AEF DC - Event Log August 2018 (Responses)
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8/1/2018 4:19:448/1/20186:05:00 AMVictoryDepartureIt's always a good morning when you wake up and see one of our beautiful eagles at the nest. After waking up yesterday to an empty nest this makes today all the more special. That was a reminder for all of us to cherish every day we have left with them. It appears that Victory spent the night on the CamB branch. A storm blew through but s/he stayed perched in place throughout all the wind and rain. Our Victory is a big eagle now, ready to take on the world and one little storm doesn't bother her/him one bit. S/he's enjoys some leftover fish and then moves up to the OH branch. S/he gazes around, gives out a call and then flies off into the sky.earlybird_AEF
8/1/2018 6:14:258/1/20187:53:00 AMMr. SquirrelBrief VisitAll's quiet at the nest. Victory hasn't returned yet and no sign of MrP and TFL this morning. Victory may have caught up with them at the river, we hope that's the case. They may all be enjoying a leisurely breakfast by the river's edge. Wouldn't that be a sight to see. It appears that someone is taking full advantage of the empty nest this morning. Mr. Squirrel has just made a brief appearance, just a quick scamper up the left V branch. Not yet Mr. Squirrel. This family has not yet left for their summer vacation. You'll just to have to wait a little while longer. And don't even think about taking any of MrP's fluff!earlybird_AEF
8/1/2018 10:31:088/1/201810:25:00 AMVictoryArrivalAt 10:05am, sweet Victory arrived at the nest, calling out occasionally, perhaps ringing for room service from either Mr.P or TFL. S/he is currently perched on the Overhead Branch letting out the overly embellished and dramatic "feed me!!!" squeaks.. It's a misty morning with slight breezes. It's 80 degrees, cloudy, with winds at 12 mph. Chance or rain and thunderstorms later in the day. Winds topping at 20 mph with a high of 88.FreeSoars_AEF
8/1/2018 10:50:498/1/201810:41:00 AMMr.P or TFLArrival of PreyVictory's cries get louder and louder as TFL or Mr.P approaches the nest. Victory jumps down from the OH branch ready to mantle whatever is being served. Fresh fish it is. Mr.P or TFL then jumps over to the Lateral Branch, as Victory cries for them to scram. Victory works at his/her meal little by little, with small cries between bites. Unable to identify which parent due to cam view.FreeSoars_AEF
8/1/2018 11:04:268/1/201811:00:00 AMVictorySelf FeedingAppears that Victory may need some assistance by TFL or MP on this fish! The cries get louder and louder with what appears to be frustration by Victory as s/he nibbles and pecks at the fish, unable to really dig in there. Hopefully, s/he will tear into it and get it going. Sorry, Victory, looks like you're on your own. You can do it!FreeSoars_AEF
8/1/2018 11:25:438/1/201811:23:00 AMVictorySelf FeedingVictory has managed to make a good dent in his/her fish. Continuing to pick and pull at it, s/he has gotten some good bites in, and at this rate, it looks like that fish will be all gone soon. FreeSoars_AEF
8/1/2018 11:31:488/1/2018VictoryPerched/PerchingWelp, Victory had enough fish. A nice chunk of it remains for a snack later. After giving it a nice go, and getting some good bites, Victory jumps to the Lateral Branch and preens.FreeSoars_AEF
8/1/2018 15:07:528/1/20183:00:00 PMVictorySelf FeedingIt's a pleasant afternoon with gusty winds and a temperature of 75 degrees. Victory has enjoyed some time perching on the lateral branch and now s/he's having a bite to eat. MrP brought a fish earlier and there's still plenty to snack on. It must be quite tasty because s/he's been chowing down for quite awhile.earlybird_AEF
8/1/2018 15:22:538/1/20183:15:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingIt looks like Victory did a good job eating that fish. There's only a small piece left but still enough to save for later. S/he moves back on the lateral branch and perches once again. With the nest rocking and rolling from the wind, it looks like s/he's on an amusement ride. Wheeeee! That looks like fun!earlybird_AEF
8/1/2018 17:28:118/1/20185:00:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory has been perched on the Lateral branch for some time now. S/he's just relaxing and enjoying the breeze and sway of the nest tree. At 5:26, Victory starts flapping, catches some nice air in the wind and makes his/her way over to the Right V, then to the Left V and up to perch on the OH branch.freebird_AEF
8/1/2018 18:13:568/1/20185:29:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory flies over to perch at the PPT.freebird_AEF
8/1/2018 20:32:548/1/20188:30:00 PMVictoryVocalsWe hear Victory squee in the distance at 7:28, around 8:10 and 8:30pm. While we do not have a visual on his/her location, we know that s/he is perched somewhere nearby.freebird_AEF
8/1/2018 21:01:168/1/20188:55:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory has been spotted in a tree to the left of the primary perching tree. kaco4_AEF
8/2/2018 6:24:328/2/20186:15:00 AMVictoryDepartureVictory is already out and about enjoying this pleasant morning. 5:56am S/he dropped down in the nest, pranced up the left V branch and flew over to the OH branch. 5:59am S/he spread her/his magnificent wings and flew to the left of the nest and out of sight. Have a wonderful time Victory. earlybird_AEF
8/2/2018 8:28:208/2/20188:15:00 AMMr. SquirrelBrief VisitIt's a cloudy morning, currently 76 degrees with a chance of showers and thunderstorms today. Victory hasn't returned yet from her/his morning excursion and no sign of MrP or TFL. But dear old Mr. Squirrel has made another appearance. He's climbed far up the left V branch and is munching away on something. He sure is a persistent one. He's probably already moved his furniture back in his Nuthouse.earlybird_AEF
