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CantorShoshanaBrowncantorshoshana@gmail.comR. ZalmanTranslating tehillim into an "whole earth" nusach (Zimrat ha-aretz) – utilizing Appalachian and British ballad songs, sometimes African-American spiritual tunes, etc., and less frequently coming up with my own tunes; writing hiking and environmentally-oriented articles, and have greatly developed my skills as a photographer (to accompany the articles).
Deep EcumenisnRaachelJurovicsraachelj@igc.orgHer understanding of what R. Zalman meant when he told her “to do the work.”
Earth Based JudaismZeligGoldenzelig@wildernesstorah.orgMaggid (R. Zalman; Lag B’Omer 5771)Reconnecting Judaism to its earth-based, indigenous roots ... and beyond.
Establishing new Jewish communitiesBaylaSussmanbonisuss@aol.comPersonalEstablishing new Jewish communities around the globe through my volunteer work with Kulanu. My web site is and my YouTube channel is
Fundraising; SalesAlanBachmandeswind@aol.comPersonalNon-Triumphalism, Sustainable Practices (including Eco-Kashrut) and egalitarianism are principles that would be supported by non-Jews. 
Gabbai; Empathy, Ahavath Yisrael, Klal, Love, RenewalSethFishmanrebzgabbai@verizon.netR. ZalmanThrough serendipity or perhaps by divine plan, I overlapped Reb Zalman's time in Philadelphia from 1989 to 1995. I stood in his shadow and when he left, I continued working for him as a gabbai until his passing. I will never grow weary of understanding his teachings which speak deeply to my soul.
Halachah; Sephardic TraditionsShacharOrensteinmontdawn@hotmail.comR. Zalman(Re)discover the kever of the Maiden of Ludomir on Har Hazeitim (he did); Offer support for a Chasidic family that left their community; Search for old Sephardi ketubot; Merge modern science into halacha
Hashpa'ah; Nadya's Wisdom SchoolLaurieSanforddr.lauriesanford@gmail.comReb Zalman (In person and in a dream)Pierre De Chardan's works about spiritual evolution of our species; 9th degree Sufi; depth psychdynamic Freudian psychologist; fulfillment of Reb Zalman's dream of a Hebrew language learning tool for Adults
HazzanSteveKlapertroubadour@klaper.comReb Zalman (indirectly)I remain vitally interested and engaged in interfaith work that is more than just working together for social justice. I feel more at home with experiments and programs that are rooted in enriching the liturgy, ritual and overall theology of several faiths at once. I remain committed to offering a stealth yiddishkeit to the interfaith world through what I like to think of as "spiritual info-tainment" – music, art, story, study, ritual experience and out-of-the-box events. And I'm happy to discuss this with anyone who's interested as well.
HazzanMichalRubinmichalrubin53@gmail.comAOPMy offering comes through music, conversations, teachings and presence. I am also a psychotherapist
HazzanimJackKesslergoldenmedina@comcast.netReb ZalmanTrain the hazzanim of the future
KohenetTayaSheretayatransforms@live.comR. Zalman
MaggidCharnaRosenholtzcharnarose@aol.comR. Zalman (spiritual biographer)I would like to be considered as a resource in understanding his vision in his later years and various directions he thought important in this paradigm shifting world.  This includes community development, charismatic functions, integral halacha, Gaian consciousness, and new cosmologies.
Nurture Jewish Renewal; Support Colleagues; Support Ill & DyingLoriKleinreb_lori@sbcglobal.netReb Zalman & PersonalTo nurture Jewish Renewal using my organizational skill set – whether that is in the form of ALEPH or some other healthy form. I feel called to support my colleagues and their work. I feel called to be a mentor for future leaders if I can be useful. I feel called to wrestle with how our tradition supports emotional and spiritual resilience. I have knowledge and experience with providing emotional, spiritual religious and existential care to people who are seriously ill or dying, and to their personal and professional caregivers.
prophetic voice of the movementArthurWaskowawaskow@theshalomcenter.orgReb Zalman confirmingEngage a renewed Judaism in renewing & transforming the world
Psychology; Kabbalists of ProvenceEvlynGouldevgould@uoregon.eduR. Zalman (blessings)Henri Baruch, the author of “Tzedek Therapy,” offers a challenge to the Freudian psychology of our time by putting G!d back in.... or at least the "natural" urging toward acts of tzedakah in the large sense. Baruch was one of a group of Jewish intellectuals working in the circle of Emanuel Levinas in the post-war period. He also encouraged me to seek out, research and bring forward the material of the 12th century Kabbalists of Provence.
