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Kailan Chavis He
Atlanta // Charlotte
Director, Cinematographer, Camera Dept., Grip Dept.
https://www.achavoproduction.com/On website and Instagram
Hey my name is Chavis, I’m a DP/Cam Opp based in Atlanta. I have been shooting for than 3 years with experience with label size music videos, commercials, shorts, and movies. I have skills and knowledge in various areas of a film such as Grip, Gaffer and Directing.
JuliusKellyHejulius.b.kelly@gmail.comNew Jersey / New YorkWriter, Director, Producerhttps://vimeo.com/254791632
Julius B. Kelly is a multiple award-winning filmmaker who written and directed films in several genres. He received his BA in Media Arts from New Jersey City University and has been making films since 2006. He is the Director and co-founder of Sunnyside Down Productions Media Group as a means to produce and promote independent film. His films have been seen locally and nationally across multiple film festivals, including his most successful film "Black N' Blue" which screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner (2018). "Black N' Blue" which explores racial injustice has currently completed it's film festival circuit run and so far has screened at the "Cannes Short Film Corner 2018" , "New Filmmakers NYC 2018" ,"North Jersey Human Rights Film Festival 2018" and many more. Julius's film have earned more than 15 festival awards, including the Austin Revolution Film Festival, Brightside Tavern Film Festival, Milledgeville Film Festival, and Urban Action Showcase and more. Julius was born in Secacus, NJ and raised in Irvington, NJ. He currently resides in New Jersey with his family.
He also continues the process of focusing on his creative journey as a photographer, writer, and filmmaker.
Steven Muela HeStevemuelz@gmail.comNew York Director, Cinematographer, Editorhttps://www.stevemuelz.com/https://vimeo.com/368326313
Steve Muelz has become one of the preeminent lifestyle and entertainment videographers in New York City. Steve refined his skills and developed the Viberealism editing style which seeks to illuminate all five senses of the viewer and enhance the viewing experience. Viberealism has been used by Steve in his music videos, music festival recaps, photography, as well as his real estate property videos.
SeifABDELKERIM Heseif.abdel@hotmail.comBrussels, BELGIUM Director, Editor, Camera Dept.https://youtu.be/vpicMkcJuHA
Joseph Headen He
Raleigh, NC Director, Producer, PhotographerHeadgraphix
Skylar VSmithHeSkylarvsmith@gmail.com Los Angeles
Writer, Director, Photographer, Editor, Camera Dept.
I direct, write, edit, do photography, and I’m in local 600 as a DIT. I’m born and raised in Oakland. I move to LA in 2014 to pursue a career in the film industry. On top of working on set, I have my own editing bay, I have a studio where I shoot my own content, I shoot content for clients, and I do photo shoots there.
Waterbury, ConnecticutPhotographer, Assistant Directing
The Dangerfields Class of 64 /Connecticut/ 2018 – 2019
Reviewing the script, creating a breakdown/the needs of the production, creating a shooting schedule/call sheet, and overseeing the production and making sure we finish each scene on a timely manner.

L.I.T / Connecticut / 2017
Reviewing the script, creating a shooting schedule/call sheet, and overseeing the production and making sure we finish each scene on a timely manner.

