Bolinas/Stinson Research
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Dipsea Gardens at Stinson Beach * Ocean View Weddings & Events * Gazebo Glamping link3275 Shoreline Hwy3275Shoreline HwyStinson BeachCalles195-222-34CountyHO50201450512$1,700163Steve Rudin A.Steve Rudin511 Lovell AveMill ValleyCA2009$5$1,721$862Lovisa RubinMill Valley2108
Rainbow Body Villa 1 room per reservation 4 rooms AveRailRdRailRd AveWoodacreRM02018049$130Robertna1
Premier Seadrift Oceanfront Seadrift Rd182Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-031-08CountyHOHO2201811410$1,218293Herbert James & Cecilia 1994 Revoc Trust Etal Herbert James H Ii Tr Etal C/O Herbert 1994 Revoc Trust111 Pine St Fl 2San FranciscoCA2015$5,940$5,017$1,256Highway One PStinson Beach52484Switched
Dramatic 4 bedroom waterfront home Seadrift Rd311Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-310-58CountyHOHO$975242Sterns Gerald C Tr & Sterns Elizabeth W Tr1087 Hubert RdOaklandCA$1,017$657William BarrettStinson Beach10
Beautiful Lagoon Home Dipsea Rd43Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-090-43CountyHOHO22018247$754112Ellsworth Dana P Revoc Trust Ellsworth Dana P Tr158 Alhambra StSan FranciscoCA2014$1,297$962$709Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Luxurious Waterfront Lagoon Retreat in Private Gated Seadrift Dipsea Rd127Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-070-42HO52011547$40082Duo Quercus LLCKaren & David Herz2018$3,400$501$458Ownerna15
Oceanfront Stinson Beach's most special spot Calle Del Pinos18Calle Del PinosStinson BeachCalles195-164-18CountyHOCT02009036$1,00072Barry Harris Revocable Trustnana1990$260$190$253Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Whitewater views and sunsets
No review
340 Seadrift Rd340Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-310-08CountyHOHO$882162Sesnon Melinda M Tr101 Lombard St #101WSan FranciscoCA2008$0$94$111Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Best Location on the beach Calle Del Ribera92Calle Del RiberaStinson BeachCalles195-133-11CountyHOHO622016233938$65622Mulcahy Katherine A2003$950$551$429KatieLarkspur162
Comfortable beach house on the wide part of the lagoon Seadrift Rd187Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-031-28CountyHOHO820181736$650153Earle-Lim Karen E Tr2018$3,163$590$1,023Highway One PStinson Beach52484Switched
Renew and re energize
No review
163 Dipsea Rd163Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-340-59CountyHOHO$60082Lufkin Alison W Tr Etal Lufkin Elise B Tr Etal2843 Fillmore StSan FranciscoCA2002$1,386$998$729Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Stunning location on the wild Bolinas Lagoon Link Inactive349 Seadrift Rd349Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-310-69CountyHOHO152009014137$558222Bucklin Living Trust2018$0$164$405Highway One PStinson Beach52484
A charming little italian villa
No review
233 Seadrift Rd233Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-331-29CountyHOHO038$54282Cp Holding Co LLC41 Peninsula RdBelvedere TiburonCA2005$1,470$1,051$772Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Family-friendly luxury home by the beach Calle Del Pradero14Calle Del PraderoStinson BeachCalles195-163-32HO3820133838$50052SHASHATY ANDRE F & LESLEY TRUST ETAL2013$1,203$812$458Owner138
High Ceilings and great views of Mt Tam Sonoma Patio1Sonoma PatioStinson BeachCalles195-063-13CountyHOHO32018336$49082Sato Wells Trust 2013 Etal Wells Jason Tr & Etal264 Mountain VwSan RafaelCA2013$1,450$845$687Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Well Appointed Stinson Beach Home & Just Steps to the Beach! Francisco Patio8Francisco PatioStinson BeachCalles195-104-06HO2320102337$42041Todd & Leslie Machtmes1088 Via RobieLafayetteCA2010$1,050$889$278Leslie MachtmesMill Valley?123
115 Seadrift Road Seadrift Rd115Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-051-23CountyHOHO2200823681