RabbiAdalahCaplowerabbiadalah@gmail.comReb Zalman (in a dream)Music, art, writing and dreams
RabbiYafaChaseyafachase@aol.comPersonalI am blessed to work for a Jewish Foundation that allows me to distribute over 2 million dollars a year to innovative Impactful programming in Western MA. My deployment is to listen to what is being called forth in this new paradigm and support it with funding and expertise.
RabbiJulie HiltonDananjuliedanan@gmail.comR. Zalman; PersonalPh.D. in Hebrew Studies (Rabbinic Literature); Teacher, writer, photographer; Personal website:; depth psychology of Rabbinic and Biblical texts, prayer/meditation, Jewish spirituality in nature, Elijah the Prophet (Master's thesis topic), Ruah HaKodesh (dissertation topic), Sephardic culture 
RabbiMarkElberelbermark@gmail.comPersonalConservative Shul Rabbi/Hazzan;; teaches Kabbalah and Hassidut
RabbiIlanGlazerrabbiilan@gmail.comPersonalTeaching about Judaism and addiction and recovery. Hhaving been to the Kavod v'Nichum conference, i suspect I'll be stepping into my dad's shoes a bit and focusing on grief and healing as well.
RabbiVictorGrossvngross@puaa.netReb ZalmanExposition of paradigm shift, Deep Ecumenism and davenology. His wedding the focus on individual spiritual growth coupled with his respect for Kaplanian Jewish civilization and community development was also a deployment for me.
RabbiChayaGusfieldcgusfield@gmail.comPersonalSpiritual Director and creative group work, intimate, deepening, reflective, helping people notice how God moves in their lives.
Torah as a guide to deep inner work, Torah teacher/facilitator;
Hospital Chaplain: Spiritual Accompaniment in Palliative Care, Jewish, interfaith, trauma. Grief and Loss companionship. Ritual leader for youth and adults. Congregational leader, service leader; writer, truth teller. Reducing the stigma of suicide.
RabbiYitzhakHusbands-Hankinyitzhh@comcast.netPersonalAn elder, a carrier of the history and essence of the early birthing of Renewal. My musical participation in Renewal has been a central element of what I’ve offered over the decades and I anticipate this continuing into the future. I am interested in working to define new categories of Jewish spiritual leadership that are empowered to participate in OHALAH.
RabbiIvanIckovitzivanickovits@yahoo.comReb ZalmanTo do some writing about meditation in Judaism and on Kabbalah and Hasidut.
RabbiT'mimahIckovitzRebTmimah@HolisticJew.orgR. ZalmanMy deployment is one that references ancient wisdom and text with updated commentary for 21st-century community needs including (especially) cultivation of the Divine Feminine embodied living. Cultivating and teaching davvening  and liturgy with kavvanot to cultivate Divine Feminine and healing the Earth are important aspects of what I teach. A unique aspect of my deployment includes somatic art called Continuum Movement (Liquid Kabbalah) - Integratron sounding with slow meditative Movement - one aspect is to to invoke the fluid resonance in our bodies and communicate with fluid wisdom on other realms.
RabbiUriLamurilam@gmail.comPersonalTo help to develop Jewish renewal mekorot into Portuguese and to develop Jewish renewal in Brazil.  My expertise could be translating Reb Zalman's books into Portuguese and also from other authors, like you, Reb Marcia Prager, and others. 
RabbiJasonMannjmann227@gmail.comPersonalMy unique deployment is in working with Medical groups, Spiritual Care Departments, CPE training centers, and others as a bridge between the science of medicine and spiritual care.
RabbiNatanMargalitnatanm118@gmail.comInner DiscernmentTo bring paradigm shift thinking to the study of texts.
