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NameTrade Machine URLTrade detailsExplanation
mariostrade green bogans to suns for okafor and a draft pick
trade bass to hawks for brand ayon and a draft pick
trade humphries to chicago for boozer and 1 or 2 draft picks
trade wallace and the 2015 clippers pick and add a b round pick to utah for jefferson
offload major contracts and players with no future in boston and add only the boozer contract which will expire 2015... loose 1 add 3-4 picks... and the teams we trade wirh actually need the players we are giving...
DavbellsGreen Wallace bogans. To suns for okafor and picksSuns might need a player with Bledsoe out to improve playoff chances and they could get that with green. Bogans wants out and doesn't cost much. The celts get cap flexibility by getting rid of green and Wallace and acquiring an expiring contract in okafor. They get even more draft picks they can use in trades to get big time players and with the money be spenders during free agency
Rozay57http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachineBoston Celtics trade : Jeff Green and Gerald Wallace
Suns trade : Emeka Okafor and one of their first round picks
Celtics get cap relief and another pick , while the Suns get needed small forwards. One that can score and one that can flat out defend.
zizzyfizzlehttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=m7a9lonEmeka Okafor for Jeff Green and Brandon Bass, the Suns will also include a 2015 first round pick
ab9515http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachineMIN: Jeff Green
PHX: Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass, Chase Budinger
BOS: Okafor, Cunningham, 3 1st round picks (2 PHX, 1 MIN 2014)
MIN: Makes the playoff push, keeps Kevin Love happy
PHX: Playoff push, chance to evaluate Bradley and acquire his LB rights: Shutdown defensive back court with Bledsoe
BOS: Salary cap relief and 3 first round picks which provide even more ammo and flexibility for Ainge.
DinoRadja41http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachineSuns get:
Jeff green
Gerald Wallace
Philadelphia's conditional 1st rd. Pick 2014 (received from Miami)

Celtics get:
Emehka okafur
PJ Tucker
Suns 2014 1st rd pick ( the better of the 2 they have)
They get a true small forward who would reach his potential in their up tempo offense in Jeff Green and veteran leadership and hustle off the bench w/ Freaks Wallace. The pick is compensation for taking on Wallace's contract.

C's get rid of a sf in Jeff Green that will not be part of their future plans and dump Wallace's contract in the process. In return they receive cap relief in both players that receive and if Okafur is productive....great sign him for a lesser contract at the end of the year. They also get another vale draft pick which Danny cam use his magic with to either draft young or flip for and upgrade at the sf position.
Harrison_samuelsSuns: emeka okafor Indiana's 1st
Celtics Jeff green and Gerald Wallace
The suns are making a playoff push and don't have a legitimate small forward. Wallace will provide leadership and defensive versatility. Jeff will mesh well with their athletic young team. Wallace's contract won't cripple them because of their ridiculous amount of cap space this and next season.

The celtics get emekas late expiring contract that's 80% insured. Indiana's pick will most likely be at the end of the 1st round so it's just another way for Danny to get assets



detroit get rondo to play with j smith at 4 and uprade over jennigs
celtics get drummond and we can go over melo and trade bradley ang jared,humphries and 2014 celics 1 roud and brooklen pick 2014 and 2016 and 2018 and celtics 2016 1st pick and 2015 76rs 2rp
and we have a scary linuep melo,love,drummond and we can sign foe example lowry and lance stephenson

for suns can be a very playoff team this year
GoCelticshttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=lt45ml6Boston: Okafor
Suns: Green + Wallace + 1TDD (one or two 2nd Draft picks)
Green is made to play for the suns. They are running and he needs to run and attack the rim.
Boston discard the big contract of Wallace and Green who playing badly since the begining of the season... We give a draft pick because of Wallace's big contract.
RayJeff Green and Gerald Wallace for Emeka Okafor and first round pick Celtics get a real center for the rest of the season and are able to clear up a lot of cap space after the season and have yet another first round pick. Suns get a good starting small forward and a veteran for a team that is ready to compete in playoffs
Jovanyhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=lt45ml6CELTICS: get Emeka Okafor, and possibly a 1st round draft pick
SUNS: get Jeff Green, Gerald Wallace
***I saw this trade online from another blog. Just want to elaborate on it.**

Suns have been rumored recently to be in trade discussions with the rival LAKERS for Pau Gasol, but he'd be rented for half a season. They'll be trading an expiring contract for an expiring contract. the player would be a great addition but the likelihood of Pau staying is slim.

This trade would be good for the Celtics because they get rid of two of their biggest contracts, the bad one being Wallace's contract. Green is a good player, honestly my favorite player, but being as inconsistent as he is on both ends of the court and the size of his contract, I'm starting to think he isn't worth it, especially with Avery Bradley stepping up on the offensive side of the ball and already being known as a dominant defender. The only purpose to getting Okafor would be for the expiring contract and that's about it. Also, Danny Ainge would get another 1st round draft pick.

The reason why Suns make this trade. I'll say it'll be for multiple reasons. Right now Eric Bledsoe is out. and they need a two guard. If they got Green they can use him at the 3 spot and move Gerald Green to the 2. They can also use Jeff Green at the 4. Gerald Green has been a monster this year on the offensive side of the ball, and Jeff Green won't be needed as a consistent offensive threat but he has the ability to be that guy on certain games, and Jeff Green gives the Suns length, some needed defense and flexibility. Wallace is literally a dump salary and also another player despite struggling horrible this year is still pretty decent on the defensive end of the court.

The same way Okafor is being used as a trade chip for an expiring contract is the other reason why Suns do this trade. They already have an established team and don't really need to make any crazy trades or signings. They have a young team that is doing well and will develop over the years. Wallace's contract can be used as a trade trip a couple years down the road. They can trade for a draft pick or maybe a young asset.

It's also speculated that the Suns are willing to take on any bad contracts. So I feel that this trade makes sense for both sides. Obviously there's better players Suns and Celtics can go after, but for both the teams circumstances, I feel this trade makes the most sense, RIGHT NOW. C's get cap relief, Suns get a replacement for Bledsoe essentially, and get a bad contract that they don't NEED to trade in Wallace, that they can save for the upcoming years if one of there current starters don't work out too well.
Usernametaken93Jeff Green and Gerald Wallace for Emeka Okafor and a 1st round pick The Suns get a major piece for a playoff run for a player they aren't even using at the moment. They have the assets to spare a draft pick and the cap space to absorb Gerald Wallace. The suns would have to be in a win now mode, which they seem to be.

The Celtics would get to rid themselves of Gerald Wallace, while getting cap relief and a draft pick for the failed experiment of Jeff Green.
p stoffHump for Okefor and a #1
Bass/Fav/ and Philly pick (probably two #2 picks) for Asik
Green, Bayless, and the Suns #1 for Hayward/filler

Get Iverson from overseas when possible.
Suns: (if Gasol falls through) get help from Hump...expiring deal
Houston: could use Bass...Fav insurance...plus 2 picks (no takers for Asik)

Rondo, Bradley, Hayward, Sully, Asik.
Pressey, CJ, Wallace, KO, Iverson (+ our draft pick of scoring wing).

Athletic and young...this strategy keeps Rondo and AB but we might blow our tank stategy (and maybe commit more$ than desirable).
I have a blow-it-up idea, but this might get less jeers. Have at it everyone!
Dy-lonhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=paerut5Boston receives- Emeka Okafor Larry Sanders

Houston Recieves- Brandon Bass, Zaza Pachulia

Milwaukee receives- Omar Asik

Phoenix receives Kris Humphris and Keith Bogans

To make it work some draft picks may have to switch hands but between boston and phoenix alone there are about 20 in 3 years.
This makes sense for everyone involved for a lot of reasons Ill go by team

Houston- They need to get rid of Asik, but want value in return. They will get a decent backup center in Pachulia back and a good PF that can play next to Dwight and can stretch the floor. Both are locked in at not unreasonable rates for 2 and three years so while it is a commitment you are getting two solid players for one.

