DAY 1: November 12, 2022
TIMECluster 1

Technological Innovations and Strategies in Science Education
Cluster 2

Teaching Tools and Home-based Science Experiments
Cluster 3

Teacher's Competencies, Professional Development,
and Lifelong Learning
Cluster 4

Educational Policies, Extension Programs, and Models
1:16 - 1:35Peer Pairing as a Practical Solution in Addressing Physics Anxiety

Ma. Angelie M. Pasicolan and Timothy John A. Pasicolan

UP Rural High School
UP Diliman

Phytochemical screening and antibacterial activity of the selected species of mangroves

Jose Haydee D. Baldevia Jr., Ricky B. Acanto, and Marjohn Thomas N. Conlu

Inocencio V. Ferrer Memorial School of Fisheries
Carlos Hilado Memorial State University Iloilo Science and Technology University- Miagao Campus
Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) of Teachers in Statistics and Probability

Michelle P. Bales

Iloilo State College of Fisheries
Contributing Factors and Strategies Applied Onboard Ship: Basis for Development of Booklet to Enhance Seafarers’ Mental Health

Brian Gil S. Sarinas and 2/M Angelo F. Casañare

John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (Arevalo), Inc.
1:36 - 1:55The Use of Institutional Development Innovation Grant (IDIG) E-module to Improve the Students’ Academic Performance in Navigation 2 (Terrestrial and Coastal Navigation)

2/M Nelson S. Abello and Mrs. Ma. Elena S. Francisco

John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (Arevalo), Inc.
Allelopathic Effect of Four Weed Species on the Germination and Growth of Purple Nutsedge and Eggplant

Rizalino O. Dela Torre Jr. and Larry V. Aceres

University of Southeastern
Evidence-based Inquiry on the Constraints of Teachers in Conducting Action Research: A Phenomenological Study

Roberto G. Sagge, Jr.

West Visayas State University
Early Warning Signs, Hazard Awareness and Risk Management Strategies: Basis for Capability Building and Disaster Mitigation among Communities

Anna May E. Candelario

Capiz State University - Pilar Satellite College
1:56 - 2:15Physics Legend: A Gamified Approach to Teaching Senior High Schools Physics in Remote Setup

Romeo P. Lacro III, Job Jonas C. Ruzgal ,and Leandro Angelo Miguel L. Sanchez

University of the Philippines Rural High School
Growth of Trichoderma harzianum using starch-based household kitchen wastes

Mary Rose T. Escalante, Ricky B. Acanto, Marjohn Thomas N. Conlu, Mary Grace F. Langcoy, Susan V. Lirazan, Julie Ann B. Mario

Negros Occidental High School
Carlos Hilado Memorial State University
Iloilo Science and Technology University – Miagao,
A canonical correlation analysis of Filipino science teachers' scientific literacy and science teaching efficacy

Angelo Mark P. Walag, Maria Teresa M. Fajardo, Prosibeth G. Bacarrisas, and Faith M. Guimary

University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines

Modeling the Constructs of Accelerating Digital Transformation in the Basic Education Achilles

Charles G. Grandeza

University of Southeastern Philippines – Mintal Campus
2:16 - 2:35NatPro LabPro: Development and Evaluation of Innovative Laboratory Package in Science (ILPS)

Ricky B. Acanto and Ignacio S. Tibajares, Jr.

Carlos Hilado Memorial State University
West Visayas State University
Multi-purpose Portable Seat for Nail Technicians

Eileen Joan L. Villacampa

DepEd Panabo City National High School/ University of Southeastern Philippines
Nursing Care Model for Millennial Nurses in the Philippines

Ma. Algerica T.Cuenco and Samuel F. Migallos

Bukidnon State University
San Pedro College
Biodiversity Conservation through Local Policy Formulation in Science Education: A Pragmatic Research Design

Glenda A. Cruz

Western Philippines University
2:36 - 2:55BREAK
2:56 - 3:15Forensic Photography: A Tool in the Solution of Crimes

Lina S Azuelo

West Visayas State University-Lambunao Campus
The Effect of Different Musical Genres on the Fruiting Body and Primordial Development, Yield, and Biological Efficiency of White Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus florida)

Jared Clarence Hilario and Evelyn M. Ben

Central Luzon State University
Braving the Odds: Stories of Lasallian Science Teachers Teaching Abroad

Raymond L. Temporosa

University of St. La Salle Bacolod
Impact Assessment of the Community Extension Programs of Colleges in Bacolod City, Philippines: Basis for Enhancement Program

