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We are a music group that performs songs from hispanic and latin countries. We collaborate both vocalists and instrumentalists to create a cover of songs we choose that encompass a large variety of music genres.
Lirianna ValerioAtlasKaan YilmazLiriannaValerioCorinnaCampbell
We are an upper-voiced a cappella group dedicated to creating a space for non-cis men to sing and have fun together.
Alhambra Consulting GroupAlhambra
Alhambra Consulting Group is Williams College’s pro bono consulting group. Alhambra aims to foster regional economic development in Berkshire County and the surrounding region by providing advisory services to local businesses, non-profits, and public sector groups operating in geographic proximity to the County. Alhambra’s primary services include conducting academic and business research, collecting and analyzing data, and developing strategies and proposals based on research insights to support our clients’ objectives. Alhambra’s paramount mission is to leverage the resources of Williams College to engage with the regional issues of Berkshire County and foster long-term growth and change for our clients and our community.
All Campus EntertainmentPoCoACE plans events for the campusWilliamDingOmarAhmadMaddieMenonKrisHoey
Asian American Students in Action
Asian American Students in Action (AASiA) is a political student organization independent of existing Asian cultural organizations at Williams College and was created to foster and execute political action among Asian and Asian American students. This organization implements a structure in which Asian and Asian American students form project-based committees (PBC) for community building and political change. AASiA seeks to build a politicized pan-Asian community to organize around community and institutional change.
FrancesLeungSunnyHuAkikoJindo Aly WCorey
Social Justice
Asian Athleteic AssociationAAA
The purpose of this organization shall be to improve the experience of student-athletes of Asian identifying backgrounds at Williams college. AAA will enhance the four years students spend at the College through solidarity and offer the possibility of improving the reality of diversity, inclusion and equity for any individual or athletes of historically marginalized groups. In addition, we hope to offer student engagement opportunities and navigational tools for our student-athletes to enrich the community around them and give back to Williams and beyond.
Asian Dance TroupeADT
Williams’ Asian Dance Troupe, ADT, is a non-audition based dance group that enjoys dancing to pop music from Asia. In the past, ADT has mainly learned and performed K-Pop dances, but we are open to all kinds of songs throughout the area. ADT welcomes dancers of all levels to join.
Jennifer SarmientoAshraf DhahbiSamBishopKrisHoey
Berkshire Doula ProjectBDP
Berkshire Doula Project is a student collective that advocates for reproductive rights on campus. We spread reproductive health awareness through our campus-wide events: Menstruation and Masturbation Celebration, as well as holding an IUD/ abortion doula training each semester.
GatesTenerowiczMaddieMooreLiriannaValerio Laini Sporber
Cultural, Service
Berkshire Translation Project
The Berkshire Translation Project seeks to provide a free translation service of simple documents (mostly of legal nature) for the immigrant community, in order to lower the financial barriers to immigration. However, with translation also comes community, connection, and responsibility. Therefore, the translation project will also provide opportunity for students of various cultural and linguistic backgrounds to use their abilities to help the immigrant community, while practicing and improving their language skills, and learning about the immigration system of the United States.
Chen ChenHuangCatherineChenChen ChenHuangLuanaMaroja
Beyond the BinaryBtB
Beyond the Binary (BtB) is a student group that aims to build a safe and affirming community for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students at Williams College. BtB works to build community and create an environment of mutual support for our members through hosting various events and circulating essential information and resources.
Black Student UnionBSU
The Williams Black Student Union shall provide a local mechanism through which Black-identifying and allied students can find academic, emotional, and social support by providing: 1) a forum in which all students can articulate concerns regarding not only the curriculum and the general administration of the College, but also concerns regarding specific events and issues. 2) A network beyond Williams that will enable Black students/students of African ancestry to achieve in the classroom, professionally and socially. 3) Funds and a space for academic, cultural, political and social events relevant to the Black Diaspora and African ancestry at Williams.
Black Students in STEM+BSTEM+
The Black STEM Student Association (BSTEM) aims to create a safe and supportive space in which Black students are encouraged to continue their studies in STEM+ fields, and can freely speak of their experiences in these fields. This support system for underserved groups in STEM is essential to helping support these students interested in the sciences and combat the effects of the discrimination that they may experience while navigating STEM courses during their tiem at Williams College.