8/2/2018 13:33:578/2/20181:24:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingUpdate: 10:24am It was so nice to see Victory return to the nest. Every day we have her/him with us now is a gift, it won't be too long before s/he goes off on her/his exciting journey. S/he so looks beautiful as s/he perches on the OH branch and gazes around. We'll store each and every one of these memories in our heart. You are and always will be our Sweet Victory.earlybird_AEF
8/2/2018 14:24:178/2/20182:19:00 PMValorUpdateUpdate: Today, Valor was transferred to another rehabilitation center for continued observation and care. earlybird_AEF
8/2/2018 16:46:468/2/20184:37:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory is perched at the OH branch and has been for some time now. S/he was wingercizing and enjoying some good wind gusts and rain in the last hour. The rain stopped for a while but another shower has currently blown into the area. How we treasure these moments and this beautiful eaglet... knowing what a strong flier s/he is and how s/he could take off at any moment to soar into his/her next adventure. But for today, at this very moment, there s/he is... gracing us with his/her beauty and in true Victory form, squeeing out to place an order for a fresh fish dinner.freebird_AEF
8/2/2018 17:03:068/2/20184:53:00 PMVictoryDepartureVictory flies off the OH branch at 4:53pm. Thanks for spending some time with your fans, Victory. I hope you get that fish dinner and return to visit us again tonight!freebird_AEF
8/3/2018 6:25:288/3/20186:20:00 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestThe wind is blowing through the trees, the birds are singing in hushed tones, the traffic is humming nearby, but no sign of our eagles this morning. It appears that Victory slept elsewhere last night, perhaps s/he's perching in a tree nearby with MrP and TFL. What a lucky eagle to be able to soar the skies with Mom and Dad. How lucky we have been to watch this magical journey unfold. We hope that our sweet Victory returns one more time. We will always be hoping for that. But for now we wait....earlybird_AEF
8/3/2018 6:30:548/3/20186:30:00 AMWeatherWeatherIt's a breezy and overcast morning, currently 74 degrees. Today we're expecting a high of 81 degrees with showers and thunderstorms possible.earlybird_AEF
8/3/2018 7:45:208/3/20187:38:00 AMVictoryPerched/PerchingThere's our beauty! Victory has just flown in with a flourish and landed on the OH branch. S/he calls out sweetly. "Good morning fans!" We are your fans Victory and it's so good to see you this morning!earlybird_AEF
8/3/2018 8:11:338/3/20188:05:00 AMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory perches quietly on the OH, the wind gently rocking the branch as s/he gazes around. S/he seems quite content, not calling out for breakfast at the moment. Perhaps s/he's already eaten elsewhere with MrP or TFL. earlybird_AEF
8/3/2018 14:00:498/3/20181:11:00 PMThe First LadyPrey DeliveredTFL arrives with a Moby Dick sized catfish. She’s unzipped the belly and stands in the nest waiting and watching for a sign of Victory. Let the squees begin! We hear Victory’s squeals ahead of his/her arrival at 1:17pm. S/he lands on the fish. TFL steps back as Victory squawks at TFL and claims the fish. At 1:19pm, we see another adult eagle do a fly by. One has to assume it was MrP since TFL watches with no reaction. Our hungry little Victory continues to squee away in delight while digging into the fish. TFL heads out to perch on the Lateral branch. Victory continues to vocalize and works on feeding but s/he seems to feel threatened and mantles the fish. Through it all, TFL remains calm, so MrP’s presence must be ruffling Victory’s feathers, although we don’t see him on cams I suspect he’s perched somewhere nearby. Victory continues to move the fish around with sets of calls between bites. Calm down, youngster. MrP won’t steal your fish. At least, I don’t think so anyway. TFL cracks me up as she perches with a look like, what’s all the fuss about? And then she stares ahead almost like she’s thinking about all the chores she has to do this afternoon and the grocery list for the trip to the store. Lol. Meanwhile, Victory continues to feed and set off siren calls intermittently. At 1:46pm, TFL moves to the left V, then lands in the nest, only to be chased away by Victory. Way to go, Baby! Back out to the Lateral branch for you, TFL. Nothing like being evicted from your own nest! Now Victory stands over the scraps and stares at them. “I don’t want it but I don’t want Mom to have it either.” TFL waits patiently. Victory talks to the scraps in squees and chatters while keeping guard.freebird_AEF
8/3/2018 14:58:128/3/20182:33:00 PMTFL & VictoryNest ActivityVictory continues to squee, standing in the nest next to the Lateral branch where TFL is still perched. The squeeing becomes more persistent and I can't help but wonder if we have a visitor in the area. TFL moves over to perch on one of the posts across from the V and looks below the nest, then flies up to the Left V and Victory heads more toward the center of the nest. But whatever got TFL riled up, she seems to settle down and heads into the nest. She's able to navigate toward the remaining fish until Victory charges her twice and claims the fish head once again. TFL returns to the Lateral branch.freebird_AEF
8/3/2018 16:55:368/3/20184:51:00 PMVictoryStand off with TFLAfter a very catty Victory told TFL to scram after the fish delivery. Things have settled down. TFL is perched in a relaxed position on the Lateral Branch dangling one foot out. Victory is in the nest and the two share glances back and forth to one another. Victory is claiming the nest as his/her own and does not appear to be happy that beloved Momma is infringing on his/her pad. Victory is giving her the stank eye from the nest LOL. Hey, Victory, don't bite the beak that feeds you!FreeSoars_AEF
