2018-19 Clubs
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NameMission StatementOrganization PurposeOrganizaiton BenefitAppointment Procedures Meeting ScheduleOrganization UniquenessAdditional Info
Active Minds at StuyvesantStuyvesant's chapter of Active Minds, a nation-wide non-profit organization, works to increase students’ awareness of mental health issues and provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness.Stuyvesant’s chapter of Active Minds aims to increase students’ awareness of mental health issues and provide information and resources regarding mental health and mental illness. Members of the club will be involved in coordinating events and fundraisers, both inside and outside of school. We will also host fun school-wide activities and initiatives to inspire Stuy students to change their approach toward mental health. For instance, we’ll hold challenges to be completed by Stuy students and encourage them to turn to destressing activities. We will also hold speaker events and movie screenings about general health or mental health. As an organization, Active Minds at Stuyvesant will join the coalition of Active Minds chapters throughout the nation to promote national programs like Stress Less Week, Suicide Prevention Month, and Active Minds for Every Mind. School-wide events will be coordinated like Send Silence Packing, Active Minds Speakers Bureau, a fundraising walk for Active Minds, Active Minds for Every Mind Diversity Initiative, Mental Health Monologues, Mental Health Awareness Week, all with the general purpose of destigmatizing mental illness.Active Minds will work with other mental health based clubs like Stuy Limitless and Stuy Project Love. Rather than raising awareness about general mental health, we aim to focus on teen mental health, especially in Stuyvesant’s stressful environment. Subtle initiatives like holding a movie screening where Stuyvesant students can forget about their school-related stress and have a space to spend time with their friends is extraordinarily meaningful. We will also connect Stuyvesant students to outside opportunities, where they can seek help for themselves or their friends, or even fun events outside of Stuyvesant. We will also encourage destressing activities that can change how Stuyvesant students go about their day. Setting aside a mere 10 to 15 minutes to focus on how your day has been or how you’re feeling can really affect your approach to mental health. We also have a Facebook page where we will send positive reminders to Stuyvesant students! We will also work with teachers from different departments, especially the health department, to give students extra credit for attending speaker events or movie screenings. Instead of teaching people about the hard facts of general health and mental health, which they can receive very readily, we will encourage peer-to-peer involvement.Leadership positions will depend on members’ level of participation in the chapter as well as the interest in specific roles. We will have a variety of tasks, ranging from chapter president, vice-president, secretary, outreach chair, social media chair, and fundraising chair (treasurer). The current presidents and vice-presidents will choose the positions on an application process. The presidents and vice-presidents for the 2019-2020 year have already been chosen based on their demonstrated interest and contribution. As for other positions, we will evaluate members’ contribution to the club. Members will be expected to be timely with event planning and fundraising activities. Because we have a strict deadline for money to be sent back to the organization, board members need to be timely. Every year, new presidents and co-presidents will be appointed but there will be a balanced number of sophomore and junior leaders, as we want the club to be continued. We would prefer to have freshman and sophomore leaders so they can learn how to manage the club throughout their years at Stuy. However, for the first year, board members were chosen based on their interest.ThursdayWhat sets us apart from other clubs is that we have a strong network of universities under the same organization: chapter leaders from across the country come together in Washington, DC to share ideas and advance knowledge about mental health education, advocacy, and awareness. We still hope to work with already existing clubs to facilitate the increased accessibility to mental health resources. In the upcoming 2019-2020 year, we will be holding movie screenings related to teen health, posting updates on our Facebook page on destressing activities, as well as leading fundraisers!
Antares SciFi Magazine and ClubTo promote science fiction/fantasy writing and art within the Stuyvesant community by producing one of the school's official literary magazines.Antares aims to bring together the many talented science fiction/fantasy artists and writers within Stuyvesant so that they can discuss and help develop each others' work, which culminates in the production of Antares magazine in the spring. Antares is also an attractive publication for those interested in magazine promotion and layout, and there are many different ways to become involved in the publication. Members are expected to attend meetings regularly and contribute to the magazine either through writing, editing, drawing, layout/design, or promotion. In producing the magazine, we aim to showcase the creativity of the Stuyvesant community both within the school and in the community through outreach efforts with book stores such as the local Barnes and Noble. Aside from the publication, Antares has also become a club for science fiction/fantasy enthusiasts and our meetings are often where lively book or movie discussions take place. Often, members work on their creative work during meetings or discuss ideas.Antares can serve as an important creative outlet for Stuyvesant students who like to read, write, or draw while giving them valuable experience in producing a publication. In a demanding school such as Stuyvesant, it is vitally important that students find enjoyable ways of taking a break from academics and exercising their imaginations, and Antares offers the chance to do exactly that while producing a literary work of which the school can be proud. In addition, students who are interested in creative or business fields can gain valuable experience in a multitude of ways by becoming involved in the magazine. We have opportunities to gain experience in selling advertising, promoting the magazine and the club, editing, writing, illustrating, and developing other art forms. Often, members will develop creative ideas within the club and in the past, several members have then entered their work in the Scholastic art and writing competition and have won awards for their work. Also, we hope to promote Stuyvesant within the local community through our club. Last year, our club was invited to participate in activities (such as a book signing) with the local Barnes and Noble, and we hope to continue our relationship