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We are a Latin music appreciation and performance group. We listen to, transcribe and perform songs from all across the region. This year we will cut the performance aspect and focus more on discussion of the music.
Arts/Performance, Cultural
Alhambra Consulting GroupAlhambra
On-campus consulting group offering real-world experience for members and creating change in our community through offering pro-bono work to local and regional businesses.
All Campus EntertainmentACE
All Campus Entertainment (ACE) is a student-run organization that provides programming and entertainment for the student body of Williams College. Through co-sponsorship opportunities, ACE works in conjunction with other student groups to bring concerts, fairs, and a variety of other sources of entertainment to student life in the Purple Valley.
Anything But Straight in Athletics
ABS is a student group meant to support the LGBTQ identifying students on campus who consider themselves athletes. ABS means to provide a safe and confidential space while also nurturing a casual, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere
LauraWestphalRollie GrinderRollieGrinderCarolynMiles
Asian American Students in Action
AASiA serves as the coalition for API minority groups on campus, and acts to foster Asian American community & political action on the Williams campus.
Cultural, political organizing
Asian Dance TroupeADT
ADT which stands for Asian Dance Troupe is a student-led, non-audition based dance group. In the past, we have mainly learned and performed K-Pop dances, but we are open to all kinds of songs throughout Asia. At the beginning of each semester, ADT decides together on the songs we want to learn/practice, and then divide into small groups for each dance. This is in consideration of the heavy workload from schoolwork and thus each member definitely has the freedom to choose how many songs they want to learn. Each group then finds the best time to practice their dance weekly for an hour. Normally, what we learn is then showcased in a spring performance in addition to the Jamboree.
Berkshire Doula ProjectBDP
Berkshire Doula Project is a student collective that advocates for reproductive rights on campus. We spread reproductive health awareness through our campus-wide events: Menstruation and Masturbation Celebration, as well as holding an IUD/ abortion doula training each semester. Every week, our club sends certified IUD/ abortion doulas into local healthcare clinics to provide our services.
Cultural, Service
Beyond the BinaryBtB
We provide support and community for trans and gender non-conforming students on campus. This can come in the form of compiling resources, holding discussions on our own experiences with gender, and informal community meetings with food, music, activities, etc.
Black STEM Student Association
The Black STEM Student Association (BSTEM) aims to create a safe and supportive space in which Black and other underrepresented students in the sciences are encouraged to continue their studies in the STEM fields and can freely and directly speak of their experiences in the STEM fields. We support Black and underrepresented students taking courses and/or majoring in: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Geosciences, Mathematics, Physics, the Pre-Medical Track, Psychology, and Statistics.
Cap & BellsC&B
Cap & Bells is a student theatre organization that puts on plays directed, designed and acted in by students. Cap & Bells gives Williams students an opportunity to be fully hands-on in all aspects of the creation of a theatrical production. This year, Cap & Bells is also seeking to give students professional development opportunities through workshops with professionals working in the theatre industry.
Cello Shots
Cello Shots is Williams first all cello “acapella” group. Although we all have classical training, each week our members gather to rehearse and arrange covers of popular music for all cellos. We love reaching new audiences with our slightly more whimsical take on ensemble playing, whether it is a room full of elementary school students or our peers at Williams.
Chinese American Student Organization
The Chinese American Student Organization (CASO) organizes various social gatherings that engage with Chinese culture in different ways, such as in storytelling and food. Dedicated to boosting the local Chinese community at Williams and building a deeper appreciation in the larger Williams community, the group also engages with Asian American issues, connects with global movements, and works with other MinCo groups to build cross-cultural dialogues through engaging events and workshops. CASO also conducts a Big Sib and Fam program that pairs first-years with upperclassmen to build a stronger community. Everyone is welcome to join and participate in our events regardless of their background!
Crystal NganKaryChenJosephineChaiCarmenWhalen
Circle of WomenCircle/CoW
Circle of Women raises awareness about secondary school education for girls around the world and raises money to develop projects to support global women's education.
College Democrats College Dems
College Democrats aims to mobilize students at Williams to participate in the political process, outside of voting. Williams students are an abundant resource of energy and intellect that can be applied to the benefit of candidates running for office, and this group is a manner to provide them the opportunities to do so. This will take the form of writing policy briefs to help local voters understand candidates’ platforms, attending local Democratic Conventions and Democratic Town Committees to engage in the political process, phone banking, canvassing, Get Out the Vote efforts, campaigning in New Hampshire, and potentially helping in areas that face voter suppression. Personal benefits to students will include networking opportunities with local and state Democratic officials, extensive knowledge of campaign operations in the Democratic party, and a connection to a nationwide organization full of equally vibrant and skilled college students.