EllieTounkaraBishoy (Shoy)YacoubMorganNasirPamelaHarris
Academic, Cultural
Cap & BellsC&B
Cap & Bells is devoted to providing student directors, designers, actors, and stage managers with the opportunity to produce their own plays for the Williams campus and the Berkshire community. In a given school year, Cap & Bells typically puts on 6-8 productions. The shows take place all across campus, from Theatre Department spaces in the '62 Center for Theatre and Dance, to student dorms, libraries, and basements. Every Cap & Bells show is produced, directed, designed, performed, and run exclusively by Williams students.
Cello Shots
Cello Shots is a non-audition, all cello “a cappella” style group that covers pop, rock, R&B, and other songs of all musical genres in our unique arrangements. Overall, our goal is to make cello music more accessible and enjoyable to a larger audience. Also, we hope to provide a more relaxed, social space for classical musicians on campus.
Chinese American Student Organization
The Chinese American Student Organization strives to bring to the Williams College campus a safe space for students of all identities to build community around the celebration of Chinese/Chinese American culture. CASO provides a fun and welcoming environment for members to learn more about Chinese customs, traditions, and holidays such as Lunar New Year, the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, and the Lantern Festival. CASO hopes to amplify the presence of Chinese/Chinese American culture on campus, which is especially important at a predominantly white institution in the Berkshires where Asian students may lose touch with their heritage after a prolonged period away from home. CASO also facilitates community-building events that allow for Asian-identifying students to gather and meet people who come from both similar and different backgrounds. CASO aims to help its members establish lifelong bonds with one another, whether that be in the form of friendships or mentorships.
Circle of WomenCoW
Circle of Women (CoW) is a national nonprofit organization–run completely by students–that provides the necessary resources to girls around the world who are pursuing an education. As such, our focus is primarily abroad. We partner up with local groups to implement construction projects and fundraise to make such projects possible.
JaeeunLeeJennifer SarmientoJaeeunLeeKrisHoey
Club Hockey
Our organization is meant to bring past hockey players together for pickup hockey sessions during the winter months.
Sheavan den BroekEmilyBatchelorCatherineTorresAlixBarrale
Club Sport
Coalition for Immigrant Student Advancement
CISA aims to achieve administrative progress and create a campus consciousness around immigrant issues. We hope to improve college policies to better address the needs of immigrant and mixed-status family students. We also want to foster a richer campus dialogue and give a voice to these stories.
Abed TogasEstefany
David BaronD. Clinton Williams
Cultural, Service
Combo ZaZa
Combo Za is an improv comedy group! We play games and practice exercises for improvisational comedy. We practice 3x a week and try to perform about 1x monthly.
Converging WorldsCW
The organization works to illuminate the grave injustices of the carceral state and inspire a diversity of thought within the Williams community. Currently, CW hosts penpal workshops, publishes monthly newsletters, and invites distinguished speakers for virtual presentations in its ever-expanding effort to connect Williams students with aspects of the current carceral state as well as spark discourse concerning viable alternatives.
Disabled Student UnionDSU
The purpose of Disabled Student Union is to support disabled people, especially disabled Williams students, in any way insufficiently provided by the Office of Accessible Education or any other college resources. It provides a place for disabled community, accessible outreach, and self-advocacy.
Entrepreneurship at Williams
Entrepreneurship at Williams aims to introduce students to the world of start-ups, and to grow the interest of experienced students. As the college does not offer classes dedicated to entrepreneurship, the club allows students to pursue their interests in an organized setting, and promotes a self-starter mindset applicable to any field. Events we run are guest speakers, club lunches, education workshops, and field trips to start-ups in the Berkshires
and cities like Boston and New York.
Ephs at the Clarkn/a
Ephs at the Clark exists to create a lasting relationship between Williams College and the Clark Art Institute by hosting events for students such as a back-to-school BBQ, a gala night, and gallery talks.
Sarah GanttSofiaStefaniSofiaStefaniCaedyLoomis
EphVotes is Williams College’s first-ever voter outreach organization. Our mission is to promote voter registration, turnout, and civic engagement on campus. By bringing together students, faculty, and staff in a nonpartisan manner, EphVotes hopes to increase campus registration and voting rates and make it as easy as possible for every Eph to vote. Whether someone is an experienced community organizer or new to the concept, we welcome everyone into our big tent.