with Barnes and Noble this year. We believe that our club's activities are a positive reflection of the Stuyvesant student body and their creativity.Each year's leaders are responsible for appointing the next year's leaders. Leaders are chosen based on demonstrated level of commitment to the magazine (through writing, drawing, editing, or other business-related activities) and club and leadership qualities, such as the ability to listen and give constructive feedback, run meetings and events, and get things done. Leaders meet and discuss candidates and take a vote before asking various members to fill roles. Currently, we do not have official impeachment protocols, as our club has not had to impeach anyone. However, in the coming year, we are open to developing such protocols if required. Members are expected to understand that final editorial decisions regarding which stories and drawings will appear in the magazine rest with the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor. In return, the magazine’s editors strive to be inclusive and include as many pieces in the magazine as they reasonably can, given space and cost restraints.FridayAntares is an unusual high school publication in that it focuses exclusively on science fiction and fantasy. Our magazine has also won multiple awards in recent years, including a Columbia Press Association Gold Medal and the National Scholastic Press Association First Class Award, and we hope to win more in the future. In addition, past writers have won Scholastic Art and Writing medals for their individual work. Although our main focus is producing the magazine, we also see ourselves as a community of science fiction/fantasy fans, and in the past year we began new efforts to promote our club through social media and the production and sale of attractive T-shirts that featured one of our member’s artwork.Antares originated at Stuyvesant way back in the 1970s and continued through the 1980s before becoming defunct. In 2014, it was brought back to life by Stuyvesant students. For four years, we have helped keep a Stuyvesant tradition alive and the publication is beloved by students, teachers, and alumni. We hope to continue doing so well into the future.
AP GOV Make-Up ExamsThis club is for students who need to make up my exams.This club is for students who need to make up my exams.
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Arab Student AssociationThe Arab Student Association (ASA) aims to unite and serve the Arab community at Stuyvesant while raising awareness, discussing issues concerning the Middle East, and promoting Arabic culture and heritage. The purpose of the Arab Student Association is to create a forum for students to discuss and learn about the Arab culture, language, politics, and ideology. We strive to integrate Arabs into the American mainstream through educational and cultural events. Some of these initiatives will include discussions regarding stereotypes, stigmas, and other issues concerning the Middle Eastern community. We hope to learn more about and the similarities and differences within the numerous Arab countries represented by Stuyvesant’s students and bond, as a result. Members will have the opportunity to increase awareness and interest for pertinent issues of the Arab world in the Stuyvesant community and the larger community of New York City. We also plan to celebrate being Arab-Americans specifically through emphasizing the importance of Arab History Month throughout April. Furthermore, the ASA aims to support our Arab communities locally and internationally through the work of raising awareness of the global struggles in the Middle East and hosting fundraisers for refugees.Arabs are underrepresented in both the Stuyvesant community and the American mainstream. Therefore, the Arab Student Association will provide a safe space for our school’s Arab-Americans to foster important discussions about Arab and Middle Eastern communities and their plights. This club will help educate other Stuyvesant students about their Arab peers and create more unity within the student body as a result. Additionally, ASA would provide a great venue for Arab students to celebrate their culture and heritage with other students from similar backgrounds. It would also provide students who are interested in Middle Eastern studies and culture to learn and get directly involved in many of the issues we address. With the many Arab political and ideological issues we will discuss, we also hope to explore Arab music, food, film, art, and customs to foster appreciation for the Middle East and Arab world. We also work to appreciate the influential Arab American leaders and pioneers that have made a difference in our culture and society by highlighting their discoveries and achievements during Arab American History Month. By considering the many perspectives, controversies, and traditions of the Arab culture, we hope to create a positive change in the American perspective of the Arab world.
Leadership positions are granted based on an application process that is organized by the Board. ASA’s board looks for students who demonstrate a solid work ethic and are goal-oriented, driven, and reliable. These individuals are also expected to be supportive of the Arab and non-Arab community at Stuyvesant alike. What the board looks for in applicants ranges from the student’s commitment levels, availability, and course load to their willingness to go the extra mile to serve the community. The positions of the Board will be Co-Presidents, Co-Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and Marketing Director. Co-Presidents and Co-Vice Presidents will be responsible for creating and planning events, contacting potential guests and collaborators, and developing new ideas for each meeting. The Secretary is expected to manage the mailing list and periodically send out and respond to emails with club members. The Marketing Director’s responsibilities include uploading and supervising the Facebook Page and social media outlets as well as designing and posting flyers around the school. The Treasurer is responsible for managing money for various fundraisers and contacting potential fundraising organizations. The protocol for maintaining a board position involves fulfilling all of the responsibilities outlined in a written contract between the Presidents and the board members. If, for any reason, these expectations are not met, the leaders reserve the right to ask people to step down from their positions.FridaysThe Arab Student Association (ASA) would be a unique addition to Stuyvesant’s clubs and institutions because it targets a neglected demographic of the student body. This organization will unite and celebrate the diversity of Stuyvesant students with Middle Eastern backgrounds including, but not limited to, Egyptians, Moroccans, Algerians, Palestinians, Syrians, Yemeni, Sudani, Libyans, Jordanians, etc. This club will allow the Arab-Americans at Stuyvesant to cherish their dual-identities and discover their roles in our school’s community.
