AEF DC - Event Log August 2018 (Responses)
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9/6/2018 15:21:369/6/20183:19:00 PMFarewell to Eagle SeasonReflections of GratitudeOnce again, we have to bid you farewell for now. This season began with our main characters, Mr. P and TFL, performing nestorations that included the usual branch tugs of war and placement decisions and revisions. Next was a very long, elaborate, and creative bonding process (Mr. P's incoming landings directly onto a perched TFL on the overhead branch come to mind). We also had numerous visitors to the nest area, including raccoons, squirrels, and immature eagles. In particular, the nubile subadult who had her eye on Mr. P, is most noteworthy. (According to our recent observations, she is still in town!) We breathed a sigh of relief at the belated egg laying, having almost resigned ourselves to the idea that there would be no kids this season. We adored the hatching and endless feedings (remember those huge shad? What a fishing season for our eagles!), the sheltering, and doting on and of DC6 and DC7. Then we shared the milestones and achievements of Victory and Valor and their precious weeks of sharing the nest in sibling rivalry and togetherness, perching, sleeping, preening, wingercizing, branching, both together and separately -- these two exquisitely beautiful eaglets whose lives took two very distinctly different paths, and whose ultimate destinations will remain unknown to us. We will miss both of them dearly, but the memory of them will live on through all of us for as long as we live.

Thank you to my fellow volunteers: The DC-AEF liason, ITechs, administrators, videographer, log monitors, chat moderators, and remote cam operators. Our team this year was devoted, caring, creative, and helpful. And thank you for understanding when I was unable to fulfill my duties. You all picked up the slack so willingly. I love and appreciate your collective intelligence, humor, and flexibility and look forward to next season's activities.

We are all of the same human fabric: a captive audience to these miracles of nature who grace us year after year with their presence. And we all have the unique privilege of viewing them for many seasons more. Mr. P and TFL are the eagle bastions of the Arboretum kingdom who keep us under their spell. I look forward to enjoying another year with all of you starting....well sometime in the fall, as eagle returns to the nest are not yet known!! The interactions with you, the viewers, make this entire experience so much richer! Your posts, comments, and participation in chat is what makes the season flow and keeps us in the know and on our toes! We will keep striving to do our best. Hope to see you all back in the fall!

I leave you with a favorite quote from the author, Rachel Carson, on the wondrous persistence of nature and our need to observe it:

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature - the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter."
9/6/2018 15:09:149/6/20183:05:00 PMOur DC FamilySeason FinaleIt seems like only yesterday when I was welcoming our friends old and new to the premiere of our 2018 nesting season. The time has gone by so fast, it’s hard to believe our season finale is almost upon us. It’s a time to reflect on all the sweet memories we shared.
From the moment Mr. President and The First Lady returned to the nest we were captivated by the camaraderie between them as they worked together on the nestorations. MrP’s architectural skills were outstanding, TFL’s supervising skills were exceptional. It always gave me a chuckle watching MrP place the nest rails in just the right position as TFL looked on from the Lateral branch, giving her nod of approval. But the moment MrP turned his back, she would jump in there and change it to her liking. Of course, MrP did exactly the same thing when she wasn’t looking. They are the perfect couple, totally adorable in every way.
We sat on the edge of our seats, waiting to see if they would lay eggs this year. The suspense was intense, would they, or wouldn’t they? Well, much to our relief and excitement, they did! It was one of our happiest days when TFL carefully stood up and let the whole world see that one perfect egg. Our happiness wasn’t any less when a few days later, egg number two arrived.
We waited and we watched as the days slowly went by. We were mesmerized by MrP and TFL’s total dedication and gentleness as they rolled their precious treasures over and over again. Finally, the day was upon us when we had our first pip and soon after a little fuzzball of love. DC6 had arrived! We were instantly and completely in love. How could anything be this adorable? Soon after we had another sweet bundle of joy. Precious DC7! Two healthy hatchlings. Two times the cuteness, two times the love.
MrP and TFL were the most wonderful of parents. They carefully and patiently fed their little tumbleweeds as their heads bobbed around, as their tiny beaks opened and closed. And we were right there with them shouting at the screens, “Grab the food, little ones!” They were finally able to do just that and do it well.
Victory and Valor. Perfect names for two strong and sure eagles. Victory was the more active one, Valor a bit more laid back, but they both reached their milestones, just as they should. Victory was the quiet one, the older sibling who loved to tease the younger one. Valor was the more vocal one. Oh my, was he loud! The sound of his squees would echo throughout the Arboretum. How I miss that sweet sound.
Our little buddy Valor, our shining star now flies with the angels. He touched so many lives in his short life. His memory fills us with so much joy and love. We still mourn his loss but rejoice in what Victory has accomplished. Our sweet Victory, so able and confident who has now gone on his/her exciting journey to explore the world. How proud we are of him/her! Our hearts overflow with love for these two precious eagles.
The nest is empty, only the memories still linger. The lights will be dimming, the curtain will be closing. This is a time for Mr. President and The First Lady to take a bow as we give them a round of applause. What magnificent parents they have been!
Thanks to all of you who have followed the Event Log and have joined us on this magical adventure. It has been such a pleasure sharing this sweet family’s life with you. Until next season….
9/6/2018 15:01:009/6/20183:00:00 PMTo Our DC Eagle FamilyEnd of SeasonHere we are — another amazing season ending with our beloved DC family. As it closes, I can’t help but reflect on everything that’s happened. In many ways, this has been a season unlike others. We’ve witnessed TFL laying eggs late in the season compared to the prior two years, and her “mating dance,” which we’d never seen before. There were more eagle visits at the nest tree, including one who appeared to have her eye on MrP while TFL was out and about. Tsk, tsk. We saw resident squirrels (including Nutterbutter) drive MrP batty a few times and a raccoon who tried to make the tree a regular stop. And sadly, we lost one of our beloved eaglets, sweet, loving and adorable Valor, to West Nile Virus. A heart breaking event for us all.
As the season ends, I am reminded how lucky we are to be witnessing the daily lives of bald eagles together. I’m grateful for the educational and social experience the cams provide, as each one of us has become an integral part of a family of eagle watchers. We share our joy, love and astonishment of the eagles with one another, just as we share our tears. From AEF founder, Al Cecere, to those who work for AEF, to the volunteers and all of the viewers, the eagles bring us together as one big family. Additionally, the cams provide such valuable information. They show us how strong and fierce bald eagles can be, yet how gentle and caring they are with their offspring — and how fragile their lives can be. Hopefully, teaching us the important role humanity plays in protecting them by providing a safe environment for them to live, thrive and survive in.
