2019-2020 Public Student Org List
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¡Vive! is a Latin music group composed of student singers and musicians who perform and celebrate the music of the Latinx diaspora.
ChristinaChavarriaBernal Cortes Claudia Rodriguez CorinnaCampbell Arts/Performance
Alhambra Consulting Group
Alhambra Consulting Group (ACG) is Williams College’s student-run consulting group. Alhambra aims to foster regional economic development in Berkshire County by providing pro-bono strategy and management advisory to local businesses, non-profits, and political (public sector) groups. Alhambra's primary services include conducting academic & business research, collecting and analyzing data, advising and designing marketing & advertising campaigns, and developing and implementing technology. Alhambra's primary focus is to leverage the skills of Williams College students to engage with the regional issues of Berkshire County and foster long-term growth and change for our clients and our community.
All Campus Entertainment
All Campus Entertainment (ACE) is a student-run organization that provides programming and entertainment for the student body of Williams College. Through co-sponsorship opportunities, ACE works in conjunction with other student groups to bring concerts, fairs, and a variety of other sources of entertainment to student life in the Purple Valley.
Anything But Straight in Athletics
ABS provides a relaxed, safe, and confidential space for people who identify as athletes and LGBTQ. We serve as a place to escape, a support group, activists, whatever is needed to serve the community best.
ArielKoltun-FrommCarolineDignardRyanRilingerCarolynMilesSupport Group
Asian American Students in Action
AASiA hosts weekly meetings to discuss and plan for several justice-oriented projects around Asian American Studies, political education, coalition-building, and more. In the past we have facilitated workshops, invited guest speakers and performers, and collaborated with other MinCo groups on equity and inclusionary events.
AmberLeeCristinaYoungAllenWangKearaSternbergCultural, Political education
Asian Dance TroupeADT
ADT is about embracing Asian-style dance
MichelleGarciaPhoebe HuangPhoebeHuangSam BoydenArts/Performance
Association for Women in Mathematics
We are the Williams College student chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM).  The chapter was established in 2014 in response to the lack of existing structures or programming for women in math and the discrimination that went unnoticed both inside classrooms and out.  We work on two levels: (1) we aim to provide a social space for members of underrepresented minorities in STEM who have felt uncomfortable in general math settings and (2) we work towards long-term structural changes that will make the Williams Math Department more inclusive.
Amina DiopAmina DiopAmina DiopEvaGoedhart Academic
Berkshire Doula ProjectBDP
We are a student-run, volunteer collective on campus that addresses doula work, abortion, and the reproductive justice needs of Williams College and our surrounding community. Our vision is to create a society in which all people with uteruses have access to the care and support they need throughout their reproductive lives. Our goals are: To educate future full-spectrum doulas with the doula model of continuous, non-judgmental emotional, physical, and informational support; To provide free, compassionate, and empowering full-spectrum doula services to people who are pregnant in the Williams community and around the Berkshires;To host community events that support destigmatization of reproductive experiences and a better understanding of reproductive health, rights, and justice; and,To improve and raise awareness of reproductive resources available to students and community members on and around campus.
Sophie TorresSelinGumustopAstrid DuboisKimGutschowService
Beyond the BinaryBtB
Create a safe and affirming atmosphere for transgender, non binary, and gender non-conforming students at Williams college. Facilitate community building and peer support networks among transgender, non binary, and gender non-conforming students at Williams college. Host events that center and celebrate the presence of transgender, non binary, and gender non-conforming students at Williams college.
LeoHainesAdlyTempletonAdlyTempletonKarenTheilingArts/Performance, Cultural
Black Student UnionBSU
The Black Student Union exists to support and celebrate the Black community at Williams, through community and campus events, weekly meetings, and invited speakers.
ShaneBeardKaylenSmithJessicaDe Los SantosBilalAnsariCultural
Brayton Afterschool Tutoring Program
Brayton Tutoring
The objective of Brayton Afterschool Tutoring Program is to provide assistance to the afterschool programming in the North Adams schools, bringing student energy into disadvantaged classrooms. Tutors work with students one-on-one or in small groups to improve their reading skills. Tutors also provide program support for the teachers' planned activities, such as arts and crafts, board games, dance, or sports.
EmmaPaquetteDasolLeeEmmaPaquetteMolly PolkService
Cap and BellsCap and Bells
Cap & Bells, as the only student theater group on campus, facilitates the production of theater by and for the student body. Any student can propose a show, and any student, regardless of prior experience, can participate in shows as an actor or designer.
