SAVMP Year 4
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Would you like to be a mentor or a mentee?
Current Position (2016-2017 School Year)
Years in Current Role?
If you are a mentor, what would you say are your professional strengths?If you are a mentee, areas of leadership are you most interested in learning about?Email address:Location:Twitter HandleBlog URLVoxer IDWhy are you interested in this program? What are you hoping to gain from this experience?
Divya Nagpal MenteePrincipal One year How to lead a school effectively ?divyanagpal@gisd.orgGalveston/TX@dnagpal123divya2012.blogspot.comI want to help students and teachers through the knowledge I gain from this collaboration.
Dominique TeasleyMenteeAssistant Principal (2016-2017)1Relationship building , student achievement Louisburg, NC@domteasleyN/Adteasley_apI am hoping to gain insight from more seasoned administrators and learn about effective leadership strategies.
Adam WelcomeMentorDirector of Innovation - former Elementary Principal1Social media, blogging, edtech, school culture, having fun, edupressureadamwelcome@gmail.comLafayette, CA@awelcomeadamwelcome@blogspot.comawelcomeI've done it before - love helping other admins!
Jessica CabeenMentorElementary Principal5early learning, PBIS, PLC, Self-Care for staff (and self) had just a blast last year and want to help make connections for others!!
Jim CorderyMenteeTeacher Leader (aspiring admin)17Would like to become a
New Jersey/USA
@jcordery am looking for some new ways to increase my market-ability. I have been trying to obtain an admin job for a few years. I am looking for some interaction/support to step up my game.
Rachael Postle-BrownMentorElementary Principal5Building school community, communicating with stake holders, teacher growth Rbrown@jpsonline.orgJenison, MI@PostleBrownPinewood blog.comLearning from each other
Jessica JohnsonMentorPrincipal9Leading with a coaching mindset, leading 1:1 iPad initiative, digital tools for productivityprincipaljohnsonj@gmail.comjuneau@PrincipalJPrincipalj.netJjohns6603I've enjoyed previous years of this :)
Damenion MillerMenteePrincipal1dame5593@gmail.comwinona, txany available support
Lindsy StumpenhorstMentor3-5 Principal2technology, culture buildinglstumpenhorst@sps5.orgFranklin Grove@lmstumpmccloud9.wordpress.comlstump905Connections!
Damian BariexcaMentorSupervisor of Ed Tech & Related Arts2tech integration, distributed leadership, relationship building, curriculum/
Perkasie, PA USA
@_drdamian'm interested in helping aspiring admin train up.
Jay PosickMentorPrincipal of Merton Intermediate School (5th-8th grade)10Relationship building/ sharing school story/ putting kids
Merton, WI, USA
@posickj'd like to give back!
Mike GreenwoldMentee5th Grade3MTSS, school discipline/restorative justice,
New Baltimore, MI
@x95greenyFinishing up masters degree in Admin this year. Love to learn about what goes on in other districts.
Ben BarthMenteePrincipal, Elementary PK-52Communication, curriculum, time
Warrensburg, Illinois, USA
@BenjaminRBarthBrbsolaGuidance, support
Andrew BroereMenteeElementary Principal1Staff development
Schaumburg, IL
@AndrewBroerewww.andrewbroere.comandrewbroereI am continually interested in the perspectives and history others bring to the table.
Nathan BurchMenteeAssistant Principal2Building leadership in staff, effectively promoting change, supporting struggling
St Louis, Missouri, USA
@nateburch63I believe the best way to improve is to associate with people have knowledge and skills that I would like to have. I want to be pushed and my ideas and norms challenged. There are so many smart educators and I would love to learn from them.
Betsy GomezMenteeElem principal5Instructional leadership, vision
Lincoln, NE, USA
@betsygomez03Different perspectives/leadership styles that are different from my own
Shervette Miller-PaytonMenteeAssistant Principal1Performance
Atlanta Georgia USA
@atlteacherRemembertheclassroom.WordPress.comAtlteacherCommunication strategies for motivating adults, especially low performers
Julissa Alcantar MartinezMenteePrincipal - HS
3 at this campus, 10 middle school
Helping others use technology to help disadvantaged kids level the playing field (ESL, spec Ed, dyslexic, autistic, 504)Jalcanta@houstonisd.orgHouston, TX@diegojulissaDrAlcantar To work smarter not harder and learn from someone who gets it and wants to help me improve. I want to be proficient and train my staff to use resources at their fingertips
Allyson ApseyMentorElem principalThreeRelationships, problem solving, conflict resolution,
Zeeland, Michigan
@allysonapseyAllysonapsey.wordpress.comAllysonapseyLearning together as we support each other, share what I have learned with someone else and be enriched professionally in the process
Jeannie Mayer MenteeElementary Principal SecondBalance, going from good to great, pbis Menahga, MN@jeanniemayer01I am always looking for new ideas and learning opportunities. I also don't know what I don't know and am hoping someone can push me.
