10/1/20198:30 AMEvent Log UpdateEvent Log UpdateThe NEFL Event Log has been updated to a more user-friendly format. It has been changed to a month to month configuration to make it easier to navigate. Just click on the current month that’s located at the top or bottom of your page, depending on your device, and you’ll be able to read the latest updates. earlybird_AEF
9/30/20207:02 AMSamson and GabrielleArrivals and Stick DeliveriesEagles are in the nest, arriving at 7:02 am! Gabrielle arrives first with Samson right behind her! Sam flies off and returns with a nice stick 7:10 am. He hops up to Sunset Branch after plenty of beaky kisses. Gabby flies off 7:17 am and Sam flies off right behind her. Gabby returns 7:21 am with a smallish stick. Gabby hops to Lookout Point at 7:28 am. She flies off at 7:42 am...looked like she went same direction as Sam...maybe having breakfish together. Have a nice morning and come back soon!jd_AEF
9/30/201911:01 PMSamson & A2
Nice fly-in Samson! In he flew from the NE @4:55 pm with a fish. He devoured it quickly then went up to the Sunset Branch, feaked & looked around. None saved for A2. But that was ok because in flew A2 @5:16 pm with vocals from Samson & her own fish. She sure took her time eating that fish on the nest. She would eat a piece, stop, look around then repeat. The fish looked to be a bit tough. She finally finished it & went to Lookout Point @6:09 pm. A windy evening in the Hamlet! Feathers blowing around on their heads. Both A2 & Samson had a nice stay then both flew off @6:55 pm. The Ground Crew was close by & checked a few other areas nearby but no eagles. Then @7:25 pm the Ground Crew was treated to a beautiful sight. Both A2 & Samson flew over them as they headed to the Lumber Yard. Both perched in a pine tree as the sun set & darkness was setting in. Stay safe A2 & Samson & get rested as we will be waiting for you for the Opening Day of chat & Day 1 of Florida BE Nesting Season. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
9/30/201912:50 PMSamsonArrival/Perching/DepartureSamson announces his arrival on the Wallenda Branches at 12:50pm. He intently surveys his domain before flying off at 12:55pm.earlybird_AEF
9/30/201912:12 PMA2DepartureA2 departs from Lookout Point at 12:12pm.earlybird_AEF
9/30/201911:28 AMA2Prey DeliveredA2 returns with a fish at 11:28am, enjoys her meal and moves up to Lookout Point.earlybird_AEF
9/30/201910:50 AMSamsonDepartureSamson continues to perch on the Wallenda branches. Something appears to pique his interest at around 10:45am. He crouches low and tracks the sky. Does he see A2? I guess we’ll never know. He flies off and out of sight at 10:50am.earlybird_AEF
9/30/20198:00 AMSamson & A2
Nest Work/Perching/Departure
It’s been another busy day in the Hamlet. The renovations continue throughout the early morning. Samson and A2 both flying off for supplies and having their little differences of opinions on where the sticks should be placed. Samson looks on from Sunset Branch as A2 flies off at 8:52am, perhaps she’s on her way to get some “breakfish”earlybird_AEF
9/30/20197:07 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/PerchingA2 flies off for supplies at 7:07am and quickly returns with a stick. She spends a little time tidying up before lying down in the nest. So cute to see her do this for the second day in a row. She looks totally disarming as she lies comfortably in the center of the nest, looking relaxed and right at home. She’s back on her feet and over to the Wallenda Branches at 7:18am, preening her feathers and continuing with some one-sided conversation. Samson delivers a stick of his own and moves up to Lookout point at 7:23am.earlybird_AEF
9/30/20196:30 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/Perching/MatingThe sky is still dark but we can already hear A2 loud and clear at 6:35am. Both she and Samson are perched on some lower branches in the nest tree and they are ready to start their day. Samson flies up to the nest at 6:45am to begin the morning chores while A2 hops over to another branch. Samson finishes up his task for the moment, steps up to Sunset Branch and flies at 6:54am. He returns with a stick at 7:00am as A2 gives him a little encouragement with some sweet vocals from her perch. Samson answers with some sweet talk of his own and moves over to join her. Samson and A2's vocals echo throughout the Hamlet as we have our first mating of the season on cams at 7:05am. How sweet it is to witness these new beginnings. earlybird_AEF
9/29/201911:00 PMNo eaglesEmpty NestA quiet day & evening in the Hamlet. A rain shower went through so perhaps Samson & A2 decided to perch & stay elsewhere & then not return to the nest tree for the night. There were no reports from the Ground Crew indicating that Samson & A2 had flown into the Lumber Yard any time in the evening. Perhaps they went to that secret hiding place. See you tomorrow. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
9/29/20198:25 AMSamson & A2In Nest/Perching/DepartureA2 looks so sweet as she lies down in the nest. She looks all comfy and cozy as she quietly reaches out and moves some fluff around her. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her this quiet, so totally at peace, so in her element. It’s such a privilege for us to be able follow along on this wondrous journey with these two very special eagles. A new beginning for them and for us. We still miss Romeo and Juliet more than we can express but Samson and A2 have filled our hearts with joy and anticipation. We long to see this nest come alive with little ones once again. We long to see one or two or perhaps even three precious bobbleheads safely tucked under Mama or Papa’s wings, their sweet little faces peeking out, their tiny beaks opening and closing for food. Samson continues to perch on Sunset Branch as A2 enjoys her time in the nest. She repositions herself several times and lies back down again, wings outstretched in repose. She’s finally up at 9:24am. So cute to see her handsome Samson come down to fluff up the nesting material for her, making the “bed” for the next time. Samson marches back up to Sunset Branch and flies off at 9:49am. A2 flies up and perches on Lookout Point before departing at 10:15am.earlybird_AEF
9/29/20197:29 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/PerchingSamson departs from Sunset branch at 7:52am, A2 flies off from the nest a few minutes later. They both return with a stick and get back to work. A2’s vocals get louder and louder as she pecks Samson away. She lets him know in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t want his help and he hightails it back to his man cave or “eagle” cave as the case may be. Samson spends some time relaxing on Sunset Branch, preening his feathers and enjoying the sights and sounds of the Hamlet.earlybird_AEF
9/29/20197:20 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/PerchingA2 is off for supplies at 7:20am. Samson flies a few minutes later and returns with another stick. A2 follows close behind him with another one of her own. They get busy with the nest work once again, having only a few differences of opinions. Well, maybe more than a few. The interactions between the two of them can be hilarious at times. A2 pushes and pulls on her stick using her foot as leverage. Samson comes closer to help and she pecks him away. “Move along Samson, I’ve got this.” No problem. He moves over to the V to take care of the lovely greenery from yesterday and then marches back up to Sunset Branch. Sometimes it’s best just to get out of her way. earlybird_AEF