Foster / Connecticut / 2017
Reviewing the script, creating a shooting schedule/call sheet, and overseeing the production and making sure we finish each scene on a timely manner.
Experienced in a wide range of film and video projects. Ability to efficiently organize and coordinate shoots. Knowledge and experience using a variety of production equipment. Experience with script analysis and providing input for any necessary script changes.
Houston, TX.
Writer, Visual artist, sculptor, painter, character design
My name is Raymond Rollins. I'm a self taught visual artist. I've been drawing and painting for years, but I've never
had my own show, or even shared a show with another artist. The art I create is from
the dark places I usually find myself in. Which is often too weird or strange to most, but
there is a strong and informative meaning to everything I create. For example, a simple
image can cause a deep thought once the viewer opens his or her mind to it. Even my sculptures display their own unique stories.
ElliottPowellHeElliott@colorbyelliott.comLos AngelesColoristhttps://www.colorbyelliott.comwww.colorbyelliott.com/reel
Elliott Powell is a freelance digital intermediate colorist residing currently in Los Angeles, California. Originally hailing from Washington, DC, where his interest in color grading first garnered, Elliott has over eight years of experience coloring various forms of media, including commercials, short films, music videos, and documentaries. In 2018 he graduated from Chapman University's prestigious Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, where he quickly focused his technical and creative passions into becoming a talented colorist under the mentorship of various well-credited professionals. Elliott now works freelance with various clients in Los Angeles, focusing primarily on commercials, branded content, music videos and other short form work.
ChigozieOnyeakaHeOnyeakak@gmail.comLos AngelesDirector, Cinematographerhttps://kevinconyeaka.com/https://kevinconyeaka.com/films-music-videos/
Titanic changed my life forever. 22 years ago, me and my brother watched this epic love story, on VHS. We stayed up well past our bedtime on a school night, and although we got in trouble for it, neither of us regret that eventful night. My brother was in love with movies and his love soon became mine 3 hours later. The special effects, the story, and the fact that something of that magnitude can be made and put onto such a small screen amazed me.

Titanic helped guide me into the passion I have today, paving the way for hundreds, better yet thousands, of movies to shape who I am now. I always found the field interesting, teaching myself the art of television/film, from writing and producing to cinematography and directing, and once I graduated from Penn State University with a B.A. in Telecommunications, I purchased equipment and began freelance work, attaining clients through self-marketing off and online to film different events, music videos, and more. But then I moved to Los Angeles California and my passion and skills grew to another level. With my experience gained as a Director and Cinematographer through the multitude of short and feature films I’ve worked on, I have never felt more confident. All of my hard work, passion, and continuous growth will be shown throughout the films I make.
https://www.instagram.com/chigozie.onyeaka/My preferred role is Director followed by Cinematographer. I’ve written my own work and continue to do so.
Los Angeles, CAWriter, Actorwww.imdb.me/graceillingworth.comhttps://vimeo.com/342235013/18dcf74b3a
Grace is a queer, biracial actress and writer living in Los Angeles. She studied acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and credits a large amount of her training and screen writing skill from working as an on set Production Assistant. She loves to explore, write, and portray people and stories that touch upon the journey of the underdog, and integrating the psychological darkness that is inherent to living a full life.
CedricSmithHecedrictsmith@gmail.comSan Antonio, TXWriter, Director, Producerhttps://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfQGEe40LwaxPnEixyhmdZCm5g9b-eVf6Cedricthomassmith
Sterling Heshmptn4@gmail.comLos Angeles Director, Photographer, Editorhttps://www.directedbysterling.com/https://www.directedbysterling.com/@directedbysterling
Los AngelesDirector, Cinematographer, Editorhttp://MassimoLegittimo.com@MassimoLegittimo
ParisHolmes He
Jersey CityWriter, Director, Cinematographer, Grip Dept.https://youtu.be/Gl9iBisDxakWriter director@directorparisholmes@directorparis
DavidFortuneHedfortune32@gmail.comLos AngelesDirector, Producerhttps://davidffortune.com/https://vimeo.com/281372047/2107297df6
Malcolm X, Menace II Society, and Goodfellas. Growing as the eighth child of ten siblings, David was only privy to these films viewed by his older siblings. However, these stories would later sculpt his creative mind, as he gravitated to directing narratives that focused on societal dramas while studying film at Morehouse College and Loyola Marymount University’s graduate program.

In 2019, David was selected as a participant for the Village Roadshow Emerging Talent Program where he received grant funding to direct a documentary - short, highlighting superheroes in inner cities. That same year, he was accepted into the Viacom - ViewFinders Emerging Director Program where he shadow directed two episodes of the Netflix series, "13 Reasons Why". David continued to garner recognition for his work as he was named the finalist of the Urbanworld Film Festival’s Young Creators Showcase and presented the Revolt TV’s Young Filmmaker Award for his dramatic short, "Laced".