Bridget JustissMenteeAP
This will be year 4
Influence, empowering others, leading change bridget.justiss@rockwallisd.orgRockwall, Texas@bridgetleadsI am eager to connect with others to share and learn new ideas.
Tiawana GilesMentorAssistant Principal
2 years, previous admin 2.5 years experience
Building teacher capacityOnly a mentor
Richmond Virginia
Tiawanagtiawanag.wordpress.comTgilesI was a mentee with NAESP and the experience was amazing. I want to provide that same leadership for first year assistant principals and aspiring admins.
Bill ChaplinMenteePrincipal - Shepherd Hill Regional High SchoolFirst YearIncreasing my 21st Century Focus -Educational Leadership, Relationship Building, Connecting with
Dudley Massachusetts
@chappy8611Past several years of connection with my developing PLN on Twitter has been amazing. This program will only enhance this and continue my connection with other educational leaders
Betsy Graham MenteeMS Principal1AllBetsy.graham@popcs.orgDallas, TX@betsygrahamInsight, networking, add a PLC
Vicki DayMentorElementary Principal17Instructionsal leadership, family and community engagement, change management, you name itdayscvic@gmail.comGouverneur, NY@VictoriaL_Day'm interested to help and share my experiences as well as grow as an educator. I always enjoy giving back and I also want to utilize my NAESP Mentor training. 😉
Emily ClareMenteeHS principal1Transforming Ed, teacher to be connected to other educators; someone to share ideas with that is in similar role
Duane KlineMentorHS principal15Building culture, hiring well:)
Owenton, Kentucky
@duaneklineI don't remember 😊I'm always looking for ways to give back to my profession, and to improve my own practice-twofer!
Tasha AndersonMenteeInstructional Coach and Administrative Intern1 monthBuilding effective school cultures.Tasha.Anderson@questar.orgAlbany, NY
Tander04782I am hoping to grow my PLN and connect with other educators to continually develop as a leader.
Nick ProudMentorPrincipal4I have had admin experience in the PK-9 system, an I am a passionate leader that leads a building of over 630 students. My strengths lie in building a school community of high expectations, designing and leading professional learning, growing adults in their abilities to work with kids, and overall positive and inspired leadership. proud.nick@iowacityschools.orgNorth Liberty@Nick_Proud love to learn, grow, and share with others and this sounds like a great opportunity to do so.
John FitzmauriceMentorDean of Students119 years experience as elementary school principal and 32 years in edcuation. Technology, Instructional Techniques, Classroom Management, Programming, Spirituality, Goal Setting.
Saint Clair, MI USA
@Deacon_FitzI am interested in helping new principals in their first or second year with their needs.
Susan SchneidenbachMenteeAdministrative Internthis is the first!Everything! I am brand new.susanmschneids@gmail.comSt. Charles, MOmrs_schneids
I am hoping to share and connect with other school leaders in order to broaden my perspective and deepen my understanding of school leadership.
Paul S. Haughey, Ed.D.MentorPrincipal
1 as Principal (26+ years in education)
Instructional leadership, curriculum, instruction, and assessment; special education; English Language Edcuation; Diverse Learners; counseling services; budget & financial planning;
Blackstone, MA USA
@pshaugheypshaugheyPaying forward the field of Edcuation and leadership development
Tim BaynesMenteeAssistant Principal2Implementing PBIS in a middle school and evaluating veteran staff as a young
Issaquah, WA, USA
MrBaynes1tbayn425i am hoping to meet a mentor (or mentors) from beyond my community to learn from others experiences in their own schools. I would also like to expand my own virtual community to meet others doing the same work around the country (and world).
