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5448Taking ChancesPan_cake_Cats What if Pam went to Australia instead of getting married.2017-08-08 22:35:352018-01-01 22:05:04
5487She CanJamLove17An AU of Casino Night where Pam makes a choice.And she decides that she can do it.(I suck at summaries but I promise the story is better than this lol)2018-01-02 16:59:512018-01-02 16:59:52
5488SlidingdwangelaAngela‘s thoughts on the men in her life (set in early season 5)2018-01-03 19:08:582018-01-03 19:08:59
5489He Lifts Me,But Never Once CarriedmiddleclassfraudHer room is filled with colors,painted with the mess that she creates.Her room is always filled with her drawings,not on the walls but in corner ,in one pile stacked on top of one another ,or scrunched in a ball because they were just not good enough,at least not yet.2018-01-06 14:21:452018-01-07 19:03:19
Oh, how we ache in such mysterious and fervent ways.
oonalunaThere are some things that Jim never noticed about Pam before they started dating-- how she picks at the skin around her fingernails when she‘s nervous. How she only ever brings have a sandwich for lunch. How she sometimes forgets to eat it. And Jim can‘t help but wonder how much more he doesn‘t know.2018-01-07 21:59:162018-01-07 22:43:04
5367More Than a Day, More Than a Word
Pam Beesly really likes Valentine‘s Day. Well, mostly.A look at 15 Valentine‘s Days with Jim and Pam (from Pam‘s POV). 2015-12-09 15:38:132018-01-21 22:11:15
Teenagers Who Have Lost a Parent Support Group
Pan_cake_CatsPam and Jim share the pain of losing their fathers as teenagers.2018-01-28 17:01:592018-01-28 17:01:59
5492GoldendwangelaJim becomes Golden Face and Pam reminisces.2018-01-30 18:58:272018-01-30 18:58:27
4387Sociology 101BigTunaCompleted as of 2/16/2018. A look at a younger, AU version of Jim and Pam as they go through college at a small liberal arts school somewhere in Pennsylvania.2009-03-17 20:09:222018-02-16 10:40:09
5497Feelings MutualmanidfkJim reflects on the events that led to him being a lonely high school teacher in Seattle, while missing the only woman he could ever love. Anonymous online chats ensue.2018-02-19 22:17:482018-02-20 17:05:46
5467Bears, Beets, ...Beach?dwangelaFor this year‘s team building event, Dunder Mifflin is heading to the beach for a three day extravaganza! (set during season 2)2017-10-08 9:38:502018-02-25 15:43:17
1660Anywhere But Here
Role Reversal Challenge: It‘s May 2006. Jim‘s wedding is approaching and a lovelorn Pam can‘t take much more. Starts during Casino Night (or an AU version of it).2007-04-15 19:46:452018-02-27 18:12:09
5493Singles Awareness Day
Pam finds herself solo on Valentine‘s Day and attends a "Singles Only" party with Jim. Set pre-cameras.2018-02-15 0:45:102018-03-15 17:52:36
5501RobeBigTunaOne shot. Pam never ends up cutting the Victoria's Secret robe into hand towels. Jim reaps the benefits.2018-03-21 20:46:572018-03-21 20:46:58
55023:27 PM, SydneyBigTunaShort AU oneshot between S2/S3. Pam calls Jim while he's vacationing in Australia.2018-03-26 22:22:212018-03-26 22:22:22
5503Sin AestheticsRach3lA dark take on JAM from The Office, if everyone in the world had superpowers. TRIGGER WARNING: Rape, sexual assault, sexual violence. Not glorified, posted with mod permission.2018-03-29 15:36:482018-03-29 15:41:30
5504To YoudwangelaJim, Pam, and a local diner. Post Booze Cruise 2018-04-01 18:37:302018-04-01 18:37:31
5505Black and White, Chocolate and Cremeagian18Beard smut for the sake of beard smut. I have no excuses. Blame A Quite Place.2018-04-04 20:35:312018-04-04 20:35:32
5506Whisker BurnBigTunaMy contribution to our (hopefully growing) collection of beard smut, in which Jim grows a beard and Pam is turned on by it.2018-04-05 22:27:322018-04-05 22:27:32
5372One Week After
Checking in on Jim‘s thoughts a week after certain events.*double update: Chap 8 + 9 posted**2016-05-24 10:34:012018-04-06 15:42:57
