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Your question or comment about an idea or ideas presented in "Effective Academic Essays II-III" (pages 30-33)
9/25/2014 19:07:09
5812 (5:45)
mariaFor the Filling: Evidence and Explanation part, how many facts, example or quotations are needed? What is the recommended number?Great question!
At least ONE piece of evidence + an explanation for the evidence. No recommended number beyond that; what YOU think makes sense.

The more evidence + explanation you use, the longer your paragraph becomes (and, hopefully, more complex and detailed). The key, however, is to make sure the different pieces of evidence + explanation are connected logically. Let me give you an example of what I mean from from the "model journal" on page 8 of the packet.

Here is paragraph 3. Note the connection of pieces of evidence and explanations by using the word "another." Also, note HOW LONG the second explanation (for "lover vs. Love") is:

Though the darkness of the young girl and the blackness of the dead young man contrast with the “white Lord Jesus,” the image of the body hanging from a tree reminds us of Jesus hanging from the cross. This relationship is strengthened by the word “cross” appearing before “tree” (4). In this sense, killing the young black man is killing Jesus. Another important connection between the young black man and Jesus comes when the word “lover” (3) is replaced with the word “Love” (11). “Love” is capitalized, implying that it is not just the lover, or just everyday love, but “God’s Love” which is now “a naked shadow” or empty. In this South, “Love Thy Neighbor” does not seem to apply to non-whites. In this situation, the image of the broken heart is particularly important, as this gruesome killing implies that the killers have no “heart” (no Love) and that they also do not care to “understand” (ignorance). Thus, the young black lover takes on the symbolism of Christ in a world where no “white” (even the “white Lord Jesus”) is willing to help blacks.
9/26/2014 1:24:12
0858 (2:15)
Vicky"The thesis statement is the controlling idea of an essay and expresses succinctly the argument that the body of the essay will prove."I agree with this.

"Topic sentences reveal the main point of a paragraph.Topic sentences also establish their relevance right away,making clear why the points they're making are important to the essay's main ideas.They argue rather than report."What means "they argue rather than report."
Good question. Because in academe essays tend to be arguments, the topic sentences that further develop their theses are also often arguments--parts or extensions of the main argument. Let me give you an example from from the "model blog" on page 8 of the packet.

Thesis: I believe “Song for a Dark Girl” is a denunciation of lynching in an America that calls itself “Christian.” (main argument)

Topic sentence for the first body paragraph: The subject matter, the lynching of the Dark Girl’s “young black lover” leads to her broken heart. (an argument supporting the main argument)

Topic sentence for the second body paragraph: Though the darkness of the young girl and the blackness of the dead young man contrast with the “white Lord Jesus,” the image of the body hanging from a tree reminds us of Jesus hanging from the cross. (another argument supporting the main argument)
9/26/2014 21:16:05
0858 (2:15)
BritaHow can we tell whether we have a strong thesis introduction? I tend to always have trouble at this part of an essay.Lame introductions tend to be general (see page 39 of the class packet, #2).

What you want is an introduction with "punch"--an idea/question/quote/anecdote that attracts and holds the reader. Very importantly, this an idea/question/quote/anecdote needs to be directly relevant to your topic/main point.
9/27/2014 1:30:26
0858 (2:15)
HibitsukiCompare to the opening paragraph and the final paragraph, do they indicate the same ideas but in different forms?That is the “summary” approach to the conclusion (something to avoid; check page 35 of the class packet, #4).

While a valid way to end your argument, this kind of conclusion makes sense for a long discussion—15-25 pages. It is overkill for short essays. I have no idea why other teachers are constantly pushing the summarizing conclusion on you all.
9/27/2014 19:11:38
5812 (5:45)
AndyWhy cant the thesis statement be a topic?A topic is the general idea you will discuss/explain/analyze/argue about. A topic is broad and does not take a position.

1. Devoted love in "Her Face."
2. Waltzing as expression of love in "My Papa's Waltz."

Compare them to these thesis statements on them:

1. The speaker of "Her Face" expresses his adoration for the beloved in the manner that was socially acceptable in his time: by putting her on a pedestal.