Phoenix- This is probably the hardest to justify, but Okafor is not their guy. Humphries has proved he can play at a double double level and play the center position, especially out west he can bang with most of the centers, he also has shown he can hit the mid range jumper. He is a better player than okafor at this point and both he and bogans (cap filler) contracts are ove so they save even more money at the end of the year if it doesn't work out.

Milwaukee- Larry Sanders seems like the odd man out. Henson is good, and illyasova has been decent. So if you can get rid of sanders and replace him with a solid guy like asik then why not. Plus it serves as insurance in case they do not land the number one pick or embeeid doesn't come out and they can look at some other prospects, plus asik and Henson at PF is a good young big man group.

Celtics- The Celtics need a center and they cannot bank on embeid or a free agent coming. So using the many assets they have they can get one of the best shot blockers in the game in sanders. He and Sullinger would be a good combination. Also the trade gets rid of the glut of PF and really allows room for sully and Olynik to develop (im not sold on Kelly). I know the phoenix trade doesn't make as much sense, but in order for the cap numbers to work they were a great and willing partner.
BongRipJeff Green and Kris Humphries for Okafor and a 2nd rounder.
Prince WillThe obvious Jeff Green to Suns for Okafor...
winsomestusomehttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=n4jtlvd Phoenix receives: Jeff Green, Kris Humphries
Boston receives: Emeka Okafor, Archie Goodwin, 2014 first round pick
Why it makes sense for Phoenix: Phoenix seems to be making a push for the playoffs, after their unexpectedly good start (even without Bledsoe) caused them to change their plans. Green would provide an upgrade over PJ Tucker, while he would also be in his more comfortable for of supporting scorer (rather than primary). Hump would not only provide another big off the bench (or even start over Channing Frye), but would also soften the blow of taking on the remaining years of Green's contract. Finally they don't need four first round picks this year and have been said to be open to giving one up to upgrade.

Why it makes sense for Boston: In short, cap space and a first round pick. By removing Jeff's contract next season will push the Celtics a little over nineteen million under the cap (by my calculations and using this seasons cap), making it possible to sign or trade for a max contract type player. If Bass (or better yet, Wallace) could be traded rather than Hump, this would be even better but I don't think the Suns will take on that much back. This trade also depends on which pick we get back. But having another pick somewhere in the mid to late first round is just more ammo for Ainge.
RondoRouseyhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=kaxt98wCeltics get - Emeka (and a pick if possible)
Suns get - THD (The Human Digiridoo) and Omer
Rockets get - Jeff Green
Rockets get the wing/slasher man they need for their playoff push.
Suns get a happy Omer and Crash, who might be more suitable to their uptempo game.
Celtics get an expiring contract and hopefully another pick.
Aaron Emeka Okafor and a first round pick from the Suns to the Celtics for Jeff Green and Brandon Bass.The Celtics clear cap space and grab another first round pick.
The suns bolster their bench and add a scorer in Jeff Green to make a playoff push in the west.
Benhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=kw6hur8 DET: Bass, Green, Wallace
PHX: Stuckey, Jerebko
BOS: Monroe, Okafor, Charlie V.
Detroit gets a SF, veteran toughness and leadership, and keeps Dumars from having cap space - which has burned them twice now.

Phoenix gets a talented, athletic guard and a stretch four, and only gives up an expiring contract.

Boston gets Monroe and cap flexibility.

(This deal could be simplified by having the C's get Stuckey, but I can't imagine what we'd do with him.)
Benhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=lu8bbgbBOS: Josh Smith, Okafor, Gerald Green
DET: Jeff Green, Wallace, Bass
PHX: Stuckey, Humphries
Celtics take Josh Smith to play the four, hope that pairing him with Rondo turns him around. Okafor = expiring, Gerald Green's the new 3. Crazy athleticism, running partners for Rondo, minutes for Kelly, Sully and Vitor = instant rebuild.

Detroit dumps Smith, deals Stuckey - who they won't resign anyway - gets Green to play the three, adds Wallace/Bass for veteran toughness and leadership. (Maybe C's add the Clipper pick/potential 1st rounder from Philly to sweeten the deal.)

Phoenix gets all the cap space in the world, an athletic guard, and a big man that'll thrive in an up-tempo system.
ptroger83http://basketball.realgm.com/tradechecker/saved_trade/6420065Boston gets:
Emeka Okafor
Alex Len
Lakers 2015 1st

Phoenix gets:
Jeff Green
Kris Humphries
For Boston:

If you're gonna tank then do it right. This trade makes the C's worse this year, which should translate into an even better pick. They also get a big expiring contract in Okafor and big man in Alex Len who is still developing. Len has been hurt and hasn't shown a lot but the potential is there. They also get the Laker's 2015 1st, which could be a great one (protected 1-5 in 2015). This trade also frees up some long term salary which the team could use to sign... Gordon Hayward.

Phoenix needs two things: To win now and to save enough cap room to sign Eric Bledsoe in the offseason. This trade allows both. They get two highly productive players in areas of need for the team. Green will have a couple more years left on his deal which would be very friendly to Phoenix. Humphries deal is expiring and would leave plenty of room for the Suns to resign Bledsoe. Long term, they're basically giving up Alex Len and a 1st for Jeff Green.
BostonChronic420http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=l8b99smTeams involved: Celtics, Suns, Lakers

Players involved: Emeka Okafor, Channing Frye, Alex Len, Markieff Morris, P.J. Tucker, Jeff Green, Kelly Olynyk, Pau Gasol.

Picks involved: Suns 2014 first round draft pick from Washington, Suns 2014 first round draft pick from Minnesota, Suns 2014 first round draft pick from Indiana
I think this makes sense for all sides because Boston gets the Oh so coveted draft pick, aswell as young talent for the future (even though I dont consider Alex Len a Talent, but he is still a rookie). Phoenix gets two great players in Gasol and Green to help make them hopeful title contenders for the future, they also get a young talented prospect in Olynyk. The Lakers trade away Gasol like it seems they want to do, and dive head first into tank-a-palooza, securing 2 draft picks for next year in the process.

Now Im not sure if Phoenix is willing to give up 3 first round picks, but I think this deal could maybe work with a bit of negotiating.
Chefericthttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=m4plc8g3 way trade

NOH out- Austin Rivers, Eric Gordon
NOH in- Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass, Gerald Wallace

PHX out- Emeka Okafor, 1st Round Pick
PHX in- Jeff Green, Keith Bogans, Austin Rivers