Essence PerryArgenis HerreraEssencePerryJimMahon
Service, Political activism/action
Combo Za
Combo Za is a group dedicated to teaching and performing improvisational comedy on the Williams campus. We hold auditions at the beginning of each year, meet for practice three times a week, and hold monthly performances from October until the end of the academic year. We have shows with other performing groups on the Williams campus and with other improv groups in the area to diversify our performances. Our purpose is to bring improvisational comedy to as wide an audience as possible and to hone our own comedic skills in a constructive social group atmosphere.
Converging WorldsCW
Converging Worlds aims to raise awareness of racial injustice in the court and prison systems on campus. We achieve this by creating relationships between students and incarcerated people through mail, hosting events throughout the year, and connecting with the Berkshire County community.
Service, Community Activism
Design For America @ Williams
Design for America (DFA) is a group of students that use human-centered thinking to create innovative solutions for communities both local and global. We work with different sectors of the campus community, but also connect with the national DFA network on larger-scale projects.
Effective Altruism @ Williams
EA @ Williams
EA @ Williams aims to establish a community of Williams students who believe in doing the most amount of good with their lives. "Doing the most good" primarily means 1) donating money to effective charities working on important problems, and 2) choosing careers that allow them to work on the same sorts of problems.
To accomplish this goal, EA @ Williams holds presentations, discussions, and fundraisers. Because Williams students are in a unique position to make a positive impact on the world, EA @ Williams usually prioritizes indirect action (convincing people to join the community) over direct action (fundraising, volunteering).
RoxanneMacKinnonAmyMartinezRoxanne MacKinnonSarahJacobson
Academic, Service
Entrepreneurship at Williams
Williams Entrepreneurs
The club has two main goals: to introduce students unfamiliar with entrepreneurship to the world of start-ups and to grow the interest of experienced students. As the college does not offer an undergraduate business program or classes dedicated to entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship at Williams allows students to pursue their interest in an organized setting. While the club ultimately hopes to help students determine whether they want to start their own company in the future, the club also promotes a self-starter mindset applicable to any field. Entrepreneurship at Williams serves as a platform to align like-minded students while sharing individual perspectives. Students can exchange ideas for potential ventures, share constructive criticism and inspire one another to form new ideas. In addition, the club will be a platform to promote guest speakers and events related to the ‘68 Center for Career Exploration. Most importantly, the club maintains a welcoming environment that appreciates students of all backgrounds with varying experiences, abilities and perspectives.
EphoriaWe are an female-voiced a capella group.IngridSongElbaObregonAllyCruzMikeBodnarik
Ephs at the Clark NA
Our organization works to make the Clark more accessible to students by allowing members to design their own programming for the Clark, allowing students to shape the Clark into a more college-student friendly environment.
Ben WardEllaSmitMeadhbhGinnaneCaedyShultz-Loomis
Arts/Performance, Cultural
EphVotes brings together students who are concerned with declining voter and civic participation on campus, and thus works toward increasing voter registration and turnout on the Williams campus. By engaging with students, faculty, staff, and administrators, we hope to engage Ephs on the importance of voting to our democracy as well as making it easy to register to vote and apply for absentee ballots.
Equestrian TeamN/a
We ride horses at Bonnie Lea Farm 2x a week and compete through the IHSA organization with other schools in the region.
Club Sport
Feminist Collective FemCo
Advocate for women’s rights and provide sexual health resources on campus, from contraceptives to diva cups to sex toys.
Kalina HardenJuliana Ramirez ArianeGrossmannMolly Magavern
Cultural, Service
Friendly VisitorsFV
Friendly Visitors is a group of students who dedicate their Sunday afternoons every week to visiting the Williamstown Commons senior center. At the center, students develop meaningful, personal relationships with residents, as well as engage in activities, such as crafts, with a group of residents. Friendly Visitors is dedicated to giving students an opportunity to go out into the community and get to know local residents.
KateOrringerEmily LockChen ChenHuangSharifRosen
Get BakedGet Backed
Get Baked is a baking club at Williams. Pre-COVID we held monthly baking events that had different themes. Students were invited to join us during a 6 hour window on a Friday afternoon to come and bake treats and eat with us.
