E245 team formation
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NameEmailDepartmentLooking for team? Looking for teammates?Additional information
Mei Shenmeishen@stanford.eduCEElooking for teammates who's interested in Energy/Clean tech/EducationI'm an engineer with some background and experience in renewable energy/energy efficiency market. I have some basic idea in improving the energy efficiency/reducing electricity bills for customers by tracking their energy use data(making them share their daily energy use data and making comparison with others thus encouraging people to improve energy efficiency through personal behavior). Interested to form a team focusing on energy startups or clean tech startups. Besides energy, education startup is also my exciting point. So please also let me know if you are looking for teammates who have passion in education.
Bryce Meredigbmeredig@stanford.eduGSBLooking for brilliant, top-notch teammates who have data mining/machine learning expertise (not just applying existing codes/methods, but algorithm development)I'm at the GSB after completing a PhD at Northwestern in computational materials science; my research focused on applying data mining and optimization algorithms to materials problems (recent paper: http://www.nature.com/nmat/journal/vaop/ncurrent/abs/nmat3490.html).

Now I'm interested in building an idea I have for revolutionizing the way scientists and researchers search and access the literature. We will have to overcome a number of exciting/challenging "big data"-oriented technical problems, and when we do, I am quite confident that the business end of things will work out nicely.
Collin Wallacecollinw@stanford.eduGSBLooking for teamates who are interested in payments and/or data visualizationCurrently a 1st year student at GSB. BS in M.E. from Georgia Tech. After college, I oversaw manufacturing of consumer inkjet printers for Lexmark International in southern China. Eventually left to work for mobile payment and ordering company, eventually merged with GrubHub. I later took over as Manager of Innovation for GrubHub before coming to Stanford.
Benjamin Stanzlbstanzl@stanford.eduGSB MBA1Looking for team. energy/cleantechI am interested in cleantech and the broader energy space.
I spent the last 4 years at Chevron in the alternative energy division. I was in a VC-type role forging partnerships with emerging cleantech companies. I also have experience in strategy, marketing, corp development, tech diligence, negotiations and project finance.
Before Chevron I did my own cleantech startup making Microbial Fuel Cells.
I have a chemistry undergrad and Master's degree.
Herbert Yangyang_herbert@gsb.stanford.eduGSB SloanLooking for teammates who are interested in startups in Internet, mobile applications, B2C/B2B services. Ping me to chatmain objectives for joining this class: 1) make more friends with hands-on tech skills + strong desire for startup + stay in the Bay area beyond Stanford; 2) learn more about the product design phase of launching a startup. I've been doing corporate finance/business for 14 years. I was the CFO for two Series-C companies involved heavily in capital-raising including IPO in Beijing, prior to that I spent 8 years in General Electric completing 10 global rotations in GE's two management programs. I have co-founded three TMT startups in Beijing and exited from one of them. I'm planning to start new ventures in the Silicon Valley before or after graduation (I'm a green-card holder). I'm also a dedicated long-time lousy gamer (wow, final fantasy, and dynasty warriors) and a doubtful beginner in Haskell. For more info about myself, please take a look at my personal website: http://guizishanren.com and my full bio is here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/herbertyang . I recently led the effort for Sloan's Gangnam Style flash mob on Oct 12 and Sloan's half-time show performance for Stanford Men's basketball game on Nov 12.
Mithun Shethmithun.sheth@gsb.stanford.eduGSB SloanLooking for teammates who has background in computer vision, big data and analytics applications for potential start up ideas.I am an engineer by background and have worked for over last 8 years in management consulting industry (A. T. Kearney) I have worked in mainly in consumer / retail sector with focus on developing big data / analytics applications to solve wide range of problems. I am looking to explore few ideas through this course and looking for folks who can complement my analytics/ business background. Happy to provide more details over email.
Jaya Bandyopadhyayjayab@stanford.eduGSB SloanLooking for teammates with interest in Telecomm and networking I am interested in networking infrastructure technologies. Have couple of ideas on 4G/WiFi small cell base station/backhaul space and affordable 3G/4G backhaul in emerging countries. Looking for team members with interest in this area and passion to execute. I have 12+ years of experience in networking industry Cisco/Juniper and was part of Juniper's CTO group helping corporate VC arm for strategic investment.
Dana Polyakdpolyak@stanford.eduGSB SloanLooking for a team Experienced in networking technologies with over 15 years at both Cisco and multiple start ups. Started out as a software engineer (real time embedded), lead service delivery teams, and did business development. I am passionate about customers and building products for them. As a business person on the team, my role is to remove obstacles and translate customer feedback, enabling engineers to create great product(s).
Simon Zhuzhux@stanford.eduMBA1Looking for teamates who are interested in tech-based start-up, specifically in the telecommunication sectorBsc & Msc in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Worked in R&D in the last 5 years in telecommunication including fiber optics, mobile wireless networks, location-based services and in-home networking. Looking for a team who are passionate about bringing intelligence to the home systems (smart-home) or smart-phone technology with innovative hardware and services.
Mike Shorembshore@stanford.eduMBA1Looking for team / teammates interested in solving problems. Open to ideas and a chat over coffee. I have a Bachelor's in Economics, spent nearly two years in emerging markets bond and derivatives trading at Morgan Stanley, and then left finance for technology for a year and a half where I was in sales and business development at Google. I recognize the need for technological innovation in finance, and have several ideas on how/where this could work, but am also open to work on others' ideas as well.
Greg MulhollandGjmulhol@stanford.eduMBA1Engineers, happy to share coffee to discussInterested in power electronics, particularly solid state transformers, using software to adapt hardware
Ingo Wiegandiwiegand@stanford.eduMBA1Looking for teamI am generally interested in cleantech/energy, mobile health and e-education as well as applications of big data analytics.
My professional background is in management consulting (mainly high-tech, semiconductors, IT-service providers industries).
I have an undergrad/grad background in electrical engineering with focus on communications and signal processing.
Charlwin Maowcmao@stanford.eduMBA2Looking for teammates who's interested in mobile app/event space. Ping me to chat, coffee's on meI have been working on a crowd-sourcing event organizing/inspiration mobile app on iOS platform called OrangeParc over the last 5 month. The current idea/product is best described by our marketing video (http://www.orangeparc.com/video.html), of course we expect lots of iterations driven by customer interviews out of the class /pivot the idea. Currently enrolled in Stanford Venture Studio. looking for team members who are passionate in event/social space
Nicholas Hinrichsennhinrich@stanford.eduMBA2Looking for teammates who