8/3/2018 17:07:008/3/20185:01:00 PMThe First LadyTug O' FishOh gosh this is hilarious. At about 5:01 TFL scampers across the Lateral Branch to try to get a the fish. Victory says: "you best not, go near it, Momma!" TFL tries and finally gets a hold of it. Victory moves at her and grabs the fish from her beak. TFL attempts again, and Victory grabs the fish, moves away and mantles it. I'm cracking up. This is such a funny exchange. After Victory takes the fish away from TFL, she goes back to the Lateral Branch. It was hard to judge whether or not TFL actually wanted the fish, or just wanted to feed her sweet baby! Either way, TFL can forge a path, but it will get covered back up again. Try as she might, her little wrangler is not backing down.FreeSoars_AEF
8/3/2018 17:13:018/3/20185:08:00 PMThe First LadyPerched/PerchingAt 5:08, TFL goes up to the Overhead Branch while Victory remains in the nest. At 5:11 TFL turns about and PS's down below into the nest, just a short feather away from nailing Victory with it. There was no nice forwewarning "Look out below!!!" from Momma. No way was she going to be that nice. Remember that show in the 80's on Nickelodeon when they would dump the green slime on people? That's what it reminded me of. I can't stop laughing. I think she did that intentionally ;) I have come to the conculision that she really wants that fish.FreeSoars_AEF
8/3/2018 17:23:598/3/20185:15:00 AMThe First LadyAttempt at stealing fishOh, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. TFL jumps down from the Lateral Branch and into the nest. She eyes the fish.....She really, really wants that fish! She stays on one side of the nest, while Victory is on the other side. They have a stare down for a moment. She eases upon approach, tip toeing and inching closer to it. Ba bam! Victory forges at her and mantles. Poor TFL, 2 strikes so far. After Victory mantles, TFL flies out of the nest and into an adjacent tree. She is surrounded by foliage and all you see is her beautiful white head and bright eyes. She side eyes the nest. She is doing some reconnaissance, planning for the 3rd attempt at getting that fish! Finally exhaustion for protecting his/her fish hits Victory. S/he splats her body down on the nest. Lying right in front of her prized fish. This is just hysterical.FreeSoars_AEF
8/3/2018 18:19:118/3/20186:12:00 PMThe First LadyFeedingSo, that's that. Momma didn't get the short end of the stick after all. She really just wanted a bite for herself and to feed her baby. TFL flies back into the nest to a whaling Victory. S/he lets out loud squees as TFL claims the fish and takes a few bites. Victory moves towards her and TFL begins to feed him/her. A few times during a tug o' war, they each had a chunk and were eating side by side. It was very endearing. So, after all that drama, they're both finishing up the last bits of the fish. It's been a very entertaining couple of hours. FreeSoars_AEF
8/3/2018 18:21:358/3/20186:17:00 PMThe First LadyDepartureAt 6:17 pm, TFL departs the nest and Victory jumps up to the Lateral Branch.FreeSoars_AEF
8/3/2018 18:52:038/3/20186:46:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory is now relaxing and digesting that big fish brought in by TFL as s/he perches on the Lateral branch. S/he certainly showed a sassy side today; chasing TFL around the nest, shooing her off to the Lateral branch and even off the branch itself, giving her a squeeful of attitude and being a food bandit. It was all so comical and precious to watch. Victory, my dear, you have grown to be an eagle to be reckoned with. MrP and TFL have taught you well.freebird_AEF
8/3/2018 19:52:238/3/20186:50:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory rattles with soft lyrical chatter as s/he moves from the Lateral branch to the nest, wing walks up the Left V and flies to perch on the OH branch. His/her wings hang open to dry from the rain.
At 7:05pm, Victory starts to squee and opens his/her wings as a parent flies by close to the OH branch where Victory is perched. The parent perches at a tree nearby.
8/4/2018 6:44:578/4/20186:32:00 AMVictoryPerched/PerchingThe nest is empty this morning but we find our sweet Victory perching in the primary perching tree obscured by the fog. As the sun breaks through, her/his feathers are illuminated in a hazy glow as s/he preens. S/he gives out a good morning call and continues with her/his preening. Good morning Victory. We're so happy to see that you're still close by.earlybird_AEF
8/4/2018 7:45:378/4/20187:30:00 AMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory continues to perch at the ppt. S/he keeps looking down and appears to be tracking something. It's a squirrel! What are you thinking silly squirrel? This can't be Mr. Squirrel. He's much smarter than this. The squirrel comes closer and closer, Victory is watching and waiting. The squirrel gets to the curve of the branch and sees Victory. "Eagle! Run!" Victory jumps forward, just a tad, and that squirrel kicks it in high gear and he's out of there! earlybird_AEF
8/4/2018 7:59:298/4/20187:50:00 AMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory walks up the branch and disappears behind the leaves and fog. As far as we can tell s/he's still in the ppt, no sign that s/he flew off. earlybird_AEF
