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Staff FavoritesSoap/Lotion
CandlesBath/Shower Supplies
Lip Balm
First NameLast NamePositionEmailChocolate/CandyPet Supplies (type of pet)
NanetteAdattoNadatto@northbrook28.netGum, twizzlers,gummy bears,hot tamales, pretzels, goldfish of everything! Donations to any organization that benefits children, families in need, and animal rescue organizations
Anna MarieArreolaAarreola@northbrook28.netGum, twizzlers,gummy bears, pretzels, goldfish Vanilla Fruity/chocolate Potbelly,SarpinosTarget, Nordstrom, Amazon Us weeklyColorful pens, paper, post it notesTarget Nordstrom amazon Vitamin water, coffee , tea , chai latteCoffee mugs and water cupsFresh flowers, mani/pedi, candles, lip balm,pet supplies (dog)
JeremyBartunekMusicJbartunek@northbrook28.netFlamin hot Cheetos or pizza Apple cinnamon, anything "woodsy" or "masculine"Salt (but not salt with sugar, so no chocolate covered nuts or pretzels)Binnys, Lettuce Entertain You group, Bills Pub PizzaBook BinLord of the Rings. BiographiesNoneStarbucks, Binnys, Amazon, Book BinPike place coffee, black iced tea unsweetened Coffee mugs and water cupsTrains, magic, good tasting decaf/herbal teaFlaming Hot Cheetos. 90% or higher dark chocolate.
AllieBeagles4th Grade Aideabeagles@northbrook28.netchips, shortbread cookieswoodsy, lavenderchai, green teaStarbucks, Dunkin' DonutsTargetTarget, Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, Walmart Coffee, teacandles
Fresh flowers, soap/lotion, lip balm
ReneeBetheaFirst Grade AideRbethea@northbrook28.netnoneCitrus or light floral AnyBinny'snonenoneNoneTarget Starbucks Marshall's and tj maxCups or mugs. Please NO EGIFTER !!!!Candles, bath/shower supplies (natural no parabens)
Jeremy Blair ArtJblair@northbrook28.netwhite chunk macadamia cookies Sandalwood,bay rum,eucalyptus spearmintSweet and sour gummies Starbucks, lettuce entertain youApple, Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble NoneNoneStarbucks, Amazon, Apple, Target, Dunkin' DonutsCoffee, water, wine, grande/venti Caramel macchiato Mugs and tumblers Amc movie theatre gift cards, redbox, gift cards Soap, lip balm, chocolate candy, lotion
Instructional Facilitator
lbrinkman@northbrook28.netanyanystarbucksAmazon, REInonestarbucks, amazoncoffee, water, wine, beermugs
Molly Brown
5th Grade Assistant
mbrown@northbrook28.netSalted CashewsStrawberry and watermelon Anything local in NorthbrookContainer Store, Athleta,Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home GoodsPeople, Time, Real Simple None Starbucks, Amazon Sparkling water, coffee, red wine, grande almond milk latteMugs, school supplies Notes from students. CookingFresh flowers
SPED Teacher
ccohen@northbrook28.netTrail mix, cheese and crackers, chcoolate covered pretzelsVanilla, cinnamon, Chocolate Panera, Cheesecake Factory, PortillosNordstrom and Target People Flair pens sharpies, Starbucks, Target, Amazon, Favorite Store, RestaurantsCoke, Arizona ice tea, orange juice, grande ice coffee with skim milk Stickers Movies and tv, spending time with friends and family Fresh flowers, Mani/pedi, candles, chocolate /candy