Cultural, Recreation
Good QuestionGQ
Good Question A Cappella is an all-gender a cappella group. Each member of the group has the opportunity to do either a duet or a solo each year of their own choosing, allowing our repertoire to comprise a variety of songs.
HerCampus WilliamsHerCampus Williams
Her Campus Williams College is a part of Her Campus; an online magazine whose target audience is the female collegiate population. Her Campus Williams is a digital outlet that provides all students with the ability to read and write about topics catered to the female perspective both on and off campus. It provides young writers with a platform to explore subject matter related to health, beauty, advice, campus events, and the latest campus news through written articles posted on the webpage.
Student Media
Hindu Students AssociationHSA
The Hindu Student Association aims to provide students with opportunities to practice and learn about Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world, and one that is practiced by over one billion people around the world. In addition to organizing prayers and festivities during major Hindu festivals, HSA will help to maintain and continue improving the newly established Hindu Prayer room. It will also promote discussion on Hinduism by holding occasional talks and courses. Ultimately, HSA will ensure that Hindu students always have a safe space on campus to practice their beliefs.
MukundNairShreyamMisraShreyamMisraRev. ValerieFischer
Hot Sauce Club
Hot Sauce Club serves to foster community amongst the brave and saucy heat-seeking members of the Williams community through the exploration of exciting spicy flavors and passionately intense cuisine.
Lance LedetTyler JohnsonTylerJohnsonJeannieAlbrecht
International Students Association
The ISA aims to represent the international student body and provide a safe space for our multicultural community. We advocate for the social, legal, and logistical needs of international students; facilitate cross-cultural collaboration and communication; and organize student activities across campus to create a strong support system.
Maysa ShaerOnderKilincIrfanDurmićNinahPretto
Jazz at WilliamsJ@W
We facilitate jazz playing, listening, and learning opportunities for students, on and off campus. We keep students updated on events happening in the jazz department and reach out to new and prospective students about getting involved with Jazz at Williams.
Koreans of WilliamsKoW
Koreans of Williams is a cultural organization that celebrates Korean culture by promoting discussion and bringing students together via events like monthly dinners, KoW Fams, and language tables.
Lehman Council For Community Engagement
Recognizing that community outreach and engagement is necessary for the actualization of the mission of a liberal arts education, the Lehman Community Engagement serves to promote, foster, and maintain a spirit of service on campus. This is done through organizing and supporting many different community-oriented service projects throughout the year. While our biggest projects are our Fall and Spring Great Days of Service that engage the wider campus in many projects, we also host other smaller ongoing and pop-up projects throughout the year including Winter Study Service Week, meal and clothing donations drives, and volunteering at local schools, elderly homes, immigrant center, homeless shelters, hospitals and farms.
KateOrringerAllisoinLiElijahGoldbergSharif Rosen
Martial Arts Club
We provide a space where students can learn and practice all forms of martial arts, strengthening their minds and bodies through form practice and sparring.
LucasTolleyBenjaminBailyLucasTolleyClub Sport
Masculinity, Accountability, Sexual Assault, and Consent
MASC is dedicated to working against, and ultimately ending, rape and sexual assault on campus while promoting enthusiastic consent. To work towards this, we hold frequent discussion meetings to educate ourselves and others about masculinity, accountability, sexual assault, and consent. Also, we lead workshops geared towards ending cultures of toxic masculinity in men’s spaces.
Matriculate’s mission is to empower high-achieving, low-income high school students to make the leap to our best colleges and universities. We train talented Williams College students to connect remotely with high-achieving, low-income high school students, providing the information, guidance, and support that these high school students need to navigate the college process.
Academic, Service
Men's Williams Rugby Football Club
Men's Rugby
The Williams Rugby Football Club has been dedicated to learning, teaching, and playing rugby for 45 years. The majority of our members had little to no experience when they first joined. This tradition has created a long history of individual athletic achievement and close team unity. Formed under the motto, "Nihil in Moderato," the club has always aspired to achieve a balance between the necessities of winning and of having fun.
Club Sport
Mental Health CommitteeMHC
Mental Health Committee is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting the psychological wellbeing of the campus community by creating spaces for conversations around mental health and advocating for mental health focused campus policies. MHC also serves as a bridge between students and Integrative Wellbeing Services to ensure that the needs of all students are supported.