Ophelia M. Duayan

Carlos Hilado Memorial State University
3:16 - 3:35Learning Basic Concepts in Acoustics through Smartphone Apps-based Guitar-tuning Activity

Alwielland Q. Bello

Bukidnon State University
Motor Control Demostrator: A Project Study

Bernabe C. Bontilao

University of Southeastern Philippines
Factors Influencing the TPACK Competence of Selected Public Elementary School Teachers in Implementing Online Modality

Lindy C. Lulab

University of Southeastern Philippines
The Extent Implementation of the Community Outreach Programs and Activities

Jeffrey Ledesma Jr., Anthony Paul Y. Valo and Jeric F. Gelig

St. Therese-MTC Colleges
3:36 - 3:55Virtual Related Learning Experience in a Pre-clinical Concept

Beulah Joy K. Damasco

Bukidnon State University
Bird Species Composition, Abundance, Diversity and Eveness at Panaad Park and Stadium and Provincial Capitol Park and Lagoon

Phillip Raymund R. De Oca, Anton Van J C. Catalan, Lance Querubin A. Mabugat, Lara Lois D. Te, Karl Josh L. Collarin, John Dave R. Masiado, Wyeth G. Dogelio, Philip Godfrey C. Jakosalem, and Lisa Marie J. Paguntalan

Science Technology and Engineering Program - Bacolod City National High School
Philippines Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc.
Envisioning Flipped Classroom Readiness: Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge of Mathematics Educators

Joseph A. Adsuara

Central Luzon State University
Plant Bioresource Utilization by Local communities of Northern Negros Natural Park, Negros Island, Philippines

Aragon A. Dechimo Jr.

Philippine Normal University
3:56 - 4:15Re-structuring UPHSI Biology 10 Course Packs from Remote Learning to Blended Learning Instructional Strategies for a Learner Centered Class: An Action Research

Myla Fe G. Pinuela

University of the Philippines High School in Iloilo (UPHSI)
Automated Mock up Board

Jake G. Rumbaoa

Cagayan State University
Leadership Style, Organizational Culture, Workplace Bullying on Nurses Productivity: A Causal Model

Christine Joy B. Cainday

Bukidnon State University
Institutionalizing University Business Incubators: A Proposed Model for Colleges and Universities offering Business Courses

Renalee V. Valenzuela

Nueva Vizcaya State University
4:16 - 4:35Share, Show and Tell: Its Effect on Learner’s Academic Performance in Science

Jessa Marie L. Layog

Lambunao National High School
DAY 2: November 19, 2022
TIMECluster 5

Language, Literacy, and Science Communication
Cluster 6

Teaching and Learning in the New Normal
Cluster 7

Students' Academic Performance, Approaches to Learning,
and Career Choices
Cluster 8

Instructional Materials, Innovative Programs, and Resources
1:16 - 1:35Communication Competencies of Senior High School Teachers in STEM Strand

Lexter R. Natividad

Central Luzon State University
Positive Climate and Behavior Management in a Flipped Classroom

Aprhodite M. Macale

UP Rural High School
Science Competencies, Environmental Awareness, and Practices of Grade 10 Learners in an Island School

Jonathan B. Baloloy

DepEd - Estancia National High School
An Exploration of the Tangyan River’s Pamanlò for the Production of a Contextualized Educational Module

Gilbert F. Ecuben

John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (Arevalo), Inc.
1:36 - 1:55Factors affecting Grade 8 Learners’ Speaking Performance in Baguio City National High School Fort Del Pilar Annex

Florhiza B. Cayat

Baguio City National High School Fort Del Pilar Annex
Students’ Self- directed Learning Readiness and Knowledge on Biology Concepts of Science, Technology and Society (STS) Course in the New Normal

Helen H. Muegue

University of Antique- Hamtic Campus
Factors Influencing Level of Burnout of Ilonggo Seafarers

Alfredo M. Malay Jr., Kinerey P. Baya, Bon Andrei G. Fadera, and Kim John Joson

St. Therese-MTC Colleges
Localized Instructional Materials in Teaching Microbiology and Parasitology

Ilonah Jean A. Vivo

Visayas State University
1:56 - 2:15Code – Switching ng mga Baguhang Guro sa Filipino

Rey Q. Mendoza

Carlos Hilado Memorial State University
Students’ Time Management, Academic Procrastination and Performance During Online Science and Mathematics Classes

John Paul E. Santos, Joseph A Villarama, Joseph P. Adsuara,
Jordan F. Gundran, Aileen G. De Guzman, and Evelyn M. Ben

