P5_Dressmate_Heuristic Analysis
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PREPARED BY: Team DressmateDATE: 10/10/18 Client: Dressmate
HeuristicDescriptionNotesTotal ScoreHomeOnboarding (Sign Up)Login after HomeCheckoutUploading
FindableCan users easily locate the things they are seeking?
Login after Home - Easy to see & find but no option to filter by type of clothing. However, there is a manual search bar. Uploading after log-in: Upload is available after accessing 'My closet' only, not a direct access from log-in home page. Sign-Up: there are only two ways to get to the sign up page, via the login page or campus page
Checkout - Instructions are minimal but set clear expectations. Uploading: When logged in, findable under "My Closet", but requires click on "profile" first.
How is findability affected across devices?Login after Home - Single stacked photographs. Filter goes away and you have to click a tiny button to open it as an overlay - Very hard to see the button. Search bar is nice but has the same functionality as desktop version. There are no forward and back buttons on the bottom of the page - when you are done scrolling to the bottom you have to scroll all the way back up to the top to go to the next page. Sign-Up Doesn't seem responsive on the sign up page (home pre-sign up turns to the hamburger)
Checkout - Responsive - You don't lose any information. Uploading: When logged in, easy to find under "My Closet".
Are there mulitiple ways available to access things?Uploading after log-in is only available once 'My Closet' is accessed. Sign-Up: only 2 ways via login or campus pages (one of the ways is 3 clicks)
Login after Home: Search, Filter, Next/Prev buttons, Organizations, etc. Uploading: Only accessible under "My Closet".
How do external and internal search "see" what is provided?There is no search field on the website homepage.
Uploading after log-in: Search option is provided, but inconstistent from website to mobile.
Sign-Up: doesn't come up in either internal or external search
Login after Home - External search is barren with just a link to the website. Internal search is responsive to tags and information filled out on listing. Uploading: Not visible through serach engine.
Is information formatted with the results in mind?Sign-Up: It is easy to sign-up but it is unclear what you are signing up for (and it looks like it only needs a small amount of information). Uploading: When logged in, easy to find under "My Closet".3.852.53.535
What is provided to make the delivered results more useful?Linkable stories, hyperlinks, easy navigation, basic results, Sign-Up: More information and tour during the FTUE
Login after Home - Filter (color, price, size, favorites, etc.); Names, Brands, Search Bar(unclear how tags are coded, however).
Checkout - It would be nice if it suggested a way to contact each other - or include an in-app communication feature. Uploading: It would be great to have more explanatory notes on how to upload.
TotalAble to be located3.
AccessibleCan it be used via all expected channels and devices?Home: Consistent on web and mobile. A little easier to read on mobile, because of scrollability and hamburger menu. Sign-Up: Yes, but it doesn't scale at all in the responsive design. Uploading: Consistent on web and mobile.4.353.5355
How resilient and consistent is it when used via other channels?Sign-Up: you need to access login via the hamburger menu, but other than that consistent
Login after Home - Scales down and is responsive but the filter gets hidden and pops up as an overlay.
Checkout - Very responsive; scales well. Uploading: Consistent on web and mobile.

Does it meet the levels of accessibility compliance to be considerate of those users with disabilities? (e.g. color blindness, contrast, dislexia)
Home: Search option does not load on mobile, and some of the type is small on mobile. Sign-Up: for the most part yes, the process is clear however the sign-up isn't in the most obvious place (a little small) on the login screen
Home after Login - Next/Previous, filter and sorting buttons are small and hard to read (same for dropdown 'sort by'; White background and logo is in a transparent lavender which is hard to see and bleeds into background.
Checkout - Black text on white background is good but there is a light gray used on the white background that is definitely a problem accessibility wise. Uploading: Content is sized to good readability.
TotalEasily approached and /or entered3.