John MurphyPeterMatsumotoBrandonHilferJamesPethicaArts/Performance
Chamber Orchestra of Williams
COW pulls together students with classical instrumental training in order to play some of the classic works of the chamber orchestra repertoire, as well as to explore newer music. Previously led by a student conductor, this year COW will begin a new phase as a conductor-less ensemble. This opens the door for significant growth, as it will require each member to contribute in a meaningful way. The ensemble gives concerts each semester to showcase its work.
Chinese American Student Organization
CASO, or the Chinese American Student Organization holds events and meetings to create a community for people interested in Chinese/ Chinese American Culture.
Club Volleyball
We play 4-6 tournaments a year with regular practices. Open to people of all skill and experience levels with no mandatory attendance or tryouts.
Ching-HsienHoBrendanHallVanessaBrownClub Sport
Coalition for Immigrant Student Advancement
CISA was an organization committed to bringing awareness to and advocating for immigrant students' on campus, particularly those who are undocumented and/or protected under DACA. As of recently, CISA has shifted towards integrating more community-building event planning as well as working to advance state level reform such as the Family and Work Mobility Act.
TaniaCalleStephany RiveroAngelIbarraNinahPrettoService, Advocacy
Combo Za
Combo Za is a group dedicated to teaching and performing improvisational comedy on the Williams campus. We hold auditions at the beginning of each year, meet for practice three times a week, and hold monthly performances from October until the end of the academic year. We have shows with other performing groups on the Williams campus and with other improv groups in the area to diversify our performances. Our purpose is to bring improvisational comedy to as wide an audience as possible and to hone our own comedic skills in a constructive social group atmosphere.
Converging WorldsCW
Since its inception in 2013, CW has expanded its initiatives to include creative projects on campus and concrete programming in the community. Through pen pal relationships with currently incarcerated, queer people, a transformative justice mentorship program at Reid Middle School in Pittsfield, MA, the publication of SUMMIT - a magazine dedicated to the sharing of concrete ideas for community programming in Berkshire County, and a social activist speaker series, CW continues to encourage critical thought and concrete actions aimed at establishing viable alternatives to our current carceral state.
Hidalgo Romero
Tricia de SouzaMaria
Hidalgo Romero
Paula ConsoliniService, Community Activism
Dance DhamakaDhamaka
We, the members of Dance Dhamaka, the college’s only Indian/Bollywood dance group, are dedicated to providing the campus community with the opportunity to engage in, what is for most people, a new and/or unique form of dance without an underlying basis in competition or preliminary exclusion, in addition to one major performance per semester. We ordain and establish this constitution and subscribe to the regulations and policies of Williams College.
JanethRodriguezEmanAliPhoebeHuangKrisHoeyArts/Performance, Cultural
Effective Altruism @Williams
EA @Williams
EA @ Williams aims to build a community of “effective altruists” -- people who apply strategy and creativity to maximize their positive impact on the world -- at Williams College. By serving as a forum to discuss effective giving, ethical career choice, high impact research, and self-improvement, the club aims to guide students in applying critical reasoning skills gained in the classroom to current local and global issues. In addition to creating a collective learning space, we strive to raise and donate money to effective charities that we believe can best mitigate global poverty, cure diseases, and save lives.
SofieNettebergAmandaChenKeilehAtulomahSarahJacobsonAcademic, Service
Ephoria is the oldest female voiced a cappella groups on campus. We aim to provide women a space in which they can pursue musical excellence and have fun at the same time. We rehearse three times a week and have two concerts per semester. We sing pop, R&B, indie, etc.
CatherineMayMaiaCzaikowskiAlly CruzMikeBodnarikArts/Performance
Ephs at the ClarkEatC
Ephs at the Clark aims to create connections between Williams students and the Clark. We plan to do this by providing student-led programming at the Clark, (e.g., student-led gallery talks, all-day events, community lectures, trivia nights, and curatorial information sessions). Additionally we want to create a deeper connection between Williams students and Clark staff by working with multiple museum departments. For example, students interested in pursuing museum careers after college will have the ability to ask questions and learn hands-on from Clark staff. We intend to make the Clark more accessible to students by allowing members to design their own programming for the Clark. We also host all day events for special days, such as Valentine’s Day and Claiming Williams Day.