9/29/20196:30 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/PerchingThe Slash Pine stands quiet and empty. Samson and A2 slept elsewhere last night but by the sound of it, they are not that far away. The vocals begin at 6:50am, loud and persistent. I think we can say with some degree of certainty that one of the eagles is A2. Her high-pitched sing song vocals are easy to recognize, music to our ears on this early Sunday morning. Samson arrives at 7:03am, stick in talon, ready to get to work. A2 follows right behind him with a stick of her own. They get busy with the nest work, rearranging the sticks and aerating the fluff. A2 attempts to move up to Sunset branch but misses the landing and off she goes. She’s back within minutes with another stick. Samson marches up to Sunset branch while A2 remains in the nest at 7:11am.earlybird_AEF
9/28/201910:05 PMSamson & A2Arrivals/Perched/DeparturesSamson came back @3:09 pm & perched on Wallenda Branch first then went to Lookout Point. Looking very handsome Samson! He rested there for just over an hour when vocals were heard @4:15 pm & in flew A2, landing right next to Samson. It seemed like she had some mating on her mind, or maybe not, but she started to edge closer to Samson, vocalizing. Samson seemed to indicate otherwise & moved higher up on the branch. Who's the boss now! Both perched together, preening & looking around. @5:25 it looked like A2 was vocalizing but no movement from either. Maybe a passing bird. Then @6:03 pm A2 did a PS & off they both flew. The Ground Crew checked the Lumber Yard area later @7:30 pm & found them both perched in one of the pine trees. But not long after @7:40ish pm, they had flown off. **Info was received around the same time frame that 2 eagles were perched in a tree outside the Hamlet not too far away. Did Samson & A2 go there? It is not known if was them or a different pair. Also earlier in the day, 2 eagles were seen over by TT (Tatine's Tree). Again no ID. We do hope to get a better look at these eagles, outside of the Hamlet, in the near future. So we do not have any eagles staying the night in the nest tree tonight. Samson & A2 opted for a change of scenery. Stay safe out there. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
9/28/201911:43 AMSamsonArrival/Perched/DepartureSamson makes a brief pit stop on the Wallenda Branches at 11:43am. It appears that some cawing crows are hanging nearby and Samson doesn’t seem in the mood for company. He flies over to Lookout Point at 11:45am. He spends some time enjoying the scenery before flying off at 12:27pm.earlybird_AEF
9/28/20199:28 AMSamsonDepartureSamson continues to perch on Sunset Branch. He sends out some vocals at 9:28am and again a few minutes later. He flies off at 9:52am.earlybird_AEF
9/28/20198:14 AMSamson & A2
Nest Work/Departure/Perching
A2 returns with a stick delivery at 8:14am. She places it in the nest and is gone by 8:17am. Samson returns soon after with a delivery of his own. A lovely sprig of pine needles to freshen the nest and give it some added color. No doubt A2 will be pleased. Samson jogs up and enjoys some time gazing out at the scenery on this beautiful sunny day. earlybird_AEF
9/28/20196:35 AMSamson & A2Departure/Mating Sounds?We’re all smiles this morning as we find Samson and A2 sleeping in the nest tree. Samson’s up bright and early and ready to start his day at 6:35am. He aerates the fluff before marching back up to Sunset Branch to get a little closer to his A2. She moves down in the nest and tidies up a bit herself before they both fly off at 6:50am. It appears that our lovebirds have romance on their minds as the sweet sounds of mating fill the air. We can’t see it but we believe we hear it. I guess they needed a little privacy. earlybird_AEF
9/27/201910:42 PMA2 & SamsonEmpty Nest/Arrivals/VocalsAs of 8:30 am, A2 was still perched at the Lumber Yard, waiting for Samson. But he never showed up so she finally flew off @9:57 am. Wow A2 that was a long wait! Maybe he wanted to make sure that he was first in line at the fish market this morning, or maybe not lol. So it was a day of waiting & watching an empty nest. It was a beautiful day so we really can't blame the eagles for spending their day over by the beach or in a nice shaded spot by their fishing hole. Then our smiles returned as we saw not one but 2 eagles flying across the cam, one after the other, & heading for the nest tree. We heard vocals from A2 as she landed, and Samson landed right behind her. Both were perched on Wallenda branches. Samson had quite the large crop, and the cutest pantaloons. Both he & A2 were warm & extended their wings to cool down. @7:30 pm Samson got closer to A2, eventually making it right next to her - heads were down but no advances. Then they both went to the nest, working on a branch that ended up on Samson's back for a short time (lots of photos taken of that, Samson); then some digging away in the nest & a few beak to beak moments, a stare down and last but not least, A2 got in a few nibbles at Samson's feathers before he went up to the Sunset Branch @7:39 pm. Such a fun pair! A2 stayed in the nest, even sitting down for a spell, and then Samson came back down to join her. Short lived as they both went to their Sunset branches to catch some sleep. Something bothered A2 as she started the vocals @9:10 pm, and Samson joined in. But not long after, they stopped & it was back to snoozing once again. Nice to have them back for the night. With the nice breeze in the Hamlet tonight, they will sleep much better with the bugs staying away. Stay safe Samson & A2. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
9/27/20197:00 AMA2PerchingThe Slash Pine stood empty last night. Apparently, Samson and A2 slept elsewhere. This is not at all unusual but we have gotten a bit spoiled. We love waking up to their handsome faces and lilting morning songs. 7:00am A2 is spotted by the ground crew in a tree nearby, chattering away. No sign of Samson just yet.earlybird_AEF
9/26/201910:38 PMA2Arrival/Nestovers/Perched/OffAfter the deer & the woodpecker made their appearance, just as the sun was setting, we enjoyed a visit from A2. She flew in very quietly, landing on the nest & finding the fish head. Very nice of Samson to leave that part for her. She finished that & pecked around in the nest for a few minutes before she went to Lookout Point & feaked. It was right around that time that a larger bird was seen flying by heading in a northerly direction. Within seconds, A2 flew off in the same direction @7:20 pm. No idea if she saw this bird out there (no vocals made or heard) & no idea what kind of bird it was flying by. It was too far away. But we can say that the Ground Crew saw an eagle arrive at the Lumber Yard shortly after A2 departed the nest tree. There was also a report later @7:45 pm that there was an eagle perched over at the Golf Course, not too far away. No ID for this eagle. So a bit of an off night for A2 & Samson - they do change it up once in awhile. They could both be perched at the LY tree together & we will hope they are. Stay safe out there Samson & A2. Another warm day tomorrow, no break in the bug situation as yet. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
9/26/20191:22 PMSamsonDepartureSamson departs at 1:22pm.earlybird_AEF
9/26/201912:22 PMSamsonPrey Delivered/PerchingSamson delivers a fish at 12:22pm. He enjoys his meal, feaks his beak and hops over to the Wallenda Branches. It appears that Samson left a nice portion on the nest, perhaps a special gift for A2.earlybird_AEF
9/26/20197:01 AMSamson & A2
Nest Work/Perching/Departure
