officio drummer in the Sqn pipe band. Haven't been in touch since the RCAF's (400 sqn banquet) 50th anniversary.
20 Jun 2017Lynda Benn400 SquadronI'm glad I came across this site in my internet wanderings! Thank you for putting it together.
8 Mar 2017Donald Crites400 SquadronI like the look and ease of getting around your website. Just great.
2 Mar 2017Noel Luneau400 SquadronBeing a member of 400 Squadron was a highlight of my service in the RCAF. I was very fortunate to be the Standard bearer during Air Cmde Birchall's CD4 presentation. Truly a great man.
14 Feb 2017Interested FriendI have photos of RFC Canada of a Canadian pilot in Curtiss JN4-C and of one that tried to land on top of a hanger. These are the Black Cat Squadron. Are you interested?
6 Feb 2017Michael Robinson400 SquadronLove to hear if 400 SQN is planning an official reunion for 2017
2 Feb 2017Michael Robinson400 SquadronAny ideas if the Squadron is having an official 85th Reunion in 2017
19 Jan 2017Cam almasy400 SquadronGreat job fred
15 Dec 2016Ron Fox411 Squadron, Other RCAF, Other MilitaryThe paintings of Peter Mossman are the best! Good site, fine tribute.
13 Dec 2016Jonathan SingerRelative of Former 400 memberLovely site -- I was pleased to have the chance to find such a well-written brief history of the 400 Squadron!
4 Dec 2016Ron Wylie400 Squadron, 411 Squadron, 2 ARW, CO of 715 Air Cadet SqnThe new format for the site is absolutely great, keep on keeping on. You Da Man
24 Nov 2016Tom Clarke411 SquadronYour remembrance page is a tribute to those who served and is most moving.
A job well Done.
17 Nov 2016Garry W. Alexander400 SquadronI am liking the new look. It is cleaner and much easier to read, which my ancient eyes appreciate.
9 Nov 2016Pete Hirsch411 SquadronCFB Downsview 1966-68
7 Nov 2016Eric SmythInterested FriendKeep up the good work!!
30 Oct 2016Stephan Bishop LambertInterested Friend, Bill's Grandson great sharing the site with you gramps
25 Oct 2016Heather Landreville400 SquadronGreat site - Father is Donald Douglas Landreville - Lieutenant Colonel - loved visiting Downsview as a youngster - had opportunity to fly in helicopter when they switched things over
8 Oct 2016Geraldine Carey
8 Oct 2016Cam almasy400 Squadron
8 Oct 2016Stan McCormack Other RCAFGreat to see that we are keeping our History Alive!! Thank You.
8 Oct 2016AlbertoInterested Friend
5 Oct 2016Alan Mills '66 - '76400 SquadronMary and I are looking forward to the 2017 Gathering! Thanks for the super work in keeping up the website.
5 Oct 2016Ted Cross400 Squadron, 411 SquadronNice way to keep in touch - thanks
5 Oct 2016Ike Blum400 Squadron
5 Oct 2016Dale Reed400 Squadron
5 Oct 2016Mike Sheppard400 Squadron, 411 Squadron, 2 ARW85th Anniversary plans look great!
22 Sep 2016jim inkpenInterested Friendgreat site Bill, good luck with volunteer recruiting and fund raising.
thank you for your service!
16 Sep 2016Jim Irwin400 SquadronJust moved back to Canada, and a friend reminded me of the site. Still looks great!
27 Aug 2016Barry Hubbard400 Squadron, 2 ARW, Other MilitarySite is still looking great...keep up the good work !!!
27 May 2016Mike Sutherland2 ARW, 3000TTUHello, I was looking for Matthew Batten, and my search led me to this site. It's good to see this memorial to our Squadron, and I see quite a few people listed on the Log Book, I already know
Cheers Mike
29 Jan 2016Christopher CarvethInterested FriendSon of P/O Arthur B. Carveth, RCAF, last duty station 415 Squadron. Served 1949 -1946. I have among Dad's mementos an original color representation of the 400 Squadron emblem, endorsed "College of Arms" 1942 - please let me know where I can email a copy.
