Your Question or Comment on Thesis Statements or P.E.E. Paragraphs (Responses)
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TimestampChoose your classYour NameYour question or comment about an idea or ideas presented in "Effective Academic Essays II-III" (pages 30-33)
For the Filling: Evidence and Explanation part, how many facts, example or quotations are needed? What is the recommended number?That is the “summary” approach to the conclusion (something to avoid; check page 39 of the class packet, #4).

While a valid way to end your argument, this kind of conclusion makes sense for a long discussion—15-25 pages. It is overkill for short essays. I have no idea why other teachers are constantly pushing the summarizing conclusion on you all.
"The thesis statement is the controlling idea of an essay and expresses succinctly the argument that the body of the essay will prove."I agree with this.

"Topic sentences reveal the main point of a paragraph.Topic sentences also establish their relevance right away,making clear why the points they're making are important to the essay's main ideas.They argue rather than report."What means "they argue rather than report."
Good question. Because in academe essays tend to be arguments, the topic sentences that further develop their theses are also often arguments--parts or extensions of the main argument. Let me give you an example from from the "model blog" on page 8 of the packet.

Thesis: I believe “Song for a Dark Girl” is a denunciation of lynching in an America that calls itself “Christian.” (main argument)

Topic sentence for the first body paragraph: The subject matter, the lynching of the Dark Girl’s “young black lover” leads to her broken heart. (an argument supporting the main argument)

Topic sentence for the second body paragraph: Though the darkness of the young girl and the blackness of the dead young man contrast with the “white Lord Jesus,” the image of the body hanging from a tree reminds us of Jesus hanging from the cross. (another argument supporting the main argument)
How can we tell whether we have a strong thesis introduction? I tend to always have trouble at this part of an essay.Lame introductions tend to be general (see page 39 of the class packet, #2).

What you want is an introduction with "punch"--an idea/question/quote/anecdote that attracts and holds the reader. Very importantly, this an idea/question/quote/anecdote needs to be directly relevant to your topic/main point.
Why cant the thesis statement be a topic?A topic is the general idea you will discuss/explain/analyze/argue about. A topic is broad and does not take a position.

1. Devoted love in "Her Face."
2. Waltzing as expression of love in "My Papa's Waltz."

Compare them to these thesis statements on them:

1. The speaker of "Her Face" expresses his adoration for the beloved in the manner that was socially acceptable in his time: by putting her on a pedestal.

2. The clumsy father/son waltz represents the loving but awkward relationship between the speaker had with his father as a child.
What is the difference between viewpoint and opinion? "Viewpoint" usually means based on relevant evidence (or, as the reading explains, "close reading" of the texts) whereas "opinion" usually has a subjective and/or emotional connotation.
I have a clear understanding of what a thesis statement should look like but does it always to be at the end of the first paragraph?No. Not at all. Many writers put it at the end of their papers. Also, in many essays the thesis is implied rather than stated.
I don't understand the meaning of "Bridge Sentences"?It is a sentence that acts as a "bridge" between the last paragraph and the one you are about to begin. See a longer explanation and some examples here:

I have never been good with coming u with a good thesis statement for any of my essays in the beginning of the writing, The thesis always comes to me after i have started and then when i do find a good thesis i end up having to do my whole essay over, how can i improve on coming up with an thesis statement in the beginning?Maybe you need to think your way to the thesis. That means that what you are writing is really pre-writing, not composing the final draft. So perhaps the solution is to be patient with yourself.
Is it wise to start the sentence with a quote?
in the sandwich method- when I am explaining the quote can I use my experience only in that section and then reflect back to the story? How does that reflects my grade if I leave my personal experience out?
Your topic sentence should seldom be somebody else's ideas (a quote) unless you have a REALLY good reason for that. You can follow the topic sentennce with a quote, of course.

For these papers, personal opinion will not be needed, as we are learning how to analyze texts.
What is evidence?( is evidence equal to supporting details? ) how many evidence do we need for one essay or in a paragraphs. Since essay writing usually means making an argument, the writer needs to prove that argument using relevant information. In our case, we consider the words of the poem and their connotations as well as research on the poem and author relevant information.
In "The Sandwich method to paragraphing," how do I connect the main idea of one paragraph to the next. since am discussing a topic sentence in the paragraph. Also I didn't understand well what possible forms of topic sentences was explaining.Topic sentences can be descriptions or arguments. They tell the reader what the rest of the paragraphs will contain.