Time for thanks: To the DC team: From our fearless leader and liaisons to the moderators, cam ops, videographer extraordinaire and fellow monitors — you’re the best and I’m proud to work with you. I was so impressed with how we supported one another during the time Valor was picked up from the ground and through his passing. Thank you all for being so present. It helped me get through that difficult time more than you know. And Crystal, I will never forget how you were there for us; how you spent several days supporting the team and helping us through our sadness. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
To MrP and TFL, we love and adore you! Thank you for showing up for a third season at the DC nest, for being our teachers and for being my first eagle family to watch. Enjoy your time off doing whatever your hearts desire. All I ask, Dear Ones, is that you both return safe and sound to the nest for next season.
To Victory, I’m so proud of you! You are a gorgeous, strong, healthy juvenile and I’m honored to have watched you grow from a wee little eaglet to such a big, beautiful eagle. I’ll always remember you soaring from tree to tree in the Arboretum and particularly that last flight as you soared and circled higher and higher in the sky before flying out of sight. I’m sending prayers to help keep you safe, well fed and healthy.
To Valor… baby there are just no words except how special you were to me and how much I continue to love you. I believe in my heart that you are alive in spirit, soaring high in the heavens with all our love upon your wings. Thank you for all the laughs and adorable antics. You are and will forever live in my heart and in the hearts of many others.
To all the viewers: Thank you from all of us! You are part of the DC family and we love and appreciate you all. I look forward to sharing next season with you!
9/6/2018 14:50:539/6/20182:45:00 PMDC Eagle FamilySeason's End: Memories and GratitudeWell, here we are DC Eagle Family. Another chapter has closed. This season was so bittersweet. We embraced the dawn of a new day in the life of Mr. P and TFL. For three seasons we have watched Mr.P's and TFL's little family grow. Mr. P enlightened us with his typical nest building creations as TFL often side eyed him and dictated orders. They built up their little fortress for their babies as we eagerly awaited eggs. Our hearts fluttered with joy when two eggs arrived! With the crack of one egg, we got a glimpse of Victory. Slowly but surely Victory made his/her way into the world. Soon after, Valor arrived. Mr. P and TFL had two more precious eaglets. During the season we saw so many funny antics by the two of them. They loved to play with sticks, they appeared to be stimulated by their surroundings, and they made their milestones one by one. We fell in love with them, and it was easy to recognize that Victory and Valor fell in love with each other as well. They followed each other around the nest, beak kissed, played with nest material together and when one would squee, the other would squee right back. They were as close as close could be. Sadly, our darkest hour came when we lost our precious Valor. Our hearts were shattered. As an eagle community we rallied around one another for love and support. Valor's sweet face is etched in our minds. We will forever love him. There is a song that I love, called "Angels Among Us" by Alabama and there is a line that goes like this: "I believe there are angels among us, sent down to us from somewhere up above. They come to you and me, in our darkest hours, to show us how to live, to teach us how to give, to guide us with a light of love" - I think we have our Angel in Valor. That sweet little one is soaring up above us and circling each of us. I have no doubt that Victory is out there thriving under the care of Mr. P and TFL. When I really think about it, all of Mr.P's and TFL's offspring are so lucky to be have them as parents. They are the glue that binds the family and they are the ones we wait for each and every season. They somehow provide us all with a bit of comfort. I want to thank all of the AEF Staff and the DC Team Volunteers for showcasing another stellar season. It takes an entire team to run this nest and I have to say, each staff member at the AEF and each DC volunteer work around the clock to give everyone the ability to fall in love all over again with TFL and Mr.P. I am proud to be a part of that. Until next season, DC Eagle Family, always remember this............ Everything is right in the world when we have Mr.P in it.FreeSoars_AEF
9/4/2018 21:17:289/4/20189:11:00 PMOfficial UpdateCam Stream EndingWell, we knew it had to happen sooner or later... and so the time has come for the 2018 season to end. A parent has not been spotted at the nest since 8/21, and Victory was last seen on 8/18 leaving the nest tree and soaring high in the skies before flying out of sight. Therefore, the cam stream will end on Thursday, 9/6, at 11:59pm. While ending a season is always bittersweet, it is time — and before we know it, next season will be upon us. Thank you all for being part of this journey. The entire DC team wishes you well and looks forward to meeting up with all of you, Mr. President and The First Lady once again for the 2019 season at the DC nest.freebird_AEF
9/3/2018 6:50:239/3/20186:42:00 AMEmpty NestWeatherHappy Labor Day! The heat is on! We're expecting a hot and steamy day with temperatures in the mid nineties. This trend will continue for the next few days. The perfect day to go for a swim. I wonder if our eagles are down by the river doing just that.earlybird_AEF
9/2/2018 7:12:159/2/20186:45:00 AMNutterbutter and FriendFrolickingNutterbutter and a buddy have made their appearance this morning. So cute to see them frolicking on the branches below the nest and then chase each other up to the top of the tree. There's a lot of crunching going on up there, it sounds like someone is getting a good breakfast. Nutterbutter makes his way down to the V Perch, rummages around and then scampers up to the OH branch. He perches on the branch and preens his feathers, no wait... preens his fur lol, taking extra care with that big and bushy tail. earlybird_AEF
9/2/2018 6:44:299/2/20186:31:00 AMEmpty NestBeautiful MorningIt's expected to be a humid afternoon with highs around 90 degrees. Our nest is empty but the view is gorgeous! As our cam op pans around we see the beautiful skyline lit up in shades of blue, orange and yellow. The trees below are a lush and vibrant green with barely a leaf moving. The morning is still and quiet, even the birds are singing in hushed tones this morning.earlybird_AEF
9/1/2018 7:00:189/1/20186:49:00 AMNutterbutterArrivalOur lovely sub-adult has flown off and who do you think comes into the nest, not 10 minutes later? You guessed it! None other than our best buddy with the big furry tail and the big appetite. Good morning Nutterbutter. You sure didn't waste any time making your way up here.earlybird_AEF
9/1/2018 6:54:059/1/20186:26:00 AMSubadultDepartureThe sub-adult stretches her/his wings, takes another look around and moves into the nest. "Hmmm..., a little breakfish would be nice. Any leftovers around here?" S/he rummages around and finds an old bone.Hard to believe that there's any meat left on it after Victory's voracious appetite but our beautiful visitor does seem to get a few bites. But wait... something below seems to have caught her/his attention. Something or someone under the nest. It seems that our resident squirrel and a buddy are scurrying around down below. Nutterbutter, now is not a good time to come out for breakfast. Stay right in that little Nuthouse of yours until the all clear sign is given. I think, for once, Nutterbutter might be taking my advice. Our smart little tree climber stays in place. The sub-adult moves up the Left V branch and almost out of our view. 6:36am S/he departs from the nest. Perhaps s/he's off to get her/himself some breakfast. Come on back soon, you hear.earlybird_AEF
