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Assistant.to is a personal scheduling assistant that completely transforms the process of scheduling a meeting for both organizer and participant. Book meetings with one email. No back & forth. No double bookings. And it's free!
Aurora schedules for complex problems more effectively and quickly than traditional scheduling systems, using artificial intelligence
Boomerang Calendar Calendar lives where your schedule does - inside your email. It's right there to help you, with the AI automatically noting your free/busy status when an invitation comes in.

You don't need to leave your inbox, and you certainly don't have to copy and paste all the meeting details since Boomerang Calendar can intelligently parse them directly from the email.
CalendarWiz offers everything organizations need in one calendar. One link to share. One click to update everyone.
Calendlyhttp://calendly.comAt Calendly, our mission is to create simple, beautiful scheduling software that delights and makes life easy for business professionals and their customers. We help our customers save time, sell more, sell faster and provide speedy customer service by eliminating email and phone tag for scheduling meetings and appointments. There is calendar integration that checks your Google or Office 365 calendar for conflicts, so you're never double-booked and adds new events to your calendar.automatically. Another feature is a simple, modern interface that impresses and delights invitees with an elegant design and smooth experience. As well, it is fully optimized for all devices - Phone, tablet or desktop—you and your invitees can use Calendly anywhere, from any device. There are also notifications that automatically email custom confirmations and reminders to invitees while retaining privacy and control. You can set buffer times between meetings, prevent last minute meetings, create secret event types and much more. There is also team scheduling to display your team's availability on one convenient page and automatically email custom confirmations and reminders to invitees.
Congregar makes it easy to pick the best date for your event, by asking participants to indicate their availability from the options you offer.
DayViewer Powerul, easy to use online diary for businesses and professionals to plan, schedule tasks and coordinate projects in teams.
Doodlehttp://www.doodle.comThe scheduling tool you'll actually use. Find a date for a meeting 2x faster
GatherGrid the best event time for everyone with no registration required.
genee.me Genee what kind of meeting you want to have, approximate dates, the attendees and Genee does the rest.
Magically sync calendars. Genee confirms all appointments and informs attendees of the best time and place to meet.
Rescheduling is easy. Conflicts with scheduled meetings are inevitable. Genee makes rescheduling seamless and simple.
Google online calendars designed for teams

Spend less time planning and more time doing with shareable calendars that integrate seamlessly with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites and Hangouts so you always know what's next.
HyperOffice Web Calendar schedules anywhere online. Set up unlimited group calendars with color coding, meeting invites and more.
Jiffle you schedule meetings automatically by selectively and securely sharing your calendar with the people you need to meet.
Kyber, project management, collaboration for Slack & iOS
Kyber helps individuals, teams, small businesses to increase productivity and make things happen by natively integrating Slack with calendars, to-dos, reminders
Lucid Meetingshttp://www.lucidmeetings.comAn end-to-end platform for designing, running, and continuously improving the business meetings that power your organization's success.
Meekan the World’s Calendars
Our flexible time scheduling engine matches everyone’s calendars in seconds.
Pinpoint the best times to meet, schedule a service, reserve a hotel or book a flight
Meet-O-Matic World's Simplest Meeting Scheduler
Meetin.gs Meeting Scheduling. Let others schedule meetings with you. Integrate your calendar and fine-tune your availability. Share your personal scheduling page on your email tagline or on a website.
Meeting Plannerfind a linkScheduling within outlook or the web for conference rooms, offices, equipment, video conferencing, catering, facilities and more!
Meeting Wizard your meetings and events with ease
Put an end to email and telephone tag - free software
Meetings powered by Spruce mobile, interactive presentations, create meeting agendas, upload media, and privately share with clients, prospective clients, board members, or co-workers.
MeetVibehttp://meetvibe.comPlan get-togethers with clients by eliminating the back and forth required to find a mutually convenient time and location.

Anyone who uses an iPhone® and schedules appointments can benefit from the convenience of MeetVibe. It can take upwards of seven emails over two-three days for two people to find a commonly convenient meeting time and location, resulting in wasted time and missed opportunities. With MeetVibe, your calendar, contacts and location are fully integrated into the scheduling experience.
Microsoft InviteiPhone app"Invite simplifies this by letting organizers suggest multiple times that work for them and attendees can pick from those suggestions," wrote the company's bloggers. "Invite also shows everyone what times other people have said are good for them." Works with Office 365, Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo Mail.
NeedtoMeet share your available times with invited guests and put an end to those frustrating scheduling nightmares.
Office Tracker side-by-side schedules and customer information for appointments, group meetings, conference rooms, resources, facilities, classes, vacations, sports events, training and more. Everyone can have up the second information. Office Tracker is flexible, fast and super easy to use!
Outlook is the free email and calendar service that helps you stay on top of what matters and get things done.
Pick is a scheduling product that eliminates the back and forth of finding a time to meet with contacts.