You may connect paragraphs using transitional words (moreover, however, on the other hand, etc.) or by using "bridge" topic sentences. See a longer explanation and some examples here:
How much explanation is too much? What is the perfect balance so you don't give away all the important information within the first paragraph? The introduction should tell the reader all the things she needs to really understand wjhat your point is:

1. Your topic (e.g. "unrequited love")
2. What text is being analyzed (name, usually a brief summary); who wrote the text; when; any additional information on the text or author that is RELEVANT to your thesis
3. Your thesis
When writing your thesis statement, the challenges I have is keeping to what the topic is without giving too much information all at once. What would be suggested tricks that could be given so that it can be easier to be clear yet subtle with my statement?I would start with an APPROPRIATE action verb. What is the speaker or poem doing? Denouncing something? Manipulating the reader? Questioning an idea? reinforcing a belief? portraying a state of mind?
Can you make a thesis after writing a portion or having finished your essay?YES. Usually writers beging with a "working thesis" that they revise as the paper changes
10/4/2017 11:59:31(5:45)Lall. Shiv, LallThe picture of the sandwich on pg.32 depict a useful structure of how to properly write a structure paragraph. thank you
10/6/2017 0:08:53(2:15)Ruixue FanSo the thesis is the main idea of the essay and each paragraph explains parts of the main idea. Is this right?Pretty much
10/6/2017 20:31:46(2:15)Trisha KimWhat is the difference between a thesis statement and a research question, as both in some way are an analysis of a certain topic? The thesis is the answer to the research question
10/7/2017 1:05:40(2:15)Franklyn Coll The direction given for writing the "thesis statement" and proper "paragraphing" for an academic essay is very valuable. It instructs the writers to be clear in their introductory paragraph by setting the proper tone and viewpoint of the essay. Also, by adding all the necessary identifying information in the first paragraph like the authors name, the title of the work being referenced, and providing a summary of any texts analyzed it helps the essay be more enjoyable and makes it easier for the readers to understand. The action verbs suggested, if used, give the essay more force and clarity as well. These suggestions overall help give an essay more power and needed direction. cool
10/8/2017 16:48:16(5:45)Proché HollandShould the thesis statement be the first sentence of the Essay? Should it be it's own opening paragraph or included within the first paragraph?It varies. I could be at the beginning of the essay or at the end. It does not make sense to put it in the middle because that's where the evidence goes
10/8/2017 17:27:43(2:15)Conrado MedinaThe clues brought to us in the "Effective Academic Essays II-III," (pages 30-33) are very clear and understandable. They've helped a lot to understand some points that were no clear to me. However, I have some doubts with the Intro. does the Intro always has to be very close with the thesis statement? I am not sure what you mean by "very close" --ask me again in class
10/8/2017 21:46:50(2:15)Katiuska Cueto Does it matter if the thesis is in the beginning, middle or end of the introduction paragraph?I guess not--It depends on the logic of the paragraph. It can also go at the end of the essay.
10/9/2017 1:51:09(5:45)Raquel VasquezIn regarding to the the "top slice" of the paragraph, I never heard of different forms of topic sentences such as pivot, complex sentences and even using questions used to introduce the subject. This helps a lot as I usually have writers block because I don't know how to start the introduction if some of these types work best with your writing style
10/9/2017 2:26:51(2:15)noeliai like how it gives you ideas for opening paragraphs because i always tend to be stuck on those!!!excellent
10/9/2017 11:23:39(2:15)Hua PiaoWhen I come up with thesis statement, I'm always struggling with it. In the pocket, it says thesis statement is not an opinion, so how can I write a best thesis statement to start a good argument? Is there any tips ?an opinion is "a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge." A thesis is a claim based on evidence. So, first, make sure you understand the evidence well so you can create a solid thesis. Then, it depends on whether you are responding to a question (as in Essay 1) or you are creating your own observation.
10/9/2017 11:30:32(5:45)Ricky ristic In English 101: I always had a problem with writing my thesis statement, and sometimes I didn't write one at all, didn't really understand the purpose of it. Is there an easier way to go about this?
2. How do you consistently prove your point in the paragraphs?with out using to many quotes from the text?
3. If my thesis isn't up. To par will that affect my grade in this class? Any possible leniency?
1. It is not necessary for a paper to have an explicit thesis; however, without a thesis most writing becomes unfocused and incoherent, ergo profs make you practice trying to figure out what your main argument is (thesis) before you write the piece.
2. The way to prove something is by using evidence. You can summarize, paraphrase or quote from the text to construct such evidence.
3. Yes, it will. Since the thesis for Essay 1 can easily be the answer to my question, I cannot see how hard it can be to craft it.
10/9/2017 11:41:48(2:15)DOLORES ALVAREZThesis statements should be from the viewpoint of what we are reading, Why?