Deborah Carlberg Licorice, fruit, cheese and crackers, baked goods Almond, lavender, cherry, lemon lime , strawberry Raspberry, lime. Cherry Little Louie's, Zupas, McAlisters,Barnes and Noble, Book Bin, Michaels, Target mystery books,markers of any kindVisa, Target Diet root beer, diet lemonade , Sprite Zero,no coffeeMugs. Candles Books, exercise, cooking, drawing, tote bags, plannersflowers, colored sticky notes, candies
AnnCaseyacasey@northbrook28.netGranola bars, fruit Lavender, Strawberry peach Olvieriis Macy's, Nordstrom target Women's day Target, Dunkin' Donut, Starbucks Starbucks Fall season Fresh flowers,lotion
Kiley Clarkkclark@northbrook28.netGoldfish, gummy bears, cheez-itsAll AllChipotle , jimmy johns, portillos, lettuce entertain you Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, target, lulu lemon, petsmartPeople Expo markers, fun pens Visa, favorite food, favorite stores Hot chocolate, Starbucks cold brew w cocoa almond milk, chai tea, vanilla lattePencils, mugs, hand lotions Jewelry, cards, books,socks, animals, dogs Fresh flowers, candles, mani/pedi, chocolate candy pet supplies (dog)
LisaCrankshawFoundationallcrankshaw@northbrook28.netFruit and Nuts
Meghan Dames mdames@northbrook28.netMixed nutsLavender Chocolate Panera, Jimmy Johns, ChipotleAmazon, Starbucks People Flair pens Amazon Fiji water, sugar free vanilla latte with oat milk Coffee mugsHand sanitizer Mani/pedi, candies, lip balm, pet supplies ( small dog)
Grace AnneD'Amicogdamico@northbrook28.netGoldfish, gummy bears, cheez-itsAllOrangeStarbucks, Potbelly, Lettuce entertain youNordstrom, Lululemon, AmazonFlair pens Coca-colaNotepads, pencils
BetsyDeckeredecker@northbrook28.netCookies, chocolate, cakes...eucalyptus, lavendarBasu, Francesca's Oliverri's Book Bin, Whole Foods, REI, crate & barrelThe New Yorker, Vanity FairNotecards with envelopes, stamps, Book Bin, Whole Foods, Local Restaurants, Renu day spasweet cream cold brewcoffe mugs, water bottles, lotion Causes: National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club, The Clean Air Task Force,Renu day spa
MaggieDoherty mdoherty@northbrook28.netbalsam pineOliverri's, Prairie Grass, Di PescaraBook BIn, La-De-DahTeachers Pay Teachers (website), Really Good Stuff (website), Scholastic Books(website),Starbucks. Dunkin' Donuts, Book BinCoffee blonde roast with cream,light Carmel frappChildren's books Fresh flowers , mani/pedi. Candles,soap, lip balm
Kerri Edwardskedwards@northbrook28.netPopcorn, trial mix, granola bars , twizzlers, Vanilla Leye restaurants, Amazon, Starbucks Cooking Notepads. Markers, nice notecardsVisa prefered over egifter, leye restaurants, Amazon Vanilla latte Candles, lotions, mugs Cooking, travel Fresh flowers , mani/pedi, Chocolate /candy
SueEhlerssehlers@northbrook28.netFruitLavenderAllChipotle, Grill HouseTarget, Book Bin, StarbucksCookbooksTarget, Book Bin, StarbucksCoffeeMugs, lotionBooks
Megan Esterling Mesterling@northbrook28.netchococlate covered things, fruit, fall and winter scentsChocolate, all flavorsLou Malnati's ChipotleCostco , target, AmazonNAAmazon target old navySpindriftt, sparking water, red wine, Mugs, stickers, office suppliescozy sweaters, fall, I love to read and EAT. :) Fresh flowers mani/pedi, I have a dog.
