11th Hour FoundationEmail:
Phone: 650-376-7100
Fax: 650-454-8993
Mail: 555 Bryant Street, #370
Palo Alto, CA 94301
A program of The Schmidt Family Foundation, The 11th Hour Project promotes a fuller understanding of the impact of human activity within the web of interdependent living systems. We connect organizations with good information on how to develop a more responsible relationship with the world's water, energy, and food resources.
4 Culture 101 Prefontaine Pl S
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 296-7580
provides funding and support for the cultural work that makes King County vibrant
Abe Keller Foundation Abe Keller Peace Education Fund was created in 1998 to support peace and justice education activities in the Puget Sound region through fund-raising and grant-making. By supporting local and small-scale projects where our funding can have a significant impact, we turn many small contributions into a collective force for social change.
Acorn Foundation a compassionate and vibrant community needs thoughtful, committed people - like you.
AJ Muste Memorial GrantA.J. Muste Memorial Institute
168 Canal Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10013
tel 212-533-4335
Our Social Justice Fund makes grants for grassroots activist projects in the US and around the world, giving priority to those with small budgets and little access to more mainstream funding sources.
American Heart Association1-800-AHA-USA-1
or 1-800-242-8721
or Outside US: +1 (214) 570-5978

or 1-888-478-7653
American Stroke Association
We’re making your community healthier by advocating for key issues such as:
Smoke-free public places
More walkable and bikeable streets, roads and parks
Better nutrition and high-quality physical education in our schools
Adequate, affordable and available health care for all
APIA Health Forum influences policy, mobilizes communities, and strengthens programs and organizations to improve the health of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders.
Arcus Foundation44 West 28th Street, 17th Floor
New York, New York 10001
Phone: +1-212-488-3000
Fax: +1-212-488-3010
Arcus Foundation grantees work in more than 30 countries around the world, and affect millions of lives. In 2015, 46 grants totaling more than $10 million were awarded to organizations working to protect the great apes, and 206 grants totaling more than $18 million were awarded to organizations working to advance social justice for LGBT people around the world.
Astraea Foundation is a public foundation, which means that we raise every dollar we spend. Rooted in LGBTQI communities and movements, we work in strategic partnership with foundations, individuals and governments to ensure that their resources reach the activists who need them most and who are best positioned to make transformational impact over time. To this end, we raise and distribute funds to programs and initiatives led by and for diverse constituencies, prioritizing groups led by lesbians and queer women, trans and gender non-conforming people, intersex people, and people of color.
Autzen FoundationThe Autzen Foundation
PO Box 3709
Portland, OR 97208
Since 1951 supporting charitable work that makes Oregon a better place. Grants awarded to social service, arts and culture, educational, and youth-centered organizations.
Banner Bank10 S. 1st Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Banner Bank is a dynamic full-service financial institution, operating safely and profitably within a framework of shared integrity. Working as a team, we will deliver superior products and services to our valued clients. We will emphasize strong client relationships and a high level of community involvement. We will provide a culture which attracts, empowers, rewards and provides growth opportunities for employees. Our success will build long-term shareholder value.
Bastian FoundationPhone: 801.222.3688 x3333
Fax: 202.462.2260
51 West Center #755
Orem, UT 84057
The B.W. Bastian Foundation strives to build community and understanding by supporting local and national institutions. Financial support is directed to the Arts through educational outreach. A strong commitment is placed on programs and organizations that benefit, encourage, and preserve the rights of individuals, promote equality for the LGBTQ+ community and HIV/AIDS programs.
Ben & Jerry's Foundation Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, Inc.
30 Community Drive
South Burlington, VT 05403
The mission of the Ben & Jerry's Foundation is to engage Ben & Jerry's employees in philanthropy and social change work; to give back to our Vermont communities; and to support grassroots activism and community organizing for social and environmental justice around the country.
Bend for the Arc Fund the Arc is building the power and passion of the progressive Jewish movement in America by bringing together Jews from across the country to advocate and organize for a more just and equal society. We are the only national Jewish organization that is focused solely on promoting these values here in the U.S.
Bicycle Transportation Alliance618 NW Glisan St #401 Portland, OR 97209Phone: 503.226.0676The Power of 3: The Street Trust is a movement for people who choose to travel and experience the Portland region by biking, walking, or riding transit.
Bill Healy Foundatione-mail:
phone: 503.222.1899
fax: 503.222.1861
mail: Post Office Box 4525
Portland, OR 97208
The Bill Healy Foundation is committed to responsible grant making through thoughtful choices. We recognize the fragile interdependence between the environment and human beings.
3064 Java Rd.
Costa Mesa, CA United States 92626
Giving primarily for health associations; funding also for the arts, education, and human services.
Blackstone FoundationUS: +1 888-756-8443
International: +1 646-313-6590