Muslim Student's UnionMSU
The Muslim Student's Union seeks not only to help campus Muslims with their spiritual needs, but also to promote an open community where both Muslims and non-Muslims can come together to engage with Islam. The Muslim Students Union hopes to serve its members by providing opportunities for intellectual exploration, Islamic learning, and spiritual growth as well as social programming. Whenever possible and prudent, we plan to extend our services to the surrounding communities in the Berkshires and Albany area, whether it be to invite Muslim and non-Muslim community members to our events or through community service. Lastly, Muslim Students Union strives to promote understanding between Muslims and other faith groups at Williams College, in order to create a more educated and aware student body.
Mohammad Mehdi
No Lost GenerationNLG
No Lost Generation is our campus chapter of a national student group tasked by the United States Department of State with supporting those affected by the global refugee crisis. We have expanded our focus to advocating for immigrants more broadly, particularly in the Berkshire region. We host educational events on campus, assist the Berkshire Immigrant Center in raising awareness of immigration issues, and fundraise for various organizations. We work closely with the College’s Center for Learning in Action (CLiA) and other student groups, and members are able to choose which projects they wish to work on.
Nothin' But Cuties Hip-Hop Dance Team
NBC is the student-directed hip-hop dance team at Williams College. Founded in 1999, NBC is dedicated to performing original hip-hop choreography that encompasses various styles of dance, including modern and ballroom. NBC performs at a major show at the end of each semester, one of which we collaborate with Sankofa Step Team, and for the annual Homecoming Game Halftime Show. We also perform at other sports games and smaller events, and frequently host student-led workshops to teach choreography to students of all dance experiences.
NovelTeas Book and Tea Club
We meet every other week to discuss a book and drink teas, and occasionally organize other fun literary events around campus
AndrewRuleHal Olson
Organization for Under-Represented Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Psychology, and Economics
We seek to increase minority representation within the STEM+ fields by hosting events and planning informational sessions that provide a forum for minority students in STEM to talk about their experiences within the STEM field. We also work to provide information and advice from the Career Center and previous students about obtaining jobs and internships to minority students at Williams.
Parlor Tricks
Parlor Tricks is a student magazine dedicated to publishing the best creative work at Williams College. We welcome submissions of all types, including, but not limited to: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art of all kinds, music, personal essays, interviews, recipes, and multi-media projects. We publish twice a year, with our largest publication printed each spring, and host events throughout the year, including readings, musical performances, and workshops.
Erin Courville Tiffany Chhuor Erin Courville Shawn Rosenheim​
Student Media
Peer Health
Peer Health is a student-led organization dedicated to promoting the everyday health of Williams College students by providing both education and resources. We believe that everyday health is essential to the flourishing of both students and the student body at large. We coordinate a variety of projects that work toward our vision of a student body of well-balanced individuals.
Perennial Amateurs Convention
the PAC
Not only do we bring the funny, we make it ourselves from scratch using all natural ingredients! the PAC is Williams College's premier (read: only) sketch comedy group. We put on a show a semester, create tons of filmed sketches, host stand up events, and do other random funny things too.
SamJocas OwenFosterLucyWalkerJohnLimon
Purple Bike CoalitionPBC
We are all about learning about bikes and sharing that knowledge! We also (in a normal year) run a rental program and free bike repair open hours.
Purple Rain
Purple Rain is a co-ed a cappella group which provides students at Williams with the opportunity to sing and perform R&B, soul, hip hop, and related genres through a cappella. Our group aims to advance the values of accessibility and diversity at Williams by promoting often underrepresented voices and underperformed genres.
CamilleNanceIsaacvan AelstynAlexQuizonAnthonyCarrasquillo
Rape and Sexual Assault Network
RASAN seeks to provide year-round support for survivors of sexual assault and their allies.Through training and workshops, RASAN equips interested Williams students with information about how to address personal issues with with trauma-informed care and knowledge of on and off-campus resources for support.
Peer support
Ritmo LatinoRitmo
We are a student run dance group founded in 2006, that covers dances and genres from Folklorico to Salsa, and from Dembow y Reggeaton to Bachata y Merengue, and many more. Our team works together to put on an amazing showcase of all our hard work through costumes and dance towards the end of each semester. If you have a passion for creative expression and dance, this is the club for you! We encourage people of all backgrounds and identities to try out for our team!
Faith RodriguezCynthiaReyesRichardGonzalezMariaCepeda
Arts/Performance, Dance
Student-Led Step Team, Affiliated with the Dance Department
Sexual Joy and Wellbeing Club
Sexual Wellbeing and Joy offers a space at Williams to talk about sex, sexuality, sensuality, bodies, feelings, and so much more! We work to make talking about sex and sex-related topics feel casual and non-judgmental (as it should be!) and offer a safe place to learn and teach each other new things. SJW absolutely always makes space for all students, including BIPOC, queer, trans/GNC, disabled, and asexual folx.