Currently, David is developing a documentary series that captures the origin story of South Los Angeles’s legend, Tommy the Clown, and the cultural influence of his “clown” movement. While still collaborating with local writers, directors, and producers, David continues to search for stories that challenge societal norms and impact the greater public through the art of storytelling.
Anthony Kimata HeCinematographerhttps://www.iamkimata.com/Karol G ft Nikki Minag “Tusa” Iamkimata
Justice Whitaker HeJustice512@gmail.com NYC/LA
Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Camera Dept., Grip Dept., Music Composition/Production
Justice Whitaker is a multi-hyphenate writer, director and producer who has a technical background in Cinematography. Justice has experience directing and producing both short form narrative work, documentaries and music videos. He has several screenplays that have been awarded in competition and continues to write and direct independently produced work. Last year he directed the documentary Kit to be the Best, The Last Black Barbershop in San Luis Obispo. Justice continues to produce work focused on social justice and the black and disaporic experiences around the globe. Justice has traveled to every continent, has lived in Accra and Johannesburg, and was recently married. Let’s Build!
JonathanBurnett He
Los AngelesWriter, Director, Camera Dept.https://www.jburnettproductions.comhttps://www.jburnettproductions.com/films
Independent filmmaker and Visual Media Artist Jonathan Burnett is a native of Rock Island, Illinois. After graduating from Rock
Island High School in 2006 Jonathan studied and received his training in Film and Visual Media obtaining a BFA from the Academy of Art University San Francisco CA and an MFA from Loyola Marymount University. He has produced and has been a part of several projects during his tenure. Shortly after graduation Jonathan worked on professional films in France, Algeria, and Atlanta. Jonathan is also the Creator Director as well as Lead Instructor of the Urban Exposure Independent Film Program.
Erin G.WesleySheegwesley@me.comLos AngelesCinematographer, Photographerhttp://eringwesley.comhttp://eringwesley.com/video
As a storyteller, Erin G. Wesley’s aim is to create visual experiences that inspire freedom, purpose and imagination. She values connectedness and firmly believes that through storytelling, our shared experiences emerge. Her commitments are to provide inclusive, boundless imagery that represents who she is and depicts the world we share. Wesley is a graduate of FISK University, with a BS in Business. She’s also completed her MFA in Cinematography at the American Film Institute and has worked with notable brands such as Adidas and Audi.
Atlanta Ga.Writer, Director, Editorwww.everrealenterprises.com
ERE - Demo Reel (Directed by Ricky Davis) https://vimeo.com/420503722?ref=em-share
Extremely passionate writer and overall filmmaker.@everrealricky
FaraiMhundwaShespotlight263@gmail.comLos Angeles, CAWriter, Director, EditorIG: @byfarai -and- Vimeo.com/FaraiMhundwaLos Angeles and Dallas based filmmaker@byfarai
TawanBazemoreHeTV.kolorbars@gmail.comLos Angeles, CA
Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist, Camera Dept.
HTTP://sound.cineopt.comFurnished upon request. Password protected film on Vimeo.
Tawan Bazemore is adigital Colorist in IATSE 700 Roster, Colorist Society International and an award-winning Director and Cinematographer based in Los Angeles California
BonganiMlamboHebongani@bongaj.comLos Angeles, USACinematographer, Camera Dept.www.bongaj.comwww.bongaj.com
Bongani Mlambo is a Zimbabwean South African cinematographer based in Los Angeles obsessed with telling visually creative and compelling stories and exploring the world.