(i) know how to leverage social media (growth hacking),

(ii) want to develop a web platform (development),

(iii) understand fashion (branding / retail / wholesale),

(iv) have experience with cloth manufacturing (operations).
Interested in disrupting an industry worth $200 billion in the U.S. alone?

For centuries, becoming an “inventor” has been a hard gig to crack. Complexities relating to financing, engineering, distribution, marketing and legalities have stood in the way of brilliant people executing on their great ideas. From my own experience (my fashion label -> www.knightsandroses.com), I know the painpoint is even bigger in the fasion / apparel industry AND I know we can solve it!!

Quirky has recently raised $68 million from Andreessen Horowitz and has rapidly changed the way the world thinks about product development.

Join us to apply lessons learned from Quirky on the fashion industry. Instead of buying Bonobos or subscribing for a Trunkclub (who both are doing really well), let's crowdsource fasion / apparel designs and take care of financing, production, distribution, and marketing for the designers. Such a platform is super scalable and can be executed in a very short time.

It seems shocking that no one has done this yet but the fashion industry is known for its rigidity and very low level of innovation!
Konstantin Bayandinbaykos@stanford.eduMBA2Looking for engineers and UI guys interested in applications of machine learning to big data problems.I have a Master's in Physics. I did research in quantum computers right after university. I did my PhD but dropped out by the end, and then I worked at the Boston Consulting Group for three years.

I am now stronlgy interested in artificial intelligence and applications of machine learning to business problems. During my summer internship I worked as a Product Marketing internt at Numenta, which is now launching a product for making predictions for sreams of data. The algorithm they have is based on years of neuroscience research, and it mimics how our brains works.

For this class I have an idea in consumer internet - a Netflix for bathroom/kitchen. It is a subscription based service to deliver supplies for bathroom and kitchen when they are needed. I hate myself to squeeze the last drops of toothpaste or shampoo from a tube. So I would be happy to subscribe for a service that would send the necessary supplies on the basis of feedback about the rate of consumption.
Laurent Gorselgorse@stanford.eduMBA2 GSBLooking for passionate and talented teammates:
1) Developer: while I can code, we'll work much faster with an experienced software developer on board. Less bugs, better algorithms, will mean that we'll be more efficient. I'll expect to be working with you in tandem on the basic app version, but will follow your lead on executive decisions to implement the proper workflows. You will effectively be the CTO!

2) designer: beauty = simplicity. Creativity grows from difference. I welcome anyone who is deeply creative; we'll have to integrate your creativity in a fast turnaround process and you'll have to be flexible to how user behavior determines our aesthetic choices.

3) Marketing manager: you don't think about marketing after you launch, you think about it before you launch. Then you develop strategies to reach customers, you test them, you iterate and you built a new set of strategies. This is probably the most high-pressure part of the team. I envy you!
Building a recommendation app (web and mobile) that provides ratings based on your circle of trust.

CONCEPT: Instead of looking at aggregates of the crowd's reviews (like Yelp or Tripadvisor), users choose friends they trust on different topics (food, movies, doctors, etc.) and search for what they want based on those recommendations. It's called influencer search, it's the biggest nut to crack in social network monetization and we are going to crack it.

BUSINESS: Yelp's recommendation system is pithy but not relevant on an individual basis. Facebook is relevant to me on an individual basis but the data it provides is too complex. We bring these two together to provide value to users (find out what the people you trust think about the world) and advertisers (develop a concise tool to know what people like, target them based on what they search, esp. on mobile).