Butler John R & Lori K Living Trust Etal Butler John R Tr & Etal
12 Center StSan RafealCA2012$1,150$883$383Highway One PStinson Beach52484
63 Dipsea Road Dipsea Rd63Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-080-10CountyHOHO32018213882Baytec Properties LLC127 Dominga AveFairfaxCA2016$2,800$2,028$883Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Willow Camp Estate and R House Beach Villa Shoreline Hwy3325Shoreline HwyStinson BeachCalles195-222-38CountyHOCan sleep more than 169201691616$2,99920naWillow Camp Properties LLCSteve Rudin511 Lovell AveMill ValleyCAnana$866$866Steve RudinMill Valley8193
Willow Camp Estate and Gardens Shoreline Hwy3325Shoreline HwyStinson BeachCalles195-222-38CountyHOCan sleep more than 17162016161116$1,84920naWillow Camp Properties LLCSteve Rudin512 Lovell AveMill ValleyCAnana$866$866Steve RudinMill Valley8193
Willow Camp Estate - Main House Shoreline Hwy3325Shoreline HwyStinson BeachCalles195-222-38CountyHO482016222664$60020naWillow Camp Properties LLCSteve Rudin514 Lovell AveMill ValleyCAnana$866$866Steve RudinMill Valley8193
Stunning Villa with Cottage in Stinson Beach Shoreline Hwy3325Shoreline HwyStinson BeachCalles195-222-38HO58201058512$1,41720naWillow Camp Properties LLCSteve Rudin514 Lovell AveMill ValleyCAnana$866$866Lovsia RubinMill Valley2108
60 Puente Rizal Puente Rizal60Puente RizalStinson BeachHill195-152-06HO0na0512$1,220463Hanley Family 2000 Trust Etal Hanley Dean A Tr Etal1442 Grand View DrBerkeleyCA2015$4,429$3,443$1,143Highway One P52484
25 Calle Del SierraIncorrect link5 Calle Del Sierra25Calle Del SierraStinson BeachCalles195-163-14CountyHOHO320183510$1,00021Margaret M. Becker73 Grand StRedwood CityCA2016$1,590$1,030$560Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Las Olas
No review
322 Seadrift Rd322Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-310-17CountyHOHO$975172Seadrift LLC2121 4 StBoulderCO2005$3,750$3,521$883Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Terrific layout for two families or retreatsInactiveIncorrect link270 Seadrift Rd270Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-340-37CountyHOHO$960212270 Seadrift Properties LLC1504 SE Tolman StPortlandOR2010$0$116$186Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach
R House Beach Villa Shoreline Hwy3325Shoreline HwyStinson BeachCalles195-222-38CountyHO29201629512$90020naWillow Camp Properties LLCSteve Rudin513 Lovell AveMill ValleyCAnana$866$866Steve RudinMill Valley8193
Beautiful gated compound just steps to the beach and two blocks to town Calle Del Sierra5Calle Del SierraStinson BeachCalles195-163-35HO320183510$73016Petrucela Nicholas J Tr2018$3,495$1,890$647Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Casa Ballena, a 5 BR Beach Compound Marine Way12Marine WayStinson BeachCalles195-221-09HO$59981Casa Ballena LLCPO BOX 2524San AnselmoCA2014$950$931$595LokeshwarRoss149
Stunning Oceanfront House Seadrift Rd276Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-340-05HO0na048$2,786201POLER ARIEL & WEITZMAN REVOC TRUST ETAL2235 Octavia StSan FranciscoCA2015$6,728$5,281$1,824Arielna10
Mid-Century Classic
No review
144 Seadrift Rd144Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-041-15CountyHOHO$1,128274Intercon Stinson LLC1 Tara View RdBelvedere TiburonCA2010$6,450$4,949$2,224Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Super mid-century beach house Seadrift Rd226Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-331-11CountyHOHO$1,085242Mac Coll William & Stephanie Revoc Trust Etal Mac Coll William B Jr Tr & Etal30 Sunrise AveMill ValleyCA2012$0$108$155Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Stinson Beach Retreat Dipsea Rd211Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-320-56CountyHOHO0201748$1,000102Ventura Serena Mondavi Trust Ventura Serena M Tr1811 Granger WaySaint HelenaCA2013$2,040$1,515$665Serenana11