Lynn ColonMentorPrincipal3School Culture, ESOL, Literacy, Early Childhood Colonlx@pwcs.eduNorthern VA@TheColon_sLcolon4811help other engage in social media and get better
Andy FuehrMenteeElementary Principal (3-5 building)2PLOs done in house, scheduling, family-school connections, courageous conversations, empowering teachers to be leaders
Kalamazoo, Michigan
@mrfuehrmrfuehr.blogspot.comGain knowledge from experienced administrators
Liz GardenMentorElementary Principal4connected educator, blogging, professional development, literacy, ed
Groton, MA, USA
principalgardenI enjoyed collaborating and encouraging Rachel Peck last year in this program! Want to continue to connect with other leaders!
Jess ColbyMenteeAssistant Principal of a K-2going into 1stEverything! Specifically increasing use of tech as communication and also thoughtful integration of tech/coding in curric, as well as finding my way in teacher eval/feedbackjessica.colby@gmail.comBedford, MA@colbyj133hoping to begin bloggingstill signing up
I'm most interested in this program because I do not think my district will have support for some of the more innovative ideas I continue to learn about through twitter chats, although they will support efforts esp around technology etc. I'm a reflective person that needs time and space to work through ideas in my head and get lost in my thoughts- to this end I think having a mentor that is different from my principal will allow me that space and feedback for reflection and growth.
Faith TrippMenteePrincipal 0Inspiring staff, collaboration, parental involvement
West Islip, New York
She_is_a_trippShe_is_a_TrippI am hoping to create a PLN comprised of veteran administrators
David WolffMenteeHS/MS Secondary School Principal 0Refining my instructional leadership while learning about building level managment
White Earth, Minnesota
@wolffdavid11www.davidwolff.weebly.comWolffdavid11I am an educational leader that aspires to be a school administrator; I believe that this would provide a 'neutral' opinion and support as I continue to search for a administrative position as well as build a network of other leaders.
Steve PietrolungoMentorPrincipal
14 years as a secondary Principal
Idependent Studies, maker space, digital learning social media
Simi Valley, CA USA
@DrMVPsimivalleythink its a great program and want to continue to grow my PLD and to help out others
Carmen Maring MenteeMs principalFirst yearFirst year leading ideas
Kalamazoo, mi, USA
Dr_maringExternal administrator with successful experience to draw on and bounce things off of
Derek BramanMenteePrincipal Pre-5First Year!Critical conversations,
Grandville, Michigan, USA
@derekbramandbramanThis is my first year as an elementary principal in a small district (1 elem 1 middle, 1 high school) and can use all the support I can get!
Claire GiardinoMentorPrincipal K-63Trying new things, innovation cgiardino@athenscsd.orgAthens, OH@cgiardino3eastelemacsI want someone to push me to be a better leader, I want to learn, and have connections
Paul McGuireMentorprincipal K-66digital technology, communication, team-buildingpaul.mcguire@ocsb.caOttawa@mcguirp way to connect to others - great learning experience. Have done this before and enjoyed it.
Ryan SheehyMenteeElementary Principal1st YearOverall
Concord/ California am hoping to build connections and continue my growth as a leader. I am coming from a high school where I was a VP. Now being an elementary principal, I will be facing many new challenges.
Steve HernonMentorPrincipal4Strategic planning/thinking, Family Engagement, Technological Innovations, researched-based decision making, Early ChildhoodStevehernon@gmail.comNew York, NY@stevehernonN/aHoping to learn to be a better leader through mentoring.
Aqila MalpassMenteeMath Coach3K-5 Math InstructionELL, ESOL, Equity in the Diverse School/
Hoover Alabama
@teachonpurposeTo grow as an instructional leader
christy postMenteeAsst Principal ElementaryThis is 6thI want to build my skills so I can prepare for a principal role. I also want to learn more about being a virtual leader with twitter, etc for my staff.christypost9@gmail.commystic, want to learn new ways to become a stronger leader for my students and staff and to help more clearly define my own leadership philosophy.
Nicola BentonMentorPrincipal (K-12)2Building a collaborative team using
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
@NicolaBenton2http://mfmchugh.edublogs.orgnbento574Networking and sharing with other educators; sharing best practices; collaborating on projects that enrich the curriculum through the use of technology
Cherryl PaulMentorDirector of organizational Improvement5Fostering collaboration, listening, balance process relationships for results, nurturing the whole learnerCherryl_paul@gmail.comArizona@Cherryl_paulSupport others along their continuous improvement journey
Charles MorganMentorHigh school principal8Knowledge of running of large suburban high school. Academic leadership, program support, diverse community, high achieving academics, performing arts, and athletics.N/
Walled Lake, Michigan
@PrincipalMorganN/AN/ATo mentor additional educators interested in becoming an administrator and to continue to expand my community through technology.