BOS out- Jeff Green, Avery Bradley, Brandon Bass, Gerald Wallace, Keith Bogans
BOS in- Eric Gordon, Emeka Okafor, 1st Round Pick from PHX
The Hornets have some depth needs in the front court, want to win now, and want to trade Gordon. They get the depth in Bass and Wallace, and get Bradley to make up for Gordon and Rivers leaving. This will also allow Tyreke Evans to play a more natural role.
The Suns give up future cap space and a pick to give this Cinderella season a boost. Green and Rivers improve their lineup.
We clear a bunch of salaries and go forward with Rondo, Gordon, the current young guys and a slew of draft picks. We would have to fill our lineup with D-Leaguers, so I would expect to finish with a high draft pick. The season wouldn't be completely lost though, Rondo, Gordon, Sully, Olynyk, etc would have a couple months to get to know each other before the offseason.
A lot of moving parts and maybe tough to get NO to swallow Wallace's contract, but I believe it would help each team.
shamposi1. Trade J.Green, B.Bass, G.Wallace, Heat '16 2nd, Celtics '15 2nd to Pistons for J.Smith and C.Villanueva
2. Trade K.Humphries, K.Bogans, Kings '15 2nd, Clippers '15 2nd to Suns for E.Okafor and Suns '14 1st
3. Trade A.Bradley to Warriors for H.Barnes
With the scenarios presented the focus is to fully commit to tanking and with the idea of selecting Joel Embiid with our 1st.
1. Celtics: We get J.Smoove a player Rondo has desired to play with, and a star, which will help in extending Rondo. Stevens can work his magic on him and maybe he becomes the player he was in '09. C. Villanueva will offer us salary relief. We also get rid of three somewhat expensive and long term contracts. Pistons: Get floor spacing 3. B.Bass will be a valuable 3rd big. Pushes them into playoff picture. Salary relief by dumping J.Smoove, expensive and paint clogger. Must take on G.Wallace in return. Also receive two 2nd rd picks to sweeten deal.
2. Celtics: Trade makes us worse. We receive arguably one of the best expiring contracts in the league. Extra 1st rd pick. Suns: K.Humphries is valuable 3rd big. Strengthens playoff push. K.Bogans is an "expiring" contract. K.Bogans along with two 2nds sweeten deal, and in return, they give us their 1st. If they don't make playoffs, both players they receive are on expiring contracts, so worse comes to worse, free salary cap room.
3. Celtics: We get worse. H.Barnes has nice potential. Salary is manageable. Warriors: Very good backup to Steph Curry or Klay. No long term contract commitment. H.Barnes has been disappointing, able to net valuable player in return
Andrew c.Jeff green to Utah for gordon haywardUtah has gordon Hayward's contract expiring and he will be a free agent by next summer while alec burks has proven he is worthy of becoming a starter so to have jeff green come off the bench for them would help.in addition, Hayward is more consistent than jeff green so the celtics will get a better player in return.
rocSteadyBrandon bass n Keith Bogan n future first Rd pick to Houston for asik.
rocSteadyGerald Wallace and 2 first round picks one this yr and one future to Utah for G hayward and some expiring contract of Utah maybe jefferson.
ab9515http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachineCHA: Gordon, MKG, 1st round pick (best of their picks)
BOS: Green, Bass
CHA: Needs to make the playoff, accomplish this by getting two scores and two great locker room guys. They are able to keep one of their 1st round picks as well.

BOS: They get out from the Green & Bass' contract, young piece in MKG and another first round pick in 2014
Crau33http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachineTrade with the Utah Jazz.
Boston receives: SG Gordon Hayward and Center Enes Kanter

Utah Receives: Jeff Green, maybe add one of our lesser first rounders. The clippers pick or the sixers pick that will probably turn into a 2nd rounder.
The jazz should do this trade, because Gordon Hayward's contract is about up and I do not believe he will resign and stay in Utah for the rest of his career so they should want to get something for him rather than nothing.

Boston should do this trade to add a more CONSISTENT scoring punch. Hayward can play the 2 or the 3. Adds the scoring punch and there's also the relationship he's had with Stevens in college. I think that relationship would be good enough to get him to resign in boston. Also I feel Green is not the answer at the 3 spot and we need to move on from him.
Dsmoove1998http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=k5eqbu2Celtics get:
bradley beal G $4,319,280 3 years
trevor ariza F $7,727,280 1 year

Wizards Get:
Jeff Green F $8,700,000
Avery Bradley G $2,511,432
Philadelphia 2015 first rounder.
Celtics: Get rid of jeff green inconsistency and will continue tanking to draft Wiggins/Parker. Save money with an expiring contract in Ariza. You never know if Avery was gonna sign and get a scoring upgrade in Beal.

They get a potential "star" in Jeff Green. They get better defensively with Avery and potenitially second rounders. Wall now got a running mate on the fast break.
rocSteadyJared sullinger n kelly Olynyk and first round pick for kevin love. Maybe next yr when min knows for sure they are about to lose him anyway.
RichCeltic527New York knicks trade melo,chandler, n Smith to the celtics for green, bass, wallace, Humphries and 1st round '14(Brooklyn) and 2nd rounder in '15(philly not the pick that can be 1st rounder if they make playoffs).This makes sense for the Knicks they will she'd over $12 million with Humphries contract at the end of the year and bass $9 million. That's 21 million to go after a big name in Free Agency such as a LeBron. They will also get a pick this year for great young talent. Yes they take on wallace contract but can be worth it to get rid of troubled JR Smith. Celtics would get a troubled Smith but Stevens can turn him around. Chandler would bring great defense and scoring from Rondo especially for pick and rolls. You can then trade Kelly O for a nobody and save some money. Yes it's a risk to give up a 1st rounder and talent like green for melo but with cap space open you get melo,rondo sullinger, chandler, bradley/Smith and 2014 pick I.e. Parker. If you want Rondo to stay get a big name like melo because melo wants to be with rondo too as he stated last year. The money adds up to make it happen just need a leap of faith that melo would stay.
LukeJohnsonhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=mbrs72jBoston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Kings unprotected 2014 first round pick, Rajon Rondo, Ben Mclemore.This trade gives us a really young player in Ben Mclemore and another young player from the draft. This trade makes sense for the Kings because they are in a win now mentality and this allows them to bring Isiah Thomas off the bench as the sixth man which gives them incredible depth at guard. This trade also gives the kings some cap relief by them giving us Marcus Thornton.
RRP88http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=q8eulav1 pick give or take. Pistons and Celtics. Jeff Green and Keith Bogans for Josh SmithIt doesn't make any sense, my point is because the stupid trade machine says it can happen doesn't mean it will or makes sense! And NO, I don't want Josh Smith on the Celtics!
nzzbobrad stevens to phoenix for jeff hornacekwhy not' 2 young coaches on the cusp of becoming nba successes- hornacek has more nba experience and he plays a mean saxaphone.
Jeffhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=mguezog Gordon Hayward for Avery Bradley and a 1st round pickBecause science. This is just a test.
Adam Finehttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=m23m7tnCeltics receive (from Bobcats): Ben Gordon, Brendan Haywood
Bobcats receive (from Celtics): Jeff Green, Gerald Wallace
For Celtics: Obviously gets rid of Gerald Wallace's crazy contract, and gets rid of Jeff Green (who I don't think is a key part of the teams future). Also, it will definitely reduce the amount of wins the celtics get this season (trade machine says -4)!
For Bobcats: Get rid of two very unproductive players, both over 30, averaging 8 points COMBINED while taking up 15 million of Charlottes pay roll. Meanwhile, they receive a great, young (only 27) scoring wing to compliment scorers Kemba Walker and Al Jefferson inside. In a weak eastern conference, the Bobcats are currently 8th, and with this trade they could make a nice playoff push, and have a team with a lot of potential (and for this they have to take on Gerald Wallace...again).
nimbus41http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=n6uqvoxWallace and Bogans for Josh SmithCeltics get a 4 who can play D, rebound, and is good on the break. Allows Green to move back to the 3 and we would have some running bigs to pair with Rondo and Bradley.

Pistons get rid of a bad contract (Smith 4 years) for a less bad contract (Wallace 3 years, less $) and 5M in cap relief (Bogans). This fixes their roster logjam up front allowing them to build with Monroe and Drummond, and gets rid of a horrible roster decision by their GM.
abelliottihttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=jwzxgnxCeltics Get:
Otto Porter
Jan Vessly's expiring contract

Wizards Get:
Jeff Green
Celtics get worse to help the tank machine, get out from under Green's long term money, and get to take a shot on the guy who was the 3rd pick in the draft less than 12 months ago.

Wizards get better for their playoff run, get a free pass on what looks like a lottery bust, and get a guy who plays great on his old college court.
vgulabhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=kz8b7tfNO gets: Green, Wallace, nets 1 round pick

BOS gets: Aminu, Evans
For NO it makes sense because they improve their roster. A.Davis is already superstar so they should suraund him with good players. Logic says they should trade Evans or Gordon. Both are highly paid and play similar position. Green is great fit there and Wallace has 1 year less on the contract than Evans. They also get 1 round pick.

