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URLSubject AreaCategoryRankDepartmentReference LettersDiversity statementNotesNumber AppliedMod Flag
9/6/2019Smith College10/31/2019Northampton, MA, USA SciencePUIAsst ProfGeosciencesyesNo1) Any updates? 2) None here 11/20 x2 3) Nothing here 11/22 x2 4) Anything?? 12/2 Nope x4 5) Skype invitation 12/8 6) Zoom Interview on 12/17 & 18 7) Invite for campus interview sent 12/30 8) Interviews scheduled end Jan/early Feb 9) offer made; 2/23 rejection letters sent13
9/6/2019Western Washington University12/20/2019Bellingham, WA, USA
Planetary GeologyMSAsst Prof
Yes1) Phone interview. 2) On site interviews end February 2
9/6/2019 12:03:09UC Davis10/20/2019Davis, CA, USA EvolutionPhDAsst Prof
Earth and Planetary Sciences
Yesupdate: ref letter requests 11/22; 2) request for most relevant paper with explanation on Dec 30; 3) any updates 2/11? 4) they invited on-capus interviews late Jan; offer made4
9/6/2019 12:50:40Boston University11/1/2019Boston, MA, USA systemsPhDAsst ProfEarth and EnvironmentNoNo2 postitions, "a strong research record investigating socio-environmental systems" 2) any word? 11/15 3) none here as of 11/20 x3 4) someone on ecoevo wiki mentioned that online interviews were conducted 12/102
9/6/2019 13:09:24
University of Wisconsin - Madison
11/1/2019Madison, WI, USA
LimnologyPhDRank OpenCenter for LimnologyNoYesPart of a cluster hire in water sciences 1. any updates?2
9/6/2019 13:14:15American University9/30/2019Washington, DC, USA sciencePUIAssoc/Full ProfEnvironmental ScienceNoNoParticularly interested in environmental change and public health
9/6/2019 13:21:50Rowan University10/1/2019Glassboro, NJ, USA
Environmental sciencePhDAsst ProfEnvironmental ScienceYesno2 positions, any field of expertise in ES with a global change emphasis. Department does not have a PhD program.
1.Phone interview scheduled for 10-8-19 *Any updates after phone interview? No updates since phone interview for me. Same here.
1 Here again-- Never heard anything. Ecology job wiki says someone got a second phone interview 10-23-19. <- I think that is for a position in the Biology Department? Yes, that was for the biology position. 1 here again: Thank you!!

Any news from anyone? Still no updates on 11/23? No updates here as of 11/30, given up hope...Same here 11/30, no update. I have emailed the chair regarding update no answer. I am wondering if they have already conducted all on-sites. Maybe the search got cancelled? Still no updates? None as of 12/16 None here 1/7, got rejection on 3/4 x2
9/6/2019 13:23:25Baylor University10/15/2019Waco, TX, USA change and air qualityPhDAsst ProfEnvironmental SciencesNo1. phone interview scheduled for 11/14. 2. second phone interview with full search committee on 11/26. 3. Any updates?1
9/6/2019 13:25:00Albion College10/25/2019Albion, MI
Hydrogeology/Environmental Geology
PUIAsst ProfGeological SciencesNophone interview scheduled on 11/15, campus interviews scheduled, campus interviews began 1/27 narrowed to four candidates1
9/6/2019 14:10:43Texas State University10/1/2019San Marcos, TX, USA GeographyPhDAsst ProfGeographyYesNo1) Any word? 11/14 No 2) (3/21) Any updates on this? 3
9/6/2019 14:12:17Texas State University11/1/2019San Marcos, TX
Physical geography/resource management
PhDAssoc/Full ProfGeographyNoNo
9/6/2019 14:13:54Univerisity of Texas - El Paso11/15/2019El Paso, TX;jsessionid=91843EA9E46D22044ECD0976210D5F32?JOBID=115078&fbclid=IwAR13zKrIRGHeTnahXnW_L2BiyDuugB0XdX0o5AvUJN2O_mFvUcihY-0bGHU
Physical GeographyPhDAsst ProfGeological SciencesNoYesVideo interview scheduled. Any updates (1/15)? None here. Was told by someone at AGU in the dept that they were hoping to interview on campus early in the new year, but nothing else so far. 3) Heard they had 100+ qualified applicants and are slowly working through them. 4) @3, when was this? 5) @4, end of January 6) Any updates? (3/13) 7) 3/24, rejection email stating that the position is filled x33