EphVotes is a new student group seeking to promote voter registration, turnout, and civic engagement on the Williams campus. By bringing together students, faculty, staff, and administrators in a nonpartisan manner, EphVotes hopes to increase campus registration and voting rates and make it as easy as possible for every Eph to vote. Whether an experienced community organizer or someone new to the concept, we're welcoming everyone into our big tent.
SollyKasabSamWolfSollyKasabPaulaConsoliniSpecial Interest
Equestrian Team
As a club sport, Equestrian team provides the opportunity for students to horseback ride---both competitively and non-competitively---at Bonnie Lea Farm. We take lessons together twice a week, and compete in the IHSA circuit with other schools such as Smith, Mount Holyoke, UMass, Bennington, and Amherst.
MaddieHurwitzHollyMacAlpineMaddieHurwitzLisaDeMayoClub Sport
Feminist Collective FemCo
Our organizations focuses on promoting awareness and activism related to second and third-wave feminism on campus and in conjunction with other groups. This involves hosting activities, speakers, and funding events that empower women on campus.
KalinaHardenOnyeka ObiAriane GrossmanKris HoeyCultural
Friendly VisitorsFriendly Visitors
The main purposes of this organization are to guide Williams College students through the application process of volunteering at Williamstown Commons Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and or Sweet Brook Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, provide transportation for student volunteers, and guarantee a positive experience for volunteers. Once volunteers are accepted by the Center, they become “friendly visitors” and are matched up with one of the residents and spend quality time with their resident each Sunday from 2-3 pm. We also try and deliver cards to all the residents at different times over the semester.
Get Baked
This club hosts monthly baking events where students can both participate in baking and eat baked goods. We usually work out of the kitchen in Mission and bake in 6 hour sessions. Every event usually revolves around a theme and we frequently collaborate with other organizations.
Jennifer LeeAudrey LeeZahida MartinezMike BodnarikRecreation
Good Question A Cappella
Good Question (GQ) is an all-gender a cappella group from Williams College. We specialize in contemporary pop music, but members choose their own solos to perform, so our repertoire is varied! We perform concerts at Williams and elsewhere and record annually. We hold auditions at the beginning of the school year to invite new members.
Her Campus WilliamsHCWilliams
This organization is an online platform for the submission of articles primarily written by students. Its intended audience is the female population of Williams College, but is open to all writers and readers regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity/race, religion, sexual orientation, and any other social or personal characteristics.
Crystal McIntoshElba ObregonCrystal McIntoshMarionMin-BarronStudent Media
Hindu Students Association
The Hindu Student Association aims to provide students with opportunities to practice and learn about Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world and one that is practiced by over one billion people around the world. In addition to organizing prayers and festivities during major Hindu festivals, HSA will help to maintain and continue improving the newly established Hindu Prayer room. It will also promote discussion on Hinduism by holding occasional talks and courses. Ultimately, HSA will ensure that Hindu students always have a safe space on campus to practice their beliefs.
AanyaKapurMukund NairShreyamMisraBilalAnsariReligion/Spiritual
International Student Association
The Williams International Student Association brings together the international community on a regular basis, organizing events ranging from international banquets to talent shows. It also provides support and guidance to international students and works with other offices on campus to ensure the specific challenges of international students are adequately addressed by the college.
BorivojeVitezovicShreyasRajeshShreyasRajeshNinahPrettoDiversity (MinCo)
Jazz at Williams
Jazz @ Williams or J@W
Jazz at Williams is an assembly of student musicians and music lovers who have the interest of pursuing or enjoying live music on campus, off campus in Williamstown, or in local surrounding areas. The society aims to increase dialog and interest surrounding either jazz music or jazz influenced music. J@W members have the collective goal of creating and advertising spaces that foster opportunities to enjoy and socially organize around jazz music and its related genres.The club creates a nexus between students and the music by advertising performances occurring on and off campus, organizing jam sessions for members to participate in (either as audience members or as players), and by bringing opportunities for enjoying jazz to campus.
JoshuaGreenzeigRachelPorterJaredBerger KrisAllenArts/Performance
Koreans of WilliamsKoW
KoW holds monthly cooking events and weekly discussions, namely KoW KoW Talk on Korean/American identity and Korean Language Table. KoW has a formalized network of KoW Fams that has a mix of upperclassmen (Big Sibs) and underclassmen (Lil Sibs). They are open to Korean/Americans and non-ethnic Koreans alike and have private meetings for socializing. KoW Fams are useful as support systems and as smaller channels of communication, which make KoW a much more integrated and intimate community. Lastly, KoW engages with other student organizations (especially other MinCo groups) and student committees.