9/1/2018 6:30:389/1/20186:10:00 AMSubadultPerched/PerchingOur gorgeous sub-adult is perching on the Lateral branch this morning. It appears s/he's been here since around 3:49am. S/he looks quite content as s/he sleeps with her/his head in her/his wings. Now, don't get too comfortable here, my beauty. This nest condo has been taken but it sure would be nice if you would stay awhile. We've missed having an eagle in this nest and we love having you stop by for a visit. S/he preens her/himself as the wind ruffles her/his feathers and gazes around. S/he's very alert and attentive to everything around her/him as the sky start to brighten. earlybird_AEF
8/31/2018 19:51:568/31/20187:29:00 PMVisitorDepartureOur bright orange footed visitor stands again. His/her feet are so clean! You could teach MrP a thing or two about clean feet. After standing a while, s/he lies back down again. But not for long. S/he's back up after seemingly hearing something beneath the nest. Those squirrels drive eagles crazy but sure are entertaining to those of us watching. With no further rustling noises, the sub-adult moves over to pick up a stick and gives us the one wing, one foot eagle yoga stretch, then hops over to perch on the Lateral branch. At 7:43, our newly found friend flies off from the Lateral branch and out of view. What a wonderful visit! It's as if I really needed to see an eagle in the nest one more time, and what a beautiful sub-adult this was. Thank you so much, sweet eagle. What a delightful and fun gift you were to us this Friday evening.freebird_AEF
8/31/2018 19:28:078/31/20187:07:00 PMVisitorAt NestAn hour after hanging out at the nest tree, the visiting eagle lies down in the nest. It's quite windy out, you've got nowhere special to go; take a load off and relax for a while, my friend. S/he stands up at 7:12, picks up a bone scrap, tosses it down, picks it up again and drops it, picks at the nest, then stares straight down. I swear, there's a squirrel under there that our new friend is hearing and giving the same looks at MrP would give. Intrigued by the V, the visitor meanders over and pulls on what appears to be the cable line. It doesn't budge and the youngster ends up landing on its tail feathers in the nest. Lol. Back to the V to work with more sticks, with some playing with bones and scraps in between stick play. This eagle not only knows how to entertain itself, it's entertaining us as well! Looks like it's time to lie down again, relax and play with more sticks.freebird_AEF
8/31/2018 18:57:238/31/20186:04:00 PMVisitorAt NestOh my goodness! Look at you! Our cam op zooms in to the stunning coloring on our friend's head feathers. The dark streaks are gorgeous! Our young, alert friend appears to be getting a little tired, as his/her eyes soften and slowly close a few times. Seems s/he is settling in and getting more comfortable. Stick around, baby and catch some zzzzs. It's all right with us! We haven't seen any of our DC eagles here for over a week now.freebird_AEF
8/31/2018 18:39:248/31/20186:28:00 PMVisitorAt NestOur new friend remains very alert yet relaxed in the nest. S/he looks so healthy and inquisitive. Don't get any funny ideas sweetheart, this nest belongs to a famous couple that you may have heard of before: Mr. President and The First Lady. But you're welcome to stay a while and visit with us... in fact, please do. It's wonderful seeing an eagle in the nest again!freebird_AEF
8/31/2018 18:27:478/31/20186:07:00 PMVisitorArrivalAn eagle arrives and lands in the nest at 6:07pm. Our first thought was it was MrP, but as the cam op gets online to zoom in and the eagle moves to branch, we realize we’ve got a visitor! Welcome to MrP and TFL's lair, handsome. This eagle looks to be about 4 years old with an almost all white head, except for some dark marbling and streaks. His/her beak is mostly golden yellow but still displays some grey markings and splotches. This alert eagle makes me wonder if someone else is in the area as it perches, dipping and bobbing his/her head as if tracking. The wind blows, the branch bounces as this beauty takes a ride and break from his/her adventures. S/he flies back to the nest at 6:17 and keeps looking down at all the bones and greenery in an intriguing fashion. "What is this mess I’ve flown into? And look at all these greens growing. Is this a boneyard or a garden?" Either way, it needs some cleaning, and our new friend picks up and moves a stick around. S/he has a gorgeous white tail with some paint strokes of dark grey running down the center. Just beautiful!freebird_AEF
8/31/2018 6:38:578/31/20186:32:00 AMNutterbutterWeatherIt seems that we'll be having a short reprieve from the heat for the next couple of days. It's expected to only reach the mid eighties with a chance of a few showers. Nutterbutter has just popped in to wish us a good morning and scampers up the Right V branch for some breakfast.earlybird_AEF
8/30/2018 6:35:198/30/20186:28:00 AMEmpty NestWeatherIt's already 84 degrees this morning with a high of 90 degrees expected and a chance of a thunderstorm later. The Singing Cicadas and The Birds of the Arboretum have all joined together in chorus to wish us a good morning. It's a very soothing and peaceful sound as we look in on the nest, still hoping that one of our eagles will stop by. The nest looks almost like a summer garden now, with tufts of greenery growing throughout it. As we gaze at this very special nest, we are filled with love for this very special eagle family.earlybird_AEF
8/29/2018 7:32:548/29/20187:30:00 AMDC ChatDC ChatThis season seems to have flown by. Please come join us for our last chat at 8:00pm this evening. We would love to answer your questions and hear your comments as we reminisce about this sweet eagle family.earlybird_AEF
8/29/2018 7:14:238/29/20186:58:00 AMNutterbutterVisitWell, there's our little tree climber, he finally came up to see us. It looks like Nutterbutter is on his way up a branch to get some breakfast at the "All you can eat Buffet." I hear tell they have some fabulous Tulip Seed Pods on the menu. He's even taken a breakfast companion along with him, his treat, of course. Here they come back down the branch and back up another. A little after breakfast scampering is always good for the waistline after such a big meal. And it's always good entertainment for us!earlybird_AEF
8/29/2018 6:57:388/29/20186:45:00 AMEmpty NestWeatherIt's another hot and humid day with temperatures expected to reach the mid nineties. There haven't been any eagle sightings but there's been some rustling around the nest. The drone of the cicadas is so deafening this morning, that it's hard to hear anything, but I did get a quick glimpse of the black squirrel under the V Perch. No sign of Nutterbutter yet but he may be down in his Nuthouse, lounging around on this very warm morning.earlybird_AEF
8/28/2018 11:43:558/28/201811:33:00 AMVictory and MrPHuntingI have some happy, happy, happy news! Did I say happy?! Although we haven't seen our DC eagle family on cam, Victory and MrP are still in the area! Victory was seen flying through Kingman Island, hunting alone, MrP followed about 10 minutes later. We are so proud of you Victory! We knew you were ready and you've just proven it. You've got this sweet Victory. Way to go big eagle! earlybird_AEF
