Police Homeless Outreach Teams
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Albuquerque, NM PDNHomeless Strategic Outreach team is composed of officers, health care outreach workers, job counselors from Goodwill Industries, and a psychiatrist. The team goes out for 2 hours, 3x a week to areas in the city with large concentrations of homeless people. YCrisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) is a 24 hour on-call civilian staffed support of the APD. Goodwill Industries
Anaheim PD714-765-7970YHOT and PERT officers receive training on interacting with and supporting those suffering from mental illnesses."Since its inception [2013], HOT has resulted in over 400 homeless individuals, including women and children finding long-term, supportive housing and a life off the street."
-Includes reunification of families, sometimes requiring cross-country transportation and associated costs.

Homeless Liason Office (HLO) are assigned to patrol when a HOT officer is unavailable. They voluntarily step forward to receive additional training to connect the homeless population with available services and resources by communicating and collaborating with multi-disciplinary service providers and partnering governmental agencies.
YPsychological Emergency Response Team (PERT): 2 officers paired full-time with an Orange County mental health clinician.
"PERT results in the more rapid identification of available bed space and treatment options for those most vulnerable and most likely to generate additional police calls for service."
City Net, Coast to Coast Foundation, OC Mental Health, and others
Atlanta PD404-546-5650YOfficers receive training through the crisis intervention training from licensed psychologists. They're also trianed to become a referral system to various local social service agencies.Homeless Outreach and Proactive Enforcement (HOPE): goal is to eliminate encampments by placing individuals in short or long term housing. Team also works to de-escalate situations involving a mentall ill person. NNAMI, Gateway, United Way, Salvation Army, Veterans Administration
Austin PD512-804-3720YHomeless Outreach Street Team (HOST): consists of 2 officers, 2 behavioral health specialists, 1 paramedic, 1 outreach social worker.NCity of Austin Community Court, Downtown Austin Alliance, Integral Care
Boston PD800-981-4357NHomeless Task Force: goal is to prevent death and injury by referring folks to resources in the area.N
Boulder PD303-441-3333
N-We are present and visible in areas where homeless gather in order to normalize police presence, increase visibility and build trust.
-Identify and proactively patrol secluded areas occupied by homeless and actively seek out those who are not engaged with homeless service providers.
-Develop working relationships with homeless individuals in order to provide appropriate resource referrals.
Cambridge PD6173493236Y-Mental Health Outreach team recieve Crisis Intervention Team Training and Technical Assistance Center (CIT-TTAC). The center is facilitated through a partnership between CPD and NAMI Mass. The 40-hour CIT training program offers technical assistance on effective strategies for best engaging with persons who have mental illness, diverting them from the criminal justice system and into treatment when that is a safe and appropriate option. Presently, nearly one third of the officers within the Cambridge Police Department have received CIT training (every officer in the Community Relations Unit has completed this training) and the goal is to train the entire department on this training.