Founded in 2007, the Blackstone Charitable Foundation is committed to inspiring entrepreneurship globally. By leveraging the resources and intellectual capital of Blackstone, the Foundation empowers entrepreneurs, generates job growth, and supports the communities in which we live and work.
Blue North2930 Westlake Ave. North
Seattle, WA 98109
United States of America
Tel: 206-352-9252
Fax: 206-352-9380
The company uses both cutting-edge technology and high-quality craftsmanship to maintain its strong, solid leadership. It’s dedicated to the environment as a steward of sustainability on land and in the water. It’s determined to provide good family-wage jobs. And it believes that beauty truly matters.
Bohnette FoundationDavid Bohnett Foundation
245 South Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90212
310.276.0001 Phone
310.276.0007 Fax
We pursue our mission by providing funding, state-of-the-art technology and technical support to innovative organizations and institutions that, in addition to meeting our funding guidelines, share our vision.
Brainerd Foundation1601 Second Avenue, Suite 610
Seattle, WA 98101
The Brainerd Foundation is a Northwest-focused family foundation that provides funding and expertise so nonprofits, communities, and decision-makers can better protect our region's air, land, and water.
BUILD Health BUILD Health Challenge encourages communities to build meaningful partnerships among hospitals and health systems, community-based organizations, their local health department and other organizations to improve the overall health of local residents.
Built GreenPhone: (425) 451-7920
Fax: (425) 646-4061
Built Green® is an environmentally-friendly, non-profit, residential building program of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, developed in partnership with King County, Snohomish County, and other agencies in Washington state to set standards of excellence that can make a significant impact on housing, health and the environment and are readily "do-able" today.
Bullitt Foundation 1501 East Madison Street Suite 600, Seattle, WA 98122 | 206-343-0807 | info@bullitt.orgMISSION
To safeguard the natural environment by promoting responsible human activities and sustainable communities in the Pacific Northwest.
Bureau of Planning and SustainabilityPHONE: 503-823-7700
CURBSIDE HOTLINE: 503-823-7202
1900 SW 4th Ave, Suite 7100, Portland, OR 97201
The Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) develops creative and practical solutions to enhance Portland’s livability, preserve distinctive places and plan for a resilient future.
BPS collaborates with community partners to provide:
Comprehensive land use, neighborhood, district, economic, historic and environmental planning, and urban design.
Research, policy and technical services to advance green building, energy efficiency and the use of solar and renewable energy, waste prevention, composting and recycling, and a sustainable food system.
Policy and actions to address climate change.


1904 Third Avenue, Suite 405
Seattle, WA 98101-1150
As a 501(c)(3) organization, Campion Foundation makes grants to other 501(c)(3) organizations that are running “on-the-ground” programs in its areas of interest and seeks to help those organizations strengthen their capacity.
CareOregon mission is building individual well-being and community health through shared learning and innovation. Our vision is healthy communities for all individuals, regardless of income or social circumstances.
Casey Family ProgramsCasey Family Programs
2001 Eighth Avenue, Suite 2700
Seattle, WA 98121

Casey Family Programs’ mission is to provide and improve – and ultimately prevent the need for – foster care
Catholic Campaign for Human Development Catholic Church provides the compassion of Christ in countless ways in the United States, including through health care institutions, schools and universities, charities and social service agencies and the work of individuals, parish communities and diocesan entities.
CCC330 19th Ave E Seattle, WA (206) 717-3770 info@centralcommunity.ccOur desire is to seek the heart of God in the heart of Seattle, and we believe at the center of God’s heart is a desire to make peace through the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.
Center for Community Change1536 U Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
Center for Community Change, and its sister, Center for Community Change Action, work to build social movements.

