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Season 19/17/2019BT101Jennifer AngierS1 E1: Jennifer Angier on The Deeds of MercySeason 1, Episode 1: Meadows Behavioral Healthcare's Vice President of addiction services, Jennifer Angier, sits down with host David Condos to unpack the concepts of grace, mercy and amends and explore what they can teach us about recovery and the darkness and light found in all humanity.

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9/24/2019BT102Gene RossS1 E2: Gene Ross on the Illusion of Avoiding PainSeason 1, Episode 2: Gene Ross, Director of Outpatient Services for The Meadows in Dallas, Texas, sits down with me to discuss why our attempts to avoid pain are not only unsuccessful, but can also damage our mental health and lead us to substance use.

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10/1/2019BT103Pia Mellody 1S1 E3: Pia Mellody on the History of The MeadowsSeason 1, Episode 3: Meadows Senior Fellow Pia Mellody sits down with host David Condos for the first segment of an exclusive two-part conversation. In this episode, she walks us through her early days with The Meadows and how that experience led her to develop the renowned Meadows Model. O'SheaJennifer AngierAditi DesaiJean Collins-StuckertPia Mellody 3
10/8/2019BT104Pia Mellody 2S1 E4: Pia Mellody on the Meadows ModelSeason 1, Episode 4: Meadows Senior Fellow Pia Mellody sits down with host David Condos for the conclusion of this two-part conversation. Today, she takes a deep dive into her model of developmental immaturity and explains how understanding our childhood trauma can help us become more functional adults. GreenleafInvia BetjosephMike Gurr
Stefanie Carnes 1
10/15/2019BT105Selena StockleyS1 E5: Selena Stockley on Family Dynamics Across Cultures Season 1, Episode 5: Selena Stockley, Executive Director of Serenity View, joins host David Condos to talk about how family dynamics influence our views of addiction and mental health and how we can start the honest conversations that inspire recovery. Brock?Tori FarrisSean Walsh
Stefanie Carnes 2
10/22/2019BT106TJ WoodwardS1 E6: TJ Woodward on Awakening the ConsciousnessSeason 1, Episode 6: Spiritual author and speaker TJ Woodward sits down with Meadows editorial director Wendy Lee Nentwig to talk about how awakening our consciousness can help us unlearn the false beliefs that are holding us back. WhitneyWhitney Howzell
Kevin McCauley 1
10/29/2019BT107Dr. Stefanie Carnes 1S1 E7: Dr. Stefanie Carnes on Furthering Her Father’s LegacySeason 1, Episode 7: Meadows Senior Fellow Dr. Stefanie Carnes joins host David Condos to reveal how growing up as the daughter of sex addiction treatment pioneer Patrick Carnes inspired her to reach the women who are often left out of the conversation around intimacy issues. Phelps?Deirdre Stewart
Kevin McCauley 2
11/5/2019BT108Dr. Stefanie Carnes 2S1 E8: Dr. Stefanie Carnes on the Impact of Intimacy IssuesSeason 1, Episode 8: Meadows Senior Fellow Dr. Stefanie Carnes joins host David Condos for the conclusion of their two-part conversation. In this episode, she unpacks how intimacy issues develop, how sex addiction hurts partners and families, and how everyone involved can find healing. Morrisette?Jim CorringtonClaudia Black 1
11/12/2019BT109Dr. Whitney HowzellS1 E9: Dr. Whitney Howzell on the Blurred World of Young AdultsSeason 1, Episode 9: Whitney Howzell, Clinical Director of the Claudia Black Center, sits down with host David Condos to explore the blurred world young adults are growing up in, how that environment affects their development, and how she helps them find connection and support.
Dave Smith
Hannah Carrizosa (send preview to Jean)
Claudia Black 2
11/19/2019BT110Mike GurrS1 E10: Mike Gurr on When Food Is the EnemySeason 1, Episode 10: Executive Director of The Meadows Ranch, Mike Gurr, joins host David Condos to discuss the life-and-death situations facing women with eating disorders and how his team helps patients and their families build a sustainable, healthy relationship with food.
Nick Jaworski
Kristin Kirkpatrick
11/26/2019BT111Noah benSheaS1 E11: Noah benShea on the Strength of VulnerabilitySeason 1, Episode 11: Best-selling author and speaker Noah benShea sits down with Meadows Chief Creative Officer Lee Pepper to unpack why being vulnerable is often the first step toward healing yourself and healing others.