JuliaChoiJason HaAndrewLeeCeciliaDel CidCultural
Lehman Community Engagement
"Lehman" (also occasionally referred to as "LCE")
Recognizing that community outreach and engagement is necessary for the actualization of the mission of a liberal arts education, the Lehman Community Engagement serves to promote, foster, and maintain a spirit of service on campus. This is done through organizing and supporting many different community-oriented service projects throughout the year. While our biggest projects are our Fall and Spring Great Days of Service that engage the wider campus in many projects, we also host other smaller ongoing and pop-up projects throughout the year including Winter Study Service Week, meal and clothing donation drives, and volunteering at local schools, elderly homes, immigrant center, homeless shelters, hospitals and farms.
Machine Learning ClubMLC
Machine Learning Club invites all students to learn about the exciting field of machine learning. We explore how computers can use statistical models and algorithms to find patterns in data and make decisions.
Martial Arts Club
We are a group based on the principles of several martial arts with the goal of sharing these principles with the student body. We meet with the intention of learning various martial arts styles through a freeform learning environment.
QuinntonCooperLucasTolleyLucasTolleyCarolynMilesClub Sport
Masculinity, Accountability, Sexual Assault, Consent
Sexual assault prevention work through consent education and exploration of masculinity, campus culture, etc.
AsherLasdayMichaelNettesheimAsherLasdayBilalAnsariCultural, Service
We pair college students to low-income, high-achieving high school students, and we assist them in getting into the colleges of their dreams.
Men's and Women's Water Polo Team
We are the fall season club water polo team on campus and our team is founded on the principles of teamwork, fun, and inclusivity. We train a few times every week starting at the beginning of the year in preparation for the three tournaments in which we partake. We are a close-knit community of swimmers, high school water polo players, athletes, and students who simply want to try out the sport, yet we like to think of ourselves as a group of friends who get together to play a fun sport!
MatthewZappeRobertSmithLizFergusonCarolyn MilesClub Sport
Men's Williams Rugby Football Club
Men's Rugby
We have practices throughout the week and games on weekends competing with Rugby clubs at other schools. Our goal is to provide a space where people can not only play Rugby, but build great friendships.
JustinKugelNikhilPalankiNicholasSommerMattWilleyClub Sport
Men's Williams Ultimate Frisbee Organization
Men's WUFO
We are a competitive intercollegiate club ultimate frisbee team that competes in the USA Ultimate (USAU) Division 3. We practice 8-10 hours per week all year, starting from the first week of classes and ending toward the very end of the year. Our season is comprised of four regular-season tournaments along the Eastern Seaboard, and culminates in the postseason tournaments Sectionals, Regionals, and Nationals. Another group under the Men's WUFO umbrella is our all-gender B team, BUF, which welcomes students of all gender identities and expressions and experience levels.
NathanielJonesSamuelHumesLevGordonJonBakijaClub Sport
Middle Eastern American Club
Our club's aim is to provide cultural awareness, education, and understanding about the Middle East to our members of the club. We also aspire to educate our community to better understand the realities and intricacies that govern the Middle East.
Jacob Bassil A.J. Solecki Jacob Bassil MagnusBernhardssonAcademic, Cultural
The two overarching goals of the organization are to teach members of the community useful cooking techniques and immerse them in the process of raising money for charity. We hope that through our organization participants will learn and become comfortable with a variety of cooking techniques, thereby acquiring a valuable life skill that students ordinarily are not exposed to in the academic classroom. Through the culinary lessons and time allotted to practice, we hope to build and foster a sense of community around food. Another element of the club consists of familiarizing and raising awareness about various social and medical issues around the world.
CarsonKurtzBrendaXuBrendaXuCarolineBrunoService, Recreation
Muslim Students UnionMSU
The Williams MSU serves both the Muslim community on campus and those interested in learning about Islam. We seek to foster a welcoming community based on faith and friendship open to all who identify as or with the Muslim community regardless of personal belief or degree of practice. The MSU looks to promote an open community where we can foster the values of our Islamic faith and meet the social, cultural, intellectual, and spiritual needs of the Muslim community. Regular activities include Friday prayer services, weekly halaqas (discussions groups), communal Fajr prayers. Dinners, movie nights, chill breaks, and tea nights are also regular occurrences every semester.
