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ArizonaMark KellyNot ruling it out"When he's elected, Mark will consider how any changes to the way the Senate does business could help improve the lives of Arizonans."28-Jun-20Huffpost
ArizonaKyrsten SinemaAgainstSinema not only opposes getting rid of the 60-vote filibuster threshold for legislation, she wants to restore the supermajority requirement for presidential nominees that has been weakened by both parties. "They will not get my vote on [nuking the filibuster]," Sinema said .... "In fact, whether I'm in the majority or the minority I would always vote to reinstate the protections for the minority. … It is the right thing for the country."29-Oct-19PoliticoTALLY
CaliforniaDianne FeinsteinNot ruling it out“Ideally the Senate can reach bipartisan agreement....But if that proves impossible and Republicans continue to abuse the filibuster by requiring cloture votes, I’m open to changing the way the Senate filibuster rules are used.”19-Mar-21New York TimesFor28
CaliforniaAlex PadillaForShifting from policy to procedure, Michaelson asked Padilla his stance on the Senate filibuster, a practice which many Democrats, including former President Barack Obama have called to be done away with. Padilla agreed that the practice, which allows a member to extend debate until 60 Senators vote to invoke cloture, should be discarded.23-Dec-20Fox 11 Los AngelesAgainst3
ColoradoMichael BennetFor"I'm committed to making sure that (Minority Leader) Mitch McConnell can't obstruct the business of the American people again," Bennet said.24-Mar-21Colorado PoliticsNot ruling it out18
ColoradoJohn HickenlooperNot ruling it out"I would listen to any rule change. I certainly think the way the filibuster is being used now is a joke."28-Jun-20HuffpostUnclear1
ConnecticutRichard BlumenthalFor"I continually to advocate, not just reform, but abolishing it because I think it obstructs the majority," said Blumenthal. "At this moment, we need to get stuff done to meet the unparalleled pandemic and economic crisis that we face in this country."26-Jan-21CT Post
ConnecticutChris MurphyForSen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut said he favors reforming Senate procedure. But he wouldn't elaborate on how that happens. I don't think that it's consistent with the preservation of American democracy as it's used today, Murphy said. "There are lots of different possibilities to reform the filibuster...I think we need to focus on the elections first and then see where we are."5-Aug-20Business Insider
DelawareTom CarperAgainstSome Democratic senators still believe they can gather enough Republican support to keep the filibuster and legislate effectively, especially on job-creating measures like infrastructure funding. "These are bipartisan issues," said Senator Tom Carper.20-Aug-20New York Times
DelawareChris CoonsNot ruling it out"I have long spoken in defense of the filibuster," Coons said. "What I've said was it — and this is very hypothetical — if Joe Biden is the president, if there is a Democratic majority, I won't stand by for four years, and allow every effort to make progress to be blocked."5-Aug-20Business Insider
GeorgiaJon OssoffNot ruling it out"Has said he's open to eliminating the filibuster."28-Jun-20Huffpost
GeorgiaRaphael WarnockNot ruling it out"Told HuffPost that they were still studying the issue."28-Jun-20Huffpost
HawaiiBrian SchatzFor"It's time to trash the Jim Crow filibuster."25-Feb-21Schatz statement
HawaiiMazie HironoFor"I would support getting rid of the filibuster to pass H.R.1. I do think we should look at filibuster reform first and go to the talking filibuster, which is what most Americans think about when they think of a filibuster."29-Mar-21MSNBC
IllinoisDick DurbinFor"I can tell you that's where I'm leaning. I will tell you, I have been frustrated for a hell of a long time because of this filibuster."21-Aug-20Yahoo News
IllinoisTammy DuckworthNot ruling it out"I don't know how we return to where things were before both Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell decided to do the various versions of the nuclear option. I do think that it is pretty harmful when certain laws pass with a simple majority, because then folks in the minority don't have their voice. And our system is set up so that those in a minority should have a voice. But the question then is, should those folks have the ultimate blockage to keep the majority from moving forward? So I don't know where we are on that yet."16-Jul-20New York Times
MaineAngus KingNot ruling it out"As we enter this new Congress with a new president and a new Senate majority (barely), the question for me is how Mitch McConnell and his Republican colleagues will play their hand; if they are willing to work to find compromise and consensus on important initiatives (infrastructure, voting rights or immigration reform, for example), the importance of getting rid of the filibuster diminishes. If, on the other hand, they just say no, the necessity — and likelihood — of filibuster reform would only increase. That is to say, in large measure the outcome is in their hands."24-Mar-21Washington Post