Feminist CollectiveFemCo
FemCo focuses on providing a safe space for folx with marginalized genders/identities to foster community and facilitate activism. This involves hosting activities, speakers, and workshops that are created with the intention to empower individuals and destabilize current structures of power.
Minco Group
Gargoyle SocietyGargoyles
We, the members of the Gargoyles established to stand guard of what is worth protecting and to eradicate by most expeditious methods any existing evils, do ordain and establish this constitution and subscribe to the regulations and policies of Williams College.
StephanieTengEmmanuelleCopelandStephanieTengJessika Drmacich
Academic, Service
Get BakedGet Baked
Get Baked aims to provide an alternative, safe, comfortable, and subdued option for students on Friday nights. Our events are geared towards students who do not participate in the party scene at Williams, instead preferring to stay in and do homework, have a chill night with friends, or turn in early. Get Baked facilitates "stay-in" nights once a month, held in Mission Kitchen and Mission’s dining room area right inside the main entrance, where Get Baked members and non-members can bake homemade goodies such as cupcakes, cookies, and pies. Get Baked does not have an agenda other than being an open stop-by option for students who prefer to stay in; they can come when they want and leave when they want.
Good QuestionGQ
GQ is an all-gender a capella group that puts on at least two performances for semester. We rehearse three times a week and arrange and perform a capella songs.
Zoe PriceWilliamMcCormick RobinLambMikeBodnarik
Grassroots Advocacy and Labor Alliance
The purpose of GALA is to create student engagement in matters concerning, labor, class, and unions under a nonpartisan affiliation. One of the central goals of GALA is to educate students on how to unionize, protect themselves from exploitation in the workplace via policy and resources, and organize not only themselves but also their local communities in the common interests of workers. Since local communities strengthen unions and unions help to energize communities in a mutually beneficial relationship, GALA hopes to generate student involvement in the local community to help revitalize parts of the labor movement through understanding how communities may be impacted by matters concerning, employment, labor, and workplace discrimination.
Her Campus Williams College
Her Campus
Her Campus is the #1 new-media brand for the empowered college woman. Her Campus Williams aims to create and maintain an online journalism community that promotes and encourages interest in journalism, professionalism, and writing. Her Campus Williams is an inclusive organization that serves as a community for students on campus to express and develop their voices using the platform of an online magazine, written by and for students.
MadisonTixAnnabelle KimCathrynNayoung Kim
Marketa "pending approval"
Rulikova "pending approval"
Student Media
Insight Insight
Insight is a financial publication where students interested in finance meet weekly to discuss the markets with a group of similarly interested students. Every member also writes two investment theses a year. We also host networking events and conversations with alumni.
LukeGraupmannCarolineOrphanos NicoCavalluzziKenKuttner
International Students Association
The International Students Association has three main goals:

1. It supports the needs of international students at Williams College (i.e., ensuring a smooth transition of first-year students to the US and addressing any arising concerns) and presents itself as a resource for international students to reach out to.

2. It provides students with abundant opportunities to develop a global community/network during their time at

3. It serves as a bridge between international students and domestic students by spreading awareness about
different cultures from around the world. It does so by organizing a wide variety of events.

It is also the purpose of this organization to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and to uphold the educational mission of Williams College.
HarunCurakDesel Pek DorjiJoshBrunsNinahPretto
J@W provides opportunities for student jazz musicians at Williams to meet and play with other musicians and to stay informed of informal performances around campus. It also organizes events and invites guest artists independently of the music department, with an emphasis on engaging students with one another and with the broader jazz community.
Joy of ExistenceJoE
Joy of Existence seeks to help Williams students cultivate a healthy attitude to all aspects of student and human life. By drawing from an eclectic mix of disciplines, members will examine the nature of the good life. Among other things, we will explore Western and Eastern ethical theories, discuss the psychological barriers preventing people from living to their fullest potential, and analyze the myriad interpretations of the good life depicted in literature, film, and the visual arts.