5507Penn Island ThreeRach3lDiscovering the deepest desires of each other‘s hearts... and pants. Mostly pants. Fluffy and fun!2018-04-08 21:09:242018-04-08 21:10:30
5453Love Suffers LongBringingTheJamAn AU Casino Night Fic. What if Jim and Pam had talked more after Jim‘s confession in the parking lot? 2017-08-29 20:27:592018-04-09 10:11:06
Today on a Very Special Episode of 'The Office'
Roy isn‘t perfect, but Pam loves him, and love is about looking past the problems isn‘t it? Jim is too preoccupied with his feelings for his best friend to see what is really going on. Dwight sees something private and begins to suspect that one of his co-workers is in a bad situation. Don‘t worry. He has a plan. 2018-02-16 17:29:242018-04-15 9:34:32
5511Please Staywheelbarrow28I‘ve been reading stories on MTT for almost 2 years now and wanted to give it a try. Please be gentle!2018-04-17 13:33:552018-04-17 13:50:20
5512Love and a TeapotPan_cake_CatsThe Journey of the teapot (tm) 2018-04-17 20:36:142018-04-17 20:36:15
5499Being HonestJamLove17When Roy attacks Jim in the office, it isn‘t his first time hurting someone. Pam acts odd during her apology to Jim, and for the first time since the merger, he can‘t bring himself to ignore it. A two or three part AU based around “Cocktails” (S3,E18) and “The Negotiation” (S3, E19).This is such a bad summary, I promise the story is better!2018-03-05 19:57:302018-04-20 0:30:20
5513Through the GlassRach3lAU: Approximately seven months post-Diwali, if Jim‘s little drunk-biking incident had been witnessed by a police officer. -TRIGGER WARNINGS: Suicidal ideation, references to past sexual abuse.2018-04-20 15:59:072018-04-20 16:11:52
5516Stay and FightBigTunaComplete. A story in 3 parts about staying, fighting, and nice mornings. Set in season 9.2018-04-29 17:27:102018-04-29 17:31:46
5517YoursdwangelaTwo letters that Jim and Pam don‘t send to each other. Set during Weight Loss2018-04-30 14:02:582018-04-30 14:05:19
5500Paying CourtComfectA Regency romance, JAM-style. Now complete. Disclaimer: I don‘t own the Office at all. 2018-03-10 15:17:132018-05-02 11:45:58
5518When He FellComfectA brief exploration of when Jim Halpert really fell for Pam Beesly. 2018-05-12 12:57:142018-05-12 12:57:16
5519The Supermarket at 2amPan_cake_Cats2 different times Jim went to the supermarket at 2 am.2018-05-12 23:15:502018-05-12 23:15:50
5484Wake Me Upagian18**NOW COMPLETE!!**Jim receives a peculiar call from Pam in the middle of the night that slowly turns into a habit for the pair.Multi-Chapter, set after Booze Cruise.Based loosely on the lyrics to "Wake Me Up" by Billy Currington (wait, I‘m writing a fic based on a song?!? Who would‘ve thought? ;) 2017-12-03 19:00:572018-05-21 21:24:18
5523NonverbalBigTunaIn which Jim and Pam work through their communication issues...in a way. A sexy way. A reimagining of the S3 episode The Return.2018-05-27 19:00:272018-05-27 19:00:27
5522The Quiet OneskonekochanPeople always assume that Pam Beesly is as sweet in the bedroom as she is an all other realms of her life. A missionary-only type of girl, the girl you treat like glass. Little do they know, she just wants Jim to shatter her, break her into little pieces. She decides she‘s done waiting for what she wants. It‘s always the quiet ones.2018-05-27 17:22:182018-05-27 19:46:25
5524Reset and Restartwarrior4Set during and just after the events of "The Job," at the end of Season 3. Jim is in New York at his interview when a certain something causes him to pause. *Recently updated to fix a few sentences and make it more in line with my other stories.*2018-06-01 19:19:252018-06-01 21:02:18
5527In Reverse
What would happen if the events of Casino Night took place during Season 3? Basically, Jim never confesses to Pam in the Season 2 finale but moves to Stamford anyway. It‘ll be a wild ride.2018-06-12 10:55:322018-06-13 7:53:40