9/6/2019 14:15:45Middlebury College9/30/2019Middlebury, VT, USA
Quantitative earth sciences and geophysics
PUIAsst ProfGeologyYesyesphone interview scheduled. 2) Rejection letter 11/8 3) If you recieved a rejection letter was it after a phone interview? 4) No, I didn't have a phone interview and got a rejection letter 5) On campus interviews scheduled 6) Any news? Have they made an offer? 7) No news here 1/9 8) Offer Made (updated 2/7). 9) Congrats, will you accept? 10) Failed search 11) so no more offers on the table? wow. 12) Someone was hired by the department as a Visiting Assistant Professor for the 2020-2021 school year. Position wasn't advertised, but guessing it was related to this search.10
9/6/2019 14:40:16University of Texas - Austin1/1/2020Port Aransas, TX, USA OceanographyPhDAsst/Assoc ProfMarine Science InstituteYesYesNot on the main campus, based on the Gulf Coast
9/6/2019 14:41:59University of Texas - Austin1/1/2020Port Aransas, TX
Marine environmental biology/chemistry
PhDRank OpenMarine Science InstituteYesYes1) Full ranks eligible for endowed chair 2) Not on the main campus
9/6/2019 15:04:43San Diego State University10/21/2019San Diego, CA, USA GeologyPhDAsst ProfGeological SciencesYes1) invites for brief phone interview went out 12/2 2) was told that intention was to have send out invites for in person interviews by 12/18 and that on campus interviews of final candidates will be in late Jan. or early Feb.3
9/6/2019 15:06:22Pennsylvania State University10/1/2019
University Park, PA, USA systemsPhDAsst/Assoc Prof
Earth and Environmental Systems Institute
NoYes1) Asked for recorded video interview. 2) Search freezed due to COVID
9/6/2019 15:08:18Arizona State University10/18/2019Tempe, AZ, USA sensing/Spatial EcologyPhDAsst Prof
Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning
9/6/2019 15:16:23University of Leeds9/11/2019Leeds, UK Change and EcologyPhD
Lecturer (UK, equiv to Asst Prof)
9/6/2019 15:20:29University of British Columbia10/15/2019
Vancouver, BC, Canada GeochemistryPhDAsst Prof
Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
YesIf you applied, could you share whether a diversity statement was required? Want to have that info for all the postings so we can have a little data on how common they are 2) Diversity statement was required 3) Skype interviews underway (11/22)(x2) 4) on campus interview scheduled 5) offer made2
9/6/2019 15:23:46Iowa State University9/30/2019Ames, IA, USA
MeteorologyPhDAsst Prof
Geological and Atmospheric Sciences
If you applied, could you share whether a diversity statement was required? Want to have that info for all the postings so we can have a little data on how common they are 2) any updates? 11/12 3) i think there's been campus interviews 11/151
9/6/2019 15:46:54University of Nevada - Reno10/15/2019Reno, NV, USA
Dryland EcohydrologyPhDAsst/Assoc Prof
Natural Resources and Environmental Science
NoYesPhone inteview on 10/28/19, finalists asked for the letters 2) Offer accepted 01/06/20201
9/6/2019 16:46:41Cal Poly Pomona12/30/2019Pomona, CA, USA SensingMSAsst ProfGeological SciencesNoYesPhone interview on 2/14 x21
9/6/2019 17:37:20Colorado College12/16/2019
Colorado Springs, CO, USA ProfGeologyYesYes4
9/7/2019 7:25:10Indiana University10/15/2019Bloomington, IN, USA ProcessesPhDAsst Prof
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
NoNooffer made and accepted
9/7/2019 8:13:24University of Pittsburgh10/15/2019Pittsburgh, PA, USA
hydrologyPhDAsst Prof
Geology and Environmental Science
NoYesCampus interviews scheduled for January; Offer accpepted!