There is a method to paragraphing called Sandwich Method could you explain about it? I would like listened to it again.

I want to know more about Pivots
1. I am not quite sure what you mean wewith first question. Ask me again in class.
2. Same for #2.
3. What about them?
10/9/2017 13:55:21(2:15)Paul HickeyAs one who always enjoys a good sandwich, I am a big fan of the Sandwich Method to writing a paragraph. To me, the more ingredients the better, but they have to make sense and go well together, as well as add to the overall theme that the sandwich or paragraph is trying to achieve. You have to have at least more than 1 or two ingredients in there to make a good sandwich, but not too many. I must agree: a sandwich that mixes lemon curd and pickles will probably not be the tastiest. :-)
10/9/2017 15:04:49(2:15)Shwe Yin SoeHow many quotations from poems that we can put in the essay?As many as you think you will need
10/9/2017 18:49:47(5:45)Andy VegaMy comment is that it a strong case for a clear viewpoint based on the close reading of one or more texts. It shows us the body paragraphs and thesis of how to determine it.yes
10/9/2017 20:42:36(5:45)vikesh latchmanThe sandwich method is very convinent for me good
10/9/2017 20:52:34(5:45)FATIMA VEGACan be a thesis statement a summary?mmmm--maybe in a descriptive essay but usually it is a claim
10/9/2017 23:27:54(2:15)Geraldo Quezadai find writing a clear and concise bridge sentence to be a problem with my writing style. I have been told that I let it derail my topic sentence instead of introducing it. As basic as it its I think it's always good to have the essay structure laid out before you as you write. yes
10/9/2017 23:32:51(5:45)Maya Colello The information on pages 30-33 was very helpful since I am not a great writer. The possible action words listed on page 30 is also very helpful. Thank are welcome
10/10/2017 1:11:11(5:45)Shiva RampaulThesis statement vs. topic sentence; what is the difference? Is a thesis statement the main idea for the whole essay whereas the topic sentence the main idea for the paragraph? Is a topic sentence just a thesis statement for that paragraph?pretty much
10/10/2017 2:57:13(5:45)Moises VillelaAre topic sentences general statements or specific?mmm--good questions; they tend towards the general, but it varies.
10/10/2017 3:02:01(5:45)Lasha TartarashviliI agree that opening paragraph needs a strong thesis statement to capture readers interest.okay
10/10/2017 3:10:20(2:15)tyler rodriguezIf a thesis is not an opinion, topic, fact, description or a description, what is one? What key elements make up a good thesis? it should be focused, clear, and claim something interesting so that the reader wants to keep on reading
10/10/2017 7:55:03(5:45)Zhuojun ChenIn the body paragraphs, we will write an example, or quotation, Do we have to explain how/why it important?YES
10/10/2017 8:07:39(5:45)DorisI believe this will improve my writing skills. The information provided is easy to comprehend. good
10/10/2017 8:33:36(5:45)Stephanie Essor I always thought that a thesis Statement was the main idea and then the paragraphs to follow would be backing up this idea in details and providing proof from the book, poem or article?It is. It is your main claim
10/10/2017 8:40:07(5:45)Gisselle MaldonadoThis really help me understand a bit more about how to right thesis statements especially since I am not good with them. good!
10/10/2017 8:53:49
David Arthur
Interesting you can conclude with a quote.sure
10/10/2017 8:57:27
Prabhat Timilsina
As we know final paragraph is the reflection. can we just include the theme on final paragraph or we need to come up with new idea supporting the essay.conclusions are tough to make interesting. I always take that into account when wew rite these essays
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