5528Beets MotelRach3lA Quiet Place crossover. Gory, action-packed, dark, irreverent, and relatively hilarious (all things considered). This fic is primarily JAM-focused, but also prominently features some traditionally-underutilized secondary characters. Takes place around the start of season 4. Just before Fun Run would have happened, if the world hadn‘t ended.2018-06-15 17:39:242018-06-15 17:43:35
5530The Expanding BellyWestonFollower A one shot collection of Pam‘s pregnancy: Pam tries to get used to her stomach growing, Jim stares at her like she‘s a superhero, and Michael won‘t stop crying.2018-06-20 19:58:482018-06-20 20:02:04
5536What It Looks LikeBigTunaIn which there is some smut and a mirror. Inspired by Michael's line in season 4: "You're talking about Jim and Pam, if they're having sex. What it looks like."2018-06-21 21:09:582018-06-21 21:09:59
Fourteen Voicemails on the Night of June 10th
One-ShotJim receives a phone-call from a very drunk Pam the night of her wedding. With her wedding opening a fresh wound in his heart, he doesn‘t talk long before silencing his phone and going back to sleep. Pam wakes up with fuzzy memories of the night before, horrified at what she might have said in the voicemails she left Jim. 2018-06-24 19:41:172018-06-24 19:41:17
5394Art Supplies and PaperPan_cake_CatsPam works at a chain art supply store, dreaming of her future.Jim is a paper salesman at Dunder Mifflin.2017-02-15 19:34:512018-07-02 22:57:57
5498the things that made us you and meBigTunaAn exploration of the things that helped turn "Jim" and "Pam" into "Jim and Pam." Inspired by the 31 day challenge prompt on the MTT blog.2018-02-20 19:46:512018-07-04 18:59:34
5510The Adventures of Jimmy HalpertBigTunaOne day, while riding his bike through the forest, mild mannered paper salesman Jim Halpert is bitten by a radioactive bear and becomes Bear Man.' At least, that's the story we've been told. Ever wondered what <I>really</I> happened?2018-04-16 11:51:282018-07-04 19:08:34
Letters, Numbers, and the Spaces Between
BigTunaIt's 1963 and West Scranton High's new math teacher Jim Halpert has a secret. When it rears its ugly head and puts both him and librarian Pam Beesly in danger, how will he react? Will they be able to outrun his dangerous past or will his enemies catch up to him, once and for all?2018-07-04 19:22:242018-07-04 19:24:10
5538A Feeling So SweetbattlestarjimCollege AU. A few months into their freshman year of college, Jim and Pam meet through her roommate and it all spirals from there.2018-06-28 11:05:052018-07-05 11:48:17
5541A Quiet WarComfectJim and Pam are CIA agents, ala Jack Ryan, in a world very loosely based on A Quiet Place.2018-07-08 12:16:242018-07-08 12:16:24
5535All That Time I Was Just WaitingWith_An_EAn Office Prequel from Jim‘s perspective (at least mostly). James Halpert starts his first day at Dunder-Mifflin just to earn a paycheck. Little does he know that accepting a job as a paper salesman would change his life more than he ever thought possible. 2018-06-21 16:22:432018-07-14 15:46:54
5542isn't it funnywemadguysThree brief, bittersweet encounters in the dunder mifflin parking lot.2018-07-08 13:28:572018-07-16 0:02:49
5521Terra IncognitaComfectJim gets in an accident on June 10, and Pam gets to help. Only AU in that it deviates from main timeline between S2 and S3 (no different worldbuilding premise).2018-05-20 20:02:502018-07-21 20:18:11
5543A Knock at the DoorGabc33She sits on the couch and cries. Until she hears a knock at the door.2018-08-02 19:30:032018-08-02 20:16:07
5545It's A DateWishYouWouldJim and Pam‘s first date. Set immediately after "The Job". 2018-08-14 17:52:272018-08-14 21:02:26
5546Florida Morningwarrior4Jim has a rough conversation ahead after the events in "After Hours."2018-08-25 13:58:322018-08-25 13:58:33