The purpose of Sisterhood is to empower its members by instilling a sense of camaraderie amongst Black women and by supporting Black women as they navigate the world as a double minority. A primary goal of the organization is to instill a sense of unity and community amongst Black women and to equip Black women with professional development tools. Sisterhood aims to provide Black women with a solid platform to discuss and address issues that are often both undetected and overlooked. Sisterhood embodies leading with love.
Sonia NyarkoShiaraPyrrhusAdnaMohamedToya Camacho
Society for Conservative Thought
The Society is a non-partisan student organization that promotes the study of the conservative intellectual tradition of Edmund Burke and Russell Kirk. All students are welcome to study, discuss, and challenge these ideas that are neglected in the College curriculum. We uphold the principles of diversity of thought, intellectual freedom, and liberal education at Williams College.
Society of the GriffinsThe Griffins
The mission of The Society of the Griffins (hereafter referred to as the “Griffins Society”, “Griffins” or “GS”) is to foster a brotherhood for men of color while creating equitable pathways to success at Williams College. On our journey to individual and collective achievement, we hold unity, fidelity and excellence above all. We aim to connect with communities within Williams and the Berkshires, more broadly, as exemplary men for others.
Cultural, Service
South Asian Students Association
We at the South Asian Student Association (SASA) are committed to supporting & fostering the different South Asian cultures and identities on campus. We aim to continue cultivating a strong and welcoming community — regardless of ones ethnicity. We seek to increase awareness & create a strong South Asian presence on campus!
Arts/Performance, Cultural
SpeakFree is a spoken word poetry club that strives to provide a safe, welcoming space to share original work and ideas. It also aims to give students a space to write and workshop their work.
Student Choreographers' Coalition
StuCho is a dance group for student choreographers who wish to present original works in a student-oriented space. We are open to all dancers on campus, and we welcome any and all styles/genres of dance and dance choreography. StuCho dancers train year-long and create original pieces, with the goal of presenting one to two major performances per year.
AayushiPramanikAmeliaChenAshleyXuKyle Yager
Students for Israeli-Palestinian Dialogue

We foster dialogue surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We want this conversation to be approachable for all - not just those who are educated on the subject. Our group does not have any political affiliation or focus on a particular perspective. Through discussions, movies, and guest speakers we try and bring in all perspectives to better understand the context and contemporary happenings of the conflict.
SydneyPopeGabyIvanovaSydney PopeSeth Wax
Students of Caribbean Ancestry
SoCA is a bridge between the Caribbean, the Williams College community, and all who are interested in Caribbean culture. This organization is a forum for those who are involved to interact, share, and learn about Caribbean cultures. SoCA is also active in organizing activities aimed at fostering interaction among the Caribbean community and introducing the Caribbean/its culture to the rest of the Williams College community and those outside of Williams College. SoCA will engage in identifying, exploring and promoting technologies contributing to the progress of the Caribbean Region. SoCA aims to create a safe space for Caribbean students; in other words, we aim to create a home away from home even with the drawbacks of remote learning.
ShadaeMcCleanMazieAlexanderDel RoseHooker-NewballRashidaBragg
The AristocowsThe Aristocows
We are Williams' one-and-only Disney a capella group. Also, as the only non-audition a capella group on campus, we are a safe and open space for all to sign and have fun, especially beginners! We're also a social group that loves to hang out, have meals, and do fun Disney-themed activities.
The Feast
A faith-based student organization of progressive Christian students and their friends committed to radical and inclusive hospitality, respect for the other religions of the world, and explorations of the links between the Christian journey and social justice. Come for a meal, fellowship, and prayerful reflection on the intersections between the Christian story and our own stories. Come when you can; leave when you must! There is always a place for you at the table. Everyone is welcome!
RosaKirk-DavidoffSamBrooksRosaKirk-DavidoffValerieBailey Fischer
The Freshman RevueFrosh Revue
Frosh Revue creates and writes a sketch comedy show about the First Year experience at Williams. Frosh Revue seeks to create community not only among the ten First Year students who write the show, but also among many generations of Frosh Revue alumni. It is also the purpose of this organization to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and to uphold the educational mission of Williams College.
RosalbaLinaresTJWatkinsSebastianVan der WeideSamBoyden
The Williams College Ephlats
The Ephlats
We are the oldest continuous a capella group on campus! We sing music from all different genres and perform across campus and at various local events!