Nora Snoddy (Marketing Strategy Consultant)
Peter Levine 1
12/3/2019BT112Aditi DesaiS1 E12: Aditi Desai on Bringing Yoga to Diverse PopulationsSeason 1, Episode 12: Aditi Desai, yoga teacher at the Meadows Outpatient Center in Silicon Valley, California, sits down with host David Condos to shine a light on yoga’s ability to heal us – not just physically, but also psychologically – and she shares the practical steps she takes to offer yoga to vulnerable populations in a trauma-sensitive way.
Mel PohlPeter Levine 2
12/10/2019BT113Dr. Kevin McCauley 1S1 E13: Dr. Kevin McCauley on America's Criminalization of AddictionSeason 1, Episode 13: Meadows senior fellow Dr. Kevin McCauley shares the journey he’s traveled from the heights of the US Navy to the depths of a prison cell and explains how that experience drives him to push for changing the justice system’s punitive approach to addiction.
Cathy MalchiodiJenni Schaeffer
12/17/2019BT114Dr. Kevin McCauley 2S1 E14: Dr. Kevin McCauley on How Neuroscience Could Help Beat AddictionSeason 1, Episode 14: For this season finale episode, Meadows senior fellow Dr. Kevin McCauley unpacks the complex social and psychological forces that perpetuate addiction and the emerging brain science that offers hope for recovery.
Jack CanfieldTian Dayton 1
David Haase? (at MaxWell Clinic in Brentwood)
Tian Dayton 2
Season 22/25/2020BT201Dr. Claudia BlackS2 E1: Dr. Claudia Black on the Family Dynamics of AddictionSeason 2, Episode 1: Today, the story of Dr. Claudia Black, who’s been a pioneer in trauma and substance use treatment for over 40 years. As someone who grew up around addiction, she knows how that environment can affect children. So now as a trainer, speaker, and author, how does she use her own experience to help each unique family find recovery? You can find out more about Claudia's story and her books, including It Will Never Happen to Me and Unspoken Legacy, at To check out more episodes of the Beyond Theory podcast and find all kinds of other resources and tools from Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, visit
3/3/2020BT202Dr. Claudia BlackS2 E2: Dr. Claudia Black on How Childhood Trauma Affects Young AdultsSeason 2, Episode 2: Today, I’m joined again by Dr. Claudia Black, the clinical architect of the Claudia Black Center or CBC in Wickenburg, Arizona. As a pioneer in treating trauma and families, how does she think that young adults and the challenges they face have changed – or not changed – in her four decades in this work? You can learn more about Dr. Black's team at CBC, visit To check out more episodes of the Beyond Theory podcast and find all kinds of other resources and tools from Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, visit
3/10/2020BT203Irene JacobsS2 E3: Irene Jacobs on Rebuilding Intimacy After TraumaSeason 2, Episode 3: As the clinical director at Willow House, Irene Jacobs sees first-hand how women’s lives can be damaged by sexual assault and toxic relationships. So how does she help them recover from this trauma and develop healthy views of what intimacy should be?
3/17/2020BT204Marcus WhitneyS2 E4: Marcus Whitney on Furthering Innovation and Equity in HealthcareSeason 2, Episode 4: As a healthcare entrepreneur and advisor, Marcus Whitney gets to use his own experience with technology and mental health to advance the healthcare field. So what does he think will it take to bring forward-thinking innovation and racial equity to behavioral health?
3/24/2020BT205Jeff ReidS2 E5: Jeff Reid on Finding Inspiration in Ancient WisdomSeason 2, Episode 5: In 2007, Jeff Reid left his hometown in Rhode Island to travel halfway across the world and study martial arts in China’s Wudang Mountains. So what did he discover there? And what do those ancient practices offer for people recovering from addiction and mental health issues today?
3/31/2020BT206Sean WalshS2 E6: Sean Walsh on Changing the Narrative Around Behavioral HealthSeason 2, Episode 6: When Sean Walsh began his recovery journey in the late 1990s, he could never have imagined where it would take him. So now as he leads Meadows Behavioral Healthcare into the future, how does he hope to change the way we think about addiction, trauma, and mental health... and the relationship those issues have with healthcare?