5547Expiration DatesshutterbugJim and Pam debate the merits of expiration dates. References to "Launch Party" (S4E5/6). 2018-08-26 15:17:312018-08-26 15:17:31
5430Invincible SummershutterbugOn a road trip, Jim‘s memories keep him company. Memories take place throughout Jim and Pam‘s relationship, from friends to husband and wife (pre- to post-series), but they are framed by events that occur during the Texas period (post-series). <strong>Important note: The author has chosen not to make use of all available warnings. However, one warning <em style="color: #696367">does apply to this story, but has been omitted to avoid spoiling readers for a major plot point and story theme. This warning applies for Chapter 10. This note/reminder will be repeated at the beginning of that chapter. </strong>2017-06-09 14:35:132018-08-30 15:49:47
5540What to Expect With the UnexpectedPan_cake_Cats"It was Saturday afternoon and Jim was sitting on his couch watching a basketball game and drinking a beer, when the doorbell rang. Jim was confused, he wasn‘t expecting anyone, so he almost didn‘t answer the door because it was probably some door to door salesman he had no time for. But he did. He launched himself from the couch and swung open the door. And saw nothing. Something moved below him in his peripheral vision, and his eyes snapped down." Set around Season 2ish, before Casino Night.2018-07-07 0:14:452018-09-03 14:36:45
5551I Feel God In This Chili's TonightWishYouWouldAU ending to the Dundies episode. Pam doesn‘t get a ride with Angela. 2018-09-05 19:21:082018-09-06 16:32:25
5552Water's EdgeAwimowehAn AU conversation after Pam‘s speech at the beach.2018-09-06 21:19:352018-09-06 21:34:13
5554Bent Not BrokenPan_cake_Cats TW: there is heavily implied domestic violence in this story. I do not know I how to summarize this really. The writing style is a little bit different, but I felt it was the best way to convey what I was imagining. It switches POV quite often, so watch out for that. I also tried to avoid names until a particular moment, so that‘s part of it too. It‘s some post casino night angst, canon divergence, with a little bit of a cheesy ending. 2018-09-07 22:15:212018-09-07 22:15:21
5555A Million Worlds ApartPan_cake_CatsBased on the song If I Could Tell Her from Dear Evan Hansen. which I also don‘t own. College AU, Jim falls in love with a friend of a friend (you know those kinda weird friendships) and cannot imagine that she also might be in love with him. 2018-09-09 21:31:492018-09-09 21:31:50
5549False ClaimsshutterbugAn arrest. A trial. A prison cell. Jim and Pam fight to keep their hopes alive, while Dwight tries to uncover the truth. 2018-08-29 19:17:502018-09-23 13:41:03
5558The story of us
Jim describes the journey to have Pam. A romantic, sad love story. 2018-10-01 17:34:402018-10-02 10:12:26
5559Some Mornings
Duchess Cupcake
Some mornings are different than others for Pam and Jim. Plotless fluff. Set against seasons 4, 5, &amp; 6.2018-10-04 11:29:332018-10-04 11:29:33
5561Costumeswarrior4Entry for the 2018 Halloween contest. Set in Season 4, Pam loves dressing up for Halloween. Jim, not so much. How come?2018-10-05 10:20:222018-10-05 10:20:24
5556Say You Won't Let GoPicksthemusicCan they find their way back to each other‘s hearts, even when life gets in the way?2018-09-14 12:43:362018-10-08 18:26:16
5564Stronger Than You Think
Pam finally opens up to Jim after the unthinkable happens. I changed up the timeline a bit for this story. It‘s as if Pam was painting the mural in the warehouse at the beginning stages of their relationship so they‘re engaged but not married so obviously Cece hasn‘t been born yet. Content Warning: non-graphic discussion/mention of rape 2018-10-14 11:44:392018-10-14 13:08:29
5565The Schrutes of the CornWishYouWouldMy submission to the 2018 Halloween contest! Dwight has a haunted corn maze at Schrute Farms -- Jim and Pam decide to check it out. Set somewhere either pre-cameras or s1, not quite AU but not episode related either. 2018-10-17 19:55:452018-10-17 19:55:45
