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TimestampWhat do you like best about the STEM program at your school?What is the biggest challenge regarding STEM at your school?
If money was not an issue, how would you suggest overcoming that challenge?
What do you like best regarding STEM in DeKalb County?What is the biggest challenge regarding STEM in DeKalb County?How do you envision a Tucker Cluster STEM Foundation working in Tucker?What are your concerns regarding a Tucker Cluster STEM Foundation?Is there anything else you would like the Cluster Alliance and/or DCSD to know regarding STEM in Tucker Cluster Schools?I am a
Please indicate which entity you most closely represent.
3/12/2018 12:44:21That it engages all students in the process.That not all teachers understand what a STEM lesson should look like.
Sending teachers to workshops, having more workshops, and sending teachers to see what a STEM classroom/school/lessons look like.
That it is strongly supported even though it isn't funded.DeKalb should be able to have partners to provide funding and STEM resources. Additionally, the opportunity for STEM schools to develop and plan their own curriculum.To help us to develop a way to solve the problems that we encounter and have currently.That all schools do things differently and we are not able to make headway to addressing all our individual needs.noLivsey Elementary
3/12/2018 13:07:10The learning activities are engaging and the students enjoy learning. Planning the lessons for the STEM activities and the items to complete the projects. (Preparation and organization of STEM activities)
Hiring a STEM teacher at the school to assist teachers with STEM preparation and planning. Also, having planning days for STEM.
Great communications and assistance with certification. The District's curriculum and lesson plans do not match the STEM procedures and planning. Being a great resource for the Tucker Cluster. None at this time. NoneLivsey Elementary
3/13/2018 16:24:29That we are working on Advanced Ed.Everyone buying into the program.Writing grantsI love that more schools are pursuing or have their STEM.Money and space at the local schools to fund the program. No heat in some of the rules at school.Raising funds are the Tucker Cluster to have schools activity involved in STEM.Let's go for it!We need this program in all of our schools.Brockett Elementary
3/13/2018 16:59:47There is a lack of multisensory math instruction in the district. Many students are struggling in math, but the district's only options are IXL and tutoring (more of the same methodology they are struggling with). There needs to be more diverse ways of accessing the math curriculum.
Train math teachers more and provide them with more resources.
Tucker High School
3/14/2018 20:56:19The hands-on teachingNone
Give the school more resources
Teaching outside of the box thinkingNot sureHelp fund programs for Tucker school that benifit our stem studentsHow would $ be allocatedWe love Midvale!Midvale Elementary
3/14/2018 21:21:45I love how my school inspires creativity and critical thinking through STEM related activities. It allows the students to not only understand, but use the knowledge they've acquired in a meaningful way.The biggest challenge seems to be acquiring the best resources to encourage STEM activities.
I would suggest purchasing laptops for each grade and having them available for daily use and integration.
I love how STEM is a priority in Dekalb County. I admire how much our school system has implemented STEM challenges and provided basic resources.I think the biggest challenge is being able to provide equal access and opportunities to all students and all grade levels.I envision teachers collaborating to create a sustainable, effective platform to share ideas and gain new information and resources for STEM integration.My concerns are that teachers apart of the foundation may begin to view it as a mandatory participation instead of a great resource and collaborative tool for our cluster.
More teachers need to understand that we don't teach STEM just to check off a box. STEM should be viewed as an excellent teaching strategy that promotes the highest level of learning on Bloom's taxonomy. It is a great tool to use in the classroom as it can be integrated into any content area.
Midvale Elementary
3/14/2018 21:31:01I know nothing about itKnow nothing about programIf I knewAdvertise, website, informing the communityMidvale Elementary
3/14/2018 21:32:20I know NOTHINGAdvertising, letters, flyersTucker Middle School
3/14/2018 21:51:20We made stuffNoMidvale Elementary
3/14/2018 21:58:26The fact that there is a certified program. Understanding the aspects of the program and what it really entails. More engagement. It appears to be a priorityStrengthening the program in all of the schools. Providing more coordination and collaboration, sharing resources. I don't really understand it's purpose. Midvale Elementary
3/14/2018 22:51:36Ostensibly, it teaches skills in underrepresented areas for females.I have no idea because I'm not in the classroom. I imagine it's disruptive children during learning time.
