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This is a short list of notable datasets currently missing from the inventories of public sector data held on If you can think of any others please feel free to tweet me @owenboswarva. This list was last updated on 20/01/2017.
DatasetDescriptionData HolderDGU StatusInformation LinkNotes
Airport Public Safety Zones (PSZs) and Risk ContoursBoundary dataset for Public Safety Zones (PSZs) and 1:10000 Risk Contours in respect of an estimated 32 UK airports, held in DXF format.Department for Transport (DfT) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)no record for implementation of new PSZs and the review and update of existing PSZs was transferred to CAA in 2010. However DfT retains overall policy responsibility for PSZs.
AIS Derived Shipping Activity GeodatabaseDataset described as "spatial vector vessel transits and a 0.25km2 cell (0.5km by 0.5km grid) resolution shipping density as two separate layers of information for the South Coast Marine Plan Areas."Marine Maritime Organisation (MMO)no record of this dataset is described in a MMO report published in December 2013 (see link).
Analysis of Airprox in UK AirspaceData derived from aviation near miss reports.UK Airprox Board i.e. Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)no record is available for download from the UK Airprox Board website. Terms previously given as "personal use only" but that statement has been removed so re-use conditions are unclear.
Armed Forces CovenantDataset of businesses that have signed the Armed Forces CovenantMinistry of Defenceno record on GOV.UK as an open data Excel workbook.
Badger Sett LocationsLocation data for badger setts.Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA)no record has confirmed in a FOI response that AHVLA holds this data.
Birdstrike DatabaseData reported on bird strike occurrences at licensed aerodromes in the UK.Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)no record
Broad Rental Market AreasBoundary dataset for areas by reference to which maximum housing benefit in the private sector is calculated.Valuation Office Agency (VOA) et alno record on BRMAs are displayed as PDFs on VOA website. BRMAs boundaries for Scotland are on (from Scottish Government) and boundaries for England from 2012 are on (via Cambridgeshire Insight). Boundaries for England and Wales released as open data following FOI requests from Owen Boswarva:
CAP PaymentsRecords of amounts received by UK beneficiaries under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)no record holds records with the withdrawn 2008 and 2009 releases, but not for more recent datasets.
Care Providers Registered under the Health and Social Care ActDataset containing locations and details of care providers regulated by the CQC.Care Quality Commissionno record dataset is reusable under the Open Government Licence, i.e. is open data.
Casework database for commons and greensDataset of past decisions on commons and greens by date, the areas affected and which Act was used to grant the changes.Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)no record GOV.UK and reusable under the Open Government Licence.
County Court Judgments (CCJ)Bulk data on money judgments made by county courts in England and Wales.Ministry of Justice (MOJ)no record by Registry Trust on behalf of MOJ. Available under licence on commercial terms.
Courts and TribunalsDataset of courts and tribunals (including probate offices) in England and Wales, including address locations, opening times and other information.Ministry of Justice (MOJ)no record is the dataset underlying the "court finder" application on the GOV.UK website.
Enforcement DatabasesSuite of databases that support HSE's public registers of enforcement notices and convictions.Health and Safety Executive (HSE)no record database of enforcement notices, notice history and prosecutions.
E-petitions (old)Counts and location data for responses to petitions on the Government's E-petitions website.Cabinet Officeno record service is now defunct as there is a service on the UK Parliament site. However data at postcode sector district level was available via an (obscure) API, so Cabinet Office presumably still holds the historic bulk data.
Flood Risk ObjectionsList of objections to major developments in England and Wales made on flood risk grounds.Environment Agencyno record lists no longer published but EA has resumed publication of an annual list.
Flood Warnings DirectData on households registered to receive flood warning notifications. Flood Warning Areas define locations within the Flood Warning Service Limit that represent a discrete community at risk of flooding.Environment Agencyno record has said it considers household-level data to be personal data, but there may be an argument for release of non-disclosive statistics.
Internal Drainage Board (IDB) BoundariesGIS data on Internal Drainage Board (IDB) boundaries.Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)no record wallchart and other references confirm the dataset exists.