8/4/2018 8:09:498/4/20188:06:00 AM8/3/2018 Update for Valor8/3/2018 Update for ValorUpdate on Valor. Please show kindness and respect to Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research, Inc. they are doing everything they can to help Valor. Also, please do not call or message them for answers, they not only have Valor to care for but many others. Thank you! Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research, Inc. Valor arrived yesterday at TSBRR. We are sorry to report that his condition is very poor. This young bird is severely underweight and anemic; he shows signs of long-standing nutritional and developmental issues. We will continue to do our best and we will post an update on Monday.earlybird_AEF
8/4/2018 8:37:098/4/20188:06:00 AMVictory vs. Mr. SquirrelThe ChaseOh my! Mr. Squirrel almost had a close encounter of the eagle kind. Victory comes zooming in from the ppt in hot pursuit. Look out Mr. Squirrel! Didn't I tell you not to move in yet? Victory quickly flies in and lands on the left V branch, Mr. Squirrel scampers up the right V branch, Victory jumps over to the right V and jogs up the branch. Is Mr. Squirrel trapped! No way! Our clever Mr. Squirrel charges up the branch and out of Victory's clutches. Good try Victory. You are honing those hunting skills. earlybird_AEF
8/4/2018 8:46:498/4/20188:17:00 AMVictoryDepartureVictory flies off to the ppt, perhaps in wait for MrP or TFL to bring home a fish. It looks like s/he won't be having squirrel for breakfast this morning. earlybird_AEF
8/4/2018 9:05:258/4/20189:03:00 AMVictoryDepartureVictory returns to the OH branch but doesn't perch long. S/he flies off in the trees and out of view.earlybird_AEF
8/4/2018 9:38:058/4/20189:22:00 AMThe First LadyPrey DeliveredTFL delivers a fish to the nest but Victory is no where to be seen. Sweet Mama watches and waits, standing guard over the fish until Victory returns. 9:32am Victory flies in, squealing her/his delight. Breakfast is served.earlybird_AEF
8/4/2018 12:04:448/4/201812:00:00 PMTFL and VictoryPerched/PerchingTFL currently remains perched on a branch at the nest tree after being run off the nest by Victory at 11:01am. No fish for you, mama! Just now TFL's body language insinuated to Victory that she was going to fly over to the nest and Victory started squeeing his/her discontent with that idea. Victory came into the nest from the Lateral branch and TFL stayed put. Who's the boss here? It really is fun to watch these two and observe eagle behavior.freebird_AEF
8/4/2018 12:08:508/4/201812:00:00 PMSaturday ChatChatChat has begun! Come join us between noon and 2pm with your questions and comments.freebird_AEF
8/4/2018 12:34:348/4/20189:51:00 AMMr. PresidentPrey DeliveredUpdate :: We have great news! After reviewing video, we see that MrP delivered a fish at 9:51am while TFL was perched on the Lateral branch. Way to go, MrP and wonderful to see you.
8/4/2018 12:44:548/4/201812:11:00 PMThe First Lady, VictoryFeedingTFL flies into the nest and Victory squeals and follows her in from the Lateral branch. TFL gets a fish tail and Victory grabs it from her beak and swallows it down. TFL gingerly moves toward some fish sitting on the opposite side of the nest. It’s like a dance between these two with TFL trying to get to the fish and Victory defending his/her prey. TFL scores and is able to swallow a good sized portion of fish, bone and gristle before offering bites to Victory. TFL feeds Victory but then Victory decides to grab the fish head and moves it away. TFL slowly moves toward Victory. We can all tell she’s contemplating making a grab for the fish but Victory squees “no way” and TFL backs up, pauses at the nest rails, evaluates the situation, then flies back over to the NW branch to perch at 12:20pm. Victory nibbles at the remaining piece of fish and walks around with it in his/her talons, moves it around, plays with it, all while TFL looks from her perching spot, appearing to be coming up with a new plan of action. It seems Victory wants that piece, whether it’s now or later. We’ll see. TFL hasn’t given up yet. At 12:25pm, TFL flies into the nest and grabs the fish. She’s met with Victory who grabs it away from her and mantles over it. TFL grabs it back and starts pulling off bites to feed Victory. With TFL positioned on the nest rails near the Lateral branch, she feeds Victory. This is so sweet to watch. TFL tears away at the fish head, pulling off meaty bites for Victory. Victory gets the majority of the leftover fish head but TFL gets some bites in as well and finally Victory settles down and lets TFL stand in the nest with him/her. TFL does one final patrol to make sure there's no remaining fish.freebird_AEF
8/4/2018 12:49:538/4/201812:48:00 PMThe First LadyDepartureTFL departs at 12:35pm. She dips down in a beautiful flight and soars across the Arboretum. Victory goes silent and stares out through the V before heading to the Lateral branch to perch.freebird_AEF
8/4/2018 15:38:548/4/20183:30:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory has been perched on the overhead branch for quite a while. kaco4_AEF
8/4/2018 16:38:198/4/20184:24:00 PMVictoryDepartureVictory perches on the OH branch, does a quick two step, looks to the left, looks to the right and off s/he goes to the ppt. It never gets old seeing her/him fly. Such a magnificent eagle!earlybird_AEF
8/4/2018 20:02:588/4/20187:37:00 PMVictoryArrival, DepartureVictory returns to the nest, flying in and landing on the lower Left V. At the same time, we see a resident squirrel race down the Right V to escape. With the squirrel safely tucked under the nest, Victory immediately lies down to rest for a minute then gets up and looks over the side of the nest as if tracking someone. The squirrel? A parent? Your guess is as good as mine. At 7:42, Victory flies off in the direction of the NW branch to either perch or leaves the area. Our cam op is currently looking to see if we can locate him/her. *We were never able to locate Victory. S/he must have flown off to perch somewhere other than the nest tree or immediate area. But we did enjoy a beautiful tour of the nest and surroundings. Good night everyone!freebird_AEF