Pay someone to watch the disruptive children while the others learn. If ethics was not an issue, maybe keep them in a room all by themselves. Then you wouldn't have to pay anyone to watch them.
The activities seem to be varied and have multiple components. I want it noted, though, that I do not trust DeKalb County in any area.DeKalb County. The corruption, embezzling, dishonesty, criminal behavior, laziness, lying, cheating, and general incompetence. If you had literally anyone else administering STEM I would have more confidence.Some kind of collaborative effort where 50 words aren't used to convey one idea (a la Satterfield) and the City of Tucker has administration over the project.That DeKalb County may be involved.You should require principals to take a basic English and grammar class before sending letters to the parents. You are a disgrace and embarrassment to public school everywhere.Midvale Elementary
3/15/2018 5:35:57My kid enjoys the activities Money Fundraising and working on continuity at the different levelsMidvale Elementary
3/15/2018 6:12:25I like that our kids love it and our parents are into it. STEM day was a success. There is not enough time to do STEM with the high demands of GA milestones. Teacher stress about fitting it all in. Money and time Midvale Elementary
3/15/2018 6:32:44Students have to use critical thinking skills and learn to actually work with their peers to solve problems.Time and money/resources
I would like to actually have time weekly or every other week for students to actually participate true STEM activities.
I'm not really sure how STEM works in Dekalb County.We need more support at the local school level.I'm not sure.I don't have any concerns at this time.NoMidvale Elementary
3/15/2018 8:00:46I like that they had Cardiologists from Emory come repeatedly in 4th and 5th grade.I think the teachers don't embrace stem enough. I wish a lot more was done in class, daily and in gifted classes. Too much time is spent on social studies. Hands on science and speakers etc....lots more time in technology and coding for kids etc. Teachers should go to Atlanta Science Festival to get ideas and make contacts. Gwinnett Schools have a science special built in like Art. Visit Simone Dreifuss at Lilburn Elem. School to see a model of perfection in this way!
Spend more time in training teachers. Emphasize Math, Science and English grammar and writing. Get kids outdoors. Truly Use the school garden. Make it a priority! Hands on experiments. Stem is not just coding or technology class on the computer. It is vast.
My kids are exposed. They should be. But suplementing is vital. Everyschool is different though based on experience and interest. Henderson Mill is exemplary. I wish Midvalehad followed suit .Teacher resources and emphasis on importance. Teachers would rather teach history. Sad.Get resources to the schools and teachers. Speakers and field trips like the Museum School.Nothing. Lack of leadership. Lack of funding.Solicit all area businessesfor funding. Use our taxpayer money appropriately. Emphasize a change of doctrine in schools to emphasize science not social studies. Get the kids and teachers outsideof the walls of the school!Midvale Elementary
3/15/2018 9:00:27They provide a great time and space for children to work on STEM projects Not really a challenge but we had to figure out a different pick up arrangement on STEM days
As mentioned not really a challenge at all
They are free and they are of great quality Perhaps that it is not yet available to all schools One that provides STEM projects/frameworks in each and every school/child care facility The only concern is that it is not yet available to allIt is such a value add to the student body and their future. I am appreciative of what they have done so far.Midvale Elementary
3/15/2018 9:09:19Helps my children become more curious about the world around them. money
Have more partnerships with scientific companies
That it is availableGetting funds for equipmentSounds great so all Tucker area students could qualify for the middle and high school STEM programsMidvale Elementary
3/15/2018 10:18:51The rigor of the projects assigned both for school and home.Parent engagement; I would also like to see more students in STEM school wideAdditional facultyStudents are bring challenged Limited access for students across the countyI want to see more interaction between local businesses and students as well as a strong partnership with parks and recNoneTucker Middle School
3/15/2018 13:20:53It provides hands-on applications to solve real-world problems.Lack of long range plans or goals
hire specialists at each school to focus solely on STEM integration and curriculum