Local Authority Housing AssetsData collected from English councils in 2015.Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)no record
Marker PostsLocation data for marker posts placed at 100m intervals on motorways and trunk roads.Highways Agencyno record Agency has confirmed in a FOI response that it holds this data.
Noise Exposure Contours Around London AirportsContour data for noise exposure measured around London-area airports, published annually as vector data in DXF format. Department for Transport (DfT)no record is available for download from the Department for Transport website, and is apparently open data.
RAIB Immediate Cause and Causal Factors DatabaseDatabase containing classifications of immediate cause and other causal factors that led to railway accidents or incident.Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB)no record database may be viewed on the RAIB website but is not available for bulk download.
Register of CharitiesOfficial register of key facts and figures about the work and finances of charitable organisations in England and Wales.Charity Commissionno record to open release by March 2014 was announced by Cabinet Office in June 2013. Bulk data from December 2014 is now available (in a non-open format).
Register of Data ControllersOfficial register of organisations and people registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act.Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)no record under the OGL but may contain personal data.
Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA) MembersList of academy trusts that are members of DfE's Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA).Department for Educationno record previously in response to FOI requests (private correspondence).
Trig ArchiveLegacy database of locations of OS triangulation pillars.Ordnance Surveyno record on the OS website following a 2015 FOI request. Now re-usable as OGL open data.
UK Plant Health Risk RegisterRegister of pests that present a concern to plant health.Fera Science Limited (FSL), a joint venture between Defra and Capitano record online and re-usable under the OGL.
UK Radioactive Waste InventoryThis dataset is the latest national record on radioactive wastes and materials in the UK, updated every three years.Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA)no record maintains a website based on the inventory data, but there is no bulk download functionality.
Value for Money (VFM) ProfilesData supplied by councils and fire and rescue authorities, maintained by Audit Commission to support auditors' work.Audit Commission (now defunct)no record longer accessible online now that Audit Commission has been closed, as National Archives does not support the report functionality.
Vehicle fuel consumption and emissions dataFuel consumption and emissions data for different types of car and van, including historical.Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA)no record and only reference on DGU is a record describing the data incorrectly as "unpublished":
VMD Product Information DatabaseDetails of all veterinary medicinal products currently authorised in the UK together with a list of suspended and recently expired products.Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD)no record for download from VMD website. Link on the landing page indicates the dataset is covered by the Open Government Licence, i.e. is open data.
The following datasets were previously listed above as missing from, but have now been added to the inventories:
DatasetDescriptionData HolderDGU LinkNotes
CCG MapsBoundary dataset for Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) areas in England.NHS Englandnow added data available for download from NHS England website.
EduBaseRegister of schools and other educational establishments in England and Wales.Department for Education (DFE)now added ideal, but discoverable via the Schools in England entry.
Flood Warning Areas (AfA054)Spatial datasets describing geographical areas where the Environment Agency expects flooding to occur and where the Environment Agency provides a Flood Warning Service.Environment Agencynow added as open data from February 2014.
Green BeltBoundary dataset for Green Belt areas in England.Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG)now added DCLG boundary dataset, compiled from local government sources, is in circulation but not licensed for re-use.
Places of WorshipRegister of places of worship in England and Wales.General Register Office (GRO)now added by GRO in compliance with the Places of Worship Registration Act 1855.
Rural Land RegisterDetails of all registered land parcels, held as part of administration of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) schemes.Rural Payments Agency (RPA)now added has said informally that this dataset will be recorded on DGU shortly.
Noise Maps of EnglandNoise maps produced by Defra to meet the requirements of the Environmental Noise (England) Regulations 2006.Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)now added released as open data in August 2015.
The following datasets were previously listed above as missing from, but are now out of scope because the data holder has been privatised:
DatasetDescriptionData HolderDGU LinkNotes
Postbox DataData on postbox locations and collection times.Royal Mailno record is held in Royal Mail's Central Collections Management Database and Final Plate Database. It was previously released in response to FOI requests, but that avenue has closed now that Royal Mail is in private hands.
Postcode Address File (PAF)Database of all UK postal delivery addresses and postcodes.Royal Mailno record Office has indicated there is no plan to record this data on DGU.