5566No Pain, No GainRach3lJim Halpert loves his wife. He loves his children. He doesn‘t love being a werewolf, but then, who would? Humbly submitted for the 2018 Halloween competition. 2018-10-18 19:04:422018-10-18 19:29:13
5550FrustratedWishYouWouldPregnant Pam is tired of being treated gently. Jim steps up to the challenge. 2018-09-05 16:50:592018-10-19 16:22:50
5569Spooky SecretsfunkyfreshDwight‘s epic Halloween prank ends quite well for everyone‘s favorite couple! A submission for the 2018 Halloween Contest:)2018-10-29 12:48:092018-10-29 14:17:32
5570Haunting FamiliarityPan_cake_CatsMy entry for the Halloween Contest :) Jim and Pam meet at a college Halloween party. 2018-10-30 17:05:342018-10-30 17:05:34
5567As You Wish
Jim‘s not much of a costume guy, but he has on occasion made exceptions&hellip;A Halloween Fic set in Season 5, after the "Employee Transfer" cold opener, with high school flashbacks (because who doesn‘t love that?!)Note: not eligible for prizes in our Halloween contest, just writing for fun! 2018-10-20 14:17:412018-10-31 0:47:40
5572The Haunting of Halpert HousenqllisiJim Halpert took the job in Maryland after "Halloween" in season 2. He‘s back in town, on Halloween. 2018-10-31 13:52:102018-10-31 13:52:12
5568Practical MagicColeyPam wants to dress up for Halloween. Jim doesn‘t. What else is she supposed to do? Submitted for the 2018 Halloween Contest!2018-10-25 17:22:062018-10-31 20:32:00
5573Life's No Fun Without a Good Scare
Duchess Cupcake
Jim listens to Pam ask the kids to put on their shoes, remind them to get their folders from the homework basket, inquire if they remembered to put a snack in their backpacks. Since October 2007 (before that, if he‘s really honest with himself) Halloween has never been ‘just another day‘ with Pam, but here she is in 2018 with no costume, no theme, and no expectations of him. He‘s left feeling unsettled and...more than a little disappointed. 2018-10-31 23:34:372018-10-31 23:34:38
5574House CallColeyJim calls in sick to work.2018-11-03 13:25:362018-11-03 13:25:36
5525Always One Foot on the GroundColeyIt‘s been a while since Pam‘s been on a date. Good thing Jim‘s there talks her through her first few attempts. 2018-06-05 20:22:562018-11-07 21:22:37
5576After It AirsStephWeeks, months, years after it airs, Toby's still feeling the effects of the documentary. And that's even before he's accused of being the Strangler.2018-11-11 20:40:442018-11-11 20:40:46
5509Safe and Sound
Jim enjoys a quiet meal at his grandfather‘s Poconos cabin when a curly-haired stranger comes by.Inspired by A Quiet Place.2018-04-15 16:28:262018-11-16 21:35:17
5577Just Need You
Pam and Jim find their strengths after Pam suffers a miscarriage 2018-11-19 13:22:272018-11-19 19:09:41
5575Hello My Old Heart
Duchess Cupcake
Pam and Jim see each other for the first time four years after they broke up. 2018-11-09 18:49:202018-11-20 16:17:30
5579Halpert Thanksgiving ExtravaganzahoneybeeslyThanksgiving with the whole Halpert family, all under one roof.2018-11-23 14:33:122018-11-26 7:57:13
5578Wherever I'm With YouColeyJim brings Pam home for Thanksgiving.2018-11-20 23:00:312018-12-01 23:58:57
5580The Explosion (and the aftermath)SprinklesTheCatStarts during Season 3, Episode 18 (The Negotiation). Pam and Jim are in the break room alone, and Pam‘s trying to apologize to Jim for Roy attacking him. Jim is dismissive and goes so far as to say Pam and Roy will probably get back to together. What would have happened if Pam exploded in a fit of anger?2018-11-29 12:12:592018-12-07 12:46:44
5548Crazy Night in PhillymiserycrushAU. Pam moves from Scranton to Philly because she scored a new job at a new rising company called Athlead! While out one night celebrating in Philly Pam decides to let lose and enjoy herself only to realize the next day that was with her new boss, President and CEO Jim Halpert.2018-08-28 15:02:432018-12-11 7:10:42