Samson delivers a stick at 7:01am. He tidies up the nest a bit before A2 joins him with a stick of her own. Samson makes his way back to the Wallenda branches at 7:07am. A2 returns to Sunset branch and departs at 7:09am. Samson remains on the Wallenda Branches until he too flies off at 7:50am.earlybird_AEF
9/26/20196:42 AMSamson & A2
Perching/Nest Work/Departure
Samson and A2 have spent the night in the Slash Pine once again. They both move into the nest at 6:42am to begin the morning chores as the sun rises in shades of lavender. Samson hops through the v and onto the Wallenda branches at 6:44am. Our hearts go pitter patter as A2 lies down in the nest. What a sweet sight to see. She looks so adorable with her big feet (sorry A2) stretched in front of her as she gazes all around. She softly chirps, stands to redistribute some fluff and lies down again. We know that it’s much too soon for eggs but this is still a joy to see. A2 marches up to Sunset Branch as Samson flies off for supplies at 7:00am.earlybird_AEF
9/25/20196:31 PMSamson & A2Arrivals/Nest Work/PerchedAfter the deer were spotted below visiting the park area, A2 & Samson flew in around the same time @6:31 pm. They seemed to be looking down at the deer as they perched at Lookout Point. Not long after a Pileated woodpecker could be heard close to the nest. Almost like a scene out of Bambi. The Hamlet sure would make a nice Disney movie. @7:30 pm A2 hopped down to the nest then Samson was right behind her. They both did a bit of work in the nest, getting along quite well, no beak squabbles. Samson only stayed a few minutes, heading up to perch on his respective branch, Wallenda. A2 laid in the nest for a few minutes afterwards, then she went to her branch, the Sunset Branch. They have both been through their routine - preening, rousing, snoozing, changing positions of their feet & repeat. 2nd night in a row Samson & A2! Staying overnight & we are happy! Stay safe & goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
9/25/20194:00 PMSamson
Samson must be fishing by himself since he came in once again, all alone, with a nice fish for himself. He ate it up quickly on the nest, went to the Wallenda Branch, feaked then to Lookout Point. He flew off @5:33 pm after no A2 stopping by. babyhawk_AEF
9/25/20199:17 AMSamson & A2DepartureA2 flies off at 9:17am with Samson following close behind.earlybird_AEF
9/25/20197:16 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/PerchingIt appears that our “lady in waiting” is finished with the waiting and ready for some action. A2 flies off at 7:16am and quickly returns with a large stick. Samson follows right behind her and delivers a not so large stick. Samson marches up to Sunset Point as A2 flies off once again. Samson jumps back down in the nest as A2 returns with another large stick. It’s so cute to see the interaction between them as they renovate the nest. A2 softly talking to him and checking out everything he does, the beak to beak looks they give each other. A2 can be a bit demanding at times but she can’t resist her handsome Prince of the Hamlet. A2 flies off for supplies three more times while Samson patiently waits in the nest for her, always ready, willing and able to help. 7:41am A2 jogs up Sunset Branch and hops over to another branch in what appears to be an attempt to pull off a branch. Whoops! A hit and a miss. No worries. She flies off and returns with another. A2 is a bundle of energy this morning but everyone needs to take a break sometime. She moves up the left v branch for a little R&R while Samson enjoys some time on the Wallenda branches.earlybird_AEF
9/25/20196:47 AMSamson & A2Departure/PerchingThe sky is aglow with layers of orange, gold and blue as the sun rises. Samson and A2 continue with their morning serenade. Samson hops down into the nest at 6:47am and begins the morning chores, aerating the fluff and moving some sticks. He flies off at 6:52am while A2 remains on Lookout Point. Will he bring back fresh supplies for the nest or breakfast for two? A2 looks all around and gives out a call, perhaps she’s letting Samson know exactly what she wants.earlybird_AEF
9/25/20196:15 AMSamson & A2PerchingThe Slash Pine illuminated against an inky black sky, soft lights twinkling on the horizon, an owl hooting in the distance, two eagles tucked peacefully on a branch. Samson and A2 have spent the night on the nest tree. What a delight to see them both comfortably perched, Samson on the Wallenda Branches, A2 on Lookout Point. The quiet of the early morning is broken by the sweet songs of A2 echoing throughout the Hamlet. Samson joins the chorus, belting out some fine tunes himself. Good morning world. Our day has begun.earlybird_AEF
9/24/20199:59 PMSamson & A2
Arrivals/Nest Work/Off/Perched
Samson returned @2:02 pm after taking a nice long break away from the nest. He first landed on the Sunset Branch then went to Lookout Point, where he could watch all around him. He watched & watched & waited until 4:31 pm when in she came. A2 arrived, with vocals from Samson, as she perched near him at Lookout Point as well. What a beautiful pair! They both flew off @4:33 pm. Guess she just wanted to fly in & pick him up. A few hours later A2 arrived again @6:22 pm - to the Wallenda Branch. This time she watched & waited for Samson who arrived @6:49 pm, going to the nest first then to the Sunset Branch. @6:59 pm Samson flew off after it appeared he may have spotted something out there or he was on a mission. A2 waited again, sounded a few vocals @7:09 pm then went to the nest @7:22 pm. Guess she knew who was about to fly in - in came Samson with a nice branch with some greenery (pine needles), the good, smelly stuff, a good repellent for those pesty bugs. A2 made some soft vocals, think she liked the added color. Way to go Samson! He is making some points. A2 went up to the Sunset Branch while Samson checked out the nest & found a few tidbits to eat. @7:28 pm he went to the Sunset Branch too. Hmm! He got closer & closer to A2, put his wings out & his head down like he was going to make an attempt at mating. But A2 started making vocals & Samson stopped. Not sure if she said no or the vocals made him stop in his tracks. But nothing happened. The bugs are back with a vengeance tonight. Both eagles are shaking their heads constantly. Not much of a breeze either tonight. The warm weather has returned & so have the bugs. After Samson's abrupt stop, he went to the back of the nest. The Ground Crew was in place & could see both Samson & A2 as they were making their way around the nest tree. A2 jumped down onto the nest then Samson joined her. They were both trying to dig & move a few branches around but their beaks got in the way of each other. Several beakies between the two & even a little full-blown spat with both of then going at each other, not aggressively though. A2 is trying to show who is the boss but these 2 eagles are around the same age & Samson is not putting up with her getting her way. He does match up with her quite well & then he just gets out the way & leaves. And that is what he did - he went to the Wallenda Branch @7:44 pm while A2 stayed in the nest. Samson then took off briefly while A2 worked away in the nest a bit longer. Then she went to Lookout Point @7:46 pm. Samson had his short break away & came back @7:53 pm, went to the nest then to the Wallenda Branch. And there they both have stayed, shaking off the bugs, preening & snoozing with heads tucked. This will probably be much of the same routine overnight. Very nice to see them both in the nest tree for the night. Stay safe & see you at daybreak. Goodnight! babyhawk_AEF