Laura JennaroMenteeMiddle School Principal (7-8)2Culture, communication and
Milton, Wisconsin USA
@Laura_Jennarowww.heartsandmindslearn.wordpress.comlaura_jennaroSince moving into administration I have felt very isolated. My superintendent tries to meet regularly with me which is helpful, however I would like to connect with other successful administrators to learn other perspectives.
Patricia HuberMentorElementary Principal3Servant leadership, culture, building human capacity
Goliad, Texas, United States
PMoyaHuberpatriciahuber professional growth, networking
Aaron ElseMenteePrincipal3Coaching, technologyelsea@friscoisd.orgFrisco, TX@PrincipalElse I can learn from someone ---that is all I want to to do...learn!
Katie McFarlandMentorDirector of PD and Inst. Tech4Creating personalized learning experiences for staff, integrating technology into planning, organizing and event planning, facilitation skills, creating edcamp style PD, Special education with focus on Co-Teaching
Canandaigua, NY
@katiemc827Kmcfar358I am excited to share my areas of strength w others and know I will learn a great deal from a men tee as well. My field doesn't offer this so I'd love to help grow admins interested in this type of non-traditional admin track.
Roy BishopMenteePrincipal 1 year New principal
Grosse Pointe, MI
@rbishop_jrrjr739378I would love the opportunity to bounce ideas off other people.
Michelle BarshMenteeElementary Instructional Specilist/Coach3Aspiring elementary school principal
Milford, Michigan
@michellebarshmichellebarsh.blogspot.comI would love to be in touch with an elementary principal willing to mentor and share first few years of the position! Thank you for doing this!!
David England MentorElementary Principal10Social & Emotional Learning | PBIS | System design | Data analysis | engldavi@ifschools.orgIdaho Falls, IDl8David8ll8David8lGrow as an administrator, explore new ideas, help others
Kimberly KalemMenteeLearning Technology Coordiator4 yearsLeading change, inspiring colleagues to grow, coach in the classroom, data driven lessons, want to be principal
Chenango Forks, NY
@kimkalemKkalem815I enjoy growing professionally and enjoy reflecting with colleagues. I would guidance with steps to become a principal. What should I achieve in current role for this path?
Elizabeth Castillo-Guajardo
MenteePrincipal 1Sustaining culture: academic improvement
Houston, TX, USA
RGVReaderLeader Lcasti8584Grow and develop as a leader
Mike Leander MentorPrincipal5Building teams, community, student focusedMleander823@gmail.comBarre/Ma USA @mleander23Mleander823.comMleand266Connections and ideas
Jason GribbleMentorElementary Principal5Tech, PD, PLN, current trendsjgribble@riverviewschools.comRiverview, Mi@forestprincipalGribExpanding my PLN
Jeffry PrickettMentorMiddle School Principal14Building culture and community, dealing with parents, instructional leadership, student
McHenry, IL, USA
@jdprickett cannot wait to learn with other admin around the country! As we lead, we learn so much from others!
Jessica TorresMenteeAssistant Principal0School Improvement, Teacher Growthjtorr3grade@gmail.comWaco, TX@owl_b_torresedu am hoping that this program provides me the opportunity to learn from others experience and discuss my experiences as a first year administrator.
Todd SchmidtMentorPrincipal4building positive relationships, staff development, creating a positive school
Corona Del Mar, CA
@tsschmidtytsschmidty.blogspot.comtsschmidtyI did this last year and found the experience extraordinary. I was even able to meet my partner at the NAESP conference this past July in National Harbor, MD!
Jessic HutchisonMentorElementary School Principal5Building Relationships with staff, students, & parents, organizing all that needs to be tackled tjhutchison@comcast.netGlenview, IL@HutchJessicajesshutchWhether on the mentor or mentee end, so much is to be gained by simply connecting with others! Life as administrator can feel lonely and connecting with others is critical to keeping sanity, gathering ideas, and building a supportive mass. I have loved connecting with groups on Voxer and know this will be another way to give and to get from the profession! Thanks :)
Kristin Rhodes MenteeAssistant Principal4Impacting school climate, building relationships with staff students and families, leading change in a building
Fort Mill, South Carolina
Grow professional network, gain innovative ideas to use at my school
Heather LeonardMenteeelementary school principal
going into my 4th
building culture - shifting mindsets - pushing instructional practices
I'm looking to get open and honest coaching/critical feedback/ideas to help shift my building and staff to a collaborative learning environment where risk taking by adults is expected and adult behavior and attitudes are positive and engaging - the way we expect our students to behave together. I have a few personal mentors, but am excited about the potential of utilizing social media means to partner with somebody willing to talk through and puzzle through the challenges of the role being a principal!
