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NameDescriptionContact NameAssociationIntended TrackTechnical LevelTopical Focus
Containers and Evergreen cloud hostingWant to know about docker containers? Do you have thoughts of Linux copy-on-write file systems while driving in the car? Instead of seeing animal shapes in the clouds, do you see robust, multi route fail-over networking opportunities at reasonable prices? This session is for you! We would like to share our experience with hooking Evergreen ILS software to docker containers running inside of the Google cloud.Blake G Henderson, Evergreen Programmer MOBIUSMOBIUSTechnical8
Circulation in the Web Staff ClientAs Evergreen looks to transition to a web-based staff client, front line staff will need to become familiar with the new interface. While the underlying functions will be the same or similar as the current client, the web client has a different look and feel to it. This program will feature a live demo of basic circulation functions and workflows in the web staff client. I’ll briefly go over the differences between the two clients and then will demonstrate patron registration and editing, check-in and checkout, fines & bill pay, and holds functions. There will be time for a short Q & A at the end.Andrea Buntz Neiman, Project Manager, EquinoxEquinox Open Library InitiativeGeneral or End UserLowCirculation, Web Client
Reporting Return on InvestmentThe collection is one of the most valuable assets of every library and eventually you need to justify how money is spent on it. Join me to talk about getting the most out of your data to show the return on investment you get from your collection. We will explore reports ranging from fundamentals that any Evergreen installation can do in the staff client to what can be done with custom tables and database access. The technical level is low for this presentation as we will focus on the reporting potential rather than technical details of the reports or database customizations. Rogan Hamby, Data and Project AnalystEquinox Open Library InitiativeEnd UserLow
¿Cómo se dice? Experiences in Translating Evergreen and You Can, TooAn overview of the translation process using Launchpad, implementing the multiple language option in the online catalog, the technical wizardry that happens in the background to make it all work, local catalog customizations, lessons learned, and potential gotchas that future translators should consider.Adam Bowling, Technical Director
Benjamin Shum, Master and Commander
Chris Sharp, PINES System Administrator
Terran McCanna, PINES Program Manager
Emerald Data Networks
Georgia PINES
Generalaudience should have a familiarity with Launchpad, with exposure to git
2 Back-to-back Sessions
An Evergreen Test Server, or your money back45 minutes on the clock, our intrepid installation
experts will attempt to furnish a freshly built Evergreen virtual test
server, complete with working web client, and hopefully all with fewer
typos than your average newbie. Grab some popcorn or other tasty
treats and come cheer them on and maybe learn a trick or two about
making your own test servers someday.
Benjamin Shum, Master and Commander
Jason Stephenson, ILS Manager
Credit When Credit is Due – Taking Credit Card Payments in EvergreenAn overview of accepting credit card payments with the assistance of an outside vendor via the OPAC. Dawn will talk about the PINES experience from the first steps through implementation with all the details in between.Dawn Dale, Helpdesk ManagerPINES/GPLSGeneralLow Technical Skills
Evergreen System Administration Interest GroupThe Evergreen System Administration Interest Group has met regularly every conference and is intended for those interested in or working with server or local system administration related to Evergreen, Linux, and many other magical things. With our emphasis on small group discussions, everyone is welcome to come participate, ask questions, and share their cool approaches to solving problems.Chris Sharp and Andy WitterPINES,
Emerald Data Networks, Inc.
Wait, Wait, Do Tell Me!Everything you ever wanted to know about Evergreen but didn't know who to ask. Our panel of experts runs the gamut: original software creators, incredibly experienced consortium leaders, Evergreen Oversight Board members, DIYers, and more. If there's a burning question you always wanted to know the answer to, now is the time and the place to ask. We will also take questions in real time on Twitter in case our audience is shy. Grace Dunbar,
Elizabeth Thomsen,
Bill Erickson,
Equinox Open Library Initiative,
Running your cash drawer through Evergreen: getting rid of 'crazy envelopes' and keeping your auditors happyMany libraries have complex systems for keeping track of money received from patrons at circulation desks. This presentation describes a solution implemented at the Altoona Area Public Library in Blair County, PA--a combination of billing types and reports designed to allow all incoming money to go directly into the cash drawer and still provide enough information for accounting staff to be able to provide information to auditors and other stakeholders. We will cover difficulties of implementation and strengths of this system as well as suggestions for anyone wishing to implement it at their library. Heather Lindskold, Administrative Assistant
Catherine Martin, ILS Specialist
Mary Jinglewski, Training Services Librarian
Altoona Area Public Library
Blair County Library System
Equinox Software, Inc.
End UserThis is a non-technical presentation applicable to administrative and circulation staff.
Let’s look at your ReceiptsEvergreen receipts can be customized for everyone. Let us look at how to add those customizations, and some cool features that are available with receipts. We will work with adding images, cost totals, include statements, and several other features. Bring your questions about receipts and we will collectively try to solve them. We will also discuss receipts and how to they work with the Web Staff Client.Lynn FloydAnderson County Library, SCLENDSEnd UserBasic
ASCIDOC: Everything you need to know.Getting started in ASCIDOC, learning the basics where to get help with formatting. Learn how to use the Documentation Style Guide to help the Documentation Group document Evergreen. Learn how to use GITHUB to test your docs. You have your docs, learn where and how to submit them.
Lynn FloydAnderson County Library, SCLENDSEnd UserMedium
Circulating Informal Learning Materials For over a year the Hagerstown Library has been circulating boardgames, canning equipment and a variety of informal learning materials out of the library with Evergreen. We will share how our process for doing this has developed from the idea of having a Library of Things. We will discuss how we prepare these non-conventional library items to go home with patrons, how the records are created for these items in Evergreen and how our collection is maintained and stored.