8/28/2018 6:04:198/28/20185:45:00 AMEmpty NestWeatherThe morning is quiet and still, the silence only broken by the soft drone of the cicadas. We're expecting another hot and humid day with a temperature near 94 degrees. The nest is empty, except for an occasional moth fluttering by, it's wings glowing in the IR light. We still watch and wait in the hopes that one of our eagles will come to say a last good by.earlybird_AEF
8/27/2018 7:08:468/27/20187:00:00 AMVictoryHappy Hatchday!Today is a special day for Victory. S/he's now 17 weeks young. Happy Hatchday Victory! I hope you're out there enjoying some delicious fishcakes in celebration.earlybird_AEF
8/27/2018 6:58:148/27/20186:30:00 AMNutterbutterWeatherWe're expecting hazy, hot and humid conditions for the next few days with temperatures in the mid nineties. There have been no eagle sightings but Nutterbutter and a friend have already been up bright and early this morning scavenging around for something to eat. earlybird_AEF
8/26/2018 6:45:488/26/20186:34:00 AMNutterbutterWeatherThere are scattered clouds this morning, currently 68 degrees. We're expecting sunshine and more humid conditions with a high of 89 degrees. No sign of our eagles but Nutterbutter has arrived. He scurries up the Lateral branch and out of our view. No doubt, he's up there having a bite or two or three to eat.earlybird_AEF
8/25/2018 7:57:418/25/20187:55:00 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestWe hear the birds singing merrily, the hum of the traffic nearby, the train roaring down the tracks. All sounds that we've become accustomed to hearing, that we've almost taken for granted. But not this morning. This is a time to breathe it all in, to embed it in our memories. Victory has been gone now for one week. We know not if s/he's still flying around in the nearby area with MrP or TFL or if s/he has gone off on her/his journey. What we do know is that MrP and TFL have prepared her/him well. They have set good examples as they nurtured their young ones, providing ample food and protection. Victory is a strong and confident eagle who has had the benefit of the guidance of two outstanding parents. We know not if that was the last sighting of Victory as she flew off into the distance on August 18. If so, what a fitting departure. To see her/him fly off with such beauty and grace gave all of us the confidence that s/he would do well. We will miss you sweet Victory. We will always hope to see you one more time and today is no different. But, if you have gone off on your worldwind tour, just know that no matter how far you go, no matter what path you take, a piece of our heart will always be with you.earlybird_AEF
8/25/2018 7:21:048/25/20186:58:00 AMNutterbutterVisitIt's a pleasant 68 degrees with sunny skies and a high of 82 degrees expected. There have been no eagles sightings but Nutterbutter has come for breakfast. He's really making himself at home this morning, climbing all over the V branches, the Lateral branch and above on the OH branch. He even has the nerve to plop himself down in the middle of the nest and have a bite to eat. Seriously Nutterbutter! Are you that confident that MrP or TFL won't be stopping by to check things out? You are one bold squirrel. I do love your spunk!earlybird_AEF
8/24/2018 19:10:378/24/20187:00:00 PMNest Tree, ArboretumEvening Tour and ThoughtsOur cam op takes us on a journey surrounding the nest tree and around the Arboretum. The wind gusts blow through the area, tossing branches and leaves about as if they were dancing in the breeze. We’re enjoying a perfectly blue sky and watching puffy white clouds slowly float by. We’re so lucky to have this view… with the nest tree located atop a hill allowing us, and our eagles, to see for miles and miles, over the green tree tops and beyond to the horizon. Our cam op places Cam B such that it gives us a view of the arch that the left and right V branches create as they grow toward the center of the nest and above the OH branch. I’d never really noticed the double arch that’s created by the two Vs and the OH branches before. While there’s still a carpet of greenery formed by the trees in the distance, when we look closely at trees adjacent to the nest, we see leaves beginning to turn color as the first signs of autumn set in. At 6:40pm, we witness small birds darting, soaring and diving as they capture bugs for their evening meal. Then we move for a closeup of the nest and observe the green grasses growing in one section before moving over to the twiggy boneyard in another area of the nest. I don't know about all of you, but I love the close ups of the bones. Their structure is so interesting and I can't help but think of how precious nature is... as are our DC eagles. Unfortunately, the only birds seen from 5:30-7pm are small birds. Even the squirrels have chosen not to make an appearance. It’s been a quiet serene evening at the nest as we think about MrP and TFL. Wondering if they might be perched nearby, tucked behind greenery, or down by the river together. And we can’t help but wonder about Victory. Is s/he still in the area being taught to hunt and fed by MrP and TFL, or has s/he gone off on his/her own adventure? We’ll continue to keep a lookout for all of them while cams are still active in hopes to catch just one more glimpse. Sweet dreams everyone.freebird_AEF
8/24/2018 7:45:338/24/20187:26:00 AMNutterbutterScamperingNutterbutter has finally made his appearance, but it's fast and swift. Down the branch he comes, scampering as fast as those little legs will take him. I almost missed him again, he never did come into the nest. earlybird_AEF
8/24/2018 7:30:528/24/20187:15:00 AMEmpty NestWeatherIt's another pleasant morning, currently 65 degrees. We're expecting a sunny day with a high of 84 degrees. The nest is still empty this morning, even Nutterbutter hasn't come up for breakfast. I think we might see him yet. There are just too many seed pods left for him to devour. We can hear some crackling noises from time to time, perhaps that is Nutterbutter. Did you sneak past me little mister? It could be. He can outrun an eagle so we know he's fast and cagey. There are some pieces of pod bits falling from the top of the tree. Ah Ha! You are up there! I'm onto you little tree climber. You won't get past me again.earlybird_AEF
8/23/2018 8:03:128/23/20187:50:00 AMNutterbutterVisitCam B is back now and we've had a visitor or two. Nutterbutter stopped by to get his picture taken. He seems to be enjoying his new found fame. We also had one of the soloists from the Birds of the Arboretum fly in and perch on the Lateral branch for a short while. He didn't give us a one bird performance yet but perhaps that will happen later in the day.earlybird_AEF
8/23/2018 7:31:598/23/20187:23:00 AMBirds of the ArboretumEmpty NestCam A is up and running again! We are still having some technical difficulties with Cam B but are hoping to get that resolved soon. The nest is empty this morning but sit back and enjoy the lovely serenades of the Birds of the Arboretum. We will be featuring some oldies but goodies for your listening pleasure.earlybird_AEF
8/23/2018 6:52:008/23/20186:47:00 AMWeatherWeatherThe cams are down at the moment but the weather is fine. It's a clear morning, currently 66 degrees. We are expecting a pleasant afternoon with sunny conditions and a high of 80 degrees. earlybird_AEF
8/23/2018 6:45:288/23/20186:42:00 AMCamsCamsWe are having some issues with both cams this morning. We hope to have it resolved soon. Thanks for your patience.earlybird_AEF
8/22/2018 13:15:068/22/201812:44:00 PMParentFly ByWe just had a quick glimpse of a parent flying by the nest!earlybird_AEF
8/22/2018 9:35:588/22/20189:32:00 AMValor Necropsy ResultsValor Necropsy ResultsTri-State Bird Rescue & Research, Inc.