9/24/201910:21 AMSamson & A2DepartureA2 turns herself around on the Wallenda branches, sends out some vocals and departs at 10:21am. Samson follows right behind her.earlybird_AEF
9/24/20198:35 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/PerchingA2 greets Samson with some vocals as he returns with a stick at 8:35am. A2 looks on and chatters on as Samson works in the nest. Did I mention that A2 is quite the chatterbox today? If so, it bears repeating. She appears to have a lot on her mind on this early Tuesday morning. Samson finishes up his work for the moment and moves up to Lookout Point. earlybird_AEF
9/24/20198:09 AMSamson & A2
Nest Work/Perching/Departure
A2 gives some instructions to Samson in her sing song voice as they continue with the “nestorations”. They share a few beak bumps before A2 hops on over to the Wallenda branches at 8:09am. Samson remains in the nest for just a few more minutes before moving up to Sunset branch. A2 looks on as Samson flies at 8:12am.earlybird_AEF
9/24/20197:17 AMSamson & A2Perching/Nest WorkA2 ramps up the vocals from Lookout Point at 7:17am. Samson has a few things to say himself but remains on Sunset Branch. 7:49am Samson’s ready to resume the nest work. He flies down in the nest, aerates the fluff and lies down. Oh, how adorable! He looks right at home there. Proud Papa to be? We will see. It’s still very early in the season and we don’t expect an egg yet but it sure is special to see Samson looking so comfortable. We can’t help but be flooded by the sweet memories of Romeo and Juliet. A2 flies at 7:57am. Samson flies off soon after. A2 is the first to return with a stick. Samson follows close behind with one of his own. earlybird_AEF
9/24/20196:50 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest WorkSamson and A2 make a grand entrance this morning at 6:50am. They simultaneously arrive, A2 sounding some screeching vocals as they touch down in the nest. Our dynamic duo shares some beak bumps as they begin the renovations. Samson marches up to Sunset Branch a few minutes later but A2 sends out a call and he returns to her in the nest. A2 has a few more things to say to him before Samson gives her a peck, moves back up to Sunset Branch and flies off. A2 greets Samson as he returns at 7:00am, looking under him to see what he brought her. It doesn’t appear that Samson brought anything back with him. A2 has a few things to say about that before Samson high tails it back to Sunset Branch. A2 continues with her one-sided conversation from the nest. She is quite the chatterbox this morning.earlybird_AEF
9/23/201910:29 PMSamson & A2Arrivals/Fish/On Nest/DepartIt was a quiet afternoon....the cam did find some herons wading along the lake, enjoying the Hamlet. The area is never void of birds - the wading birds were front & center today. Then @5:12 pm Samson brought in his daily fish & gobbled it down in @ 4 minutes it seemed. Even got those few tiny pieces left over. He perched at the end of the nest after, looking around then went up to Lookout Point @5:18 pm. Samson was cooling down, wings out. Just before 6 pm he was looking up, maybe spotting some vultures flying around. @6:11 pm A2 flew in & landed on the nest. She vocalized softly for a short time while Samson came down to join her. She beaked at the nest a bit then went to Lookout Point & Samson went to the Sunset Branch. @6:22 pm A2 flew off followed by Samson. The Ground Crew was not available to report this evening. It is hoped that Samson & A2 are perched together, safe & sound. See you tomorrow! babyhawk_AEF
9/23/201910:19 AMSamsonDepartureSamson spends a nice long visit at the nest. We’ve enjoyed every minute of it. He flies off at 10:19am, perhaps it’s time to go get some “breakfish”.earlybird_AEF
9/23/20198:28 AMSamsonPerchingSamson turns himself around at 8:28am and with a hop, skip and a jump moves to the Wallenda Branches. The branch hopping doesn’t stop there. He hops over to another branch, turns himself around, stretches his neck and gives a long look at something. He takes another hop and moves lower on the Wallenda Branches and attentively watches the area. earlybird_AEF
9/23/20197:50 AMSamsonPerchingSamson continues to perch on Lookout Point on this first day of Autumn. He gazes around, his face illuminated by the sun, a bright spot in our morning, a wonderful way to start our day. He rouses his feathers in contentment, the weather couldn’t be more perfect. 8:20am He stretches his wings and with a cute little twitch of his tail he jumps in the nest. Samson looks hungry as he rummages around, finding tidbits of fish from the day before. It doesn’t appear that he found much, a fishing expedition might be in the near future. He prances up to Sunset Branch and enjoys a little R & R with his foot dangling off the branch. Sweet Samson is one cool and relaxed eagle today.earlybird_AEF
9/23/20196:47 AMSamsonArrival/Nest Work/PerchingEagle vocals are heard nearby at 6:47am. Someone is not too far away. 7:06am Samson makes his first appearance of the day and he brings a stick along with him. Our hard-working Prince of the Hamlet gets busy with the renovations, aerating the nesting material and rearranging some sticks. He finishes up the task at hand and moves up to Lookout Point. We hear a Red-shouldered hawk passing by, no doubt Samson does too. He’s ever vigilant as he watches over this castle in the Slash Pine. A beautiful castle filled with wonderful memories of Romeo and Juliet and all of their eaglets before. Samson and A2 are now adding their own memories to this magical place. New memories to fill our hearts with joy once again. earlybird_AEF
9/22/201910:36 PMSamsonArrival/Vocals/Perched/DepartThe vocals were heard first then Samson was seen in the nest @4:18 pm. He checked the nest for fish leftovers - none Samson, you cleaned up very well after finishing off that mullet. He looked around, preened a bit & it appeared he saw something & left @4:53 pm. Vocals were heard again @4:56 pm & Samson was back, perching at Lookout Point & A2 was right behind him. She perched right below Samson. They stayed together until 5:12 pm when Samson flew off first followed by A2 @5:15 pm. It was quiet after that for a few hours with only the sounds of a woodpecker singing & hopping around on a branch under the nest. Samson did return for a few minutes @7:29 pm. Off he went @7:37 pm. The Ground Crew saw him flying overhead as he made his way to the pine tree in the lumber yard area. He joined A2 who was already in the tree. Join them in the morning when they will be flying into the nest to make us smile. Goodnight! babyhawk_AEF
9/22/20192:37 PMSamsonDepartureSamson departs from Lookout Point at 2:37pm. earlybird_AEF
9/22/201912:56 PMSamsonArrival/Perching/VocalsSamson arrives and is perching on Lookout Point at 12:56pm. What a lovely view from there. Green foliage as far as the eye can see with the backdrop of a cobalt blue sky. He quietly perches as we hear a Red-bellied Woodpecker pass by. It’s of no concern to Samson, at least not at the moment. If there were eggs in the nest then even a song bird may get him riled up. There’s little doubt that he would be as protective a parent as his Dad and Mom. Sweet eggs in the nest. Something to look forward to… The screech of a Red-shouldered Hawk is heard around 1:08pm. Now that’s something that may annoy our sweet Samson. He’s been dive bombed more than once by a hawk. Samson sends out some vocals and gives that hawk an earful. This is my nest and visitors aren’t welcome. The hawk takes heed and doesn’t even attempt to trespass.earlybird_AEF