Afoma MaduegbunaHugoHuaIanPultz-EarleKrisHoey
The Williams College Springstreeters
We are an all male-identifying a capella group. We have four main concerts per year at the College, and we perform at various student and community events as requested. We rehearse several times a week, and host social events for both our group and other a capella groups on campus and beyond.
The Williams Film ClubWFC
The Film Club has three primary functions. The first is to support student filmmakers by providing resources, facilitating opportunities for collaboration and discussion, and organizing student productions. The second is to arrange film screenings, either independently, or in collaboration with local theaters like Images Cinema. The third is to invite speakers to share their experiences, and to organize practical workshops. These functions serve the club’s overall goal, which is to promote an appreciation and understanding of film and filmmaking, and to equip students with the resources necessary to make films themselves. In all cases, The Film Club is committed to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and to uphold the educational mission of Williams College. For the 2020-2021 academic year, the club’s functions will be adapted in collaboration with the college to ensure the health and safety of all students and Williamstown residents, including but not limited to: transitioning to remote screenings and discussion, as well as following social distancing guidelines for limited productions, always with an open and direct line of communication with the college.
ArjunPothuriNicoleMac WilliamsNicoleMac WilliamsShawnRosenheim
The Williams HaystackHaystack
The Haystack is a satirical newspaper that publishes stories about campus life and relevant College news. Articles are posted on the Haystack website and on social media. The purpose of the club is to entertain and to comment on campus life.
Student Media
The Williams Insight
We are a financial publication in which interested students can submit and publish their liberal arts insights into economic and financial news. Our publication, published biannually, consists of in-depth analysis into one particular company and selected insights. The overall objective of the group is to produce a supportive learning environment for students interested in the financial markets to share ideas, grow their knowledge, and possibly prepare for experiences in the industry. It is also the purpose of this organization to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and to uphold the educational mission of Williams College.
Shayan MoazeniDavidShakirov ShayanMoazeniKennethKuttner
The Williams Literary Review
Lit Review
We, the members of the Williams College Literary Review, the college’s oldest literary publication, are dedicated to providing the campus community with a biannual journal of student writing and art. The club consists of reviewing submissions and creating a layout for the magazine.
Academic, Student Media
The Williams OctetThe Octet
We are an all-male acapella group, normally rehearsing a few times a week, performing two main concerts per semester, and occasionally going on roadtrips. Given COVID, our activity this semester will be greatly reduced
The Williams RecordThe Record
The Williams Record is the independent student newspaper of record at Williams College that serves the campus and Williamstown community by reporting on events relevant to Williams and the Berkshires and offering a platform to members to share their perspectives. The paper was founded in 1887 as The Williams Weekly and changed its name in 1904. The paper publishes in broadsheet and online all year, covering breaking news as well. The Record covers news and events relevant to campus, with the following sections: Arts, Features, News, Opinions, Photo, Podcast and Sports.
Student Media
The Williams TelosTelos
The Williams Telos is a journal dedicated to the expression of opinions and perspectives informed by the Christian faith. We seek to present the sense of purpose and meaning that permeates the Christian life by critically engaging with the mind and soul of the campus.
Religion/Spiritual, Student Media
Treestyle Improvisational Comedy
Treestyle gets together three times per week to prepare for our improv shows. We perform 3-5 shows per semester that rely on audience participation, which encourages community in the comedy scene at Williams.
Vietnamese Student Association
We create a fun environment for students with Vietnamese background (or anyone else is welcome to join!) to come together and share our experiences, and to enjoy the annual Vietnamese cultural festivals and wonderful cuisine.
We host a variety of radio shows broadcast to Williamstown and beyond.
Student Media, Recreation
Williams African Student Organization
To provide students of African descent and any students/alumni with an
interest in issues concerning the African continent with a forum to come
together and discuss relevant topics; to provide the campus population
with the true picture of Africa; to organize events on campus to reach
out to the general Williams community showcasing African heritage and
culture, do ordain and establish this constitution and subscribe to the
regulations and policies of Williams College.
VinaNwekeCynthiaMasese Michelle LakerBilal Ansari
Williams Anime Club
The Williams College Anime Club is an organizing body providing opportunities for members to gather and socialize on topics relevant to Japanese Anime culture, concerns, and current events. The club also hosts, or co-hosts, events that promote the spread of Anime cultural awareness on campus.