20 mins ·
Dear friends, we know many have been waiting to hear the results of the necropsy report for Valor. We received the report yesterday, and the findings confirm several things. First, Valor was indeed male. Second, West Nile Virus had caused severe softening and swelling in one area of his brain; this accounts for his neurological symptoms. Some evidence of parasites in the gastrointestinal tract was found, but this is very common in wild birds, and in this case, likely had little to no effect on his condition. Finally, tests for Influenza A as well as multiple toxins were negative. Being trusted to care for our native wildlife is a privilege, and we thank you all again for your concern, care, and support.
8/22/2018 6:49:318/22/20186:40:00 AMResident SquirrelNaming the Resident SquirrelOur resident squirrel has been in and out of the nest again this morning. He's pretty much taken over this nest condo and we think it is only fitting that we finally give him a name. It has to be something special for this adorable and fearless fluff snatcher, something that describes his cute and perky personality and appearance. We feel that we have found just the perfect name. Mr. Squirrel will forever be known from this day forward as Nutterbutter. As I'm posting this Nutterbutter peeks his head up from the side of the nest and looks this way. Was that a nod of approval that I see? I wonder.....earlybird_AEF
8/21/2018 8:28:298/21/20188:13:00 AMHawkPerched/PerchingWe have another visitor at the nest. A hawk is perching on the OH branch. What a beauty! Mr. Squirrel knows when it's time to skedaddle. He sure doesn't want to mess with Mr. Hawk. 8:18am The hawk flies off.earlybird_AEF
8/21/2018 7:47:288/21/20187:27:00 AMMr. SquirrelEatingMrP has not been spotted again, perhaps he's off getting some breakfast. I have been hearing some lip smacking that surely isn't one of our eagles. There's only one very entertaining and engaging critter that comes to mind when I hear that munching sound. None other than our resident Mr. Squirrel. He finally makes his way down from the top of the tree and moves up on the Right V branch for a selfie. Yes, you are adorable little guy. earlybird_AEF
8/21/2018 6:50:218/21/20186:35:00 AMMr. PresidentDepartureMrP preens himself, departs from the branch and disappears out of our view. earlybird_AEF
8/21/2018 6:32:438/21/20186:06:00 AMMr. PresidentPerched/PerchingMrP finishes checking out the nest and flies off through the V. He makes his way over to a tree near the PPT and perches on a branch. He quietly watches the area as the wind whips all around him. earlybird_AEF
8/21/2018 6:21:018/21/20186:03:00 AMMr. PresidentArrivalWhat a nice surprise to see MrP arrive at the nest! He flies in and inspects the nest. Are you looking for a bite to eat MrP? There doesn't seem to be anything left except some dried up old bones. There sure are plenty of those. Someone hasn't been keeping up with the housekeeping. Hint, Hint. I believe that's your job. You are such a great provider, and master builder, and Dad and mate to TFL so I guess we can give you a pass on this one. We do love you MrP and are so happy to see you this morning!earlybird_AEF
8/20/2018 6:46:438/20/20186:40:00 AMMr. SquirrelVisitIt's a cloudy morning, currently 72 degrees. The sun should break out later today with a temperature of 81 degrees expected. Our eagles have not returned yet but Mr. Squirrel is here once again this morning. He's brought along a buddy or could it be Mrs. Squirrel? I guess we'll never know because he's not talking. They looked like they were having a fun time chasing each other up and down the branches. Too bad they didn't stick around longer. earlybird_AEF
8/19/2018 7:04:568/19/20187:00:00 AMMr. SquirrelVisitIt's a cloudy morning with a temperature of 73. A high of 82 degrees is expected today with a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. Our eagles have not arrived yet this morning but Mr. Squirrel has been keeping us amused. He's quite the little character with those silly expressions of his as he stops on the Right V branch and looks in the cam. I guess he was just checking to see if we were paying attention. Oh we are Mr. Squirrel! You can count on that.earlybird_AEF
8/18/2018 12:39:528/18/201812:32:00 PMVictoryDepartureVictory flies off and we catch a couple of circular flight patterns as she soars high in the sky and beyond the Arb before s/he disappears.freebird_AEF
8/18/2018 12:22:208/18/201811:46:00 AMVictoryArrivalVictory arrives back to perch at the nest tree after having been gone several hours. S/he quietly perches at the OH branch. Hello gorgeous. I see that you're showing off some downy beak bling this morning. Victory squees for breakfast... errr, I mean lunch since it's now 12:13pm. S/he continuously looks over toward the river, most likely waiting and watching for some sign of MrP or TFL. Victory, we're all cheering for you to get a fish delivery. We're right here with you.freebird_AEF
8/18/2018 6:54:438/18/20186:28:00 AMMr. Squirrel and FriendScamperingIt looks like Mr. Squirrel might have company for breakfast this morning. An adorable black squirrel has just stopped by for a visit. Mr. Squirrel is busy scampering up and down the branches, perhaps gathering up the provisions for their meal together. earlybird_AEF
8/18/2018 6:26:108/18/20186:14:00 AMVictoryDepartureVictory flies off of the Lateral branch and out of our view. It doesn't take long for our cam op to find her/him on the NW branch. S/he looks like s/he's having a great time jumping and flying on and off of the branches. S/he finally flies off, out of our sight once again.earlybird_AEF
8/18/2018 6:15:518/18/20185:57:00 AMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory has once again slept on the nest tree and we're not complaining one bit. It's so nice to see her on this early Saturday morning as s/he perches on the Cam B branch. The skies are beginning to brighten and Victory is on the move. S/he quietly flies into the nest and rummages around to find some leftovers. There's not much there, only some bones that s/he can pick at. S/he stops to track something in the sky, no idea what s/he sees. S/he moves some sticks out of her/his way and lies down in the nest. This doesn't seem quite comfy enough. S/he moves some more sticks around, repositions her/himself and lies down again. No, this just isn't doing it. Finally she trots on over to the Lateral branch and perches there.earlybird_AEF
8/17/2018 19:48:498/17/20187:45:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingAt about 7:45, Victory jumped from the Overhead Branch to the branch seen on Cam B. You can see his/her tush and tail! :)FreeSoars_AEF
8/17/2018 19:31:048/17/20187:23:00 PMVictoryWho's on first?At 7:23 pm, after a nice, long visit, Victory departed the nest tree and out of cam view. Oh, but wait, at 7:23 and a half, Victor decides home is where s/he wants to be and back s/he comes to the Overhead Branch LOL. Did s/he actually fly away from the tree, or jump higher up in the tree then back down? Hmmmm not so sure, but nonetheless, s/he is in perfect view again on the Overhead Branch. I'm A-OK with that! The longer we see her/him, the longer we can love on him/her! Won't you stay awhile, Victory? We are not done loving on you! FreeSoars_AEF