8/5/2018 6:15:488/5/20186:03:00 AMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory arrives at the nest. Well... not in the nest but under the nest. What are you doing down there Victory? We can see her/him flapping her/his wings than, poof, s/he's gone. Time to play a little hide and seek again? Come out, come out wherever you are! We find her/him once again, this time in the ppt. S/he moves up the branch and behind some leaves. You're getting good at this game.earlybird_AEF
8/5/2018 8:02:068/5/20187:58:00 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestVictory has not been seen for awhile, perhaps s/he's out doing some sightseeing on this beautiful morning. earlybird_AEF
8/5/2018 10:58:218/5/2018310:44:00 AMVictoryArrivalVictory flies into the nest like a pro. S/he heads out to the Lateral branch, as quiet as can be, until deciding to sound off loud squees. Where's breakfast? S/he climbs up the Right V, flies to the Left V, vocalizes two more sets of three squees and heads up to the OH branch to lookout. "Squee-squee-squee, squee-squee-squee. What about me? Momma can't you see? Your babies hungry!" Victory rouses up and does some preening to pass the time, then looks around as if to say, Hey, where is everybody? The sets of squees continue intermittently. And there's our majestic Victory perched on the iconic OH branch with that gorgeous DC backdrop. Sigh. Makes my heart melt.freebird_AEF
8/5/2018 11:19:188/5/201811:05:00 AMVictoryPerched/PerchingA Northern Flicker perches above and keeps Victory company with a little conversation before diving down in front of him/her. Victory stares off towards the river and remains quiet for some time. It seems s/he has settled in on the OH for now and waits.freebird_AEF
8/5/2018 11:49:098/5/201811:31:00 AMVictoryDeparture, Perched/PerchingVictory remains on the OH branch continuing to call out three sets of squees intermittently. Where did those parents go, Victory? Well, maybe it's time to go track someone down. At 11:46am, Victory departs.freebird_AEF
8/5/2018 12:01:098/5/201811:50:00 AMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory is flying around the area and lands at the PPT. My gosh, s/he's a stunning eagle!freebird_AEF
8/5/2018 12:34:258/5/201812:15:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingWe hear some interesting, bird call, whistle-like sounds in the area and Victory is aware and watching from the PPT. The sounds pass and Victory relaxes on the PPT once again. That's right, Victory. Show us what a big eagle you are with that relaxed leg hanging over that branch.freebird_AEF
8/5/2018 12:58:178/5/201812:53:00 PMVictoryDepartureVictory flies off the PPT. An eagle can only hang around and wait for so long, you know! Sheesh!freebird_AEF
8/5/2018 14:09:048/5/20181:56:00 PMThe First LadyPrey Delivered, DepartureTFL arrives with a fish. She doesn't waste much time before starting to eat it herself. What? Victory, hurry home, quick! Well... too late. Within minutes the smaller sized fish is gone. Well gee, TFL. Nice to have you stop by the nest to have lunch with us. Still no sign of Victory as TFL feaks her beak and makes sure she's picked up any scraps. She stands in the nest, looks around for a minute then flies off. Buh-bye!freebird_AEF
8/5/2018 15:36:038/5/20183:26:00 PMVictoryArrivalVictory arrives and lands on the OH branch. S/he squees loudly... I mean really loudly. Poor thing is more than ready for a meal and is letting MrP and TFL know s/he's serious about getting fed. Victory perches on the OH with wings dropped and open... a silhouette we see each season as our eaglets mature into fledglings.freebird_AEF
8/5/2018 16:41:438/5/20184:37:00 PMVictoryDepartureAfter remaining perched for over an hour, Victory flies off the OH branch at 4:37 and heads toward the river (to the left on Cam B).freebird_AEF
8/5/2018 17:36:198/5/20185:15:00 PMGeneralEmpty NestAvian sounds can be heard all around the nest. The leaves rustle in the tropical-like afternoon breeze. The Arb is a lush and fertile land mass west of the Anacostia River that is replete with 7000 kinds of plants on 446 acres with hundreds of thriving bird species either visiting or nesting year round. Our eagle First Family has just about the best natural real estate birds can possibly have in the DC area. Currently no one is at the nest or in the viewable distance. kaco4_AEF
8/6/2018 6:34:308/6/20186:25:00 AMEaglesVocalsThe nest is empty, Victory may have slept elsewhere. We can't see our eagles but, yes, we can hear them. Somewhere out of our view, our eagles are chatting. What a beautiful sound to hear this morning!earlybird_AEF
8/6/2018 10:30:108/6/201810:24:00 AMVictoryArrivalOur Victory has arrived at the nest and is being quite vocal in his/her request for breakfish. Parents were in tow on the overhead less than an hour ago, so food delivery should be soon.kaco4_AEF
8/6/2018 10:43:468/6/201810:27:00 AMMrP and TFLArrival/DepartureUpdate: 7:17am I wonder if a squirrel has nine lives like a cat. Mr. Squirrel sure seems to. He just had another close call with MrP and TFL. Our silly Mr. Squirrel scampers down the Left V branch when who should come flying in but MrP. Look out Mr. Squirrel, MrP is on the hunt. Double trouble for Mr. Squirrel. TFL charges in, startles MrP and Mr. Squirrel. MrP flies off towards the PPT, Mr. Squirrel almost flies himself as he gets out of there. TFL checks out the nest, sees that our resident squirrel has left the building and moves up to the OH branch. MrP joins her and they have a little sweet talk back and forth. 8:01 TFL flies off, MrP soon follows.earlybird_AEF