the focus and energy of so many classroom teachers to make STEM a presence in the Districtfinances and disjointed coordination at the District level
A Foundation could coordinate grant-seeking and allow for vertical alignment and smooth transitions from one level to the next. Elementary schools could introduce skills and knowledge that can be applied in later years; expose students to what high schoolers are doing
That there may be turnover in membership, resulting in a lack of continuity in managing objectivesI'm excited to see the Tucker Cluster taking the initiative to organize in this wayMidvale Elementary
3/15/2018 13:33:06Giving students the ability to apply what they are learning with real world applicationsProviding teachers with training to grow and better our program / lack of support from DeKalb to make this happen
1. Send or have someone do PD once a summer 2. Send teachers to other STEM certified schools to observe 3. Have a full-time STEM coordinator
The exciting innovative ways that I get to teachSustaining all of the STEM programs you are authorizing without a budget, teacher training or an official STEM coordinator at each school.Helping provide funding (maybe grant style) for teaching trainings, subs and specific equipmentCompetition among other foundationsMidvale Elementary
3/16/2018 10:04:31We currently do not have one but are exploring certificationHonestly, I think it is teacher buy in. The process is demanding and it can be daunting to think about how to incorporate STEM into the entire curriculum.
More options for professional development. More support from District regarding development and paying for subs...easier on the teachers to get where they feel they need to be.
Good financial support and equipment during certificationNo support curriculumAiding in the time aspect for creating a k-12 pipeline. Financially for both projects and professional development. Helping to foster community partners for all school levels.STEM is a buzz word and there will be a e=new one in a few long as we give flexibility within the by-laws to adapt then I think we are ok.It is a slow start because we do not have the ability to have dedicated staff for the STEM programs. Each of the schools have a barrier ie no math teacher for 6 months. Help our schools be better!Livsey Elementary
3/18/2018 12:30:08I like that the school offers a STEM program.
The biggest challenge regarding STEM at Midvale is the lack of resources and materials available to teachers to implement STEM activities. Teachers seem to lack supplies for the activities and they don't feel comfortable asking parents for those items. If the school is receiving Title I and STEM funding, neither the teachers nor parents should have to purchase those materials. I also think that teachers do a great job implementing projects once they are identified, but assistance is still needed in identifying STEM projects appropriate for specific grade levels, especially if the PBLs change every year and are supposed to tied to real-world experiences.
Have a day where teachers will be able to brainstorm different PBLs and projects that teachers can proactively (not reactively) tie to standards. If the county wants teachers to follow the PBLs in their plans, let's stick to that approach, but give teachers time to discuss and understand the expected outcomes of the PBL,
STEM encourages students to explore these areas with hopes of them engaging in one or more these areas in the future.(See above.)Midvale Elementary
3/18/2018 18:45:23Our school does not have a STEM program.Training teachers to develop and implement STEM curriculums. Getting buy-in from school leadership to increase STEM activities currently at the school. Encouraging leadership and staff to continue STEM activities, even if not receiving credit toward STEM certification for the activities.
Requiring all teachers to participate in STEM training and implement at least one STEM activity per week in their class. It would be awesome to have a STEM lab as a special, much like art, PE, and music. Students could participate in hands-on lab activities centered around STEM topics.
The strong support of our superintendent regarding STEM initiatives in schools; the large number of schools that are or are in the process of becoming STEM certified; the unique ways in which many Dekalb county schools are implementing STEM programs in the classrooms.
Not all schools have strong, rigorous STEM programs;
The Foundation would assist Tucker schools in: 1) obtaining their STEM certification; 2) funding STEM training for teachers; 3) purchasing STEM equipment for use in the classrooms; and 4) helping schools partner with industries and universities to strengthen STEM in their schools.