Bongani's recent projects include All Creatures directed by Collin Schiffli, starring David Dastmalchian (Blade Runner 2049, The Dark Knight) and Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jumanji); Three Days In August by Johnathan Brownlee; Upstream Color by Shane Carruth; and Woodshock starring Kirsten Dunst. His work has won awards at the NBC Universal Short Film Festival, SXSW, and numerous other festivals and he is a 2018 Film Independent Project Involve Fellow and recipient of the 2019 ICG Emerging Cinematographer Award.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Bongani loves to dance, drum, and ponder on social issues and the meaning of life. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and talents and plans to establish an arts & film school in Zimbabwe, inspiring and helping the next generation of Africans to pursue their dreams in the visual and performing arts.
DP, Cinematographer, Camera Operator
Christian PadronHe
Harlem, NYCDirector, Photographer, Editorwww.christianpadron.comFilmmaker & photographer based in NYC@gangitmo
Chad Eric SmithHe
Philadelphia, PA
Writer, Director, Actor, Producer, Editor, Music Composition/Production
DARK THERAPY  | Horror Comedy  | 8 Mins.

Co-written, directed by, & starring Chad Eric Smith

A vampire seeks psychiatric treatment for a phobia that impacts his way of life: an extreme and irrational fear of blood.
Chad Eric Smith is a native of Washington, DC with over 15 years of experience as a professional actor both on stage and in front of the camera. In 2014, he added filmmaker to his resume when he co-wrote and starred in his film directorial debut, the short comedy Dark Therapy. For his performance as a vampire with an irrational fear of blood, he received the Gold Peer Award in the "Acting on Camera - Fiction Male" category from the Television, Internet & Video Association of DC (TIVA-DC). The film received a worldwide distribution deal on REVOLT TV.

In 2017, Smith wrote, produced, and directed the short psychological sci-fi drama Rumination with his production company MisterDuke Productions. The film follows Elliott (Kelvin Drama), a heartbroken man who travels into the past for a second chance at a failed relationship. He meets Renard (Danny Gavigan), a quirky neuroscientist who offers to alleviate his distress with a new scientific method: a top-secret drug that enables time travel. In 2018, Rumination, which also stars former MISS DC USA L. Angus Whinfield, was an official selection at over 30 film festivals and won over 20 awards before becoming available on Amazon Prime and kweliTV.

In 2019, Smith co-produced and starred in the short sci-fi drama Fatherless, written and directed by William M. Crouch of LT4 Productions. He portrays Logan Avery, a troubled young physicist, who, with the help of an eccentric mentor (Michael Mau), seeks to develop time travel in an attempt to fix his childhood. The film had its world premiere on February 29, 2020 at the Greater Lehigh Valley Filmmaker Festival, where Smith won the "Best Performance" award.

Washington, DC's Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment (OFCTME) named Smith the October 2019 Filmmaker of the Month.

Additionally, Smith is a multi-media consultant. Most notably, he provided consulting for the national non-profit Men Can Stop Rape, where he wrote, directed, and edited public service announcements, promotional videos, and documentaries intended for the organization’s social media content and/or for third-party stakeholders. Smith was responsible for the 60 second promo highlighting MCSR’s revolutionary platform UASKDMV and the MOST Club Reaction to Gillette's "The Best Men Can Be" Ad video, which was featured on Thrive Global and mentioned on NPR’s 1A podcast. 

