Augmented Reality
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1LiveEdu.tvhttp://www.liveedu.tvLiveEdu is a decentralized learning ecosystem that teaches people how to build complete products in future technological fields.Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cyber Security, Education, Software Engineering, Training, Video, Video Streaming, Virtual RealitySan Francisco, California, United States
2Vuzixhttp://www.vuzix.comVuzix is a supplier of video eyewear products in the consumer, commercial, and entertainment markets.Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Eyewear, MobileRochester, New York, United States
3WayRay develops AR technologies for vehicles of the future.Augmented Reality, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Electronics, NavigationLausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
48th Wallhttps://www.8thwall.com8th Wall XR is an AR platform that works on all commonly available iOS and Android phones and integrates with ARKit and ARCore.Android, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, iOS, Mobile, Virtual RealityPalo Alto, California, United States
5Sphero bridges the gap between the real world and the virtual world with its smartphone-controlled robots.Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Gaming, Robotics, SoftwareBoulder, Colorado, United States
6Blipparhttp://www.blippar.comBlippar is a technology company specializing in augmented reality, artificial intelligence and computer vision.Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Education, Image Recognition, Mobile, WearablesLondon, England, United Kingdom
7Rokid is an innovative technology company specializing in robotics research and AI development.Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Human Computer Interaction, RoboticsHangzhou, Zhejiang, China
8Escher Realityhttp://www.escherreality.comEscher Reality is building the backend of AR.Augmented Reality, Computer, Developer APIs, SoftwareSunnyvale, California, United States
9Leap Motionhttp://www.leapmotion.comLeap Motion is a software and hardware company developing 3D motion-control technology for virtual reality and additional platforms.Augmented Reality, Hardware, SoftwareSan Francisco, California, United States
10ObEN is an AI company that creates complete virtual identities for consumers and celebrities in the emerging digital world.Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Internet of Things, Speech Recognition, Virtual RealityPasadena, California, United States
11Magic Leaphttp://magicleap.comMagic Leap is a proprietary wearable technology that enables users to interact with digital devices in a completely visually cinematic way.Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Software, Video, WearablesPlantation, Florida, United States
12Metahttp://www.metavision.comMeta's mission is to build natural machines that seamlessly unite the real world with the virtual world.Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Eyewear, Hardware, SoftwareSan Mateo, California, United States
13HoloBuilderhttp://www.HoloBuilder.comHoloBuilder is the fastest and most insightful solution for construction teams to document construction projects with 360° image technology.3D Technology, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Building Maintenance, Civil Engineering, Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Enterprise Software, Industrial Engineering, Project Management, SaaS, Smart Building, Software, Software Engineering, Virtual RealitySan Francisco, California, United States
14Fyusion applies 3D computer vision and machine learning expertise to make images as intelligent as they are beautiful.3D Technology, Android, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Automotive, E-Commerce, Enterprise Software, iOS, Machine Learning, Virtual RealitySan Francisco, California, United States
15Reality Reflection Reflection creates the most immersive and fun to play VR games.Augmented Reality, Information Services, Information Technology, Virtual RealitySeoul, Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, South Korea
16Augmedixhttp://www.augmedix.comAugmedix is a service, powered by Google Glass, that allows doctors to focus on what matters most: patient careAugmented Reality, Health Care, Hospital, MedicalSan Francisco, California, United States
17Cappasityhttp://www.cappasity.comCappasity is a cloud-based platform that lets online stores easily create and deliver 3D, VR and AR shopping experiences3D Technology, Augmented Reality, B2B, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Machine Learning, Shopping, Virtual RealitySanta Clara, California, United States
