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Company:Platforms SupportedPricingDescriptionNotes
AppsBuilder iOS, Native Android, WebApp100% FREE - 15$/m ADV FreeBuild own native application and webapp in 3 steps for android , iphone, ipad and tablets. Submition in the stores are selft-service. AppsBuilder 2.0 coming soon in 1 May 2011
Appmakr$999, FREE- if you submit yourself to your own app store
5 / Unlimited Publishing keep 70% of revenue, or 65% with group discountSeem to just do books.
Buildanapp, Android, Blackberry, Mobile WebFree w/ads; $49 for no ads, $49 for Android publishing, $149 for App Store publishingBuild Your Own App in Six Easy Steps Build your own app for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Android, and the mobile web.Unclear exactly what you're able to build here. - je
Buzz Touchhttp://www.buzztouch.comiOS, AndroidAmazing tool miles different than any others I've found. These guys provide the actual source code to apps created on their site. As a designer and web-developer I have found their resources invaluable.Gives you a list of features to add to your app - very basic stuff like, location, call, email, YouTube and other streaming video/audio, RSS, share, etc. - Not industry specific needs - je
DoblcabanaiOS, Android, webCharges for publication, no details availableGraphical tool for UI layout
iBuildAppiPhone, iPad (Android to come, mobile sites in development)free to create, free to publish under your dev account, free to host-iBuildApp, a free Do It Yourself platform for building native mobile application, allows individuals, publishers and corporations to create, customize and manage their own iPhone/iPad/Android application via online application creation engine and host in our CMS.the source code is provided for free once the app is build. API and SDK in development
iconmobilewww.iconmobile.commobile web, mobile app, messaging services
iFactrhttp://ifactr.comiPhone, iPad, Android, WM7, Palm, Desktop, Web-iBuildApp wants to make social sharing and social content creation easier for a deeper content experience
iSites.ushttp://iSites.usiPhone, Android, iPad$9.99/month for Instant app, $49/month for Android app and Instant app, $99/month + $600 set-up fee for iPhone, Android and Instant app.The idea is to offer an easy way for traditional media publishers to port their content to iPad/iPhone/Android via web based interface.Seems to be just an RSS reader with push notifications and some analytics tools - je
Kanchoo fees are US$88 for application creation and US$28/month for hosting and bandwidth.-We want to offer Newspaper/Catalog-powered web sites for publishers based on their iPad apps contentLooks like another RSS app.
Magmitohttp://www.magmito.comCross Platform: Symbian, Java, Blackberry, Droid, Windows, iPhoneFREE with advertising, $399 withoutEasy to use (web-based), fully functional (video, RSS, mobile coupon, tell-a-friend viral component, map, feedback forms), variable distribution (auto generated QR code for each app, GetJar app store integration, Facebook posting, built in SMS engine). WINNER of Frost & Sullivan Best Enabling Mobile Tech of Year award, Scandinavia Best Business Mobile Solution and 2010 MobileTrax Best App Creation Tool for MarketingSame basic set of features as most other apps -je
Mippin iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung and Sony EricssonLAUNCHEDCreate high-quality mobile apps

Build your own branded app
Deliver news from your website, posts from your blog or images from your photo collection
Mobbase$20 to activate then $15-20/moA social media app pulling content from youtube, flickr, twitter, etc
17 apps:

iPhone - Live
iPad - Q1 2011
Android - Q1 2011
BlackBerry - Q3 2011
Windows Mobile - Q3 2011

Web apps:

HTML5 web app - Q2 2011
FREE / Open source
MobiCart is a free and simple way for you to build and manage your m-commerce store as a native or web app. MobiCart works on its own, or link it up to your existing website.

MobiCart is a startup that is taking m-commerce to a new level of personalization by enabling anyone to quickly deploy a native storefront application on mobile devices. MobiCart is a completely free solution that combines a customized application development platform with an online ecosystem for sharing extensions.