4/7/2020BT207Kristin KirkpatrickS2 E7: Kristin Kirkpatrick on How Food Affects MoodSeason 2, Episode 7: With all the fad diets and complex studies out there, it can be hard to know what to eat. So how does nutritionist Kristin Kirkpatrick use her Fuel Well program to help those recovering from addiction and mental health issues at the Meadows campus in Wickenburg, AZ? And what can that teach us about how food affects our mood?
4/14/2020BT208Dave SmithS2 E8: Dave Smith on Mindfulness and Emotional IntelligenceSeason 2, Episode 8: When Dave Smith was dealing with his own addiction, the Buddhist principles of meditation and mindfulness helped him build a new life. So, now as a teacher and author, how does he use what he’s learned to help others overcome their trauma and discover emotional intelligence?
4/21/2020BT209Bryan NguyenS2 E9: Bryan Nguyen on Finding Connection in Silicon ValleySeason 2, Episode 9: In Silicon Valley’s fast-paced tech industry, the drive to achieve often overrides the need for self-care. So as the director of the Meadows outpatient center there, how does Bryan Nguyen help people in his community learn to slow down, take care of themselves and connect with others?
4/28/2020BT210Nora SnoddyS2 E10: Nora Snoddy on How Marketing Can Further the Behavioral Health ConversationSeason 2, Episode 10: As a marketing strategy consultant and mental health advocate, Nora Snoddy believes in using marketing as a force for good. So, how does she help behavioral health organizations educate and connect with the public in a way that breaks down complex issues and fights the stigma that keeps people from seeking help?
5/5/2020BT211Dr. Cathy MalchiodiS2 E11: Dr. Cathy Malchiodi on Healing the Mind With ImaginationSeason 2, Episode 11: After experiencing trauma, it can be challenging to start talking about what happened. But one way to overcome that is to find other ways to express yourself. So as an art therapist, how does Dr. Cathy Malchiodi use color, sound, and movement to help people tell their stories and start to heal?
5/12/2020BT212Dr. Jon Caldwell
S2 E12: LIVE Podcast with Dr. Jon Caldwell on Leaning Into Fear During COVID-19
Season 2, Episode 12: As Chief Medical Officer with The Meadows, Dr. Jon Caldwell knows how easily anxiety can overwhelm us. This is especially true in a time of uncertainty like the COVID-19 pandemic. But instead of running from fear, what if we lean into it? Can confronting the reality of our own powerlessness actually loosen fear’s grip?
5/19/2020BT213Dr. Peter LevineS2 E13: Dr. Peter Levine on How Trauma Changes Our Minds and BodiesSeason 2, Episode 13: Over the past 45 years, Dr. Peter Levine's pioneering work in the study of stress and trauma has shaped the way we understand our minds and our bodies. But what drove him to study psychology and medicine in the first place? And what does he think will be the next breakthrough in healing trauma?
5/26/2020BT214Dr. Peter LevineS2 E14: Dr. Peter Levine on Waking the TigerSeason 2, Episode 14: When Dr. Peter Levine began studying trauma in the 1970s, he noticed that humans react to stress differently than every other mammal. So, how did that discovery inspire his best-selling book Waking the Tiger? And what can learning about an animal’s response to trauma teach us about healing the wounds in our own minds?
Season 32/16/2021BT301Jack CanfieldS3 E1: Jack Canfield on the Power of Story and LanguageSeason 3 Episode 1: Jack Canfield found success through a lifetime of listening, something that fueled his work as the co-creator of the best-selling “Chicken Soup For the Soul” book series. His early life was marked by feelings of inferiority and limiting beliefs, but he learned to take responsibility for his life. He's helping others do the same with his latest book, “The 30-Day Sobriety Solution."
3/2/2021BT302Jim CorringtonS3 E2: Jim Corrington on Spirituality In RecoverySeason 3, Episode 2: Executive Director of Outpatient Services at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare Jim Corrington has 36 years of sobriety, and it’s that personal connection paired with more than three decades of professional experience that make him an expert in the field of addiction and recovery. During graduate school, Corrington wanted to dive deeper into 12-Step terminology and ask, “What is the difference between somebody who gets well and somebody who doesn’t?” Today, his work centers on helping people find unique, tailor-made “recipes” for sobriety, giving them a better chance of reaching their recovery goals.