Kimberly FarrellKfarrell@northbrook28.netGrapes, Skinny Pop, pretzels, Chex Mix, sugar free WerthersCotton/linenMint, salty, savory Marcellos, Lou Malnati'sAmazon, Target, Kohl's, Old Navy Amazon, Visa (not egifter, please), restaurants listed previouslyVitamin Water Zero, Sparkling Ice water, red wine Mugs, lotionFresh flowers, handwritten notesFresh flowers,shower gel, lip balm
Ellen FeeneyEfeeney@norhtbrook28.netChocolate, Chex mixAnyLemon, Apple chocolate PinstripesTarget PeoplePensRestaurantsDiet Coke, hot chocolate , no coffee Apple decorated gifts, mugs CardsFresh flowers, pedicures,bath shower, chocolate/candy, lip balm,dog supplies
JenFishmanjfishman@northbrook28.netCandy Vanilla lavenderLettuce entertain you Nordstrom AnyFresh flowers , mani/pedi, chocolate/candy
LizForchetti2nd grade Chocolate, Garrets popcorn,candyNo thankssalty, sweetLettuce entertain you, francescas, Chick-Fil-A, ChipotleAthleta, Nordstrom, LoftPeople, pioneer woman , magnolia farmStarbucks, target Green tea lemonade MugsBooks from book bin,plants/flowers for home, fixer upper Fresh flowers, mani/pedi, chocolate candy
Diane GillisAdministrationDgillis@northbrook28.netPopcornLavender cucumber Tabasco ChipoltePeachtree, target , lulu HgtvDunkin' donuts, target, Amazoncoffee with creamHeadbands, hair ties, lotion, candles,manicures, hobby lobbyFresh flowers, mani/pedi
BrendaGradisharSpecial Education Teacherbgradishar@northbrook28.netMilk chocolate anythingLavender, vanilla, eucalyptussalty, sweetChipotle, Chick-Fil-A, Portillos, PaneraTarget, AmazonFlair pens :)Target, Panera, Amazon, ChipotleChai tea latte, pinot noir, champagneMugsHandwriiten notes Flowers, Soap, candle
Marie Greenberg mgreenberg@northbrook28.netHomemade cookies, dark chocolate , nuts, chips No thanksChocolate. Umami, mint, salty, cheesyRoti, Chipotle, Panera, Trader Joe's, Target, Women's health cards, stationaryStarbucks, Chipotle, Roti, Panera Mimosas, wine, dark roast black coffee, latteCandles, mugs, pencilsNotes from students with favorite memory together Fresh flowers, mani/pedi, lip balm, dark chocolate. Lotion (non scented)
JeriHartjhart@northbrook28.netChips, goldfish, cheez-its, salty, baked goodsVanilla, lavender, eucalyptus salty, cheesychipotle, panera, portillos, lous, Target, Homegoods, Old Navy, Loft, Athleta, vegetarian Cookbooks/recipesFlair pens, Sharpies Visa (please no egift cards), Target, Panera , Portillos, Chipotle, Old Navy, Book BinNone, thanks!Mugs/cups Handwritten notes, books for our classroom libraryCandles, fresh flowers,mani/pedi, soaps, bath supplies, lotion
Sarah Hills (Henderson)shills@northbrook28.netPopcorn, veggie straws, pretzels, gummy worms, Chex mix, skittlesFresh flowers/ clean laundry Sweet savory Chipotle, jimmy Johns, chick filA, paneraHomeGoods, dsw, tj max , target, loft Women's health. Country living, taste of home Flair pens Amazon, hobby lobby, Kirkland ,target , Home Depot Diet Coke, la Croix, red wine, venti medium roast black, grande skinny vanilla latte Coffee mugs Handwritten notes, diy gifts, book for classroom. Fresh flowers, mani/pedi, candles, bath supplies , chocolate/candy
GinnyHiltzGhiltz@northbrook28.netDark chocolate, San Pellegrino Essenza NAOrange, vanillla Northbrook locals! Grill House, Lou's, Sarpino's, Spirit Elephant, SlyceNordstrom, Target, Sunset, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's Any!Pens, SharpiesTarget, Amazon, Sunset, Nordstrom, Dunkin, Rock Star NailsSan Pelligrino, no caffeine mint teaPlants- i don't have green thumb, Starbucks cardsNotes!Treats for Krieger
Kim Houlihan
Math Interventionist