ClearIs it easy to use and understand? (including uncommon terms or being purposefully unclear in language)Home - the language is clear, but there could be a clearer CTA on how to sign up/sign in. Sign-Up: Overall very straight forward but lacking context and next step. Login after Home - Favorites on filter are 'orphaned'; top right icons have no context. Checkout - Content is understandable but lacking. Button to confirm request stands out and obvious. Uploading - a little difficult to find, because it sit under the "my closet" option in "profile", and there is no clear language around that. 3.2333.53.53
Is the target demographics' grade and reading level considered?5.055555
Is the path to task completion obvious and free of distraction?Home - there should be more of a CTA on join/sign-in/upload. Sign-Up: The one page to fill out is straight forward and easy but there is not clear where to find it
Login after Home - Next/Previous buttons are small and only placed at the top so when the user scrolls down to the bottom of the page they have to scroll back to the top to go to the next page. Uploading - good user flow with clear prompts.
Would a user find it easy to describe?Login after Home - There's no context that it's a rental; price is listed but doesn't specify whether it's to buy or rent. Uploading - filters are easy to use, but limited.4.0443.544.5
TotalEasily perceptible4.
CommunicationIs the status, location and permissions of the user obvious?Home - non-logged in status. Sign-Up: No navigation adjacent, but there is a back to login navigation (but no way to get back to home). Uploading - the only status revealed is the email of the owner.3.852.53.544
How is messaging used throughout? Is messaging effective for the tasks and contexts being supported?Login after Home - Some of the messaging feels contextless. Name and Brand make sense but others could have multiple meanings.
Checkout - You can still favorite a piece of clothing on the checkout confirmation screen? Uploading - messaging does not in play until item is submitted.
Does the navigation and messaging help establish a sense of place that is consistent and orienting across channels, contexts and tasks?Homepage - Clear top/bottom navigation. Sign Up: No navigation except to go back to login
Login after Home - next/prev is only at the top of the web app, so when you browse through to the bottom you have to scroll back to the top just to advance to the next page. Uploading - very limited navigation, not consistent to home page, no bottom nav.
TotalTalkative, informing, timely4.
UsefulIs it usable? Are users able to complete the tasks that they set out to without massive frustration or abandon?Home page - needs more of a CTA for log-in. Sign-Up: Usable but only for georgetown email addresses. Uploading - easy to follow process.4.444545
Does it serve new users as well as loyal users in ways that satisfy their needs uniquely?Homepage - good experience for GT students. Sign-Up: Only for new users. Uploading - once user are familiar with this feature, they are lvery likely to use it.4.45543.54.5
Are there a few navigation options that lead where users may want to go next? Are they clearly labeled?Homepage - good navigation. Sign-Up: It is only 1 screen, it brings to app homepage but doesn't have any call to action as to what specifically to do next (unless you click on profile pages)
Checkout - There's no back button if you change your mind. Uploading - navigation is limited to user profile and university.
TotalCapable of producing the desired or intended result4.
CredibilityIs the design appropriate to the content of use and audience?Home page - clean, modern, easy to read. Login after Home - Pretty standard layout in comparison to the industry. Could use some aesthetic improvements. Uploading - the filtering options are small buttons, but pictures are a well sized. 4.253454
Is your content updated in a timely manner?Home page - features an active instagram feed. Sign-Up: Currently only allows georgetown students
Login after Home - Content is entirely user based - without a userbase there is no content. Uploading - dependent on user action.
Do you use restraint with your promotional content?Home page - content is aligned with user interest. Sign-Up: No promotional content. Uploading - no promotional content other than brand names, which is necessary for the listings. 5.055555
Is it easy to contact a real person?Home page - contact info is in bottom nav, and there is a link under the "how it works" nav item. Neither of the two contact links is not immediatly visible. Sign-Up: No way to contact a real person throughout process, just send an email under profile dropdown
Login after Home - There's a dropdown menu under your avatar that has a contact option. Uploading - need to go back to home page for contact info.

Is it easy to verify your credentials?
Home page - no credentials needed. Sign-Up: Need a school .edu email but can just make one up
Login after Home - Top right corner has a picture of your avatar and your schools avatar; Can be confusing as there is no text / context; just a picture.
Checkout - There's no confirmation on names, your info, your credit card, your location, etc. All it has is the total and some information about next steps. Uploading - credentials already in place.
Do you have help/support content where it is needed? Especially important when asking for sensitive personal dataHome page - "How it works" provides link to email help. Sign-Up: Only error messages2.232123
TotalWorthy of confidence, reliable3.
