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obliviousallyIndividualshe/herAkronOHUnited States of America 2018
Artfurry, illustration, music, lyrics, occultE-mail, Instagram,
Awkward Ladies ClubIndividualshe/herAlamedaCAUnited States of America
Quit Your Job and Eat Pizza, My First Ten Friends on the Internet, Lists of Lists of Lists of Wikipedia, A Very Basic Guide to Low-Tech Risograph Printing
Perzine, Art, Humor
riso, risograph, internet, perzine, personal zine, cats, parenting, motherhood
Billy McCallIndividualhe/himAlbuquerqueNMUnited States of America
Proof I Exist, Last Night at the Casino, Behind the Zines, The Difference Between
Perzine, Educational, Queer
personal, perzine, art, music, politics, stories, travel, adventure
MV GarciaIndividualthey/themAnaheimCAUnited States of America Goth Bitch, Hey Ghoul Friend,
Music, Fanzine, Queer
gloom, doom, international dark glamour, comix, antifashion, adult goth, occult fantasies, happysad
Sierra BarnesIndividualshe/herArlingtonVAUnited States of America Will Bury You, Hans Vogel is Dead Ch. 1, and Слава||Glory!Art, Comics, FictionHistory, fantasy, folklore, mythology, nature, animalsE-mail, Instagram, Twitter
Editions FloodplainCollective/Multiple Authorsthey/themAthens/Berlin(Outside of USA)Greecehttps://www.editionsfloodplain.etsy.comKiefer On Dirtbike, Akathisia, Graffiti, TEFRA90, Drawing, EditionsFloodplain, letterforms, abstract, typographyE-mail, InstagramTefra1234@gmail.com
Anatomic Air PressIndividualshe/herAtlantaGAUnited States of America
A Curator's Quest, Vitality Jar, Soliloquy, How To Sleep, Finite Thoughts in Infinite Dimensions, Crosshatchers
Perzine, Literary, Non-FictionE-mail, PO Box, Instagram
PO Box 54173, Atlanta, GA 30308
Ulterior ZinesIndividualshe/herAtlantaGAUnited States of America
wakeATL, Black Out Poetry Zine, Micro Aggressions, Figments, Shed, 123 Zine!: An inspirational companion
Perzine, Art, Politicalblack out poetry, collage, musicInstagram
PO BOX 684172, Marietta, GA 30068
Sherwood Forest Zine LibraryDistro(multiple people)AustinTXUnited States of Americahttp://www.sherwoodforestzinelibrary.orgOver 2500 physical and digital zines
Perzine, Art, PoliticalAll kinds of zines!
Antoine J. HayesIndividualhe/himBaltimoreMDUnited States of America Magic, Dude Doodle Zine, Why I Never Met My Grandfather, King of Soil, Confessions, Our Stories, Look Upon, mini zinesPoetry, Literary, FictionE-mail, Twitter
Emma KanttIndividualthey/themBaltimoreMDUnited States of America
I'm not cut out for this, MED MOMENTS, How to Nap (in various places), ASEXUALS: your guide to the new acceptable targets and how to make fun of them (a satirical zine)
Comics, Non-Fiction, Queer
autobio, autobiographical, queer, asexual, asexuality, mental illness, art school
E-mail, Instagram,
Emma KanttIndividualthey/themBaltimoreMDUnited States of America
I'm not cut out for this, MED MOMENTS, How to Nap (in various places), ASEXUALS: your guide to the new acceptable targets and how to make fun of them (a satirical zine)
Comics, Non-Fiction, Queer
autobio, autobiographical, queer, asexual, asexuality, mental illness, art school
E-mail, Instagram,
Hex Poetry ApothecaryCollective/Multiple Authorsshe/herBataviaILUnited States of America A Love Letter, Lonely Middle Finger, Love Poems for the Apocalypse, My Nipples and Not Apologizing For Them, Unsanitized Survival, Mental Health, Queerpoetry, queer, feminist, experiential, femme, loud, how to, DIY, PTSD, sexual trauma survival, witchy, magic, tarot, diary, personalE-mail, Instagramanniehexartistry@gmail.com
Thomas H BoeingIndividualhe/himBellevueyUnited States of America
Dick, MALLED: A 24 Hour Comic, Dust Bunnies, Sitting in the Shower, Indoor Cat
Art, Comics, Fiction
detective, noir, 24 hour comic, zombies, cats, break ups, adventure
Despy BoutrisIndividualshe/herBerkeleyCAUnited States of America
texas tinders; poems abt lesbian sex; quarentexts; poems i wrote at 17; i am sorry i can't be normal; the best gay shit virginia woolf sent to vita sackville-west
Poetry, Literary, Queerpoetry, queer, art, drawings, humorE-mail
Stoner ZinesIndividualZe/hirBerkeleyCAUnited States of America
Transvestia, What is..., (unhelpful) instructions on how to get an adult autism diagnosis, Zines as Therapy, Myths I Used to Believe, pink is for boys/blue is for girls, etc.