Khoulihan@northbrook28.netChips, cookies, brownies, fruit, chocolate Peach, raspberry, Vanilla, caramel Grill house, Portillos, Graeters, Little Louie's, Lou Malnatis Nordstrom, Athleta, Amazon, HomeGoodsPeople Colorful pens, markers, stationary, personalized cards with envelopesAmazon, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Dunkin' DonutsDiet Coke, Diet Snapple (peach tea), caramel cloud macchiato with almond milk and light icePlants - I can't keep them alive Gum, Diet Coke, La CroixFresh flowers, mani/pedi, soap, candles, lip balm, lotion, chocolate , pet supplies for dog
Debbie Jenkins Djenkins@northbrook28.netchocolate, nutspine, vanillaChipoltle, PortillosTarget, Trader Joe'schildren's easy nonfiction multicolor EXPO markers, Papermate Ink Joy colored pensAmazon, Targeta kind note or feedback. Donation given to charity of choice to support children or animals ,forests, Wisconsin,pizzachocolate, fresh flowers
Beth Johnsonbjohnson@northbrook28.netChocolate, sweetsno thanksChocolate and vanilla. Marcellos, Francesca Target, AthletaBook BinAmazon, book binFlavored water, white wine Starbucks gift cardsReadings gardening, cooking, walking with friends Manicures. Chocolate and candy
MollieKing mking@northbrook28.netGardettos, pretzels, chocoalteVanilla Chocolate PaneraTarget, tj max, Marshall's Post it notes, colored flair pens Target, Marianos, amazonDiet Coke, Coke Zero, berry refresher or caramel/hazelnut macchiato Musicals , Swedish fish. Starbursts Mani/pedi, lip balm. Chocolate, candy,lotion, dog supplies
Caramel corn LavenderChocolateFrancescas Whole foodsPeopleErasers -tiny Starbucks Grande skinny vanilla latte SoapMai/pedi, lip balm, chocolate/candy
Luanne Kowalke
1st Grade Teacher
lkowalke@northbrook28.netGarett's or Creator's Chicago Mix popcorn (cheese & caramel), Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter CupsNone-allergyCaramel, pralineCulver's, Mod Pizza, Baskin Robbins, Chili's, ChipotleAMAZON! Target, Sams , Aldi, Trader Joe's Book Bin or ScholasticFlair pens in fun colors, super sticky post it notes AMAZON! Target, Chili's, Chipotle, Home Depot (NO egifter, please)Caramel frapp, hot chocolate, Dr. Peppersoaps and lotions (allergy), mugsGardening (outdoor). Chili's tortilla chips/salsa, 'Puppy Chow,' caramel corn puffsPotted flowers, amaryllis bulbs, chocolate- peanut M&M, candy- twizzlers, no lotions or scents
AlisaKusnitzowSpanishakusnitzow@northbrook28.netDark chocolate, Cotton candy grapes Cookies, brownieslilacPrairie Grass, Graeter's, Landmark, anything in NBTrader joes, Sunset, Aldi, TargetBook Binblank notes or note cards, fun colored pens/markersAmazon, Visa, restaurants/stores listed previouslyHandwritten notes, donations to charity, gardening, cooking/baking
BetsyLawrenceblawrence@northbrook28.netGarrett's popcornNest candlesspicy/saltyanything locallululemon, nordstrombook binStarbucks, Amazonkombucha
JennyLee-StewartOrchestrajleestewart@northbrook28.netdark chocolate, coffee, chocolate covered nuts, popcornvanilla, lavender, coconut lime verbenasweet and saltyStarbucks, maggianos, portillos, chick-fil-a, blu fishtarget, athleta, lululemon, amazon, starbucks, old navy, nordstromsany with cooking/baking, People, US Weekly, fashion, beautycolored pens, post it notes, highlightersstarbucks, Amazon, Target, Dunkin Dunutsstarbucks grande skinny vanilla latte, Chai tea, dunkin donuts coffee, la croix, bubble teamugs and lotionmovies and nail polish
fresh flowers, hand soap, face masks
Grace Lombardo glombardo@northbrook28.netFruity candy i.e. Starburst, Haribo, etc. sweets being baked, forestVanilla, Chipotle, Jersey Mikes, PaneraOld navy, Athleta, TargetFashion or Gossip magsFun colored pens Self-care stuff, TargetBlack tea with a few splendas, Diet Coke, sparkling water, Bath bombs Anything self care and candy Mani/pedi, candles, candy