-Homeless Outreach Officers conduct training sessions, in collaboration with other service providers, for officers walking Harvard and Central Squares. The purpose of this training will be to enhance the officers’ ability to effectively identify their needs.
The Homeless Outreach Officer's duties include:
Identify locations throughout the City where the most chronically homeless congregate
Open dialogue with individuals to determine if services are required.
Insure that parameters of acceptable behavior are developed and understood
Take appropriate action when individuals are incapacitated or when unacceptable or criminal behavior is observed. This action would include transportation to a facility or arrest (if necessary).
YMental Health Outreach:
Two officers are assigned to this team and conduct case mangement services. The officers are also responsible for building relationships with service providers and stakeholders throughout the city. They also work very closely with the Recovery Session at the Cambridge District Court.
HOT: Multi-Service Center, C.A.S.P.A.R., Cambridge Health Alliance, Home Start and "others as needed"
Mental Health Outreach: Vinfen, Riverside, Cambridge Health Alliance Affiliated Hospitals, Department of Mental Health, National Alliance on Mental Illness Cambridge-Middlesex Chapter, Cambridge & Somerville Emergency Services Advisory Board, and the Cambridge & Somerville Emergency Services Team.
Clearwater, FL PD727.466.6612NYClearwater Homeless Intervention Project (CHIP) (Shelter Program): PD Bike Team plays active role in referring clients to CHIP. The shelter program provides opportunities to become self sufficient as well as a day service, giving folks somewhere to stay during the day hours. Clients must be involved in Salvation Army's intervention program (counseling, caseworker review, housing/job placement).Salvation Army, Clearwater Housing Authority, St. Vincent De Paul Soup Kitchen, Homeless Emergency Project, The Turning PointOut of neighborhood resistance/NIMBY came active community participation and the Neighborhood Advisory Committee. http://www.popcenter.org/library/awards/goldstein/2001/01-13.pdf
Colorado Springs PDPhone: 719-444-7666
Email: CSPDHot@springsgov.com
NNUnited Way 211, Catholic Charities, Spring Rescue Mission, Urban Peak, Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful, RJ Montgomery Shelter, Ecumenical Social Ministrieshttp://www.popcenter.org/library/awards/goldstein/2010/10-37(W).pdf
Duluth, MN PDY"We collaborate with the CHUM shelter and currently or formerly homeless people to lead a 2-hour training twice annually for Duluth MN police recruits. The CHUM outreach worker also speaks at least once a year which each shift. PD command staff have all participated in crisis intervention training and the department has a goal of training all officers. The department has an embedded county mental health social worker who assists with training and referrals, among other things." -Joel Kilgour, Loaves and Fishes NLoaves and Fishes Community,
Fayetteville, NC PDNHomeless Project Officer: one officer is responsible for the identification and classification of homeless persons. The officer assists with basic necessities, including ID, meals, shelter. Officer also has to initiate and maintain trespass agreements for vacant homes, lots, and businesses after hours to reduce crim. activity.NFayetteville Area Operation Inasmuch, True Vine Ministries, Veterans Empowering Veterans, Hope Center
Ft. Lauderdale PD305-379-HOMEYDuluth PD has adopted most of the NLCHP's model policy and added a section mandating an annual review that includes input from homeless people. All officers carry the number for our street outreach hotline, and they've taken some other surprisingly progressive steps.Recognized as a best practice model by NCH.
Team consists of an officer and a volunteer (formerly chronically homeless man).
Conservative estimate of 2400 fewer arrests in each of the 4 years the HOT has operated.
NBroward Partnership for the Homeless, Salvation Army, Broward Outreach Center, COSAChttps://www.egovlink.com/public_documents300/sarasota/published_documents/Police%20Advisory%20Panel/Public%20Documents%20Folder/Homelessness%20Documents/Ft%20%20Lauderdale%20Homelessness%20Outreach.pdf
Fullerton, CA714-738-6700; dheying@fullertonpd.org;
YThey have 4 homeless liaison officers. This unit has direct contact with Orange County Social Services, and has a Clinician from Organ County Mental Health with them in their patrol cars. Their mission is to “provide homeless individuals with opportunities to get off the streets and into permanent housing.”N· http://www.fullertonpd.org/team/units/homeless_liaison_officer_(hlo)_unit.asp
Humboldt County, CAYCIT training- mental health
No trainings focused on homelessness.
YMovile Intervention & Services Team (MIST): 1 mental health clinician with the Humboldt County DHHS, 2 officers, Substance Abuse Counselor, Mental Health Case Manager, Community Health Outreach Worker. Soon another clinician, case manager and two peer coaches will be added.https://humboldtgov.org/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1250
Houston PDhpd.hot@houstonpolice.org or 832-394-4200YCrisis Intervention Training program: required for all patrol divisions starting in 2000. As of Jan. 2016, Houston has 2,654 CIT officers.Team consists of one sergeant, four police officers, and three mental health professionals from the Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD. YCrisis Intervention Response Team/Mental Health Division: highest level response to individuals in serious mental health crises. Works in collaboration with HPD, mental health professionals, and advocacy groups.. Healthcare for the Homeless, SEARCH Homeless Services, Lord of the Streets, Bread of Life, Palmer Way Station, Star of Hope, Salvation Army, US Vets, DeGeorge Veterans Housing, Main Street Ministries, GoodwillSuccess stories: https://www.houstontx.gov/council/committees/rna/20161117/Mental_Health_Division.pdf
Huntington Beach PDCathy Lukehart, Homeless Outreach Coordinator
(714) 536-5583