Koreans of Williams KOW
Koreans of Williams is a club that promotes the spread of Korean culture on campus. We organize social events and provide a space for anyone interested in Korean culture to gather and socialize. We also facilitate discussions on topics relevant to Korean culture, concerns, and current events.
Lehman Board for Community Engagement
Lehman organizes events for students to engage with local nonprofits and organizes fundraisers to support community groups. Each year we hold a Fall and Spring Great Day of Service to get students involved in volunteer work.
Margins Finance ClubMargins
We want to reshape what finance at Williams looks like for students of all identities. The barriers to entry into the world of finance are often high, and the necessary resources are inaccessible to many students. There is a level of mystery and exclusivity about the field that can be intimidating to those with little or no experience and to those who have been historically underrepresented. We, the members of Margins, hope to break down those barriers and open the door to finance, together as a diverse, driven community of students.
ChandlerDulaIsha KamaraIshaKamaraSarahJacobson
Career Focused
Martial Arts ClubWUSHU
The Martial Arts Club is an umbrella group for martial arts at Williams. The club exists to provide students interested in martial arts of any form a conduit and community in which to share their interest and practice.
Club Sport
Masculinity, Accountability, Sexual Assault, and Consent
MASC (Masculinity, Accountability, Sexual Assault, and Consent) is dedicated to working against, and ultimately ending, rape and sexual assault on campus through promoting enthusiastic consent. To work towards this goal we hold frequent discussion meetings and social events to educate ourselves and others about masculinity, accountability, sexual assault, and consent. We also lead workshops geared towards ending cultures of toxic masculinity in men’s spaces.
College students are paired with low-income, high-achieving high school students to mentor them through the college process. We train talented Williams College students to connect virtually with high-achieving, low-income high school students, providing the information, guidance, and support that these high school students need to navigate the college process.
Men's Williams Ultimate Frisbee Organization
Our group is an Ultimate Frisbee team, which includes the Men's A team, which seeks to play at a competitive level and commits as much if not more time to its craft than varsity sports at this school, and the less competitive and completely open B team. The B team is currently a mixed-gender team, but it operates under the organizational structure and budget of Men’s WUFO. We participate in various tournaments throughout the fall, after which we divide into A and B teams and train for our regular spring season through the winter, during which we continue to play in tournaments, ultimately culminating in Sectionals, Regionals, and then Nationals.
Club Sport
Muslim Student UnionMSU
Muslim Students Union seeks not only to help campus Muslims with their spiritual needs, but also to promote an open community where both Muslims and non-Muslims can come together to engage with Islam. Muslim Students Union hopes to serve its members by providing opportunities for intellectual exploration, Islamic learning, and spiritual growth as well as social programming. Whenever possible and prudent, we plan to extend our services to the surrounding communities in the Berkshires and Albany area, whether it be to invite Muslim and non-Muslim community members to our events or through community service. Lastly, Muslim Students Union strives to promote understanding between Muslims and other faith groups at Williams College, in order to create a more educated and aware student body.
MaymounaBahPalvashaKhanSafiyah Anwar-ChukuBilalAnsari
Native Americans Student Alliance (NASA)
Native Americans Student Alliance (NASA) is a student organization that was founded to empower Native and Indigenous students at Williams and bring awareness to cultural and social issues that affect Indigenous people on campus and around the world.
Berenize Garcia Nueva DaisyRosalezIsaacRiveraNatalie Montoya-Barnes
Cultural, Service
NBC: Nothing But CutiesNBC
NBC is a student-run organization whose mission is to provide an inclusive space for committed students who wish to be part of Williams College’s only hip-hop dance troupe and perform multiple times throughout the school year at various events. By joining NBC, new members are not only exposed to each member’s hip-hop style and choreography, but also to other diverse types of dance forms. Members are also encouraged to be creative and create dances that are performed at the team’s end-of-semester shows, which take place in the fall and in the spring.
LindseyChuKeyly Barrios-MoralesMayorWattsSandraBurton
Club Sport
Nihonjin American Student Union
NASU is an affinity group that provides a space for anyone interested in Japanese culture and identity to come together. NASU will hold discussions and events with the purpose of sharing Japanese culture and exploring Japanese, Japanese American, Asian American, and other minority identities.
