Total Value Created:
$ 1,736,843,451.89
Total Disbursed: $ 518,596,311.00
Total Remaining: $ 1,218,247,140.89
Date Amount GranteeTwitterLinkWhy?
3/1/2023$2,000,000REFORM Alliance@REFORMhttps://reformalliance.comREFORM Alliance is committed to transforming the criminal justice system throughout the United States by changing laws, systems, and culture to create real pathways to work and wellbeing, starting with probation and parole. Instead of keeping people trapped in a revolving door from probation/parole to prison — which costs taxpayers billions of dollars — we are working to move people from the justice system into stability.
2/9/2023$1,000,000The LeBron James Family Foundation@LJFamFoundationhttps://www.lebronjamesfamilyfoundation.orgThe LeBron James Family Foundation invests its time, resources and passion into creating generational change for kids and families through a focus on education and co-curricular educational initiatives. With its foundational I PROMISE Program, LJFF serves students and their entire families with the fundamental resources, wraparound supports and family programming they need for success in academics and beyond, including the I PROMISE School that has created a new model for urban, public education.
12/27/2022$1,000,000GrapheneOS@GrapheneOShttps://grapheneos.orgGrapheneOS is a private and secure mobile operating system with a high level of usability comparable to mainstream Android devices. We focus on the research and development of security, privacy and compatibility features giving users the tools they need to protect their privacy even while using mainstream apps and services. GrapheneOS is compatible with nearly every Android app through our unique sandboxed Google Play compatibility layer. We provide substantial defenses protecting devices against compromise by even a sophisticated attacker. Our work benefits billions of users due to our contributions to Android and the Linux kernel.
12/22/2022$12,500,000Clara Lionel Foundation@ClaraLionelFdn is supporting the Clara Lionel Foundation's efforts to help communities prepare for and withstand natural disasters in the Caribbean and its investment in climate justice initiatives in the U.S. and Caribbean.
12/20/2022$1,000,000The Tor Project @torprojecthttps://www.torproject.orgThe Tor Project builds free and open source tools that allow millions of people to defend against surveillance and circumvent censorship every day. #StartSmall's generous contribution will help power efforts to modernize the Tor protocol, build innovative anti-censorship tools, and sustain Tor applications.
12/19/2022$1,000,000The Calyx Institute@calyxinstitutehttps://calyxinstitute.orgThe Calyx Institute's mission is to educate the public about privacy in digital communications and to develop tools that anyone can use to build "privacy by design" into their internet access. By developing encryption and anonymity tools that can help users maintain their privacy, we hope to make online security easier and more accessible for everyone online. Calyx provides unlimited mobile internet hotspots for members, develops the privacy-focused mobile phone operating system CalyxOS, and is one of the largest hosts of Tor nodes.
12/15/2022$1,000,000Signal Technology Foundation@signalapphttps://signal.orgSignal is the world’s most widely used private messaging app. Being able to communicate privately is imperative for a liveable future. To deliver on our privacy promises we invest in development that enables Signal to work according to the dominant norms in the messaging ecosystem, without compromising privacy and security. Our goal is to ensure people all over the world can communicate safely, whether discussing the mundanities of everyday life or topics of existential concern.
11/9/2022$100,000Los Angeles City Stentorianshttp://www.lacitystentorians.orgThe Los Angeles City Stentorians is an African-American firefighter's association dedicated to the professional advancement of its members. The Los Angeles City Stentorians is dedicated to the mission of community service, recruitment of individuals from socioeconomic backgrounds, promotion of diversity within The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), and supportive and professional advancement services offered to its membership.
10/25/2022$400,000Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation @LAFDFoundationhttps://supportlafd.orgLos Angeles Fire Department Foundation supports the Los Angeles Fire Department in protecting life, property, and the environment by providing essential equipment and training to supplement city resources. Since 97% of the city’s annual budget for the LAFD is allocated to personnel expenses, this leaves just 3% to cover the department’s other needs. The LAFD Foundation bridges the funding gap to help keep both the LAFD and the community safe.
9/15/2022$1,000,000Educate!@EducateOrghttps://www.experienceeducate.orgEducate! prepares youth in Africa with the skills to succeed in today's economy. With this funding, Educate! will build and scale skills-education bootcamps for rural out-of-school girls across East Africa. The skills-based bootcamps will equip young women and girls with the tools to start a business, earn an income, and improve their life outcomes. This solution will unlock opportunities for thousands of girls excluded from formal education systems, preparing them to thrive in the informal economy, where 90% of young people are expected to work.
9/12/2022$100,000Dandelion Africa @DandelionAfricahttps://dandelionafrica.orgDandelion Africa is a grassroots innovator on a mission to improve the health and economic well-being of youth and women living in marginalized and rural communities in Kenya. Founded on a model of community ownership, Dandelion Africa takes an innovative approach to community outreach that includes representative community governance across all demographics. This community-led approach has lead to system-shifting impacts in rural and traditionally conservative communities, including reduction in FGM, increased systems of support for survivors of gender-based violence, and expansion in women’s access to reproductive health services.