None; this is a great idea!I think the STEM programs at Tucker Middle and High School are very strong. However, we really need to work on elementary schools like Livsey, where the focus seems to be more on reading and math and less on introducing and engaging students to STEM. Livsey Elementary
3/18/2018 20:54:59I like the variety of teaching methods used by his teachers. Some days he's working in a garden, other days he's building something. I like that it's "hands on" learning and not all textbook and fill in the blank.This curriculum should be available to all students. There should be an arts aspect = steam
Overhaul the bureaucracy of DCDS and the GA dept of education. The required curriculum and testing needs to change.
My child's STEM teachers are excellent. Making it available to all students. Some kids who could never pass the test or have the gpa to be in the current Stem program may succeed if they are exposed to this program and varying teaching methods. Why not? The status quo isn't working.All elementary schools in the cluster have a stem program so when they reach tms and ths, the transition is relatively smooth.It only being available at one elementary school and then you have the demand, lottery and transportation issues like Kittredge. Every school should offer variety and excellence. My child is very interested and motivated by the stem curriculum. Tucker Middle School
3/18/2018 21:35:11For a few students it seems to receive a few acoladesIt is not broad enough to include more studnts
have different tiers of STEM students allowing all who apply to participate. The way it is now, STEM students are determined by test scores and not interest. The more exposure a child receives, the greater the possibility.
It is too limitedIt is too limited. If a kid has a disability they are not considered. If a kid is traumatized by war in their home country and does not test well, they are not considered. There are many kids that are not being considered. STEM programs need to be at every elementary school and then at every middle school. Black kids in Tucker deserve the opportunity as much as white kids in dunwoody.Adjust the program with different standards, introduce STEM to inspire all to the possibility Tucker Middle School
3/19/2018 11:30:16The activities and opportunities for growth provided to the students. Funding for continued teacher training
Provide continued professional learning for the teachers
It gives students the opportunity to learn what they need to succeed in today's worldContinued funding. Working to support educational initiatives in the cluster. Particularly funding much needed training and support of the teachers. nonenoMidvale Elementary
3/19/2018 11:47:11The incorporation of STEM with our IB program. It is a new program at our school, uncertain now, but I assume getting all teachers up to speed with STEM requirements and keeping up the program for years to go. Keeping our technology up to date.
Send all teachers for official training, purchasing more technology equipment.
So far at our school, it seems like a great program. Uncertain, but I assume financial issues. All elementary schools in the cluster working together to determine best practice, possible technology sharing. None at this time. Not at this time. Midvale Elementary
3/19/2018 21:50:44The teachers are so good! 6th grade at least... And they allow creativity!not enough spaces to go around, and probably targeted at the kids who need it least in order to succeed
Bring the same kinds of innovative class experience to all students? Just make it pervasive across the school. And add more gardening and maybe visits to tech companies, along with hands-on projects that actually help businesses.
The great teachers (in our limited experience), the energy of the teachers.Lack of spacesRaising money to allow offering the class experience to more students, especially focusing on lower-performing students; maybe creating internship opportunities or other synergies with businessesThat it might lack participation from a full cross-section of Tucker families?Tucker Middle School
3/20/2018 14:37:38It’s important for children More resources and projects for the kids
The children would have a STEM activity everyday as part of the curriculum as early as Kindergarten
Some of the schools are beginning to implement itNot enough stem programsYes Would it be available to non Tucker residents More STEM in the classroom
Smoke Rise Elementary
3/22/2018 18:09:25The variety of projects and the block schedule approach. The 7th Grade teachers were very much in synch. I like the idea of group projects too.Communications between and from the teachers in terms of expectations, where parents should step in, etc. could be better. There were several times where homework over a week would be light then next week it all piles up, my son spending 4 - 6 hours per night doing it. If Math has a big project due it should NOT coincide the same time a Science project is due, much like the block scheduling dove tails as to not overlap.
I centralized, tight syllabus that clearly defines student expectations day by day or week to week, shared in real time via an online calendar and managed daily by a Team leader. These apps like Dojo, Remind, and teacher websites are unreliable.
New opportunities to learn, and ways to learn - project based and hands-on is engaging and exciting. I think it adds value to our cluster, making our city more desirable place to raise a family.Not sure. I would assume costs spread over such a large district while maintaining a fair and balanced offering has to be tough.