MarylandBen CardinFor“I would be prepared to eliminate the filibuster, but I don’t think you have the votes in the Senate to do it,” Cardin said in an interview. “I’m trying to find a bipartisan buy-in to reforming the Senate. I think that’s far healthier.”15-Mar-21Washington Post
MarylandChris Van HollenFor"Americans should not be robbed of a living wage by archaic Senate rules and procedures—including the filibuster."26-Feb-21Van Hollen statement
MassachusettsElizabeth WarrenFor"That means when Democrats have the White House again, if Mitch McConnell tries to do what he did to President Obama, and puts small-minded partisanship ahead of solving the massive problems facing this country, then we should get rid of the filibuster."5-Apr-19CNN
MassachusettsEd MarkeyFor"The filibuster must go," Sen. Ed Markey told WBUR recently. "It's something that's rooted in a racist past, and it's used today as a way of blocking the progressive agenda, which President Biden is proposing — [including] environmental justice, racial justice, economic justice."3-Feb-21WBUR
MichiganDebbie StabenowNot ruling it outSenate Dem Debbie Stabenow says Dems now need to have a serious discussion about nuking the filibuster — "there are really important things like voting rights that can't be done through reconciliation."6-Mar-21Statement to reporter
MichiganGary PetersNot ruling it outSeveral Democrats such as Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan said on Tuesday they were focused on winning the Senate in November and that they would "wait and see" on the filibuster question.5-Aug-20Business Insider
MinnesotaAmy KlobucharFor"I would get rid of the filibuster," Klobuchar says. "I have favored filibuster reform for a long time and now especially for this critical election bill."3-Mar-21Mother Jones
MinnesotaTina SmithFor"I believe that the filibuster should be abolished in all cases, not just for any particular piece of legislation."4-Mar-21Minneapolis Star-Tribune
MontanaJon TesterNot ruling it outNR: So you could potentially be open now to getting rid of the legislative filibuster?

Sen. Tester: "Well, look. I mean, I've always been open to everything. I didn't come here to not do anything. I came here to get things accomplished. And if people are willing to work together, I'm willing to work with them, and we'll get some stuff accomplished..I think the filibuster serves an important purpose, but I also think that if there's a lot of stonewalling that goes on, it doesn't leave me a lot of choice."
22-Sep-20National Review
NevadaCatherine Cortez MastoForU.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.) called to reform the legislative filibuster, calling specifically for the implementation of the "talking filibuster," which would require any Senator who wishes to filibuster – or block – legislation to do so by publicly speaking on and holding the Senate floor.9-Mar-21Cortez Masto statement
NevadaJacky RosenNot ruling it out“I do not think we should fully eliminate the filibuster,” Rosen said in a statement provided by her office. “It’s one of the few things that we have left in the Senate that allows all voices to be heard. But I am open to looking at and discussing reform proposals, like the talking filibuster, so we can get back to talking to each other and effectively governing on behalf of the American people.”27-Mar-21Nevada Independent
New HampshireJeanne ShaheenFor"I think we should look at ways to reform the filibuster, but I don't think getting rid of it is the best approach."25-Mar-21CNN
New HampshireMaggie HassanForNew Hampshire's junior Democratic senator, Maggie Hassan, who faces a tough reelection bid next year, also has "concerns about eliminating the filibuster," a spokesperson said, though backs some reforms.25-Mar-21CNN
New JerseyBob MenendezFor"Steve Sandberg, Menendez's spokesman, said the senator is supportive of reinstating the "talking filibuster" proposed by Biden"
New JerseyCory BookerFor"I don't think I can effectively make that argument of why we should preserve the filibuster at this moment in history, days before we see a decision being made that could so hurt voting rights and health care and LGBTQ rights and women's access to reproductive care and abortion care."23-Oct-20Atlantic
New MexicoBen Ray LujanFor"For me, my constituents supported me knowing that I support filibuster reform. And so I'm going to come here and hope that that's a tool that we can use."4-Mar-21Roll Call
New MexicoMartin HeinrichFor"The filibuster should be abolished or, at the very least, reformed to force senators to physically hold the floor to extend debate."18-Mar-21Heinrich statement
New YorkChuck SchumerNot ruling it out"Nothing's off the table."21-Jul-20Huffpost
New YorkKirsten GillibrandFor"I'm of the view that we should eliminate the filibuster despite all the risks," Gillibrand said.3-Mar-21The Telegraph
OhioSherrod BrownFor"We've got to eliminate the filibuster"10-Sep-20The Atlantic
OregonRon WydenFor
On the filibuster, Wyden said he supports a "talking filibuster" which requires Congress members to remain on the floor and continue to speak or else a vote may be called.