9/22/201911:57 AMSamsonVocals/DepartureSamson sends out some vocals at 11:57am and flies off. We continue to hear vocals in the distance and see two eagles soaring above. Friend or foe, there’s no way to be certain but perhaps that was Samson joining A2 for a rendezvous in the sky. earlybird_AEF
9/22/201911:24 AMSamsonPrey Delivered/PerchingSamson comes flying in with a fish at 11:24am. He looks to the left, he looks to the right, he looks all around. No sign of A2? Well we can’t let this fine fish go to waste. I’ll just have to eat it myself. And boy does he ever! Down the hatch it goes, delicious piece by delicious piece. Our handsome Samson has a hearty appetite. I doubt if Juliet ever had to force him to clean his plate. He sure cleans his plate this time, saving the coveted tail for last. He moves up to Sunset branch, cleans himself up with some feaking and spends a little time enjoying the scenery.earlybird_AEF
9/22/20197:51 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/DepartureSamson hops back down in the nest and resumes the renovations. He rummages around in the fluff and it appears that he found a few “nestovers” left from the day before to munch on. Very tasty. Just enough to satisfy those early morning hunger pangs. He’s now ready to get back to work. He rearranges some sticks and he’s off to Sunset branch. A2 returns with a stick delivery at 7:53am and Samson flies in to give her some assistance. They have one or two or maybe three differences of opinions on the stick placement before Samson hightails it back to Sunset Branch. These two can really be amusing sometimes. The looks they give each other during their little disagreements are priceless. A2 is off again for supplies at 8:02am. She’s back within one minute with another stick. She takes a little break on Lookout Point before flying off with Samson at 8:31am. earlybird_AEF
9/22/20197:30 AMEagle TermPreeningPreening – grooming of the feathers, pulling the beak down the feather to clean and straighten it; preening is a behavior of birds in a relaxed state.earlybird_AEF
9/22/20197:22 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/PerchingA2 kicks up the vocals in high gear as Samson delivers a stick at 7:22am. A2 remains on the Wallenda Branches as Samson proudly walks around with the big stick. Where to put it? He makes his decision and marches up to Sunset Branch for some preening time.earlybird_AEF
9/22/20197:00 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/DepartureA2 makes her appearance in the nest at 7:00am. She greets Samson with some soft cooing sounds as he arrives but a minute later. They aerate the fluff in sweet harmony before Samson makes his way up to Lookout Point. A2 is off at 7:05. So cute to see Samson following right behind her. A2 returns to the Wallenda Branches a short while later panting from the heat or from the exertion. She makes a little snite (an eagle sneeze) as she gazes around the Hamlet and gives out a call. “Oh Samson! Where are you?” The sing song begins in earnest at 7:15am. No one can sing it like A2!earlybird_AEF
9/21/201911:22 PMSamson
Well now we know why Samson took off the last time. He knew right where to find the mullet. In he came @3:30 pm with a mullet in his talons. Nice catch Samson! After finishing off the fish, he went up to the Sunset Branch, cleaned off his beak, rested for a bit then off he flew @3:56 pm. No sign of A2 & Samson did not save any for her this time so he must have been hungry. We would not see either Samson or A2 back to the nest this evening. @7:10 pm the Ground Crew did see both of them - first A2 was seen in one of the lumber yard trees, almost perched at the top then Samson flew in & he took the top position above A2. At some point he decided to try breaking off a branch in a nearby tree & ended up almost upside down. Let's hope A2 didn't see that, Samson. And he didn't even get the branch. Shhh! We won't tell anyone, Samson. Both were then perched together at dusk in one of the pine trees after that. Stay safe & see you tomorrow.babyhawk_AEF
9/21/20192:51 PMSamsonArrival/Perched/DepartureSamson has returned again - he has been back & forth a lot today. He stayed perched at the Wallenda Branch for his entire stay then off he went @3:16 pm. babyhawk_AEF
9/21/20192:10 PMSamsonArrival/Perching/DepartureAnother brief visit from Samson at 2:10pm. He must really like the place. We sure love seeing him here. He stops by Sunset Branch and is gone by 2:15pm. Short but sweet.earlybird_AEF
9/21/201912:58 PMSamsonArrival/Perching/DepartureAn eagle arrives on Lookout Point at 12:58pm. I must admit that this one kept us guessing for a while. He perched high up on LOP, so high that our cam op couldn’t zoom in close enough to identify any distinguishing marks. We didn’t think it was A2 because this one was much too quiet; we all know how chatty A2 can be, and we didn’t see A2’s beauty mark on her beak. Conundrum. Who could this be? Finally, around 1:36pm, our mystery eagle bends down to preen his feathers and we see a black spot near the top of his head. Samson has a beauty mark of his own and there it is along with some dark tips on his back-head feathers. Mystery solved! Samson departs from LOP at 1:50pm.earlybird_AEF
9/21/20199:58 AMSamsonArrival/Perching/DepartureSamson returns to the nest and up to Sunset Branch at 9:58am. He quietly gazes around and spends some time preening his feathers as the brisk winds continue. Something appears to catch his attention around 10:53am. He crouches down and takes a nice long look before flying off at 10:59am.earlybird_AEF
9/21/20198:03 AMSamson & A2DepartureA2 flies off at 8:03am with Samson following right after her. earlybird_AEF
9/21/20197:34 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/Perching A2 continues with some intermittent vocals as she perches on Lookout Point. Samson returns with a cascading mound of moss at 7:34am. “Mossman Jr”. He’s so much like his Dad. A2, not to be outdone, flies off and returns with a stick. The nest work begins in earnest as Samson and A2 rearrange some sticks and aerate the nesting material. It’s no surprise to see A2 give Samson a few pecks. She’s the boss and she likes to remind him of that ever so often. Samson moves up to Lookout Point to give her some space. A2 flies off again at 7:45am and is quickly back with another stick. A2 is off once again just two minutes later. She returns with stick number three and it’s a beauty. Samson hops down to give her some assistance but apparently, no help is needed. Samson moves back up to Lookout Branch as A2 continues with the “nestorations”. earlybird_AEF
9/21/20197:00 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Departure/PerchingSamson crouches down and stretches his neck as he tracks something nearby. He flies off as we hear some sing song vocals. A2 has made her appearance at 7:00am. She checks out the nest before flying up to Lookout Point. She preens her feathers and sends out some vocals. Calling out her breakfast order to Samson? Perhaps.earlybird_AEF
9/21/20196:46 AMSamsonArrival/Nest Work/PerchingThe winds are howling and growling this morning, the sun just rising in shades of gold. It appears that we were stood up last night, not an eagle to be seen in the nest tree. But wait, here comes one flying in with the wind now. It’s the very handsome Samson who’s the first to arrive at 6:46am on this Saturday morning. He aerates the fluff for just a minute or two before heading up to Sunset Branch. I guess he didn’t want to miss that beautiful sunrise.earlybird_AEF
9/20/20198:01 PMBarred owlArrival/Perched/DepartureIt was thought one of the eagles returned as something was caught on Cam flying in @8:01 pm & landing on or near the Sunset Branch. Then nothing could be seen. After checking rewind on the Long Range Cam, it was determined to be a barred owl. What a cutie! It had flown off @8:04 pm. You stay safe out there too little owl. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