RabbiJeffreyMarkerrabjeff@gmail.comPersonalConnection with the organized polyamory community,
RabbiAbbyMichaleskiabbydab59@verizon.netPersonalProgram supervisor in a program called OORP: Opioid Overdose Recovery Program. I am supervising recovery peers stationed in four ER's 24/7 who engage overdose survivors and their families and in addition I run a group for mostly parents who have lost their children to an overdose. I do believe I have been called to this job (as compared to a full time rabbinic position) and my skills and training as a rabbi and community leader have been invaluable.
RabbiHannahNathansh.nathans@nathans.nlR. Zalman (in a vision after he passed, said “Now, you are the teacher”)I understood this as applying to my work in the Netherlands. In the meantime I am doing some work on a European scale too. My main focusses are: kibbutz galuyot and gerut; ·Jewish meditation (not vipassana) and (hasidic) spirituality.
RabbiLeahNovickrebleah@comcast.netProfound VisionAssigned to bringing Shekhinah awareness forward
RabbiRayzelRaphaelrrayzel@shechinah.comPersonal CallShechinah Priestess of song, art, and ritual; to uncover, follow and develop the path of the Feminine Divine in Jewish tradition
RabbiJanSalzmanjansalz@sover.netReb Zalman (on reflection)To create the portals for our fellow travelers to find a way back into Judaism, or to discover it for the first time. The model is to ‘meet people where they are with joy'
RabbiDaleSchreiberdaleschreiber@gmail.comReb Zalman (Blessing, Advie, Affirmations)The two mitzvot which have driven my holy obligation to be a partner in creation are hospitality and visiting the sick. Having settled into a health care Rabbinate, I have used those holy obligation to help others feel safe, cared for, and affirmed the choices they have made with regard to risk and acceptance of the inevitability of death. I feel deployed to help families and individuals ‘digest’ the uncertainty of their beliefs and finding their voice and place on a continuum of hope.
RabbiDavidSeidenbergrebduvid86@gmail.comReb ZalmanTo elaborate a Torah of all life on the planet and its protection, to be an expander of Gaia consciousness, and to harmonize and integrate ecology and divinity.
RabbiLoriShallerlori_shaller@comcast.netReb Zalman (indirectly)I am meant to live out R. Z's "deep ecumenism" through the intimate work of spiritual direction with clergy of all faiths and life cycle events. When I work with interfaith couples, I really focus on the healing that these relationships can be between two peoples and for the universe.
RabbiDavidSiffdasiff@gmail.comReb ZalmanCreate a model of relevant, transformative study and practice & spiritually intense worship within a halachically observant framework. Teaching IH in the AOP to continue fulfilling the commitment Reb Daniel made to Reb Zalman.
RabbiDevorahSmithhineni77@gmail.comR. ZalmanDeep ecumenism and multi-faith outreach
RabbiMarcSolowayrabbi@bonaishalom.orgR. ZalmanWithin the Conservative Movement – the integration of traditional practice within some of the exploratory and creative work inspired by our Rebbe.
RabbiEdStafmanedstafman@gmail.comReb ZalmanDayan (reluctantly)
RabbiOrenSteinitzoren.steinitz@gmail.comReb DanielZalman Legacy Project; Gittin; Ger Toshav
RabbiLouisSutkerravenlws@gmail.comPersonalPoetry and song writing.
RabbiShulamitThiederabbi.thiede@or-olam.orgPersonalI think I am a kind of architect-contractor. I am around to help vision the structure of AOP; consciousness of Judaisms
RabbiDavidZaslowshalomrav@icloud.comR. ZalmanShaliach; training and certififying maggidim and maggidot (with Devorah Zaslow); Reb Zalman Legacy Shabbaton
RabbiRainZohavrainzohav@gmail.comPersonalCaring for creation issues, interfaith issues and racial justice issues.
Rabbi (to be)Shir YaakovFeitshiryaakov@gmail.comReb ZalmanFocus on Yishmru Da'at and bring chiddushim; also muscic
Rabbi and Mashpi’ahLeslieSchotzrabbischotz@optonline.netReb ZalmanSpiritual Direction for Jewish Children
Rabbi; Creator of Ritual and Liturgy,MarkNovackRebMarko@gmail.comReb ZalmanReb Zalman, tz”l was always supportive of my skills – as hazzan, storyteller, rabbi, and ritualist – and being present to the needs of the kahal at any given time in order to open Divine portals for both individuals and community to enter.