Lead by the high school, a trickle down approach so that Middle Schoolers are prepping for what awaits on that track at THS, while the elementary feeders should be working in concert so no one overlaps or experiences gaps as students prepare for TMS. A master plan. Money could be raised at every level but I would imagine greatest opportunity for corporate sponsorship/funding is at the high school level.
How the money is raised, managed and distributed. Creating the Board that governs the program could turn political depending on the source of funds, which schools get what, etc. Boxing in with an idea, or technology evolving away from STEM subjects and this foundation being locked in to less relevant sciences.
I'd love to see an ARTS component added to the STEM concept. STEAM. Creativity is what drives innovation and I think it is sorely overlooked. The next generation of students will not only compete globally but vs artificial intelligence. As humans, we are gifted with the creative process.
Tucker Middle School
3/25/2018 23:35:42That my daughter can participate and have fun learning Resource
Fundraising, partnerships and collaborations with key private or public sector partners in our community
That it is available and they have many innovative tools to keep our children interested in a STEM career pathGreatContinue to fund and support STEM for our children. My daughter loves it and is growing in so much wisdom !
Smoke Rise Elementary
3/30/2018 13:09:33
I like that teachers have been given flexibility to create dynamic and challenging STEM lessons as a part of the curriculum. I also love how willing the community and other stakeholders have been in partnering with the school to transform education for our students.
Our program is running out of time and space. If we have a few more teachers or another STEM lab we could expand our program. It is also difficult operating as a STEM coordinator without it being an officially recognized role.
If we had another trailer outside near the football field we would create a digital collaboration lab that would support STEM students as well as the traditional population. I would also expand our garden area to make a true outdoor classroom that was shaded and protected enough from the elements that it could be used year-round.
I love the way that the CTAE departments supports STEM education through training, networking, and financial support.
The biggest challenge is that STEM lead positions are not formalized or recognized as formal positions at the school level within in the county. This means STEM leads are fulfilling dual roles as teachers and STEM leads. This makes it difficult for programs within clusters to connect with each others and develop a cohesive pipeline.
I imagine that this Foundation would be able to create a single voice in Tucker for STEM. It would allow us to pool resources, connections, and efforts in order to develop a better pipeline. I do not want a foundation to compete with any existing efforts towards unifying or supporting the STEM pipeline in Tucker. I believe that the idea of a Cluster STEM Coordinator should be heavily considered as a way to create a better pipeline within the cluster. This position can be housed in any other cluster schools so long as the county can give a point for the position to that school. Tucker Middle School
4/7/2018 17:46:50It has a great reputation as bringing the brightest and the best children together at TMS.PBLs are often difficult for the students. I don't think they are properly trained on how best to divide tasks and keep to a timeline and be responsible for work as a group.
I would suggest there be training for the students on how to be a leader AND how to be a group member as well as training on how to use a timeline in breaking down tasks that are due. Use instunctional time to check that students are dividing up the work and make sure that everyone is investing in the activity. Perhaps business people could be used to show how they would decide to divide tasks. Or we bring in others to train the kids on PBLs for a unit.
I like that it allows the kids to have hands-on, real world problem solving experiences.
From talking with different STEM coordinators, it sounds as though they are not well supported financially once they are given the STEM title. They need more time to develop business relationships which is difficult when they are teaching all day. Also, they need more time for talking to other STEM teachers. It appears that there is not a consensus in curriculum regarding STEM either so feeder schools may be teaching some of the same things that are being taught at the middle school.
I see it as an opportunity to level the playing field for schools that don't have a good way to fundraise, or don't have the volunteer base that some other schools have.
It seems a little short sided as far as funding STEM-only projects. Perhaps a more encompassing Foundation that could help all schools within the cluster, not just those with STEM, would better serve the community. Also, I would be concerned that it might create competition for the THS Foundation. Still, I think allowing the other 6schools in the cluster to have another source of funding would be amazing!