3/16/2021BT303Dr. Erica SarrS3 E3: Dr. Erica Sarr on Sex Addiction and RecoverySeason 3, Episode 3: Clinical Psychologist Erica Sarr takes a sex-positive approach to her work as Clinical Director at Gentle Path, where she helps men dealing with compulsive and disruptive sexual behaviors. With the continuing commercialization of sex in our culture and the “lurid” connotations attached to it in much of society, Dr. Sarr recognizes the power in opening up the conversation in order to move men with sexual addiction issues — and all of us — toward healthy sexuality.
3/30/2021BT304Jenni SchaeferS3 E4: Jenni Schaefer on Anorexia: Americas Greatest Mental DisorderSeason 3, Episode 4: Eating disorder recovery advocate Jenni Schaefer draws on her personal experience and vast research to help others dealing with one of America's deadliest mental health disorders. Schaefer knows firsthand the damage eating disorders can do, and she takes a holistic view on these topics, knowing there may be a connection to trauma or other co-occurring conditions. Through her work as an author and speaker, she challenges the very foundations of diagnosis and treatment to help people get the care they deserve.
4/6/2021BT305Dr. Tian DaytonS3 E5: Dr. Tian Dayton on Mirroring Drunken DynamicsSeason 3, Episode 5: Dr. Tian Dayton is a clinical psychologist focused on the trauma that is stored in our own bodies. Having grown up with an alcoholic father, she learned firsthand. that we tend to mirror and play out the drunken dynamics we observed in childhood. In part one of this two-part episode, Dr. Dayton explains how the practice of psychodrama can help people get to the core of their addictions and trauma.
4/13/2021BT306Dr. Tian DaytonS3 E6: Dr. Tian Dayton on Helping Adult Children Of AlcoholicsSeason 3, Episode 6: In part two of our conversation with Dr. Tian Dayton, she talks about helping adult children of alcoholics. The assumption used to be that addiction didn’t affect the family, It only affected the addict. We now know that unnamed pain leaves a lasting mark on the entire family, and Dr. Dayton seeks to help those affected by addiction unpack their past to create a better future.
4/27/2021BT307Tori FarrisS3 E7: Tori Farris on Art Therapy, Symbolism & Our BrainsSeason 3, Episode 7: Tori Farris is a holistic healing specialist who uses expressive arts therapy to unlock and heal brains locked down by trauma. She was profoundly influenced by her own study of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices. Centered around symbolism, an accepted part of civilization and a natural process of the human brain, Tori connected the dots and found creative applications for clinical work.
5/11/2021BT308Neil StraussS3 E8: Neil Strauss on Relationships, Sex, & TraumaSeason 3, Episode 8: Neil Strauss is a bestselling author and award-winning journalist. After telling the stories of countless people living wild lives and wrestling with their demons, Neil found himself facing his own issues. He has written about the topic of relationships in two recent books, and how he sits down with us to talk about how relationships, sex, and trauma are all connected.
5/25/2021BT309Hannah CarrizosaS3 E9: Hannah Carrizoza on Unlocking Emotions and Healthy DetachmentSeason 3, Episode 9: As activities coordinator at The Meadows, Hannah Carrizoza focuses on experiential therapies to help people unlock their emotions. Although she was an athletic teenager, she suffered from body dysmorphia and even developed an eating disorder. In this episode, Hannah talks to us about developing healthy detachment from the chatter of the mind through the practice of yoga.
5/25/2021BT309Dr. Mel PohlS3 E9: Dr. Mel Pohl on Chronic Pain and Healing Without OpioidsSeason 3, Episode 9: Dr. Mel Pohl is a fellow with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the Chief Medical Officer at the Las Vegas Recovery Center. A lifetime of experience has taught him about the true nature of pain, and he is challenging the way the medical industry views and diagnoses pain as he works to finding relief for people with chronic pain without the use of opioids.
6/8/2021BT310Invia BetjosephS3 E10: Invia Betjoseph on Addiction & IsolationSeason 3, Episode 10: A marriage & family therapist and sex addiction therapist, Dr. Invia Betjoseph is helping people see that addiction thrives in isolation and is fueled by stress, shame & unresolved trauma. Healing takes a paradigm shift and it means allowing ourselves to slow down in the fast-paced world we have created.