8/17/2018 18:49:488/17/20186:29:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory remains at the OH branch and calls out... then quietly preens. S/he looks like a little sleepyhead as his/her eyes slowly open and close. So adorable and so loved.freebird_AEF
8/17/2018 17:51:558/17/20185:39:00 PMVictoryArrivalAt 5:39, Victory arrives at the nest and digs around, finds a bone, carries it out to the Lateral branch, drops it and watches it fall. S/he then moves back to the nest and flies up to the OH branch to perch and preen.freebird_AEF
8/17/2018 13:43:318/17/20181:40:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingUpdate: Victory flies to the PPT at 12:06pm. S/he continues to perch on a branch looking quite lovely as the wind ruffles her/his feathers.earlybird_AEF
8/17/2018 10:48:288/17/201810:36:00 AMVictoryDepartureWhat a beautiful sight seeing Victory depart from the OH branch and fly in the direction of the river. I hope MrP and TFL are waiting there with breakfast for you.earlybird_AEF
8/17/2018 8:50:218/17/20188:17:00 AMVictoryArrivalVictory returns and perches on the OH branch. How lovely s/he looks with the sun beaming down on her/him.earlybird_AEF
8/17/2018 6:55:308/17/20186:30:00 AMMr. SquirrelEatingNo sooner does Victory leave then who should show up but Mr. Squirrel. I can just imagine him, waiting in his Nuthouse and tapping his little paw in impatience. When will Victory leave? It's time for my breakfast! He finally gets his chance, scampers up the OH branch and finds some of those delectable seed pods. Yummy!earlybird_AEF
8/17/2018 6:17:448/17/20186:00:00 AMVictoryDepartureThe sky is beginning to lighten, Victory calls out again and flies over to the OH branch. S/he does her morning preening and tracks a plane as it goes by. The stillness of the morning is gone, the birds are singing merrily and so is Victory. Someone sounds like they're ready for breakfast. S/he flies down into the nest and finds some leftovers to munch on. 6:13am Victory grabs up a piece of bone and departs from the nest.earlybird_AEF
8/17/2018 5:52:468/17/20185:40:00 AMVictoryPerched/PerchingOur sweet Victory did indeed spend the night at the nest! S/he perches in the "balcony" her dark body a silhouette against the gray hues of the early morning sky. S/he's very quiet and still, the sun has not come up yet. The only sounds that surround her are the hum of the morning traffic and the constant drone of the cicadas. S/he stretches out her/his wing, calls out softly and gazes out as the sun starts to rise.earlybird_AEF
8/16/2018 20:25:318/16/20187:35:00 PMVictorySpending the nightNightfall will be approaching soon. Victory lets out more vocalizations and it feels that s/he is getting a little fidgety. Maybe s/he's deciding where to overnight. At 7:52, Victory leaves the OH, flies down to the nest and then upward to the Cam B branch to perch on what I think of as "the balcony." Now, it's almost 8:30 and the IR light has come on. It looks like Victory has chosen to stay home. Bless his/her sweet little eagle heart and we just couldn't be happier to have him/her spend the night with us.freebird_AEF
8/16/2018 19:20:578/16/20187:09:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory has been perched with us for over three and a half hours. S/he mainly perches quietly, although s/he vocalizes occasional sets of squees. All in all, Victory is comfortable and relaxed hanging out at the ol' nest tree.freebird_AEF
8/16/2018 18:07:148/16/20185:05:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingAt 5:06, a bird dive bombs Victory while perching on the OH branch. Victory responds with open wings and squees of disapproval. Knock it off, little bird. Victory does not appreciate such nonsense, not one bit. The bird seems to get the message and moves on. At 5:30, Victory is still in place on the OH. S/he continues to look to the left (from Cam B), in the direction of the river and golf course. Victory squees, "Hey! Is there anyone coming to visit? With another fish? I'm still here!" Victory actively looks around as if tracking someone flying overhead, then settles back in, looking to the left once again. I don't know where your parents are but we're all here, Victory. Loving every minute with you and grateful for your presence. We never know when you will be on your way, heading out on your great new adventures. You are treasured and loved, young eagle, and that love will be with you always. freebird_AEF
8/16/2018 16:57:088/16/20184:08:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingSo far, Victory remains quietly perched at the Lateral branch and is even being serenaded by the ice cream. Victory just relaxes, all big eagle chill-like with one leg hanging over the branch. Victory glances back at the nest. "Maybe I'll hang around for a while and see if either of the folks bring another fish. That last one was only big enough for a snack!" Victory wing walks up the Left V at 4:41, then flies over to the OH branch. freebird_AEF
8/16/2018 16:07:228/16/20183:55:00 PMMr. PresidentPrey DeliveredAt 3:35pm, we hear squees sounding off like an alarm. They fade in and out, then draw nearer, nearer, nearer until... MrP lands in the nest with Victory right behind. Victory’s arrival pushes MrP back a bit. While Victory mantles the fish, MrP backs up and gets out of the way. He flies up onto the Right V branch to perch momentarily before flying off. Victory holds the mantle and the squees become quieter, more like whistles, then s/he finally starts munching on the fish. Within about 10 minutes, the fish is gone and our gorgeous, healthy, stunningly beautiful Victory stands in the nest satisfied and looking out -- from his/her home, sweet home, looking out into the Arb and beyond. S/he walks out to the Lateral branch and does some feaking. And there's our beloved fledgling, perching at his/her favorite first perching spot. Welcome home, Victory. We are so grateful to see you. We are so grateful to see MrP. And thankful that he brought you a fish and led you home to be with us for a little while. You look fabulous, my dear!freebird_AEF
8/16/2018 8:26:088/16/20188:24:00 AMMr. SquirrelClose upsI hope some of you have been able to watch the cams this morning. We have just had some of the most adorable close ups of Mr. Squirrel. We do miss seeing our eagles but, oh my goodness, Mr. Squirrel is so much fun to watch! He sits on the branch holding onto one of the seed pods with those cute little paws of his. The expressions on his face as he eats is priceless. He appears to be in total bliss. He has this beautiful nest condo all to himself this morning and an all you can eat buffet to boot. You are one lucky little squirrel!earlybird_AEF
8/16/2018 7:30:598/16/20187:30:00 AMChatChatChat will begin in thirty minutes. Bring your questions and come join us for some lively conversation about our sweet eagle family.earlybird_AEF