9/7/2019 13:48:57
Western Washington University (WWU)
10/14/2019Bellingham, WA, USA
Geology - Marine and Coastal Science
MSAsst ProfGeologyNoYesTwo positions in one of three fields: Coastal Geomorphology/Coastal Geohazards, Paleoceanography /Paleoclimatology, or Marine Geology. 1) Phone interviews scheduled 10/22 2) Any updates 11/6? 3) Campus interviews scheduled 11/8 4) Any updates since campus interiews for these 2 positions? 3/142
9/7/2019 14:24:06Colgate University9/27/2019Hamilton, NY, USA ProfGeologyYesNoVideoconference interview scheduled; Campus interviews scheduled; offer made; rejection letter 1/8/20203
9/8/2019 12:27:30Western Washington University12/15/2019Bellingham, WA, USA
Igneous PetrologyMSAsst ProfGeology Department NoYesCampus interviews scheduled for early February; position filled1
9/9/2019 9:59:20Vassar College10/1/2019
Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
GeosciencePUIAsst Prof
Earth Science and Geography
YesNoTeaching responsibilities include oceanography, biogeochemistry, and mass extinctions. 1) any updates? 2) I haven't heard anything x2 3) Nothing here as of 11.3 4) no updates as of 11/9 x4 5) Nothing heard 11/13 x2 geez 6) skype interview scheduled 11/14 x2 7) Campus interview scheduled 11/30 Offer made 12/214
9/9/2019 10:08:19Georgia State University10/1/2019Atlanta, GA
GIS/GeovisualizationMSAsst ProfGeosciencesNoNo1) Any updates? 01/05/2020 2) phone interview scheduled on Jan. 15 3) Any updates 02/15/2020?2
9/9/2019 10:55:39Syracuse University 10/1/2019Syracuse, NY SciencePhDAsst ProfGeographyNoNo1) Any word? 11/9 2) Skype interviews scheduled 11/14 3) Campus interviews scheduled for February 12/161
9/9/2019 10:58:13Syracuse University10/1/2019Syracuse, NY Modeling and EcologyPhDAsst ProfBiologyNoNoVideo interview on 10/21/2019, Campus interviews done by 12/7
9/9/2019 13:13:41Universiteit Utrecht9/30/2019Utrecht, Netherlands
Earth System ModellingPhDAsst/Assoc Prof
Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research
9/9/2019 20:02:50Austin Peay State University11/1/2019Clarksville, TN, USA GeographyPUIAsst ProfGeosciencesNoNo
9/9/2019 20:44:55University of Michigan8/31/2019
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Prof
Earth and Environmental Sciences & Museum of Paleontology
NoYesLetters requested. According to Twitter, position filled2
9/9/2019 20:47:40Amherst College10/7/2019Amherst, MA, USA SciencePUIAsst ProfEnvironmental StudiesYesNoPhone interview requested 10/25/19 2) updates?? 3) all three on campus interviewees were biologists 4) re 3 makes sense given the dept structure they have and the need to do a tenure review, but if a new ES program can't hire an ES as an asst prof serves as a cautionary tale about that type of program 5) Warnings about Amherst's ES and Geo depts all over :( 1/14 Email saying candidate selected.x27
9/10/2019 9:10:16McDaniels College10/1/2019Westminster, MD, USA
GeosciencesPUIAsst ProfEnvironmental StudiesYesNoSkype interview requested 10/7/19 2) rejection 11/5, sounds like campus interviews are being scheduled2
9/10/2019 9:12:56Utah State University10/11/2019Logan, UT, USA
Geospatial science of environment and society
PhDAsst ProfEnvironment and SocietyNoYesany updates? 2) Haven't heard anything.3) rejection letter 11/18 3) candidate has been offered position1
9/10/2019 9:15:56Towson University11/1/2019Towson, MD, USA
GISMSAsst Prof
Geography and Environmental Planning
NoNoVideo interview 11/04/20191
9/10/2019 9:20:53San Diego State University10/15/2019San Diego, CA, USA geochemistryPhDAsst ProfGeological SciencesNoNoAny updates? 2) No 11/1/19 Nope 3) Letters requested 11/14 4) Zoom Interviews Scheduled 11/18 x2 5) Any updates since soom interviews? 6) No 12/31 7) on-campus invites 1/1 8) Position Filled4
9/10/2019 9:38:54Utah State University10/7/2019Logan, UT, USA
Watershed Water QualityPhDAsst ProfWatershed SciencesNoNoExtension position
9/10/2019 10:51:52The University of Chicago11/15/2019Chicago, IL
Geophysical Sciences PhDAsst ProfGeophysical SciencesYesnoRejection 12/18 x55
9/11/2019 11:37:43 Central Washington University11/1/2019 Ellensburg, Wa, USA
Solid Earth, Petrology, volcanology, and related fields
MSAsst ProfGeological Sciences YesYesDid anybody try to apply here? Website doesnt let me make a new account...if somebody has the solution, I'd appreciate it! *resolved, HR department helped; 12/4 phone interviews; On-Campus Interviews scheduled for February & March, Rejection on 05/04