Kelly MelzerKmelzer@northbrook28.netSalt and vinegar chips,starbursts, coffee, peanut butter m&msNature scents no food scents Salt, vinegar, caramel, Chipotle, Panera, marcellos, Sunset,Amazon, target, Starbucks, dunkinFlair pens post it notesStarbucks, Amazon, target Ice tea, alkaline water, iced non fat no whip white mocha, LotionSoap. Candle,mani/pedi, lip balm, chocolate, candy pet supplies
Pam Mohrdieckpmohrdieck@northbrook28.netFirepitChocolate / saltyMeatheadsBook Ends and Bedinnings: Evanston IL gift cardHomegoodsNo Starbucks , water Fresh flower,s mani/pedi, candles,
CailinMelkaSel coachcmelka@northbrook28.netChex mix bold,fruit, mintsLavender, sandalwood,vanilla Curry, savory, strawberryCooper's hawk, chipotle World market, tj max, Nordstrom RackNational Geographic, psychology today Ultra fine sharpies, notepads AnyApple juice, root beer, smoothies, skinny vanilla latte with soy milkCandyTrue crime, psychology, movies. Reading, cookingFresh flowers, mani.pedi, candles, soap
MollyMontesmmontes@northbrook28.netChocolate almondsLavender, vanillaMintLa principal, found Evereve, Nordstrom Flair pens post it notes Will always get used Water , coffee ,wine , soy latte Nature, animals, reading, music , dancingMani/pedi, lip balm, lotion
Jennifer Moorejmoore@northbrook28.netPopcorn lavender Strawberry, fruit punch, dark chocolate GreekTargetCooking, bon appetit, food and wine Pens felt tip markersTarget Starbucks Sparkling water, kombucha, iced coffee black Everything Reading knitting Fresh flowers, mani/pedi, lip balm, chocolate/candy
Jasmine MyalilEl coach jmyalil@northbrook28.netAlmonds, pecans N/AVanilla, lemon, salty, dark chocolate, carmel Magianos, Panera, Chick fil a, Culvers Aldi, Kirkland, Homegoods, Target Weekday cooking & parenting topicsDesigned file folders , xlarge post it , colored paper /binder clips Amazon Dark morello cherry and pomegranate s pellegrino, Dunkin' Donuts macchiato or latte with French vanilla swirl ( hot or cold)notepads, to do pads, candles, lotions. And mugsPersonalized name giftsFresh flowers, mani/pedi , chocolate candy, no pets- kid supplies for 1 yr old, 3 yr old, and 1 yr old
Claire Sour cream & Onion or BBQ chips, Peanut M&M's, TwizzlersLavender, fresh clean scents milk choclate & carmel anythingFrancesca's, Marcello's & Lou Malnati'sTarget, NordstromAmazon & TargetVitamin water or chardonnaymugs & bath supplies and no starbucks pleasepersonalized name giftsFresh flowers , candles, chocolate snickers twizzlers peanut mm
MarcieNetzkymnetzky@northbrook28.netDried fruit, Cashews, AlmondsLavender, Vanilla Chocolate, SaltyPotbelly, Wildfire, Starbucks, Anything Northbrook LocalTarget, NordstromPeople Colorful flair pens or colorful sharpiesStarbucks, Nordstrom, TargetStarbucks skinny vanilla latte,Vitamin water, wineMugs :)Notes from students/parents, Personalized anything, Theater and Music
Fresh Flowers, Candles, Mani/Pedi, Lotion
Erin Niehuseniehus@northbrook28.netChocoate anything Francesca north portillos Nordstrom j crew People AnyFat free latte , hot citrus teaFresh flowers, candles, chocolate, candy, lotion
KaseyAtkison (Ockerlund)Special Education Teacherkatkison@northbrook28.netTwizzlersVanilla Chocolate & CaramelNoodles and coTargetNotepadsAmazonTea, caramel latte Cups/mugsFresh flowers , mani/pedi, candles, chocolate candy dog supplies
Special Ed Assistant
apeisert@northbrook28.netAny chocolate Vanilla, lavender, cinnamon Chocolate, mint, salted caramel Culvers, Chic-fil-a, any local restaurants Target, Nordstrom Thank you cards Amazon, Target, Zappos Skinny vanilla latte (hot or cold)Mani/pedi, personal notes, moviesGift cards, mani/pedi
Missy PlatzSail classroom mplatz@northbrook28.netPretzels thins, pita chips,Lavender, vanilla PaneraNordstrom rack PeopleTargetCandles, mani/pedi, chocolate