The Whale House
No reviews33 Calle Del Sierra33Calle Del SierraStinson BeachCalles195-163-29HOHT00410$88653Levine Alison Etal Tuttle Family 2002 Trust Etal2465 Pacific AveSan FranciscoCA2015$600$1,294$816Highway One PStinson Beach52484
An abundance of outdoor living space
No review
248 Seadrift Rd248Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-340-48CountyHOHO$878232Murphy Kevin & Murphy Mary40 LancasterGreenbraeCA2005$3,500$3,632$536Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
199 Dipsea Road Dipsea Rd199Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-320-45CountyHOHO0na00411$64383Hardiman Roy C271 Princeto AveMill ValleyCA2005$1,950$1,500$888Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Big and beautiful on the widest part of Seadrift Lagoon
No review
59 Dipsea Rd59Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-080-35CountyHOHO$642113Pedley Eric S Pedley Dean A1321 St CharlesAlamedaCA1989$285$490$583Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Oceanfront Stinson Beach, Master Ste, Remodeled, Dune deck & Media room Joaquin Patio7Joaquin PatioStinson BeachCalles195-104-19CountyHOHO6520096548$640102Owen James R Tr Owen Victoria G Tr711 Grand AveSan RafaelCA2007$1,980$1,584$565Owner165
Spacious Seadrift lagoon home
No review
181 Dipsea Rd181Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-340-68CountyHOHO$62182O Connor Janet & O Connor John287 Makin GradeGreenbraeCA2004$1,411$1,141$556Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Classic Stinson Oceanfront Property Sacramento Patio9Sacramento PatioStinson BeachCalles195-064-13CountyHOHO32018348$59072Falik William Tr Mee Michael Tr Etal100 Tunnel RdBerkeleyCA2008$2,500$2,219$438Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Completely Updated & Utterly Peaceful Stinson Beach Retreat Joaquin Patio1Joaquin PatioStinson BeachCalles195-104-20CountyHOHO4120144148$584102Brody-Yost Family Living Trust 2010 Etal Brody Paul R Tr EtalDaniel Yost135 Otis AveRedwood CityCA2013$1,317$739$651Property Manager141
Spectacular views of the Seadrift Lagoon and Mt. Tam, cozy and warm. Airbnb Duplicate11 Dipsea Rd11Dipsea Rd
Stinson Beach
Seadrift195-090-33HO12018148$514112Bowman Stephen & Anne Trust Etal Bowman Stephen M Tr & Etal385 Vista GrandeGreenbraeCA1997$515$816$538Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Stinson Beach Getaway! Buena Vista Ave150Buena Vista AveStinson BeachHill195-174-16CountyHOHO920188146$50082Newhall-Riker Family Trust2017$439$38$49DavidPiedmont18Switched
Comfortable Family Beach House Calle Del Sierra12Calle Del SierraStinson BeachCalles195-162-42CountyHOHO16201015148$48271Sierra & Highway 1 LLC76 Alder AveSan AnselmoCA2005$1,250$1,147$354Karenna241
1BR Beachside Bliss w/ Hot Tub Calle Del Sierra21Calle Del SierraStinson BeachCalles195-163-16CountyHOHO62018060410$33052Hansen Robert2017$2,000$46$321TurnKey Vacation RentalsAustin TX49283
Steps to Beach 2BR w/Hot Tub & View Calle Del Sierra21Calle Del SierraStinson BeachCalles195-163-16CountyHOHO62018060410$33052Hansen Robert2017$2,000$46$321TurnKey Vacation RentalsAustin TX49283
40 Steps to Ocean! 1BR w/Hot Tub Calle Del Sierra21Calle Del SierraStinson BeachCalles195-163-16CountyHOHO22018020410$33052Hansen Robert2017$2,000$46$321TurnKey Vacation RentalsAustin TX49283
3-Cottage Beach Retreat w/ Hot Tub Calle Del Sierra21Calle Del SierraStinson BeachCalles195-163-16CountyHOHO02018000410$33052Hansen Robert2017$2,000$46$321TurnKey Vacation RentalsAustin TX49283
Balifornia Shoreline Hwy3325Shoreline HwyStinson BeachCalles195-222-38RM32018348$10020naWillow Camp Properties LLCSteve Rudin514 Lovell AveMill ValleyCAnana$866$866Steve RubinMill Valley7140
216 Seadrift Road reviews216 Seadrift Rd216Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-331-06CountyHOHO00414252Schnugg Family Partners L P57 Lobardy LnOrindaCA1997$0$110$168Highway One PStinson Beach52484