Jennifer Taylor, Media Specialist and Patron Services
Karen Stuffel, Cataloging and Youth Services
Hagerstown Jefferson Township Public LibraryGeneralLow
Under Construction: New Features in EvergreenSoftware developers within the Evergreen community are continuously developing new features and improving existing functionality. In this session, we’ll collect and report on some of the major development projects and important bug fixes that have occurred in the community in the past year. We’ll demonstrate how these new features can be used in the library and answer technical questions about how they work.Sally Fortin, Project Manager
Mike Rylander, President
Equinox Open Library InitiativeEnd UserLow
Take Action! Or, improving your notification action triggersAlong with the most recent PINES upgrade, the team overhauled all of their action triggers. We'll go over our lessons learned on using the fieldmapper and helpers to get to different pieces of data, adding new SMS action triggers, introducing Patron Message Center messages, increasing our processing resources to handle the increased workload, and using granularity to better control notification timing.Terran McCanna, PINES Program Manager and Chris Sharp, PINES System AdministratorGeorgia PINESTechnicalModerate
OPAC Customization: Where to BeginA beginner-level overview of how to begin customizing your online catalog - without breaking anything! We'll go over where the pertinent files are in the file structure and how the page template components fit together. Attendees should have a solid working knowledge of HTML and CSS.
Terran McCanna, PINES Program ManagerGeorgia PINESTechnicalModerateDROPPED
Gentle Pachyderms: The Care and Feeding of Large Evergreen ConsortiaActually, this is not just for fans of large consortia. (We know you’re out there!) This panel of leaders will discuss issues that affect any Evergreen site that plays with others; policies, resource sharing, cataloging, communication, delivery, fees, and more. Questions addressed will include:
* Should we demand uniformity from our libraries or let them do what they want?
* The federal question: strong central control versus the rights of the member libraries?
* What to do about the bad cataloger in Library X?
* How do we make sure tomorrow’s upgrade is not a surprise?
* ...and more.
Scott Thomas
Executive Director

Amy Terlaga
Director of Member Services

Ronald A. Gagnon
Executive Director

Jennifer Weston
Technical Services Coordinator

Anna Goben
Evergreen Indiana Coordinator

Chris Yates
Deputy Director, Library Resources and Services
Pennsylvania Integrated Library System