Rabbi; Kabbalah Meditation, Text study, Yoga and Self Development OrnaTrigubofforna@neshamalife.orgAll my beautiful teachers in Aleph. I am deployed to inspire people about Judaism by teaching kabbalah and Hasidic texts, Jewish Meditation and Yoga. All this for the sake of raising our souls to an even higher level.
Rabbi; KohenetJillHammeryeilah@earthlink.netPersonal
Rabbi; Mashpiah RuchaniBurtJacobsonrabburt@earthlink.netR. ZalmanSiddur writing, rabbinic curriculum author, Spiritual director
Rabbi; Military ChaplainKarynBergerkarynberger@yahoo.comR. Zalman pointed the way, my parents pushed me into it, and my friends guided me to itWorking with the men and women who protect us all, developing spiritual acumen and clarity, and  opening, guarding, providing passageway and closing doors through which we (and others) pass. I am a spiritual warrior.
Rabbi; MSWGordonFullergfuller613@gmail.comPersonalPastoral counseling; - organizationa; consulting; teaching all ages, particularly adults; building consensus, coalitions, and collaborations.
Rabbi; Multi-faith Activist and Spiritual
Rabbi; RebbeStevenSilvernsilvesb@auburn.eduReb ZalmanPretty generic as neshama clali, a refuge for those in need.
Rabbi; Social JusticeShalomSchachtershalom@gilbertschachter.comR. ZalmanOHALAH; social justice tikkun olam work bringing Jewish and Renewal input to local, national and global issues and encouraging support for these issues within the Jewish community.
Rabbi; Spiritual DirectorPhyllisBermanbermanpo@aol.comReb ZalmanSpiritual Direction gives me the place – like meditation – in which my "I" disappears into the vastness of someone else's life, world, experience, and two of us can walk/fly together safely into the unknown. 
Rabbi; Spiritual Leader & Teacher; Shali'achMarciaPragermarciaprag@aol.comReb ZalmanSpiritual Leadership for B'nai Or of Philly; Craft & Guide AOP; Teach Davvenology; Represent Renewal & Reb Zalman in an array of roles
Rabbi; TherapistEdwinHarrisedwinsharris@gmail.comR. ZalmanTo work toward the integration of spirituality and psychotherapy
Rabbi; Torah ReaderSaraLeyaSchleysaraleya@gmail.comReb ZalmanTeaching-kavanot-targum-brakhot.  This is how he inscribed my copy of Jewish with Feeling:  "For Rabbi Dr. Sarah Leah who reads Torah in a way that one hears God's word"
Rabbi/ShefaGoldshefa@windstream.netReb Zalman/Go and Awaken the Yearning in the peopleMostly what I received from Reb Zalman was the permission to create new forms that will express and spread the essence of our sacred inheritance. He trusted my connection to the Great Spirit and my devotion to the Great Mystery. 
Rabbi/Social JusticeMichaelLernerrabbilerner.tikkun@gmail.comR. ZalmanSocial justice, environmental activism, and tikkun olam in the way I had articulated.
Rabbinic PastorDeHermanbikerde76@gmail.comWarren Stone; Reb ZalmanHospice Work; Hashpa'ah; Ageing to Sageing Facilitator
Rabbinic PastorSimchaRaphaeldrsimcha@daatinstitute.netReb ZalmanTo “resurrect” the long-hidden Jewish tradition on afterlife in Judaism
Rabbinic Pastor, Hospice Chaplain, Life Cycle Officiant, Spiritual Director, Assistant Director of Aleph Rabbinic Pastor Program; Administrative Assistant, adjunct faculty & Supervisor for Aleph Hashpa’ah programSandraWortzelrebsantucson@gmail.comPersonalBringer of love, compassion and creativity to seekers and those in need of spiritual care
Rabbinic Pastor; MaggidShulamitFagansfagan@aleph-ordination.orgReb Zalman; Reb MarciaMultiFaith Story Telling
ShlichimDanGoldblattrabbidan@bethchaim.comReb ZalmanReb Zalman asked me to support Reb Marcia in her work on rabbinic praxis and further asked me to develop a Maggid Training Program parallel to the work that R. David and Devorah Zaslow are doing.
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