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DefinitionStatusSee Also
Official (as used in Dictionary)
If a word, phrase, or term is cleared for organized play or other forms of play and has no objections or concerns as determined by the official rules judges and deciders, then it is Official.Official
Under Review (as used in Dictionary)
Anytime a word, phrase, or term is being looked at by the official rules judges and deciders, that term is marked Under Review. If the word, phrase, or term applies to something during organized play, then rules will be distributed to local event spaces for judges and enforcers to enforce. There is no limit on these terms being used as-is in casual play and of course house rules can be determined how any player wishes.Official
Deprecated (as used in Dictionary)
If a word, phrase, or term has been overruled or otherwise found to not be useful to the game and shouldn't be used in official play (organized or otherwise), then it is Deprecated and should be ignored, except for house rules.Official
AdjacentWhen an entity is next to another. On the Field, an entity is adjacent to another entity if it occupies any of the 8 squares surrounding another entity.Official
Advancing / AdvanceAny action or effect that results in a unit changing position from one square to any square adjacent to where the unit originally started.Official
AreaA group of squares defined by a certain shape. Often a rectangle written like “a 2x3 area.”Official
ArmorA set of directional icons that, when resolving an attack, reduce incoming Force to half.OfficialBarrier, Weakpoint(s)
Attacker / Attacking entityAny card that is making an attack against another.Official
AuxiliaryCards used as proxies or stand-ins for other types of cards. Mechanically they work the same as the type that they stand-in for. Usually, these are added to your side-deck at the beginning of the game and if/when they are defeated, they go back to the side-deck.Official
BarrierA special type of armor, blue in color, and reduces all attacks from a certain side to zero.OfficialArmor, Weakpoint(s)
BaseThe area immediately behind a player’s Home Row. It is one, always-targetable square.Official
CardinalA term used for the group of North, South, East, and West directions.Official
Casting / CastA term used for playing a spell.Official
CleaveIf a unit (mostly if not always melee) has the ability Cleave, it performs multiple simultaneous attacks with the same attack power (or Force) as its base Force value. So, a unit with 2 Force and Cleave will hit the 3 squares in front of it each with a 2 Force attack.Official
CollisionA trigger that happens anytime a unit is pushed to an occupied square or the edge(s) of the field. (Collision X: deal X damage upon collision.)Official
ColumnA group of squares stretching across the entire depth (not width, see Row) of the field.OfficialRow
Command PointsAlso written as CP, this is one type of resource often spent for units & structures.Official
ConstructingA term used for playing a structure. Similarly, deconstructing is when a structure is removed from play or discarded.Official
ControllerA player who at this point in time can directly determine the actions of an item or card. Phrases like “you control” or “under your control” mention this type of player status.Official
CorpsA subgroup of the Phoenix Legion that relates to certain combat styles. Helps determine what a card is particularly good at.Official
Damage (calculation)When resolving how much damage to deal to an entity or player, always round up when faced with other damage modifiers or mitigators – unless otherwise specified.Under ReviewArmor, Weakpoint(s), Barrier
Damage Reduction / DRThe amount that one must reduce damage that would be dealt to an entity. DR 1 means that every time damage is dealt, 1 damage is removed during resolution.Official
DeckAll non-structure, non-auxiliary cards that a player has.Official
Defeated (pile)All of the cards a player has discarded, or those that were defeated or used up.Official
Defeated (status)Whenever an entity takes damage equal to or greater than its Health, it is considered defeated.Official
Defender / Defending entityAny card that is being attacked by another.Official
DisarmedThe status effect on a card meaning that it cannot perform any sort of attack.Official
EnemyUsed interchangeably with opponent or opposing entity.Official
EntityAny card in play on the field. Can also be used for targetable players.Under Review
ExertedThe status effect on a card after it has performed an action causing it to not be able to use some abilities, attack, or do major actions.Official
ExpelThe action of removing an item or card from the game.Official
FactionA group or nation that a card belongs to.Official
FieldThe battlefield on the game board.Official
Following phase / "Following"The “following” phase or thing is the second iteration (or instance) of that phase or thing.OfficialNext, Phase, Turn, Round
ForceA card’s attack power; use this to calculate damage dealt during the resolution of attacks.Official
HandThe group of cards a player has in-hand.Official
Hand LimitThe maximum number of cards a player may have in-hand at the end of a turn.Official
HardpointA special structure that other structures can be built on top of. Damage may be dealt to a player via a player’s Hardpoint.Official
Health / HPThe amount of damage a unit can take before being defeated. Unless healed, damage stays on a card.Official
Home RowThe first row of the field immediately in front of a player’s Base.Official
If ... hasAny "if [condition], entity has" phrase means that the effect or ability is subject to toggling based on the existence or meeting of the condition. Example: a unit has the following ability: "if there are 3 friendly units in play, this unit has 'Exert; Target adjacent unit gains +2 Shield.'" - that means the unit with the ability will be able to use the ability if and only if 3 friendly units are in play; as soon as there are 4 or 2 (or anything else that isn't exactly 3) friendly units in play, then this unit does not have that ability.Under Review
ImmobilizedThe status effect on a card meaning that it cannot perform a move action.Official
KeywordA word used to label a card. These are used in certain mechanics and rules in the game.Official