North Of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE)

Davidson County Public Library

Indiana State Library

South Carolina State Library
Upgrade Unafraid: New Features in Evergreen Versions 2.9 through 2.11In this session, we’ll discuss the new features available within Evergreen versions 2.9 through 2.11. We will cover the new features of the OPAC, Circulation, Cataloging, Acquisitions, and Administration modules. The session is end-user focused for those who recently upgraded their staff clients or are getting ready to upgrade. Erica Rohlfs, Project ManagerEquinox Open Library InitiativeGeneral
(Yes. You can do that in Evergreen.) 10 Obscure or Underutilized Features in EvergreenWe’ll cover 10 features in Evergreen that may be obscure or underutilized by the end-user. There will be time for an open Q&A discussion, where attendees can inquire about Evergreen features. This session is an end-user focused complement to Evergreen committer Galen Charlton’s developer-focused hidden treasures presentation.
Erica Rohlfs, Project ManagerEquinox Open Library InitiativeEnd User
Evolving standards, evolving catalogs: Evergreen, RDA, and Linked DataThe Library of Congress has implemented RDA and is working on efforts to share more library data as Linked Data. What does this mean for Evergreen? Please join us for a discussion facilitated by catalogers and programmers about the state of the relationship between Evergreen, RDA, and Linked Data. We'll cover how RDA can aid in the improvement of resource discovery and how to appropriately record RDA data elements. We'll also cover how Evergreen makes use of RDA data elements and how it will share more of your catalog as Linked Data.
Galen Charlton, Infrastructure and Added Services Manager

Jonathan Furr, Technical Services

Jennifer Weston, Technical Services Manager
Equinox Open Library Initiative

Forsyth County Public Library (NC Cardinal)

Davidson County Public Library (NC Cardinal)
End UserLow
Harnessing the power of Evergreen permissionsIf you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the power of permissions in Evergreen, let us help you take the reigns! This session will break down the fundamentals and best practices of configuring and managing staff accounts. We will also discuss a recent project with the Pennsylvania Integrated Library System (PaILS) who recently streamlined their permission groups to improve efficiency and make use of newer features, such as secondary permission groups.
Shae Tetterton, Director of Sales

Angela Kilsdonk, Product Training & Consultation Manager
Equinox Open Library InitiativeGeneralLowEvergreen Permissions
There's gold in them thar nooks and crannies: unveiling hidden
things in Evergreen
Over the years, Evergreen has accreted a number of technology
experiments and support for obscure APIs. Some of these are no longer
commonly used — or may never have been used at all — but still contain
value for developers wishing to extend or interact with Evergreen
catalogs. During this presentation, Evergreen committer Galen Charlton
will highlight some of the gold buried in Evergreen (by all of the
visible gold). This session is a developer-focused complement to Erica
Rohlfs' user-focused session on 10 obscure or underutilized features
in Evergreen.
Galen Charlton, Infrastructure and Added Services Manager