2. The clumsy father/son waltz represents the loving but awkward relationship between the speaker had with his father as a child.
9/28/2014 18:05:38
5812 (5:45)
What is the difference between viewpoint and opinion? "Viewpoint" usually means based on relevant evidence (or, as the reading explains, "close reading" of the texts) whereas "opinion" usually has a subjective and/or emotional connotation.
9/28/2014 22:22:03
5812 (5:45)
MattI have a clear understanding of what a thesis statement should look like but does it always to be at the end of the first paragraph?No. Not at all. Many writers put it at the end of their papers. Also, in many essays the thesis is implied rather than stated.
3/27/2015 23:25:30(5:45)steveI don't understand the meaning of "Bridge Sentences"?It is a sentence that acts as a "bridge" between the last paragraph and the one you are about to begin. See a longer explanation and some examples here:

3/29/2015 16:47:56(2:15)annI have never been good with coming u with a good thesis statement for any of my essays in the beginning of the writing, The thesis always comes to me after i have started and then when i do find a good thesis i end up having to do my whole essay over, how can i improve on coming up with an thesis statement in the beginning?Maybe you need to think your way to the thesis. That means that what you are writing is really pre-writing, not composing the final draft. So perhaps the solution is to be patient with yourself.
3/29/2015 22:12:40(5:45)RichardIs it wise to start the sentence with a quote?
in the sandwich method- when I am explaining the quote can I use my experience only in that section and then reflect back to the story? How does that reflects my grade if I leave my personal experience out?
Your topic sentence should seldom be somebody else's ideas (a quote) unless you have a REALLY good reason for that. You can follow the topic sentennce with a quote, of course.

For these papers, personal opinion will not be needed, as we are learning how to analyze texts.
3/30/2015 22:01:10
ZoeWhat is evidence?( is evidence equal to supporting details? ) how many evidence do we need for one essay or in a paragraphs. Since essay writing usually means making an argument, the writer needs to prove that argument using relevant information. In our case, we consider the words of the poem and their connotations as well as research on the poem and author relevant information.
10/12/2015 13:31:51
miaIn "The Sandwich method to paragraphing," how do I connect the main idea of one paragraph to the next. since am discussing a topic sentence in the paragraph. Also I didn't understand well what possible forms of topic sentences was explaining.Topic sentences can be descriptions or arguments. They tell the reader what the rest of the paragraphs will contain.

You may connect paragraphs using transitional words (moreover, however, on the other hand, etc.) or by using "bridge" topic sentences. See a longer explanation and some examples here:
10/12/2015 17:48:01
LoreHow much explanation is too much? What is the perfect balance so you don't give away all the important information within the first paragraph?
The introduction should tell the reader all the things she needs to really understand wjhat your point is:

1. Your topic (e.g. "unrequited love")
2. What text is being analyzed (name, usually a brief summary); who wrote the text; when; any additional information on the text or author that is RELEVANT to your thesis
3. Your thesis
10/12/2015 23:40:23
TeddyWhen writing your thesis statement, the challenges I have is keeping to what the topic is without giving too much information all at once. What would be suggested tricks that could be given so that it can be easier to be clear yet subtle with my statement?I would start with an APPROPRIATE action verb. What is the speaker or poem doing? Denouncing something? Manipulating the reader? Questioning an idea? reinforcing a belief? portraying a state of mind?
10/13/2015 7:13:27
natalieCan you make a thesis after writing a portion or having finished your essay?YES. Usually writers beging with a "working thesis" that they revise as the paper changes
3/28/2017 16:13:00
kymberlie jimenez
Possible action verbs for thesis statements are very helpful :)Yay!
3/28/2017 21:37:10
Anabel Rodriguez
Will the "pivots" sentences be a good strategy to use in the kind of essays we are going to write or it will be better to use the "complex sentences"?