Perzine, Educational, Queer
Trans/queer, sick and disabled, autistic, perzines, educational, art, political, and more!
E-mail, Instagram, TwitterN/
Triple One FveCollective/Multiple Authorsthey/themBirmingham(Outside of USA)United Kingdom One Five
Art, Political, Humor
Handmade collages produced using the Metro Newspaper
CRAPANDEMICDistro(multiple people)BloomingtonINUnited States of America
too many! ft. the work of julia eff & pals worldwide
Perzine, Distro, Queer
goth, metal, mental illness, trauma, recovery, survival, cryptids, lgbT stuff, gender, marilyn manson, fighting fascism
E-mail, Instagram,
julia effIndividualthey/themBloomingtonINUnited States of America
Every Thug Is A Lady, Whatstheirname, You Better Watch Where You Spit, Tear the Petals Off Of You, So You Think Your Cat Has Asthma, Suffer, Are You There Brian? It's Me Moisturizer, A Light That Never Goes Out, Haddonfield, Don't Piss Down My Back & Tell Me It's Raining, No Salvation // No Forgiveness, Lizard People Dear Reader, I Was A Teenage Satanist!-----and others
Perzine, Fanzine, Non-Fiction
goth, metal, genderfree, agender, trauma, neutrois, lgbTq stuff, creative nonfiction, nostalgia, satanism, weird
E-mail, Instagram,
Ileana Haberman Individualshe/herBloomington INUnited States of America!, Comics, QueerQueer tenderness, griefE-mailileana.haberman@gmail.com
Taxonomy PressCollective/Multiple Authorsshe/herBoiseIDUnited States of America Manifest
Art, Comics, Literary
tarot, botany, herbalism, mythology, writing, activities, astrology
Jenn ConnollyIndividualBostonMAUnited States of America in my Heart, Mailbox!