Ashley Beckman, Homeless Case Worker
(714) 536-5576

HB Police Department Homeless Liaison Officers: (714) 316-7630

Officer Joe Schloss

Officer Gabe Ricci
NTeam consists of two full-time Homeless Liaison Police Officers, a part-time Homeless Liaison Coordinator and a part-time Homeless Case Manager. NCoast to Coast Foundation, Mercy House, Interval House, Jamboree, OC Rescue Mission, 4G House, Pathways, Building Futures, Grandma’s House of Hope, Colette’s Children’s Home, Thomas House, Cornerstone, Wavelengths, Charle Street, OC Health Care agency, HB hospitalhttps://www.huntingtonbeachca.gov/files/users/economic_development/HTFSixMonthTeamProgressReport.pdf
Laguna Beach PD949-497-0382NCommunity Outreach Officer works with social service agencies in the area to help homeless individuals get help in shelters. Also works with Chamber of Commerce, the Exchange Club, rotary and any other group with concerns regarding law enforcement.N
Lake Forest, CA 949-461-3548; Officer Chet ParkerYThey have deputies assigned to the unit, they receive training on mental illness and how to connect the homeless community to resources.NSouth County Outreach, Orange County Mental Health, Veterans Services, Family Forward, Coast to Coast, and Ashland Househttps://www.lakeforestca.gov/887/Homeless-Liaison-Officer-Program
Lakewood, WA PDNYCo-Responder Program (CRP) consists of one mental health professional and one officer.
"They help the person avoid arrest, and divert them to appropriate services in the community."
LAPDYOfficers complete 40 hours of Mental Health Intervention Training.
USC has developed LAPD training that will reduce the need for force. The program consists of monthly two-hour online classroom sessions in which instructors offer focused content that identifies meaningful skills that officers can immediately use on the job. Officers also participate in three to four all-day, group meetings tackling topics such as civil rights, extremism and conflict resolution, and human trafficking.
Homeless Outreach and Proactive Engagement (HOPE): 10 officers, 1 sergeant, 1 maintenance laborer, 1 collection truck operater, 2 Environmental Compliance Inspectors, 2 outreach and engagement specialists. Team is a joint plan with 5 key partners: LAPD, Dept. of Sanitation, LA Homeless Services Authority, Office of the City Attorney, and Office of the Mayor.NData and measure of effectiveness will be tracked by Mayor's office.
On USC Training Program:
Long Beach PDYThe Quality of Life Team provides training to police officers and outside agencies on alternative methods for addressing homeless related issues. Quality of Life Team consists of a police officer and a mental health clinician that work to reduce crime in and around the homeless community through street outreach. With resources provided by the Long Beach Police Foundation and other community partners, the team serves as a liaison to connect homeless individuals to non-government agency services, community support groups, housing resources, transportation and mental health services. The program is primarily funded through grants and individual contributions. N2016 Quality of Life Team Statistics
Field Interviews: 1306
Calls for Service: 501
Bus Tickets Purchased: 39
Motel Rooms Purchased: 211
Rehab/Sober Living Placements/Housing: 87
Shelter Placements: 102
Mental Crisis Evaluations: 112
Hospital Calls for Assistance: 210
LB Rescue Mission Calls for Assistance: 125
Multi-Service Center Calls for Assistance: 832
Clothing/Meals: 329
Mental Health “The Village”: 45
Veterans: 24
Los Alamitos, CA562-431-2255; Officer Shawn WatkinsYThey have a Homeless Liaison Officer program. The people chosen receive additional training on mental illness and information on connecting the homeless population to services.NSouth County Outreach, Orange County Mental Health, Veterans Services, Family Forwardhttp://cityoflosalamitos.org/police/home/services/homeless-outreach/
Los Angeles County 213-480-3480
24/7 Hotline: 800-854-7771
NHomeless Outreach and Mobile Engagement (HOME): provides consulation, advocacy, transportation, and intensive case management.
Lubbock PDSergeant Steven Bergen sbergen@mylubbock.us
Corporal Antonio Chacon achacon@mylubbock.us
Officer William Trotter wtrotter@mylubbock.us
NHOT is comprised of one sergeant and 2 officers. "HOT currently works with homeless providers, churches, and the various City of Lubbock Departments to help clean up temporary camp/shelter areas while assisting homeless into housing or shelters."
HOT helps with: Support Services referrals (housing, shelter, food, clothing), Medical care, Mental health treatment, Employment, Social Security cards, Bus fare, Birth certificates
Menlo Park, CA PD650-330-6300NSince Menlo Park police officers are often-times the first government official to make
contact with a homeless person in the city, it makes sense for officers to examine the ways
law enforcement personnel can learn about, and create solutions for, working with our homeless population. To that end, six goals were created to help guide the beginning of this process:
1) Determine what resources are available within the city of Menlo Park and San Mateo
County, for the homeless. How are other cities working with their homeless
2) Enforcement and enactment of civility laws & improvements to protect the health and
safety of Menlo Park residents.
3) Contact homeless persons in Menlo Park to learn more about them and their specific
needs, thus beginning the important step of building relationships with them; this is a
key aspect of the homeless management process.
4) The education and training of MPPD officers and CSOs in how to better work with the
homeless and determine possible solutions for a specific person or family.
5) Networking and case management with various resources and charting the best
course of action for the specific needs of the homeless person (e.g. housing, food,
medical care, reconnection with family members, etc.).
6) Maintain relationships and encouragement of homeless contacts. Meet regularly with
homeless persons to continue developing the relationship and encourage them to
take advantage of resources that are available to them.
Milwaukee PD414-933-4444
YCrisis intervention training and 40-hour course focusing on signs of mental illness/constructive interactionsHomeless Outreach Team: 6 officers- this is a part time assignment. *This team was formed after participating in a national Problem-Oriented Policing Conference that Lt. Dubis brough back new ideas to address the city's homelessness.Nhttp://archive.jsonline.com/news/milwaukee/specially-trained-milwaukee-officers-work-to-help-homeless-b99167574z1-237110131.html/
Napa PD707-257-9479NHomeless Outreach Department: connects clients to available services, to reduce non-emergency calls to law enforcement services in the County.Nhttps://www.cityofnapa.org/544/Homeless-Outreach
Nashville PD615-862-8600NRescue Mission: program to help homeless people get bus fares out of the city. Those stranded in the Nashville area are referred to the private sector which purchases the bus tickets. "Goal is not to rid of the homeless but to provide help to those in need." This program works in conjunction with the Nashville Downtown Partnership.N
New Orleans PD504-259-9336NHomeless Assistance Unit responds to calls to assist homeless individuals by providing information regarding available services and transportation to those services. Operative Mon-Fri 10 AM - 6 PMNCrescent City OutreachDepartmental policies include preservation of personal property rights and explicitly states that officers should not force individuals to seek shelter. Key part of this unit is the focus on ID- twice a week transportation to get state ID or state license at the DMV.https://www.nola.gov/getattachment/NOPD/Policies/Chapter-41-36-Interacting-with-Homeless-Persons-EFFECTIVE-3-26-17.pdf/