Sude (Co-President)
Saamia (Co-President)
KhanKohen RahmanSharifRosenReligion/Spiritual
Nerf Club
We will hold Nerf battles on a semi-weekly basis to promote student camaraderie and enjoyment! By organizing these cathartic events, we hope to help burn student stress and promote the relaxation of student minds & bodies during periods of intense stress and high workloads.
Nihonjin American Student Union
We provide a space for Japanese-American students and allies to support each other and discuss their experiences.
No Lost Generation, Williams COllege
No Lost Generation - Williams College (NLG) is the campus chapter of a national group supporting and advocating for refugees and immigrants. Our current focus is working with schools and local organizations to educate our campus and community about the global refugee crisis and migration. We also work closely with the Berkshire Immigrant Center (BIC) and run a Translation Project to help BIC clients.
Nothin But CutiesNBC
NBC is the only hip-hop group on campus. We are a dedicated group of student-dancers that produce original choreography to be performed for the Williams community at the end of each semester.
NylaThompsonMadisonMiuraChristianaParkSandraBurtonClub Sport
NovelTeas Book and Tea Club
Members of NovelTeas read a book a month (or at least however much of it they can manage) and discuss it, with an array of teas and snacks. NovelTeas seeks to broaden students' literary horizons and have fun in the process.
Gaia Steinfeld-DenisiHalOlsonHalOlsonKrisHoeyRecreation
Organization for Under-Represented Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Psychology, and Economics, a Society for the Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanxs and Native Americans in Science Chapter
OURSTEM+ SACNAS Chapter exists to further the work of, to improve the effectiveness of, and to enhance the public understanding of and appreciation for Chicanxs, Latinxs, Native Americans, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiians, and other underrepresented minorities in science by providing a forum for students from different science majors and science related majors to come together for academic, community service, and social activities at Williams College.
Parlor TricksParlor Tricks
Parlor Tricks is a student magazine dedicated to publishing the best creative work at Williams College. We welcome submissions of all types, including, but not limited to: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art of all kinds, music, personal essays, interviews, recipes, and multi-media projects. We are a group of dedicated individuals who care not only about publishing the best creative work that Williams has to offer, but also about creating a community in which to engage with artistic works of all kinds. We publish multiple times a year, with our largest publication printed each spring, and host events throughout the year, including readings, musical performances, and workshops.
Tiffany ChhuorAlessandraMirandaAlessandraMirandaShawn Rosenheim Student Media
Peer Health
Peer Health is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting the everyday health of Williams College students by providing both education and resources. We believe that everyday health is essential to the flourishing of both students and the student body at large. We coordinate a variety of projects that work toward our vision of a student body of well-balanced individuals.
Perennial Amateur Convention
A comedy group dedicated to putting on sketch comedy shows each semester, open to the entire student body.
AbbyLloydSamJocasAbbyLloydAlix BarraleArts/Performance
Pownal Pen PalsPownal
We, the members of Pownal Pen Pals, established to exchange letters with students of Pownal Elementary School and thereby contribute to their education and forge connections with the broader community.
Purple Bike CoalitionPBC
We are a student-run bike shop. As well as organizing semesterly rentals for students, we offer open hours for anyone to come and learn to perform bike repairs. If you bring a broken bike to open hours a PBC mechanic will work with you to fix it up.
NellyLin-SchweitzerLucasEstradaKarolRegulaSarahGardnerService, Recreation
Purple Rain
Purple Rain is Williams College's only RnB and Hip-Hop-focused a cappella group! We bring a celebration of artists of color to the Williams a cappella scene. We are so excited to bring more great music and fun events to campus in our fifth year together.
Queer Student UnionQSU
The Queer Student Union is a group of students who share a common interest in cultivating, nurturing, and enriching the queer experience at Williams College. We are advocates for queer perspectives, and we work to ensure that the presence and voices of queer students are recognized and respected by the college administration, the student body at-large, and the larger Williams College community. Through our active presence and involvement on campus, the QSU hopes to confront anti-queer discrimination and marginalization while seeking to understand and address how it interlinks with sexism, racism, classism, ageism, and ableism, among others, to perpetuate oppression.
HipolitoVazquezKofiLee-BermanAna Laura
Delgado Fernandez
Ceciliadel CidDiversity/Affinity
Rape and Sexual Assault Network
RASAN supports survivors of sexual assault, and other forms of intimate partner violence, and their allies. To achieve this, the organization leads trainings, workshops, and public events to educate the student body about consent, healthy relationships, how to support survivors, self care, and related topics.