9/12/2022$800,000Georgetown Law Center on Poverty & Inequality’s Initiative on Gender Justice & Opportunity@gtowngenderjusthttps://genderjusticeandopportunity.georgetown.eduWith this funding, Georgetown Center on Poverty and Inequality’s Gender Justice & Opportunity Initiative, a part of Georgetown Law, will develop trainings, conduct research, and develop policy and practice solutions to achieve race and gender equity for youth. It will contribute to the Initiative’s mission of improving public systems’ support of marginalized girls – from hospitals to police departments to schools -- by uncovering and eliminating discriminatory practices and promoting reform that will allow all girls to heal, learn, and thrive.
7/25/2022$250,000Girls Garage@_GirlsGaragehttps://girlsgarage.orgGirls Garage is a nonprofit design and construction school for girls and gender-expansive youth ages 9-18. Through classes in carpentry, welding, architecture, and activist art, we support and equip a community of fearless youth who are building the world they want to see.
7/6/2022$100,000Ecovillage for Children and Women of Costa Rica Ecovillage for Children and Women of Costa Rica os building a children’s eco-village that offers relief to those who are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and poverty. The doors of the shelter are open to children in Cobano and the surrounding area to provide protection, personal development, and inclusion in a green and healing environment.
7/1/2022$2,000,000Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund@ShawnCarterSFhttps://www.shawncartersf.comThe mission of the Shawn Carter Foundation is to help individuals facing socio-economic hardships further their education at post-secondary institutions.
6/24/2022$1,400,000WACO Theater Center @wacotheater WACO Theater Center is a performing and visual arts organization that presents, commissions, and develops artistic works dedicated to stories of the African diaspora. WACO provides artists and young people a platform and voice to showcase their creativity, in order to connect and inspire others. Founded in 2016, WACO opened its doors to the public in 2017 in the heart of North Hollywood’s Arts District. The state-of-the-art complex includes a 99-seat theater and art gallery and exhibition space. Over its five-year history, WACO has invested in more than 700 artists and 1000 young people in Los Angeles and beyond. WACO is committed to providing a creative center where art can occur and give artists and youth a place to grow their talent and celebrate their artistry.
6/6/2022$25,000,000Resolve to Save Lives @ResolveTSLhttps://resolvetosavelives.orgResolve to Save Lives is a not-for-profit organization partnering with countries, communities, and organizations to prevent 100 million deaths from cardiovascular disease and make the world safer from epidemics. This award will support COVID response and strengthen systems for long-term epidemic prevention, detection, and response with a focus on Africa.
5/10/2022$1,000,000Friends of the Children@FriendsNationalhttps://friendsofthechildren.orgFriends of the Children is a national nonprofit impacting generational change by empowering youth who are facing the greatest obstacles – including experiencing foster care – by pairing them with professional mentors for 12+ years, no matter what. Their successful model is now in 26 locations around the country and expanding, serving thousands of youth and families. This grant will support empowering children and families in rural and tribal communities.
3/21/2022$2,000,000REFORM Alliance@REFORMhttps://reformalliance.comREFORM Alliance is committed to transforming the criminal justice system throughout the United States by changing laws, systems, and culture to create real pathways to work and wellbeing, starting with probation and parole. Instead of keeping people trapped in a revolving door from probation/parole to prison — which costs taxpayers billions of dollars — we are working to move people from the justice system into stability.
3/10/2022$1,000,000World Central Kitchen@WCKitchen Central Kitchen is serving thousands of fresh meals to Ukrainian families fleeing home as well as those who remain in the country.
3/10/2022$1,000,000Sunflower of Peace@SunflowerFundhttps://www.sunflowerofpeace.comSunflower of Peace is providing medical and humanitarian aid that will be used by the paramedics and doctors in the areas that are affected by the violence in Ukraine. They are acquiring and distributing first-aid backpacks, medicine, medical instruments, and other means of survival that are saving hundreds of lives.
3/10/2022$1,000,000Razom, Inc.@razomforukrainehttps://razomforukraine.orgRazom is supporting Ukrainian people in their pursuit of democracy with dignity, justice, and human rights. Razom's crisis relief work in Ukraine includes providing life-saving medical supplies and humanitarian aid, and helping Ukraine rebuild.
3/10/2022$1,000,000Nova Ukraine@novaukrainehttps://novaukraine.orgNova Ukraine, a Bay Area-based humanitarian nonprofit, is providing emergency medical supplies and training for people on the ground in Ukraine. The group is also assisting vulnerable populations that must relocate.
3/10/2022$1,000,000Mercy Corps@mercycorpshttps://www.mercycorps.orgMercy Corps is on the ground in Ukraine, Romania, and Poland, providing funding to local organizations that know their community needs best and working to meet urgent humanitarian needs. They also plan to provide emergency cash assistance and connect people on the move with information, such as where to access basic services, information on safe routes, and their legal rights.
3/10/2022$1,000,000GlobalGiving@GlobalGivinghttps://www.globalgiving.orgGlobalGiving's Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund supports humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions where Ukrainian refugees have fled. GlobalGiving's local partners are bringing relief to terrified and displaced communities, and they need resources to continue their life-saving work.
3/10/2022$1,000,000CARE @CARE has established a Ukraine Crisis Fund to reach four million with immediate aid and recovery, food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support, and cash assistance - prioritizing women and girls, families, and the elderly.