18Vayyar provides sensors for various applications ranging from breast cancer screening to detecting water leakage, safety monitoring etc.3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Mobile, Semiconductor, Virtual RealityYehud, HaMerkaz, Israel
19DAQRIhttp://daqri.comDAQRI is professional-grade AR. We build the AR platform that empowers you solve the most meaningful problems.Augmented Reality, Enterprise Software, Hardware, Internet of Things, WearablesLos Angeles, California, United States
20WITHIN (VR/AR) is a virtual reality and augmented reality media and technology company.Apps, Augmented Reality, Software, Virtual RealityLos Angeles, California, United States
21Lumushttp://www.lumusvision.comLumus enables users to view video and data content by wearing the LOE technology-based see-through wearable displays.Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, WearablesRehovot, HaMerkaz, Israel
22uSens develops inside-out hand and position tracking technology for augmented and virtual reality3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Human Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Robotics, Virtual RealitySan Jose, California, United States
23Reach Roboticshttp://www.reachrobotics.comReach Robotics is creating the next gaming platform by fusing Robotics, Gaming and augmented realityApps, Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Robotics, SoftwareBristol, Bristol, City of, United Kingdom
24NGCodechttp://NGCodec.comNext Generation Video CompressionAugmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Video, Virtual Reality, WirelessSunnyvale, California, United States
25Upskill (formerly APX Labs) provides wearable technology to connect hands-on workers from the factory to the warehouse to the jobsite.Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Software, WearablesHerndon, Virginia, United States
26Atheer is the pioneer of AiR (Augmented interactive Reality) computing.3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Data Visualization, Delivery, Hardware, Health Care, MobileMountain View, California, United States
27Mirahttp://www.mirareality.comMira is a mobile augmented reality company that aims to enhance the way people interact with technology and with each other.Augmented Reality, Business Development, Hardware, Service IndustryLos Angeles, California, United States
28Aveganthttp://www.avegant.comAvegant creates light field displays for augmented and mixed reality.Augmented Reality, Virtual RealityBelmont, California, United States
29ODG (Osterhout Design Group)http://www.osterhoutgroup.comODG is the leader in extended reality smartglasses, delivering AR, MR & VR solutions & experiences to customers in enterprise and industry.Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Eyewear, Hardware, Mobile Devices, WearablesSan Francisco, California, United States
30Airahttps://aira.ioInstant Access to InformationAssistive Technology, Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, WearablesLa Jolla, California, United States
31Marxenthttp://marxentlabs.comThe Leader in Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality for Furniture RetailersAugmented Reality, Furniture, Home Decor, Mobile, Retail, Software, Virtual Reality, VirtualizationDayton, Ohio, United States
32Pixvana, Inc.http://www.pixvana.comPixvana, Inc. builds video delivery software that focuses on virtual reality and reality augmentation.Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Digital Media, Software, Video Streaming, Virtual RealitySeattle, Washington, United States
33Merge Labs VR is creating system that will make virtual reality accessible from your favorite smartphone.Android, Augmented Reality, Computer, Consumer Electronics, Information Technology, Mobile, Virtual Reality, Wearables, WirelessSan Antonio, Texas, United States
34STRIVRhttp://www.strivrlabs.comThe world leader in using VR to train individuals and improve performance. Learn faster and more effectively with the power of immersive VR.Augmented Reality, Enterprise, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Software, Sports, Training, Virtual RealityMenlo Park, California, United States
35Streem Inc expertise for the world around you.3D Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Home Services, Machine LearningPortland, Oregon, United States
36DITTO.com is an eCommerce site for designer eyewear with patented technology where the right pair comes to you like magic.Augmented Reality, E-Commerce, EyewearSan Francisco, California, United States
37Lightformhttps://lightform.comLightform is the first computer made for projected augmented reality.Art, Augmented Reality, Digital Signage, Hardware, Internet of Things, Software, Virtual RealitySan Francisco, California, United States