230 Seadrift Rd reviews230 Seadrift Rd230Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-331-13CountyHOHO0048242King Properties 230 LLC C/O Lisa W Corning2422 Buchannan StreetSan FranciscoCA2012$0$110$172Highway One PStinson Beach52484Switched
Two Homes plus teepee overlooking Tomales Bay Shoreline Hwy22657Shoreline HwyTomalesHO44201044311$1,200DanaSan Francisco1
Classic 1956 Beach House on Creek Calle Del Pinos11Calle Del PinosStinson BeachCalles195-201-05CountyHOHO18201761239$950132Higgins Charles A Tr & Gill Leela E Tr850 Baker StSan FranciscoCA2005$1,165$1,077$294CharliesSan Francisco16
17 Dipsea Road Dipsea Rd17Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-090-34CountyHOHO72008736$808112Dufresne Louise Revoc Trust Dufresne Louise Tr69 Gable CtSan RafealCA2003$434$2,080$780Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Comfortable Luxury on the Stinson Beach Lagoon, CA Seadrift Rd129Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-041-38CountyHOHO402017192137$75082Coleman Darrell & Theresa 2013 Revoc Trust Etal Coleman Darrell D Tr & Etal20 Southridge Rd WBelvedere TiburonCA2015$2,038$1,505$647TheresaCA119
Floor to ceiling windows with white water views
No review
334 Seadrift Rd334Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-310-11CountyHOHO$739162Bowman Christopher C Revoc Trust Etal Bowman Jennifer R Tr Etal30 Eliseo DrGreenbraeCA1997$0$495$403Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Luxury on the lagoon
No review
145 Seadrift Rd145Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-041-30CountyHOHO$71082Pilger Mewha Trust Etal Pilger Henry B Tr & Etal19 Orchid DrLarkspurCA2013$2,550$1,804$902Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
BEAUTIFUL, NEWLY REMODELED, QUIET LAGOON HOME. GREAT DOCK - EASY BEACH WALK! Seadrift Rd117Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-051-22CountyHOHO38201638036$70082Lantz Lola B Tr128 Maywood WaySan RafealCAnana$22$420Highway One PStinson Beach52484Switched
Fabolous cottage for a relaxed getaway Seadrift Rd238Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-331-17CountyHOHO1720161736$650242Munro Donald38 Miller Ave #234Mill ValleyCA2000$4,600$2,701$1,148Donald117
Easy family house
No review
209 Seadrift Rd209Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-331-41CountyHOHO$63982Hawthorne Revoc Trust Etal Hawthorne James E Tr & Etal27 TamalpaisBelvedereTiburonCA2010$2,150$1,545$806Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Breathtaking Mt. Tamalpais and Seadrift lagoon views
No review
31 Dipsea Rd31Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-090-39CountyHO$607113Gallagher Patrick J & Joan K 2000 Trust Etal Gallagher Patrick J Tr Etal1990 Green St #101San FranciscoCA2015$2,667$1,734$958Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Willow Camp - 2018 Airstream Shoreline Hwy3325Shoreline HwyStinson BeachCalles195-222-38CountyAC562014282813$19920naWillow Camp Properties LLCSteve Rudin512 Lovell AveMill ValleyCAnana$866$866Steve RudinMill Valley7140
343 Seadrift Rd Seadrift Rd343Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-310-66CountyHOHO22008234$600182Safrit Henry F Tr & Safrit Karin C TrHenry Safrit2526 Vallejo StSan FranciscoCA1997$0$69$315Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Beachfront Home and Studio Cottage Calle Del Sierra30Calle Del SierraStinson BeachCalles195-162-11HO3020093038$60052Crist Roger E & Etal Crist Diane C EtalPO BOX 1910KetchumID2013$0$62$72nana130
Open and Spacious
No review
221 Seadrift Rd221Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-331-35CountyHOHO$60082Chan Thomas W & Maggie K 2004 Trust Etal Chan Thomas W Tr & EtalChan Thomas W & Maggie K 2004 Trust Etal Chan Thomas W Tr & Etal15611 Bel Red RdBellevueWA2006$850$1,035$756Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Secluded Estate with pond and gardens 4 (Shared property) Shoreline Hwy3325Shoreline HwyStinson BeachCalles195-222-38CountyAC3320143336$60020naWillow Camp Properties LLCSteve Rudin511 Lovell AveMill ValleyCAnana$866$866Steve RudinMill Valley7140