Season 49/21/2021BT401Gabriella WrightS4 E1: Gabriella Wright on Mental Hygiene and AwarenessSeason 4, Episode 1: Trauma can affect us in many ways, but what does it look like to turn that adversity into activism? Today we speak with actress and activist Gabriella Wright as she discusses how her past and the loss of her sister inspired her to lend her voice to help others.
9/28/2021BT402Jerry LawS4 E2: Dr. Jerry Law on Treating Addiction With Love, Caring, and ConcernSeason 4, Episode 2: When it comes to interventions, sometimes words like “ambush” and “shame” come to mind. When it comes to a person in recovery, it can make a challenging situation worse. However, Interventionist and Executive Director of The Meadows Dr. Jerry Law says that you start on the right foot toward recovery when you lead with love, caring, and concern.
10/5/2021BT403Resmaa MenakemS4 E3: Resmaa Menakem on Racialized Trauma (Part 1) Season 4, Episode 3: Following the death of George Floyd racialized trauma was reignited for people of color around the world. While many calls for social justice, others want to know how they can be allies for change. In this special two-part episode, we speak with Meadows senior fellow Resmaa Menakem about the effects of racialized trauma and the action steps that are needed for change.
10/12/2021BT404Resmaa MenakemS4 E4: Resmaa Menakem on Racialzed Trauma (Part 2) Season 4, Episode 4: As more bodies of culture express the importance of their mental health, many are learning more about the effects of racialized trauma. Today we conclude our two-part episode with Meadows Senior Fellow Resmaa Menakem as he explains how this trauma often plays out in society.
10/19/2021BT405Havi KangS4 E5: Havi Kang on Domestic Violence RecoverySeason 4, Episode 5: One in four women have experienced physical violence by an intimate partner during their lifetime, according to the National Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Survey. In this special two-part episode for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we speak with Willow House Clinical Director Havi Kang as she shares how domestic abuse not only includes violence but, unfortunately, so much more.
10/26/2021BT406Havi KangS4 E6 Havi Kang on Narcissism and GaslightingSeason 4, Episode 6: During the rise of the “Me Too” movement, the phrase “gaslighting” has become prominent in relation to the issues women face. In the conclusion of our conversation with Havi Kang, we discuss why it's important for women to seek treatment and ways she and her team provide a safe and nurturing environment for recovery.
11/2/2021BT407 Whitney HowzellS4 E7: Whitney Howzell on Pressures Young Adults Face Season 4, Episode 7: Transitioning from adolescence to adulthood is a very vulnerable time in a person’s life. When you add a global pandemic into the mix, it can make things even more complicated. Today, we bring back the Executive Director of the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, Dr. Whitney Howzell, who says that it is okay to have many questions when becoming an adult and that everything does not always have to fall in line perfectly.
11/9/2021BT408Erica TrocinoS4 E8: Erica Trocino on Eating DisordersSeason 4, Episode 8: For a long time, it was believed that eating disorders only afflicted a certain demographic. Some have even gone on to believe disorders like binge eating are not disorders at all. However, Erica Trocino, Clinical Director of The Meadows Ranch says those disorders are real but that their complexities are seen in many different groups and backgrounds. So how do you handle the many complex scenarios and provide the best possible care to achieve lasting recovery?
11/16/2021BT409Hamilton BaidenS4 E9: Hamilton Baiden on Recovery for Busy ProfessionalsSeason 4, Episode 9: Many high achievers in business want to seek treatment for their addiction. However, they may be hesitant due to fear of stigma among colleagues or not wanting to be away from their careers for too long. Heritage Health Solutions President Hamilton Biden says: “It doesn’t have to be that way and that everyone should have access to treatment.” But what is that look like?
11/30/2021BT410Josh UlrichS4 E10: Josh Ulrich on Virtual TherapySeason 4, Episode 10: Virtual intensive outpatient programs can provide flexibility for many in recovery due to busy schedules or not being comfortable physically being around other people. Josh Ulrich, Virtual Therapist for The Meadows Outpatient Center’s MBH Connect, says that it’s important to meet people where they are in order to put them on the right path to recovery. But if you choose a virtual option, could you be sacrificing care for the sake of convenience?