Oceanside PDSergeant James Ridenour (760) 435-4552NTeam consists of several social workers, volunteers, officers and has adopted a "non-enforcement" approach that lends to building rapport, trust, and communication leading to constructive relationships.
"Since operations began in Dec. 2014, the team has contacted about 50 homeless individuals. Half of those individuals have accepted help." - April 2015
NInterfaith Community Services, Brother Bennos, HHSA, McAlister Institute, The Regional Taskforce on The Homeless, Mental Health Systems, Alpha Project, City Housing Authority
Oklahoma City PD(405) 297-1180NHOT is comprised of two officers and they report to Bricktown Bike Patrol’s Administrative Lieutenant. The unit works Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. but they periodically come in at 7 a.m. in order to check on homeless camps and will also work some weekends when assisting social service providers.
Their office is currently located inside the Homeless Alliance. The office location gives them easy access a number of social services and the homeless community.
Oregon City PDOfficer Mike Day: mday@orcity.orgNHomeless Liason Officer (HLO): Officer Mike DayNhttps://www.orcity.org/police/outreach-storieshttps://www.orcity.org/police/homeless-liaison-officer
Pasadena, CA PDChief Melekian: 626-744-4501
Director Marvin Southard: 213-738-4431
YMinimum training for HOPE officers includes 40 hours post "Crisis Intervention" training, 40 hours "Crisis Negotiation training, 8 hours post class on "Effective Enforcement Contacts with the Homeless or Mentally Ill," "Drug and Alcohol Recognition" class, and monthly, quarterly, and annual update training. YHomeless Outreach Psychiatric Evaluation Team (HOPE): partnership with Pasadena PD and the LA County Dept. of Mental Health. Team consists of a police officer and licensed clinician.
In the first year of its implementation, the team issued 200 referrals, avoiding incarceration, and saved more than 767 hours of patrol time. In its third year the team saved more than 1238 hours of patrol time.
Pinellas Park, FL PDOfficer Daniel Butterworth: 727-214-7754N"HOT consists of a police officer partnering with a social worker [from Directions for Living, who has a degree in Mental Health and Substance Abuse]. They assist in obtaining identification/social services and with any mental health issues. HOT also assists homeless veterans and reunites families that have been displaced. Many homeless individuals are now in long term housing and have overcome their homeless situation due to the program. The program receives calls from area business, churches and individuals through the outreach hotline."
-modeled after Fy. Lauderdale and Miami programs
Redding, CA PDNHomeless Outreach and Assistance Program: consists of a doctor, nurse, psychologist, mental health case worker, services coordinator from the local Rescue Mission. Team provides medical/psychological exams and treatment, referrals to services, transporation to appointments, and basic necessities.NGood News Rescue Mission, Shasta County HHS
Reno PD(775) 657-4543 or askrpd@reno.gov NHomeless Evaluation Liaison Program (HELP): goal is to reconnect homeless population with family or friends so that they have support to help them re-establish their lives. After intensive interviews, some are referred to local services such as shelters, rehab programs, or job referrals.N
Richmond, VA PDSgt. Coretta Monts: coretta.monts@richmondgov.comNTeam consists of a sergeant, 3 officers, and City Dept. of Social Services social work specialist dedicated to homeless services. NSalvation Army, The Daily Planet, Virginia Supportive Housing, Virginia State Police, CAPS, Homeward, Caritas
Salt Lake City PD801-799-3035NHOST (Homeless Outreach Service Team) is modeled after Colorado Springs and Wichita program. 1 sergeant, 2 officers, 8 police social workers.
Involves family reunification program.
NCatholic Community Services of Utah, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Crossroads Urban Center, Dept. of Workforce Services, Downtown Business Alliance, Fourth Street Clininc, The Inn Between, The Legacy Initiative, Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, The Road Home, SLC Mission, University of Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute, Valley Behavioral Health, VA Homeless Outreach Program, Volunteers of America- In improving trust with the homeless population, the team wrapped a patrol car with HOST graphics and language, to distinguish itself from officers in other roles (patrol, detectives, etc.).
- Officers designed a database to track info shared with them. To avoid any perception of unlawful use of the info, they ask each person to fill out a release form specifying what information will be collected and who the information may be shared
with. If a person declines to fill out the release form, they still receive the same service from
the HOST team; they just are not entered into the HOST database. 
- Distribute resource info cards in the downtown area and local organizations that are near common panhandling areas.
San Diego PD(619) 446-1010 or HOT@pd.sandiego.govY"officers go through sensitivity training in learning how to deal with the chronic problems of homeless people."HOT works with County of SD HHS specialists and Psychiatric Emergency Response Team clinicians. YSerian Inebriate Program conducts outreach on the streets and in jails. Once the case comes before court, the person charged is given the choice between incarceration and a recovery program. The program funds 20 beds with case management and treatment funded by the County.
San Francisco PDCoalition:Jennifer Friedenbach jfriedenbach@cohsf.org
Commissioner: sfpd.commission@sfgov.org
Y40 hour training on homelessness for CIT, educating basics on homelessness, highlights lack of resources in SFTrainings started when the police chief offered to do "sensitivity trainings". Now, they have a Crisis Intervention Team. Process involved a hearing at board of supervisors, persuading the police commissioner to pass a resolution (inc. the formation of a mental health advisory board, formation of team, reqs. for training, etc). Creation of SFPD Community Advisory Board on Homelessness.NSF Coalition on HomelessnessTraining materials in HNH Google Drive.
San Rafael, CA PDDirector of Homeless Planning & Outreach Andrew Hening, 415-485-3055
Housing Director Howard Schwartz, St. Vincent de Paul Society of Marin: (408) 838-5410
NYMental Health Outreach Liaison: street engagement in downtown hot spotsSt. Vincent de Paul Society, Marin Housing Authority, Ritter Center, Homeward Bound of Marin, Community Action Marin, Marin County HHS-Collaborated with landlords through the "Landlord Partnership Program" and recruited 82 landlords to accept housing vouchers.
-De-concentrated services in downtown area by moving Ritter's (partner org.) mail services out of downtown.
-Family reunification program
Santa Ana PD714-245-8288YAll police personnel working in this detail have received over 16 hours of specifically designed mental health training (Crisis Intervention Training for Law Enforcement) for first responders. Homeless Evaluation Assessment Response Team (HEART): oversees citywide homeless outreach needs, safety, and security.