9/12/2019 4:58:02University of Twente9/26/2019
Enschede, Netherlands!/989852/assistant-professor-tenure-track-position-earth-observation-of-coastal-water-systems
Earth observationPhDAsst ProfWater ResourcesIf you applied, could you share whether a diversity statement was required? Want to have that info for all the postings so we can have a little data on how common they are
9/12/2019 5:41:33
NIOZ (National Institute for Sea Research)
9/30/2019Texel, NL
Coastal processesPhD
Head of Department
Coastal SystemsPhysics, Chemistry, Ecology AND Geosciences 2) If you applied, could you share whether a diversity statement was required? Want to have that info for all the postings so we can have a little data on how common they are
9/12/2019 5:46:55Utrecht University9/29/2019Utrecht, Netherlands
Urban and Regional PlanningPhDAsst Prof
Human Geography and Spatial Planning
80% or fulltime 2) If you applied, could you share whether a diversity statement was required? Want to have that info for all the postings so we can have a little data on how common they are
9/12/2019 10:24:16College of William and Mary10/15/2019Williamsburg, VA, USA EcologyMSAsst ProfBiologyYesYes1
9/12/2019 10:27:56
Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag)
Dubendorf, Switzerland microbiology
Research Institute
Permanent Non-ac
Environmental Microbiology
If you applied, could you share whether a diversity statement was required? Want to have that info for all the postings so we can have a little data on how common they are
9/12/2019 10:31:00University of British Columbia11/18/2019
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Earth Data SciencePhDAsst Prof
Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
NoYes1) Skype interviews scheduled for 1/9 and 1/10. 2) On-site interviews completed Mar 21.1
9/12/2019 19:47:28University at Albany12/1/2019Albany, NY, USA;jsessionid=955D358A6FF5D82EA9543E5EFFB20DB5?JOBID=115581&utm_source=Indeed&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=Indeed
Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences
PhDAsst Prof
Department: Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences
NoYesPosting says it is open until 12/1- update due date? 2) Done 3) Letters requested 11/12 4) I had letters requested around 11/25 5) On campus interviews happening in Feb 6) 3/20 Rejection x2 did anyone else find that rejection wording odd? It was pretty much in line with other rejections I received. What do you mean by odd? 7) I got a rejection email and did not find it odd.6
9/13/2019 12:48:40Old Dominion University10/21/2019Norfolk, VA
coastal geology, hydrogeology, or coastal geomorphology
PhDAsst Prof
Ocean, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
NoNoPhonecalls made to shortlisted candidates 11/8. Campus interviews scheduled. Position Filled.
9/13/2019 20:00:09Worcester State University11/15/2019Worcester, MA
Earth SciencePUIAsst Prof
Department of Earth, Environment, and Physics
YesNo1) This is from the website after submitting application "When filling out your application, you will be asked to submit the names of three references; please list the names of those providing your letters. The university will use the non-confidential letters uploaded by you, and will not request additional letters from your provided contacts. You should upload the three letters of reference individually, selecting "other" as the document type." So, be prepared to upload 3 letters with your application! 2) 11/7 I don't think you need to submit non-confidential letters, I just submitted my application and the instructions say "Please submit a letter of interest, statement of teaching philosophy, C.V., and the names of three individuals who will provide letters of reference for you." 3) 1 here again. The message I posted here was what I saw after I submitted my application and was also in the confirmation email I got after submitting my application.I ddin't include letters because I wouldn't have applied if that were the case, so hopefully they are not expecting letters! Seemed weird to me to have to upload nonconfidential letters. 2) 12/3 Letters requested x2 3) Phone interviews scheduled 12/9/19 4) On campus interviews scheduled (got call 1/6/20) 5) Received rejection letter that stated position was filled2
9/14/2019 13:06:58Utah State University10/31/2019Logan, UT
SedimentologyPhDAsst Prof
Department of Geosciences