In 2020, Smith relocated to Philadelphia, PA, where he serves as the Assistant Guild Coordinator at Mural Arts Philadelphia, "the nation’s largest public art program, dedicated to the belief that art ignites change."
LyndonBarroisHeLyndonbarrois@me.comLos Angeles Writer, Director, VFX artist, Animation DirectorItsawrapper.comhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0057624/
Lyndon J Barrois, Sr Los Angeles, CA Artist, Animation Director, Filmmaker
As a member of the AMPAS (Oscars) Visual Effects Branch, Lyndon Barrois’ thirty-plus year career in art and animation is marked by a practice in many corners of the field. His early stop- motion work won him accolades while still a master's student at the California Institute of the Arts, for his unique and innovative procedure of using chewing gum wrappers as his medium of choice to create his “sportraits” of historic athletic figures and events. He continues that technique today, with the added component of shooting and editing his films entirely on iPhones.
In 1990, after officials from the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Museums saw an NBC Today Show segment highlighting Barrois' wondrous work, Ripley’s curators purchased 15 original sculptures, mostly from his Super Bowl series, and has displayed
his sportraits around the world ever since.
In later years, he would direct an episode of The PJs, help shape the spectacular, ground-breaking CGI visual effects of The Matrix Trilogy, direct sequences in the Oscar-winning Happy Feet, and supervise the nuanced dinosaur performances in the Tree of Life, garnering more film credits along the way. Barrois directed a massive team of animators for Alvin and the Chipmunks, vaulting the franchise into a billion- dollar phenomenon. He's also been recognized by the Visual Effects Society Awards with a nomination for his work on The Thing, as well as a captain and co-author in the VES industry guide book. He's also worked extensively in the filed of Virtual Reality, having co-founded Blackthorn Media and exhibiting titles at Sundance and Tribeca international film festivals.
In 2018 Barrois exhibited FútBallet, a miniature sculpture and animation installation at the Pérez Art Museum Miami in The World’s Game: Fútbol and Contemporary Art, an animated profile on author TaNehisi Coates for topic.com (@topicstories) which was shortlisted for a 2019 Emmy award, and Prizefighter, an animated sportrait recreating three pivotal days in the life of Jack Johnson, the first African American World Heavyweight champion, debuted on the film festival circuit. He followed that in 2019 with his Black Jockeys Praxinoscope at Quotidian Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, an animated music video for the young blues phenom Kingfish, which premiered on RollingStone.com, inclusion in Little Nemo’s Progress: Animation and Contemporary Art at the Oklahoma State Museum of Art, and recently exhibited For... Freedom, an animated short film commissioned by ForFreedoms.org that debuted at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary Museum in Los Angeles.
A native New Orleanian and graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana, Barrois’ career has spanned the globe. In addition to his deep background as an artist, animator, director, educator, and collector, Barrois has served on boards and formed donor affiliations with the Santa Monica Museum of Art (now ICALA), the William H. Johnson Foundation, YA/YA, Inc., CAAM, LACMA, MOCA Los Angeles, LA Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), LAXART, Studio Museum Harlem, The Mistake Room, etc. He also serves as a Commissioner for The National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC, a member on the Inclusion Task Force for the new Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Museum, and as a new board member of the California Institute of the Arts, his alma mater, continuing his artistic endeavors in exciting new capacities.
RyanCampbellHeRyancampbell@live.comLos AngelesCinematographer, Camera Dept.www.ryan-campbell.netOn my website
“When I’m camera operating, I am able to sense a close intimacy with the story or subject that not many people get to feel. To be in the middle of the action, to be in the middle of the emotion, to know that your every move will affect how the audience interprets the scene, is an art, an intuition, and an honored responsibility.” -Ryan Campbell

Ryan Campbell has been camera operating for over 15 years in an extremely broad spectrum of content, cameras, and equipment. From shoulder mounted to car mounted, from wheels to joysticks, he can do it. His career history, has been mainly rooted over the past 10 years as an IATSE Local 600 DIT/Phantom Technician for Vision Research’s high-speed cameras and as a specialist in the camera department. Chances are, if you’ve viewed commercials, ads online, TV promos, or just ads in national store displays, you’ve seen projects he has worked on.

Growing up, Ryan had the opportunity to live in very diverse weather, culture, and landscape. Originally born in Connecticut, then New Orleans with the busy sights and sounds, to a small farming town in Illinois with the rustic beauty found on farms and in nature. He then moved to Florida where his love for the ocean launched him into surfing and making surf videos at a young age. This passion led him to northern California where he rode the Santa Cruz waves and captured the rugged views and majestic sites of the surrounding coast and mountains. It is due to these life experiences and Ryan’s ability to absorb the moment, that he is able to envision and imagine the project and will find a way to capture the scene.