Perzine, Non-Fiction, Zine Related
pets, pet loss, depression, medication, reading zines, pop culture, personal memoir
Mac MacleanIndividualthey/themBostonMAUnited States of America
Game Over, Suit, Maybe He Did, By Any Other Name
Comics, Queermemoir, grief, video gamesE-mail
Snake Hair PressCollective/Multiple Authors(multiple people)BostonMAUnited States of America
Occult Studies, Witches in Print, A Brief History Of Immigration in the United States of America, Kitchen Witch, Bad Ass Nuns, A Simple Spell Against the Cis Hetero White Supremacist Patriarchy
How-to / DIY, Political, Non-Fiction
witchcraft, spells, anti-capitalist, feminism, racial justice, pro slut, anti cop
Artwitch Khiri LeeIndividualshe/herBoulderCOUnited States of America Facets, 52 Feathers, THRIFTWITCH, HeArt Zine, Educational, How-to / DIYMagic, Witch, Birds, Nature, Crystals, The Seasons, Ritual, Mixed MediaInstagram, Twitter, Facebook
FYONAFINNIndividualshe/herBristol(Outside of USA)United Kingdom"no, thank you"
Art, Music, Mental Health
anxiety, underground music, photography, illustrations
Carnage NYCIndividualhe/himBrooklynNYUnited States of Americahttp://carnagenyc.bigcartel.comCarnage, Bombing NY, Grilled, Instagramcarnagenyc@gmail.com
Chuck KaslowIndividualhe/himBrooklynNYUnited States of America
Tails from the Barkside; Color Me Cryptid; Big Arm NRG GO!; Inktober collections
Comics, Fiction
horror, creature feature, action comic, sketchbook, coloring book
Jenna FreedmanIndividualshe/herBrooklynNYUnited States of America
Unprecedented (quaranzines)
Before I Forget
Lower East Side Librarian
Are You There God? It's Me, Menopause
and others
library life, reading log, cats, mental health, menstruation, perimenopause, coronavirus, jury duty, doctor who, friendship, work
Andrew NicholasIndividualhe/himBurnley(Outside of USA)United Kingdom, Art, Poetrypoetry, art, body postive, bi-sexuality, photography, male nudity, free written prose, perzine E-mail, Instagram, Twitternicholas563@btinternet.com
Bushwick Grill Club PressIndividualhe/himBushwick BrooklynNYUnited States of America
More Recipes About Music & Food, Would You Make Me Seitan?, Paint A Little Can Of Soup
How-to / DIY, Music, Food
recipes, cooking, food, music, puns, vegan, vegetarian, omnivore
AJ Smith-My Heart is non binary zines
Individualthey/themCalgary, Alberta (Outside of USA)Canada
MISSING 1,2,3, Queer women in history, non binary humans in history, Transgender humans in history, important indigenous people in history, Thoughts of the unsober/sober mind 1,2,3. It started with an addiction 1,2. How to spot a drug overdose. What working in harm reduction has taught me and many more!
Perzine, Educational,
Papercut Zine LibraryCollective/Multiple Authors(multiple people)CambridgeMAUnited States of America
Over 16,000 zines & independent media in physical and digital form.
Perzine, Comics, Political
personal zines, comics, anarchist zines, environmental, DIY, feminist, prison abolition, art, film, queer, trans, humor, race, food, zines about zines, travel, health and sex, sexuality, activism
E-mail (not super active)
Work Press & PublicationCollective/Multiple Authorshe/himChampaign, IL and St. Louis, MOILUnited States of Americahttp://www.workpandp.comLibr Nova, Wanderers, Boys in Love, Tom Corbett Love Cadet, Buzz Book, Comicsriso, risograph, comics, utopia, space, fine art, photography, illustrationE-mail, Instagram
Aim Ren BelandIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America
Trapped, How to Brew Coffee in a French Press, Cats We Met in PNW
Art, Comics, How-to / DIY
cats, coffee, risograph, riso, animals, art, comics, mini
E-mail, Instagram, Twitter,
Alex KostiwIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
book/mark, Endless Distances, Enchiridion
Comics, Poetry, Literary
magic, memory, language, transformation, absence
E-mail, Instagram
Alex NallIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America With GunsComicsComics, Fiction, E-mailalexnall0@gmail.com
Amelia HrubyIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
Selfies for Self-Love, Born to Selfie, previously Lady Parts Zine
Perzine, Political, Mental Healthfeminism. selfies. self-image. self-helpE-mail,
Andrea PearsonIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
No Pants Revolution, Fandom Fashion, Mito and Me
Perzine, Art, Comics
Autobio comics, comics, artbook, sketchbook, fashion, no pants revolution