Coordinated entry, family reunification program.
YPsychological Emergency Response Team (PERT): collaboration with the Orange County Health Care Agency. A mental health clinician is assigned to a Civic Center Officer, or Patrol Officer, with a minimum of twice a week and up to 40 hours a week.
The P.E.R.T. team will identify individuals in Civic Center or in the City and facilitate a rapid response to effectively provide assistance to individuals with mental illness and/or substance abuse problems.
Illumination Foundation, Mercy House, Colette's Children's Home, Village of Hope, Salvation Army, Orange County Mental Health Outreach and Engagement Team, Orance County Public Health Nurse, Orange County Social Services Agency
Santa Monica PD310.458.8953NTeam consists of 1 sergeant and 6 officers who work with the city attorney's office, SMFD, human services division, and LA Dept. of Mental Health. Responsibilities include:
- Maintain and make available to all department employees a list of assistance programs and other resources that are available to the homeless.
- Meet with social services and representatives of other organizations that render assistance to the homeless.
- Remain abreast of laws dealing with the removal and/or destruction of the personal property of the homeless.
- Be present during any clean-up operation conducted by this department involving the removal of personal property of the homeless to ensure that the rights of the homeless are not violated.
- Develop training to assist officers in understanding current legal and social issues relating to the homeless.
-Project Homecoming: reuniting homeless individuals with family and friends who are willing and able to offer permanent housing and ongoing support. "
-Homeless Community Court
Santa Rosa PD855-707-4678 or HOST@srcharities.orgNHomeless Outreach Services Team (HOST):