“I enjoy spreading knowledge and helping others. Even if I’m not positioned on your job, please feel free to contact me, at no charge, for a short consultation on your project. I can help point you to the right equipment, workflow, or solution. If for some reason it is beyond my knowledge or experience, I have several personal top industry contacts to answer any questions.” -Ryan Campbell
@R_Campbell(310) 427-2881
IATSE Local 600
SOC Associate
Camera Op
Ronin 2 Owner/Op/Tech
Master Wheels Owner/Op
MoVi (Pro/XL) Op/Tech
Maxima Tech
Underwater Tech
Drone Camera Op (I know pilots, but not a pilot myself)
Mobile Camera Platform Op
AntiGravity Op
Phantom Flex4K Owner/Tech
AshleyAdamsSheAna3g@mtmail.mtsu.eduLos AngelesSound dept., PA
Los AngelesWriter, Directorhttps://directorlux.myportfolio.com/https://directorlux.myportfolio.com/
Writer-Director. They say I'm super fun to work with! I'll get it done on time, under budget & with a smile. =)
@directorlux@directorluxHire black women at all costs!
RraineHansonShehansonrraine@gmail.comLos AngelesWardrobe, Art Dept.rrainehanson.com
I’m a big fan of TV shows, music videos and everything in between, who’s passionate about design and excited to collaborate.
ElanTeodorowiczHeElan_t@icloud.comSan Francisco Bay AreaArt Dept., Visual Arts/Painting/Sculpting
Atlanta (World Traveler)
Writer, Director, Actor, Cinematographer, Editor, Visual Arts/Painting/Sculpting, Photographer
www.sumnslight.comFeel what is imagined @sumnslight
LA/ NYCWriter, Producerwww.critical-findings.com https://vimeo.com/351296975 pw: abc123
Kiera Bratton-Lewis is a graduate of Ithaca College, with BAs in both Philosophy and Politics, studied folklore in Oman, and worked as a consultant to the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland. She is founder of Critical Findings an independent film & tv production company based in New York City and has worked on films for the Coen Brothers, James Schamus, Todd Haynes, Colin Trevorrow, M. Night Shymalan, and Dee Rees during her time in NYC. The short film SEE THROUGH which Kiera produced and story edited, was selected for the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, Court Metrage and the short film CRICK IN THE HOLLER which is produced won the IFP Audience Award in 2017.
XavierBurginHequethelights@gmail.comLos AngelesWriter, Directorhttp://www.quethelights.com/director
Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror - A Shudder/AMC Original Feature Documentary
Film: https://www.shudder.com/movies/watch/horror-noire-a-history-of-black-horror/4548652

On Time - A mother must make a difficult decision when she’s late for a job interview. | HBO Short Film, SAG AFTRA Short Film Showcase, Issa Rae Presents #ShortFilmSundays

Olde E - A rising basketball star is on the brink of recruitment. But his father pushes him too far. | Ryan Murphy Director’s Showcase, Student Academy Awards Semifinalist

Other - A Short Film About Black America’s Two Voices | Featured on Shadow & Act, Bossip, & Colorlines/RaceFoward

Giants 204: Lights Out - A citywide blackout unexpectedly brings everyone together, strengthening some bonds and threatening others. | Emmy Winning Digital Series, Now on TV One/CleoTV

Giants 207: Okay In the Silence - Malachi returns home to Georgia in an attempt to get his life back on track. | Emmy Winning Series, One Hour Special, Now on TV One/CleoTV

A Black Twitter Date - Black Twitter tags along on a date | 1million+ views on Facebook