Andrew MisiscoIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America, Legends, Ear Worm, Comics, Fictionfantasy, magic, world building, storytellingE-mailandrewmisisco@gmail.com
Anna Jo BeckIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America Boff Bam Sock: #5 Personal Finance, #6 Hoja de Trampas / Spanish Grammar, #8 For Your Health, #9 Know Your Vote, Don't Panic: Bike Flat Repair, Habit Tracking, The things I could have bought with my student loan debt, Mini Movie Magin: Bong Joon-ho, How-to / DIY, Moviesvoting, civics, bike, bicycle, personal finance, money, life hacksE-mail
Anything That Can Go WrongIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
Anything That Can Go Wrong, Stubborn Love, Sinful Eater's Good Inventions, Growing Up Mexican, etc
Perzine, Art, Food
diary comic, art, illustration, food, recipes, culture, design, funny, relatable,
Archie ValentinoIndividualthey/themChicagoILUnited States of America
Comics for Earthlings and Extraterrestrials
Comics, Poetry, Queer
Spirituality, activism, LGBT experience, traditional art
E-mail, Instagram
Beth HetlandIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
Half Asleep, Pizza Book, Who’s Counting?, Breakfast with Beth, Fugue, Cycles
Bicycles, collaboration, sci-fi, coming of age, breakfast, food, pizza, interactive, artist book
Contact form on website
Brain Booger IndustriesIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
Girl Hell, Momix, Fear and What To Do With It
Perzine, Comics, QueerE-mail,
BrujaonpizzaIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
HOPE in the Year 2020, How to be there for your loved one thru a psychosis hospitalization, Poems from the Psych Ward, The Manatee & the Panda, La Jenina y el Mar, La Jenina y el Sol
Perzine, Educational, Mental HealthInstagram
Cassandra MazurIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America in My Dreams
Art, Non-Fictioncats, astral plane, dreamsE-mail, InstagramN/
Chicago Books to Women in Prison
Collective/Multiple Authors(multiple people)ChicagoILUnited States of America
Bound Struggles, Stuff Found in Books #1, Library Stories #1
Art, Compilations, Political
Collection of writing and art by women and trans people in prison, things people used as bookmarks in donated books, comments from people in priosn about lack of access to books
E-mail, Instagram, Twitter,
Chicago Cryptozoological Society
Collective/Multiple Authors(multiple people)ChicagoILUnited States of America
Short Guide to Chicago Wererabbits, Self-Care for the Lonely Sasquatch, A Guide to the Care and Feeding of Your Chupacabra, The Lake Michigan Sea Mosnter
Educational, How-to / DIY, Non-Fictioncryptids, science, nature,
Cortez Conquers FascismIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
She Typed the Truth
Art, Poetry, LiteraryE-mail,
Cow House PressCollective/Multiple Authors(multiple people)ChicagoILUnited States of Americahttp://www.cowhousepress.comThe Wicked & The Tired, 2% ZineComics, For Kids,
Curandera PressIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
For Better Friendship zine, Spells to Kill Your Boss, A New Love zine, Atlantic Altar, Easy Magic
Art, How-to / DIY, HumorMagic, witchcraft, Latinx, art, spellwork
Dan KittakaIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America, Sawa/Okay, Okay, How-to / DIYE-maildaniel.kittaka@gmail.com
David AlvaradoIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America
Dirty Hands collected works, Cuevas, Life is Beautiful, Who remembers anyway?
Art, Comicsauto bio, alternative comics, weird comics, E-mail,
DraftIndividualhe/theyChicagoILUnited States of America
The Grammar, Welcome to Dongletown, In Defense of Cooking & Baking, The Updates, Business Book
Art, Educational, How-to / DIYDesign, business, life, fun stuff.E-mail
PO Box 47482, Chicago IL 60647-0008
Dust Bunny MafiaIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America on a True Story
Art, Comics, HumorMafia, Mob, Historical FictionE-mail, Instagram, Twitter,
Eileen ChavezIndividualthey/themChicagoILUnited States of America
Leen zines 1-5, A Rotten Bundle, You do You, A Perpetual Dance, Are you sure you want to delete this file, Egg zine, Your Inner Landscape, collaborative book experiment zine, Caught Between a Fire and an Ocean, new untitled riso zine. I’m also part of a comics collective based in Portland Oregon called ‘The Sound Grounds Wreckin Crew’ and have put out several anthologies with them, and as well have contributed to Portland’s Women of Color zines, Vision Quest, and several other comics publications .