8/6/2018 10:57:148/6/201810:57:00 AMVictoryArrivalUpdate 10:22am: Our sweet Victory has come back to spend some time with us. It's so wonderful to see you this morning. S/he stops by in the nest and rummages around for leftovers. There doesn't seem to be any scraps left so s/he moves onto the Lateral branch and gives a call out for breakfast. No response from Mom or Dad. Off s/he goes to the NW branch. Maybe Mom and Dad will see me here. earlybird_AEF
8/6/2018 11:59:358/6/201811:45:00 AMVictoryPrey DeliveredHappy 14 week Hatchday Victory. I wonder how you spent this special morning? By the look of those dirty feet, you may have been down by the river. Just like dear old Dad, his feet are always dirty. Victory flies off from the NW branch and onto the OH. Squee! Squee! Squee! It sounds like Victory is ready for some birthday fishcakes. The squees get louder and louder and louder. MrP has arrived with a beauty of a fish and Victory couldn't be more pleased. S/he digs in with some sweet thank you squees as MrP flies up to the OH branch. Thanks Dad. Our wonderful MrP flies off.earlybird_AEF
8/6/2018 15:27:298/6/20182:19:00 PMVictoryDepartureAfter quietly perching on the OH branch, Victory flies off toward the left on Cam B. Around 3:15pm, a thunderstorm rolls into the area. Skies are grey and lighting has dimmed as several claps of thunder are heard nearby.freebird_AEF
8/6/2018 17:41:008/6/20185:38:00 PMMr. PresidentDeparture, ArrivalSome adult chattering has been going on around the nest tree over the past 20 minutes or so. MrP is spotted flying from the nest tree (most likely had been perching on the NW branch out of cam view) to the PPT. At 5:37pm, he flies from the PPT to perch on the OH branch.freebird_AEF
8/6/2018 17:52:108/6/20185:42:00 PMMr. PresidentParent FeedingMrP flies down into the nest and starts feeding on the fish that Victory left behind. He enjoys the fish snack and flies off at 5:49pm.freebird_AEF
8/6/2018 18:53:048/6/20186:09:00 PMMr. PresidentArrival, DepartureMore eagle chatter is heard in the area. At 6:30pm, MrP returns and perches on the Left V. He looks around almost as if he's waiting for someone to arrive. He perches with wings partially open and dropped to help cool down and relax. He's so handsome tonight wearing his blaze. He flies down into the nest. Is there any more fish left? A-ha! Yes indeed there is! He picks at and wrestles with a tough portion of the fish where there isn't much meat in the offering, tossing aside the bone and gristle. Taking little nibbling bites, pulling and tugging, trying to get meat off that tough ol' catfish head. MrP waddles his way across the nest to perch at the Lateral branch. Does a little feaking, a little browsing of his surroundings while the cicadas sing their song. And in the blink of an eye, he departs at 6:48pm. Thanks for stopping by again and spending some time with us, MrP!freebird_AEF
8/7/2018 6:11:398/7/20186:06:00 AMEmpty NestWeatherIt's a partly cloudy morning, currently 76 degrees. We're expecting a sunny, hot and humid day with temperatures in the low 90's. The nest is quiet this morning, only the sound of birds filling the air. No sign of our eagles yet. earlybird_AEF
8/7/2018 6:45:427/7/20186:18:00 AMMr.SquirrelVisitMr. Squirrel has stopped by for another visit. It seems that no matter how many times he's chased off, he still keeps coming back. That's okay with me Mr. Squirrel. I love seeing you here. I'm just not so sure that Mr.P and TFL will agree with me on this one. He's been busy this morning, scampering up and down the branches. He's found some tasty tidbits to munch on, it looks like the buds from the tree. Well, look at that. He's brought a friend, perhaps a new roommate. How nice that when MrP and TFL go off for their well deserved vacation that this nest will be occupied once again. earlybird_AEF
8/7/2018 8:27:518/7/20188:16:00 AMEagleFly BySome eagle vocals are heard nearby. Mr. Squirrel comes charging down the Right V branch as an eagle flies by. The eagle, perhaps Victory, flies around and through the trees several times. earlybird_AEF
8/7/2018 8:39:418/7/20188:29:00 AMVictoryFly ByEagle squees are heard again and another fly by. I believe this is Victory who flies under the tree. earlybird_AEF
8/7/2018 8:43:498/7/20188:39:00 AMVictoryDepartureVictory departs from under the nest tree and flies off to the left on Cam B.earlybird_AEF
8/7/2018 9:04:018/7/20189:02:00 AMValor Valor Update 8/6/2018Valor update

Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research, Inc.
18 hrs ·
First, as nature lovers ourselves, we truly appreciate everyone’s concern for the eaglet “Valor” that is in our care. We are blown away by how many of you have shown your support not only for this eagle, but for all our wild patients. As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on the generosity of the community, and we deeply appreciate your support of our work. Please know that our 40+ years of wildlife rehabilitation experience guides us every day in giving the best possible care to every bird we receive.
We know that many are concerned about the prognosis for this eaglet. We are doing all we can, but despite intensive medical treatment and nutritional support over the past three days, Valor has shown no improvement and his prognosis remains guarded. We are still waiting for the results of all the blood tests.
We do not want to mislead anyone about this bird’s condition. We know his decline may seem sudden to many people. As many of you have already noted, wild animals are adept at hiding injury when faced with predators---like humans. It is not unusual for a wild bird to appear bright and alert while in hand only to display its true condition when housed away from people.