"If Mitch McConnell is interested in obstructing for obstructing sake, then you have to act," Wyden said.
16-Jan-21The Hill
OregonJeff MerkleyFor"And if that means changing or abolishing the current Senate requirement for a supermajority to close debate and pass policy legislation—often referred to as a "filibuster"—then that is what we must do."29-Mar-21Portland Tribune
PennsylvaniaBob CaseyFor"Our democracy is at stake here. I'm ready to work with my Republican colleagues, but should the 60-vote rule (filibuster) continue to be abused against widely popular policies, then we must eliminate – or at the very least reform – the filibuster."9-Apr-21Casey statement
Rhode IslandJack ReedNot ruling it out"I'm focused on the Senate passing legislation that addresses the pandemic, the economy, our defense and our environment," said Senator Jack Reed, Democrat of Rhode Island. "The onus is on Senate Minority Leader McConnell. He can either be a constructive part of that effort or create a wall of partisan obstruction and further threaten the Senate's traditions."26-Jan-21New York Times
Rhode IslandSheldon WhitehouseNot ruling it out"I suppose Republican intransigence could ultimately provoke me to that," said Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, adding that it's premature to make a decision now.5-Aug-20Business Insider
VermontPatrick LeahyAgainstTaylor continued, "And so some of them are suggesting that the Senate should get rid of the legislative filibuster. What's your view of that?"

"No, I think that -- I agree with Thomas Jefferson [who] said, you know, it's the saucer where things cool," Leahy responded. "What I want to do though is see us come back to voting on things."
VermontBernie SandersFor"We must pass a comprehensive agenda to guarantee the rights and dignity of everyone in this country. And that means, among other things, reauthorizing and expanding the Voting Rights Act, for which Congressman John Lewis put his life on the line. As President Obama said, if that requires us to eliminate the filibuster, then that is what we must do."30-Jul-20Sanders statement
VirginiaMark WarnerNot ruling it out"I am hopeful that the Senate can work together to address the enormous challenges facing the country without resorting to drastic measures like eliminating the filibuster."5-Feb-21Constituent letter
VirginiaTim KaineFor"I'm very open to it. Look, I was governor of a state with two legislatures and everything is operated by simple majority. It works fine,"25-Jun-20The Hill
WashingtonPatty MurrayNot ruling it out"We will see. If they don't, and they just continue to be a smaller and smaller constituency party that just says no to everything and who is willing to live under one loud man's tweets, then it's detrimental and we'll have to have to figure out how I move forward, how we as a country move forward, how I can best represent the interests and fight for what's important in Washington state."18-Feb-21KUOW
WashingtonMaria CantwellUnclear"Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell also has taken no public position on the filibuster"12-Oct-20Seattle Times
West VirginiaJoe ManchinNot ruling it out"If you want to make it a little bit more painful, make him stand there and talk, I'm willing to look at any way we can. But I'm not willing to take away the involvement of the minority."7-Mar-20Slate
WisconsinTammy BaldwinFor"Recently, the threat of filibuster has been used far too often and as a result political obstructionism in the United States Senate is now worse than it has ever been. The people of Wisconsin and our state's progressive tradition deserve better."22-Jan-13Baldwin statement