38Augmenthttp://www.augment.comAugment is an augmented reality platform that allows users to visualize 3D models in real time and the real environment at scale.3D Technology, Augmented Reality, E-Commerce, MobileParis, Ile-de-France, France
39Recon Instrumentshttp://www.reconinstruments.comRecon is the world leader in smart eyewear and smart goggle technology for sports and high intensity environments.Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Health Care, Sports, WearablesVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
40Digilens manufactures HUD holographic projection systems, laser projectors, and transparent displays.Augmented Reality, Innovation Management, Manufacturing, Product DesignSunnyvale, California, United States
41Lampix is an augmented reality device that transforms flat surfaces into interactive displays.Augmented Reality, Human Computer Interaction, Internet of Things, Smart BuildingNew York, New York, United States
42WaveOpticshttp://www.enhancedworld.comWaveOptics is a global provider of pioneering Augmented Reality waveguides offering exceptional picture quality in flexible form factors.Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Nanotechnology, Virtual Reality, WearablesAbingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
43LetinAR Co., Ltd.https://letinar.comLetinAR develops the innovative Augmented Reality (AR) optical solutions.Augmented Reality, Hardware, Virtual Reality, WearablesSeoul, Seoul-t'ukpyolsi, South Korea
44ScopeAR is an augmented reality training solutions provider.Augmented Reality, Software, TrainingEdmonton, Alberta, Canada
45Uru computer vision and other AI to help brands understand and leverage all the visual content being created today, in real time.Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Natural Language Processing, VideoNew York, New York, United States
46TechSeehttp://www.techsee.meTechSee builds smart visual platforms that enable service providers to interact with the customer via a live virtual channel.Augmented Reality, Communications Infrastructure, Mobile, VirtualizationHerzlia B, Tel Aviv, Israel
47Infinity Augmented Realityhttp://infinityar.comInfinityAR’s technology can turn any device into a powerful content augmentation platform.Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Enterprise SoftwarePetah Tiqva, HaMerkaz, Israel
48Against Gravity Gravity is an augmented and virtual reality software company based in Seattle, Washington.Augmented Reality, Software, Virtual RealitySeattle, Washington, United States
49Lucidhttp://Lucidcam.comLucid develops the next level of dual camera technology to enable VR and AR content creation in 3D through real-time/cloud image processing.Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Hardware, Photography, Software, Video, Virtual Reality, WearablesSanta Clara, California, United States
50Neurable creates brain-enabled control directed towards virtual and augmented reality.Augmented Reality, Human Computer Interaction, Virtual RealityCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
51The Future Grouphttp://www.futureuniverse.comTransports the TV studio inside a computer game engine, allowing people in front of the camera to interact with objects in a virtual worldAugmented Reality, TV Production, Virtual RealityOslo, Oslo, Norway
52Pimax VR develops and creates 4K and 8K VR headsets.Augmented Reality, Consumer Electronics, Virtual RealityShanghai, Shanghai, China
53SKULLY Reality Motorcycle HelmetsAugmented Reality, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Public Safety, WearablesSan Francisco, California, United States
54roOomy's patented 3D/AR/VR technology brings your listing, home and décor to life with fast, scalable 3D modeling and rendering services.3D Technology, Apps, Augmented Reality, Home Decor, Interior Design, Real Estate, Retail Technology, Virtual RealitySan Jose, California, United States
55Apprentice.iohttp://apprentice.ioEnterprise augmented reality for complex lab and manufacturing environmentsAugmented Reality, Computer Vision, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Software, WearablesJersey City, New Jersey, United States
56Zapparhttp://www.zappar.comZappar is a clever little app that can see and recognise images and objects in the world around us.Augmented Reality, Mobile Apps, Virtual RealityLondon, England, United Kingdom
57Virtualitics provides data visualization in virtual reality and augmented reality environments.Augmented Reality, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Software, Virtual RealityPasadena, California, United States
58Seedlinghttp://www.seedling.comSeedling is a Los Angeles-based, award-winning, digital and creative play company.Augmented Reality, Toys, Virtual RealityLos Angeles, California, United States