Travis ShillingsMentorPrincipal2Collaboration, communication, flexibility, student centered leadership, and reflective practioneer
Raleigh, NC 27615
Tshillings am hoping to build my continued growth as a school leader through mentoring, asking questioning, reflecting on best practices and continued growth
Sandy ChambersMentorPrincipal 12Positive attitude, flexibility, willingness to support Schambers@wcpss.netRaleigh @drsandychamberswww.drsandychambers.comschamb009Just enjoy supporting others
AldoMentorPrincipal22Tech and Organizationaldo.calcagno@simivalleyusd.orgSimi Valley, CA@AldoCalcagnowill set upI wish help others
Geniene DelahuntyMentorEL Coordinator (District Administrator)1Creative ideas for problem solving, building relationships, keeping vision in mind through tasks.'ve had a great network of support along the way to being an administrator. I want to pay it forward!
Demetrius BallMenteeAssistant Principal 0Time management, and culture building
Oakland, California
@Demetrius_Ballwww.howhidball.edublogsDemetrius_BallI want to be a great administrator and I think I can approach that goal with some support. I do not have a peer that I can meet with/bounce ideas off in my building, so I need a sounding board for my experiences and ideas.
Melanie FarrellMenteeInstructional Technology Facilitator7Communication and
Cary, North Carolina
@MelanieCFarrellmelaniecfarrellI'm looking to grow my PLN. Relationships are paramount to becoming a successful administrator.
Diane CarreiroMentorSchool Principal6Educator Evaluation, building school culture, problem solving, relationship buildingdcarreiro@middletonps.orgMiddleton, Ma@CarreiroFM had an amazing mentor when I began, and I was so grateful for that experience. I was lucky that my district paid for this professional development for me. I know other educators are not that lucky. I want to give back to other new principals who may need the support.
Heidi HutchisonMenteeAssistant Principal This is my first!Keeping the motivation to continue to blog, model digital citizenship for other admin, teachers and parents without "threatening" these same people to push them away.hhutchison@friendsbalt.orgBaltimore, MD@HeidiHutchisonhttps://communicateconnectsupport.comheidihutchison I am always interested in learning so that I can be the best servant leader I can be. If I continue to feed and pursue my passion as an educator, I model for my community my beliefs and hopefully inspire others. Happy admin->happy teachers->happy students->happy parents!
Joanie ValentineMentorMiddle school principal Five yearsCollaboration, creativity, student-driven, change agentJoan.valentine@edison.k12.nj.usEdison NJ@j_valentine25Being an administrator is hard work! It's always nice to have an objective set of eyes and ears to lend a hand!
JameyMenteeVP1Assertiveness and Communication
North Bay, ON, Canada
@mrjameybyersHttp://jameybyers.comNetworking and hearing different perspectives.
Susan BuchananMenteeAsst Principal1Engaging teachers and studentsSab69@comcast.netWestfield, MAI have seen many great ideas on Twitter & I want to learn as much as I can as I'm an aspiring Principal.
Lynnie Brooke ClemensMenteePrincipal 1Getting everything done!, GA @lynniebrookelynniebrookeIt's my first year! I need help with management, prioritizing, and life balance.
Chris MillerMentee
Personalized Learning and Instructional Technology Coordinator
0District Administration, Vision, Coaching,Crmiller530@gmail.comMilwaukee, WI@mrcrmillerwww.mrcrmiller.comMrcrmillerGrow as a leader, have someone non-evaluative to talk to/ask questions/ask for advice/bounce scenarios off of
Martne McCoyMenteeElementary Principal8Getting into classrooms more and providing effective feedback, managing time better to engage with students and staff more, using technology to connect for my own PLN and communicate the awesome things that are happening, growth mindset, increasing a digital footprint and how I can blog for either my own Prof. Learning and/or for my school. Right now I have ideas, created a blog with a colleague, but haven't taken the dive to do it.10324@kaneland.orgElburn, IL@McCoyEdumartnemI am interested in getting a bunch of different ideas and thoughts to connect to others.