For BOS is offloading two contract but getting Evans who DA always liked and Aminu as defensive SF. Good trade for both teams but is financially good? Does NO wants Wallace contract and does DA wants Evans contract? who knows...
cindyBrad Stevens will be traded for cheaper NBA Coach with previously winning record in NBA.Due to Danny Aigne wanting to win immediately and not being prepared to be under 500 NBA team w/Coach Stevens.
Keithhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=kv5ypusCeltics receive:
Ben Gordon
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Bobcats receive:
Gerald Wallace
Brandon Bass
Keith Bogans
Worst of the Celtics 2014 1st round picks
2015 Clippers 1st round pick
Celtics get rid of Wallace, and get a former high lottery pick on rookie deal in Kidd-Gilchrist, without giving up their top pick in this years draft. Also, Gordon's contract expires after this year, maximizing future financial flexibility. Also saves about $3.5 million this year.

Bobcats get a player who can help them make the playoffs this year (Bass) after far too many years of being terrible, an expiring contract (Bogans), and draft picks to take on Wallace, who was a fan favorite during his time in Charlotte, hopefully making them more receptive to taking him back.
celtics4lifeBoston trades:Rajon rondo jeff green kris humphries gerald wallace
For- brandon jennings , greg monroe, omer asik

houston trades:omer asik
For- jeff green

Pistons trades: brandon jennings, greg monroe
For- rajon rondo ,kris humphries , gerald wallace
The reason of the three team trade is every team evolved is improve for the better. For example the rockets are missing the a physical small foward they need in the long playoff series against better and physical teams. Houston has a big man possibly of the future, Dwight howard is not going to be traded in my opinion.
Now the celtics built a whole profile of draft picks with some good players on the team still with value. Rajon rondo the biggest name on the team is coming off a double double sunday against the magics which makes his value rise. But jeff green has show caliber signs but has struggle to score but is the team leadder in points.Gerald wallace is up for trade with rondo because of his contract there are plenty of younger and talented players we can give 40 million dollars /4 years to. He has not played that well enough for me to consider keeping him with his age being a key factor(31). Humphries a good peice but has not been living to expectation as he is on one night off the other. The celtics has in outstanding pf/c in jared sullinger and add greg at the same position possible for 4 sully at 5 is a brutual young combination.
For the miscues of the piston this year has had downfalls but the power and center has nice peices in smith and drummond. And adding kris and rondo will change the pistons on new levels as they have stuckey smith andre and adding rajon rondo and kris with gerald wallace to bring defense off the bench. So my lineups are

Boston:jennings ,bradley, keith bogans(until free agancy opens with good sf this season)greg monroe, omer asik

Rockets: jeremy lin, james harden, jeff green, terrence jones, and dwight howard
Key: jeff green provides that other scorer and defender
Averaging 16 points ppg will probably not be the same on the rockets but anything close is for the best as they lost two games by three or less in january

Pistons: Rajon Rondo, rodney stuckey, josh smith, kris humphries, andre drummond
Key:Rondo will improve his numbers as his options on offense improves at the 2,3, and 4 as well as 5
coachjacCelts Trade: Rondo, Bradley, Greene, Bass, Wallace, Clippers 2015 1st
Bobcats: Gordon, Kidd-Gilchrist, Josh McRoberts
Pistons Trade: Monroe, Villanueva
Kings trade: 2 2nd rd pick, Fredette, McCallum, McClemore, J. Thompson

Celts get: Gordon, MKG, Monroe, Villanueva, McCallum, McClemore, Kings 2015 2nd rd pick
Bobcats get: Wallace, Bass, Bradley, Fredette, Kings 2016 2nd
Pistons get: Greene, J. Thompson, Clippers 2015 1st
Kings get: Rondo, McRoberts
Celts get a big (Monroe) Sg of future without overspending(McClemore) MKG young potential at the SF spot...this also gives you some leeway at the draft depending on where you end up you can get either Wiggins/Parker/Embiid/Exum with first pick and hopefully Hairston with 2nd.

Pistons do it to get something of quality for Monroe and Dumars needs to make playoffs to keep job..

Kings want Rondo as their PG of the future

Bobcats want to make the playoffs this year as well and they could still resign Bradley and Wallace had a few great years in Charlotte
Shaqfuhttp://basketball.realgm.com/tradechecker/saved_trade/6420429Rondo for Isaiah Thomas, ben McClemore Marcus Thornton and Sac's #1Rondo Gay & Cousins is a great nucleus. Thomas has been playing great is really efficient, McClemore could give us a big scoring 2, Thornton a throw in. We get their #1 and pray we get 2 of Embiid, Wiggins, Parker, Exum Land the likes of Asik, Jeremy lamb, Terrence jones in other deals and we have a killer young nucleus in 2-3 years
Danny Ahttp://basketball.realgm.com/tradechecker/saved_trade/6420427Rondo & Bradley for Russell Westbrook and Jeremy Lamb. Rondo fits better and Bradley isn't worth 8 Mill a year but gives them a defensive 2. Westbrook brings other strengths and weaknesses and Lamb, or Reggie Jackson, give us a scoring 2 guard. Lamb could be a Ray Allen type superstar
Jeff Van Gullyhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=lq8mgyeCeltics: Gallinari, Stiemsma, A. Rivers
Pelicans: J. McGee, Bass, W. Chandler
Nuggets: E. Gordon, Green, J. Smith
Jeff, I know you're still reading these. This trade works best for the Pels but Nuggets need a SG to pair with Lawson and get a SF replacement for Chandler with Green.

Celtics get some short term flexibility (Rivers has team option) and helps with the tanking. Gallinari would be a decent fit next year and expires the same year as Green.
Pete Carrollhttp://basketball.realgm.com/tradechecker/saved_trade/6420423Green and Faverani and For Asik and Terrence JonesAsik give us a Center, Jones a 3 with star potential green gives them a vet 3, and Faverani a backup big man . McHale may watch Olynyk
Ukrapper7Multiple trades

(Kris Humphries and Sixers Conditional Pick to CLE for Luol Deng)

Jeff Green & Brandon Bass and 2014 Clippers #1 pick to DET for Greg Monroe, Charlie Villanueva, and Chauncy Billups

Gerald Wallace & Keith Bogans (with 2014 and 2017 Nets #1 picks) to Utah for Gordon Hayward and Andris Biedrins
Cavs trade makes sense for both sides because Luol Deng has it made it clear to the media he isn't happy being traded to a "mess of a situation" in Cleveland (NY daily news.... drama surrounding Kyris Irving/Waiters, Tristan Thompson and the "tuning out of Mike Brown"), getting Salary cap relief and rebounding help in the form of Humphries isn't a bad option to clear up cap space to hit the free agent market with, and the C's get a great 1/2 season rental in Deng with the option to buy ( when we prove to him what a world class organization the C's are)

Detroit makes out well on a deal that would only see Greg Monroe walk in free agency ( due to salary constraints to Jennings/Smith/Stuckey), get an unneeded contract off the books in Billups and gain an athletic 3 in Jeff Green who can space the floor & open up the offense in a way Smith/Drummond/Monroe couldn't , and Bass is a perfect fit for Detroit's "blue collar " work ethic as an energy man off the bench scoring and rebounding......

Utah (while not having to trade Hayward), probably won't have much space for him in next years' lineup with a Jabari Parker or a Marcus Smart (With their high draft pick in the upcoming draft) and it makes little sense to timeshare their best player ( on a new bloated contract) and their #1 DP, so flipping him for 2 #1 draftpicks while taking on an expiring contract in Bogans ( non guaranteed money after this season), and Wallace actually saves them money long term while the C's get Brad Stevens' #1 target (who would sign an extension w/ the C's) and a go to scorer and an expiring contract in Biedrins

C's don't give up all their assets they collected and get a starting lineup of Rondo,Hayward,Deng,Sullinger,Monroe ( and a deep bench) .... all vets in their prime who can grow as a unit (with guys like Sullinger/K.O/Pressey etc getting better from their leadership)...
Ukrapper7http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=mk4sk77Trade Hump to the cavs + a couple draft Picks (2nd rounders) for Deng ( Not happy being sent to a badly run CLE franchise)

(If Dan Gilbert senses that Deng will bolt to get a max deal, then salary cap relief isn’t a bad 2nd option )

Crash/Bogans and the Clippers #1 ( possibly the sixers conditional pick) for Hayward and Biedrins ( Utah saves money long term with Bogans’ $5mil being non-guaranted after this season while getting picks in the upcoming draft and the C’s get their star SG while getting a huge Expiring deal in Biedrins)

And…. Jeff green/Brandon Bass ( and the Nets 2014 Pick) to DET for Monroe/Villanueva/Billups ( DET get to unload some bad albeit expiring contracts get an athletic 3 to stretch the floor to help with their spacing issues they have under Monroe/Drummond/smith, and get a GOOD DP in a decent draft to get that next big piece for a guy they’d haveta let go in FA anyways) …..