Julie Propesjpropes@northbrook28.netChocolate, trail mix with chocolate,Salty, sweet, savory no spicy Lavender, fresh & cleanChocolate, mint, chocolate & peanut butter, salted caramelLettuce Entertain You (LEY)Payton Rose, Sephora, UltaNoneNotepads, Thank-You cards, multicolored flair pens and SharpiesVisa, Starbucks, LEYE restaurants, Amazon— please, no cards from egifterCoffee, Sbux tall mocha non fat and no whip or iced version. Also salted caramel cream cold brewMugs, bath stuff, candles, blankets, soapsNotes from parents and students, handwritten notes or picture Fresh flowers, chocolate/candy
Silvia Rodriguezsrodriguez@northbrook28.netTrail mix, cashew, garrett popcorn, yogurt pretzelsLavender, Eucalyptus Coconut, butter pecan, Cinnamon Pescadero, Lettuce Entertain You, Sephora, DSW, Target, LuLulemon, Chicos, Old NavyReal Simple, Photography, Keto, YogaThank-You cards, Notepads, Pens, Target, Starbucks, Visa, LuLulemon Latte no foam Hint, Aha, Green Tea , Macha TeaMugs, Water Bottles, Bath BombsPopcorn, Nail Polish, Hair Products for Volumizing Mani/pedi, lip balm, bath shower, pet supplies (little dog)
Nancy Resendiznresendiz@northbrook28.netPretzels, sour patch kids Cinnamon, gardenia Strawberry lemon Yard house Target First Markers Target Amazon Coffee with cream from dunkin latte from Starbucks Bath bombs Music Fresh flowers, mani/pedi, candles
Carolyn RobertsCrossing guardcroberts@northbrook28.netChocolate covered almonds CitrusWildfire lettuce entertain you Target HomeGoods YesPlain la croix , yes to Starbucks Smiles Fresh flowers, mani/pedi, candles, bath shower
Megan RobertsKindergartenmroberts@northbrook28.netany chocolate and coffee :)florallemon/grapefruit, chocolate w/ peanut butterstarbucks, panera, lettuce entertain youtarget, amazonflair pens & post-itsstarbucks, target, amazoncoffee :)
MindiRench3rd gradeMrench@northbrook28.netOreos, fruit,chips,popcorn, chocolate covered almondsCitrusChocolate, caramel, lemon Panera, la taquiza, rio bamba, Grill House, Greek Feast, Chipotle, DunkinTarget, book binFlair pens, binder clips, fun notepadsDunkin , Amazon, Target, Book Bin (Please no cards from e-gifter)Fresca, ginger ale, black tea and lemonade unsweetened and light ice, iced caramel lattes from Dunkin, coffee with cream and sugar from DunkinLotions, candles,mugsMovies, theatre, botanic gardens , visiting museums, reading, knittingFresh flowers , lip balm
Robyn Rosengard2nd aiderrosengard@northbrook28.netPopcorn chipsSweet lavender Coconut. Cotton candy Northbrook locals, Target, sunset, la di daO and health Pens, pad of cute paper ,Please no cards from e-gifterIce tea sweetened Dunkin' vanilla latte or The Charli from dunkin Please no e-giftersCheese fries, milk chocolate Mani/pedi, lip balm, chocolate, candy, bath shower , lotion
Kerry Stinchcomb3rd aideKstinchcomb@northbrook28.netSaltyFloralFruity/savoryCostco, Target,Amazonnotepads/personalized Amazon anyGrande dark roast brew w skim and stevia Chocolate Gummies.chewy candy Mani/pedi. Candles, lotion, pet supplies for dog
HaleySachsNursehsachs@northbrook28.netSaltyFruity scentsBerry, salty/sweetTarget, HomeGoods, LoftTarget, AmazonTea, caffeine freeAnything garden or baking Fresh flowers, mani.pedi, soap, candles, chocolate/candy
SaraShapiro sshapiro@northbrook28.netRuffles and onion dip, pretzels, hummus LavenderOreo mintHappy camper, rosebudLululemonPeoplePens and markers Amazon, Starbucks, lululemon Black tea, green tea, iced tea, green tea unsweetened 1 sweet n low, cold brew w vanilla and soy PajamasWater skiing, snowboarding, Bernese mountain dogsMani/pedi, candles,chocolate candy
ChristineSobczak1st Grade csobczak@northbrook28.netAnything Lilac, mint, soft, mild Mint, citrus, Strawberry, chocolate, carmel Yard house, Panera, Lous, Marcellosold navy, gap, target , anthroLove it allTarget old navy northbrook restaurant, amazon Diet Coke, peppermint mocha, caramel macchiato, skinny vanilla latte Mugs, water bottle Handwritten notes, pictures from students Fresh flowers, mani/pedi, candles, bath shower supplies, chocolate, candy, lotion