9/20/20196:59 PMSamson & A2
Arrivals/Nest Work/Perched/Off
Samson arrived first with some moss @6:59 pm & A2 was right behind him. Both were on the nest attempting some nest work but Samson ended up going up to the Sunset Branch leaving A2 on the nest to work a bit longer. Then she went up to join Samson, on the same branch. He moved up a little higher. Maybe she got the hint - she flew off @7:07 pm & Samson looked around & soon followed her. Appeared to fly in the direction of the Lumber Yard. The Ground Crew checked & sure enough, one flew in after the other & perched side by side in the pines. A nice, cooler evening for them. Sleep well Samson & A2.babyhawk_AEF
9/20/20194:36 PMSamson
It is that time of the season where the Mullet are running in the salt water or brackish water & even frequent shallow, inshore areas. So it was no surprise that Samson brought in a nice mullet @4:36 pm, landing on the nest & finishing off the fish in no time. He went to Lookout Point, feaked & perched & enjoyed the wind. He flew @6:04 pm. babyhawk_AEF
9/20/20192:03 PMSamsonDepartureSamson flies off with the wind at 2:03pm.earlybird_AEF
9/20/20191:22 PMSamsonArrival/Perching Well, isn’t it nice to see Samson back already. He must have heard our request to come back soon. He stops by on the Wallenda Branches at 1:22pm and takes a flying leap over to Lookout Point a few minutes later. The very handsome Samson gazes around as the wind continues to be blustery. He’s looks quite alluring as his head feathers are blown askew with the wind. earlybird_AEF
9/20/201912:13 PMSamsonDepartureSamson continues to perch on Sunset Branch with the sun smiling down on him. He has made us all smile today with this nice long visit. But alas, all good things must come to an end, at least for a little while. Samson takes one more look around and gracefully flies out towards the big blue sky at 12:13pm. Come back soon Samson. We’ll be waiting for your return.earlybird_AEF
9/20/201910:13 AMSamsonPrey Delivery/PerchingSamson is back at 10:13am with a fish. He holds it in place with his talons and chows down. Six minutes later all that’s left is the tail. Will he save it for A2? Not this time. He gulps it down, moves up to Sunset Branch and feaks his beak. earlybird_AEF
9/20/20199:19 AMSamsonArrival/Perching/DepartureSamson returns to the nest and marches up to Sunset Point at 9:19am. It’s another windy morning with gray clouds passing by and just a hint of sun peeking through. Samson enjoys a little branch surfing as he gazes around the Hamlet. He departs at 10:05am.earlybird_AEF
9/20/20197:36 AMSamson & A2
Nest Work/Perching/Departure
Samson makes a stick delivery at 7:36am. He tries to find a good location for it in the nest but A2 has other ideas. She gives him a few pecks and pecks him some more until he finally just moves out of her way and onto Sunset Branch. A2 gets busy with distributing the fluff around the nest and is doing a good job of it. There are still sticks in the center that need to be relocated but the clumps of moss are now more evenly spread around. These two don’t appear very experienced with the nest building but they’re getting the hang of it. Practice makes perfect and they’re sure getting a lot of that today. A2 is off for supplies at 7:53am and returns with another stick. Is that stick number six this morning? I believe it is. Samson hops down to help but doesn’t stay long. He’s back up to Sunset Branch by 8:01am. They both fly off at 8:08am, perhaps some “breakfish” is in order. After all of their hard work this morning they deserve a hearty one.earlybird_AEF
9/20/20197:11 AMSamson & A2Nest Work/DepartureA2’s back in no time with a stick. She flies again and returns with yet another stick. Samson departs from Lookout Point at 7:15 with A2 right behind him. A2 returns with stick number three. A2 is one busy eagle. It appears that a well-deserved break is in order as A2 moves up to Lookout Point. But not for long. She moves up to a higher branch and is off again. And again, she quickly returns with a stick. This is a big one. She pulls and tugs and pulls some more as she tries to maneuver it in the nest. She looks adorable as she uses her foot for balance. At one point she stops to take a rest, panting a bit with one foot resting on the stick. This is hard work but apparently A2 is up to the task.earlybird_AEF
9/20/20196:46 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest WorkA2 is the first to arrive this morning at 6:46am. She stops on the Wallenda Branches and hops over to the nest. So cute to see her aerating the fluff and lying down in the center. A2 seems right at home there as she pulls some fluff around. She marches up to Sunset branch a few minutes later and gazes around the Hamlet. Are you looking for Samson, we wonder? A2 sends out some of her infamous high-pitched sing songs at 7:00am and who should we see but Samson in the nest. He’s brought a lovely cascade of moss and gets busy with the nest work. Samson joins A2 on Sunset Branch at 7:03am and A2 has a few more things to say before returning to the nest. Samson jumps right down to help her with the aeration. A2’s back on Sunset Branch within a few minutes and flies off while Samson looks on from Lookout Point.earlybird_AEF
9/19/201910:19 PMSamsonArrivals/Perched/DeparturesThe rain came after A2 departed & the wind continued. @4:36 pm Samson arrived & perched on Lookout Point. He did the same as A2, hanging on & wind surfing, until he flew off a couple of hours later @6:46 pm. Off to look for A2 or maybe he saw her & went to join her. The Ground Crew went to check the LYT area @7:30 pm & they soon heard A2 vocalizing up in the pine trees. Then they found her & wouldn't you know it, Samson gave notice to the Ground Crew that he was leaving & they could listen to A2. So he flew off & soon landed on the Wallenda Branch. Beautiful fly in, Samson! He looked from right to left & after seeing that A2 had not followed him, he flew off @7:50 pm. The Ground Crew did not see him come back to the LYT area but they felt that he would eventually meet up with A2 sometime this evening. Samson & A2, hope that you both are perched together & staying safe. See you tomorrow!babyhawk_AEF
9/19/201910:10 PMA2Arrival/Vocals/DepartureIf A2 met up with Samson after he flew off, she is not telling us. She came flying in to the nest tree @1:42 pm, landing on the Wallenda Branch. No Samson. It has ben a very windy day again, and A2 spent most of her time wind surfing, and keeping her head feathers out of her eyes. No, not really but she was sure leaning into the wind & hanging on to that branch. @2:26 pm she started to make some vocals off & on - some crows could be heard passing by & getting a little close perhaps. She stayed the course & then @3:57 pm she flew off. I did notice while she was perched that the dark area or beauty mark that she has on her upper mandible (right side) actually is on the lower mandible as well, like a continuation. The only way to see this is when she opens her beak. Photo taken. babyhawk_AEF
9/19/201911:51 AMSamsonArrival/Perched/DepartureSamson returns to the nest and up to Lookout Point at 11:51am. He attentively watches his surroundings looking gorgeous as the wind ruffles his feathers. I may have mentioned this before but it does bear repeating. Samson is one handsome eagle. He gives himself a rouse and preens his lovely feathers. All nicely groomed now and looking fine, he flies at 12:40pm. Is he off for a secret rendezvous with A2? We sure hope so.earlybird_AEF