25 Dec 2015Robert (bob) Davis411 SquadronBets fun I ever had was flying with the Primary Air Reserve. I had had my PPL for several years before but enjoyed riding "shotgun' in the Otters. When I wasn't on duty with 411 in the Summer months,I was towing a pair of gliders aloft for York Soaring Assoc.outside Arthur Ont. That was possibly the 2nd most fun in flying. Great memories of CFB Toronto and Trenton and North Bay. Glad to see so many still around as I enter my 72nd year on the planet I'm still in good health and restore antique cars and trucks now for a hobby. My '33 Plymouth was used by the Toronto Maple Leafs as a centre piece of a photo of the team called "Going For More" with the team dressed up as gangsters. Also been in several movies including one with Robert Stack,The Return of Eliot Ness. Also lots of fun. Have found out why my grandmother wanted to go to Billy Bishop's funeral in Sept 1956. She was a Bishop and I'm apparently Air Vice Marshall Billy Bishop's 3rd cousin. I have Bishop blood in my veins maybe that's why I Iiked flying so much.I keep trying to find time to join all of you for the BBQ. I may make it yet......Take care.... Bob Davis (Cpl./Tech. Air Crewman SAR)
5 Nov 2015Timothy Ing400 Squadron, 411 Squadron, 2 TASSGreat site! Glad to see you've kept the history and the memories alive. Wishing all of those who I had the pleasure of serving with well.
12 Sep 2015T.A. Hill400 SquadronWas with 400sqn. from 1954to 1955 went to summer camp at St. Hubert then to Cold Lake in 1955 until my release in 1956.Wondering if Bill Bishop is the one from Owen Sound
7 Aug 2015Chuck Almasy400 SquadronWhat a great site.. Lots of memories.. You put in a lot of work to make it such a big success, Thank you!
5 Jul 2015Jim Trainor400 Squadron
8 Jun 2015John WilkesInterested FriendOn Friday afternoon I met with the son or O. R. Alexander. I build models and to pay tribute to his father I'm building his Mustang to put in a shadowbox frame. The kit I bought is to represent the plane pictured in Flt. Lt. Alexander's profile picture. The uncropped photo shows a Mustang II. Did the 400 Sqn. hangar any, or is this plane from another Squadron?
Thank You for the access to your website. John
15 May 2015Ron Ivory411 Squadronnice to find this site -good job john.cheers to all
11 Apr 2015Relative of 411 member J.Watts 41- 45The link to still photo album (early History of 411) is not working
28 Mar 2015Michael Robinson400 SquadronJoined 400 in fall of 1977 and left in fall of 1989. Started with Otter and ended with Kiowa. Made it to WO.
1 Mar 2015Martell411 Squadron
27 Feb 2015Pierre LagacéWings AbroadYou might be interested in this
17 Feb 2015Paul Podesta400 SquadronServed with 400 Squadron 75-78
14 Dec 2014Robert NobleOther RCAFRCAF 1953 1978 Served at St hubert Gimli Centralia Aylmer Parent Foymount Cold Lake Dana and CFBE Baden
13 Dec 2014Wilson RudderhamOther RCAF, Other MilitaryServed at
Contact training, MacDonald, MB
Practice Flt, Rockcliffe
On loan RCA AOP Petawawa
Carde, Quebec City
9 Dec 2014Lyndon Humber400 Squadron400 Sqn 73-77, Regular Force 1977-2011, Now retired and cruising on a sailboat. Enjoyed the site and the memories! Cheers.
6 Dec 2014Bill Vanclief411 SquadronGreat Site
12 Nov 2014robert pineaultgreat photos
11 Nov 2014Dom Rodriguez, 411 Squadron, 401 and 438 Sqns MTLI just discovered this site.
I was with 411 SQN from 1976-1980 and 1983-1991
401 (and 438) SQN 1980-1983 I St Hubert, PQ
10 Nov 2014Maggie lucasInterested FriendBeautiful Remembrance Day tribute William.
10 Nov 2014Chris Moriah400 Squadron, 411 Squadron, 2 ARW, SLt. RCSCC Whitby,Keep it up! I will forever enjoy looking at the old faces and chatting with those at BBQ.
I do enjoy getting emails from the old gang.