YesNoNotifications for interviews soon (12/5, told wasn't advancing to next round). 2) 12/6 On campus interviews were scheduled. 3) 2/7 Decision likely by end of Feb4
9/15/2019 12:20:17
University of California, Berkeley
10/30/2019Berkeley, CA, USA and Planetary SciencesPhDAsst Prof
Earth and Planetary Sciences
NoYes1) Letters of recommendation requested on Nov 19. 2) rejection on 12/18 x4. 3) On-campus interviews scheduled, got call on 12/20. Search chair mentioned there were 421 applications. Some people have received neither a letter of rejection nor an interview request. 4) I am one of those who haven not been rejected or interviewed. I think it's safe to assume we did not get the job. 5) Interviews started last week, so I think they're probably ghosting people.7
9/16/2019 13:20:05
Massacusetts Institute of Technology
11/1/2019Cambridge, MA, USA sciencePhDAsst Prof
Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
yesNo1) phone interviews scheduled. 2) Anyone hear back? search committee said they expected to make a decision by 1/18 during the web interview. 3) any news? 4) campus interview invitation 2/153
9/17/2019 22:32:15Boise State University10/31/2019Boise, ID
Environmental Geochemistry and Hydrologic Sciencee
PhDAsst/Assoc ProfGeoscienceNoYesAnything? 2) 11/18 Nope 3) 11/20 I got an email from HR that my "candidate files have been merged" from a previous application. 4) Any updates? 12/10 5)not here 12/10 6) Letters requested 12/16 7) any updates? 8) campus interview scheduled 9) no phone interviews?4
9/18/2019 12:53:41North Carolina State University12/1/2019Raleigh, NC
Environmental Volcanology/Petrology
PhDAsst Prof
Marine, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
No, just contact info
RequiredAreas of expertise need not be limited to volcanology...all flavors of igneous or metamorphic petrology are encouraged to apply. Any updates? (1) according to twitter, position was filled 4/6
9/18/2019 15:26:26University of Delaware9/1/2019Newark, DE, USA
Urban AgriculturePhDAsst/Assoc ProfPlant and Soil SciencesNoNo
9/18/2019 15:28:24University of New Mexico11/15/2019
Albequerque, NM, USA
Climate Change StudiesPhDAsst Prof
Geography and Environmental Studies
NoNoAddress diversity in cover letter 2) 11/26 Any updates? 3) 11/29 nope 4) none as of 12/10 5) rejection 12/17 x 21
9/18/2019 15:31:50Portland State University12/11/2019Portland, OR, USA Resources EngineeringPhDAsst Prof
Civil and Environmental Engineering
NoNoAddress diversity in cover letter, and a statement will be solicited from a smaller pool. 2) any updates? 1
9/19/2019 8:09:04North Carolina State University8/1/2019Raleigh, NC, USA
Coastal Engineering & Coastal Geology
PhDRank Open
Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
9/19/2019 13:22:04
Washington University in St. Louis
10/31/2019Saint Louis, MO, USA SciencePhDRank Open
Earth and Planetary Sciences
9/20/2019 10:25:01Oklahoma State University10/15/2019
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
Hydrogeochemistry/low temperature geochemistry
PhDAsst Prof
Boone Pickens School of Geology
NoYesPhone interview invite on 11/14/2019, Position filled as of 2/10/2020
9/20/2019 12:24:06University of San Diego10/18/2019San Diego, CA
Environmental and Ocean SciencesTEACH
Lecturer/Teaching (TT)
Environmental and Ocean Sciences
No, just names of references.
9/20/2019 14:16:55University of Kansas11/4/2019Lawrence, KS, USA
Applied geophysicsPhDAsst ProfGeologyNoYes
9/21/2019 21:47:37University of Iowa10/18/2019Iowa City, IA information sciencePhDAsst Prof
Geographical and Sustainability Sciences
NoNoany updates? 1) Letters requested 12/021
9/23/2019 22:25:18
University of Colorado Boulder Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
10/25/2019Boulder, CO BiogeochemistryPhDAsst Prof
Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
NoYesZoom interview. 2) when? 3) 12/06 rejection email x2 4) any further updates on this?3
9/24/2019 14:28:40Wellesley College10/15/2019Wellesley, MA, USA Earth GeosciencesPUIRank OpenGeosciencesYesNo1) On-campus interviews happening 12/8 2) position filled 1/92
9/25/2019 10:40:26Baylor University11/1/2019Waco, TX, USA & Surface ProcessesPhDAsst ProfGeosciencesNoNo1) 2/27 On-campus interviews scheduled 2) search cancelled
9/26/2019 9:02:32Pennsylvania State University10/10/2019
University Park, PA, USA ProfGeosciencesNoYes
9/26/2019 14:07:41Chapman University10/28/2019Orange, California - Including Earth ScienceTEACH