Mobile App Americahttp://webtosmartphone.comMobile WebFree Trial for 30 days, and then $4.99 a monthBeta version of our Automated Mobile Web Engine. Can you financially afford to ignore your mobile traffic? MobileAppAmerica is using a patent pending technology to help you instantly Convert your Website to Mobile. We have White Label Offers Available! Hiring Now!
Mobile Content.Com, USSD, IVR
Mobile Store Maker up for Mobile Store Maker and bring your products to millions of people
MobileAppLoader, iPad, Androiddepends on bus. category - list a number of different apps for specific businesses: - you pay a monthly fee and MobileAppLoader branding is all over the app, unless you pay $250 to remove it. So far, this is the closest I've see to what we've discussed - however, you can't pick and choose which modules you want, you just have to go up to a higher level. For example, if you want notifications you'll have to pay for the highest level ($150 setup + 12.99/mo) and you'll have to take social media with you. Not every company uses, or has time to use, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
Mobile Roadie, Android, BlackberryStarts at: $499 set up, $29/mo, .01 per download over 1,000 / or $1,200/yearSeem like a high-end app creation and hosting service.
Mobtifyhttp://www.mobtify.comiPhone, iPad, Android coming soon, Mobile Web - currently $300 + $49.95/monthThe MOST powerful iPhone app builderThis does everything all the others do, but with worse pricing.
MonoDroid AndroidMonoDroid is a development stack for using C# and core .NET APIs to develop Android-based applications.Button management software
MonoTouchhttp://www.monotouch.netiPhone/Web $399 and up.NET/C# for iPhone. Full native API support.
MoSynchttp://www.mosync.comiPhone, iPad, Andriod, WinMobile 5, 6, Symbian 2,3 & 5 ed, j2me, Moblin 2.xDual licensed open source GPL / commercial starts at €199 per year allowing closed sourced appsMoSync transforms a single C/C+ source code into native binary executables, integrated w. Eclipse. Based on open standards. Single self contained download at Github
MotherApp one is cool if you are a web developer - it has it's own version of HTML and then it compiles the app online. Your app can include all the server side application written in any language. | Not something a business owner would be doing - je
My App Builder iPhone Although the iTunes App Store is generating A enormous amount of attention, the average person has not been able sell their content (books, music, videos, etc.) in the App Store for two main reasons. 1.) It's too complicated to develop an app yourself. 2.) It's too expensive to pay someone to develop an app for you. With our new publishing platform that is now available for $29/month, we remove both of these obstacles. When you sign up for out monthly service, we will actually build your iPhone/iPod Touch Apps for you! Just get us your content (videos, books, etc.) and we will take care of the rest. This advantage of Apple's wildly popular iTunes Store that you won't find anywhere else. Don't be behind the curve on this opportunity. You no longer need a technical background or a small fortune to develop your own iPhone/iPod Touch applications. Local bands are creating there own albums into apps. Authors are turning their books into apps. Video collections are being turned into apps. Access to the product that everyone is talking about is now just $29/month!Looks like the have a few pre-made apps that they reuse- je
NS Basic/ App Studiohttp://www.nsbasic.comiOS, Android, Blackberry, WebOS$99.95 introductoryNS Basic/App Studio is a complete development environment that lets you develop apps on Windows for mobile devices. Programming language is a large subset of Visual Basic or JavaScript. Use Geolocation and Google Maps, WebKit, HTML5 features, royalty free distribution, Lots of sample code, 200 page Handbook. Can be used with PhoneGap.
beta(?) Symbian, WIndows Mobile
alpha(?) Samsung bada’s mobile software turns every device into a smart device. It allows developers to write applications once and convert application code into native software that runs on any leading mobile device operating system, including iPhone®, Android®, Symbian®, Windows Mobile®, and Linux®.Button management software, with a monthly cost - je
PhoneGap touch, iPad, Google Android, Palm, Symbian and BlackberryOpen Source §
PhoneGap Build, Symbian, Blackberry, Palm (WP7, iOS, MeeGo, bada coming soon)free in beta, free for open source; pricing not announcedSay goodbye to SDKs, compilers and hardware. Simply write your app using HTML, CSS or JavaScript, upload it to the PhoneGap Build service and get back app-store ready apps for Google Android, Palm, Symbian, BlackBerry and more.
Pieceable is a service that lets you build native iPhone applications without programming. You focus on the content and styling - we provide the raw functionality.
Point Reachwww.pointreach.comiPhone, Android, Windows Phone, mobile webAds, apps, and online: great creative, smart media buying, and insightful analytics add up to effective integrated campaigns
Rhomobile, Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian and Android)Open Source under MIT License/Does not support Symbian actually.
Ripple emulator by tinyHipposhttp://ripple.tinyhippos.comPhoneGap (iPhone, Blackberry, Android), WAC, Mobile web, HTML5 mobile appsFree while in Beta.Ripple is a Mobile Environment Emulator that allows the developers to test and debug their cross-platform applications in one place. Ripple helps them deal with the fragmentation as well as see what’s going on “under the hood” of their applications. They can now focus on what’s important: Building awesome mobile apps!
Roambiwww.roambi.comiPhone / iPadRoambi is an innovative business app that transforms your company's reports and data into immersive mobile analytics that leave traditional
RunRevwww.runrev.comiPhone/iPad/AndroidFree trial
$99 one seat, personal license
$499 commercial license
RunRev's Live code gives you compile-free coding, English-like programming language, and cross-platform development. Use the same code to deploy to multiple mobile platforms, while taking advantage of the many OS-specific features on each device
Editor's Choice from MacUser Magazine, Jan. 2011
Video: build an iPhone App in 3 hours:
Video: App from concept to store:
saasmob, Android, Symbian, RIM, Palm and Windows Mobile Flexible options including transactional pricing available. Smart App-$99/month/appEditor's Choice from MacUser Magazine, Jan. 2011
Video: build an iPhone App in 3 hours:
Video: App from concept to store:
Self Serve Apps and iPod Touch249$ setup Fee.