3/9/2022$65,000Family and Child Empowerment Services -San Francisco (FACES SF)@FACESSFhttps://facessf.orgFACES SF provides critical assistance to low-income families citywide, with a focus in the Haight Ashbury, Western Addition, Visitacion Valley, and Bayview Hunters Point neighborhoods in the following areas: early childhood development, workforce training, school-age enrichment programs, and family support services. Over 80% of the families they serve survive beneath the Extremely Low Income Line in San Francisco as determined by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
3/8/2022$1,000,000Facing History and Ourselves@facinghistoryhttps://www.facinghistory.orgFacing History fosters empathy and reflection, improves students’ academic performance, reinvigorates teachers, and builds safe and inclusive schools. By integrating the study of history, literature, and human behavior with ethical decision making and innovative teaching strategies, Facing History’s program enables secondary school teachers to promote students’ historical understanding, critical thinking, and social-emotional learning.
3/3/2022$50,000Black Girls Skate@Blackgirlsskatehttps://www.blackgirlsskate.orgBlack Girls Skate is a growing non-profit agency heightening visibility, increasing safety practices and building equity for BIPOC skaters, entrepreneurs and artists.
3/1/2022$1,000,000Alliance for Safety and Justice's Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice@SafeandJustUSAhttps://allianceforsafetyandjustice.orgCrime Survivors for Safety and Justice– the flagship organizing program of Alliance for Safety and Justice—the nation's largest victims' organizing program in the country advocating for smarter justice policies rooted in prevention, restorative justice, rehabilitation, trauma recovery and community health over more arrests and incarceration.
2/23/2022$25,000CASA-Voices For Children (Benton County)@casa_vfc For Children works ensure the best outcome and future for each abused and neglected child in Benton County, OR by training volunteers to provide advocacy, life skills, and expanding services to help kids thrive. Funding will support programs that ensure inclusive policies and affirming practices, including a new initiative that will increase support of LGBTQ+ foster youth by providing specific education and training to volunteers who will advocate for their best interest in court and beyond.
2/22/2022$100,000Ballroom Marfa@BallroomMarfa https://www.ballroommarfa.orgBallroom Marfa is a contemporary cultural arts space that provides a lively intellectual environment where varied perspectives and issues are explored in art, film and music. This grant will be support and present the work of Ballroom’s artist-collaborators who address pressing issues and galvanize audiences’ imaginations towards varied social justice initiatives and causes.
2/22/2022$2,500,000ARRAY Alliance, Inc.@ARRAYNowhttp://www.arraynow.comFounded by filmmaker and activist Ava DuVernay, ARRAY Alliance works to drive cultural and social justice through film by amplifying and elevating filmmakers of color and women of all kinds, and by deliberately challenging the systems of distribution, arts advocacy, mentorship, grantmaking, inclusive hiring, and education that perpetuate exclusion
2/22/2022$25,000Food Rescue US, Inc.@foodrescueUShttps://foodrescue.usFood Rescue US is committed to reducing food waste and food insecurity in America. Using our web-based app, we engage volunteers to transfer excess fresh food from grocers, restaurants, and other sources that would have otherwise been thrown away to social service agencies that feed individuals and families who are food insecure especially those impacted by COVID-19.
2/22/2022$300,000Black AIDS Institute@blackaidshttps://blackaids.orgBlack AIDS Institute (BAI) is dedicated to ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Black community. BAI is working toward ending AIDS by purchasing a mobile unit that will provide HIV-testing services, linkage to care, and social support to Black communities in Los Angeles. Additionally, BAI will continue to conduct training, offer technical assistance, disseminate information, and provide advocacy mobilization from a uniquely and unapologetically Black point of view.
2/22/2022$55,000Avenues for Justice, Inc.@Avenues4Justicehttps://www.avenuesforjustice.orgAFJ is a community-based non-profit which has kept thousands of court-involved and at-risk youth in Manhattan out of the criminal justice system through post-arrest diversion and pre-arrest prevention programs which provide court advocacy, mentorship, educational and vocational support and life skills workshops. 95% of our participants who successfully complete our program steer clear of crime within three years of enrollment. With support from #StartSmall, ten court-involved participants will receive annual services for court advocacy, educational support, job training, and mental health wellness in AFJ’s program
2/22/2022$750,000ZanaAfrica Foundation@ZA_Foundationhttp://www.zanaafrica.orgZanaAfrica equips adolescent girls in Kenya with the tools they need to safely navigate puberty and step into their potential. Working in Kenya, ZanaAfrica expands access to a proven intervention of rights-based reproductive health education paired with sanitary pads to marginalized girls. We uniquely recognize that this powerful combination is one of the smallest, yet most powerful, hinges to unlock girls' potential and break cycles of poverty.
2/15/2022$1,859,000Private School Axis was founded as a people of color-led nonprofit to remedy the racial disparity in independent schools, in both enrollment numbers and pedagogical and social practice, while simultaneously ensuring that BIPOC students thrive and realize their full potential. Axis partners with independent school communities to facilitate access for students of color and to ensure diverse, equitable, and inclusive educational practices for all.
2/14/2022$75,000Domus Kids, Inc. @DomusKidshttps://www.domuskids.orgDomus builds loving relationships with young people facing adversity, empowering them to pursue their path to self-sufficiency. Domus operates school engagement and workforce development programming for Stamford, Connecticut’s most disengaged and disconnected youth. Through quality, outcomes based programming, we put young people on the path to on time high school graduation and/or employment that leads to a self-sufficient income.