NTT Assistant Professor
Schmid College of Science and Technology
NoYesletters requested 11/9; video calls scheduled; campus visits scheduled1
9/26/2019 16:18:00University of California, Merced1/1/2020Merced, CA
Earth Surfaces, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Eco-hydrology, Watershed processes, etc
PhDAsst Prof
Dept. of Life and Environmental Sciences
submit names and contact information of references with application
YesAny updates? 1). nope x 2, 2/2. 2) letters requested sometime week of Feb. 3 (x 2). 3) Any updates? 3/12. 4) Notified that I made short list 3/15 (x 2). 5) Interviews schedule 3/31-4/10.2
9/30/2019 13:07:33New Mexico Tech11/15/2019Socorro, NM
Hydrogeochemistry or HydrogeologyPhDAsst Prof
Earth & Environmental Sciences
NoNoPhone Interview invite on 11/25, on-sites announced on homepage1
9/30/2019 13:31:52University of Houston10/31/2019Houston, Texas, USA GeologyPhDAsst/Assoc Prof
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
YesNoThree positions in the same ad; 1) Anyone hear anything yet? 2) Nothing here 11/13 3) Letters Requested sometime week of Nov 11th 4) any word on phone interviews?2
9/30/2019 20:07:03University of Texas at Austin12/17/2019Austin, TX, USA
Igneous and/or Metamorphic Petrology
PhDAsst/Assoc Prof
Department of Geological Sciences
NoYes1) Skype interview February; 2) some on campus interviews, continuing virtually through April1
9/30/2019 20:16:01Florida State University11/18/2019Tallahasee, FL, USA
Solid Earth GeologyPhDAsst Prof
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
YesNoMetamorphic Petrology preferred; April offer made and accepted
9/30/2019 20:45:52Colorado School of Mines1/6/2020Golden, CO, USA
Earth, Energy and EnvironmentPhDRank Open
Geology and Geological Engineering
NoYesListing doesn't specify research field. (2) rejected 12/20
9/30/2019 20:47:29Colorado School of Mines1/2/2020Golden, CO, USA
Crustal ProcessesPhDRank Open
Geology and Geological Engineering
NoYesSearch cancelled, email received this week
10/1/2019 10:23:18West Virginia University11/11/2019
Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
Surficial ProcessesPhDAsst ProfGeology and GeographyNoYesSurficial Processes/Geomorphology position 2) Rejection letter 01/06 x2 3) campus interviews scheduled 01/112
10/1/2019 10:42:25Washington State University12/2/2019Pullman, WA, USA MaterialsPhDAsst Prof
School of the Environment
Include in cover letter
On-campus interviews scheduled for Feb.1
10/1/2019 10:44:47Florida Atlantic University11/15/2019Boca Raton, FL, USA
Marine or Environmental GeologyPhDAsst ProfGeosciencesNoNoRejection 1/8
10/1/2019 10:47:19
Michigan Technological University
11/1/2019Houghton, MI, USA PhysicsPhDRank OpenPhysicsNoNo1) Any updates? 11/12 (2) no 11/29
10/1/2019 10:51:24University of New Mexico11/1/2019
Albequerque, NM, USA
GeodesyPhDAsst Prof
Earth and Planetary Sciences
NoYesCampus visits scheduled 1/21, (2) offer made end of feb1
10/1/2019 10:56:18New Mexico State University11/29/2019Las Cruces, NM, USA for Sustainable Food SystemsPhDAsst/Assoc ProfNoNo
10/1/2019 11:48:11Cornell University11/20/2019Ithaca, NY, USA GeologyPhDAsst/Assoc Prof
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
10/1/2019 11:51:05University of Toronto11/18/2019
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Applied GeophysicsPhDAssoc/Full ProfEarth SciencesYesNo
10/1/2019 11:54:45
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
10/10/2019Chapel Hill, NC, USA MicrobiologyPhDAsst/Assoc Prof
Environmental Sciences and Engineering
10/1/2019 12:05:10
University of North Carolina Wilmington
11/30/2019Wilmington, NC, USA
Ocean Observing or Paleoceanography
PhDAsst Prof
Earth and Ocean Sciences
NoYesVideo interviews scheduled 12/11 x2. 2) On campus interview invites sent 1/13/2020 3) Any updates? 3/14
10/1/2019 12:08:01Furman University11/1/2019Greenville, SC, USA
Mineralogy/PetrologyPhDRank Open
Earth and Environmental Sciences
NoYesVideoconference interview 12/112
10/1/2019 18:59:11University of Texas at Arlington11/15/2019Arlington, TX, USA
Geohazards and Environmental Health
PhDAsst Prof
Earth and Environmental Sciences
NoNoLetters requested 11/17 (2) skype request 11/27 x2; campus interview invitations sent out1
10/1/2019 19:04:42
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
11/15/2019Urbana, IL, USA
Dept HeadPhDFull Prof
Civil and Environmental Engineering