Life Points / LifeSimilar to Health, but for a player. If brought to zero, a competitive game is over!Official
LimitedA deckbuilding restriction: 2 copies only.Official
Mana BurstThe amount that must be paid from a player’s Max Mana Points to pay for certain cards.Official
Mana PointsAlso written as MP, this is one type of resource spent on all types of cards.Official
Max Command PointsAlso written as Max CP, this is the maximum amount of CP a player has.Official
Max Mana PointsAlso written as Max MP, this is the maximum amount of MP a player has.Official
MoveThe number of squares a unit may move into during a unit’s move action.Official
Move actionA type of unit action where a unit can move from one square on the field to another, adjacent square on the field. Every movement from one square to another adjacent square costs 1 Move point. So, a unit with 2 Move can move through and/or into 2 squares as long as with each movement, the origin and destination squares are adjacent to one another.Official
Moving / MoveAdvancing a unit, during a unit's move action, from one square to any square adjacent to the square the unit originally started in.Official
Necrotic (usually for tokens)A status effect where an entity that would have been defeated stays in the field - and should it be damaged in any way again, it goes to the defeated pile.Under Review
Undeath, Defeated (pile), Defeated (status)
Next phase / "Next"The “next” phase or thing is the one immediately after the current phase or thing.OfficialFollowing, Phase, Turn, Round
OutnumberedWhenever one player has deployed more units than the other. The other is considered Outnumbered.Official
OwnerAny player who started the game with an item or card under their control is the owner of that item or card.Official
PacifiedThe status effect on a card meaning that it cannot do anything that could deal damage.Official
PhasePart of a turn where a player may perform certain actions in a specified order.Official
PlayerAny person currently playing a game.Official
Pushing / PushAdvancing a unit from one square to any square adjacent to the square the unit originally started in. Pushing may result in a collision.OfficialAdvancing, Shifting, Moving
RangeA min-max range determining the number of squares away from a unit that it can target other things. Melee (units with a "crossed-swords" symbol/icon) units can only attack things in the square directly in front of them.Official
ReplaceSending a card out of the game and placing a card in hand in the same position the first card had been. The new card retains all status effects, damage-dealt, and other characteristics that the original card had. When replacing a unit with a unit of a higher Tier, pay the difference in Supply (Max Command Points).Under ReviewUpgrade (Tech units)
RoundPart of the game covering a set of turns starting with the first-player and ending with the last- or final-player’s turn. OfficialTurn, Phase
RowA group of squares stretching across the entire width of the field.Official
ScrapA special resource used for particular mechanics, many of which are found on cards associated with The North Faction.Official
SetThe group of cards available in a release.Official
ShieldThe amount that a card can absorb from any attack. Remove Shield tokens per point of damage dealt to a card. Then, if there is 0 Shield remaining, damage is dealt to the card’s Health.Official
Shifting / ShiftAdvancing a unit from one square to any unoccupied square adjacent to the square the unit originally started in.Official
SideAny of the 8 sections around a card’s edge.Official
Side-deckAll structure and auxiliary cards that a player has.Official
SquareA single space on the grid of the field.Official
StrategicAnything that can only be played or brought into effect during its controller’s turn.Official
StunnedThe status effect on a card meaning that it cannot do anything at all for a period of time.Official
SupplyThe amount that must be paid from a player’s Max Command Points to pay for a unit.Official
TacticalAnything that can be played or brought into effect at any time during a game.Official
TargetSomething that is currently-selected to potentially have an effect put upon it.Official
TargetedAn adjective used for anything that currently has an effect on it or that currently is the target of something else.Official
TierGenerally, this is the power-level of a card.Official
TokenA marker used for counting or tracking.Official
TrackerA specially-crafted dial system for counting current and maximum resources.Official
TurnPart of a round where any player performs their actions in the start, action, and end phases.OfficialRound, Phase
Undeath (usually for tokens)A status effect where an entity that would have been defeated stays on the field - and its Health/HP is completely refreshed to full, and should it be defeated again, it then goes to the defeated pile.Under Review
Necrotic, Defeated (pile), Defeated (status)
UniqueOnly 1 copy allowed on the field per player.Official
Upgrade (Tech units)Upgrading is similar to replacing a unit on the field - upgrading is a particular featured mechanic for structures, some Tech typed units, and similar entities. Usually, some condition or cost is met or paid and then a player may swap one card out for another. The original card is, usually, expelled (removed from the game).Under ReviewReplace
Weaken XThe status effect on a card meaning that it has -X reduced Force. For example, if a unit started with 3 Force, Weaken 1 would reduce the unit's Force to 2 Force.Under Review
Weakpoint(s)A set of directional icons that, when resolving an attack, double incoming Force.Official
PierceIf a unit or structure or anything performs an attack or deals damage via a Pierce action, effect, or attack, the attack ignores the defending unit's armor (standard armor, not barrier). So, if a unit (let's say) attacks another unit with a Pierce attack of 3 Force, the defending unit's armor is ignored when computing damage against it from this attack; 3 damage will be dealt to the defender (unless of course another effect is applied!)Under Review
Knockback XKnockback X is the ability to push a unit based on the direction of an attack, usually if not always a melee type attack. The X is the number of squares a unit gets pushed in a certain direction.Under Review
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