ABOUT ME: 10 years of media experience as an independent producer and in online media. Launched an app on Android and iPhone that allows remote cafeteria orders at the Stanford GSB. I'm looking to build a lasting project that combines creativity, real value to the world, and a lot of hard work. I built an Android app that allows GSB students to order food at our cafeteria online - and can code in Java, PHP, and Ruby/Rails.

WHAT I EXPECT OUT OF MY TEAM AND THIS CLASS: I expect to have a working beta product (i..e a website) by the middle of winter quarter. I want the team to be cross-functional from the beginning, see what I'm looking for in the cell to the left. I expect to keep iterating and improving the concept in spring quarter and am hoping to find teammates who (at least partially) are enthused by the idea of launching a startup right after school.
NEXT STEPS: contact me! I would be delighted to talk to you about the project.
Ke Guokguo@stanford.eduMS&ELook for teammates with CS background or passion to music, even better with some experiences/networks in the music industry Currently a 1st year MS&E student and an amateur musician with enthusiasm in music producing. My idea is to build a web-based music sharing platform for independent artists to broadcast their works and gain exposure to the audiences, as well as to the professional musicians. I'm hoping to have some brilliant minds to help me refine this idea and to make it become true. I'm also open to other ideas! My background is kind of a little bit of everything, my undergrad degree was in Math/Econ, and I've done internship in CalPERS (Government Pension Fund), Investment Banking, and also a movie production company in LA.
Ruoxing Liurxliu@stanford.eduMS&ELooking for teammates with CS/business/ART backgroundI am a 2nd year MS&E student, I would like to build something that inspires creativity through experimenting and exploration.
In fact, this idea started when I was taking CS147 this quarter, me and my team have developed a photo mash-up app and have received very positive feedback. I would love to carry this idea further by developing it into a real business through this class.
I have four-year working experience as a business analyst before coming to Stanford. I have coding experience in Java, C, C++, JQueryMobile, html, Javascript and php.
Would love to meet up for a chat! I am also open to your ideas!
Alexandre Martinsasanchm@stanford.eduSloanLooking for team.Mechatronics engineering background with 10+ years experience in plant engineering, sales, business development and general management. Experience with renewable energy, industrial processes and environmental systems.
Interested on environmental, clean energy or automation technologies.
Jason Oscar RandolphJrand@stanford.eduLearning Design & TechnologyI studied Medicine at the UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program. Now in the Learning Design & Technology program and beginning to intern at the d.school. Currently looking to start a company that builds digital tools for the sectors of Medical Education and STEM Education at home and abroad.
Andrew LaForgelaforge@stanford.eduMS&ELooking for team.I'm a Master's student in the MS&E program with job experience in marketing and analytics for mobile applications. I'm interested in working on a project relating to the mobile industry, however, I'm open to work on any other type of project as well. I took ENGR 145 when I was an undergrad, so I have a good understanding of how the class works. I work hard and can help out in any area (I'm not great at coding, but I do understand it). Send me an email if you have space available on your team or would like to partner up with me!
Jessica Vernonjlvernon@stanford.eduMedical SchoolLooking for teammates interested in healthIT in emerging markets, esp with background in CS and mobile application developmentCurrently working with a GSB student and partners in Kenya to build android-based decision support software, electronic medical record, and inventory and financial management system for health facilities. Prototype will leverage and adapt existing open source software, partners in Kenya will pilot and provide feedback during winter quarter. Would love to have team members passionate about healthIT and mobile applications and interested in continuing to develop this after the quarter ends.
Ivy Guoivyguo@stanford.eduLearning Design & TechnologyTeamed with Jason. Looking for you! I am a Master student in Learning, Design, and Technology. My background is psychology and education. I am good at design thinking methodoloy, design behaviors, and graphic design. I want to do something good to help poeple enjoy a more productive life, which will be my goal in this class as well. Ping me if you are interested! Do good to the world, and do good to yourself! Looking for you who want to make a difference! = ]
Bridget Vuongbvuong@stanford.eduComputer ScienceLooking for a team.I graduated with a B.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford last June and am currently a coterm student in Computer Science. I am open to working on any interesting and/or challenging ideas, whether it is an existing idea that someone is already passionate about or an idea that we brainstorm together as a team.
Sumit Vermasumitv77@stanford.eduGSBLooking to form a great team from diverse backgroundIf you have a background in CS, Design or mobile, and haven't joined a team yet, we can meet before Jan 7. Send me an email and we can plan meeting date and time.
My Idea: This is an idea in the consumer internet space. Most importantly, it is the "consumer" in the "consumer internet" that's the centre of my idea.
My Background: I have spent my entire professional life listening to customers. That's why I claim I understand their need. By the way, I am Engineer by education and practice.
My belief: A great team is everything. A great team is built with trust.
What am I looking for: humility, passion, energy and perseverance and the right background
Why me: I have the passion, humility, energy, perseverance and the idea
Sumit Mitrasmitra4@stanford.eduERELooking for 1-2 additional people to join my teamWe are working on an exciting ed tech idea that aims to assist the 9-12th grade population. If you are interested in education and have a technical background, contact me!