8/16/2018 7:17:428/16/20186:41:00 AMMr. SquirrelVisitOur fearless Mr. Squirrel has dropped in for breakfast. He's high up in the nest tree again. That must be where the eating is good. What a big appetite he has! Almost thirty minutes later and he's still eating. Finally he comes down the Left V branch, but he disappears again. This little guy is quick and he's great at playing hide and seek. No wonder MrP can never catch you!earlybird_AEF
8/16/2018 6:32:558/16/20186:31:00 AMWeatherWeatherOur current temperature is 73 degrees with partly cloudy skies. It's expected to be a sunny, hot and humid day with a high of 92 degrees. No sign of our eagle family as of yet.earlybird_AEF
8/15/2018 13:58:528/15/20181:44:00 PMVictoryDepartureVictory seems to be tracking something in the sky. S/he cranes her/his neck, takes another look and departs from the OH branch.earlybird_AEF
8/15/2018 12:52:568/15/201812:40:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory moves up the branch. S/he's obscured by some leaves but s/he gives out another call so we know s/he's still there. There's a rustle of leaves, the sound of something landing on a branch and we find our beauty perching on the OH branch.earlybird_AEF
8/15/2018 12:42:308/15/201812:17:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory calls out a greeting. S/he looks so fit and strong. Mom and Dad must be feeding you well off the nest. S/he's so curious as s/he perches on the branch, watching everything that goes by. So cute how s/he tilts her/his head almost upside down to see what's flying by. We just want to sit back, bask in her beauty and soak in this moment. Each and every minute we have with her is a gift now. earlybird_AEF
8/15/2018 12:16:208/15/201811:56:00 AMVictoryPerched/PerchingThere's our beauty! Our sweet Victory has just flown by and landed in the Primary Perching tree. S/he looks calm and content, preening her/his feathers and gazing around. What a special treat to see her/him again today. earlybird_AEF
8/15/2018 8:05:468/15/20187:48:00 AMMr. SquirrelVisitMr. Squirrel must have overslept this morning. He finally made an appearance but quickly scampered out of sight. We hear you munching away, where did you go? It seems that he's playing a little hide and seek this morning, but he's no match for our cam op. You have been found, little Mister, way up on the Right V Branch. But he's a smart one. He goes even further up the branch, well out of the cam's view. Well done Mr. Squirrel! You won this round of hide and seek but we'll be expecting a rematch.earlybird_AEF
8/15/2018 7:04:288/15/20187:00:00 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestIt's a lovely, clear morning at 73 degrees. There's a feeling of calm and peacefulness as we take a tour through the trees. No sign of our eagle family this morning. But the day is still young.earlybird_AEF
8/14/2018 14:08:228/14/20181:39:00 PMVictoryVocalsSeveral sets of squees are heard nearby. Time for a little game of hide and seek with Victory as we wait to see if s/he flies in to the nest or anywhere nearby. Squees continue. Some of them sound quite serious. I imagine Victory flying around, having some adventures and suddenly realizing s/he's getting hungry. S/he heads toward the nest tree and finds a favorite place to perch and starts calling out a fish delivery. "Hey! I'm near the nest. I am really, really hungry and would like to place a rush lunch order, please. I'd like a headless fish, fresh from the river. Make it a double. And hurry! When I see you arrive, I'll rush to the nest to thank you." Lol. Well, no quick response by a delivery service and it sounds awfully quiet now in the nest area. It's likely that Victory has moved to a new location or has headed out to track down a parent. Carry on. We'll keep our eyes and ears open.freebird_AEF
8/14/2018 7:00:388/14/20186:34:00 AMThe First LadyDepartureTFL continues to perch on the OH Branch looking intently around, the golden sun shining down on her. She glows like a welcoming beacon of light as she waits for her precious one. Where are you Victory? Mama is waiting. We know that this season is slowly coming to an end. We know that Victory will be leaving us soon. We know that Victory is a strong and confident eagle who will do well when s/he takes on the world. But these moments do pull at our heartstrings, we can't help but feel a little bit sad for us. But surely not for this sweet family. MrP and TFL have been wonderful parents, with their care and guidance, Victory is more than ready to start her/his journey. TFL cranes her neck, takes a final look around and flies off into the sky.earlybird_AEF
8/14/2018 6:27:308/14/20186:00:00 AMThe First LadyPerched/PerchingThe sky is just beginning to lighten, TFL arrives and looks around the nest. There are still some leftovers from yesterday and she sure would like a bite or two. She eats the fish, prances up the Left V Branch and onto the OH Branch. The birds serenade her as she gazes all around her Queendom. She is the beautiful Lady of the Arboretum, the faithful companion of MrP, the devoted mother of DC1, Freedom, Liberty, Honor, Glory, Victory and Valor. She is a dedicated caregiver, always at the ready whenever her young ones need her. Now she quietly watches and waits for her sweet Victory. earlybird_AEF
8/13/2018 19:48:506/13/20187:32:00 PMThe First LadyDepartureThe amazingly majestic TFL finally begins eating the fish at 7:22pm, after waiting for Victory for 1 hour and 34 minutes. This is the longest I've seen her wait this season. She hesitates again for a few moments, then begins eating towards the tail end. This transition time can be pretty emotional; watching TFL doing her very best to support and provide for her offspring until the very end. We observe her waiting, listening and watching for Victory and it tugs at our hearts, but surely makes us love her all the more. She's such a good mama. I only wish Victory would have shown up and seen what a humongous fish TFL delivered tonight. She moves over to the V and does some feaking to help keep her beak sharp and clean while the fishtail remains in the nest like a little gift waiting for Victory. With the sun going down, our beautiful TFL climbs up the Left V branch, looks around the Arboretum one last time before flying up to perch at the OH branch. We observe The Lady in all her grandeur with a beautiful scenic backdrop of blue sky and clouds. She is still looking intently for any sign of Victory, waiting... with no sign she flies off at 7:32pm. Her love, patience and devotion as a precious, wonderful eagle mom has moved me. I just can't express the love I feel for this eagle right now.freebird_AEF
8/13/2018 19:00:466/13/20187:00:00 PMThe First LadyStill waitingThis is quite the waiting game. It's been over an hour now since the fish delivery. TFL doesn't seem the least bit interested in this fish but she does seem interested in waiting for Victory to return home. freebird_AEF
8/13/2018 18:44:278/13/20186:30:00 PMThe First LadyWaiting for Victory"Well, as long as I'm here, I might as well dig up some sticks and clean this place up a bit." TFL keeps one foot on the fish and digs around it. Now she's even covering part of the fish up with dirt. Could this be a new strategy? Will she leave a gift for Victory? Hmmm... lets roll the fish around and sprinkle it with a little of TFL's special nest seasoning. Yum! Now I think some of the bugs even might be confused, wondering where the fish went now that it blends in with the nest so well. TFL... you're too much! You're definitely cracking me up. It's now 6:42 and TFL hasn't had a bite since camouflaging the fish, but still... she waits.freebird_AEF