Enjoy The Serenity Mt Tamalpais Ridge
No review
14 Dipsea Rd14Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-090-46CountyHOHO$594212Ross Mark V & Pamela A Trust Etal Ross Mark V Tr & Etal201 Mark Twain AveSan RafaelCA2006$1,500$1,119$648Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
12 Calle Del Pradero Calle Pradero12Calle Del PraderoStinson BeachCalles195-163-33HO020180038$57151Susa Wyatt2017$1,350$32$281Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Go with the flow
No review
269 Seadrift Rd269Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-340-31CountyHOCT$55782Fuller Lynn D Fuller Alison C2949 Divicadero StSan FranciscoCA2015$1,960$1,512$518Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Modern Mid-Century Cottage Calle De La Sierra23Calle De La SierraStinson BeachCalles195-163-15HO1520171538$55521Brewer Michael6806 Fallsbrook Ct #1Granite BayCA2014$614$459$300Aellle Brewer115
NEW! Cozy SB Home - Dog friendly, great for kids! Link Inactive147 Dipsea Rd147Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-340-51CountyHOHO99200827601236$54582Mc Caslin Margaret M Trust 2011 Mc Caslin Margaret Megan Tr1485 Edgewood RdPalo AltoCA2011$819$775$331Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Lovely Inner Lagoon Home Seadrift Rd237Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-331-27CountyHOHO41200937436$53582237 Seadrift Rd LLc2018$3,200$1,122$720Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Stinson home in Seadrift. 3 min walk to beach. Dipsea Rd12Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-090-47CountyHOHO72018736$500202Jreemok Trust Etal Catalano Max Tr Etal1755 Jackson StSan FranciscoCA2016$1,250$831$444ZoeSan Fransisco17
Stinson Privacy, Parking and Proximity to beach and town. Calle Del Pinos6Calle Del PinosStinson BeachCalles195-164-22CountyHOHO29200929310$500142Anderson Don E & Etal Vogel Julie EtalAnderson/Vogel247 Gare Five RdSausalitoCA2005$650$780$692Owner129
White Beach House- 4 homes to beach, ocean views, clean & sunny 3BR hot tub Calle Del Embarcadero20Calle Del EmbarcaderoStinson BeachCalles195-132-34HO2720122736$48150.5Beals Linda L L Tr4212 Windng WaySacramentoCAnana$38$18Mary Maypna127
Wonderful Seadrift hideaway
No review
131 Seadrift Rd131Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-041-37CountyHOHO$46081Havriluk Jordana2017$2,325$1,385$519Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Family Fun At A Stinson Beach Retreat Dog Friendly Jose Patio2Jose PatioStinson BeachCalles195-065-07HO26201626310$444113Dern Marie C Tr Dern Marie C Tr58 Park RdFairfaxCA2009$0$24$374Tauni Meade126
RemoDeled Home with white water and mountain views Buena Vista Ave145Buena Vista AveStinson BeachHill195-191-35CountyHOHO39201813836$400502Betsy & Ann Shulman1038 Merced StBerkeleyCA2003$1,375$908$681Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Honeymoon Cottage with Sweeping Ocean Views Buena Vista Ave145Buena Vista AveStinson BeachHill195-191-35CountyHOHO39201813836$400502Betsy & Ann Shulman1038 Merced StBerkeleyCA2003$1,375$908$681Highway One PStinson Beach52484
15 Calle Del Ribera Calle Del Ribera15Calle Del RiberaStinson BeachCalles195-134-23CountyHOHO12018136$40051Yang Joseph P C Tr Hsu Kathleen M W Tr45 Sunnycrest AveMill ValleyCA2003$970$800$429Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Architectural charm review109 Dipsea Rd109Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-070-08CountyHOHO$40081109 Dipsea LLC2017$0$40$97Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Stinson Beach Cottage with Hot Tub
19 Calle Del Pradero
Calle Del Pradero
Stinson Beach