The sandwich method is a good useful method to use. Its very helpful.
it's up to you what works...and thanks!
3/28/2017 21:40:37
DeanaI am going to love going back to these when rewriting my essays! They way you broke down how to create a good thesis with body paragraphs really helps. Thank you!you are welcome
3/30/2017 16:29:42
Hrishav Aryal
After reading the "Effective Academic Essays II-III", I believe I will be able to write a more effective essay as a whole. I have learnt about the way to write thesis statement, how to start a paragraph, and more importantly how to fill the paragraph with evidence and explanation. The best part was the P.E.E system.
4/1/2017 1:01:09
Ni OuyangThesis statement is not an opinion. It is a statement or an illustration of the main idea. A complete essay includes the opening paragraph, the body paragraph and the final paragraph. Opening paragraph should indicate to the readers the purpose of the essay. In the body paragraph, topic sentence is always important. It reveals the main point of paragraphs. We can use complex sentences, questions, bridge sentences and pivots to write topic sentences. yes.
4/2/2017 8:35:06
Jessely Rodriguez
the passage is a good reading on the break down how on the write essay, we tend to write and just summarize the reading, instead this tells us how important is a thesis, and topic sentence and its function. Definitely a must know for this classthank you
4/2/2017 13:17:28
Luke Morton
My question about the P.E.E method. when writing an essay and paragraph how can I connect the idea to the transitional sentence? i am not sure what you mean. ask me in class
4/2/2017 22:00:38
E.LozanoIs The Sandwich Method to Paragraphing similar to Making an Outline of a reading ? Or it only works for Poems?No. The outline is for organizing ideas. The sandwich method is a means to ensure all parts of an argument are there: point, evidence, explanation of evidence.
4/2/2017 23:56:41
Xiuyan,JinI am confused about thesis statement. if thesis statement is not an OPINION, what does it mean clear VIEWPOINT based on the texts, this viewpoint is usually expresses in the thesis statement. See my answer to RanaRene in #7
4/3/2017 9:35:27
Hai OuThe thesis statement is that usually it offers a concise summary of the main point or claim of the essay.yes
4/3/2017 18:46:07
Layla Alghazali
Is the Topic sentence the same main idea?
how many body paragraph should we write in the essay?
yes. as many as are needed to make your point well
4/3/2017 18:50:48
Juan chacha
After I read this pages I learn a little more about the thesis statement and the body paragraphs.
How many body paragraphs we have to write in an essay.
see my response to Layla above
4/3/2017 19:22:34
MeishaThe information about P.E.E is very helpful.This is my first time reading and also learning about this specific type of essay.First you need a topic sentence to begin your paragraph then continue with evidence and explanation followed by the concluding idea.yes
4/3/2017 21:43:08
Jessica Taurasi
I find this very helpful and it gives me hope in writing a good essay. I mostly have trouble with the flow of the paper and so I believe this breakdown can guide me.good!
4/3/2017 22:17:28
Eliott figueroa
when it come to "topic sentence" im not to sure if they always have to be put in the beginning or the end of the paragraph. or it doesn't matter no, they don't. some people put them at the end of the paragraph. But the middle is not a good place, cause that's where you are presenting the evidence
4/3/2017 22:43:37
Austin Quadros
How do I present a historical context?you do research on the history of a text and then use the information as a way to introduce your topic and thesis
4/3/2017 23:01:05
Angela Deridovich
The opening strategies were very helpful for me because I always struggle with a good opening sentence when writing an essay.great!!
4/3/2017 23:15:49
aida cis always necessary to cite a journal or an essay?
all documents are cited the same way?
you should strive to acknowledge sources, that is, to create a trail of the people you have used in your own work.
No. The packet has some on the different types of citations
4/4/2017 0:38:09
Shareefa Rahim
I like how organized the ideas are. I also thought the "possible action verbs for thesis statements and topic sentences" was helpful and properly placed in order of when I would need to use it.great.
4/4/2017 1:47:44
Jean Martinez
How long should the body paragraphs for the essays?mmm. that will depend on what you are saying in each
4/4/2017 1:55:46
Abu SalimCan we use our opinion on the thesis statement while we identity the text,author,etc? i am not sure what you mean. ask me in class
4/4/2017 2:38:51
Soban Chaudhri
Is it a good idea to start off your essay with your thesis statement?you can; there is no rule against it
4/4/2017 7:12:06
Moushumi Muna
The Effective Academic Essays II-III part has so many thing, quite complicated but it might help when i'll write the essay.good!
4/4/2017 7:39:14
Francisco Russo
We're supposed to italicize our thesis statement in our writing, correct? only for identifying purposes (as in, to let me know which one you think it is to see where I agree)
4/4/2017 8:12:08
Luis ApoloIs this method of writting an essay constitute as MLA format? or is it a entirely new format?we will be using MLA because it is an English class; for science classes the usual system is APA
4/4/2017 8:43:01
Joseph Intriago
For our last essay, we will use this important information on how to write an 'Effective Academic Essays", how many paragraphs does it need to be?see my response to Layla above in #27
4/4/2017 8:54:42
Yongki Cho
How can I make the strong thesis statement with less information?you write it several times; first for accuracy and clarity, then for beauty. If you can do it all at the same time, great, but if not, just rewrite
4/4/2017 9:08:32
Fatima Rubyat
i dont have any question.okay
4/4/2017 9:18:52
Brandon Millan
I appreciated the list of action verbs, I feel that sometimes my thesis can be lacking because of my word choses. good
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