2/10/2022$2,000,000OutRight Action International@OutRightIntlhttps://outrightinternational.orgOutRight Action International fights for human rights and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people everywhere and to eliminate the systemic violence, persecution and discrimination LGBTIQ people face around the world. OutRight conducts groundbreaking research, advocates at the United Nations and beyond, and supports grassroots LGBTIQ activists and organizations in dozens of countries each year. OutRight’s vision is to protect and uplift marginalized LGBTIQ people everywhere by radically accelerating legal and social change globally over the next five years.
1/25/2022$5,000,000Black Feminist Fund@BlackFemFund as the first global hub for Black feminist philanthropy and led by activists from across the African and Caribbean diaspora, the Black Feminist Fund (BFF) significantly increases the resources available to Black feminist movements globally, contributing to strengthening their sustainability and resilience and supporting Black women’s claim and access to resources, including land, food, water, shelter, work and income.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$1,500,000Black Visions@BlackVisionsMN Visions Collective is a Black-led, Queer and Trans centering organization whose mission is to organize powerful, connected, Black communities and dismantle systems of violence. Black Visions Collective is led by the guiding belief that all Black people deserve autonomy, that safety is community-led, and we are in the right relationship within our ecosystems.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$200,000Caribbean Youth Environment Network (CYEN)@CyenjaCYEN is dedicated to improving the quality of life of Caribbean young people by facilitating their personal development and full involvement in environment and sustainable development. CYEN’s work spans addressing youth unemployment, enriching climate resiliency, water resource management, notably their "Stay Alive and Thrive" Climate Action campaign to raise public awareness about the urgent need to mitigate and adapt to climate change across the Caribbean and around the globe.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$2,500,000Center for Popular Democracy (CPD)
@popdemoc Center of Popular Democracy (CPD) champions equity, opportunity and a dynamic democracy in partnership with high-impact base-building organizations, organizing alliances, and progressive unions. CPD strengthens communities' capacity to envision and win an innovative pro-worker, pro-immigrant, racial and economic justice agenda. CPD also runs an Organizing for Environmental Justice Campaign, driving action at the scale and rate needed to address the climate crisis.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$5,500,000Clara Lionel Foundation@ClaraLionelFdn fund Clara Lionel Foundation's justice pillar, which supports organizations on the frontlines fighting for new, equitable systems and policy change.
1/25/2022$300,000Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund (Equity Fund) is building power to stop climate change and create an equitable clean energy future through a strategic multi-state initiative that invests in the leadership and organizing of BIPOC communities, engaging voters through nonpartisan civic engagement campaigns; and winning climate and clean energy policy solutions that reflect the priorities of communities and advance racial, economic, and environmental justice.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$200,000Climate Justice Alliance @CJAOurPower Justice Alliance (CJA) formed in 2013 to create a new center of gravity in the climate movement by uniting frontline communities and organizations into a formidable force. CJA centers around creating a “Just Transition” away from extractive systems of production, consumption and political oppression, and developing resilient, regenerative and equitable economies. The Just Transition places race, gender and class at the center of the solutions equation in order to establish systems change that truly gives back to our communities in a sustainable way.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$300,000Deep South Center for Environmental Justice@DSCEJ Deep South Center for Environment Justice, also known as “The Center,” monitors environmental hazards in neighborhoods and develops strategic advocacy for policies and decisions that prevent and remedy unsafe environmental conditions. The Center also hosts the annual HBCU Climate Change Conference in New Orleans to raise awareness about the disproportionate impact of climate change on vulnerable and marginalized communities as well as prepare HBCU students to become experts and advocates on issues related to environmental and climate justice.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$50,000Girls CARE@GirlsCareJaGirlsCARE is a feminist climate activist movement that aims to create a space that empowers young women to advocate for gender justice in climate action and safeguard the economic, social and environmental rights of women in adaptation and resilience-building efforts nationally.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$100,000Helen's Daughters@HelenDaughters
Helen’s Daughters was born in 2016 out of a call for proposals from the UN Women’s Empower Women Champions for Change Program with the belief that there was a need to support rural women with the use of adaptive agricultural techniques, capacity-building and improved market access. The foundation has grown to support all the individual components of climate justice with a focus on supporting women in agriculture, and building these women’s ability to support themselves through sustainable farming practices.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$100,000HEY Campaign (The Ashley Lashley Foundation)@theheycampaign HEY (Healthy and Environmentally-friendly Youth) Campaign works towards bringing children and youth voices to the core of the climate change movement, with a core focus on child health. The HEY Campaign aims to create a generation of young people committed to adopting lifestyles that are both healthy and environmentally friendly, and leading global advocacy efforts to build inclusive societies where priority is given to life and dignity, not just economic growth.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$500,000Hive Fund for Gender and Climate Justice Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice raises funds and makes grants to BIPOC-led organizations that have historically lacked access to funding and are essential to making progress in addressing intersecting climate, gender, and racial justice crises in the U.S. A majority of Hive funding is awarded to groups in the South, where pollution levels are higher and philanthropic funding levels are lower than elsewhere in the country.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$300,000Indigenous Environmental Network@IENearth builds the capacity of Indigenous communities and tribal governments to develop mechanisms to protect sacred sites, land, water, air, natural resources, health of both people and all living things, and to build economically sustainable communities. IEN accomplishes this by maintaining an informational clearinghouse, organizing campaigns, direct actions, and public awareness, building the capacity of community and tribes to address environmental justice issues, developing policy initiatives, and building alliances among Indigenous communities and allies.