Mr.Hall's Interview - A Film About Workplace Discrimination

Directing Reel: http://www.vimeo.com/xay/directingreel

For More Work: http://www.quethelights.com/director
Xavier Burgin is an Emmy-nominated writer/director from USC's School of Cinematic Arts. He’s the Director of Shudder’s first original documentary, Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror. He’s a Sundance Fellow, HBO alumni, Ryan Murphy Half Fest alum, semi-finalist for The Student Academy Awards, a quarterfinalist for The Academy Nicholl Fellowship, and a director for the Emmy nominated series, Giants.
My Shudder documentary is free to watch right now: https://www.shudder.com/movies/watch/horror-noire-a-history-of-black-horror/4548652
Los AngelesWriter, Directorpending
New York native Razzaaq Boykin graduated from the University of Michigan with a BA in Film and Video Studies. Shorty after graduating, his journey continued in Los Angeles where he gained experience in development, pre and post-production and distribution, which ultimately landed him at Sony Pictures for the past six years. He has consistently developed feature scripts, worked on productions and directed his own projects over the past 15 years.
ChristopherHallHejordan@siege.mediaSan Francisco Bay Area
Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Colorist, Camera Dept., Music Composition/Production
Hey everyone! We are a SF based production company and crew and are excited to be here. I've been filming since 9 years old and come equipped with a red Helium 8K package, grip lighting, camera rigging, Motorized Dana Dolly, shoulder rigs etc, as well as 2 full coloring, editing, vfx suites. I'm excited to be a part of any upcoming projects you guys might have!
Dallas, TXWriter, Director, ProducerN/Ahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K63BiQtejfE&t=6s
Calvin J Walker is an award-winning filmmaker with the heart and pen of a poet. More importantly, he’s an artivist. In 2012, Calvin wrote and produced his first short film, The Most Beautiful Flower Blooms in Winter. Since that time, Calvin has produced work within several mediums: film, television, stage, and digital. His work has received acclaim domestically and internationally. He’s a sought after writer; working with producers in Denmark, Africa, and Atlanta. Calvin strives to tell stories that focus on social justice, spirituality, and mental health. He’s a self-taught filmmaker hailing from Dallas, TX. He is a husband and father to three.

Anthony Kimata HeKimata86@gmail.comLos Angeles CinematographerIamkimata.comiamkimata
ShawnCortelHeshawncortel@gmail.comNYCWriter, Director, Actor, Producerwww.shawncortel.com
Shawn Cortel, was raised in the heartland of America, Iowa. Starting a young age he studied music and acting, when his spontaneous growth spurts put him at a towering 6’4” sports took precedence. Shawn became a top tier athlete and in his junior year of high school an opportunity to perform lead him back into the arts. He followed that passion and holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from, Pepperdine University, and post college has studied at: Krater Studios, Nina Murano Studio, Donna Deseta Casting, Imagined Life Studio(one-on-one with Dianna Castle), Michael Howard Studios and with Paul Lincoln for voice. Shawn, is a member of SAG-AFTRA, AEA, AGMA, and has worked as a principle performer on: CBS, NBC, STARZ, truTV, indie films, commercials, Off-Broadway, and music videos. Shawn’s first short film, Drop-Off, has gained acclaim in the film festival circuit nationally and internationally. He currently resides in New York.
MilanBoyerShemarb426@gmail.comPhoenix, AZ
Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Camera Dept.
GerelRuffinHeKiirus4843@gmail.comMarylandCinematographer, Editorwww.kiirusly.art
Los Angeles, California Writer, ActorIMDB Dejean Deterville Dejeanmustard1DejeanmustardSinger/Guitarist
Oakland, ca but will travel
Cinematographer, Camera Dept., Grip Dept., Electrical Dept.
TonyNelsonHetv@thefilmonger.comOakland, Ca
Director, Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Camera Dept.
I am Tony Nelson but also known by the artist name Tony Veritas (TV). I am a professional photographer and cinematographer currently working in California's Bay Area. I specialize in content creation and media production but also well-versed in music videos, events/weddings, and more. I also have extensive experience acting on stage and transitioning into screen acting as well. Overall, I provide a unique and eclectic taste to any art form I approach and look forward to collaborating with you soon.
www.instagram.com/0fficial.tvGod is Great
JoseLuceroHethejose365@gmail.comOaklandArt Dept.www.joselucero.workwww.joselucero.workwww.joselucero.worklucero365nono
DexxBroughton HeCineCTRL@Gmail.comSan JoseWriter, Director, Cinematographer, Camera Dept.www.Vimeo.com/CineDexxhttps://vimeo.com/391714227@CineDexx @CineDexx
Writer, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Photographer, Editor, Colorist, Camera Dept.
Huntthebay.comWebsitehttps://www.huntthebay.com/hunter-cates-abouthttps://instagram.com/hunt_the_bayI’m open to new opportunities and would love to work on something!