C’s lineup


1st Unit
Biedrins/Faverani (he could be sent down to Maine for more seasoning)

Danny Aingehttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachineBoston trades: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Gerald Wallace
Boston receives: Ben Gordon, Ramon Sessions, conditional 1st

New Orleans trades: Eric Gordon
New Orleans receives: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Brendan Haywood

Charlotte trades: Ben Gordon, Ramon Sessions, Brendan Haywood, conditional 1st
Charlotte receives: Eric Gordon, Gerald Wallace
Charlotte receives: Eric Gordon,
C's save money
Pellies get a roster that makes sense
Bobcats make a playoff push and reaquire fan favorite Wallace who can mentor Kidd-Gilchrist
WhatsabaseballTrade every player, one per separate NBA team, for sandwiches. Each team must provide a personalised sandwich that they feel is appropriate for the player they are receiving. For example, perhaps Kelly Olynyk is tuna salad. Every sandwich must be handmade by someone working for that NBA team. Any team contracting out sandwich-making with be declared ineligible for a player. The NBA teams selected will receive players, who will play basketball for them. The Celtics will receive both goodwill, which will be useful in future trades for draft picks etc, and sandwiches, which are delicious.
GoodRichBoston gets Greg Monroe
Detroit gets Keith Bogans and a late first or 2nd rounder
Detroit has a log jam of bigs with josh smith, monroe and drummond. They need perimeter help, and bogans can provide 3 point shooting and veteran presence. Also draft pick gives detroit something for the future, in return for a promising big (Monroe).
Siriushttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=kc2ag2eCeltics: Green, Bass, Bogans OUT, Gordon, MKG, Zeller IN
Bobcats: Green, Bass, Bogans IN, Gordon, MKG, Zeller OUT
Krumetohttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=lnpevddBoston sends G. Wallace and K. Bogans
New Orleans sends Eric Gordon
Boston hopes EG knees hold. If healthy, Gordon is a very quality option at the 2 spot. Boston also gets out of Wallace's contract.
New Orleans saves money, slides Evans at the two.

Not a brilliant one, no? :)
BostonChronic420http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=kxba623Teams involved: Celtics, Blazers

Players: Brandon Bass, Meyers Leonard, Thomas Robinson
Celtics get two promising young Prospects that arent getting an oppurtunity to play much
blackwhitegreenhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=kc4t8kfBoston sends Jeff Green, Keith Bogans
Detroit sends Greg Monroe, Charlie Villaneuva
Detroit can't go forward with Monroe, Smith and Drummond, and Monroe is the easiest to move. Green gives them a legitimate defender and will be in a better position in Detroit where he won't be asked to shoot more than he is comfortable with. The Celtics save cap if they want to, get to see how good Monroe can be with this team and make a decision in the offseason if he's worth what the market dictates.
huntfrogBoston: out-Jeff Green
Miami: out-Beasley, Jones, Mason, lewis, Anthony trade exception, 2015 1st round pick
Boston dumps Jeff Green and his contract for a first round pick. The gamble is that LeBron James leaves Miami after this season, and that it would become a high lottery pick.
ptroger83http://basketball.realgm.com/tradechecker/saved_trade/6420050Boston gets:
Dion Waiters
Anthony Bennett

Cleveland gets:
Brandon Bass
Keith Bogans
Clips 1st in 2015
Works for Boston:

Buying low on two talented players that both have had their issues in 2013-2014. Let Waiters flourish off the bench and by getting to play with a non-ball dominant point guard in Rondo. Let Bennett go down to the D-League and work back into playing shape while regaining his confidence. He may never be a star in the league but he's much better than what he's shown thus far. This trade allows Danny to "collect assets" which can/will be flipped for a superstar when the time is right.

Works for Cleveland:

They need front court help and Bass provides that. They also get an expiring in Bogans which they'll need to pay both Irving and Deng. They'll likely value the Clips 1st round pick as well. Also, the owner/GM need to win now. They need to appease Irving by getting rid of Waiters and they need to get rid of Bennett and get something of value for him. Until then they are really catching heat from their fans who want/need to win now.
18-1 damnTyreke Evans for Avery Bradleyboth coming up for restricted FA. both will command about the same in resigning. I think Teke is a better fit for what is needed on the Celtics while NO has a couple players it could fill gaps with in E Gordon and Austin Rivers that would lesson the loss of Teke
cbutta001(Boston) Gerald Wallace, Vitor Vaverani, Keith Bogans , Joel Anthony w /two first round draft picks to (Detroit) for Josh Smith Okay since that Josh Smith isn't doing to hot with the pistons this year he could make a possible move to a team that can make him better. With rondo dishing , green scoring and smith doing the dirty work who can actually stop Boston after this trade. Now for Detroit, it brings in more flexibility towards the salary cap and a more defensive prospect at the small forward spot. Vitor, Keith and Joel will honestly be waived and it will open up salary cap for another player average player. Also the two first round draft picks! You never know who Detroit may receive. This is a way better salary deal for Detroit and a way better team deal for Boston. Therefore we both walk away with great deals and a better outlook towards the next season.
Marcos SThree team trade: Oklahoma City Thunder, Sacramento Kings, Boston Celtics.
Traded- Brandon Bass, Jeff Green, Joel Anthony, Keith Bogans, Gerald Wallace, and Vitor Faverani. All 2nd round picks until 2036.
Acquired- Kevin Durant, Kendrick Perkins, Demarcus Cousins.

Traded- Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Perkins.
Acquired- Jeff Green, Joel Anthony, Vitor Faverani, Isaiah Thomas, and Keith Bogans. Kings 2014 first round pick.

Traded: Demarcus Cousins, Isaiah Thomas, 2014 first round pick.
Acquired: Brandon Bass, Russell Westbrook, Gerald Wallace. Boston 2nd round picks until 2036.
Makes sense for Boston because they are clearly in a "championship or bust" season. Acquiring KD, DC, and KP guarantees a flawless 2014 postseason record of 16-0 and another championship for Boston in 2015, when Paul Pierce and KG return. Banners 18 and 19 may not be worth losing all of their 2nd round picks until 2036, but Boston will make do.

Makes sense for OKC because they are currently rebuilding, and those three scrubs RW, KD, and KP are only holding them back from landing 2014 #1 prospect, Dante Exum. They also can draft Cauley-Stein with the #2 pick in Sac-towns 1st rounder. Since they also acquire 2 time Champion Joel Anthony, Jeff "The Consistent" Green, and Keith "Basketball God" Bogans, they become a championship contender by next year. They are the true winners in this trade...

Makes sense for Sac-town because they are rebuilding. Gerald Wallace, Russell Westbrook, and Moneymaker Ba$$ are the three best players in the league to build around. They also need picks, and what with all of the loaded 2nd round drafts in the upcoming 20 years, the Kings should be contending in no time.
rageMChttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=kprpycuJG + KO + 1st Round Pick to Philly
Bass + 1st Round Pick to Pelicans
C's needs:
1. A clutch and steady SF (Evan Turner)
2. Big men shooters who are also bangers down low (Hawes + Anderson).

Philly's will be smitten by the prospect of having a young and big SF in JG + a prospective combo PF/C on KO + a kicker of a 1st round pick.