9/19/20196:41 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Perching/DepartureA2 looks on from Sunset Branch as Samson flies off at 6:41am. A2 greets Samson as he returns and perches on the Wallenda branches at 7:05am. She makes a flying leap down to the nest and onto Lookout Point at 7:14am. They both fly off at 7:26am.earlybird_AEF
9/19/20196:30 AMSamson & A2Perching/VocalsThe sweetest thing ever is seeing Samson join A2 on Sunset Branch at 3:14am this morning. They greet each other with vocals, share some beak kisses and nod off to dreamland. They perch side by side throughout the early morning hours, seemingly content just to be together. They wake at 5:33am and send out some vocals. Samson appears to have mating on his mind and cuddles up closer to A2 with some sweet talk. A2 doesn’t seem receptive at the moment and gives him a little beak push away. A2 works on some preening and Samson nods off again. Something gets their attention at 6:30am. It could be a squirrel or deer wandering around under the nest. They shout out some vocals in unison. Samson moves a little closer to A2. Is he in protective mode or does he have mating on his mind? Whatever was the intention, A2 says no thank you with another beak push. Samson moves further away on the branch and all is calm again. earlybird_AEF
9/18/201911:04 PMA2Back to perch@10:49 pm A2 returned to the nest tree & is now perched on the Sunset Branch. Still quite windy. Hang on!babyhawk_AEF
9/18/201910:16 PMSamson & A2Fish/On Nest/Perched/Depart@6:20 pm in came Samson with a nice fish, landing on the nest & eating some of the fish, saving the rest. He then went to the Wallenda Branch where he waited quite awhile. Was A2 ever going to show up? Yes she did, @7:27 pm. Samson had just fluffed up his feathers then smoothed them all out & was ready for her arrival. Samson went to the nest first then she came to the nest. How sweet of Samson to save some of the fish for his pretty lady! She took the fish from where Samson was standing & finished it off. @7:32 pm A2 went to Lookout Point & feaked while Samson worked the nest, digging with his beak a bit & working on a few branches. @7:39 pm Samson went up to join A2, side by side, while they enjoyed the evening cooldown. A2 had her wings spread out as she cooled down. She made a few soft chirps @7:41 pm & she & Samson shared a few beak to beak moments, not always tender lol. Samson said "Enough of that" & down he went to the nest @7:44 pm. A couple of minutes later he went to the Wallenda Branch where he has continued to remain even with the wind picking up & maybe some rain moving in to the area this evening. @9:08 pm A2 did not appear to be liking the stronger wind gusts so she went down onto the nest where she laid low until 9:19 pm. She flew off at that time, flying down perhaps to a tree close by. Stay safe on this windy night Samson & A2. babyhawk_AEF
9/18/201910:05 PMSamsonPerched/DepartureSamson stays for several hours, not making his move until @4:17 pm. The woodpecker was keeping him company but he soon decided to head out & get some supper before the fish market closed. **Note: The Ground Crew found an eagle perched near the ocean @3:30 pm. No ID made. babyhawk_AEF
9/18/20191:41 PMSamsonArrival/PerchedSamson is back on the Wallenda Branches at 1:41pm. He hunkers down as a rain shower passes through. The winds are brisk but Samson holds tight. He hops over to a nearby branch at 2:54pm and watches over the Hamlet.earlybird_AEF
9/18/20199:54 AMSamsonArrival/Perched/DepartureSamson returns to the Wallenda Branches at 9:54am. He spends some time basking in the sun with his foot dangling off the branch in a relaxed fashion before flying over to Lookout Point. He departs from LOP at 10:35am.earlybird_AEF
9/18/20198:33 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/DepartureSamson returns at 8:33am but appears to miss the landing pad. He catches himself on the edge of the nest and pulls himself up. Nice maneuver Samson! Samson and A2 get back to the renovations for a short while before Samson moves to the Wallenda branches. A2 flies off as Samson looks on at 8:38am. She returns with a “tree”. Or almost one. A2 tiptoes around with it as she struggles to place it in the nest. Sweet Samson hops over to help but A2 says no thank you. He meanders off to the side and moves a few other sticks before trying one more time to help. This time A2 is distracted by something beyond the nest and lets him get his turn. Samson jogs up to Sunset Point as A2 flies off at 8:44am. Samson departs at 9:02am.earlybird_AEF
9/18/20197:20 AMSamson & A2
Nest Work/Departure/Perching
Samson and A2 continue the nest work with A2 continuing to tell Samson how it should be done. She steps up to Sunset Branch once again as Samson hops over to the Wallenda Branches. Both fly off at 7:23am. A2 returns with yet another stick but a minute later. She moves up to Sunset Branch and has a one-sided conversation as she waits for Samson’s return.earlybird_AEF
9/18/20196:30 AMSamson & A2Arrival/Nest Work/MatingSamson arrives on the Wallenda Branch around 4:16am. Some vocals are heard in the distance around 6:45am that sound like A2. Samson responds and flies off at 6:52am. The vocals continue intermittently. Thanks to the ground crew’s reporting, we know that our sweet couple were mating on the LYT. One hit and one miss. Love is in the air! Samson and A2 make their first appearance together on the nest at 7:11am. They share some beak kisses and begin to aerate the fluff. A2 chatters her instructions and gives Samson a little beak push. “I’ll take care of the fluff dear, why don’t you rearrange some sticks”. Samson complies, of course. He always wants to please A2 but he does have a mind of his own. He casually meanders back to the fluff and begins to help her once again. This time A2 doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. How can anyone resist that handsome face? A2 trots up to Sunset Branch a short while later and eyeballs some branches. It appears that she’s thinking about grabbing one of them but instead flies off and returns with a lovely moss-covered stick. earlybird_AEF
9/17/201911:12 PMSamson & maybe A2Vocals/Arrivals/DeparturesThe morning went by & it wasn't until @3:20 pm when some vocals were heard, maybe from A2 but she could not be seen or found. @4:17 pm more vocals were heard & Samson was found perched on Lookout Point. While Samson was perched, the Ground Crew checked a few areas outside the Hamlet to see if there were any eagles & one was found perching @5:36 pm at the golf course area tree. There had been 2 eagles there this morning @8:58 pm. Attempts will be made to try to ID these eagles soon. Back to Samson, he flew off @5:43 pm. He returned @6:00 pm with a moss covered stick,worked the nest a bit then went to Lookout Point to perch. There were some smaller friends chatting it up while Samson was there - crows, woodpeckers & red shouldered hawks. Samson was not bothered by any of them. There were children playing in the park area close by & dogs were barking, and still Samson was stoic & steadfast. He did fly off @6:48 pm. The Ground Crew checked the LYT & he was not there. Samson flew to an unknown location, perhaps to join up with A2 or not. They may make their way to the LYT tree later. We will see what tomorrow brings in the Hamlet. Goodnight!babyhawk_AEF