The Center’s mission is to build the power and capacity of low-income people, especially low-income people of color, to change their communities and public policies for the better.
Charlotte Martin Foundation Charlotte Martin Foundation is a private, independent foundation dedicated to enriching the lives of youth and preserving and protecting wildlife and habitat.
CHIP7500 Security Boulevard Baltimore, MD 21244The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides health coverage to eligible children, through both Medicaid and separate CHIP programs. CHIP is administered by states, according to federal requirements. The program is funded jointly by states and the federal government.
Chorus Foundation support communities on the frontlines of the fossil fuel economy, as we work together for a just transition to a fair and sustainable new economy.
City of Portland DCL Program1221 SW 4th Ave Room 110
Portland, OR 97204

This is a capacity building program for underrepresented community-based organizations in order to increase constituent participation in the civic governance of the City. The grantees:
Design, develop and implement projects that broaden diverse participation in the City
Build constituent identity and communication structures
Improve the livability and sense of community with a focus on communities of color, immigrant and refugee communities.
Show demonstrated experience in community organizing, organizational development, leadership development, and communications
City of Portland Housing BureauPHONE: 503-823-2375
FAX: 503-823-2387
421 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 500, Portland, OR 97204
The Portland Housing Bureau (PHB) is charged with making sure all residents have safe, stable homes. We are guided in our work by three core goals: ending homelessness, increasing the availability of rental housing, and promoting stable homeownership. We're focused on eliminating racial and cultural barriers to housing.
City of Seattle Office of Arts & CulturePhone: (206) 684-7171
Fax: (206) 684-7172

The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture's investments in the arts make our community more vibrant and spur economic growth. In alignment with the City's Race and Social Justice Initiative, we work to eliminate institutional racism in our programs, grants, policies and practices. These grants make meaningful impacts in our communities by expanding access to arts and culture for residents and visitors throughout our city. Our grant programs include Arts Mean Business, Art in Parks, Civic Partners, CityArtist Projects, Cultural Facilities, Neighborhood & Community Arts, smART ventures, and Youth Arts. 
City of Seattle Technology Matching FundPhone: 206-684-0600The Technology Matching Fund provides funds for digital equity projects up to $50,000. City dollars are matched by the community's contribution of volunteer labor, materials, professional services, or cash.

The goals of the fund are to:

Increase access to free or low-cost broadband;
Empower residents with digital literacy skills; and
Ensure affordable, available and sufficient devices and technical support.
Ciy of Portland - Leadership DevelopmentCity Hall
1221 SW 4th Avenue Room 110, 97204
Phone:(503) 823-4000
TTY:(503) 823-6868
The LDP is a nine-month pilot program for women professionals and professionals of color to build leadership skills, create a network and support system, and learn strategies to advance them and their careers. The aim and goal of the LDP is to move the percentages of women and minorities in management and supervisory positions to a higher level. It is not only good for morale, but it makes the work that the City does more enriching and our customer service much better.  
Clatsop County Cultural Coalition503-325-2431
Clatsop County Cultural Coalition
P.O. Box 864
Astoria OR 97103
The Clatsop County Cultural Coalition grants are funded by the Oregon Cultural Trust and awarded to projects that support, maintain, preserve and protect cultural programs in the arts, heritage and humanities in Clatsop County.
Columbia Land Trust Land Trust conserves and cares for the Northwest places you love—the places that provide all of us well-being and an unrivaled quality of life.
Common Counsel1624 Franklin St, #1022
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 834-2995
Fax: (510) 834-2998
Common Counsel Foundation partners with families and individual donors to expand philanthropic resources for progressive social movements. Through our strategic philanthropic services, we prioritize support for community-based organizations building the leadership of low-income people, women, youth, people of color and others working for justice, equity, and a healthy, sustainable environment.
Community Building Foundation35 & 25 W. Main Spokane, WA 99201