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$100,000Integrated Health Outreach@integrated_ihoIntegrated Health Outreach (IHO) strives to develop and implement sustainable, cost-effective, and accessible programs to facilitate community, ecological and social-emotional well-being. IHO’s work prioritizes sustainable agriculture for rural communities with a focus on creating climate smart sustainable livelihoods for women. They combine capacity-building, protection of the environment, mental health, and look for projects for women’s engagement that support this holistic approach.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$1,000,000Movement for Black Lives (M4BL)@Mvmnt4BlkLives Movement for Black Lives (MB4L) is an ecosystem of individuals and organizations creating a shared vision and policy agenda to win rights, recognition, and resources for Black people to live healthy and fruitful lives, having impacts well beyond the Black community. MB4L embodies an intersectional approach to social justice and systems change, spanning five areas: Policy Demands, Organizing & Base Building, Electoral Justice Project, The Rising Majority, and Culture & Resource.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$250,000Native Movement @Native_Mvmt Movement supports grassroots-led projects that align with their vision, that dismantle oppressive systems for all, and that endeavor to ensure social justice, Indigenous Peoples’ rights, and the rights of Mother Earth. They work to push toward a post-oil economy, and an Indigenized Regenerative Economy in Alaska by working with numerous local and state-wide organizations, groups, and individuals to build solutions rooted in an Indigenized worldview, toward healthy, sustainable, & just communities for all. Native Movement also creates a platform for Alaska Native people to pursue storytelling projects on climate justice issues through a filmmakers intensive program.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$500,000NDN Collective@ndncollective Collective is an Indigenous-led organization dedicated to building Indigenous power. Through organizing, activism, philanthropy, grantmaking, capacity-building and narrative change, they are creating sustainable solutions on Indigenous terms. NDN climate justice campaigns support those Indigenous and frontline communities who are leading the way in defending their land, water, and air from contamination, and their people from exploitation and violence.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$100,000The Caribbean Climate Justice Project (Soloricon)@CaribbeanClima1 Caribbean Climate Justice Project seeks to raise awareness and educate broadly on the threats to communities across the Caribbean caused by climate change, and catalyze action on the necessary responses at the household, community, national and regional levels. The Caribbean Climate Justice Project’s work spans over 20 countries, educating communities about the disproportionate impacts of climate change, advocating for systems change on a global scale, and networking to connect Caribbean communities and abroad to optimize impact and promote knowledge and resource sharing.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/25/2022$500,000The Solutions Project@100isNow Solutions Project supports climate changemakers, innovators, and solutionaires at the grassroots level by awarding grants to support grassroots innovation, elevating their storytelling and leadership capacity to increase awareness and their own impact, and connecting them with influential leaders to expand their breadth of work and potential for life changing solutions. They aim to address gender and racial inequities in media coverage and in philanthropy, especially related to climate change and the fight towards climate justice. Since 2015, they have distributed more than $8.5M in grants to 100+ grantees, mostly led by women.
In partnership with Clara Lionel Foundation
1/14/2022$200,000Global Giving Super Typhoon Rai/Odette Relief Fund@GlobalGiving connects nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country in the world to accelerate community-led change. When disasters strike, GlobalGiving quickly delivers funds to organizations that are best-suited to provide emergency relief and long-term recovery for their communities. This grant will support partner organizations led by or focused on women, girls, and other marginalized groups of people impacted by and responding to the overlapping crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and Super Typhoon Rai in the Philippines.
1/13/2022$500,000Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City's Bronx Fire Relief Fund@nycgov January 9, 2022, an apartment building fire in the Bronx took the lives of more than a dozen New Yorkers, including many children, and injured more than 60 others. The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, in partnership with Mayor Eric Adams and The City of New York, is raising money to support victims of this tragic event. This grant will enable the distribution of emergency relief supplies and provide support for the victims and their families.
Total Grant: $1MM in partnership with Jay-Z.
12/7/2021$240,000Associacao Projeto CrescerAssociacao Projeto Crescer is a community-led organization which seeks to decrease violence and promote public engagement in one of the largest favelas in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro’s Jacarezinho. The project focuses on the revitalization of the pillars of their community life: reconstruction of several civic centers, such as the Samba school, two sports centers, residents’ association building, among others. Beyond just reparation, the organization will develop and carry out myriad forms of community programming, ranging from dance and sports lessons, to soccer tournaments, resident association meetings, and educational workshops. All the while, they will employ residents of the favela for construction and programming, strengthening the capacity of local business within the favela.
11/10/2021$750,000National Police Accountability Project@NPAP_NLGhttps://www.nlg-npap.orgThe central mission of the National Police Accountability Project (NPAP) is to promote the accountability of law enforcement officers and their employers for violations of the Constitution and the laws of the United States. The Police Force Accountability Initiative will assist NPAP's nationwide membership in developing and successfully litigating cases for injunctive relief (i.e. court ordered changes to policies, practices, training, and customs). With this program, NPAP will be able to amplify the impact of its members’ work and address patterns of police and jail abuse that do not make national headlines.
9/24/2021$1,000,000B-360 @B360Balthttps://b360baltimore.orgB-360 has been on a mission to utilize dirt bike culture to end the cycle of poverty, disrupt the prison pipeline, and build bridges in communities. #StartSmall’s grant will support the #Ride4Change campaign, the building of a 20+ acre campus accessible to the Baltimore street riding community complete with mobile classroom, dirt bike track, and facilities to house B-360’s educational and community programming. Through culturally relevant programming based on participants' love of dirt bikes, B-360 teaches students the engineering design process and use safe spaces to apply engineering and rider safety. They foster new pipelines to STEM careers and workforce development for young adults seeking an alternative to the criminal justice system.