Once your app is on the App Store, choose from the following:

$29 per month.

Includes 1000 installs.
Additional installs only $0.01 each, capped at $249.

$99 per month
Unlimited installs

$999 per year
Unlimited installs
Location & Contact, RSS, Mobile web, and nothing more - je
Sencha Touch, Android, iPadSencha Touch, the first HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework that allows you to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on iPhone and Android touchscreen devices, has just hit the big 1.0.

And best of all, it’s completely free to use.

Free so long as you don't want a commercial license. - je
ShoutEmwww.shoutem.comWindo your website into a full-featured mobile app in minutes! Add your existing RSS feeds, YouTube videos, podcasts and more to have all your content available in a single app. Very simple to used aimed at long tail of non tech savvy people with small budgets for mobile apps.Focused on taking web content and putting it on the phone. The site and description is the clearest I've seen, you get a real sense of what they're actually providing. -je
Sibblingz, Android, Facebookrev share - email partners@sibblingz.comnMore than just mobile: The Sibblingz Framework is a technology that allows you to build games that can be played across Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and other platforms coming soon. Currently "Happy Island" is playable across all these networks with "It Girl" soon to follow.
Socialightwww.socialight.comiPhone, WebFree to create, $500 and up, monthly chargeThis is like Ning for mobile. They give you an opportunity to publisher your app, but it is part of the Socialight community.
SpotSpecific Source Framework
Sweb Apps$399 and up similar to many of the other App Builder websites - pick from a series of features (RSS, Location, contact) assign them to buttons and go. - je
TapLynx$599/Enterprise lic.TapLynx. A powerful iPhone framework.Rapidly develop iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Apps without learning Cocoa
Unity Mobile Web$9.99/mo and upLooks like the apps are just mobile websites - je I actually signed up and installed a sample build,it looks like native($149/month) -ao
Wapplewww.wapple.netWeb BasedFree for personal, licensing options for commercialMobile Website Builder
Widgetboxwww.widgetbox.comiPhone, Android, iPod touch$25 - $100/month, per appReach your audience in minutes, without the app store. Widgetbox allows anyone to take content they already have on the web, and turn it into a mobile web app that can be distributed via email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook. Get started immediately, with zero code.
Zocalo Labs like they're focused on car dealerships - je
zubibuwww.zubibu.comWeb Based$14.99/mo and makes mobile commerce available for every online merchant in US and UK by bringing affordable subscription-based mobile shops to the market. builds professional mobile shopping site within minutes and integrates with most popular e-commerce platforms to download product information.
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