Architecture ClubTo give students the opportunity to build their dreams and let their creativity flow.You may have passed by the model buildings created by students across the school and may have wondered how to create them. We hope that in establishing an Architecture club we will be able to provide the students of Stuyvesant who are interested in pursuing architecture, engineering, design, as well as other STEM subfields a creative and artistic outlet to share their work. We will be doing many projects and competitions during club meetings, including drawing, building and other fun stuff! The topics we wish to cover are architectural eras (from Greece to modern world eras), basics of architecture, urban planning, interior design, minimalistic architecture, bridge design and construction, rural design, material and structure. We want to help others achieve a better understanding of the history and process put into the architecture and design of the buildings we see every day, while also providing them with the opportunity to experience the planning of different architectural structures.
Making a club that is not only dedicated to architecture but one that also places emphasis on the different disciplines within the field will benefit Stuyvesant by broadening the horizons of the Stuyvesant community. There are many clubs within Stuyvesant that focus on one specific discipline; however, even though this club is for architecture we’ll place a strong emphasis on the different disciplines that are needed. Some of the benefits of our club would be the ability to share work with other members as well as receiving feedback, being able to gain experience in various topics and sketches/drawing, and learning about new topics that are relevant. In addition, it will also improve teamwork within the different types of students which make up the Stuyvesant community, such as students who are shyer and students who are more extroverted. This club will also serve as a safe haven for students who release their pent-up stress through building or art in general. Establishing an architecture club at Stuyvesant would allow for the mixing of the different creative minds which call Stuyvesant a home, it’ll also allow students to gain and improve on skills such as creativity, communication, emotional release, intelligence, and becoming more detail oriented.
Any dedicated member can be a leader, this includes attending most/all the meetings, coming in energetic and ready to work. However being a leader has its own responsibilities which include coming in prepared to teach the lesson, coordinating the club and encouraging the club members to do their best. If these criteria are constantly being missed, the person will be impeached from leadership and their position will be given to a more responsible member. All members must be present for at least half the lessons in order to participate in group activities and if they miss too many lessons or days they will fall behind. At that point, they have 2 choices, either catch up in their free time or drop out of the club. Another important criteria is generosity, as a hard-working member who is also kind has a higher chance of being promoted to leadership, but purposely being mean to your fellow members will result in being kicked out.
TuesdayInstead of just teaching students how to create new structures, we want to teach students how and why historical structures from different time periods were created as well as the way they influenced later civilizations. Many people disregard ancient technology because they believe it is inferior to modern technology. Even though that may be true, we can't disregard the fact that many architectural feats created by ancient civilizations took future civilizations centuries to recreate with some still astounding us today.
Arts for the StarsArts for the Stars aims to provide a creative outlet for underprivileged/homeless youth in our community.We strive to bring happiness to underprivileged children through dancing and eventually other forms of artistic creativity. We will partner with multiple organizations and work with them throughout the year by bringing dance classes to them. We will have our members bond with the children as they become mentors and teach them different choreographies over the course of a year. We would like to provide the opportunity for these children to explore their artistic talents, particularly dancing, as an outlet to relieve stress they may have in their lives. Understanding that different factors may contribute to their present situations, we aim to help them develop unique personalities.

All mentors are required to be welcoming and friendly with the children. We want our general members to be committed and actively involved in the club. We wish for our mentors and mentees to simultaneously grow and learn as leaders and students, respectively. We aim to have our mentors form and maintain long-lasting bonds with their mentees as friends and teachers.
Arts for the Stars will benefit Stuyvesant High School by combining dance with community service. Through this club, students will be able to volunteer with different organizations that benefit the underprivileged youth, and spend time with children that are at a disadvantage. As important as academics are, giving back to the community will aid Stuyvesant students in growing as well rounded individuals. Our club provides an opportunity for students to gain leadership and teaching experience. It also gives members a chance to share their passion for the arts. Our primary goal is to get students to be active members of their community and contribute in a positive way to the world.

Arts for the Stars encourages the Stuyvesant community to help those that may be in need of a creative outlet. Students will be able to gain experience working with young children and explore their own creative interests along the way. We want students at Stuy to be exposed to the less fortunate and bring about awareness for the homeless youth of New York City, which may allow us to partner with other clubs at Stuyvesant. Our club diverts from the academic and STEM based activities at Stuy and promotes artistic expression instead.
All mentors are required to be friendly and patient with the children while teaching. All mentors are required to attend a workshop once a month with choreographers to learn the dance. Once or twice a week, mentors will visit the designated institution and work with the mentees (the children). All mentors are required to attend a workshop once a month with choreographers to learn the dances. Mentors will need to show dedication and commitment to Arts for the Stars by attending at least 3 out of 4 monthly sessions with the children. We aim to create a safe and encouraging environment, where the kids feel comfortable with learning and trying something new. With that said, we require that mentors act appropriately around the mentees and keep in mind to avoid sensitive topics.
If leaders do not meet the attendance requirements and have more than three unexcused absences, they will be impeached.
WednesdayArts for the Stars is unique in that our main goal is not just volunteering. Many children are in need of a creative outlet to allow them to grow and we are the only club that gives them the opportunity to do so. We combine volunteering and dancing to create a unique club that focuses on encouraging children to discover their artistic capabilities. Not only do we teach them how to dance, but through this we will help them build self-confidence through artistic expression. We also aim to form long-lasting bonds with them, promoting trust and friendship. In the future, we want to expand our program and include different art forms such as theater, painting, and creative hands-on projects.