9/17/2021$776,250DC or Nothing, Inc.@DCorNothingInchttps://www.dcornothing.comDC or Nothing, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that advocates for social justice, equity, and economic inclusion for Washingtonians. Funding will support the “I am a Citizen” initiative, which is focused on the stabilization and empowerment of those District of Columbia residents reentering society from incarceration. This advocacy initiative will push for dignity and full rights restoration for justice involved Washingtonians. In addition, the initiative will address some vital stabilization factors for those District of Columbia residents being released from the Federal Bureau of Prisons who are housed at a halfway house in Baltimore.
9/14/2021$750,000Youth As Resources As Resources, (YAR) is a youth-led grant making, community organizing and leadership development non-profit organization that helps youth address our most critical community and institutional challenges on our own terms. YAR offers employment opportunities for skilled and experienced Board members through Task Force. Task Force members organize our peers to bring about community and institutional change including providing direct organizing, base-building and mobilization around the Board’s issue agenda.
9/9/2021$1,000,000SMART (Schools, Mentoring and Resource Team, Inc.)@thesmartprogramhttps://thesmartprogram.orgFunding will support SMART’s Strategic Growth Initiative, a three-year plan focused on growing the number of students served and the supports provided in a post-pandemic reality. Given the emotional and academic effects of COVID-19, the initiative will also strengthen the academic and social-emotional supports that SMART provides to the growing number of Scholars.
9/9/2021$2,500,000Oregon Justice Resource Center@ojrcenterhttps://ojrc.infoThe Wrongful Conviction Review Project (WCRP) is a program of the Oregon Justice Resource Center (OJRC), an independent organization dedicated to protecting the rights of those impacted by the criminal legal system and preventing and reversing wrongful convictions (manifest injustices, generally, and not just innocence cases). The WCRP will focus on four distinct areas of practice: (1) mass case reviews, (2) forensics, (3) changes in the law and community standards, and (4) non-DNA/forensic causes of wrongful convictions.
9/8/2021$262,600Getting Out and Staying Out, Inc.@GOSONYChttps://www.gosonyc.orgGetting Out and Staying Out partners with people impacted by arrest and incarceration on a journey of education, employment and emotional wellbeing and collaborates with New York City communities to support a culture of nonviolence. Many participants are stymied in their educational goals due to prior experiences of neglect. In order to enroll in High School equivalency programs, they must demonstrate a 9th grade reading level on standardized tests. For formerly incarcerated young men, the median reading score equates to a 4th grade level. This grant supports an evidence-based Literacy Program, attentive to undiagnosed learning differences and incorporating wraparound supports.
9/8/2021$456,995Wilson Center for Science and Justice at Duke Law School@WilsonCSJ_ project, to promote organizing regarding forensics reform as part of police reform, will develop model legislation and regulations to address longstanding deficiencies and unfairness in use of forensic evidence by crime labs, police, and courts. The focus will be three core principles: (1) independence, (2) accuracy, and (3) oversight. Organizing toolkits will set out the problem, relevant terminology, and walk through organizing goals and possible solutions, to show what civil rights are at stake, how unreliable forensics can be, and what concrete steps can be taken to reform forensics.
9/8/2021$1,000,000EPIC (End Poverty in California)https://endpovertyinca.orgEPIC, founded by former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs and formally launching in early 2022, will serve as a hub that brings together local leaders, advocates, policymakers, funders, cultural influencers, and communities to end poverty in California. It will shape and advance narrative strategies and policy solutions that center the voices of low-income Californians and reflect the most critical and timely levers to tackling poverty. The organization will also pilot innovative programs and strategies in partnership with local government and communities. Funding will support its launch in 2022 and implementation of policy priorities.
7/20/2021$4,500,000CAST (Community Arts Stabilization Trust)@CASTSFhttps://cast-sf.orgCAST is leading the development and transformation of a historic San Francisco SoMA building into a vibrant cultural center, arts hub, and incubator. It will house an eclectic mix of music, dance, film, and economic workforce programs, with a focus on serving neighborhood small- to mid-sized arts and culture organizations, especially BIPOC and women-led. This grant will increase the affordability of rent prices, provide subsidies for build-outs, and create a working fund for programming to make 447 Minna Street a truly affordable long-term home for arts nonprofits and cultural entrepreneurs.
7/15/2021$350,000ALIMA USA, The Alliance for International Medical Action@ALIMA_ORGhttps://alima.ngoWith the support of #StartSmall ALIMA is operating a Rapid Response Mechanism aimed at technically reinforcing the teams of the ministries of health during the next waves of COVID-19; to increase the capacity to manage severe and critical cases of COVID-19; to guarantee the availability of oxygen and intensive care medicine; and to strengthen COVID-19 diagnoses in the main reception and admission facilities for respiratory emergencies in areas with the highest virus transmission and associated mortality in 13 sub-Saharan African countries.
