2019 Cantoras UIL Lesson Plan
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Cantoras UIL Lesson Plan
For the Beauty of the Earth(A SECTION) mm. 16-24 unison(B SECTION) mm. 24-31(A' SECTION) mm. 35-42(A' SECTION) mm. 42-50(B' SECTION) mm. 50-57(A" SECTION, key change) mm. 61-69(A" SECTION) mm. 68-77(B" SECTION) mm. 76-83(A"' SECTION) mm. 85-100(B' SECTION with Some Changes) mm. 100-114Combine Whole piece A mm. 9-23, B mm. 24-31, A' mm. 35-49, B' mm. 50-57, (Key Change) A" mm. 61-76, B" mm. 76-83, A"' mm. 85-100, B' mm. 100-110, B CODA mm. 112-114Memorize, clean as necessary, work for musicalityClean
Cancion de Los Tsachilasmm. 1-10mm. 12-20mm. 21-24, mm. 25-28mm. 29-32, mm. 33-36mm. 38-52mm. 53-56, mm. 57-61mm. 63-69mm. 70-77mm. 78-89Combine whole pieceMemorize, clean as necessary, work for musicalityCleanClean
Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep(A SECTION) mm. 13-17(A SECTION) mm. 17-21, combine 13-21(B SECTION) mm. 31-37(B SECTION) mm. 38-43, combine mm. 30-43(C SECTION) mm.45-50(C SECTION) mm.51-55, combine mm. 45-55(C CODA) mm. 60-68Combine whole piece. A mm. 8-21, B mm. 31-43, C mm. 45-55, Coda 60-68Memorize, clean as necessary, work for musicalityMemorize, clean as necessary, work for musicalityReviewMemorizeClean
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