Nova Ultimate Frisbee (previously La WUFA)
We are a competitive ultimate frisbee team for women's and trans* identifying players. We practice and compete together at tournaments throughout the year, culminating in our Spring season.
Club Sport
NovelTeas Book & Tea Club
NovelTeas provides students who wish to engage in reading outside of class with an opportunity to do so. We also allow students to broaden their literary horizons, learn about the world through literature, engage with other opinions through discussion of novels, and participate in a community based around reading.
KaelaZarilloGabrielaKovarsky RottaGabrielaKovarsky RottaKrisHoey
Academic, Cultural
Organization for Underrepresented Students in STEM+
To further the work of, to improve the effectiveness of, and to enhance the public understanding of and appreciation for underrepresented minorities in STEM+
To promote student recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities in STEM+ at Williams College
To provide a forum for students from different majors in STEM+ to come together for academic, community service, and social activities at Williams College
To create an inclusive environment for underrepresented minorities in STEM+
Peer Health
Peer Health provides students at Williams with health supplies and hosts health-related events on campus. Peer Health provides education and resources that promote Williams students' everyday health, with a vision to work toward a Williams student body of well-balanced individuals.
Jack MouchSamaKreidiAnnabelleKimLaini Sporbert
Student Health
Perennial Amateurs Convention
PAC is a performance group that exists to give amateur writers and performers a space to explore comedic mediums at Williams. Our primary productions are live shows, but we do not limit ourselves to the stage alone — we are excited to provide a means for students at the College to make the projects they could not make alone.
Photographing and Understanding the Lights of Space and the Astronomical Realm
The purpose of PULSAR is to promote, through its activities, interest and education in astronomy and related space sciences for its members and the College. PULSAR will provide opportunities to learn about astrophotography, visual observation of the night sky, and astronomy in general outside of the classroom environment. In club meetings, PULSAR shall photograph celestial objects, observe the night sky with telescopes, and discuss astronomical discoveries and events. PULSAR aims to establish and foster a community of students interested in astronomy and photography.
Polaris ConsultingPoCo
PoCo is Williams' first case competition team dedicated to practicing cases through discussion with coaches and preparing various skills to participate in global case competitions.
William DingSarahShiBenConnorRobinMeyer
Purple Bike CoalitionPBC
We are a free bike repair and rental service serving Williams College students, faculty, and staff. Our goal is to make finding sustainable transportation and experiencing the joys of biking friendly, easy, and accessible.
Purple Rain A CappellaPurple Rain
We perform R&B, soul, hip-hop, and related genres in the a cappella medium. We aim to expose the Williams College community to these styles of music – genres less often performed in the realm of college a cappella – through performances and other events.
Purplexity is an a cappella group that will rehearse 2-3 times a week and perform at its own pace. We’d like to hold auditions at the beginning of both academic semesters to fill the openings for voice parts and be able to perform for our own and school-sponsored events.
HarryWhitmanNyamekyeAkosahHarryWhitmanPaulLa Rosa
Queer Student UnionQSU
The Queer Student Union is a group of students who share a common interest in cultivating, nurturing, and enriching the queer experience at Williams College. We are advocates for queer perspectives, and we work to ensure that the presence and voices of queer students are recognized and respected by the college administration, the student body at-large, and the larger Williams College community.
EmmanuelleCopelandAliyaGentry RuthBristolAly Corey
Rape and Sexual Assault Network
Williams College’s Rape and Sexual Assault Network (RASAN) is dedicated to the education of the College community about sexual violence. We advocate for policies that support sexual health and wellness and provide support to survivors of sexual violence. RASAN’s flagship services are our Appointment System and Training Program. RASAN also collaborates with various organizations throughout the year to sponsor events and workshops.
Ritmo is a student-led performance dance group. All of our dances pay homage to Latinx and Afro-Latinx dance styles. A few styles you might recognize are Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata. Join us if you'd love to dance and make new friends!
Sankofa Kofa
Sankofa is William College's only step dancing team. This art form finds its roots in gumboot dance, military drilling, and HBCU culture. Throughout the year we practice three to four times every week, and have multiple performances.