Calles195-154-19HO6220166236$3955219 Calle Del Pradero LLC3245 Pacific AveSan FranciscoCA2015$1,625$1,139$543JennySan Francisco272
Dazzling Beachfront Home Calle Del Embarcadero28Calle Del EmbarcaderoStinson BeachCalles195-132-11CountyHOHO520183235$39521Melnitzer 2000 Revoc Trust Etal Melnitzer Rudy W Tr EtalRuby Melnitzer250 Madrone AveLarkspurCA2013$950$637$368Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Wit´s End Calle Del Pradero6Calle Del PraderoStinson BeachCalles195-163-02HO382017172137$390131Timothy James Corriero Living Trust2017$800$1,125$475TimothyAlemeda115
Cute Cottage 3rd house from the beach Calle Del Ribera80Calle Del RiberaStinson BeachCalles195-133-09HO420093136$37521Doug & Patricia Franklin105 Samrose DrNovatoCA2012$683$451$274Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Cedar Home In Classic Beach Town Calle Del Mar175Calle Del MarStinson BeachHill195-191-36HO5220145235$35621Clark James LPO BOX 26LarkspurCAnana$129$97Jim Clark152
Classic Stinson Beach Cottage Calle Del Pradero27Calle Del PraderoStinson BeachCalles195-164-14CountyHOCT520183236$32520.6Greenberg Investments LP305 Vista GrandeGreenbraeCA2010$445$381$110Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Cozy, comfortable beach home, steps from the beach Calle Del Embarcadero3Calle Del EmbarcaderoStinson BeachCalles195-133-23CountyHOCT2520102536$32120.7Cassin James A Tr & Cassin Karen E Tr76 Alder AveSan AnselmoCA2007$560$538$96Karenna241
Family Fun at a Stinson Beach Retreat Jose Patio1Jose PatioStinson BeachCalles195-065-07HO35201635310$40113DERN MARIE C /TR/nana$24$382TauniMill Valley135
July and August 2018
No review
171 Dipsea Rd171Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-340-63HOHO $3300w82Riley Ledding Family Trust Etal Riley Frank J Tr & Etal751 BridgewaySausalitoCA2015$1,900$1,377$590Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Striking architecture and white water views
No review
346 Seadrift Rd346Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-310-05CountyHOCT$939162Walker Joint Revocable Trust Etal Walker John C Tr & Etal266 Hyde StSan FranciscoCA2013$0$46$290Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
Unique Family Beach House Calle Del Arroyo102Calle Del ArroyoStinson BeachCalles195-101-01CountyHOHO3020163026$60062Lanigan Brian W Tr & Lanigan Gail E TrPO BOX 171Stinson BeachCA1999$0$129$194Lanigan Family130
173 Seadrift Road reviews173 Seadrift Rd173Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-031-35CountyHO0026$52892Ten Eleven Twelve Revoc Trust Etal Munson Jack S Tr & Etal1854 Grant AveSan FranciscoCA2012$793,500$465$486Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Smartly designed and decorated with an open floorpan
No review
93 Dipsea Rd93Dipsea RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-080-25HO$50082Myers Elizabeth K Trust Myers Elizabeth K Tr1227 Montgomery StSan FranciscoCA2012$1,925$1,542$541Seadrift RealtyStinson Beach250
65 Buena Vista #5 & 6 Buena Vista Ave65Buena Vista AveStinson BeachHill195-193-20HO0na26$486nanaPATE SHERI & THOMAS R & ETALHowenstine Madeleine2018$550$1,237$1,332Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Stinson Beach Castle House Calle Del Pinos28Calle Del PinosStinson BeachCalles195-164-10CountyHOHO632015283525$48561Schujman Elida D316 Sycamore AveMill ValleyCA2004$950$781$360ElidaMill Valley297
160 Buena Vista Ave Buena Vista Ave160Buena Vista AveStinson BeachHill195-174-02HO22008224$485282Weber Family Revocable Trust2018$0$98$107Highway One PStinson Beach52484
270 Calle del Mar reviews270 Calle Del Mar270Calle Del MarStinson BeachHill195-175-18HO0026$48542Russco Giacomo A401 Florence StPalo AltoCA2006$1,020$808$1,177Highway One PStinson Beach52484
Private Lagoon House with Beach Access - Pets YES Seadrift Rd157Seadrift RdStinson BeachSeadrift195-041-24CountyHOHO052028$45082Sealark Trust Etal Gray Stanley T Tr Etal95 Elm AveLarkspurCA2003$1,025$822$450StanSan Rafael10