Central Luzon State University
Correlates of Maritime Students' Academic Performance in Terrestrial and Coastal Navigation 2

Erbert Rex L. Capalla, Arlie G. Lanzagarita Jr., John Ralph L. Lera-og, and Gleven L. Gentizon

St. Therese-MTC Colleges
Ethnobotanical Study of Economically and Medically-Important Plants in Las Pinas City: Towards Developing an Instructional Material for Biology Classes

Maria Lourdes C. Aguirre

Far Eastern University - Manila
2:16 - 2:35Students’ Vocabulary Skills and Participation in Comprehension Discussion

Ma. Shiela Theresa Sablon-Casabuena

West Visayas State University-Lambunao Campus
First Year University Students’ Adjustments during the COVID19 Pandemic: Input to an Enhanced Student Affairs Services (SAS) and Programs

Anna May E. Candelario and Jay Ann B. Gregorio

Capiz State University - Pilar Satellite College
Factors that Influence Career Choice of Graduating Pharmacy Students

Charles Angel G. Gargalicano, Hernane S Galicia, April Aileen Mae Arosa, Shania Tyne Radadon, Florida G. Gargalicano, and Phillip Raymund R. De Oca

Riverside College Inc.
Handumanan National High School
Science Technology and Engineering Program – Bacolod City National High School
Learners’ Conceptual Understanding of Biomolecules and their Mindset Leaning: Inputs for Developing an Instructional Material

Lally L. Sales

West Visayas State University
2:36 - 2:55BREAK
2:56 - 3:15Teachers’ Difficulties on Blended Learning Modality in Teaching English in The New Normal

Marven Q. Losaria

West Visayas State University-Lambunao Campus
Students’ Satisfaction in the Utilization of Microsoft Teams as Learning Management System for Maritime Instruction

Mylene S. Jainga, James Emer D. Dechoson, and Hoyt Joshua D. Perlas

St. Therese-MTC Colleges
Level of Awareness and Practices of Maritime Students on Energy Efficiency

Ray G. Langreo, Jestoni Franz G. Hablo, and Eljohn A. Suria

St. Therese-MTC Colleges
Development of Mobile Application in General Biology Using the Design Thinking Model

Glenn J. Dador

West Visayas State University
3:16 - 3:35Graphic-based Supplementary Materials in Teaching Literature

Jun Anne Gabarra

West Visayas State University-Lambunao Campus
Flexible Learning Meets Mathematics: Perceived Challenges Encountered by Maritime Students

Lucia S. Diaz and Danilo O. Adores

St. Therese-MTC Colleges
College Students‘ Approaches to Learning, Self-Efficacy, and Mathematics Performance: A Path Analysis

Geraldine Y. Abella, Janice A. Bolen, Ma Teresa F. Golez, Rosario Bicera, and Toni Rose Docena

University of St. La Salle - Bacolod
Integrating Supplemental Learning Materials with Modular Instruction: Its Effect on Learners’ Performance in Grade 8 Earth and Space

Dhaniel Marc F. Layawon

Lambunao National High School
3:36 - 3:55`Numeracy and Literacy in Basic Education: An Assessment on the Implementation of Remedial Programs

Maricel C. Diaz

Binolusan Pequeño Elementary School
Demographic Factors Influencing the Level of Depression, Anxiety and Stress of Maritime Students during the Pandemic

Yvonne M. Castillo and Janine Kate Mondia

St. Therese-MTC Colleges
Effects of Context-based Approach with Technology Integration on Students’ Achievement and Attitudes towards Learning Physics

Marius Engelbert Geoffrey C. Castillo and
Brando C. Palomar

Central Luzon State University
Philippine Normal University - Manila
Biopreneur: A Contextualized Module on Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship

Maria Bella M. Vijar

West Visayas State University
3:56 - 4:15Library Virtual Reference Services (VRS): Challenges and Opportunities amidst the Pandemic

Annie F. Calion and Vivian C. Capanas

St. Therese-MTC Colleges
Contextualization of Grade 8 Mathematics Instruction

Lilybeth B. Balutoc

Fort del Pilar National High School
Development of Competency Assessment Tool for Student-Nurses Readiness

Fatima C. Tanzo

Bukidnon State University
4:16 - 4:35Acceptability of the e-Learning Module in Seamanship 2A (Trim, Stability, and Stress)

Clarence Kay S. Gabasa and Carlos III D. Victoriano

John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (Arevalo), Inc.
Developing Basic Science Process Skills and Science Attitudes: Catalysts towards Science Investigative Projects (SIPs)

Michael Leonard D. Lubiano

Buenaventura Alandy National High School