ColleenSanchezLibrariancsanchez@northrook28.netFruit, veggies, popcornLavender, beach, cotton, coconut, cucumber,Chocolate,caramel, vanilla, lemonAnyAmazon, Home Goods,La De DaNone Post its, scented markers Book bin, Starbucks Grande skinny sugar free vanilla latte - or hazelnut Mugs, pads of paper with name on it Books/reading, jewerly, flowers, exercising.Candles mani/pedi
Laura Scott 3rd gradelscott@northbrook28.netChocolate, anything salty, veggiesLavender, pine/woodsyChocolateAnyAnyAnyLove it allWhole Foods, Amazon, Target, REILemon/lime sparkling water or iced unsweetened black coffeeAnything fruit flavoredHand written note, fresh flowers or plants, donation made in my name, anything outdoors
Cari ShambergKindergarten swedish fish, carmel corn, choc covered pretzels, almonds Lavender, peppermint , eucalyptus vanillapineapple, coconut, mint choc chip, peppermintHometown, sushi, taco vidaEvereve, style shack, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, People us weekly Smelly markers, sharpies, fun clips, dry eraser markers Amazon , Nordstrom Bloomingdales Water, coffee, wine, grande coffee hot/iced with almond milk and stevia Starbucks cardshome decor,Jewelry, my dogs, exercising, reading, beach, movies,Fresh flowers , mani pedi, candles, pet supplies dog
Molly Shiplemshiple@northbrook28.netSweets, chocolate and caramel Coconut vanilla Chocolate, vanilla, caramel,Lou, walker brothers Amazon, target, Trader Joe's Check my Book Bin wish list!Colored expo and sharpies Amazon, target, Trader Joe's La croix , non fat vanilla latte Lotion candles Bread type treats, muffins scones Fresh flowers lip balm. Chocolate candy
Mandy Shulman2nd Gradeashulman@northbrook28.netChocolate, popcorn, chocolate covered pretzelsVanilla, peppermintVanilla, peppermint Target, AmazonColored pens, markers (any kind), post-its, note padsAmazon Iced tea (not herbal), iced coffee with vanilla creamerMugs, lotionCrafts, crochet, sewing, supporting Project LinusCandles, chocolate, candy, notepads, school supplies, foaming soap
Caryn Siegelcsiegel@northbrook28.netPretzels muffins cookies cakeChocolate vanilla Francescas Oliveriis, tong and CarsonsNordstrom, Bloomingdales von maur, targetPeoplePens and markers NO STARBUCKS!! Starbucks cardsFresh flowers chocolate
JessicaSliepkajsliepka@northbrook28.netCheez it's, banana pickles Pineapple coconut Pineapple coconut Chipotle brunch cafe, jimmy Johns, noodles and coTj max, HomeGoods marshallFamily circle Pilot frixion pens and markers Diet Mountain Dew diet Sierra Mist white iced tea no liquid cane sugar Sweets allergic to cinnamon, sourdough. Cilantro , mango, scents and lotions Sudoku kenken puzzle Batman math, dinosaurs puns Candles, mani/pedi dog supplies
JodiSiglin1st Gradejodisiglin@gmail.comChocolate, popcornchocolate, gummy candyLou'sAmazon, target, Flair pensAmazon, Targetflowers
Nicole ThielSail teacher nthiel@northbrook28.netGarden salsa sun chips Chipotle noodles and coTarget Nordstrom rack, HomeGoods TptTarget Starbucks Cold brew w sweet cream skinny vanilla latte Mani/pedi, candles, candy
Katie TroutAdmin Ktrout@northbrook28.netSkinny pop peanut mmMint vanilla Chick filaTarget People us Fun pens Target, Amazon2 pump grande non fat chai tall coffee frap no whip Anything with K or T on it Fresh flowers mani pedi lip balm chocolate candy
Corrie Tuckerctucker@northbrook28.netSkinny Pop, TwizzlersJasmine, lavender, vanilla Vanilla, Caramel Mexican, LousMichael,HomeGoods ,Artist booksFlair pens Visa, Amazon, TargetDiet Coke. almond milk latte with sugar free vanilla syrup and two SteviaCandles Handmade things/letters, big coffee mugs or tumblers, cat toys, anything rainbow!