SimranSohalLauraWestphalVeronicaWolffMegBossongconfidential peer resource
Ritmo LatinoRitmo
Ritmo Latino of Williams College aims to share our experiences and culture of the Latino and Afro-Latino Diaspora, through performance and dance. Our mission is to create a comprehensive home for identity, where each of us can learn and relearn from one another, and our greater community.
AlejandroFlores MongeCynthiaReyesJoeBouvierCeciliaDel CidCultural
Sailing Team
The Sailing Team is a club sport team at Williams College, formed for the purposes of: 1. Providing the instruction, training, and education of seamanship, safety and the skills and techniques of dinghy boat racing to all members. 2. Taking part in the sport of competitive sailing at races and regattas within the New England Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association conference.
PriscillaMercadoArianeGrossmanLuciaWiggersWilliamRechClub Sport
Sankofa Step Team
Sankofa, Williams’ only step team, was founded by five women of color in 1996. Stepping is a percussive dance form created by black fraternities in the mid-1900s. This movement style is influenced by military drill, South African gumboot, and West African dance. Sankofa, from the Akan language of Ghana, translates to “reach back and get it.” Sankofa uses this concept to reach back in order to step forward, reflecting the organization’s mentality.
Jazmin BrambleDominiqueBurgessPhoebeBloomSandraBurtonArts/Performance
Sexual Wellness Advocacy Network
SWAN works to introduce topics of consent and healthy relationships to local middle school and high school students through workshops. We also create relationships with administrators and teachers to create consent-promoting initiatives. It is the purpose of SWAN to work closely with students, teachers, and administration to figure out the best ways in which to bring our information and messages to local campuses. With every place we go to, we hope to create a consent-promoting, survivor-supporting campus. In addition, SWAN works to improve Williams students’ ability to understand and thus teach consent to local students.
JenniferLedererKateDelgadoJenniferLedererDonnaDenelli-HessEducation and advocacy
The purpose of Sisterhood is to empower its members by instilling a sense of camaraderie amongst black/POC women and by supporting black/POC women as they navigate the world as a double minority. A primary goal of the organization will be to instill a sense of unity and community amongst black/POC women and to help support those who identify as a black/POC woman in the outside community. Sisterhood aims to provide black/POC women students with a solid platform to address issues that are both undetected and overlooked. Sisterhood embodies self-awareness, self-care, self-confidence, and self-love.
SoniaNyarkoCassieDeshongMarianeSt. JusteShawna
Society for Conservative Thought
The Society is a non-partisan student organization dedicated to providing an academic space where students can freely engage with the conservative intellectual tradition of Edmund Burke and Russell Kirk. Students of all ideological persuasions are invited to study, discuss, and challenge these ideas that are neglected in the College curriculum. We pledge to uphold the principles of diversity of thought, intellectual freedom, and true liberal education at Williams College.
South Asian Students' Association
The South Asian Students’ Association is a student-run organization at Williams College focused on raising the awareness of and promoting South Asian culture and polity.
PreetulSenKohenRahmanSaud AfzalShafiTarahMunjulikaCultural
Springstreeters A CapellaSPRSTRS
We are an all male-identifying a capella group. We have four main concerts per year at the College, and we perform at various student and community events as requested. We rehearse several times a week, and host social events for both our group and other a capella groups on campus and beyond.
Stanley Kaplan Council in American Foreign Policy
Kaplan Council
The Kaplan Council invites speakers for its monthly lecture series. We also run the Williams Journal of Foreign Affairs.
SydneyMyongBenBeiersSydneyMyongJamesMcAllisterSpecial Interest
Student Choreographers' Coalition
Opportunity for students to choreograph in any dance style and/or dance in a peer's original work, to be performed at one or more shows per year.
JoelleTroianoPanalee (Dew)MaskatiAshleyXuKyleYagerArts/Performance
Student Veterans Association
Williams SVA
The Williams College SVA is a professional and academic organization for student veterans at Williams College. We help veteran students navigate life at Williams, find veteran-specific opportunities and resources off-campus, and engage with community, faculty, and staff veterans. This takes multiple forms: we celebrate Veterans Day with faculty and staff veterans in order to recognize and appreciate their service. We also provide valuable insight and understanding of an underrepresented minority to the campus at large through one-on-one conversations, community engagement, and classroom participation.