The Community Building Foundation empowers local organizations to help our community experience justice, vibrancy, and sustainability
Community Sustaining Fund2103 Harrison Ave NW #2715
Olympia WA 98502
The Community Sustaining Fund provides grant support for progressive and community-oriented projects in Thurston County. Due to a lack of dollars available for developing and maintaining local social change activities, a group formed in the fall of 1985 to explore new forms of fundraising. After extensive research and discussion, CSF was created in the spring of 1987 to address this urgent need for local sources of revenue.
Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indian Confederated Tribes of Siletz is a federally recognized confederation of 27 bands, originating from Northern California to Southern Washington. Termination was imposed upon the Siletz by the United States government in 1955. In November of 1977, we were the first tribe in the state of Oregon and second in the United States to be fully restored to federal recognition. In 1992, our tribe achieved self governance, which allows us to compact directly with the US Government. This gives us control and accountability over our tribal programs and funding. We occupy and manage a 3,666 acre reservation located in Lincoln County, Oregon. We manage several resources, including water, timber and fish.
Coquille Tribal Community Fund3050 Tremont St.
North Bend, OR 97459
phone: (541) 756-0904
fax: (541) 756-0847
The Coquille Tribal Community Fund is dedicated to providing assistance to organizations that make lasting contributions to the communities we serve. We believe through this spirit of giving we allow our communities to grow and prosper.
CPPSPO Box 5322, Portland, OR 97228-5322 503-220-0577CPPS is the Portland chapter of Parents for Public Schools, part of a nationwide network of grassroots organizations focused on increasing parent, family and community involvement in public education. Launched in January of 1999, our chapter is part of the only national organization that actively recruits parents to public schools and advocates for parents taking a role in decision-making, school improvement, and accountability.
Criminal Justice Initiative’s mission is to end Mass Criminalization and Mass Incarceration in the United States by building and strengthening the infrastructure of the grassroots criminal justice movement. We fund where the movement is developing, shifting and growing. We fund work that uproots the systems that harm and perpetuate injustice while sewing justice, healing, atonement, kinship, creativity, and love in its place. CJI believes this movement should be led by those most impacted by the injustices of the current system, working in alliances across race, class, faith, gender, gender identity, sexuality, immigration status and age.
35 Mendham Rd.
Bernardsville, NJ United States 07924-1603
Telephone: (908) 766-0614
Support primarily for education and social services in southern New Jersey, consistent with values of the Society of Friends/Quakers.
Department of EcologyHeadquarters location:
300 Desmond Drive SE, Lacey, WA 98503
The Department of Ecology is Washington's environmental protection agency. Our mission is to protect, preserve and enhance Washington's land, air and water for current and future generations. We support environmental work throughout Washington. Nearly 70 percent of our budget is passed through to local communities to pay for projects that benefit the environment.
Department of Neighborhoods Matching FundPhone: 206-684-0464
Fax: 206-233-5142
The Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) program was created in 1988 to provide matching dollars for neighborhood improvement, organizing, or projects that are developed and implemented by community members. Core to the fund is the community match, which requires awardees to match their award with contributions from the community (volunteer time, donated materials, donated professional services or cash).

Since 1988, the Fund has awarded more than $49 million to more than 5,000 projects throughout Seattle and generated an additional $72 million of community match.
Discount FoundationN/ATHE DISCOUNT FOUNDATION operated for 38 years as a small private Foundation concerned with large social and economic problems. Discount’s primary goal was to make economic opportunity, the “American Dream” for generations of the poor, including immigrants, a reality for all.
Doyon1 Doyon Place, Suite 300
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701-2941
(907) 459-2000
(888) 478-4755 (toll-free)
(907) 459-2060 (fax)
To continually enhance our position as a financially strong Native corporation in order to promote the economic and social well-being of our shareholders and future shareholders, to strengthen our Native way of life, and to protect and enhance our land and resources.
EarthShare7735 Old Georgetown Road, Suite 900, Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: 800.875.3863 / 240.333.0300
Fax: 240.333.0301
Email: info @
EarthShare is your 501(c)(3) partner working at the intersection of the environmental community and corporate America to amplify sustainability efforts by galvanizing the power of employees. With an established member network of nearly 600 of America’s most respected nonprofits behind us, we help channel the passion for purpose in an evolving workforce to ensure a sustainable future.
Edelman206-223-1606Edelman delivers the best in communications strategy to our clients so they can reach their business and communication goals. This is a new era of public engagement pulling information from a variety of sources, experts and networks. Consumers demand a dialogue, and expect an empowered role with the brands they interact with, and the communities they touch.
Eileen Fisher Community Foundation800.445.1603 onlinesupport@eileenfisher.comOur vision is for an industry where human rights and sustainability are not the effect of a particular initiative, but the cause of a business well run. Where social and environmkental injustices are not unfortunate outcomes, but reasons to do things differently.
ELCAELCA Churchwide Ministries
8765 W Higgins Road
Chicago, IL 60631

Toll-Free: 800-638-3522
Phone: 773-380-2700
Fax: 773-380-1465
Our mission
Together in Jesus Christ we are freed by grace to live faithfully, witness boldly and serve joyfully.