I want the county to understand that our teachers/admins/volunteers are stretched very thin. If the county wants to be recognized for the accomplishments that schools are making regarding STEM, they need to provide more and better support to fund training and the use of subs for coordinators and STEM teachers to work together to learn from each other to better our students' educations.
Tucker Middle School
4/8/2018 19:04:11Opportunity for all students Lack of support from county, administration, and faculty
Make STEM available to all students not just for academic excellent students
It has potential to provide opportunities to students to understand how real world works Lack of county supportDon't believe it would work, think it would be hinderance. Another level of buracercyHigh School needs certification, all students at all levels, elementary, middle and high school should be exposed to STEM, all teachers need to be part of STEM curriculum.Other
4/8/2018 20:35:22~Students have autonomy to make decisions.
~ The work is challenging (in a good way) and interesting.
~The teachers are very good.
~Communication to elementary school parents about the middle & high school programs.
~Not enough students have access to the STEM programs.
~Kids that aren't in the STEM program should have some access to the program, if they are interested.
~Job placement post high school and/or assistance with college applications
~Not consistent at all schools (or not perceived to be consistent)
?~Some schools not getting adequate attention & resources (Brockett and Idlewood) Tucker Middle School
4/9/2018 14:06:08The kids are getting exposed to and utilizing technology I didn't even know existed.Students only get "technology class" once a week.
Adding another STEM teach and elevating the current STEM teacher to a part-time teacher, part-time program coordinator/implementer.
Nothing.Funding. That's a lot of schools with a lot of needs. Getting cutting edge technology into all of them is a monumental challenge.
Making sure all seven Tucker Cluster schools are vertically aligned so that young students build upon what they've learned in earlier grades as they move up through their school years. This is such a critical tool for us. Tucker Cluster has put itself in position as a state/regional leader in STEM...that status can quickly go away if we don't continue to grow these efforts and proactively build for the future.
That it will be talked about, but won't actually be allowed to happen. No.Midvale Elementary
4/9/2018 17:13:24Brockett currently does not have a STEM program.Integration of STEM into the curriculum for teachers.
Training teachers on what STEM looks like integrated...not in isolation.
The Tucker Cluster schools are working toward STEM certification.District support/feedback.Collaboration of teachers, students, and parents.Are we ready for a foundation? Is it time for a foundation...all schools aren't certified.Brockett Elementary
4/9/2018 18:32:09Integration of all curricula in STEMFunding
Having more hands-on components to all lessons.
Support from STEM certification team.Funding & organization Collaboration working on projects in the community.Brockett Elementary
4/9/2018 19:30:37Hoping to get it soon. The kids loved STEM daysSpace and resources to push it through.
Build more rooms and hire more folks.
Eh it's a fade. I appreciate that Dekalb is embracing it but I would much rather have a better track record and honest leaders than Stem. As a part of a larger tucker education foundation. Narrow focus. Double dipping the same donors. Livsey Elementary
4/9/2018 20:43:41
Last year they had stem days, which had a lot of visibility as the kids were coming home with stories about what they did, or little prototypes to show. This year it has been incorporated into the curriculum, but we don't really have the communication to know at home what the kids have done in terms of STEM.
1. Space. There is no room for a maker space. 2. Technology-I wish the kids had access to 3D printers, robotic kits, power tools and coding classes.
1. ADD a maker space. 2. Hire a professional maker space specialist so she/he can guide the purchase of budget friendly and kid appropriate tools. 3. Make sure the school does not fall into the trap of a "pinterest" making space where the kids are merely doing crafts ( I have seen this time and again). The room needs to be staffed by a FULL TIME specialist who ties activities to specific parts of the curriculum.
So far, I like what I have seen at Tucker Middle.I love that their activities are far reaching and transcend the Tucker community. Re-designing a wing of the Atlanta Zoo is a terrific learning opportunity for the kids.Budget.Perhaps business partnerships with GA tech, Boeing, CDC, Yerkes, The High Museum, The Aquarium and any other STEM type of enterprise will continue to provide experiential learning and visibility for our programs.