Pelicans will be smitten by the prospect of acquiring a 1st round pick + a perimeter-reliable or equally-appealing PF forward replacement for Anderson in the person of Bass.
gocanes1Asik to C's ; Bass, Bogans, #1 pick to RocketsThe most obvious trade for BOTH teams; Boston gets its rim-protector, something they could not expect in draft; and C's also trade BB away from surplus.
Rockets get a coveted #1 pick and a player (BB) who can score around paint to help DH.
The problem for Celts is the $15m cash salary next year. but only 8m count towards cap.
SullyGreen for Waiterswe need a scorer
BigBaby2From Celtics to Bobcats:
Kris Humphries
Jeff Green

From Bobcats to Celtics:
Ben Gordon
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Boston would also try to get 2014 Portland first round pick but settle for 2014 Charlotte 2nd
Trading Humphries opens up some playing time for Olynyk and Faverani for the rest of this season and does not preclude them from trying to bring Hump back in the offseason via free agency.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is very athletic and very good defensively. He is not a good shooter and is not even taking 8 shots per game. He is basically Jeff Green without the outside shot, particularly without the 3 pit range. However, he is still very young,on a rookie contract, and as we've seen with Avery Bradley, shooting can be developed. I think the upside is worth cutting the cord on the Jeff Green experiment.

Also, this trade gets the C's another $2M under the tax threshold which will allow them to sign Chris Johnson and still take on other salary in another deal if needed.

For Charlotte, they get a more polished and offensive version of Kidd-Gilchrist for their playoff run and also add Humphries (who Jordan has showed interest in the past) who, at worst is a valuable role player off the bench and, at best, replaces Josh McRoberts in the starting lineup.

They are definitely better for their playoff run but they are not significantly mortgaging their future. They are sacrificing the upside of MKG but they will still have Green for at least one more year.
Vermonthttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachineCeltics trade:
Brandon Bass
Keith Bogans

Bobcats trade:
Ben Gordan
draft pick(s)
This move allows Boston to open up a roster spot (potentially for Chris Johnson) by getting Keith Bogans out of town who isn't playing. It also moved Brandon Bass out of town so that young bigs such as Olynyk and Faverani can get more minutes and help their development. Ben Gordan is an expiring contract who hasn't played in a month and could basically occupy the Keith Bogans role of bench warmer. I'm not sure if there would be picks involved or what they would be but you know Ainge always wants more picks.

The trade makes sense for Charlotte because they trade away a player who is ineffective and hasn't played much for a pick-and-pop power forward who plays excellent defense and could be paired very well with Al Jefferson.
wpauhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=qfklzw8boston - dwill, blopez, mplumlee and whatever draftpicks nets have left
brooklyn - rondo, green, bradley, bass
just to reunite the gang... eventhough they will all be in brooklyn... boston gets some pieces which has some worth and dont lose out if ab or rondo dont extend their contracts...
chambershttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=m9l5shuBoston send
-Brandon Bass


-Thomas Robinson
-Earl Watson
-2nd round pick
from the Portland Trailblazers
Portland needs bench help for the playoffs. T Rob has a bit of upside but he ain't no Bass and he won't be any time soon. Bass is perfect for the Blazers. Veteran presence that has been deep in the playoffs and played on contenders. More importantly he's a pick and pop player that will thrive in Portland's system with Lillard and Mo Williams playing point. Aldridge is the jumpshooting big that Bass needs to be most effective as a spot up jumpshooter. In fact he's one of the best jumpshooters in the league from 10-15 feet.
Earl Watson is salary filler and expires this season.

Celtics get a young guy in T Rob who's been thrown around teams like a rag doll. He was a top 10 pick and has been bust worthy so far, but he's starting show a little bit of potential. Celtics are only stuck with his deal until the end of next season if he just doesn't pan out. He gets to play with Rondo and back up Sully and KO in the big rotation and can run with our young squad instead of being stuck on the bench on a semi-contender playoff squad.
We move Bass' 6 million and get back T Rob's 5 for 1 year.

Ultimately we do this because we get a decent young player but we also lose more games this year with such a move- putting player development and asset accumulation first.

Twin1587http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=n6uqvoxBoston Gets Josh Smith (Rondo's Friend) From Detroit For Gerald Wallace & Keith BogansEveryone know Detroit made a HUGE mistake signing Josh Smith So pair Him with Rondo I would've put in Kris Humphries but I dont we're trying to get in the luxury tax penalty so I would throw one of them picks Ainge received from them trades but none from now until 2016 plus Detroit wants to keep Monroe so Josh Smith would be out because he's outta postion with them Piston's anyway
RA50Khttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=myvgrfsCeltics trade: Brandon Bass, Jeff Green, 2 future second rounders/heavily protected 1st rounder(top 20 protected for 2 years, becomes second round picks after)
Rockets trade: Omer Asik, Chandler Parsons, Ronnie Brewer
The Celtics acquire a rim protector in Asik, and possibly the best contract in the league in Parsons. Both are young, possible keepers for the long run. Sully moves back to the 4 with Asik playing the 5. Not likely to make much of an impact this season, so lottery odds are unlikely to improve.
Houston finally gets rid of Asik, who barely has a market anymore.They acquire a big who's game compliments Dwight's low post resurgence perfectly(even though they're supposedly not the best of friends), Jeff Green as a complimentary 3rd option on the Rockets. Although Green is not a world class defender, he's capable of guarding individual players at a high level from game to game, a wrinkle that the Rockets currently lack. The second round picks are sweeteners that the Rockets have historically coveted and used well. Brewer serves as salary cap filler, unlikely to make waves on either team(he averages 7 minutes a gap)
Win-win trade literally, as the Trade Machine shows both teams improving
nopassrushnoproblmhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=phxxfjxPau Gasol Expiring Contract to Celtics
Kris Humphries Expiring and Gerald Wallace and 2 future firsts (2016 Celtics top-15 protected for 2 years turns unprotected in 2018, as well as Philly's 2014 lottery protected for 2 years becomes 2 2nds) to Lakers
Laker's have been trying to get something for Pau Gasol's expiring.
If the deal with the Suns doesn't go thru this deal makes sense for both sides.

The Celtics get to dump Gerald Wallace's salary. Hooray!
It takes 2 potential 1s to do it, as well as KH's expiring salary. More than worth it.

The Laker's get to use KH's expiring to help soften the blow of losing Gasol's expiring and adding Wallace. Wallace himself could be a good defensive role player next to Kobe similar to Artest. They get a philly first either this year or next or 2 2nds as well as a Celtics first somewhere from 2016-2018. May be far away, but also may be unprotected at some point. The Celtics aren't going to give away any potential top 10 picks, so you need to make it far away and eventually unprotected to make it valuable enough and worth it for both sides. The Philly pick is either immediate, next year, or 2 2nds after that.

This deal makes sense for both sides because LA gets a role player to put alongside Kobe next year and after, they get potential future 1s of which they do not have enough because of the Nash and Howard trades (they have practically no future 1s.) and they get some salary releif back in the form of KH's expiring. They lose a 19mil expiring but gain back a 12mil one. Celtics might have to part with a player they'd love to keep in Humphries. Especially if they could resign him for reasonable money. As well as 2 potential 1s. But this might be the best way available to them to dump Wallace. And we all know that until Ainge smells some blood in the water and is able to sink his teeth into some stars, any trade he makes is gonna be about flexibility and assetts.
Freeease1to Cleveland- Wallace , Bass, Bogan, Anthony and Bayless
to Boston- Varejeo, Miles, Clark, Gee, Walters and 2014 first round draft pick
Cap relief fot Boston and very nuch needed vetarans to Cleveland
For Boston only Walters Must be kept on Roster for next tear and is tradeable for low draft picks in 2015. Cleveland need vererans not another draft pick at this time all incoming to cleveland are players who gab help in the locker room and on the court.
THEWAYTHETRUTHTHELIGHThttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=lvsajdzGerald Wallace, Jeff Green, Boston's 2014 first round pick, LA Clippers 2015 first round pick and the 76'ers 2015 first round pick via Boston to Milwaukee

Ersan Ilyasova, Ekpe Udoh, Larry Sanders to Boston
With 2 picks in the possibly with in the top 5 of a loaded 2014 draft the Bucks could get easily trade for the number if the ping pong balls don't bounce their way if if they do end up with first overall pick then they get Embiid and possibly Parker or Wiggins to go along with him. Both Sanders and Ilyasova are struggling with to return to form after their respective injuries also adding Green gives them roster flexibility, an upgrade at small forward but not enough to threaten the 25% at the first overall pick and if nothing else they can trade him to the rockets for Asik.