8/13/2018 18:30:438/13/20186:12:00 PMThe First LadyWaiting for VictoryIt's been almost 30 minutes before TFL takes some more bites. She appears to wonder how long she's suppose to wait and I can almost hear her say, "Where is that kid, anyway?" (Probably off with MrP having some fun.) TFL continues to only take a couple bites at a time and then stop for several minutes in between. I've got to give TFL so much credit. She hasn't given up on feeding Victory. Not one bit. And she's showing such great restraint as she patiently waits. We love you TFL! And you are one gorgeous, devoted eagle.freebird_AEF
8/13/2018 18:09:198/13/20185:48:00 PMThe First LadyPrey DeliveredTFL flies in with a huge fish. Our fish expert says it's a carp. TFL looks around for Victory, but we all know from past experience that TFL can’t resist eating this fish if Victory doesn’t show up fairly soon. TFL takes some bites and stops to wait again. She’s still panting from her fishing expedition and flight back to the nest. So far, TFL and Victory's timing has definitely been off! Come on, Victory. Head home for a second meal and a visit with your mama.freebird_AEF
8/13/2018 14:17:488/13/20182:12:00 PMVictoryDepartureThe call of the sky beckons. Victory departs from the OH branch and flies out of sight.earlybird_AEF
8/13/2018 13:53:278/13/20181:09:00 PMMrP and VictoryPrey DeliveredThe sound of squees gets closer and closer. MrP arrives with a fish and here comes Victory! Yay! That's the way to do it! Victory lands in the nest, MrP takes a few steps back to get out of her/his way and moves to the Lateral branch. Victory squeals with delight and looks all around. "Is this all for me?" It sure is baby, dig in! MrP flies off and Victory begins to chow down. S/he stops every now and then, looks around to make sure all is fine and goes back to eating. It's so good to see her/him with a full crop. S/he gets her fill, prances up the Left V Branch, feaks her/his beak and flies over to the OH Branch. How beautiful s/he looks! How wonderful it is to have her/him back at the nest!earlybird_AEF
8/13/2018 8:36:318/13/20188:13:00 AMVictoryVocalsWe can hear the squees again! Victory is playing a good game of hide and seek this morning. We just cannot find her/him. It would be so nice if MrP or TFL brought in a fish, right about now. I bet that would bring Victory out of hiding.earlybird_AEF
8/13/2018 8:10:508/13/20188:01:00 AMEmpty NestEmpty NestHappy 15 week Hatchday Victory! We know that you're not too far away, we heard you calling out this morning. Our cam op has been searching but we still haven't found you. You've been so quiet for the last 50 minutes, perhaps you've gone down to the river to find Mom and Dad. earlybird_AEF
8/13/2018 6:20:318/13/20186:13:00 AMeagleVocalsThe sky is cloudy this morning but our smiles are bright. Eagle whistles and squees can be heard in the distance. Our eagles are not far away. earlybird_AEF
8/12/2018 19:11:418/12/20186:59:00 PMVictoryPerched/PerchingVictory remains perched at the PPT. She calls out while the wind and rain continue. Hang in there, baby. The skies look like they might be lightening up a bit. Victory moves onto a branch just below where s/he was where the leaves provide better shelter. A parent is seen flying by and we still hear Victory's squees but we lose sight of him/her.freebird_AEF
8/12/2018 18:13:538/12/20186:13:00 PMVictoryVocals, Fly by, Perched/PerchingA distance away and covered over by the sound of rain, Victory is still heard squeeing. S/he's out there! Lets all start a fish chant so that when the rain eases up, TFL brings some food. And at 6:13pm, Victory flies from the left on Cam B, s/he flies close to the nest then curves left and heads over to perch back at the PPT. Go Victory!freebird_AEF
8/12/2018 16:59:268/12/20184:45:00 PMVictoryDepartureVictory flies from a perching spot from behind the Right V of the nest tree on Cam B, across the Arboretum, with her flight becoming obscured behind the Left V foliage. It's hard to tell if she's perched nearby or has left the area. We'll listen for squees. So far, no vocalizations have been heard. And we have a rain storm that's moved in, so where ever Victory is, s/he'll probably stay perched for the time being.freebird_AEF
8/12/2018 16:18:338/12/20184:06:00 PMThe First Lady, VictoryDepartureAt 4:06pm, TFL flies off to the left on Cam A. Victory departs the PPT one minute later and it sounds like s/he lands somewhere on or near the nest tree... either that or flew past it. Victory squees at 4:19, so we know s/he is somewhere nearby.freebird_AEF
8/12/2018 15:41:208/12/20183:24:00 PMThe First Lady, VictoryPerched/PerchingVictory is spotted perching at 3:29pm. Victory is actually perched above TFL. If you're looking on Cam B right now you can spot Victory moving behind the foreground leaf and branch. On Cam A, Victory is located a bit to the right and two horizontal branches above TFL. Amazing cam work!freebird_AEF
8/12/2018 15:23:468/12/20182:57:00 PMThe First Lady, VictoryPerched/PerchingVictory starts squeeing consistently and TFL stares upward or downward as she tilts her head observantly. It feels like one of them are going to make a move. Maybe Victory was moving around where s/he's perched. TFL stays put and watches one of her downy feathers float by. Victory goes back and forth from being quietly perched to squees. Patience, dear Victory. TFL knows what you need. I have every confidence that she will take good care of you.freebird_AEF
8/12/2018 14:56:148/12/20182:30:00 PMThe First Lady, VictoryPerched/PerchingTFL continues to perch at the PPT, looking upward or downward when Victory squees, so Victory is probably perched on a nearby branch, most likely behind the foreground of leaves. Now Victory has gone quiet for some time while TFL preens and continues to relax. She's being so casual about it all. TFL must be pleased to reconnect with Victory after arriving at the nest tree several mornings with a fish and waiting for an hour or so before eating the fish and departing. More squees, more preening. Doesn't The First Lady look gorgeous? I feel comforted knowing that they've found one another and I can't help but believe that Victory has a fish delivery in his/her near future.freebird_AEF
8/12/2018 14:20:178/12/20182:00:00 PMThe First Lady, VictoryPerched/Perching, Fly byFirst, there's a flutter of wings on Cam A. Then Victory flies from beneath the nest tree, makes a large curve left toward the PPT. She appears to land but we're not sure yet exactly where s/he’s perched but we can hear the squees. What a beautiful sound! Victory calls out loud and strong. TFL is spotted perched at the PPT at 2:12pm. Fantastic! They've found one another.freebird_AEF
8/12/2018 13:18:198/12/20181:04:00 PMThe First LadyDepartureTFL takes a final look around and departs from the NW Branch.earlybird_AEF