My fear is that we will get what it takes (partnerships, grants, funding) for stem, but it will be at schools where the families are in a position to help and our more vulnerable communities will be given less than what the well to do schools are getting. I would want to be sure that even if my school has contributed the most, we wouldn't be so selfish to keep it all for ourselves. Every child deserves the same opportunities!
Livsey Elementary
4/9/2018 20:58:18enthusiasm of students space
addition to existing building
cross-curricular study and applicationresourcesAssistance with resources, especially contacts within the community and coordinating sharing of ideas, projects, and resources among cluster schoolswho will oversee itLivsey Elementary
4/9/2018 23:05:52We don’t have a formal STEM program but my kids have really enjoyed STEM days in the past. I would guess space. There is enough interest and qualified teachers.
Adding additional classrooms dedicated to STEM activities.
I’m happy it is offered as a track in middle and high school. We’ve not yet been in a STEM only curriculum so I don’t have the experience to know the challenges. It would be a pool of funds contributed by all in the cluster. Those in need could apply for funding grants for programming or students in need. People wanting to earmark their funds for a particular purpose or school within the cluster. Livsey Elementary
4/10/2018 0:12:17We are still in the certification process. The STEM days we incorporated last school year were great to get kids interested. I'm not sure that what is happening this year is as easy to observe.Incorporating STEM into everyday classroom activities and having the resources and training to do so.
Bringing in 3rd party STEM providers/educators to provide both training for our teachers and activities for our students. Also setting up a dedicated STEM space in our school - whether it's a makerspace, science lab, robotics area or all of the above or more...
That we are trying to focus on the same direction that jobs and even just life are currently going.No consistency between schools, no oversight/coordination across schools, no county wide resourcesThe schools from elementary to high school would work together to determine a cohesive vision/plan for STEM in our cluster which would include the need for funding for materials, teachers, & resources.What would the process be for requesting funds for individual schools? Who would be in charge of grant writing and fund requests? How would the money be divided? How would people be elected/assigned to the board of the Foundation?
I think STEM at the elementary level should impact every student not just select students. STEM should be meaningful and purposeful - not just a title given to a program or school. Students and parents at STEM schools should be able to explain what makes their school a STEM school....
Livsey Elementary
4/10/2018 7:35:103D printer and LEGOsIntegrating STEM activities into the curriculum.
Common planning of STEM activities.
EFAD activitiesThe volume of information at STEM meetings. Parents and community members organize in order to procure funds and materials. Division of responsibility and time to administerBrockett Elementary
4/10/2018 9:21:17We do not currently have a regular STEM program We would like to get a full time Director to help the teachers who have been certified to get started on infusing STEM into their curriculum
Hiring a full time or part time Director
There is an opportunity to stay within a STEM program through High SchoolThere are more students than spots to the STEM program, which is why I put my child into private school for Middle SchoolGet the community involved (local businesses, summer internships, etc.). Learn from each school what is working, what isn't and make it better.Not sure. My hope is that schools with stronger STEM programs wouldn't be given more funding and make things less even amongst schools.Livsey Elementary
4/10/2018 10:28:01It makes the students think outside the box and test ideas independently.Too many parents helping and doing the projects for the kids. Also, need more time to work on projects.More STEM daysCool activitiesLivsey Elementary
4/10/2018 11:03:20active engagementMaterials needed to complete the challenge
ordering materials and having them readily available for all teachers
developing leaders Getting EVERYBODY on board to do it.collaborating and competing nationallyno concernsnoBrockett Elementary
4/10/2018 12:36:48We do not have a STEM programMoney and Space
Creating dedicated maker space that does not take away from the library
At least some schools are moving in that directionnot enough funding to do it correctlyCollective funds to share between schoolsMonies unevenly distributed and cost of running the foundationLivsey Elementary
4/10/2018 14:51:52Everything about Science, Technology, Engineering, and MathOur children are challenged. They are directed in the STEM track.I don't see any real challenges.Giving earlier guidance and direction toward their college careers. BureaucracyLivsey Elementary
4/10/2018 14:53:19Livsey Elementary
4/10/2018 15:08:15There is no STEM programProbably space and lack of trained teachers
Training some of the current teachers, but also seeking out really qualified ones. Also adding on an addition if needed, or adding a specific STEM trailer.