Larry Sanders and Jared Sullinger would be a very formidable front court and make the Celtic defense a force to be reckoned with. Ilyasova can play at the small forward and provide the Celtics with some much needed 3 point shooting and floor spacing. The Celtics would be buying low on 2 very good role players on decently priced contracts that could used in trades later or built around if Sully and Sanders go beast mode and Rondo returns to game 7 Rondo.
swammisayzhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=msx27nqCeltics give Gerald Wallace, Jared Sullinger, Keith Bogans, and 4 first round picks* to Timberwolves for Kevin Love.
*C's 2014 (top 5 protected), C's 2016, Nets 2016, C's 2018
C's get Kevin Love - self explanatory - and get out from Wallace's contract. Pair this move with another trade to get Asik from the Rockets, and the Celtics have a solid core of Rondo, Love, and Asik with young talent (Olynyk and draft picks) and cap space either in 2014 or 2015. Rondo and Love get a come from behind run at the playoffs this year plus a full season next year to test drive the rebuilt core before they hit free agency in 2015. Hopefully it runs well enough to convince them all to stay.

Assuming the Wolves are going into rebuilding mode (after failing to build a playoff team around Love) they can afford to take on an overvalued contract for a few years. Plus they will be able to use it as a trade chip in the future. The move likely assures that they fall in the lottery for the next 2-3 years. So, the 1st round pick they owe to the Suns turns into second rounders. Sullinger gives them a certified "rising star" to fill Love's position at 1/10th the cost. And, they can use the picks to rebuild their team through the draft or package them in much the same way as the Celtics build up draft picks in order to make this trade.

Bogans is filler to keep the Celtics under the tax curtain this year. The Wolves can either keep him on the team next year and use his crafty contract as a trade chip in the future or simply waive him at any time.
swammisayzhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=mguezogAvery Bradley and the Clippers 2015 first round pick for Gordon Hayward.The Jazz get a solid replacement at SG for less money than Hayward - the market for Bradley promises to be much lower than for Hayward. And they get a first round pick out of the deal.
The Celtics reunite Hayward with Stevens - helping keep Stevens happy. And Hayward can swing between SG/SF. He might end up being pricey to keep through restricted free agency. But maybe he gives the C's the favorite head coach discount and signs a deal that they can afford to match.
swammisayzhttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=k5jelajAvery Bradley to Raptors for Terrence Ross and right to swap picks with Toronto in 2016.Avery Bradley does not seem to be in Celtics plans as long term solution at SG. But he would help the Raptors win now with he defense and experience. So Celtics get a prospect who could mature into a better option at the 2 or 3 plus the possibility of moving up in the 2017 draft. Raptors get an upgrade at the 2 now, at the expense of long term possible upside.
Give: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Clipper's 2015 first round pick
Get: Omer Asik, Arron Afflalo

Give: Omer Asik, Jeremy Lin, second round pick
Get: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Ronnie Price

Give: Arron Afflalo, Ronnie Price
Get: Jeremy Lin, Clippers 2015 first round pick, second round pick
Celtics get defensive anchor to round out front court with Sullinger and Olynyk along with a long term solution at SG. Afflalo plays excellent defense and make over 40% of his 3's.

Rockets get two options to pair with Dwight Howard 1) Green, an athletic wing who can play the four when running small ball, and 2) Bass a tough defender who can open the lane since he hits the mid-range jump as well as any 4 in the league. Plus they get out from $15 million bill for each Asik and Lin next year. Price takes the place of Lin behind Beverly.

Magic need to make room for Oladipo at the 2. So, they cash Afflalo in for short term solution at PG and a couple of picks. Maybe the Celtics have to give up a more attractive first round pick to get Orlando to bite...whatever gets the deal done.
AldoChicago gets Kris Humphries, Alexi Shved
Minnesota gets Keith Bogans and cash from Celtics
Boston gets Carlos Boozer, A. J. Price and the worst 2 of Chicago's 3 2014 first round draft picks
Chicago gets Humphries who is better than Boozer anyway and big cap relief for a run at Carmelo for next year. Plus Chicago needs a back up point guard for now and maybe the start of next year
Minnesota gets out from under Shved's contract for next year and cash to lower the bottom line. Plus Bogans can be a decent trade chip given his flexible contract.
Boston gets picks!
duncan1JGreen, Bradley,1st round pick this year, 1st round pick from clippers next year to twolves for KLove and ShvedLove is leaving after next year and Shved is nice sized combo guard playing behind Rubio and Martin. Salary cap is stretching in medium market. They get JGreen to go with Pekovic upfront and a defensive minded Bradley which they could really use. Plus 2 first round picks

Celtics get top line player to go with RR and this years number one pick. I would even substitute Sullinger for Green if they wanted if salaries had to be fiddled with. Shved brings decent outside shooting which the C's need, and he is bigger guard to run with Rondo. Have to talk Love into committing to Celtics for long term which might be tough

ianBoston and Atlanta. Al Horoford for Humphries, Olynk and a number one draft pick.Atlanta saves a lot of money, get's a center and a pick. We get a talented player who will not hurt our lottery chances this year because he's injured.
João Moreirahttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=n5jbjlaCeltics In=> Jefferson, Biedrins, A. Rivers and a 2º round pick from Pelicans
Out=> Green, Bass, G-Wall and Olynyk

Pelicans In=> Green, Bass and Hayward
Out=> Gordon, Rivers and a 2º round pick 2014

Jazz In=> Gordon, G-wall and Kelly Olynyk
Out=> Jefferson, Biedrins and Hayward
Celtics unload a ton of contracts in bass, g-wall and green and receive a pick, a young prospect and two expirants. (Ok, the pick maybe is impossible, but it still good enogh) #BleedforEmbiid.

Pelicans become contender now. They got Hayward who is cheaper than gordon (they don't want him more), green to start at the three and bass to complete their rotation frontcourt. A Young and healthy core of Holyday, Hayward, Green and Davis who can still improve.

Jazz receive the best player in gordon, a good pf who can shoot outside to open the floor for favors and kanter, and G-Wall to bring a veteran presence in the lock room and this move will keep them bad for the tank too. (This is where I think is the hardest to agree with the trade, maybe if they get some picks from pelicans or boston it would be necessary)
Paul Piercehttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachineKris Humphries and Gerald Wallace for LeBron James.
AldoMiami gets Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
Minnesota gets Jeff Green
Boston gets Udonis Haslem, Alexi Shved, Minnesota's unprotected 2016 first round pick, Miami's unprotected 2018 second round pick
Miami - dump two years of Haslem when he's not in the rotation any longer, get a younger (by 5 years!) Mbah a Moute to play the old Haslem role of tough forward stopper and freeing up LeBron
Minnesota gets a more offensive minded forward to bump Brewer back to 6th man role. Also Green brings vastly improved 3 point shooting and not much of a drop off defensively. Green is more rounded that the offensive Budinger/ defensive Brewer combo
Boston gets picks! Out of Green's contract allowing to build through the swing men that are coming in the next draft. Plus if you've got to pay Wallace you might as well play Wallace (and secretly, Wallace is delivering more wins produced than Green anyway). And maybe Shved turns into a decent back up point with more size than Pressy (6' 6'' and 25 years old). If not, a bunch of expirings for next year (Haslem, Shved, and Anthony = $11.3 million)
AldoMiami gets Luc Richard Mbah a Moute
Minnesota gets Jeff Green
Boston gets Udonis Haslem, Alexi Shved, Minnesota's unprotected 2016 first round pick, Miami's unprotected 2018 second round pick
Miami - dump two years of Haslem when he's not in the rotation any longer, get a younger (by 5 years!) Mbah a Moute to play the old Haslem role of tough forward stopper and freeing up LeBron
Minnesota gets a more offensive minded forward to bump Brewer back to 6th man role. Also Green brings vastly improved 3 point shooting and not much of a drop off defensively. Green is more rounded that the offensive Budinger/ defensive Brewer combo
Boston gets picks! Out of Green's contract allowing to build through the swing men that are coming in the next draft. Plus if you've got to pay Wallace you might as well play Wallace (and secretly, Wallace is delivering more wins produced than Green anyway). And maybe Shved turns into a decent back up point with more size than Pressy (6' 6'' and 25 years old). If not, a bunch of expirings for next year (Haslem, Shved, and Anthony = $11.3 million)
Gotta pay the trolltollSullinger, Jeff Green, Bass for