BentonLearyAdam JonesAdamJonesRachelBukancCultural, Advocacy, Diversity
Students for Israeli Palestinian Dialogue
We foster dialogue surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We want this conversation to be approachable for all - not just those who are educated on the subject. Our group does not have any political affiliation or focus on a particular perspective. We try and bring in all perspectives to better understand the context and contemporary happenings of the conflict.
HannahGoldsteinRebeccaTauberHannahGoldsteinBilalAnsari Academic, Cultural
Students for Justice in Palestine
We advocate for the disenfranchised in Israel/Palestine--predominantly through educational events like teach-ins, movie screenings and guest lectures.
JosephMooreYousefAl-AmassiJosephMooreJoyJamesService, Activist
Students of Caribbean Ancestry
SoCA is an organization that celebrates and unites students on campus from the Caribbean and those that have Caribbean backgrounds. We like to hold events that represent all the unique cultures that the Caribbean has to offer.
Mazie Alexander Shadae McClean Del Rose Hooker-NewballTatiana McInnisCultural
Surf ClubSurf Club
We gather surfers and ocean enthusiast to do surf-related activities like watching surf films, skateboarding around campus, and organizing surf trips to MA, RI, and ME coasts. Surf trips are open to all learning levels and are supports by at a 50-50 experienced surfer to beginner ratio.
The Aristocows
We're a non-audition, all-Disney coed a-capella group.
PeterLeSophiaClementLeslieGarcia CatherineKealhoferArts/Performance
The EphlatsEphlats
Student led, all gender a cappella group that provides a variety of music at concerts and events on campus. We typically perform pop music.
AnnaPassannanteCarolineFairweatherRobert (RB)SmithKrisHoeyArts/Performance
The Feast
The Feast is a primarily student-led organization that meets weekly on Sunday evenings in the upper room of St John's Episcopal Church. These weekly gatherings consist of a group dinner, which is usually cooked by a Feast-goer or a community member, followed by a casual, non-denominational spiritual service that includes the reading of a religious passage, a poem, and a song. All are welcome to come when they can, and leave when they must!
EmmaLevyJeremyShieldsEmmaLevyValerieBailey FischerReligion/Spiritual
The Film ClubTFC
First, we will support and organize student filmmakers. Our goal is to encourage students to take advantage of the resources the College offers to filmmakers and create a healthy and exciting culture of collaboration between artists. Second, we will organize film screenings, film events, and discussion around those films, either independently or in coordination with Images Cinema. Finally, with these efforts, combined with plans to bring speakers and organize workshops, The Film Club aims to foster appreciation of and engagement in film and filmmaking.
JackRocheJohnMurphyNicolleMac WilliamsShawnRosenhaimArts/Performance
The Freshman RevueFrosh Revue
We are a sketch, improv, and comedy group that seeks to create a parody summary of the freshman year experience.
EricTranAidanDunkelbergGrace (Allyse)PrattMikeBodnarikArts/Performance
The Society of the GriffinsGriffins
The Griffins is a student led affinity organization that is dedicated to preparing minority men for the professional environment post-Williams, as well promoting and establishing responsibility in the minority community on and around campus.
RufusShambergerSeanFontellioRJShambergerG​. L.WallaceCultural
The Williams Insight
We are the Williams College financial publication club. We hold weekly meetings where we discuss the latest evolutions of the markets and plan our articles. Our articles comprise analysis of publicly-traded companies, the state of the markets, etc.
The Williams OctetThe Octet
The Williams Octet is an all-male a cappella group founded in 1941, making it one of the oldest collegiate a cappella groups, with a large family of alumni and a strong sense of tradition. Originally an actual octet, the group has since expanded and can be found singing selections from contemporary pop to R&B to traditional songs written by our founder, the late Warren Hunke ‘42. Each year the group performs two mid-semester and two end-of-semester concerts, in addition to singing for local events, traveling to other schools, and performing at alumni reunion shows. Oh, and we party. Like rockstars.
The Williams RecordWilliams College
The Williams Record is the independent student newspaper of Williams College, publishing weekly during the school year in print and online.
N/A -- The Record has never had an advisor and has been able to register each year. To the extent needed for logistical and operational support, we work with OSL's staff. We do not have an editorial advisor as it would compromise the paper's editorial independence.