The purpose of Sisterhood is to empower its members by instilling a sense of camaraderie amongst Black women and by supporting Black women as they navigate the world as a double minority. A primary goal of the organization is to instill a sense of unity and community amongst Black women and to equip Black women with professional development tools. Sisterhood aims to provide Black women with a solid platform to discuss and address issues that are often both undetected and overlooked. Sisterhood embodies leading with love.
Shiara PyrrhusCheyenneWillisJulesGaskin-WestToyaCamacho
South Asian Students' Association
SASA’s purpose as a student organization is primarily to foster a sense of community and create an all-inclusive space for members of the Williams community who self-identify as South Asian. We strive to celebrate the South Asian experience by showcasing a diverse range of cultural experiences (including food, music, dance, and much more), celebrating religious events, and hosting guest speaker events. We also aim to open our doors to the wider Williams community and those who are interested in learning about our cultures, starting a wider dialogue across campus.
PriyaRajbhandaryDhruv MuppidiPalvasha KhanAly Corey
Student Choreographer's Coalition
StuCo is a club specifically for student choreographers who wish to present original works in a student-oriented space and it welcomes any and all styles/genres of dance and dance choreography. The Student Choreographers’ Coalition was formed as an outlet for dancers at Williams to choreograph, rehearse, and perform together. It is to be a space that is accessible and diverse. Regardless of their background in dance, members of the Williams community may join - take a class, join a piece, ask questions, engage with other dancers - and the opportunity will always be there for anyone to grasp. Stuco also hopes to extend this accessibility by accommodating to anyone's special requests or needs and making the club a space for people of all bodies and backgrounds. Hopefully Stuco can be a platform for many dimensions, cultures, origins of dance to be explored. The hope is that Stuco is a club that allows for educational and social engagement, one that celebrates the talents of Williams students as well as their personal differences.
StuCo dancers train year-long and create original pieces, with the goal of presenting one to two major performances per year. These performances may look like a collection of short pieces or a larger production.
BeamMaskatiCaroline MorrisseyCapriceTurchianoKyleYager
Students of Caribbean Ancestry
SoCA is a bridge between the Caribbean, the Williams College community, and all who are interested in Caribbean culture. This organization is a forum for those who are involved to interact, share, and learn about Caribbean cultures. SoCA is also active in organizing activities aimed at fostering interaction among the Caribbean community and introducing the Caribbean/its culture to the rest of the Williams College community and those outside of Williams College.
Taiwanese Student Organization at Williams
The purpose of the TSAW is to celebrate and share Taiwanese culture, foster connections between self-identifying Taiwanese and Taiwanese-American students, alum, language fellows, faculty, and staff, and create a space where members of the Williams community can gather to share and learn about Taiwan and its culture. We hope to represent the Taiwanese community and strengthen its voice on campus.
Taxa Bioengineering GroupTaxa
We don’t just discuss science. We do science. Our group supplements Williams College’s holistic science education by entrusting undergraduates to conceive and conduct multi-year bioengineering research. Our group is mentored by leading faculty and is supported by Williams College's academic, extracurricular, and alumni resources.
The Aristocows
This is a non-audition a cappella group that exclusively sings arrangements of songs from Disney-owned franchises. We hold rehearsals a couple times a week and have social events.
The Feast
The Feast is a faith-based student organization of progressive Christian students and their friends, committed to radical and inclusive hospitality, respect for the other religions of the world, and explorations of the links between Christianities, social justice, and our own lives.
Our principal event is a weekly home-cooked meal and service.
The Freshman RevueFrosh Revue
Frosh Revue creates and writes a sketch comedy show about the First Year experience at Williams. Frosh Revue seeks to create community not only among the ten First Year students who write the show, but also among many generations of Frosh Revue alumni. It is also the purpose of this organization to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and to uphold the educational mission of Williams College.
The Quare CollectiveThe QC
The Quare Collective (pronounced: kw-air) was created in response to gaps in discussions around race and sexuality in both queer and black spaces on campus respectively. We pull on E. Patrick Johnson’s theoretical piece, “Quare" studies, or (almost) everything I know about queer studies I learned from my grandmother” to highlight the ways that we are queered inside black spaces for our sexuality, and in queer spaces for our race. While Johnson develops quare studies in response to marginalization within the field of queer studies, we employ quare to articulate our positionality in queer circles at Williams, which are sometimes unwelcoming to the ways our queerness is complexified by racialized knowledge.