Funded by the City and led by Catholic Charities, HOST is a street outreach team that actively works in downtown to engage unsheltered homeless into services and housing in collaboration with the Police Department’s Downtown Enforcement Team (DET) and other providers such as Social Advocates for Youth and Buckelew Programs. The City Council funded this pilot effort starting in August 2015.

HOST also operates Clean Start, a mobile bathroom-shower trailer, at various sites throughout the City.
Catholic Charities, Social Advocates for Youth and Buckelew Programs
Sarasota PDHOT is led by Captain Kevin Stiff 941-954-7010
Informant: Adam Tebrugge
NOutreach Team includes a sergeant, 4 officers, and 2 civilian case managers.The team is a bride between homelessness and the CoC within Sarasota County.
Data: In 2015 the Homeless Outreach Team made 7344 contacts with homeless individuals, 73 individuals enter the program HOT program at the Salvation Army that was started on October 1st, identified 9 active camps, and issued 8 HUD vouchers.
NSchool House Link, Salvation Army (agreement that guarantees a free night in a bed when that individual is brought in by the Sarasota PD), Vocational Rehabilitation, Coastal Behavioral
St. Petersburg, FL PD727-422-6540 or 727-441-5103NStreet Outreach Team consists of one officer and one outreach Social Worker from Operation PAR. NSt. Vincent de Paul, Safe HarborA critical component of the program is the overnight emergency shelter beds at St. Vincent de Paul and Safe Harbor which opened in January, 2011. These beds provide emergency placement to help move homeless citizens off the streets while they work with the Outreach Team and other case management providers to access needed shelter, treatment and services.
Temecula, CA PD800-950-2444, Option 5NTeam consists of one sergeant and four officers. Officers attend monthly Regional HOT meetings with staff from the City, Pantry Neighboring cities, and various local agencies.

Work includes family reunification and employment services.
Washington DC PDHOT Contact:
Legal Clinic Contact: Ann Marie Staudenmaier annmarie@legalclinic.org
YWA Legal Clinic for the Homeless conducts these trainings. Mental health workers and doctors provided additional training and resources for the HOT unit. Includes causes and faces of homelessness, needs and resources of victims of homelessness, skills in dealing with the mentally ill, and the rights of homeless individuals. Includes Know Your Rights pamphlet to give to homeless citizens.Team consists of one sergeant, 6 officers, and select volunteers from the Second District. N
West Covina PD626-916-6966NHomeless Outreach and Park Enforcement Team (HOPE) consists of 2 officers, 1 sergeant. Officers primarily deploy on dual sport zero-emission motorcycles. NCity Mental Evaluation Team, Homeless Assistance Liaison Officer Program, Code Enforcement, Community Services, Public Works
Wichita PDSupervisor of HOT is Sgt. Brett Stull.
(316) 854-3013
NHOT is modeled after Colorado Springs' programNhttp://www.wichita.gov/WPD/FieldServices/Documents/Homeless%20Brochure.pdf
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