Mani/pedi, lip balm, chocolate and Candy cat supplies
Libby Wallslwalls@northbrook28.netTake 5 bar Lavender and vanilla Chocolate Panera Bread, Chick fil-aTj max Marshall's HomeGoods Scientific American Felt tip pens Starbucks Mocha latte, coffee mint tea, tall hot mocha Pens and pencils Dessert homemade Candles soaps, chocolate candy
BeckyWargarwarga@northbrook28.netfruit Jasmine, plumeria Pineapple, strawberry, orange Panera Bread, PortillosTJMaxx, Marshall's, Nordstrom RackReal Simple, Better Homes and Garden Colorful pens, eraser tops for pencils, post-it notesAmazon XXX Vitamin Water, Fruit TeaCandles games for kids, notecards mani/pedi, lip balm, chocolate, hand lotion, pet supplies for cat/dog
RachaelWeeks rweeks@northbrook28.netFruit Anything fruity Mint, cinnamon Marcellos, Panera, Little Louie's TJ Maxx, Marshall's, HomeGoods,TargetFitness Colorful pens Starbucks, Target chai tea, mint tea, cinnamon tea, grande chai latte with ,almond milk lotion and soap, chocolatebrain gamesFresh flowers candles, lip balm,candy
LizWeir lweir@northbrook28.netFresh fruitLavender. Eucalyptus Gummy candyAnyTj maxx, HomeGoods,Target Sephora, Real simple, better homes and garden Gel pens felt pens notepads Amazon Iced tea coffee caramel macchiato with almond milk,Candles Bags reuseable, cosmetic, tote beach Fresh flowers, mani and/pedi, lip balm,candy, notepads. Dog supplies
Karen Wickmankwickman@northbrook28.netFresh fruitGardenia Hawaiian plumeriaFrench , Lettuce Entertain YouTarget , AmazonAnything Amazon, TargetOrange la croix San Pellegrino aranciataCandles Fresh flowers lip balm, lotion
Liz Winemiller lwinemiller@northbrook28.netChocolate covered nuts Lemon, lime, orange, grapefruitCinnamon, citrusLettuce Entertain You, FrenchTarget, AmazonPens and pencils Amazon, TargetTea (unsweetened) and coffee (with cream and sugar)Anything fun for my girls at home
Fresh flowers, lip balm, chocolate
RosanneWozneyrwozney@northbrook28.netChipsFloral lilac hydrangea Target tjmaxx Post it notes and pens Target Tea (a tad sweet) coffee with a bit of creamReading Fresh flowers candles, lip balm
KimYen3th Grade Aidekyen@northbrook28.netpopcorn, sriracha anything, snickerdoodlesocean/beach, lavender, woodsy, chai, green tea, baconLocalHomegoods, Anthropolgie, TargetAudibleAnything bright and colorful...and pensHomeGoods, Michaels, Amazon, TargetCoffee, Teas (Earl Grey and Green). Citrus Sparkling Waterof everything! Please consider donating to Northfield Food Pantry :)Anything handmade, crafting and podcastsfresh flowers, hand lotion, lip balm
Tim Zinannitzinanni@northbrook28.netAmazon Amazon Starbucks
BillNorriswnorris@northbrook28.netAll kinds of NutsHome DepotHome Depot, Amazon
Instructional Facilitator
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