12/7/2021BT411Josh UlrichS4 E11: Josh Ulrich on Grief and LossSeason 4, Episode 11: How we deal with loss, whether it be the loss of a job or a loved one, can look many different ways. Josh Ulrich, Virtual Therapist for Meadows Behavioral Healthcare, says that whether you cry or don’t, get mad or don’t, as long you feel it or grieve as you live, then it’s perfectly fine. But what happens when we don’t feel it and we don’t address what we are feeling?
12/14/2021BT412Cassandra VietenS4 E12 Dr. Cassandra Vieten on Using Excercise to Improve Mental HealthSeason 4, Episode 12: There are many benefits to exercising. It can help with weight control, strengthen your bones and muscles, and improve your quality of sleep. But did you know it can also improve your mental health? Today, we speak with Dr. Cassandra Vieten about a new report from the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation and her insights on the connection between the two.
1/4/2022BT413Scott DavisS4 E13: Scott Davis On Treating What’s UnderneathSeason 4, Episode 13: Many times, when people seek treatment for trauma, they are addressing something that happened to them recently. However, there is often something that lies underneath that also needs to be addressed. Chief Clinical Director of Meadows Behavioral Healthcare Scott Davis makes the case that true recovery can only be reached when everything is addressed, not just the part a person is comfortable with. But how do you get a person to open up to meet them where they are?
1/11/2022BT414David HanscomS4 E14: David Hanscom on Living a Pain-Free LifeSeason 4, Episode 14: According to the CDC, In 2019, 20.4% of adults had chronic pain, and 7.4% of adults life or work activities in the past three months. Today, we talk to spinal surgeon Dr. David Hanscom says that you can solve your chronic pain with or without surgery.
1/18/2022BT415Mark BaumgartnerS4 E15: Mark Baumgartner on Connecting with PeopleSeason 4, Episode 15: Eye contact can communicate a lot when trying to engage with someone. Honesty, interest, and respect come to mind. Mark Baumgartner says that this is one of the tools he and his team use when meeting with patients online. But what other tools can be of use when providing the best treatment possible remotely?
1/25/2022BT416Victor BrickS4 E16 Victor Brick on Democratizing Mental Health Resources Season 4, Episode 16: Roughly 1 in 4 adults suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder each year, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. And for the relatives of those sufferers, it can be a stressful endeavor when trying to help. Victor Brick, the co-founder of the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation, says that his brother, John, who died from complications of schizophrenia, is the reason he advocates for mental health resources for all. &af_web_dp=
2/1/2022BT417Madelyn RouskuS4 E17: Madelyn Rousku on Vulnerability as a StrengthSeason 4, Episode 17: Being vulnerable can be a precarious proposition. Too often, one could perceive it as a sign of weakness or, worse, used against us. Dr. Madelyn Rousku says it takes courage to be vulnerable because it takes us to a place we often don't want to go. But can displaying our vulnerability also be a source of strength?
2/8/2022BT418Georgia FourlasS4 E18: Georgia Fourlas on the Root of AddictionSeason 4, Episode 18: The path to addiction has many layers. And when a patient has co-occurring disorders, those layers become more abundant and complex. Dr. Georgia Fourlas says that just treating the symptoms isn’t enough and that going to the root of the problem is the one true path to recovery. But what does it take to get to the root cause?
2/15/2022BT419Dr. Richard Schwartz S4 E19: Dr. Richard Schwartz on Internal Family SystemsSeason 4, Episode 19: All of us have these parts within us. Sometimes those parts build us up with positive affirmations. But some of them can be our harshest critics. Dr. Richard Schwartz says that the mind is naturally multiple, which is a good thing. But how are someone's parts differentiated from, say, multiple personality disorder?
2/22/2022BT420Dr. Patrick CarnesS4 E20: Patrick Carnes on Sex Addiction Season 4, Episode 20: Technology's purpose is to improve the quality of life for humanity. But unfortunately, in many ways, it has provided unintended consequences, for example, serving as stimuli for sex addiction. Dr. Patrick Carnes says that as technologies evolve, we must remain vigilant about this issue, especially when it comes to adolescents. But can vigilance and treatment practices evolve just as rapidly as technology?
9/30/2022BT501Phil RutherfordS5 E1: Phil Rutherford on Recovery AdvocacySeason 5, Episode 1: Advocacy. It's how we bring awareness to specific issues, marginalized communities, and more. However, what does that look like in practice? How can we ensure that our advocacy actually renders the change we’re looking for?