22 Jul 2014Malcolm Watts nephew of John "Jack" Watts (deceased)411 SquadronSorry I missed the event in 2012. I have a memoir of my uncles service with 411 ground crew. I loved to hear his stories and insisted he write them down. I have edited for clarity and wonder if I might connect with 411 Squadron members from WW II and/or their family. Perhaps the 411 historian would like to have a copy of jack's very interesting memoir from enlistment in 1941 to discharge in 1945 in theatre. Thanks so much. Malcolm Watts
14 May 2014George Chandler400 SquadronI would like to contact Gerry Gilroy. A friend writes stories on interesting people. When I showed him the story of bailing out of Vampire jet he really wanted to get the adventure out to the readers here in the Northumberland, Quinte area.
I can be reached at 613-475-3930 or 400chandler@gmail.com
Thanks for your kind attention.
George Chandler
10 Jan 2014Jim Fry400 SquadronJust became a member to history hanger. I encourage others. Happy New Year. Jim
2 Nov 2013Kevin Archdekin400 Squadron70 -73
19 Oct 2013Mike Cotton400 Squadron
14 Oct 2013John Sandeman411 Squadronan amazing amount of high quality work by the dynamic duo.
21 Sep 2013Pat Coppinger400 Squadron
3 Sep 2013Terry Grant400 SquadronHello to all my old friends, I was a member of 2 Tass from 1992 to 1996 when it stood down. I remained a member of 400 Sqn in Borden from 1996 to 2003. I am still serving with 31 years and counting. Now at CFSATE in Borden.
10 Jul 2013John CrumleyI was always interested in the Otters of 400 Squadron and am building a scale model, I would like to use a plane from the squadron for this. I am looking for pictures or information on the planes I saw at Downsview between 1971 and 1974. Can you help me? //// John we can assist but I inadvertantly deleted your email address you left. Please make a new entry with your email address. Thanks Bill - Webmaster
28 May 2013Joan Humphrey400 Squadron, Interested FriendHow much I have enjoyed reading The History Hanger.Brings back so many great memories.Looking forward to the BBQ in June. Joan
27 May 2013John Tapper411 SquadronChecking in
26 May 2013Jim Voteary411 Squadron, 2 ARW, Other RCAF, regular force a.f.p.Excellent site. I enjoyed my time with 411 and wing. Many fond memories are etched in my mind. I attend as many of the functions as i can. In the recent past i started up an end of the month gettogether with those who were with 411 during my tenure. If i could locate some of the others from our particular era it would be great and maybe this site could be of help. more on that later. Congrats to all involved in creating this site.
23 May 2013Gerry Gilroy400 SquadronAn amazing amount of high quality work by the dynamic duo.
22 May 2013Russell MacLean (Opie)400 Squadron, 411 Squadron
22 May 2013LAC G. W. Alexander - retired400 SquadronI want to just say that the audio on the welcome page is a nice touch.
6 May 2013Ron Peters2 ARW, 2 RSUGreat place to visit.. and see some familiar names.. Thanks to Da Grizzley Keeper and The Bishop.. They sure helped me out since Marlene's passing
30 Apr 2013Colin Steadman411 SquadronGreat site, congratulations & keep it alive.
26 Apr 2013GroultS Mayor of Epinay (Normandy) where RW Clarke crashed and is burriedShow me how to enclose documents : a picture of RW Carke and a newspaper account of RW Clarke celebration on august 2012
Daniel Groult
25 Apr 2013Paul Hayes400 Squadron, 411 Squadron, 2 ARW, Other RCAFGreat site. How about getting some of the currently serving members of 400 involved.
18 Apr 2013James Cofer400 SquadronI would like to know when 400 Squadron was at RAF Portreath in Cornwall the only date I have is December 1942 They were flying Mustangs at the time and what was there role at RAF Portreath
9 Apr 2013John Tapper411 SquadronLooking Good
29 Mar 2013Mike "Pockets" Gantwerger 400 Squadron, Other RCAF, Other Military, US Army Pilot Glad to connect with my Squadron mates...
Also on FB.... just in case ! https://www.facebook.com/#!/mike.gantwerger
Mike = mgantwer@hotmail.com