7/1/2021$535,000Afro Charities, Inc.https://www.afrocharities.orgAfro Charities builds bridges across generations and socioeconomic divides through artistic and educational projects that are often inspired by the AFRO American Newspapers’ archives. As a nonprofit partner to the AFRO, we help care for their archives, and create meaningful opportunities for our community to engage with this indispensable resource. This grant will support the preservation and digitization of Afro Charities’ extensive photo collection, and will help build new tools to increase access to these images.
6/30/2021$250,000Girls With Impact@GirlsWithImpacthttps://www.girlswithimpact.orgGirls With Impact operates the nations’ only live, online entrepreneurship academy for young women 14-24. Designed to increase women in the C-suite, its mini-MBA equips girls with the tools, skills, and confidence to be tomorrow’s business leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. Girls With Impact filled a key gap during Covid – with proven, online education – and now this funding will advance its mission to scale and train 100,000 young women. Over 60% of graduates are of color. The program has served women in all 50 states and 11 countries.
6/30/2021$1,000,000Mandy's Farm@MandysFarmNMhttps://mandysfarm.orgMandy’s Farm assists individuals with developmental disabilities in achieving their goals for living, learning, and working in the community. Through Mandy's Farm programs, individuals with a wide range of disabilities are able to gain access to lifelong educational opportunities, vocational training, therapeutic activities, equitable employment, transition services, and supportive housing. Mandy’s Farm work includes services for young women with developmental disabilities, who often go undiagnosed or under-diagnosed within the disability community, and are proportionally offered fewer services, especially as they transition into adulthood. Funding will support the organization’s increased costs associated with COVID-19, including PPE, technology infrastructure, and staffing.
6/30/2021$65,000Unlimited Potentialhttps://www.unlimitedpotentialclub.orgUnlimited Potential improves the quality of life in the inner cities of Philadelphia and Baltimore through teaching arts, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. Unlimited Potential provides mentoring to at-risk youth to improve high school graduation rates and lifetime earnings.
6/29/2021$250,000DrawTogether@drawtogetherhttps://www.drawtogether.studioDrawTogether is a first-of-its-kind art making show that uses drawing to empower social emotional learning for kids across the globe, and partners with schools and organizations to provide resources for connected creativity. Hosted by illustrator Wendy MacNaughton, the screen comes alive, supporting kids to build skills and mindsets they need to thrive, and providing educators and parents with tools to spark imagination and inspire learning. As COVID-19 interrupts kids’ schools and schedules, exposing them to sky-high stress levels, DrawTogether provides programs and tools to help kids process their emotions, and help them hope, cope, and heal - while having a lot of fun
6/29/2021$500,000Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center, Inc. (LYRIC)@lyricsf’s vision is a diverse society where LGBTQQ youth are embraced for who they are and encouraged to be who they want to be. This grant will be used to provide direct services for 100 LGBTQQ youth survivors and youth at risk of violence annually; and provide capital funding for LYRIC’s facility expansion and renovations to ensure that our youth have the renewed, more functional, healing-centered, restorative spaces they are requesting to come together and support each other - especially in the wake of personally disruptive traumas experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.
6/28/2021$500,000AfricAid, Inc.@AfricAidhttps://africaid.orgAfricAid works to improve the standing of women in society through robust, locally-led mentorship initiatives that cultivate confidence, improve academic and health outcomes, and promote socially-responsible leadership skills. In close partnership with our locally-led sister organization, we support mentorship opportunities that help secondary school girls in Tanzania complete their education, develop into confident leaders, and transform their own lives and their communities. Girls who participate in these mentoring programs are more likely to graduate, seek higher education, outperform peers on standardized tests, and have the confidence, resilience, and leadership abilities to reach their goals in school, and in life.
6/28/2021$3,000,000Council on Criminal Justice@CouncilonCJhttps://counciloncj.orgThe Council on Criminal Justice works to advance understanding of the criminal justice policy choices facing the nation and build consensus for solutions that enhance safety and justice for all. Independent and nonpartisan, we are an invitational membership organization and think tank, serving as a center of gravity and incubator of policy and leadership for the criminal justice field. Harnessing the experience and vision of the nation’s top experts, innovators, and influencers, we are a catalyst for progress based on facts, evidence and fundamental principles of justice
6/25/2021$750,000Accountability Counsel@AccountCounsel Counsel amplifies the voices of communities around the world to protect their human rights and environment. As advocates for people harmed by internationally financed projects, Accountability Counsel employs community driven and policy level strategies to access justice. Accountability Counsel focuses on a high-leverage point of influence – the accountability offices tied to international investments – to support communities in using their own power to demand justice on equal footing with corporations and institutions. This grant will support Accountability Counsel’s regional growth plan with a vision of strengthening accountability ecosystems in every world region.
6/10/2021$897,000Civic Eagle@civic_eaglehttps://www.civiceagle.comCivic Eagle believes every person has a right to transparency: the ability to see the workings of power around us such that we can lend our voices and shape how power is exercised. This grant will help Civic Eagle create that transparency — scalable NLP generated insights into legislation impacting menstrual equity, voter protection, and justice; and data-backed digital content to provide every person a clear understanding of the workings of power in and around our communities
6/7/2021$300,000Black Girl Film School Company@BlackGirlFilmS1https://www.blackgirlfilmschool.comBlack Girl Film School is a collection of media experts and below the line crew all with one common goal of increasing the number of Black women working in the industry behind the camera. They deliver their film school curriculum online and keep the learning experience 100% free to the learner. Their programs specialize in film production areas behind the camera focused on STEM and STEAM learning for girls 13-17 years old.