Astronomy and Climates ClubWe hope to discuss and raise awareness about discoveries in astronomy and climate science, and also to make some observations ourselves.This club's purpose is to discuss and raise awareness about interesting discoveries, old and new, in astronomy and climate science (humorously known as skyence when combined). In addition, we intend to review techniques used in these fields and possibly (if we can get or make equipment) make some of our own observations. We will learn the basic physics involved for the first few weeks and then dive into researching more complicated phenomena. We hope to do something like assembling a phased array or collecting interesting weather data later in the school year. Members will not be forced into anything, and will be encouraged to research interesting topics and present them in an engaging manner. We will also play fun prediction games like "binary or single object" and "predict [some aspect of] the weather", and maybe (if members elect to do so) create a internet publication. Also, we will keep up-to-date with the fields by discussing upcoming and current events in these fields (and planetary science).Climate science is one of the most important areas of study for the near future of the human species and society. It determines the large-scale trends in politics and regular life on earth over the coming century or centuries. Astronomy (and the associated areas of physics) is one of the most important areas of study for the distant future. Astronomy (and the associated physics) will allow humans to plot the course of exploration and colonization in the coming millennia. Raising awareness about these subjects will benefit Stuyvesant students (so long as they wish to remain as part of a society (of humans) on earth (or influence what happens afterward)). In addition, this activity will serve to bring Stuyvesant students together over scientific topics, serving to improve their background understanding and strengthen the Stuyvesant community.
Members of this club will also practice communicating science to their peers, which is especially important in fields with large volumes of data which many may find unapproachable; this club seeks to tackle some of that feeling of intimidation to let members and other Stuyvesant students more freely explore and more quickly understand new publications in science, especially in the fields of astronomy and climate science.
The club will only have two leadership positions; they are the co-presidents (one of whom will likely handle aspects of the club more relating to astronomy, and one of whom will likely handle aspects of the club more relating to climate science, though this is not strictly delineated). In addition, the club will have one "Sorcerer of the Holy Beard of Galileo, Nose of Brahe, and Glasses of Watson-Watt", shortened to "Sorcerer". The Sorcerer will initially be appointed by the presidents of the club. In the event of a president being found to consistently break with the club's mission statement, the presidents and sorcerer will step outside for an internal vote. If both the sorcerer and one president agree that the president on trial should be impeached, then a vote is taken of all members in session; if a majority rules in favor of impeachment the president is impeached. An impeachment trial can be called by either president or by any member who has been present at at least four meetings of the club, but no other members. After a president is impeached, the spot is filled by the popular vote of all members in session (this must be approved by the other president). The sorcerer cannot replace a president whom they voted to remove unless all members and the remaining president are unanimously in favor. The sorcerer can step down, at which point a new sorcerer is elected by the previously written method for president. Presidents or sorcerers who graduate are replaced in the same manner. Members are relatively free; they will be removed only by a majority vote of members and agreement of both presidents and the sorcerer, and only in the case of consistently disruptive behavior.Tuesdays, with Thursdays as an alternativeOur organization is unique because we take a cooperative and fun approach to some interesting scientific topics. We will try and combine theory with some field work. In addition, our club will be rather democratic on policy, and a friendly environment for people to talk about some geeky things which do not already have their own club. In addition, this club will seek to expand members' perception of scientific methods and statistics used throughout many fields.
Big SibsThe Big Sibs are here to help transition incoming students to Stuyvesant High School.The Big Sib organization is responsible for several important aspects of life at Stuyvesant. Big Sibs are assigned to homerooms of the incoming freshman class to help them get acclimated to life at Stuyvesant. We run major events at Stuyvesant, from the Open Houses to Camp Stuy pt. I & II, and Parent Teacher Conferences. Big Sibs stay with their homerooms for the entire year, organizing events and serving as a resource to new members of the Stuyvesant community.

All members of the Big Sib organizations are asked first and foremost to be welcoming and helpful members of the Stuyvesant community. It is important that we give the incoming classes responsible upperclassmen to look up and reach out to. All members are required to attend significant events throughout the school year, attend homerooms regularly, and be a model to their assigned homerooms. We pride ourselves on being one of the largest service organizations at Stuyvesant, and we take pride in the character of our organization that is derived from our members.
The Big Sib program is an essential part of Stuyvesant High School.

As Big Sibs, our members are assigned to incoming students' homerooms, and are asked to develop working relationships with those students. We are here to make their transition to Stuyvesant as painless as possible, and to serve as a friendly face to our new students. Big Sibs help by providing advice to new students, recommendations for activities to pursue at Stuyvesant, and most importantly, serving as an intermediary between new students and the guidance department.

One of the primary jobs of the Big Sib program is to make events such as Open Houses and Camp Stuy possible. The Big Sibs run Open Houses in the fall and spring, which can see over 9,000+ attendees of prospective students/families in one night. During this time, Big Sibs lead tours and answer questions of potential students and their families throughout these nights. Camp Stuy (parts I and II) are held during June and August, respectively. Big Sibs by this time are assigned homerooms, and are responsible for: getting to know their homeroom members, making sure incoming students are getting properly tested and set up for their four years at Stuyvesant, and make the transition period more enjoyable.