59Aurora AR compact augmented reality glass with ultra wide FOV, novel functions from brainwave emotional tracking to physical sensing.Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Biotechnology, Electronics, Hardware, Manufacturing, Optical Communication, Semiconductor, SoftwareSan Francisco, California, United States
60LocusLabshttp://locuslabs.comLocusLabs provides the most information-rich indoor location platform in the world for mobile, smart building and AR applications.Augmented Reality, Indoor Positioning, Internet of Things, Location Based Services, Mapping Services, NavigationOakland, California, United States
61Branding Brandhttp://www.brandingbrand.comBranding Brand is a mobile IoT platform that powers app, web, and in-store experiences for enterprise retailers.Apps, Augmented Reality, B2B, B2C, Developer Tools, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Enterprise Software, Internet of Things, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Retail Technology, Web DevelopmentPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
62Membit Inc.http://www.membit.coPatented location based Augmented Reality featuring Human Positioning System social/mobile AR for the massesAdvertising Platforms, Apps, Augmented Reality, B2C, Brand Marketing, Computer, Computer Vision, Digital Entertainment, Digital Marketing, Emerging Markets, Geospatial, GPS, Image Recognition, Internet, iOS, Location Based Services, Mobile Apps, Outdoor Advertising, Photo Sharing, Photography, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Social Network, Software, Virtual Reality, VirtualizationNew York, New York, United States
63Augmatehttp://www.augmate.ioAugmate and Augmate Connect provide the leading device management platform using distributed ledger technology.Augmented Reality, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Enterprise Software, Ethereum, Internet of Things, Mobile Devices, Software, WearablesNew York, New York, United States
64ImmersiveTouch is a software technology company that develops virtual reality, augmented reality and haptic technology solutions.Augmented Reality, Big Data, Health Care, Information Technology, Machine Learning, Medical Device, Virtual RealityChicago, Illinois, United States
65Paracosmhttp://paracosm.ioParacosm develops mobile 3D scanning, progress monitoring, and visualization solutions to help construction teams build better, faster.3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Real Estate, Robotics, SaaS, SoftwareGainesville, Florida, United States
66CGTraderhttp://www.cgtrader.comCGTrader is the fastest-growing 3D design marketplace for VR/AR, 3D printing, and computer graphics professionals.3D Technology, Augmented RealityVilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania
67Meograph, Inchttp://www.meograph.comWe make world class media creation products which push technical boundaries and delight consumers.3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Consumer, Digital Entertainment, Digital Media, Generation Y, Generation Z, Media and Entertainment, Millennials, Mobile Apps, Virtual RealitySan Francisco, California, United States
68Arraiy is a computer vision and machine learning platform for creators, film, AR, VR and game makers.Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Virtual RealityPalo Alto, California, United States
69Augmented Pixelshttp://augmentedpixels.comComputer vision, SLAM, 3d mapping for mobile devices, robots and drones.Advertising, Android, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Drones, Indoor Positioning, iOS, RoboticsPalo Alto, California, United States
70Go Touch VRhttp://www.gotouchvr.comOur wearable revolutionize the way you interact with virtual reality, with a real touch sensation, precise tracking and unmatched design.Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Virtual World, VirtualizationLille, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
71Sensopiahttp://www.sensopia.comSensopia offers MagicPlan, an app that automatically measures, draws and publishes floor plans based on photos taken with and iOS device.Augmented Reality, Mobile, Real EstateMontréal, Quebec, Canada
72Eonite Perception Inc.http://eonite.comEonite Perception is a 3D mapping and tracking company on a mission to enable machines to understand the real world.3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Virtual RealityPalo Alto, California, United States
73castARhttp://www.castAR.comcastAR offers a gaming system that provides a 3D holographic view.Augmented Reality, Video Games, Virtual RealityMountain View, California, United States
74Pluto VR VR offers shared presence communication through virtual and augmented reality technology.Augmented Reality, Internet, Online Games, Social Media, Video Conferencing, Virtual RealitySeattle, Washington, United States