PatrickZhuangAndrewLeeAndrewLeeKasumi Yamamoto
Cultural, Recreation
Williams Association of Roleplayers
WARP is William's tabletop games club. We meet every week to play various board games in an environment of camaraderie and good cheer. We also occasionally organize DnD and other tabletop RPGs. This semester we are looking into ways to to move our activities more online in order to comply with physical distancing.
Williams Badminton ClubClub Badminton
We hold 2 meetings a week dedicated to badminton instruction, play and improvement. No experience in Badminton is necessary. In the past, we have organized competitive events with other schools.
WilliamRenChristopher Chung ChristopherChungKris Hoey
Club Sport
Williams Black Student Union
The Williams Black Student Union shall provide a local mechanism through which Black-identifying and allied students can find academic, emotional, and social support by providing: A forum in which all students can articulate concerns regarding not only the curriculum and the general administration of the College but also concerns regarding specific events and issues. A network beyond Williams that will enable Black students/students of African ancestry to achieve in the classroom, professionally and socially. Funds and space for academic, cultural, political, and social events relevant to the Black Diaspora and African ancestry at Williams. Creates networks on campus that connect student groups across the African Diaspora. The BSU shall also encourage students to become more active in the global effort to improve the living conditions, political rights, and socioeconomic status of all Blacks/peoples of African ancestry by maintaining a space predicated on: Education, political activism and awareness on and off-campus, mental and physical health, a preservation of black cultural and historical traditions in the spirit of meaningful collaboration through black collectivism. Supporting Organizations whose goals are in agreement with those articulated here.
Julius DodsonKendraBrenyaIshaKamaraBilal Ansari
Williams Burlesque Club
This is a space for new and experienced performers of all genders, races, and sexualities to embrace their sensuality and become more confident in their bodies as we reclaim the style of burlesque as our own. There are many activities we plan on making traditional for the club, such as the womxn/non-binary BIPOC number and workshop, having open rehearsals that members of the club who do not want to perform in a show can still attend, and having a diversity of experience in performing. Due to the pandemic, we have created many opportunities for involvement in the Williams Burlesque Club either virtually or socially distanced. We will be utilizing social media to release performance videos and tracks from our work from last winter, as well as regularly release new choreography-teaching videos that cater to being able to be performed within one’s room. In addition to these performance-based virtual activities, we also hope to continue to hold meetings, meditation sessions, and workshops that address burlesque’s history and discuss what it means to be a performer of burlesque, and how one’s relationship with one’s body ties in to the art form. We would also like to host a series of virtual talks given by burlesque performers from outside the Williams community about their experience as performers of burlesque. We want to continue to hold space for conversations of healing and progress as well as a performances. Lastly, if circumstances allow it, we would like to host a show during Spring Semester.
Williams CatholicWC
Our club works closely with the chaplain's office to administer to the needs of Catholic students at Williams through sacramental, prayer, and intellectual events. We are additionally very involved in the Interfaith community.
PatrickPostecEunice KimJay SchroederTracyFinnegan
Williams Chess ClubChess Club
We hold events (online or in person) where members play and learn chess. In the past, we have held school-wide or even local-area tournaments, and we participate in outreach opportunities that are chess related (teaching chess at the local elementary school, at the library, etc.)
WilliamRenMax Everett WilliamRenTrevorMurphy
Williams Climbing ClubWCC
WCC is a community where people can climb together and help each other improve. We hold practices at the Nate Lowe Climbing wall, and, in normal years, we organize trips to climb at other gyms and competitions.
Club Sport
Williams Club TennisWCT
Williams Club Tennis provides a community of tennis players on campus. Practices will be held 2-3 times a week, with additional opportunities for tennis outside of the official practices. There will be both match play and drills. The club is co-ed, and all genders are welcome. Additionally, the team is open to students of any skill level.
Gavin SmallKaiSoto-DessenGavinSmallMagnusBernhardsson
Club Sport
Williams Club Volleyball
We are a mixed team with optional practices four times a week. Players of all experience levels are welcome. We participate in 4-6 tournaments a year and our men’s team competes in and travels to Club Volleyball Nationals most years.
Club Sport
Williams College Accidentals
We are a female/non-binary-identifying a cappella group. We perform concerts on campus, participate in the a cappella community, and travel to perform at other colleges.
Williams College Coed Water Polo
Coed Water Polo
Coed club water polo team that competes in the Colonial Division of the Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA). Fall season sport with 3-4 weekend tournaments and 3 practices every week for the first two months of the school year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be competing in fall 2020, but will still practice as public health regulations allow. All are welcome, regardless of experience!