The Big Sib program is a friendly face on the often tumultuous time that transitions to Stuyvesant can be. Ergo, every member regards their job as a Big Sib to be critical to the school.
Appointment to the position of Chair of the Big Sib organization (of which there are five spots), is done via a lengthy application process. Only current Junior Big Sibs are eligible to apply. First, a written application is required which asks applicants to answer a series of questions about the organization and their ideas for the coming school year. Next, applicants are asked to obtain two recommendations from their Little Sibs and one recommendation from their homeroom leader. After this, the applicant's strikes are considered as a factor of their commitment to the organization. Finally, all applicants are given an interview whose members consist of the current Big Sib Chairs, Ms. Pedrick, and the Faculty Oversight Committee.

Big Sibs are all held accountable on a strike system. If a Big Sib misses two (2) big events without an excuse submitted by a predetermined time period, their continued membership will be placed into question. Beyond that, Big Sibs have a limit of three (3) unexcused strikes.

Chairs of the Big Sibs organization are asked to abide by a code of ethics detailed upon their appointment by Ms. Pedrick and the Faculty Oversight Committee. If they are found to be in violation of this code of conduct, their position will be placed into question and terminated by the aforementioned people/groups.
HomeroomsThe Big Sib program is the only program at Stuyvesant that is an offshoot of one of our departments here, that being the Guidance department. Our program is unique as a service organization, because just as much as we are responsible for the transitions of incoming students to Stuyvesant and running the events that make this possible, but also because we are responsible for looking after the physical and mental health of our Little Sibs. Big Sibs are happy to stay late into the night after school, and happy to come in early during the summer to accomplish this mission.
Blockchains@StuyTo promote the awareness of blockchain technology.Blockchains@Stuy was founded to provide members interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency with exposure to more practical applications of this technology. This club is meant to expose members, regardless of how adept their blockchain knowledge is, to what it means to be a professional in the burgeoning blockchain space, and enhance their knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency. By doing so, we will foster a pressure-less environment where everyone can learn valuable information. Meetings will range from discussing recent developments to talking about blockchain nuances. To enhance the experience of our club, members will be given an opportunity to connect with professionals, who are working in the blockchain industry, for a year. By doing so, not only will members gain more blockchain knowledge, they will also gain networking skills that can help them later in life. We want the members who came for knowledge or a new experience to walk away with deep insights in the blockchain space. Blockchains@Stuy can benefit the Stuyvesant community in multiple ways, mainly in technology knowledge and networking. Blockchains are rather unknown, yet powerful technologies, as proven by something to the likes of cryptocurrencies. This club will help members explore this technology in other contexts, and make people more aware of how much potential blockchains can have. To keep things interesting, our meetings will not always be in the same format, and will include lectures, activities, and more. In addition to this, we will also allow members to individually connect with a professional in the blockchain industry. By doing so, we will be getting information about the industry, technology, and interesting personal stories. Not only will this further enrich our members’ knowledge of blockchain in a way that article skimming cannot do, it will allow members to gain potentially powerful professional contacts that can help them later in life. Students who know nothing about this technology, and students who know a lot about blockchains will get an equal chance to participate in our club, so there is ultimately no discrimination. With so many different backgrounds, members can network amongst themselves, talk about blockchains, or simply learn more about a new type of technology.As of now, there are two types of leadership roles: president and vice president. The vice president (VP) will handle tasks such as running meetings and assisting the president . The president handles all tasks the VP is responsible for, and is more responsible with handling affairs that involve the administration, or third party groups than the VP. We will have a Google form for members who are interested in becoming leaders in this club. Once chosen, members are allowed to keep any leadership role until the end of their senior year, as long as they comply with the rest of the leadership board. If a VP does not work well with others, the presidents can choose to revoke the privileges of that individual. If a president does not work well, then the rest of the leadership board can take action. If members misbehave, they will be banned from the club, which includes being kicked out of any online group affiliated with this club.FridayWe are aware other technology clubs exist, but focus on a less frequently talked about technology with plenty of potential. Unlike most people aware of blockchains, we explore on a much deeper scope, such that we talk about the inner workings of certain newer technologies. Not only are we a club that meets in school, we also give our members experience in the real world by connecting them with a mentor. We foster our members’ knowledge of technology and better their networking skills, which typically are not emphasized in a club.