9/17/20198:46 AMSamsonArrival/Perching/DepartureIt’s a beautiful morning with calm winds and sunny skies. Samson arrives on the Wallenda branches at 8:46am. He gazes around the Hamlet one foot hanging off the branch in a relaxed position, chillin’ in the late Summer sun. He meticulously preens his feathers and gives them a rouse, ending with a cute little shake of his tailfeathers. Work it Samson! You are adorable. Off he flies at 9:20am.earlybird_AEF
9/17/20196:49 AMEagleVocalsThe full moon shines bright above the tree, a beacon of light to guide the eagles to the nest. The sky is ablaze in shades of gold and orange as the sun begins to rise. Eagle vocals are heard at 6:49am. Someone is not too far away.earlybird_AEF
9/16/201910:56 PMSamson & A2Arrivals & DeparturesAgain the wind has not been a friend when it comes to easily identifying the eagles. It is sometimes hard to see those dark spots & other markers in their head feathers. So we go to their nares & eyes & neck feathers & tail feathers, and of course Samson's flat toe. After A2 flew off @1:16 pm, it wasn't long after when vocals were heard somewhere out in the Hamlet, not too far away. It was around that same time that one of our Ground Crew saw 2 eagles soaring up above around the LYT, not far from the nest, & there were also vocals. It is not known for sure which eagles they were. One can say that one was probably A2 as she had just left the nest. It was not until @5:02 pm that we would see any eagles again - an eagle landed on the Wallenda Branch, vocalized then went down onto the nest. It is believed another eagle was heard calling out as well close by. The eagle on the nest, believed to be A2, picked up a stick & placed it then flew off the nest. @5:15 pm vocals were heard & both Samson & A2 landed in the tree & soon perched together. Samson has the true eagle vocals & A2 has those different, distinct higher pitched vocals. @5:35 pm they both flew away. Samson did return @6:20 pm, announcing himself with some vocals & landing on the nest then going to the Wallenda Branch. He stayed perched there, looking around & fluffing up his feathers a few times. No A2 showing up this time. So he flew off @6:48 pm, returned @ 7:38 pm but just for a couple of minutes. He headed out maybe to look for A2. The Ground Crew was waiting at the LYT area but no eagles came prior to darkness setting in. The moon is still very bright so they could still find their way there. Goodnight & stay safe Samson & A2. **The Ground Crew also checked earlier today the areas frequented by eagles lately, off & away from the Hamlet, but no eagles were seen at those times. babyhawk_AEF
9/16/20191:16 PMA2Arrival/Perched/DepartureWe had a brief visit by an eagle that we believe was A2 at 1:16pm. She perched on the Wallenda Branches, scanned the area and was gone within minutes.earlybird_AEF
9/16/20197:48 AMSamsonArrival/Perching/DepartureThe sky in hues of baby blue, puffy white clouds drifting by, the call of the hawks nearby, the squee of an eagle in the distance. The Hamlet is a plethora of sights and sounds as we wait for the arrival of the eagles. We have our first visit at 9:06am. Samson announces his arrival as he lands on the Wallenda Branches. He cranes his neck and intently watches the sky. We can’t see anything but perhaps he does. An eagle’s eye is almost as large as a human’s but its sharpness is at least four times that of a person with perfect vision. The eagle can probably identify a rabbit moving almost a mile away. That means that an eagle flying at an altitude of 1000 feet over open country could spot prey over an area of almost 3 square miles from a fixed position. So yes, Samson could very well be seeing something that’s out of our vision. Wouldn’t it be nice if he’s watching A2 in the distance? We would love to see her stop by and join her handsome Samson. Samson departs at 9:54am, perhaps he's on his way to join her.earlybird_AEF
9/15/201910:46 PMNoneEmpty NestAn interesting day in the Hamlet with the Visitor this morning & then the unidentified one later. It is believed that this eagle this afternoon could have been A2 as noted by the beak markings - she has a dark spot on her beak, on both sides. I like to call them beauty marks. It was not easy to see any any other ID markers. It was a windy day & it was not easy for the Cam Operators to keep the cams steady. There were no more visits after 3:23 pm. There were several reports from the Ground Crew today. Early in the afternoon, an eagle was seen eating at a nest (has been an osprey nest in the past), in a golf course community not far from the Hamlet. This is the same nest that had 2 eagles on it yesterday while Samson & A2 were at the tree in the Hamlet. Also an eagle was seen near the ocean, perched on a building, an area that eagles have been perched before during the summer months. There is no identification for these eagles. But when these same 2 areas were checked a few hours later, no eagles were seen. This evening the Ground Crew found 2 eagles perched & tucked in a pine tree at the LYT area. Believed to be Samson & A2. So even though they did not come to the nest before sunset, it is good to know that they are safe & back in the area. Goodnight & stay tuned for the morning's activities. babyhawk_AEF
9/15/20191:52 PMUnidentified EaglePerchingWe have an eagle playing peek-a-boo behind cam 1 at 1:52pm. We’re not able to get a clear visual of it yet so it’s anyone’s guess who it might be. S/he continues to perch below Sunset Branch as we see another eagle fly by at 2:20am and again at 2:52pm. The unidentified eagle flies off at 3:23pm.earlybird_AEF
9/15/20191:24 PMA2Arrival/DepartureA2 arrives for a brief nest check at 1:24pm. She flies up to LOP and departs at 1:27pm.earlybird_AEF
9/15/201911:02 AMEagle VisitorArrival/Perched/DepartureAn eagle arrives with vocals on the Houdini Branches at 11:02am. This isn’t Samson or A2 or the eagle with the speckles in the eyes that first visited the nest on 9/5/2019. This beauty looks close to being mature with its white head feathers tinged with yelow and some darker markings on the tail. As far as we can tell at this point, we haven’t seen this lovely eagle before. S/he may just be stopping by for a short rest before continuing on her/his journey. S/he moves in the nest at 12:08pm, rearranges some sticks and aerates the fluff. How nice of her/him to help with the chores. A2 probably wouldn’t be pleased to see this but every little bit helps. It’s so nice to have a neat and tidy nest. The eagle flies up to Lookout Point at 12:12pm. Samson and A2 are out and about so this beauty can enjoy some time looking out at the scenery. S/he flies off to destinations unknown at 12:43pm.earlybird_AEF
9/15/20198:57 AMSamsonPrey Delivered/DepartureThe rain has started to fall again. It looks like it’s going to be that kind of day with off and on rain showers. Samson flies off at 8:57am but returns with his catch of the day at 9:11am. Gulp, gulp, gulp. It doesn’t take long for that fish to disappear. He jogs up to Sunset Branch, feaks his beak and departs at 9:34am.earlybird_AEF
9/15/20198:00 AMSamsonArrival/PerchedThe sun is back and so is Samson at 8:00am. The birds of the Hamlet are singing merrily in the background as Samson gazes out at the scenery from the Wallenda Branches. He looks very relaxed as his eyes slowly close and his head nods down. He’s abruptly at attention again as a bird sounds a little too close for comfort. He works on some morning preening as the wind ruffles his feathers and the sun shines down on him. Samson is one very handsome eagle. Lucky A2 for finding such a catch. earlybird_AEF
9/15/20197:29 AMA2DepartureA2 sounds the vocals at 7:29am, perhaps sending out her breakfast order to Samson. Will he take the hint? No response back from him. She flies off at 7:35am.earlybird_AEF