Art, Comics, Mental Health
Personal, queer, non-binary, Jewish, latinx, alt comic, art, mental health, mind landscape, meditative, dream, decolonize, anti fascist
Eli AdamsIndividualEliChicagoILUnited States of America Nukes Store!, 99¢ ClubArt, Humor, Queergood dogs and bad dogs, weed, fake horoscopes, nazis, haikus from craigslist, gender, stuffed animals
Elk PaauwIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America Comics and the Fourth Dimension
-It's Okay To Be Sad Sometimes
-It's A Matter of Life and Jeff
-Good Mahnin' Yankee
-Heatwarmer Fan Zine
Comics, Mental Health, Queer
philosophy, existentialism, metaphysics, queer issues, trans studies, philosophy of time, depression/anxiety, medication, dissociation, scatological humor, pizza, crying, alcoholism, relationships, polyamory, dating, slice of life, autobiography, autobio comics, autobiofictionalography, diary comics
Emma SielaffIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
Fried EGS, The Waiting Room, LIMEZINE, Welcome to my Soup, Skrapps, Nonsense, The Little Book of Nothing
Art, Compilationscollage, photography, digitalE-mail,
Eric BartholomewIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America
Junk Drawer, Junk Drawer Landscape, Junk Drawer Guide to Time Travel
Perzine, Fiction, Non-Fiction
junk drawers, collecting, collections, vintage, odds & ends, chicago, local history, time travel, junk finding, garage sales, dumpster diving, recycled
Grant MusserIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America
The Homespun Holler, Nose First, Humboldt, Ambiguous Grunt, Comics, HumorLuddite, anti-technology,
Grimorange & ShrewdCollective/Multiple Authors(multiple people)ChicagoILUnited States of Americahttp://www.liberatedliberator.comThe Liberated Liberator, Literary, HumorUnfinished thoughts, unholy musings, toilet-seat fictions, drug-induced dreams, credible journalism, and Master Plans.E-mailletters@liberatedliberator.com
H. TweedellIndividualthey/themChicagoILUnited States of America
Moles, Have You Ever Listened to a Garden Grow, Misapprehensions, Gay Shit in the Woods
Art, Comics, Queer
Queer, personal narrative, gay, comics, alternative comics, emotion, nsfw, non-binary, identity, love, intimacy
Isabella RotmanIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
Long Black Veil: (2017, zine, $6) Queer occult interpretation of a classic folk song
Siren School: (2017, zine, $5) "Murder Mansplainers" comic, published by Silver Sprocket
Burn Your Demons (2015, zine, $10) and Run With Your Demons (2016, zine $10): Surreal and dreamlike series on coming to terms with your less agreeable emotions.
Not On My Watch; The Bystanders' Handbook for the Prevention of Sexual Violence (2014/2016, zine, $5)
You're So Sexy When You Aren't Transmitting STIs (2013/2016, zine, $6)
Good To Know (2015, zine, $3) A small mini-zine of useful Information.
Gatherer (2014, zine, $3): a pocket foraging handbook, Educational, QueerDreamy, surreal, forest, nature, self-reflection, tarot, magic, occult, witches, LGBTQ, Queer, Sexual Violence Prevention, Consent, Sex Education, Sex Ed, Sex, Sexual Health, Plants, Wild Plants, Comic, ArtE-mailIsabellaRotman@gmail.com
Jac Dellaria Individualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America
Boys By The Lake, A Trip, To Infiniti QX4 & Beyond, etc.
Comics, Poetry, QueerE-mail,
Jaime DearIndividualthey/themChicagoILUnited States of America Cat, Pivot, The Shape of All Time, I Would Be Just Me, Poetry, Queersynesthesia, gay softball, weird fears, queer poetry, watercolor comics, childhood memoriesE-maildearjaimedear@gmail.com
Jamie KadasIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
A Fat Chick's Guide to Embracing Your Beauty, The Coffee Cult Chronicles, Even the Introverts are Out Her: 6 Ways to Get Involved, Imagine the Universe (screen printed artist book)....and coming soon - A Fat Chick's Guide to Trying to Manage Anxiety and The Fat Girl Perspective collaborative zine!