Duchess Cupcake
What will Pam and Jim take to remember the other when Jim goes to Stamford? And who will influence their separation along the way? And why am I feeling the need for some angsty-ness?Starts out between Season 2/3 2018-09-21 21:20:542018-12-12 22:39:19
5584UnwrappedColeyJim and Pam, a snowstorm, and a bottle of tequila. Could a Christmas miracle finally force these two to be honest with each other? Takes place immediately following A Benihana Christmas. 2018-12-23 18:31:252018-12-24 0:00:40
5582Christmas Castlewarrior4Posted for the 2018 Secret Santa exchange. On their first Christmas in Austin, Jim tells Cece a story.2018-12-18 10:23:512018-12-25 10:12:00
A Dunder Mifflin Generic Holiday Card Christmas
ComfectJim and Pam, Hallmark(tm) movie style. Set in the S2 Christmas break (after the Christmas party, before the Booze Cruise). Canon-compliant until then, though with my own interpretation of how that break went, but it‘s a Hallmark Christmas movie so we all know how it‘s going to end. For the 2018 Secret Santa fiction exchange. 2018-12-18 14:30:552018-12-25 10:28:13
5553Waiting In The SunWishYouWouldCollege AU. Jim and Pam meet as college freshmen and immediately feel a strong connection. Lots and lots of fluffy sweetness. 2018-09-07 12:59:472018-12-27 18:55:52
5494Restartagian18Just as quickly as life can give you everything you‘ve ever wanted, it can take it away on a dime. When tragedy strikes, will Jim and Pam‘s love be able to stand the tests?Set during the summer between S2/S3. For those of you who watched Lost or Once Upon a Time, the theme of flashbacks will be heavily played with in this one :) 2018-02-15 21:22:252018-12-27 21:08:32
5529Beyond the Horizonagian18When the secrets of one employee cost the others twelve hours of peril, locked in the office under a hostage situation, true colors begin to shine through. Essentially taking the General Hospital Metro Court hostage crisis from 2007 and pretending it happened in The Office, so if you‘ve seen it, some plot lines will probably give you nostalgia... :)2018-06-18 18:02:312018-12-28 12:30:43
5581In Plain SightAshleyFilippelliPam, Dwight and company scramble to uncover what happened to Jim, while Jim engages in mind games with his reluctant but unstable captor in hopes of being found alive. WARNING: THIS IS DARK AND EMOTIONAL. CHECK NOTES AT BEGINNING AND END OF CHAPTERS FOR WARNINGS. Mod Note: Graphic Drawing in Chapter 42018-12-03 14:25:312018-12-29 0:27:53
5585The Perfect IngredientsmiserycrushThe ingredients to the best heartwarming Christmas ever:JimPamDwightPranking 2018-12-27 7:33:512018-12-29 10:14:27
5586If the Fates AllownqllisiFor the Secret Santa Exchange! Christmas through the years with Jim and Pam, from their first Christmas as friends and co-workers to the time their lives had taken them away from Scranton. Merry Christmas!2018-12-28 20:34:262018-12-29 10:15:48
5587PeppermintdwangelaJim and Pam get competitive. There are consequences.2018-12-29 15:46:562018-12-30 8:33:01
5526This Thing Called Lifewarrior4Life is a journey full of highs and lows. Jim and Pam discover this from the first time they met and onwards.2018-06-09 9:37:032018-12-30 20:21:04
5508Slowagian18Pam said she wanted to take things slow. So this is how it all goes down (in some cases, quite literally). The aforementioned, multi-chapter, essentially plotless smut-fest that I‘ve been promising. Essentially smut for smut‘s sake, since we really saw next to nothing on air. Enjoy ;)2018-04-14 17:44:422018-12-31 15:29:48
5588Are we pretendingtammy28To make the documentary more interesting, the production crew hire some actors to create a romantic subplot2018-12-31 8:14:222019-01-01 14:21:37
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