Sample Decision Matrix - Qualitative and Quantitative - 2017- 07
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How to Use a Decision Matrix - Qualitative Decision Matrix Example - Ashley Janssen
Should I stay at my current job, try a new job, or go back to school?
To see an example of a non-weigted or weighted quantitative decision matrix, select one of the tabs below labeled Non-weighted Quantitative Decision Matrix or Weighted Quantitative Decision Matrix.
Stay at current job.Accept position at new job.Work part-time and go back to school for Masters degreeGo back to school full-time for Masters degree
How does this make me feel? What words come to mind?Safe, bored, stagnantCurious, cautiously optimistic Apprehensive, excited, overwhelmedWorried, focussed, selfish
Family Impact: What impact does this have on my family? Low impact, might impact my mood negativelyMedium impact, will make slightly more money, might be happier in new roleHigh impact, less money, debt, less free time in evenings and weekendsHigh impact, no money, less free time in evenings and weekends
Long term goals/personal alignment: How closely does this decision align with what I want for my future?Does not alignAligns somewhatAligns closelyAligns closely
Day-to-day satisfaction: How will this impact my day-to-day happiness?LowMedium immediate, hard to say long-termLow immediate (this would be very hard), high long-termMedium immediate (this would be a little easier because I wouldn't have to juggle a job with school), high long-term
Income stability: How will this impact my income stability and ability to contribute to the family financially? HighHighLowLow
Income potential: In the next few years, how much money could I be making per year?$65,000/yr$85,000/yrShort term - $35,000/yr, Long term - $125,000Short term - None, Long term - $125,000
Debt to payback: How much debt will I incur?NoneNone$50,000, but can pay back some while working PT$50,000
Redo in the future? What are the risks if I don't do this now? Will I be able to do this in the future?Higher risk since it would be harder to go back to school later.Higher risk since it would be harder to go back to school later, but I might really like the new role and not feel the need to go back.Lower risk since I can get a similar job to the one I have now if I need to.Lower risk since I can get a similar job to the one I have now if I need to.
ImpressionsSeems like the safest decision but one that will not make me happy in the long-run.Seems like the compromise to maintain stability, make a bit more money, but not make a huge change. Hard to know if I will be happy in the long-run though.Feels risky but would let me follw my dream. Has a lot of immediate impact but could be really positive in the long-term.I like the idea of not working so I can focus but I don't think it is practical. This feels like the highest risk and would have long-term financial consequences.
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