Perzine, Comics, Mental Health
personal stories, fat acceptance, body positivity, managing anxiety, politics, coffee obsession
E-mail, Instagram,
Jennifer ChavezIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
Impulses Urges Intrusiveness & Ideation, For the Instant Artificial Self Growth of Comfort, Church, Keep Pulling, Teotihuacan The Center of Mexico, Diary Comics, Im in a Glass Jar
Perzine, Comics, Mental Health
Mental health, emotions, illustrated, comic adjacent, vulnerable
Jess CadwellIndividualthey/themChicagoILUnited States of America
Stairway 2 Heaven Slide 2 Hell, Lucky Fire Gas
Art, Comics, QueerClay, Nonbinary, multimedia,
Jessica KuczynskiIndividualShe/her and He/himChicagoILUnited States of America, Inktober Adventure, Knitting: A step by step guide, How Are You?, Compilations, How-to / DIYE-mail, Instagramangryartist113@gmail.com
JJ McLuckieIndividualthey/themChicagoILUnited States of America
Comics Comix Comic (Diagrams of Life, Sexuality, and Health), Follicle, GROW, Mobius, Life-Defining Moments, Hollinndagain, Business Box, Simon's Lair and the Cursed Mask, Cute and Nice, Three Loops, Hi There, Bus Stop, Passionate Journey
Perzine, Comics, Queer
Plants, Horror, Essay, Math, Risograph, Psychedelic, Music
John L. GehronIndividualChicagoILUnited States of Americahttp://comics.jlgehron.comPilot Theory, Menacing Earthworks, Comicssupernatural, urban fantasy, sci-fi, weird fiction, action, comedy, dramaE-mailme@jlgehron.com
Keith HeltIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America Device, Non-Fictiondiary, journal, life, music,
Kevin BudnikIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America's Okay To Be Sad
Liv StoryIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
- "In Loving Memory of the Boy Who Broke My Heart: A Funeral Zine"
Poetry, Humor, Open For Submissions
poetry, death, funeral, satire, mourning, closure, eulogy, complicated relationship, secret relationship, toxic relationship, feminine rage, sex, sexual, dark, obituary, church, religious, religious trauma, playlist
Liz MasonIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
Caboose, Cul-de-sac, Awesome Things, Zine Template, various oral histories
Perzine, Non-Fiction, Humor
creative non-fiction, snark, cultural criticism, media criticism, music, television, movies
E-mail, PO Box
Liz Mason, PO Box 477553, Chicago, IL 60647
Lulu WhateverrIndividualthey/themChicagoILUnited States of America Pup, This Is BlackLight, Don't Panic and Wash Your Hands, Political, Foodsocial justice, hot dogs E-mail
Lynne MonsoonIndividualthey/themChicagoILUnited States of America nor Femme, Walt Loved Zines, This Is Not Happening: The X-Files Zine, with an e, Fanzine, Queerqueer, perzine, Chicago, Disney, trans, polyE-mail, Instagram
Mike CentenoIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America ComicsComics, Fiction, HumorE-mailmikecenteno@gmail.com
Nathan ElwoodIndividualNone, or it/itsChicagoILUnited States of America The Killer Stigma
Art, Educational, Mental Health
Breaking the stigma on severe mental illnesses
Northside Comic ArtistsCollective/Multiple Authors(multiple people)ChicagoILUnited States of America Comix (all ages anthologies), Themed anthologies, Hallowzine (Halloween/horror anthologies)Comics, Distro, FictionAnthologies, Horror, all agesE-mailPO Box 60265 Chicago, IL 60660info@northsidecomics.org
Pennycandybuildingco.Collective/Multiple Authors(multiple people)ChicagoILUnited States of America
SisyphanPerzine, Art, Poetry
Personal Growth, Community, Development, Time, Emotions, Trauma, Stress
Phillip MairaIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America Annual AnthologyComicsE-mail, Instagram, Twittercontact@phillipmaira.com
plant_boiIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America, Comics, QueerE-mail,
Quimby's BookstoreDistroitChicagoILUnited States of America
Cometbus, Crap Hound, Caboose, Proof I Exist, King Cat etc. etc. etc.