Caliper Literary MagzineOur mission is to create a welcoming space for Stuyvesant's writers and to publish a magazine showcasing student writing and art.The purpose of Caliper Literary Magazine is twofold. First, the club holds weekly meetings every Tuesday for students to free-write, or respond to one of our prompts, which can deal with elements of writing ranging from topic to structure to theme. We also take prompt suggestions from members. After writing for 20-30 minutes, we encourage members to share their work with the group. Members may share any work they wish, even if they have not written it for Caliper, or even professional work that interests them! We then give constructive feedback on the members’ work, and suggest that other members do the same. We also publish the magazine twice yearly; we take submissions of writing and art from the student body and from alumni all year round. The work that is included in the magazine is then selected and laid out by the editors and the magazine is printed and sold to the student body.Caliper serves not only as a creative outlet through publication of the magazine, but also as a community of writers that helps students to find their voice. In the midst of Stuyvesant's ultra-competitive environment, it is good to have a place to appreciate other students’ creativity, alongside one’s own. Caliper is welcoming to all students, yet maintains a close-knit feel between its members and facilitates creative growth through a supportive environment where they can hone their writing and storytelling skills, skills that extend to many parts of life. Members get practice in writing poems and short stories, which can prepare them for competitions and careers, while maintaining a relaxed environment. During meetings, the leaders provide the members with writing prompts to get their creative juices flowing and encourage them to share their creation. This allows members to find their creative voice in a way not consistently encouraged by other outlets. Distribution of the magazine showcases some of the creative talents of our students that are better expressed in print than in performances, and encourages other students to produce their own work, altogether contributing to Stuyvesant’s oldest literary tradition, connecting the students today to the students of more than one century ago. Because Caliper is a both a community-driven club as it is a professional literary magazine, as leaders, we are trusting one another to be truthful and clear about everything in related to the matters of this club. If there ever comes a point where a leader of the club becomes complacent or irresponsible, it is upon both the other leader and the members themselves to recognize when it's time to end the deal. As the meetings themselves aren’t very intensive/don’t require much planning in advance, it is imperative that both leaders of the club are punctual and prepared all if not almost all of the time. If they can’t make it to a meeting, they must let the other know at least a day in advance. As it stands now, we are currently under agreement that we will be communicative and dedicated, and if the time arises that this agreement is being undermined or ignored, the proper impeachment procedure will follow. Additionally, any form of disrespect or intolerance displayed both during or outside of meetings won’t be tolerated.TuesdaysCaliper is more than just a publication. It is a home for writers, for poets, for artists --- for everyone, really. It is a place for you to unleash your creativity when Stuyvesant can feel like an environment where creativity is stifled. It is somewhere where you can just be you, and be appreciated for it. At Caliper, you are able to interact with people who share similar interests, share your writing, and get advice and feedback. At the end of the day, Caliper puts the "unity" in community (and yes, we know how cheesy that sounds).
Cartoon ClubUse your creativity and artistic skills to help others.The purpose of the cartoon club is to explore the fun and creative side in all of us, while helping others in doing so. We put great emphasis on collaboration and sharing our ideas with a small number of people. One activity we do is seasonal card designing, printing, and selling. The cards are either handmade by the students or drawn and printed by the students. Once the cards are made, students sell the cards to teachers and fellow students within the school. The profits from the card sales are donated to non-profit organizations. Some organizations we fund relate to research on mental health, helping the poor, etc. Another activity we do is holding sessions for drawing only. In these sessions, we help students improve their artistic skills by holding tutoring sessions taught by the senior members of the club. Members are also encouraged to advise and give constructive criticism to each other's works for more improvement.
One way this activity will benefit Stuyvesant is by providing a relaxation time to the students. We believe that drawing can be very meditating, and our drawing session simply allows the participants to draw whatever they wish to and relieve their stress. Another way this activity will benefit Stuyvesant is by giving students a chance to become more creative within our school. The cartoon club encourages students to have individuality in their artworks and designs. Because we know that Stuyvesant High School is a very strict and pressuring environment, we wish to allow the students to have fun and be more creative. On top of creativity and relaxation, our club also gives Stuyvesant Students an opportunity to help others. All profits from our card or artwork sales go directly to charity. Also, our cards are sold at a very affordable price, which allows the staff and the students to access a cheap and affordable gift for their loved ones during holiday seasons (Valentines Day, Christmas, etc). Cartoon Club is also a very small club, which forces its members to get to know each other very well. This gives the members a unique chance to find a group of close friends in a big school like Stuyvesant. We also open up a chance for students to learn art for free with our tutoring sessions and peer reviews.
We are a very low commitment club, and the appointment protocol is very loose: any student that has a passion for art and cartoons is welcomed to our club. Our meetings are at most once a week, and we expect our members to show up to most of the meetings. We also require our members to do the minimum work (which is usually one or two card designs before holiday season and a few days of card selling after school). If for some reason he or she cannot make it, they must let another member know beforehand with a valid excuse. If a member shows noticeable tardiness, he or she will be asked to leave the club. To rise to higher positions in the club, a member needs to show good effort, such as volunteering for multiple days to sell cards or giving in multiple card designs or artworks. The other members will have a vote or discussions on choosing people to hold leadership positions. For club leaders, the grounds for impeachment are misuse of supplies and money along with failure to organize a certain number of sales (ex: not being able to sell a certain amount of cards) then it goes to a vote on whether or not they should be impeached, then after they’re impeached it can go up to a vote of who rightfully deserves it.
depends on the weekThe two most unique things about the cartoon club is the low commitment and the size of the club. We recognize that students are struggling to manage their time with school work, homework and extracurricular activities. So in order to reduce stress, our club has minimal amount of meetings and often interact via social media. We also recognized how difficult it is to form tight communities in a large student body. For this reason, our club is very small, which lets its members to know each other at a personal level.