ControllableAre tasks and information a user would reasonably want to accomplish available? Sign-Up: It has user fill out basic info and school, but asks nothing further about the user or tells the user what they are signing up for
Login after Home - Favorite, Can click images, most information is relative, filter; no indication where they can view their favorites (filter is abstract and unclear in that regard, as you have to filter for your favorites) Uploading - easy to follow process.
How well are errors anticipated and eliminated?Sign-Up: It has an error for school email addresses and if you put in a false phone number
Login after Home - If you accidentally favorite something you just click it again to remove. Same with filter.
Checkout - No back button, No popup to confirm "are you sure". Uploading - no error message, but reminder once "submit" button is clicked, that there is information missing, such as price or description is needed.
When errors do occur, how easily can a user recover?Sign-Up: Editing the form. Uploading - easy to edit the item. 4.054425
Are features offered to allow the user to tailor information or functionality to their context?Sign-Up: Besides basic information and tailoring by school, no
Checkout - General info - not tailored at all to the user. Uploading - edit button allows access to review item listing descriptions.
Are exits and other important controls clearly marked? Sign-Up: Only option is to go back to login. Uploading - next steps are clearly defined and marked, but there is no option to go back to the home page. 2.852223
TotalAble to adjust to a requirement4.
ValuableIs it desirable to the target user? Does it improve customer satisfaction?Sign-Up: Though easy to navigate/sign-up, it doesn't have any FTUE besides filling out your contact info. Uploading - desirable for owners of clothing, but no clear path to access at first.3.352.5234
Does it maintain conformity with expectation throughout the interaction across channels?Uploading - conforms across web and mobile.4.854555
Can a user easily describe the value?Sign-Up: Yes as it is pretty straight forward, but there doesn't seem to be any hook after you complete filling out your contact info. Uploading - the process to upload clearly defines the steps needed to describe the item's value. 3.95333.55
How is success being measured? Does it contribute to the bottom line? Home page - no clear indication of what success has been achieved. Sign-Up: The more people sign up, the more users that have access to Dressmate's offerings. Uploading - features "my account" which features account balance from transactions. 3.74433.54
Does it improve customer satisfaction?Sign-Up: It is the first step, but as noted above doesn't necessarily entice the user to further use the app. Uploading - "My Account" informs user of account and profile status. 3.443334
TotalOf great use, service, and importance4.
LearnableCan it be grasped quickly? Does it behave consistently enough to be predictable?Sign-Up: It is a pretty straight forward process, perhaps may expect it to be more extensive. Uploading - easy to follow step-by-step process. 4.353.5445
What is offered to ease the more complicated processes?Home page - there is no help section. Sign-Up: It is straightforward but nothing that supports it, it does have warning if you don't put in a proper email address (can be confusing what to do next once sign-up is complete). Uploading - preset filtering options. 3.7433.535
Is it memorable?Home page - design is modern and simple and not cluttered. Sign-Up: It is hard to locate. Uploading - when the user has uploaded one or two items, the process is memorable. But it takes some trials first. 3.352.5324
Is it easy to recount?3.653334
Does it behave consistently enough to be predictable?Sign-Up: One-time experience (NA). Uploading - same process every time. 4.653555
TotalTo fix in the mind, in the memory4.
DelightfulWhat are your differentiators from other similar experiences or competitors? Home page - the design is user friendly and approachable. The picture underscore the campus lifestyle. Compared to direct competitors, Dressmate seems simpler. There is no search option on the home page. Sign-Up: Very similar to competitors, much shorter process. Uploading - consistent to other picture uploading experiences. Some of the design could be more user-friendly (ie size of type).2.642124
What cross channel ties can be explored that delight?Home page - pictures are delightful on both web and mobile. Uploading - ease of use. 2.241114
How are user expectations not just met but exceeded?Home page - there is a nice overview on the philosophy of Dressmate. It addresses sustainability and community. It also a closed community, which builds trust. 2.241114
What are you providing that is unexpected?Home page - user generated pictures via social media feed can provide an unexpected, yet delightful view on how the clothes look on real students. Uploading - pictures can reflect real students in real environments. 2.451114
What can you take that is now ordinary and make extraordinary?Home page - the user (student) generated content can be very unique, and can invite students to list or rent unique items. The trust factor within the ".edu" community can present an extraordinary environment that allows open user interaction, such as meet-ups or social time. 2.651115