Equinox Open Library InitiativeTechnicalIntermediate to expert
Circulation Discussion GroupA circulation discussion group for anyone that would like to attend.Dawn Dale
Helpdesk Manager
Georgia Public Library ServiceEnd UserLow
We Do Need Stinkin’ Badges: Defining Popularity for Your CollectionsStarting with Evergreen 2.11, libraries and consortia have the option to create activity or popularity badges for their records that display in the catalog and can influence search results. Sites can define activity by number of circulations, number of holds requested or fulfilled, percent of time circulating, publication age, acquisitions date, total number of copies, circulation and holds ratios, the presence of a specific circ modifier, etc. etc...Phew! That’s a lot of potential badges to configure! Join us in this session to learn which badges worked well and which worked not so well based on extensive testing of this new feature. By the end of the session, you’ll be ready to configure starter badges at your library to best represent the high-use materials in your collections.Kathy Lussier, Project CoordinatorMassLNCEnd UserModerate
The Secret Life of Electronic Resources: A Tale of Transcendence Life in a shared catalog is more exciting with electronic resources! What do these digital darlings get up to in the OPAC at night? Some e-books are only available to the library system that purchased them, so why do they appear at the top of search queue, when your library doesn’t have access to the link? How can catalogers and acquisitions folks ensure that e-resources are imported and cataloged correctly to show up only when truly desired? How can staff more easily update existing bibs with new purchases? These questions and more will be examined in this scintillating scrutiny (we hope!) of the secret life of electronic resources!April Durrence, NC Cardinal Training Consultant
Catherine Prince, NC Cardinal Help Desk Technician
State Library of North Carolina-NC CardinalEnd UserLowCataloging
Evergreen in HDBask before triumphant vistas, then approach to appreciate the finer details of what lies before you, the splendor of Evergreen and OpenSRF on full display.  In this session, we will explore together the beauties of these man-made modern wonders.  Completion will grant you rough understanding of the terrain, and equip to take up map and keyboard and begin your own quest into lesser-known lands.  (Description of this Evergreen programming primer is a dramatization; individual results may vary.)Daniel Wells, Library Programmer/Analyst
Remington Steed, Electronic Resources Specialist
Calvin CollegeTechnical, but can also cater to General if desiredBeginner to Intermediate
Happy Hatch's Hoppalong Hootenanny This will be a lighthearted romp (technical review) through the Evergreen browser client print/storage service, AKA "Hatch".  Along the way we'll meet a host of lovable scamps, like web browser extensions, native messaging protocols, administrative interfaces, and piles of inscrutable code & JSON slides!  This is a developer-focused talk, but may be of interest to anyone wanting to install, test, and debug Hatch, particularly for early adopters of the browser client.
Bill Erickson, Software Development EngineerKing County Library SystemTechnical
Acquisitions Interest Group meetingAcquisitions Interest Group meeting

Christine Burns, Co-op SupportBC Libraries CooperativeEnd User
Staging Migrations for SuccessA repeat of Jason's 2016 talk; a bird’s eye view and technical discussion of the SQL-based "migration-tools" toolkit, and quick run through of a typical migration from the perspective of the data analyst.

Jason Etheridge, Community and Migration ManagerEquinox Open Library InitiativeTechnicalmoderate to high technical level
We aim to misbehave: making the catalogue a Progressive Web AppProgressive Web Apps (PWAs) bring the reliability, speed, and immersiveness that we have come to expect from native apps to web browsers--including capabilities like continuing to function while offline. Is it possible, or even advisable, to take a catalogue built on a classic architecture and make it perform like a cutting-edge web app from one of those goliath Silicon Valley corporations? Of course! But fair warning: explicit scenes of HTML and Service Workers await those who dare enter this session, and you might be forever altered by what you learn...

Dan Scott, Associate LibrarianLaurentian UniversityTechnicalModerate or high
SIP2: advanced use and troubleshootingTargeted at system administrators and developers, this talk will examine challenges and troubleshooting techniques when using SIP2 to support the usual variety of systems including self-checkout kiosks, automated return and material handling systems, security gates, public workstation management systems, and more. Specific topics covered will include: recommendations for securing SIP2 traffic; taking advantage of SIP2 screen messages to improve the patron self-checkout experience; availability and performance monitoring and testing; configuring in advance to support easier troubleshooting later; least-worst practices for common off-label uses of SIP2, such as patron authentication to third-party systems; maintaining running packet traces for troubleshooting of intermittent issues; techniques for correlating client and server logs; different SIPServer operating modes; and potential future improvements.
Jeff Godin, ILS DeveloperTraverse Area District Library (TADL)TechnicalIntermediate/Advanced
Where have all the toolbars gone?Wondering how you're going to manage your toolbars in the new web client? You're not! You'll be using your browser's built-in "toolbar" and bookmarks. This session will focus on native bookmark and toolbar functionality for supported browsers, as well as use of browser profiles and other third party extensions to get the most out of your new toolbar experience.

Grace Dunbar, Vice President, Equinox Open Library Initiative Equinox Open Library InitiativeGeneral or End-UserLow
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