75Penrose Studios creates augmented and virtual reality storiesAugmented Reality, Film, Film Production, VideoSan Francisco, California, United States
76iStaginghttps://www.istaging.comiStaging makes it easy and affordable to turn objects and spaces into immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences.Augmented Reality, Consumer Software, Enterprise Software, Information Technology, Interior Design, Real Estate, Software, Tourism, Virtual RealityTaipei, T'ai-pei, Taiwan
77GoMetahttp://gometa.ioCreate amazing thingsAugmented Reality, Developer Platform, Mobile Apps
78NantMobile's vision is to apply state-of-art sensory technologies to the mobile environmentAugmented Reality, Mobile, SoftwareCulver City, California, United States
79wrnchhttp://www.wrnch.AIwrnchAI is a software platform to digitize human motion and behaviour from standard video.Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Image Recognition, SoftwareMontreal, Quebec, Canada
80Camera IQ IQ is a camera experience manager platform.Augmented Reality, Marketing, SaaSSanta Monica, California, United States
81Seismic Gameshttp://seismicgames.comSeismic Games is a studio that develops games for Facebook, iOS and Android devices.Augmented Reality, Mobile, Video Games, Virtual RealityLos Angeles, California, United States
82Curiscope is a UK-based augmented and virtual reality content company.Augmented Reality, Digital Entertainment, Education, Gaming, Virtual Reality, VirtualizationBrighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
83Sturfeehttps://www.sturfee.comBuilding world's first cloud based Visual Positioning System using geospatial signatures to localize camera devices for AR, Cars, RoboticsArtificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Mobile, RoboticsSanta Clara, California, United States
84Layarhttp://layar.comLayar designs and develops mobile augmented reality browsers and interactive print tools.Augmented Reality, Browser Extensions, MobileAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
85Looking Glass Glass brings living pieces of digital space into the real world.3D Technology, Augmented Reality, Digital Media, Human Computer Interaction, VideoBrooklyn, New York, United States
86Astral AR, LLChttp://www.astralar.comWorld's most advanced drone piloting system. Legendary safety & speed, with telepresence.Aerospace, Augmented Reality, Drones, Electronics, Emerging Markets, GovTech, Humanitarian, Internet of ThingsAustin, Texas, United States
87HaptXhttps://haptx.comHaptX is a leading haptics company that brings realistic touch to virtual reality for the first time with HaptX Gloves.Augmented Reality, Hardware, Human Computer Interaction, Motion Capture, Virtual RealitySeattle, Washington, United States
88LogoGrabhttp://www.logograb.comLogoGrab is an image recognition technology provider for detecting logos and SKUs in images and videos.Augmented Reality, Brand Marketing, Computer Vision, Image RecognitionDublin, Dublin, Ireland
89ChannelSighthttp://www.channelsight.comChannelSight's B2B SaaS eCommerce platform enables brands, publishers and broadcasters to generate new revenue streams from digital contentAdvertising, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Big Data, Brand Marketing, Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Internet of Things, Lead Generation, Predictive Analytics, SaaS, Virtual RealityDublin, Dublin, Ireland
90Viewdlehttp://viewdle.comViewdle is a mobile-focused visual analysis company creating computer vision and recognition technologies for consumer products.Analytics, Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, MobilePalo Alto, California, United States
91The Glimpse Group Glimpse Group, a Virtual and Augmented Reality company comprised of multiple VR and AR software & services start-ups.Augmented Reality, Virtual RealityNew York, New York, United States
92Fantasmo.iohttp://www.fantasmo.ioMapping the entire world in 3D for Augmented RealityAugmented Reality, Mobile, RoboticsLos Angeles, California, United States
93Byondhttp://www.byondvr.comByond provides a fast, easy, and intuitive web-based VR publishing platform.Augmented Reality, Information Services, Information Technology, Virtual RealityNew York, New York, United States
94RealView Imaging Imaging is introducing the world’s first 3D holographic display and interface system, initially for medical imaging applications.Augmented Reality, Health Care, Virtual RealityYoqne`am `illit, HaZafon, Israel
95Flyby Mediahttp://www.flybymedia.comFlyby Media develops next-generation consumer mobile social applications that connect the physical world with digital content.Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, Internet, Location Based Services, Mobile, Social Media, VideoNew York, New York, United States
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