6/2/2201$500,000Upsolve@upsolvebk https://upsolve.orgUpsolve empowers low-income and working-class families to access their civil legal rights and overcome financial distress at scale, using technology, education, and community. To date, Upsolve has relieved over $350 million in debt. #StartSmall's support will help Upsolve reach more underserved communities in the wake of COVID-19.
6/1/2021$1,300,000Empower Work@empowerworkhttps://www.empowerwork.orgEmpower Work is on a mission to create healthy, equitable workplaces where people are supported, valued, and empowered. Empower Work helps underserved workers thrive ensuring they have the support, information, and resources to navigate complex work challenges - via technology. Empower Work’s support improves economic security and mental health for women and women of color in particular. With support from #StartSmall, Empower Work is expanding key resources and improving tech infrastructure along with expanded marketing and outreach to change the lives of 50,000 historically marginalized workers.
5/25/2021$480,000Think of Us@ThinkOf_Ushttps://www.thinkof-us.orgThink of Us (TOU) operates as the R+D lab for child welfare. We take on strategic - and opportunistic - projects with the goal of causing “good trouble” and, ultimately, driving concrete, structural changes in policy, practice, resource flows, power dynamics, relationships and mental models. Their ultimate goal is to integrate Lived Experience at every level, ensuring everyone touched by the system has the conditions they need to Heal, Develop and Thrive. This grant will support TOU’s work across the ecosystem of current and former foster youth, child welfare workers and policymakers to Spark, Support and Drive to systematically center lived experience.
5/25/2021$105,000Artistic Noisehttps://www.artisticnoise.orgArtistic Noise brings the power of artistic practice to youth who are system-involved and others throughout the community. Their Harlem based Art and Entrepreneurship Program provides youth with the opportunity to learn artistic techniques in different media, study contemporary artists working with issues of social justice, and produce an independent body of work throughout the year. In addition to their art curriculum, the A&E program centers around workforce development by providing fundamental job skills and a weekly support stipend to our youth.
5/19/2021$150,000Youth Represent, Inc.@YouthRepresenthttps://youthrepresent.orgYouth Represent is dedicated to improving the lives and futures of young people affected by the criminal justice system. A conviction, an arrest, or even a simple interaction with police can have lasting consequences for young people, threatening the stability they need to thrive. When our justice system creates barriers to success for youth, we use the law—either through direct services of policy reform—to help them leave the stigma of a criminal record behind. This grant will be used to improve the lives and futures of young people by providing legal and social support for youth, 24 and under, after involvement in the criminal legal system.
5/19/2021$750,000Youth INC@YouthInc_NYChttps://www.youthinc-usa.orgYouth INC's network of nonprofit partners serves over 300,000 New York City young people each year. Funding will support Youth INC's COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, which provides needed resources to help nonprofit partners navigate the unprecedented challenges they are facing at this time.
5/19/2021$250,000WriteGirl, a project of Community Partners@WriteGirlLAhttps://www.writegirl.orgWriteGirl will be building on its 20 years of successfully presenting creative writing and mentoring programming for teens in the greater Los Angeles area by launching a national program: WriteGirl National. This national program allows us to offer WriteGirl creative writing and mentoring programs to underserved teen girls throughout the U.S., offering them writing education and tools for developing self-esteem and voice. The pilot program will be anchored around cities/hubs where there is both a great need for creative empowerment for youth, as well as a lack of sufficient arts education programming.
5/19/2021$3,460,000Yerba Buena Center for the Arts@ybcahttps://ybca.orgCentering artists as essential to social and cultural movement, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) is reimagining the role an arts institution can play in the community it serves. Funding will support artists living and working in the City of San Francisco during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, YBCA is serving as the implementer for the first-ever Guaranteed Income Pilot for artists—a critical step towards building a sustainable economic floor for the artists in our communities and for gaining an understanding of new models for achieving economic security for all. With #StartSmall’s investment YBCA will expand this Pilot, with a twofold goal of learning the impact in the lives of participating artists and the impact in their communities.
5/13/2021$1,000,000Worth Rises@worthriseshttps://worthrises.orgWorth Rises is an advocacy organization dedicated to dismantling the prison industry and ending the exploitation of those it touches, namely Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. The organization works to expose the commercialization of the criminal legal system, advocates to protect and return the economic resources extracted from affected communities, and organizes to remove the power of the prison industry. Through its work, Worth Rises strives to pave a road toward a safe and just world free of police and prisons.
5/10/2021$250,000Aim High for Hgh School@AimHighProgramhttps://aimhigh.orgFunding will help to expand Aim High’s free summer learning program and close the widening academic and opportunity gaps that have emerged due to COVID-19. Grounded in a welcoming community where every kid feels seen and supported, Aim High gives students the confidence to succeed in high school and beyond. Aim High’s multi-year summer enrichment program empowers middle schoolers from low-income neighborhoods, igniting their love of learning and yielding real results.
5/10/2021$10,000,000CARE @CARE CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. This grant will support CARE's urgent action to help address the deadly second wave of COVID-19 infections devastating India. Funds will be used to supplement government efforts by setting up temporary COVID-19 care centers; providing oxygen, PPE kits, and other critically needed emergency supplies for frontline health workers; and addressing vaccine hesitancy and helping ensure that people get vaccinated, particularly in remote, marginalized communities in India.