Charity A La ModeStuyvesant’s Charity A La Mode is a crochet and craft club that allows members of Stuyvesant’s student body to learn the art of crochet and create pieces that will go towards raising money for a charity of the club’s choice.Stuyvesant Charity A La Mode (CALM) is a crochet and craft club at Stuyvesant High School. The club holds 1-2 sales during the school year within Stuy, where it sells the pieces that members have made throughout the year. The proceeds of these sales will go to charities of the club's choosing. For the past two years, Stuyvesant CALM has made donations to St.Jude's Children's Hospital, raising a collective amount of about $2,000.
Charity A La Mode hopes to encourage members of the Stuyvesant community to learn the incredible and simple art of crochet and use the skill towards a great cause. We hope to provide members with a welcoming and relaxing space to learn crochet or work on projects. CALM is a club that is open to members of all skill levels. We highly encourage anyone with an interest in learning or even trying out crochet to come to our meetings, where we will hold lessons and teach all the skills one would need to know to crochet step by step. Intermediate and advanced crocheters are also welcomed into the club to hone their skills and use their talent to support a charitable cause.
Beginner member will be expected to come to meetings ready to learn how to crochet. Intermediate and Advanced members will be expected to come to meetings to either help beginner members with their crochet or work productively on projects of their own. Intermediate and Advanced members are also welcome to create pieces using club materials at home and turn them in if they are unable to come to meetings. Beginner members are also welcome to do this once they are comfortable with crochet. All members will be provided with all materials necessary for their projects to use both during meetings and at home, given the materials will be used to create a piece that will go towards the school sales. All members are encouraged to turn in at least 1 piece every month, or more if they wish to.
Though the club creates mostly crochet items, crafters with other skills are also welcome to come to our meetings and work on their own projects, as well as contribute their pieces towards our sales.
Charity A La Mode will benefit Stuyvesant and it's student body in a number of ways. First, Charity A La Mode will provide students the opportunity to learn crochet. It will allow students who are interested in trying out the skill to do so with the guidance of crafters who have experience in the craft. In addition, they will be provided with all the materials necessary to create crochet pieces and receive step by step instructions and help along the way. The club will also provide members with a welcoming and relaxing place for them to crochet without distractions or interruptions.
In addition to allowing members to learn crochet, it also allows them a unique way to volunteer/do charity work. For members who don't feel that other volunteer organizations, such as Red Cross and Key Club, which require going out to volunteer is for them, CALM allows them to be part of a charitable organization they could contribute to from the comfort of their school or home. In creating pieces to be sold at our yearly sales, club members will be helping to raise money to be sent to charities that do influential and humanitarian works. Club members will be able to suggest and vote on charities they would like to donate the proceeds to.
Finally CALM helps Stuyvesant as a whole as donations to different charities would be made in Stuyvesant High School’s name, increasing the recognition and reputation of the school.
Charity A La Mode has 2-3 Presidents every year who are in charge of different aspects of the club. There are 3 general areas of responsibilities in the club that presidents split up. One big area of responsibility is the management of the in-school sales. This encompasses many different tasks. The president in charge of this is responsible for collecting all of the pieces that are going to sell at the sale, making sure the administration approves the sale and reaching out to club members as well as Red Cross/Key Club/ARISTA volunteers to manage the table throughout the day. Another area of responsibility is money management. The president in charge of this will be responsible for drafting out the cost of materials required for the club to run and requesting money. This president is also in charge of filling out any forms relating to chartering the club and the sales. The last area of responsibility is maintaining the club's online presence. This requires the president to manage the facebook group and send out reminders of our weekly meetings as well as advertise the club during sales and when it's looking to recruit members. This president is also in charge of responding to all emails in a timely fashion. All presidents share certain responsibilities such as showing up to meetings, coming up with plans to teach new members to crochet and coming up with ideas to advance the club. If a president fails to complete any of the tasks required of them they will be impeached.
New presidents will be appointed by old presidents based on their ability to teach crochet as well as handle the backhand work the club requires. This will be carried out in the form of an online application sent out to all club members to be reviewed by the old presidents.
Tuesdays, Thursdays Charity A La Mode is a unique organization because it offers a creative way to do charity work while also helping members learn a new skill. It is one of the only clubs in the school which teaches crochet as well as other crafts and allows for members to learn these art forms with no prior knowledge at all. In doing so it provides members with a relaxing environment where they can relieve stress from schoolwork and make new friends. It allows members to learn a skill they will carry throughout their lives.
CitiBike X StuySUBring students convinient and complimentary access to CitiBike, a safe, healthy, and fun commuting/recreation option.CitiBike is a bike share system with 10000 bikes at 600 stations in Manhattan, Western Queens and Brooklyn. Starting in September, Stuy students will be able to access this system at a price of $0. Additionally, signing up will be simple! No credit card needed! Our goal is to gie students an alternative commuting option that's green and healthy. We are working with the Stuyvesant SU to bring this to fruition.

This club has been created to facilitate meetings and room reservations for us. We are not an exclusively after school club
Like and follow us on FB(Stuy X CitiBike) to keep yourself updated on all the latest news regarding this program! Later this month, we will be posting more details about signing up//helping out with this program. If u have any specific questions, message this page!
Sign up at our website (stuybikes.com). Click on membership/safety class in the signup bar. Check for available classes. if there are no spots, there are no classes available.