Pick is a desktop and iOS app that aims to help you find time a good meeting time for a group of people. Instead of blasting an email out to everyone with a bunch of random times in hopes one of those works out, it collects info from all your calendars and determines when everyone has time to get together.
ProperSync for Microsoft Outlook your team schedules, tasks and contacts with Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook.

ProperSync for Microsoft Outlook, can sync calendar, contacts and tasks between Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint. This allows information workers to share their information directly from the tool they use to manage their daily own activities.

ProperSync for Microsoft Outlook is the only tool on the market that allows users to publish their current Outlook items with Microsoft SharePoint. Users can also download SharePoint events directly to their Outlook client. Any updates to events, contacts or tasks will be updated automatically. ProperSync for Microsoft Outlook is also the only tool on the market that can connect SharePoint lists with an Exchange backend, allowing on unified calendar, contact or task list.

ProperSync for Microsoft Outlook is great for information workers who need to collaborate in team environments. It is also a great tool to communicate events and activates across a division or department within an organization.
31 is an end-to-end solution for scheduling with prospects and customers through all phases of the customer lifecycle. We connect with all major calendar platforms and provide feature-rich integrations with your CRM, web conferencing, and other online channels. Regardless of your business type or industry, ScheduleOnce allows your prospects and customers to professionally engage with your business at a time that works for you both. Our users report an up to 3x increase in conversion rates, up to 2x acceleration in time-to-engagement, and up to 50% time savings.
32 is the only cloud based native desktop application that allows you to create, manage, and share calendars and schedules with users in one or multiple locations. The software auto-updates itself every time we release new features or bug fixes. You can create unlimited numbers of appointments/calendars, as well as clients and resources. ScheduFlow installs on Windows computers, but schedules are immediately available upon creation for access on any mobile device. Free 30 day trial.
Skedjulskejul.comSkejul is intelligent assistance not just another calendar app. Skejul is social, it turns commitments inSkejul is intelligent assistance not just another calendar app. Skejul is social, it turns commitments into content people can act on. Load Skejul with your activities from google and calendars. Search and add public events (school, social, professional) . Share events with specific people and content people can act on. Load Skejul with your activities from google and calendars. Search and add public events (school, social, professional) . Share events with specific people and groups.
TeamAgenda scheduler, web calendar and web phone appointment planner; coordinate teamwork and plan meetings.
TeamNote appteamnoteapp.comIn today's anytime-anywhere work environment, employees would only choose devices with the most effective means in collaboration and smartphone is the handiest tool people rely on the road. Rising number of forward-thinking organizations have embraced BYOD because they are confident that a sound BYOD strategy along with meticulously designed mobile apps would help them to stay ahead in competition.
TimeBridge, beautiful scheduling. Timebridge takes scheduling outside of your inbox. Arrange outbound meetings / Accept inbound requests
TimeZoneNija the best time to schedule your international meetings. Enter the date you want to meet and the locations of your participants
VyteVyte.inSchedule meetings 10x faster. Get rid of email and phone tag to find a date for scheduling appointments. Hands-off Google Calendar scheduling. 1-to-1 meetings : Let anyone book you online at a convenient time Group meetings : Automatic availability sharing to find a suitable time to meet Featured on TechCrunch, ProductHunt, Zapier Customers : Sales, Account management, Software companies, Interview Scheduling, Customer service, Business Consultants and Coaches, Freelancers, Education
WhenisGood is an easy way to find out when everyone is free for your next meeting or event.
WizCal your preferences like work/lunch hours, WizCal schedule's meetings that take into account a wide range of constraints for meeting attendees. WizCal understands your travel situations and works across time zones.

WizCal integrates seamlessly with tools like Outlook, which allows for virtually nonexistent learning curve. Available on all major phone platforms and works with industry leading messaging platforms.

The product is built to boost productivity for busy teams in enterprises. It is designed as an enterprise-class solution to meet privacy and security requirements and offers flexible deployment options like hosted cloud and on-premise.
41 is a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you
xoyondo is an online scheduling tool which simplifies the task of finding a date for an event or meeting between a group of people - free
Focuster more productive in just minutes a day. Let Focuster automatically manage your schedule for you. All you need to do is focus on the next thing. Focuster optimizes your schedule in Google Calendar so you're making more consistent progress towards your goals. Focuster helps you prioritize your day by showing you how much free time you have. Focuster automatically reschedules your priorities until you get them done and sends thoughtful reminders to keep you focused. Focuster is designed to help you recover quickly from distraction, saving over 2 hours a week!
Heymarket, Social Media, Messaging. Heymarket provides a smarter messaging for business, allowing for customers to schedule meetings, set reminders to follow up, and export charts. The app allows for a professional way to text, allowing you to manage your customer relationships from anywhere.
Let Focuster automatically manage your schedule for you.
All you need to do is focus on the next thing.
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