N/AStudent Media
The Williams TelosTELOS
The Telos is a journal for Christian discourse at Williams College. It was founded in the spring of 2009 and includes a variety of submissions including academic essays, personal essays, reviews, short fiction, poetry, and visual art. Telos (τέλοϛ) is the Greek word for “purpose,” “goal,” or “fulfillment.” For us, telos represents a direction that can only be found through God.
Treestyle Improvisational Comedy
Treestyle gets together three times per week to prepare for our improv shows. We perform 3-5 shows per semester that rely on audience participation, which encourages community in the comedy scene at Williams.
Kate Feeney MaxSteinKateFeeneyJonah LevineArts/Performance
Vietnamese Student Association
A culture club that celebrates Vietnamese culture/cuisine with weekly/biweekly meeting and off-campus activities during the lunar new year.
Vista aims to provide a space for community building and solidarity among Latinx-identifying students and allies. Our work involves bringing speakers, organizing dinners, and hosting workshops on themes related to Latinx identity.
TaniaCalleCarlos Cabrera-LomelíLuisRomeroCeci Del CidCultural
WCFM Williamstown 91.9WCFM
WCFM Williamstown is a community radio station run by Williams College students. We broadcast in Berkshire County and the surrounding area, as well as through an online stream. In addition, WCFM helps incubate the music scene at Williams, hosting shows for student bands and bringing popular artists to perform.
MatthewNewmanHannahTagerSabrinaSanchezGabrielMcHaleStudent Media
Williams African Students Organization
WASO is a group comprised of students who share an interest in the African continent. It is meant to provide students/alumni, including those not of African descent, with a forum to discuss relevant topics and issues pertaining to the continent, while presenting a true image of Africa through various events that showcase African heritage and culture.
Williams Animal Awareness Group
WAAG aims to help animals both within and beyond the Williams Community by facilitating informed and thoughtful discussions on issues concerning animals. In addition, WAAG creates several opportunities for people to engage with animals to relieve stress. Students can either volunteer with Bonnie Lea Farm, Clover Hill Farm, and the Berkshire Humane Society (Humane Race held in early May), where they can interact with several animals such as horses, chickens, cows, dogs, and cats.
Williams Anime Club
Anime Club: where giant robots, samurai warriors, high school students, and sweat drops find common ground
PatrickZhuangAndrewLeeAndrewLeeKasumiYamamotoCultural, Recreation
Williams Archery
Williams Archery lets students learn about archery and provides a space to practice.
Williams Association of Role Players
We meet every Saturday evening to play board games. We also sometimes host movie nights or role playing campaigns.
Williams Badminton Club
The Williams Badminton Club provide a fair, fun, and professional atmosphere for students, faculty, and members of the Williams community to practice, train, and compete in the sport of badminton. We hold practices twice a week.
OliverYangWilliamRenWilliamRenKrisHoeyClub Sport
Williams Ballroom
Williams Ballroom is a student-led club that meets weekly to teach basic lessons in many different styles of ballroom dance (e.g. salsa, meringue, waltz, swing, tango, bachata, hustle, foxtrot, and more!). The club is not performance-based and the weekly lessons are primarily targeted towards beginners, but any and all abilities are welcome always!
Williams Beekeeping ClubBeekeeping Club
Our goal is to educate ourselves and the wider Williams community about the science and art of beekeeping.
JamesFortinClevelandLavalaisJames FortinChrisWintersApicultural
Williams CatholicWC
Williams Catholic works with the Chaplain’s office to provide Williams students with Catholic campus ministry, includes the celebration of the sacraments and other devotional activities as well as providing a space for intellectual discussion about the Catholic faith. In addition, we organize social events roughly once a week to promote fellowship.
JuliaMarianiCaitlin CoyneJaySchroeterValerie FischerReligion/Spiritual
Williams Chess ClubChess Club
We gather weekly to play chess and chess variants. Occasionally we will drive to local tournaments and compete, depending on interest.
WilliamRenEthanLopesWilliamRenTrevorMurphyClub Sport, Recreation
Williams Climbing ClubWCC
We provide a space for students to train and compete in climbing. We exist to be inclusive, serve everyone's goals, and climb hard!
EmmieHineAlexSimonsTylerJohnsonDaveAckersonClub Sport, Recreation
Williams Club TennisWCT
Williams Club Tennis provides the opportunity for students to learn, grow and create friendships through the sport of tennis, and to foster a competitive tennis environment outside of the varsity team.
Jacob ShumanCarlPortoGavinSmallMagnusBernhardssonClub Sport