Rajon Rondo
We need a star!
theboltEveryone for LebronIt really only makes sense for the Celtics. I'm sure the heat wouldn't hate getting Bradley (to play behind aging Wade) and Sully (a real solid rebounder) though.
AldoMemphis gets Keith Bogans
Miami gets Tony Allen
Boston gets Udonis Haslem & Miami's 2017 first round pick lottery protected
Memphis - now they have Courtney Lee, a good defender that takes the place of Allen but better shooter - why need both? Sheds Allen's long contract, Bogans still can be a re-trade chip this year or next with the contract he has
Miami - gets the wing defender they need, sheds Haslem contract for next year when he wasn't playing anyway
Boston - all about the picks baby!
DJHoverFirst of all you keep Rondo,Sullinger,Johnson,Bayliss,Olyinik. Everyone else can be traded . Plenty of draft picks coming up. We need a Top Center. Get the best center available per Draft and or Free Agency. or Trade scenario. Trade what ever it takes with draft pics and rest of team other than my starting five.
SoapyTacohttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=k7nacftCeltics get:
Danny Granger
MAYBE a First Rounder 2014 from Indy (not sure on this)

Pacers get:
Brandon "dat Bass"
Jeff Green
For the Celtics:
14 million expiring contract for an inconsistent Small Forward and a decent PF who is only getting around 25 minutes a game. Sounds like a good deal. The Celtics can use the money of the contract toward resigning Bradley and room for Rondo and Sully in the future. If the draft allows the Celtics can also get a replacement starting SF. The loss of Bass allows Olynyk and Faverani to get more minutes, which is great because both players have flashes of brilliance as young players, and have the potential to be better than Bass. Sadly on this roster full of Power Forwards they don't get the experience they need. I'm debating whether to add a First Rounder from the Pacers, but I don't want to get greedy.

For the Pacers:
Brandon Bass is a role player who can obviously help any team. He's a great 1 on 1 defender and can defend hybrid SF/PFs like Melo as seen last year in the playoffs. He has a nice jumpshot and decent rebounding. Giving him 25 minutes with the second unit will definitely help the Pacers. Along with Jeff Green, who as the third option for a team can be much more useful than an inconsistent player looked upon to be the leading scorer and leader for a rebuilding team. Jeff Green alone is better than Granger and adding Brandon Bass gives the Pacers depth in exchange for a player who obviously isn't the guy he was before.
Bnaehttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=kcw39ckCeltics- Wallace, Bogans, Bass, FaveraniThis trade will work because it's so stupid the Miami Heat will be in so much shock at the offer they'll accept it. We then have the chance to play around with Lebron like bench him entire games.
ZerbI saw an article about the Pistons not being happy with Josh Smith. And possibly wanting to move him. They said a Wallace & Bogans for Smith was plausible. I'd take that in a heartbeat!
Ballerbthttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=kgm2vmr Celtics:


Celtics need good young talent to start rebuilding. They can have a good starting lineup right now if that trade happens but we don't want that. So this trade would be good for offseason.

I have been reading some rumors that Philly is looking to trade Turner for some reason so we will take him. Also It doesn't look like Noel is getting far in Philly so they would probably like to get rid of him.

Detroit has too many bigs.

They need to get ride of one of the 3 and the one they want to get rid of is Monroe. We get Monroe and there is the Celtics center for the next 10 years. Detroit gets Noel, they would most likely like this because they like young big man. Also when they get Bradley they will finally get their starting SG that they need cause Billups is too old and Caldwell-Pope isn't ready.
perdoceltics trade Gerald Wallace
Brandon Bass Vitor Faverani and
San Antonio Spurs trade Tiago Splitter Kawhi Leonard Jeff Ayres
Lawrencehttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=pb4gaqgJeff Green to Cleveland for Alonzo Gee, CJ Miles, Earl Clark, and protected 2014 1st rounder. C's get cap relief and add to their collections of firsts. Cavs are desperate to make the playoffs this year and to put good pieces around Irving going forward. Green is insurance against losing Deng in the offseason, and this season, can play the wing positions, as a starter or off the bench, giving Mike Brown more flexibility. In the East, Green may be enough for a playoff push by Cleveland.
youblewwithttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=mhkufeu Jeff Green ($8.7)...for... Omer Asik ($8.4)

Green has two years remaining after this season: $9.2 in 2014-15, $9.2 in 2015-16

Asik has 1 year remaining after this season: $8.4* in 2014-15

*Asik's cap hit (what counts against the cap) is $8.4mil, but the amount he is actually paid is $15mil. This doesn't hurt the team at all, only hurts Grousbeck's wallet.
Pretty straightforward. Green is a solid player, but because of his inconsistency, his play doesn't impact the game. Asik is a 7 foot, rebounding, shot-blocking defensive anchor who doesn't need/want the ball.

We all know HOU wanted Milsap or Ryan Anderson, but since those teams weren't willing, maybe HOU would settle for Green.

Lawrencehttp://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=kjl9h3j Avery Bradley and Gerald Wallace to the Bobcats for Ben Gordon's expiring and a 2014 lottery-protected first round pick. Becomes 2015 lottery-protected pick if not, and after that, it becomes 2 second round picks. Tough as it will be to lose Bradley, Ainge has to give up something of value to dump Wallace's contract, and Bradley is scheduled for a hefty raise this summer. All indications are that the Bobcats will buy at the deadline, and this will allow them to immediately improve their defense as well as their bench, where Kidd-Gilchrist or Henderson could move. They'll also have the rights to a good, young restricted free agent this summer. C's lose their backcourt of the future, but also dump the toxic contract of Wallace and pick up another pick (though I don't think they have leverage to get a lottery pick here.)
Aslania100http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachineCeltics Trade: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Kelly Olynyk, Kieth Bogans, 2014 1st round pick(BKN/ATL), 2016 draft pick(either BOS or PHI pick)
Knicks Trade: Carmelo Anthony
It works for the Knicks because they get a player in jeff Green who can immediately fill the starting position of Carmelo, a player in Brandon Bass who could( and should probably) start over Bargnani, Kelly Olynyk as a young big with offensive potential and skills passing to pair with Hardaway as their new core to build as well as an expiring contract in Bogans. It works for the Celtics as they get an All-Star in Carmelo to pair with Rondo( who has explictly stated he wants to play with Rondo, NOT stating clearly whether that was in NYC or BOS) to hopefully make the Celtics competitve.

However, if this move was made by the Celtics, they would need some guarantee that Carmelo would resign with the Celtics in the off-season, most likely at a lower cap to provide flexibility for the team to sign Rondo. The bottom line is that Carmelo would play very well with someone like Rondo who could feed him open looks as well as serve as the primary leader of the team so Carmelo can focus on playing, not leading which is something that he clearly has displayed he cannot effectively do.
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