Our vision
A world experiencing the difference God’s grace and love in Christ makes for all people and creation.
Empire Health Foundation vision is to transform Eastern Washington into the state’s healthiest region, and every investment we make goes toward creating measurable, sustainable health improvements. We believe that health is about more than just medicine; health outcomes are influenced by external factors such as the availability of resources to meet daily needs like food and shelter, access to quality education and job training, and access to job opportunities. Our work is aimed at addressing these problems upstream, investing in sustainable systems change that results in healthier, more vibrant communities for all.
EMSAEMSA - Oklahoma City
1111 Classen Drive
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
Main: (405) 297-7100
EMSA - the Emergency Medical Services Authority - is Oklahoma's largest provider of pre-hospital emergency medical care. We provide ambulance service to more than 1.1 million residents in central and northeast Oklahoma.
EMSWCD503-222-SOIL (7645)

East Multnomah Soil & Water
Conservation District
5211 N. Williams Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97217
The East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (EMSWCD) is a unit of local government serving Northwest Oregon's Multnomah County east of the Willamette River. We work entirely on a voluntary, non-regulatory basis. All of our work is geared toward keeping water clean, conserving water and keeping soil healthy!
Fales Foundation TrustLee Ann Martinson, Vice President
Fales Foundation Trust
Union Bank, Personal Trust, Trustee
PO Box 3123
Seattle, Washington 98114
The Fales Foundation Trust was established in 1985 by Gilbert R. Fales, a long-time Seattle resident. The Foundation was established to provide financial support to social service agencies addressing issues of homelessness and hunger, and to artistic and cultural organizations in the city of Seattle.
Family Forward engage community partners from the public, private, volunteer and other sectors in a shared vision to support healthy children, youth, families and communities.
Farm Fund360-734-8158The Community Food Co-op’s Farm Fund works to increase the supply of local, sustainable, and organic food by supporting and establishing projects that strengthen the local farming community.
First Nations Development Institute2432 Main Street, 2nd Floor
Longmont, CO 80501
Tel: 303.774.7836
Fax: 303.774.7841
Our mission is to strengthen American Indian economies to support healthy Native communities. We invest in and create innovative institutions and models that strengthen asset control and support economic development for American Indian people and their communities.
Ford Family Foundation1600 NW Stewart Parkway| Roseburg, OR 97471-1957
Local: (541) 957-5574
The Ford Family Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation located in Roseburg, Oregon. Roseburg lies in southern Oregon where the North Umpqua and the South Umpqua rivers join — timber country. A Scholarship Office in Eugene, Oregon, supports Foundation scholarship recipients attending college or university. 
Ford Freedom H. Wright Museum, in partnership with Ford Motor Company, launched the Ford Freedom Award program in 1999 to create a forum to celebrate and recognize individuals whose achievements brought forth lasting and positive change for African Americans – and the world. The Ford Freedom Award is an annual fundraiser for The Wright Museum, one of the world’s largest institution dedicated to the African-American experience.
Foundation of the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming
123 South Durbin Street
Casper, WY 82601

(307) 265-5200
The Foundation is a duly qualified non-profit corporation formed under the Wyoming not-for-profit business act. The Foundation is exempt from corporate income tax and state sales tax and copies of those determinations are available upon request. Contributions to the Foundation are eligible for treatment as charitable deductions under current federal tax law. Wyoming has no state income tax so there is no state tax deductibility.
Fund for Idaho for Idaho directs crucial dollars to local grassroots efforts for human rights and environmental integrity. Our grants give marginalized Idahoans the means to solve their own problems, change unfair policies, and build vital, healthy communities. Some of the issues we address are: human rights for all; racial justice; fair treatment of immigrants; empowering women and minorities; justice for those with mental illness and disabilities; women’s health care access; environmental education; stopping factory farms; renewable energy; and preventing environmental degradation.