Club Sport
Williams College Debating Union
Debaters of the Williams College Debate Union will seek truth, ferret out sophistry, and aspire to enlightenment through discourse, questions, and argument. We participate in the American Parliamentary Debate Association (APDA) debate tournaments.
YannickDavidsonCaitlin HanNicoCavalluzziDaniel Chun Ernn Kam
Williams College Figure Skating Club
We provide a fun and welcoming environment for students interested in figure skating. Our club provides free skate rentals, ice sessions, and learn-to-skate classes for those who are interested. We also hold Open Skate Nights for the entire college and an annual ice show.
Club Sport
Williams College Gospel Choir
This Christian-based, student-led music group builds community through song and prayer. The goal of Gospel Choir is to foster love and compassion among the members of the choir through song. Every semester the choir host a concert where we ask the community to join us in song. The Choir extends beyond the Williams campus and engages with the community around them, performing at local churches and events, and at alumni events. People of all faiths or no faith are invited to join us.
Emily ZhengShiaraPyrrhusJaySchroeterEdGollin
Religion/Spiritual, Arts/Performance
Williams College Jewish Association
We are a student-run campus organization providing for Jewish students on campus. The organization is open to anybody who identifies as Jewish, either culturally or religiously, or anybody else interested in partaking in Jewish festivities and celebrations.

The Jewish Association is the central planning organization for Jewish Religious observances, social events, and tzedek projects for the Williams College community. Our primary goal is to provide a space modeling the richness and diversity of Judaism and Jewishness, to foster a community of plurality and acceptance and to provide opportunities for Jewish involvement in the community.
Religion/Spiritual, Cultural
Williams College Law Society
Law Society
The Law Society brings together Williams students who have a common interest in law along with alumni, faculty, and professionals in fields relating to law through programs and activities dealing with or related to the field of law. It also promotes understanding of the legal profession, the rule of law, and the legal process while also identifying and discussing the bias and contemporary problems in our legal and justice system.
Williams College Oral Health Society
Oral Health Society (OHS)
Are you interested in exploring careers in healthcare, volunteering remotely, or applying to dental school? Join the Williams College Oral Health Society! Through programs that involve us in the North Adams School District, we engage with educational programs that teach youth about the importance of proper oral hygiene, as well as run as a toothbrushing program (we are looking to relaunch this program when it is safe to do so). We are currently working on a collaboration with a non-profit that's helping Nepalese-Bhutanese refugee youth earn a GED diploma to launch a 15-minute phone call initiative to help students improve their communication skills. We also attend virtual dental school visits, can connect you to dental students (including multiple former OHS members), share DAT study resources, support you through the process of applying to pre-health and research summer programs, and forward pre-med/pre-health resources. Many of our activities are useful for pre-health students in general. We have leadership positions available. We'd love to welcome you!
Rebecca (Currently waiting for confirmation; our previous advisor retired but was also from the Career Center)
Williams College Quiz BowlQuiz Bowl
We practice answering trivia questions in order to compete against other schools.
Academic, Recreation
Williams College Soccer League
Pickup Soccer
We provide a fun and inclusive environment for players of all abilities to play soccer year-round.
Club Sport
Williams College StorytimeStorytime
Hello! We are Storytime, a student-run organization dedicated to providing spaces for storytelling at Williams. Storytime happens on Campus (and Zoom!) every Sunday night at 9pm and features a different Williams community member(s) each week. ​

Storytime is a unique place where all from the Williams community can come to meet and know each other, tell stories, listen to stories, and mutually learn from the experience. Our vision is to support the culture of storytelling that exists and foster new ways of storytelling and listening on the Williams campus and beyond. Storytime will be most successful when the community takes the most active role in carrying the tradition.

We seek to create a regular space for various forms of storytelling and listening, with attention to the relationship between the storytellers and listeners. Storyboard will collaborate with others working on story and community oriented goals and reach out for community feedback regularly and apply and prioritize that feedback.
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Service, Community Building
Williams College Young Democratic Socialists of America
The purpose of this club is to educate fellow students and community members about democratic socialism. We intend to create a space in which socialist and left-wing students can debate, learn, and discuss political events. Our members will organize around progressive causes both on and off campus. We hope to engage in networking with and learning from existing organizations with objectives that are in line with those of the YDSA.
YannickDavidson GradyYuthok Short YannickDavidsonSidneyRothstein
Political Advocacy