The Society of GriffinsSOGBlack Male SocietyUyi Osayimwen Josh Kombet ErokiyamuClintonWilliams
The SpringstreetersStreeters
We are an all lower-voiced a cappella group that gathers to have fun, learn music, and perform for the community.
The Wellness Advocacy Group
The purpose of the organization is four-fold: to survey and present the wellness needs of the community, to advocate for the aforementioned needs of the community by working with administrational bodies, to provide clear instructions of use for existing resources, and to expand and improve education relating to mental health and wellbeing in the community.
CooperDesmondAndrewWilliamsSamuelRileyAmy Sosne
The Williams College Ephlats
The oldest all gender a capella group on campus.
The Williams Haybale THB, HB, Haybale
The Haybale writing and editing staff seek to create a community of writers interested in satirical writing and comedy for frequent publication on social media and our website.
ElizabethHighLucyWalkerElizabeth High ColinAdams
Student Media, silly
The Williams Literary Review
Lit-ReviewWe are a literary magazine who publish BashudhaDhamalaSenjutiGayenBashudhaDhamalaJimShepard
Student Media
The Williams RecordThe Record
The Williams Record is the official student-run newspaper of Williams College. The Record strives to uphold the highest standards of journalistic integrity alongside a strong sense of commitment to the readership that it serves.
Student Media
The Williams Rugby Football Club
The Williams Rugby Football Club had been dedicated to learning, teaching, and playing rugby for 45 years. In fact, an overwhelming majority of our members have little to no experience when they first come down to the pitch. This tradition has created a long history of individual athletic achievement and close team unity. Playing in both the fall and the spring, the club has successfully competed against teams throughout New England, including Middlebury, the University of Vermont, and Amherst.
Club Sport
The Williams TelosTelos
The Williams Telos is a journal dedicated to the expression of opinions and perspectives informed by the Christian faith. We seek to present the sense of purpose and meaning that permeates the Christian life by critically engaging with the mind and soul of the campus.
Treestyle Improv Comedy Club
The primary purpose of Treestyle is to create a space for students to learn, practice, and expand the reach of improv comedy. We accomplish this by holding multi-weekly practice sessions and tri-semesterly improv shows.
Vietnamese Students Association
VSA hosts different events (cooking, arts and crafts,...) to celebrate Vietnamese culture and help build community.
Trang NgoHaileyLeRachelNguyenBilalAnsari
VISTA: The Latine & Allies Student Organization
Vista is the Latine and Allies student organization at Williams College. Vista exists to create an environment that is both comfortable and conducive to learning about the Latine Diaspora at Williams and for those that show genuine interest in Latine culture. With this in mind, Vista is a support group that develops a sense of outreach and unity amongst its members and the larger Williams College community. Along with regular meetings and social events, Vista sponsors trips to conferences for interested students, organizes Latine Heritage Month with the help of the David Center and the Latino/a Studies Program, and provides a connection to area resources for students.
Melissa Leon PonsRachelAquinoEmilyRodriguezClintonWilliams
Williams African Student Organisation
WASO is a student led group established to provide students of African descent and any students/alumni with an interest in issues concerning the African continent with a forum to come together and discuss relevant topics; to provide the campus population with the true picture of Africa; to organize events on campus to reach out to the general Williams community showcasing African heritage and culture, do ordain and establish this constitution and subscribe to the regulations and policies of Williams College.
NikitahGajuCynthia MaseseGalgalloDibaRashidaBraggs
Williams Anime Club
Anime club is an organization for students with an interest in watching, discussing and admiring the art form of Japanese Anime.
Williams Archaeology and Classics Society
We are a club designed to provide interested students with information about Archaeology and Classics. This includes career information, study abroad and summer abroad opportunities, as well as access to professionals in the field who come to speak with us throughout the year. We also hope our club can be a place where like minded people gather to talk about their passions! We hold informational meetings, movie nights, guest speakers, and field trips for those interested.
AudreyLipseyJackson SmallAudrey LipseyAntoniaFoias
Academic, Cultural
Williams Archery Club
We are hoping to provide space for people interested in archery to spend time together, practice, or learn if they have never tried it.