Today we speak with Phil Rutherford, Chief Operating Officer at Faces & Voices of Recovery, for this special International Recovery Day episode discussing his work and the importance of advocacy in the recovery community.
Season 510/4/2022BT502Ben ZobristS5 E2: Ben Zobrist on Pressure and AnxietySeason 5, Episode 2: Depression exhibits itself in many ways. For some, it's a feeling of hopelessness. For others, it can manifest itself in aches and pains. But what does it look like for a high-performing athlete? What happens when you reach the height of your sport and that anxiety still creeps in?

Today we speak with two-time World Series Champion and World Series MVP Ben Zobrist about his battle with depression and anxiety throughout his baseball career.

10/11/2022BT503Ben ZobristS5 E3: Ben Zobrist on Pressure and AnxietySeason 5, Episode 3: In the conclusion of our conversation with Ben Zobrist, he discusses in-depth the aftermath of winning the World Series. And later, Ben details what he thinks about the steps Major League Baseball is taking regarding its players and mental health.
10/18/2022BT504Amy Kennedy S5 E4: Amy Kennedy on Mental Health Advocacy in SchoolsSeason 5, Episode 4: Amy Kennedy is the co-founder of The Kennedy Forum, which leads a national dialogue on transforming mental health and addiction care in the U.S. Today, we speak with her about the importance of why there should be more mental health services in schools. Find out more about her work at
11/3/2022BT505Kristin Kirkpatrick S5 E5: Kristin Kirkpatrick on Body ShamingSeason 5, Episode 5: There is a concerning trend, and it doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. Even more concerning is that it appears no one is immune. Celebrities, news anchors, and even children. Why is this happening? What is the mental health impact? Today we speak with Meadows Senior Fellow, Kristin Kirkpatrick, about body shaming and where our focus should be. Later we discuss foods to consider as we age for positive mental health. 
11/11/2022BT506Kelly Walch and Cat CorchadoS5 E6: Challenges of Women VeteransSeason 5, Episode 6: When you decide to put the uniform on, it's one of the most honorable things you can do. To serve your country is to serve a cause bigger than yourself. You understand the sacrifices, but you also know you will be connected with potentially lifelong companions through a unique shared experience. That can be powerful. But what is life like when you come home? You have lived a certain lifestyle for many years only to a life where everything has changed. And for female veterans, there are often additional challenges. Today we speak with two military veterans who also happen to be women. MBH Connect therapist Kelly Walch, and Woven Community Relationships Ambassador and host of the Sister-in-Service podcast, Cat Corchado. Listen in as they discuss some of the challenges veterans face.
12/1/2022BT507Tracey Fuller and Naomi AdamsS5 E7: Tracey Fuller on Stress Around The HoildaysSeason 5, Episode 7
12/08/2022BT508Dr. Lesley Tate-GouldS5 E8: Lesley Tate-Gould on Season 5, Episode 8
12/15/2022BT509Dr. Elisa HalermanS5 E9: Elisha Hallerman on SoulbrietySeason 5, Episode 9
12/22/2022BT510Kelley KitleyS5 E10: Kelley Kitley On EscapismSeason 5, Episode 10
1/5/2023BT511Breanna MyliusS5 E11: Breanna Mylius on Hustle CultureSeason 5, Episode 11
01/12/2023BT512Britt FrankS5 E12: Britt Frank on Feeling StuckSeason 5, Episode 12
1/19/2023BT513Dr. Kevin McCauleyS5 E13: Kevin McCauley on FentanylSeason 5, Episode 13
01/26/2023BT514Bessell Van Der KolkS5 E14: Bessel Van Der Kolk on TraumaSeason 5, Episode 14
2/2/2023BT515Tamu LewisS5 E15: Tamu Lewis on Suicide and Non-Suicidal Self InjurySeason 5, Episode 15
Deran Young/Ester Nicholson/Sheldon Jacobs
PTSD and People of Color/Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome/Generational TraumaSeason 5, Episode 16
Season 69/29/2023BT601
Breanna MyliusAgeism
Eyerusalem Mulatu Spirituality in Recovery
Achea ReddAtypical Anorexia/Pressures of being an athlete's wife