Nathan KroptavichMenteeGrade 6-12 Orchestra Teacher
1st year (Worked in Elementary Music/Orchestra for 13 years)
Time Management/Organizational Skills; Creating, Communicating, and Executing
Clarks Summit, PA
@kroptavichkroptavich.wordpress.comkroptavichI am currently in a Master's program in Ed Leadership, and my goal is to be a principal. I hope that, by being part of this program, that I will be able to move beyond textbook material and connect with wisdom of other educational leaders.
Charles RossMentorPrincipal7School Culture, Vision, Logistics, EvaluationCharles.ross@edison.k12.nj.usEdison, NJ@RossEducationNJI find by helping others I better understand my own practice and like to broaden my perspective as a way to maximize the quality of change in my school
Allison TaylorMenteeElementary Principal0Balancing
Three Rivers, Michigan
@TRCSprincipalAlearnersreflections.blogspot.comAtaylo77367I would really like to make connections with other admin outside of my district so I can learn new things.
Joni StevensonMenteeK-12 Principal0Communication, school
Cascade, ID, USA
@Joni7665http://thewolverineteacher.worpress.comjoni7665I need skills, ideas, and people to bounce idea off of throughout my first few years of being principal at a PK-12 School. I am in a rural, small town in central Idaho and don't have easy access to other principals.
RoxanneMenteeCurriculum Director/Assistant Superintendent2.3EverythingRdorrie@hotmail.comAmherst MAHell
Joe ReimannMenteeElementary Principal 1The role of principal, reflection and addressing weaknesses, balanceReimanj@gischools.orgGrosse Ile, MI@joe_reimannjoe_reimannLooking for someone to bounce ideas off of and help me when something seems big and isn't, and vice versa
Jacqueline Iseler Mentee50% elementary principal 50% SLP1Budget, referendum, balance as part time, leading PD and advicejiseler@sasd.netSheboygan, WI@jacqspeechA PLN
Jake PedersonMenteeDean of Students1Inspirational leadership, tech & innovation implementation, instructional leadership, organization,
St. Michael, MN, USA
@jakepedersonjakepedersonMaximize position responsibilities, grow PLN, bounce ideas & ask for advice
Eric EwaldMentorEle. Principal
5th yr as a principal; first year in current role
I want to learn more about implementing tech to allow Ss to create, giving Ss opportunities to code, setting-up makerspaces and genius hours, etc.Ewald.eric@iowacityschools.orgIowa City, IA@EricEwald_Iowa w/ more like-minded educators; learn new things to benefit my school site
Kas NelsonMentorElementary Principal9Modeling, communication, collective decision-making, using SM to share about our school, Being visible throughout school, preserving teachers' time, and positivity.knelson@vicischools.k12.ok.usVici, OK, USA@kasnelsonaprincipalspace.wordpress.comKasnelsonHoping to gain a connection with another leader so we can share, grow together and push each other as learners and leaders. I want to learn new ideas for innovation and supporting innovative teachers.
Courtney ParkerMenteeElementary Principal1More effective PLCs, ommunication w/
Forney, Texas, United States
@thecourtneypContinued learning to grow as a leader! I would absolutely love to collaborate with someone outside of my small and rural district! If you aren't growing, you are dying and I'm passed the survival stage of the principalship and ready to grow!
Rachael SedeynMenteeTeacher3Working on my EdD in EdTech
Jackson, NJ, USA
@biztechteach13A different perspective from a mentor that is not in my educational program.
Cyndi NickelMentorElementary Principal6Relationship building, teacher leadership, communication
Walled Lake, MI
@CyndiNickelI enjoy giving back to our profession. I also want to push myself to beginning blogging & incorporating more technology. This experience will allow me to grow as well.
Stan KoterbaMenteePrincipal0Balancing all the demands of being a building
North Bloomfield, Ohio
@stankoterbaLooking to have someone outside of my world help me with being a principal. Sone one to bounce ideas off of and colleborate.
Diana BIxbyMenteeelementary principal1instructional leadershipdbixby@dvsd.orgShohola Panetworking with other principals. Learning more about elementary administration
Sue TonnesenMenteePrincipal K-53Balance and well being, connecting and motivating stonnesen@sd62.bc.caVictoria, BC@suetonnesenI am hoping to connect with other leaders and to grow as a person passionate about kids and education!
Rebecca RoperMenteePrincipal2nd yearcreating/leading a school to create a school mission,
Sandston, VA, USA
@roperrlrroperrlrAlthough I use Twitter and Voxer, I'd like to become more connected and develop relationships with other leaders.
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