Comics, Distro, Political
how to, politics and revolution, essay, DIY, music, film, TV, culture, etc.
E-mail, 1854 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622 773-342-0910
1854 W. North Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
Through our website submission form at We accept zines on consignment.
Rachel BardIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America
Burning Out, Chomplers, Keep Them Safe, A Splendid Beast, Growing Hope, Graggulax, Beguiling Bunnies, Changelings, Come Back Soon, Bountiful Harvest, Our Sweetest Downfall, Our Friends, the Bees!, Toadally the Best, Chatterbox, Florence
Comics, For Kids, FictionE-mail
Radical Visibility ZineIndividualthey/themChicagoILUnited States of America Visibility: A Queercrip Dress Reform Movement Manifesto, Mental Health, Queerdisability, fashion, dress reformE-mailRebirth.garments@gmail.com
Robert HendricksIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America
Scenes from the L, Legends of Baseball, Washington Tradgedy
Art, Comics, Non-Fiction
non-fiction, comics, illustration, history, baseball, chicago
Robert KelseyIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America
Current, Alone in the Woods, Dissection, Dutchman, The Continuing Adventures of the Giant Floating Head that Radiates Darkness, Butt Stuff, Acknowledgements, Commencement Ceremony for the Ninth Graduating Class
Art, Comics, Fiction
monsters, horror, art book, high concept, the uncanny, tactile experiences
Sage CoffeyIndividualthey/themChicagoILUnited States of America Ghost goes to town, Wine Ghost orders a Sub, If It Were Socially Acceptable, How Does a Horse Read a Book, 1 New Voicemail. Our Love is Like Bowtie Pasta, Sweaty Palms Anthology, Sweaty Palms Anthology Vol. 2, Humor, Mental Healthghost, wine, anxiety, depression, autobio, anthology, risograph, risoE-mail, Instagram, Twittersagecoffey@gmail.com
Sean DempseyIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America
Traitor, Arrow, Flush, Dive, Illustra-Sean, Troll Hunt, Time Doctor, Butts
Art, Comics, FictionFantasy, Adventure, Experimental, Handmade E-mail,
SOILED MagazineCompilation ZineChicagoILUnited States of America
Issue Nº8 Onceuponascrapers, Issue Nº7 Animatescrapers, Issue Nº6 Deathscrapers, Issue Nº5 Cloudscrapers, Issue Nº4 Windowscrapers, and more.
Art, Literary, Non-Fiction
architecture, design, physical space, politics of space, cities
SolarPowered ZinesIndividualze/hirChicagoILUnited States of America
Jewish Pain, That Time I Should Have Known
Art, Poetry, Queer
Judaism, Ethnicity, Queer, Lesbian, Israel, Poetry, Collage, Personal Stories
Vicky LimIndividualshe/herChicagoILUnited States of America DoorPerzine, Queerwritten quite irregularly by someone who struggles to writeE-mail, Instagramabstractdoors@gmail.com
Vicurious MediaIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America!', Humor, Queerpuns, photography, comicalE-mail, Instagram, Facebook188info@vicuriousmedia.com
WarnerburgIndividualhe/himChicagoILUnited States of America, Lindi the Dragon SlayerComicsadventure, fairy taleE-mail, Instagram, Twitterwarnerburg@gmail.com
Windy City WritersCompilation Zine(multiple people)ChicagoILUnited States of America
The Sun That Never SetsCompilations, Poetry, LiteraryNostalgia, coming of age, nature,