AveryFreundDivij JainDivijJain
Club Sport, Recreation
Williams Association of Role Players
WARP is the Roleplay and Board Game campus club. WARP maintains a large collection of Board Games and TTRPG equipment for use by its members. WARP meets weekly to play board games, but also helps to connect various people who want to play TTRPGs with one another. In addition, WARP helps to run KAOS during Winter Study, and organizes trips to Gaming and Comic Conventions. Finally WARP maintains a large collection of board games that any Williams student may borrow.
Williams Badminton ClubWBC
Anyone interested in playing badminton regularly or occasionally is welcome. We meet for practice two to three times a week and organize friendly games and competitions among ourselves.
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Williams Birding Club
We organize regular bird trips around campus and plan to hold a big trip this fall to Boston to watch waterfowls. We also collaborate with local birdwatching organizations and host visits to different facilities including Berkshire Bird Sanctuary.
Williams Blockchain Coalition
Discuss developments in the web3 space (DeFi, NFT’s, metaverse, etc.) and introduce students to the concepts and ideas of blockchain technology.
WilliamComyns ChasMerrillWilliamComynsJeannieAlbrecht
Williams Ceramics ClubCeramics Club
We run the ceramic studio under Marhop. We hope to build a thriving ceramic art scene here at Williams College, and provide students with a space to express themselves creatively, while learning a useful trade.
KeelanDurhamEmmaNeuhauserAmy Podmore
Williams Charcuterie Board Club
Charcuterie board making is a social and therapeutic activity that gives people time away from the stress of student life, and embraces creativity to make these beautiful boards! We aim to bring all types of people together in this creative space while learning about and enjoying local produce. We hope to connect with local farms and producers too! Southern Vermont and Eastern New York have some of the best cheeses and cured meats in America! We want students to have fun, try new skills and be brought together by the love to charcuterie! We hope to share this passion with the wider Williams community by hosting charcuterie events where we build and share our wonderful creations!
Williams Chess Club
We promote the game of chess at Williams, and provide boards and environments for friendly and competitive games.
JadenBlockMarcelloBergerJadenBlockTrevor Murphy
Williams Christian Fellowship
Williams Christian Fellowship is a community seeking to establish and advance at Williams College witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord: growing in love for God, God’s Word, God’s people of every ethnicity and culture, and God’s purposes in the world. We have weekly small group and large group meetings where we hope to explore faith and Christianity, encourage each other and grow together in faith, and serve others through discussions, panels, bible studies, reading books, sharing fellowship, prayer, and community service.
Christie YangSarahLingEliasDevadossValerie Fischer
Williams Climbing ClubWCC
WCC is a community where people can climb together and help each other improve. We hold practices at the Nate Lowe Climbing wall, and we organize trips to climb at other gyms and competitions.
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Williams Club Squash
The purpose of this organization is to provide a community where students interested in playing or learning squash can come to practice and compete with other schools in New England. It is also the purpose of this organization to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and other college policies and to uphold the educational mission of Williams College.
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Williams Club TennisWCT
Williams Club Tennis is a program aimed at providing opportunities for Williams tennis players of all skill levels to engage in the sport in both casual and match environments. We host multiple practices each week and participate in a mixture of matches and tournaments through the school year.
Club Sport
Williams Club VolleyballWCCV
We are a club sport that practices and plays volleyball competitively. We travel to tournaments at other schools and compete in official leagues.
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Williams College Coed Water Polo
Coed Water Polo
Coed water polo aims to make the sport of water polo accessible to anyone who wants to play, regardless of experience. We host practices, social events, and attend tournaments with other New England club teams.
Ana SofiaRoldanCooperStuntzSonyaDuttonCarolynMiles
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Williams College Cycling Team
Williams Cycling Team, or The Cycling Team
The purposes of the team are to promote the sport of road biking at Williams College, provide access to all students interested in the sport, facilitate training opportunities, provide the opportunity to race and participate in endurance rides to interested members, and create a social space where all members feel involved and connected. The team practices 3 times a week and students can earn PE credit if they meet PE participation requirements.
Ashton VoehlGabrielWongAshtonVoehlTyler Hallenbeck
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