We will continue to update as we can, and we appreciate your understanding that we do not have the resources to reply to any questions on social media or by phone. Our staff and volunteers are working hard to give quality care to the 130 patients we currently have at our center. Thank you so much for your interest in our native wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation. We encourage anyone interested to learn more about our field and the difficult work done every day by rehabilitators. You can learn more at
8/7/2018 11:20:488/7/201811:15:00 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestVictory hasn't returned to the nest as of yet this morning. S/he showed off her beautiful flying skills earlier today as s/he flew in and around the trees. S/he didn't stick around long but headed in the direction of the river. That's the perfect place to be on a hot and sultry day like today. I wonder if s/he caught up with MrP and TFL and they're having a quick dip in the cool and refreshing water. earlybird_AEF
8/7/2018 11:59:538/7/201811:53:00 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestThere are no eagles on the nest but we're getting some wonderful close ups of the nest. It's amazing how they weave the branches together to make a sturdy barrier for their eaglets. We have now seen firsthand how strong they actually are. Victory and Valor often used the nest rails to perch on and the branches never faltered. MrP and TFL are master builders when it comes to making the nest safe for their little ones. It is truly a work of art.earlybird_AEF
8/7/2018 12:25:368/7/201812:13:00 PMMr. PresidentPrey DeliveredThe sound of squees echo throughout the Arboretum. MrP arrives with a fish and Victory is right behind him. Way to go Victory! Follow the fish! You are learning well. earlybird_AEF
8/7/2018 12:33:188/7/201812:26:00 PMVictorySelf feedingIt's so funny how one minute Victory acts all grown up and independent and the next minute s/he acts like a little one again. S/he did a masterful job following MrP in with the fish but now s/he squeals away for some help getting this fish started. It doesn't seem like help is coming anytime soon. Dig in sweetie. That fish is all yours.earlybird_AEF
8/7/2018 14:17:108/7/20181:35:00 PMThe First LadyPrey DeliveredTFL brings in another fish delivery at 1:35pm. Victory eats a bit then perches on the Lateral branch. S/he has since moved to the OH branch Thanks for hanging around and spending time with us today, precious one.freebird_AEF
8/7/2018 20:39:138/7/20188:15:00 PMArb Nest TourOur cam operator is treating us to a panoramic view of the tulip poplar nest which we have visited and grown to love every day. No one from the First Family is in its vicinity right now, but all the signs of eagle lives well lived are there: fish bones and trampled on nest beds, branches from nest rails that have seen better days, and the familiar white streaks on the lateral and V branches. Well worn and familiar and endearing pieces of the First Family abode. You done good, TFL and Mr.P, from the first stick to the fresh grass and leaf vines so artfully added for effect. Your teamwork and bonding were exciting to watch. The belated egg laying added a new dimension this season, but went on without a hitch. Two perfect eaglets emerged during a season of mild sunshine, plentiful shad, perch and catfish, and doting parents. It was idyllic at that tulip poplar tree. An unforgettable season that will be remembered with love: Mr. President, The First Lady, Victory, and Valor. You are the heroes of the 2018 DC season. kaco4_AEF
8/8/2018 7:11:038/8/20187:00:00 AMFarewell to ValorFarewell to ValorThe nest is empty this morning and so are our hearts. We are feeling such a sense of loss, how and why did this happen? We mourn the passing of our precious Valor but we will always cherish his memories. From the moment he peeked out of that egg, he captured our hearts and never let go. How could we not love that adorable ball of fluff? We watched him grow and flourish, we couldn't get enough of him. We will remember the special times, in the early morning hours when he and Victory romped around in the nest together, playing tug o war with the sticks, cuddling together, and oh those sweet beak kisses. They had become best buddies, there was no doubt. This filled my heart with joy to see how well they got along, the bond they had formed. Thank you little buddy for all of these sweet memories and so much more. When I look up in the sky I will think of you as you soar with the angels. You are gone but never forgotten. You are forever in my heart. earlybird_AEF
8/8/2018 7:43:128/8/20187:35:00 AMMr. SquirrelVisitThe sun has come out, it's currently 75 degrees. The temperature is expected to reach 91 degrees with a heavy thunderstorm possible this afternoon. We haven't seen any of our eagle family yet but Mr. Squirrel has come for a visit. He's been very busy at work on the renovations in the lower level. I suspect that if he hasn't already, he will be moving back in his Nuthouse very soon. earlybird_AEF
8/9/2018 7:31:028/9/20187:30:00 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestThe nest is empty once again, only Mr. Squirrel scampering around, a sure sign that our season is close to coming to an end. We watch and we wait. Will MrP, TFL and Victory stop by for one more curtain call? Will we have a chance to say good by? We are still hopeful. We did hear squees nearby yesterday that sure sounded like our sweet Victory. S/he was our healing light on Tuesday after Valor's passing. S/he perched on the OH branch for several hours with her/his wings extended like angel wings. The perfect tribute to our little buddy Valor who was and always will be our precious angel. We basked in her/his beauty and her/his calmness, our hearts overflowing with love for both of them. Thank you Victory. It's as if you knew that we needed your presence just one more time. If that was the last time, we wish you a fond farewell. You have filled our hearts with so much happiness and so much joy! My life is so much richer having had you and Valor in it. I still have hope that I will see you one more time. So I will watch and wait...……..earlybird_AEF
8/9/2018 9:06:078/9/20189:03:00 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestVictory must be having the time of her/his life this morning, flying around and making new discoveries. No eagles have been at the nest yet but who could blame them. It's a beautiful day, with sunny skies at a comfortable 75 degrees. How exciting it must be to go on new adventures and soar the skies with Mom and Dad. We are so happy for you Victory! You are such a strong and confident eagle. Enjoy your time in the sun!earlybird_AEF