PO BOX 23520

Gar Nic Foundation goal is to assure opportunity and encourage
excellence, for applicants and organizations of the
Greater Puget Sound Area to assist in fulfilling their
aspirations and ambitions.
George B. Storer Foundation mission of the George B. Storer Foundation is to promote an ecologically rich and economically prosperous future for current and future generations.

We believe in protecting vital natural resources that support healthy economies, and in equipping and empowering future generations to be strong leaders, engaged citizens and good stewards of those resources.
PO Box 71642
Oakland, CA 94612
In the U.S., the majority of people support reproductive justice but the majority of policies and systems do not. This gap can only be bridged when the people organizing a strong grassroots base to hold decision makers accountable receive the resources they need to succeed. At Groundswell Fund, we resource the most effective grassroots efforts for change.
Harrington Foundation Family Foundation (HFF), a registered, 501(c)3 nonprofit, has raised more than $2M for students across Oregon, supporting Oregon-based nonprofits dedicated to providing quality education to in-state youth. The Harrington Family Foundation strives to unlock the potential for leadership and success within every child.
Harvest Foundation Harvest Foundation
PO Box 75554
Seattle, WA 98175-0554
The Harvest Foundation was created in 2000 as a private, family foundation to provide funding primarily in the areas of Social Services and Education. The Foundation awards grants totaling approximately $500,000 annually to 501(c)(3) organizations located in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana.
HCCSO advance health equity through key partnerships with
public health agencies, non-profit community health centers,
and other community organizations.
Health Share of Oregon Share of Oregon is a local coordinated care organization (CCO) serving Oregon Health Plan members in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties. We work with our community to connect our members with the services they need to be healthy.
Healthy People 2020Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
1101 Wootton Parkway, LL-100
Rockville, MD 20852
Healthy People provides science-based, 10-year national objectives for improving the health of all Americans. For 3 decades, Healthy People has established benchmarks and monitored progress over time in order to:
Encourage collaborations across communities and sectors.
Empower individuals toward making informed health decisions.
Measure the impact of prevention activities.
Henry M. Jackson Foundation Henry M. Jackson Foundation
1200 5th Ave., Suite 1450
Seattle, Washington 98101

206.682.8961 (fax)
Help support a major new initiative to invest in the leadership development of highly qualified young professionals.  This exciting program helps foster a bipartisan approach to challenges in the fields of international affairs, human rights, environment and natural resources management, energy, and public service. The establishment of the Jackson Leadership Fellows Program is based on the belief that by educating participants about leadership, we will improve the effectiveness of problem solving in the nation and in our local communities.
High Stakes Foundation406-726-2030The High Stakes Foundation supports visionary people and organizations in Montana through grants and program related investments.
We fund transformational ideas that promote equality, climate change solutions, economic development, local agriculture, sustainable communities, ecosystem preservation and leadership.
We believe that democracy thrives when people and communities are informed and engaged in creating their future.
Home ForwardPhone
When it comes to developing and renovating residential communities, Home Forward means business.
Hopa Mountain Mountain invests in rural and tribal citizen leaders, adults and youth, who are working to improve education, ecological health, and economic development.
Horizons Foundation THE LGBTQ MOVEMENT
Proudly securing the rights, meeting the needs, and celebrating the lives of LGBTQ people.
Interfaith Worker Justice1020 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago, IL 60660 | 773-728-8400As working people and faithful allies, we believe in:
Fair Wages for All
Health and Safety at Work
The Right to Organize
Immigration and Racial Justice
IWCF +44-(0)1674-678120The key aim of IWCF is to develop and administer well control training, assessment and certification programmes on behalf of the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry.
Jessie Smith Noyes FoundationJessie Smith Noyes Foundation
122 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10168
Phone: 212.684.6577
Fax: 212.689.6549
We envision a socially just and environmentally sustainable society in which all people are able to gain the knowledge and build the power they need to exercise their rights and participate fully in the economic, social and political decisions that affect their lives and communities.