I like that the county is pushing it, I just wish it was equally implemented across the board. Budget - and wasted resources. We have so much money going though it's hard to understand our neighboring counties being SO FAR advanced in areas like thisAll the school working together rather than competing, to support them effort. None except who would lead the effort. What about STEAM? Art is SO important as well. Livsey Elementary
4/10/2018 15:20:11diversity of instruction and projectstime and cost of suppliescreative higher level thinking Livsey Elementary
4/10/2018 15:54:37I love the excitement and enthusiasm my students have for STEM days.New curriculum and "tasks" overshadowing the STEM days.
Replacing the "tasks" with STEM activities.
Livsey Elementary
4/10/2018 17:31:20I don’t know much about it yet with a child currently in kindergarten. Not sure I know enough to answer this question
More money would always help to offer more programs. I would like to see more engineering based STEM activities because my husband and I are both civil engineers and their is a huge need for engineers and not enough kids graduating with engineering degrees.
Not sure yet. I appreciate that they have STEM in general though. Probably fundingI think that sounds great!I don’t know enough about it to provide feedback at this time. Not at this time. Livsey Elementary
4/10/2018 20:19:26Creative assignmentsAdvanced math requirement
Accel. Math, not advanced. When kids get to high school they have to take ap calc and stats. Or remedial math to graduate
Small class sizes, diverse populationKids get tired of the same classmates for 7 yearsSupporting teachers. Teachers often fund projects themselvesEquity between schools in participation and leadershipDont forget the arts. Dont push the kids too hardTucker High School
4/10/2018 21:02:02It doesn’t seem to be incorporated into the curriculum, rather on a few days that aren’t published until the week before.
Active incorporation of stem (and steam) into every day tasks
Livsey Elementary
4/10/2018 21:20:43The program is challenging my child to work on projects on a larger scale rather than one and done activities. As a parent, it seems that it is hard for some teachers to teach STEM related activities while applying the curriculum needed to prepare the students for testing.
Allowing teachers to have regular training and team building days could possibly give teachers the ability to tackle dealing with new curriculum or teaching styles.
I like that DeKalb is offering students an exciting way to learn.DeKalb seems to want their schools STEM certified but they are not providing a ton of support.I'm not sure. It could bring the STEM programs in our cluster together which can only streamline K-12. It could be what is needed to take STEM in DeKalb County to the next level.I'm not sure we are ready for a foundation. I think a committee under the umbrella of the cluster alliance is the smart way to start.I think it would be great if STEM activities were taught in every classroom school wide. Tucker Middle School
4/10/2018 23:42:22I am not aware of this programI am not aware of the programn/aThere was a recent math festival at Tucker high school which my son truly enjoyedThere was a recent math festival at Tucker high school which my son truly enjoyedN/aN/aContinue to have events like the math festival which took place in March of this yearLivsey Elementary
4/12/2018 11:28:10The hands on "Lab" environment. Resources - money (of course) and teachers (# and qualifications) and time
STEM focused Coordinator - fully qualified who can support other teachers as they increase their STEM qualifications. Teachers need time for development. The students need the extra support of Robotics Club, GEMS, etc.
That we have it. That we continue to push it.Local business / community sponsorsIdeally there would be shared Lab space, equipment, tools. More field trips. Practically, I'm not really sure?STEM is not the only need. The STEM Foundation would not necessarily "free-up" other monies for the other needs - STEM just ends up with more
It is important to carefully balance increasing the Elementary "pipeline" with strengthening the Middle and High programs. STEM should not be the only option for High Achievers. Do not forget the Humanities and the Arts. Do not forget Entrepreneurship. These are also critically important for our community.
Brockett Elementary
8/9/2018 18:03:06ParentRockbridge elemantry