8/9/2018 12:15:318/9/201811:35:00 AMThe First LadyPrey Delivered, SqueesFinally! After a quiet day yesterday and this morning, TFL arrives with a fish. My goodness... what a sight for sore eyes. The Lady of the nest looks strong, healthy and so gorgeous (as always). She looks around then starts to eat a few bites. She pauses and looks around again. She continues to munch on the fish between outward glances. TFL stops eating for a prolonged period, listening intently. Is that a squee that she hears? If so, it doesn’t sound very close. After waiting for several minutes, TFL begins to dine again. After finishing off the fish, she does a little feaking, stands waiting and looking, gracing us with her presence for a bit longer, then flies off across the Arboretum. Wait! Squees at 12:09. They sound rather close. TFL must have flown near where Victory is perched. She flies out of sight and the squees begin to sound more distant and stop. While I was wishing for a visit by Victory, as I'm certain we all were, it seems that s/he is closer than we think, just out of cam view and hidden in the trees nearby. S/he may have followed TFL. Maybe they've gone to perch together or have headed down to the river so TFL and/or MrP can treat Victory to a riverside lunch.freebird_AEF
8/10/2018 6:06:448/10/20186:04:00 AMCamsCamsWe are experiencing technical difficulties with both cams. Thank you for your patience.earlybird_AEF
8/10/2018 6:57:398/10/20186:56:00 AMCamsCamsCams are up and running again!earlybird_AEF
8/10/2018 7:10:338/10/20187:00:00 AMEmpty NestWeatherThe sun is shining this morning, it's currently 76 degrees. We are expecting a sunny, hot and humid day with temperatures near 91 degrees. The nest is empty, no sign of our eagles or even Mr. Squirrel as of yet. Just a bird stopping by to wish us a good morning.earlybird_AEF
8/10/2018 10:09:338/10/20189:33:00 AMThe First LadyPrey DeliveredTFL flies in through the V with a fish. Hello beautiful. It's so nice to see you this morning. She waits and she watches. No sign of Victory. But our sweet TFL isn't giving up just yet. She continues to quietly look around. "Come on home Victory. Breakfast is ready." But still no Victory, not a squee can be heard, just the drone of the cicadas filling the air. Oh Mama! You are being so patient waiting for your little one. Our hearts are filled with so much love for you this morning. Twenty minutes later, TFL has yet to touch that fish. She continues to watch and wait. Finally she steps away and begins to aerate the fluff, but stops once again to look around. Thirty minutes later, she still hasn't moved, she still watches and waits...….earlybird_AEF
8/10/2018 10:23:428/10/201810:10:00 AMThe First LadyEatingThere has been no sign of Victory. TFL continues to stand in the nest and gaze around. Where are you sweet Victory? Have you left on your new journey? Are you out there exploring the world and experiencing new adventures? How exciting that must be! It doesn't look like Victory is coming home for breakfast.10:16am Finally TFL begins to eat the fish. She has waited so long and she deserves a nice meal too. But still, she stops to look around as she eats. Just in case her precious Victory returns.earlybird_AEF
8/10/2018 10:43:228/10/201810:40:00 AMThe First LadyDepartureTFL finishes the fish, feaks her beak, takes one more look around and flies off. earlybird_AEF
8/10/2018 14:36:108/10/20182:06:00 PMVictoryArrivalThe sweet sound of squees are echoing in the Arboretum. Our sweet Victory is back! Well, look at you beautiful, you look amazing! By the looks of that full crop, you have been eating well. S/he looks around with the cutest expressions on her face. Simply adorable. S/he starts rummaging in the nest, a bite to eat would be just perfect now. Lucky for you TFL has left a little something, just for you. Victory digs right in, how nice to see you eating on the nest again. We have missed you so much. S/he prances up the Right V branch, flies over to the Left V branch and up to the OH branch. Squee! Squee! Squee! I'm back everyone!earlybird_AEF
8/10/2018 14:57:018/10/20182:40:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory looks gorgeous as s/he perches on the OH branch, the baby blue sky and powder puff clouds as her/his backdrop. It sounds like someone is still hungry. Squee! Squee! Squee! No answer yet from MrP or TFL but one of them was seen flying by just as s/he arrived. Perhaps they have gone off to get her/him a fresh fish.earlybird_AEF
8/10/2018 17:16:448/10/20184:52:00 PMVictoryDeparture, FlightVictory patiently remained on the OH branch until 4:52pm, when s/he took off over the treetops in the foreground of the OH branch (Cam B). Victory curved right, then to the left. S/he circled in flight several times off in the distance above the OH branch, showing off some big wide circles and some smaller, tight ones, all the while wings fully spread while gliding and rising in currents of air. It was a beautiful flight and we were blessed to watch. Now lets hope that Victory decides to come back to visit... maybe following a parent in with a fish? We can always hope! Regardless, it was such a gift to have her home for several hours today. Thank you, Victory! We so needed to see you and spend some time in your majestic presence. You, my dear one, are a divine blessing and a strong, thriving, gorgeous eagle. We love you.freebird_AEF
8/10/2018 18:57:308/10/20186:26:00 PMVictoryArrival, VocalsSquees are heard at 6:26pm and Victory returns to the nest by flying in through the V. S/he's searching for food, digging around and picking up scraps. With no food in the pantry, Victory squees again and heads out to the Lateral branch. S/he still vocalizes occasionally but also appears a bit tired and rests. MrP or TFL, come visit your little one, and bring a fish while you're at it.freebird_AEF
8/10/2018 19:35:328/10/20187:31:00 PMVictoryVocalsVictory moves from the Lateral to the OH branch. S/he continues to vocalize. Calling out to MrP and TFL, "I'm hooooome! Where's dinner?"freebird_AEF
8/10/2018 19:53:598/10/20187:40:00 PMVictory, ParentVocals, FlightVictory squees wildly and flies across the Arboretum toward the PPT and returns to the nest. A parent is seen doing a fly by and lands at the PPT. Victory heads out to the Lateral branch and continues squeeing and appears to be tracking something. Victory moves from the Lateral to the NW branch and continues calling and looking outward. At least we know that a parent is aware that Victory is at the nest tree. We no longer see a parent at the PPT and Victory is facing toward the river calling out. S/he may be hoping for a fish delivery. You know what they say... the squeeing eaglet gets the fish.freebird_AEF
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