The Foundation's current Funding Priorities are Environmental Justice, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems, Reproductive Rights, and an Environmentally Sustainable New York City. The Foundation makes a particular effort to include in its funding portfolio a significant percentage of organizations led by people of color.
Jewish Teen Funders Network150 West 30th Street, Suite 900
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212) 726-0177
Fax: (212) 594-4292
We create, connect, and support Jewish teen philanthropy programs.
We work with educators and professionals at synagogues, Federations, summer camps, JCCs and more.
We promote philanthropy and collective giving as forms of experiential education for Jewish teens.
JTVFJohn T. Vucurevich Foundation
2800 Jackson Boulevard 
Suite 410
Rapid City, SD 57702
Phone: (605) 343-3141
Fax: (605) 343-5264
The John T. Vucurevich Foundation awards grants supporting the advancement of the arts, education and science, and the promotion of social welfare within South Dakota, with preference given to the West River area and in particular the Black Hills.
Juan Young TrustPO Box 91429
Portland, OR 97291
Phone: 503-735-9831
Fax: Upon Request
Grants are generally limited to projects and programs conducted by qualified organizations within the state of Oregon, with emphasis on the Portland Area. Grants for annual operating budgets, debt retirement, or to help defray deficits are not favored. Grants are usually awarded for a limited time, such as one or two years.
Kalliopeia FoundationPO BOX 151020 • SAN RAFAEL, CA 94915 • (415) 482-1043 • INFO@KALLIOPEIA.ORGKalliopeia works to create a future where universal spiritual values form the foundation of how we care for our common home.
Kawabe Memorial FundQUESTIONS:
Please contact Natalie Lecher at (206) 406-6124

FOUNDATION PURPOSES: The Kawabe Memorial Fund is a private foundation established under the will of Harry S. Kawabe. The purposes of the foundation are set forth in his will, which require grants to be awarded in the three following categories: Human Services: General operating and project support for institutions and social service agencies devoted to the care of indigent, children, and aged persons. Religious Institutions: Capital grants to churches for improvement of physical facilities. (Most grants are to churches in the city of Seattle.) Scholarships for training of teachers, priests and ministers. Alaska Scholarships: Scholarships to selected graduating students of Seward High School in Seward, Alaska. (Scholarships are not awarded to individuals in other schools or regions, and individual students may not apply directly to the foundation.)
KeyBank Foundation traditional banking products and services, Key supports communities through the important work of KeyBank Foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization founded in 1969 and funded by KeyCorp. The Foundation’s mission is to support organizations and programs that prepare individuals for thriving futures and is advanced through three funding priorities – Neighbors, Education and Workforce – and through Community Service.
King County Best Start for Kids1-800-325-6165It invests in prevention and early intervention strategies that promote healthier, more resilient children, youth, families and communities. It is considered the most comprehensive approach to early childhood development in the United States, starting with prenatal support, sustaining the gain through teenage years, and investing in safe, healthy communities that reinforce progress.

Klorfine Foundation2700 N. Ocean Drive, #A2103, Singer Island, FL 33404The Klorfine Foundation empowers nonprofits to achieve tangible results that benefit their communities.
Kongsgard-GoldmanSeattle Foundation
1601 Fifth Ave, Suite 1900
Seattle, WA 98101
The Kongsgaard-Goldman Foundation provides support to nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest within the program areas of Puget Sound restoration and protection, forest protection in Washington and Oregon, and climate change.
Kresge FoundationThe Kresge Foundation
3215 W. Big Beaver Road
Troy, Mich. 48084
We are a $3.6 billion private, national foundation that works to expand opportunities in America’s cities through grantmaking and social investing in arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services and community development in Detroit.
Latino Community Fund220 Second Ave S. #103

Seattle, WA 98104
Our vision is a vibrant and civically engaged Latino community in Washington. Latino Community Fund of Washington identifies, shares and advocates for what is working in the Latino community. Healthy and educated Latino families build vibrant local communities and economies in Washington State.
Left Tilt Fund Tilt supports those who seek to protect our constitutional rights and fight against tactics to dismantle them.
Legal Foundation of WALegal Foundation of Washington
1325 4th Avenue, Suite 1335
Seattle, WA 98101-2509
LFW Mission
Equal civil justice for low-income people.
Libra Foundation believe that all people are born with equal and inalienable rights and fundamental freedoms and have a right to live in a healthy environment and in peaceful, just and equitable societies. Promoting these human rights is the highest purpose we can envision for the grantmaking of The Libra Foundation.