We are the only organization providing a transit alternative to taking the subway. We also are proud to foster a sense of independence amongst students as CitiBike memberships can be used even when student metrocards do not work. We are trying to promote wellness, awareness of green options, and also convinience for Stuy students. We plan to host events throughout the year to encourage students to try out CitiBike.

With that said, we are proud to work with the Stuyvesant Student Union, and CitiBike, to make free access to CitiBike possible for all Stuyvesant students 16 years or older. This will benefit Stuy students for a multitude of reasons, which are not limited to more options to getting to school, a new way of getting around the city on weekends, valuable time savings, and also a promotion of student wellness. We are hopint that Stuyvesant will be a good example for a citywide launch!

Over 250 stuyvesant students are interested in obtaining a membership, and we hope to serve all of them eventually. Additionally, we hope that future stuy students, namely the incoming classes, will be able to appreciate all our hard work and ride CitiBikes up the Hudson River Greenway when they are 16. We also hope to foster a student cycling community that is safe, healthy, and open to all! Even those who don't have a bike can use CitiBike, and hopefully we can usher in a new wave of future leaders who care about livable streets.
Appointment for various positions will be through competitive applications, which will be hosted on http://stuybikes.com/public_html/CitiBike/volunteer.py . Additionally, when the current leadership graduates, there will be a merit-based system that would appoint the most experienced CitiBike users as head of the organization. Impeachment will not really happen, except in the situation where a leader(i.e. someone leading a ride, safety official, our local IT dept), is doing something that actively sabotages the safety or reputation of our program. In this case, he/she will be impeached immediately, and applications will open up again. Merit-based applications will go out in waves. First, we will be releasing applications for IT department and data analysis, and once we finish a few safety classes we will release additional positions for group ride leaders, and safety liasons.

Merit based questions will typically have 2 questions, and experience in a particular related field will be evaluated. For instance, a safety officer would have to have at least 50 miles of riding on aroad, and would also have to have knowlegde about road safety.
WednesdayWe are the only organization providing a transit alternative to taking the subway. We also are proud to foster a sense of independence amongst students as CitiBike memberships can be used even when student metrocards do not work. We are trying to promote wellness, awareness of green options, and also convinience for Stuy students. We plan to host events throughout the year to encourage students to try out CitiBike. We have our own website and also are working with an external organization (CitiBike and BikeNYC) to make this possible.This is not exactly a club, I was just told this was the most convinient way of requesting a room. We will occasionally use a room to coordinate class management/group rides. We will likely use rooms more often starting next March. There will also be a few times where we use the room for safety classes, although we would likely ask the SU directly, as safety classes would run past 5:00PM
Connect with TechTo give students of underrepresented backgrounds the opportunity to take a deep-dive into the world of technology through coding workshops, speaker sessions, and tech programs.We are a student organized initiative for students. We are dedicated to equipping K-12 students with engineering and programming skills. Our focuses include AutoCad, circuitry, programming, networking, and resume workshops to prepare future generations for a career in technology. We strive to provide a safe and motivational space for students of all backgrounds and levels of knowledge.

Members of the club will be expected to contribute to the club in ways of taking on a leading role, teaching other members of the club, and overall creating a community of collaboration for projects and work.
Our main program is after-school and meets once a week. We encourage innovative thinking by providing our members with a variety of technology and leaving it up to them to experiment, explore, and create. To ensure well-roundness in all facets of technology, including business and innovation, we offer a bunch of additional opportunities:
Hour-long workshops (coding, professional skills, soft skills, etc.)
Unique tech projects educating non-CWT members
Connect with Tech hosted speaker sessions
Monthly newsletters filled with additional tech opportunities in NYC

Connect with Tech will benefit Stuyvesant as a STEM work-hub. Many students in Stuyvesant take the STEM path without realizing it or being able to utilize resources for it properly. We plan to touch on every STEM category, hoping to pinpoint people’s interests and career paths for our members. Beyond that, we hope to collaborate on the projects that people want to do, creating something of a place where you can go for your unique projects and still get some help. Of course, to get to that point we plan to grow our club as a whole. Already partnered up with Brooklyn Tech, Rye HS, and Edward R. Murrow HS, we are growing exponentially. To add Stuyvesant to that mix would be an amazing resource and connection for all around. Stuyvesant also just generally needs a more involved community with each other, as opposed to outside sources. It'd be a nice thing to be able to post specifically in a group or get advice from others about your endeavors outside of Stuyvesant. And to work on a project with other people that are willing to contribute making it a collaboration, would make these projects go further than they would previously had with the resources of a single person.Leadership positions are to be appointed and impeached following decision made by current club leaders. Appointment and impeachment will be determined by the club people and approved by the current club leaders. A member can either be appointed by stepping up into the role by choice, or being nominated by club leadership positions such as president, co-president, and secretary. Protocol should be as following, if a member is nominated they must be interviewed by both the president and co president together, and if determined to be a correct fit, they will be appointed the position. If nominated by the club people, then a vote will be held with a Q and A session, holding if the person is fit for the position they are nominated for. Impeachment protocols are held in the same fashion. If impeachment is advised by club presidents, it will be put to an interview and it will be determined without bias if they deserve to be impeached. If nominated to be impeached by the people, then a club meeting will be held and a vote will be taken surrounding the impeachment. WednesdaysOur organization is something of a highschool HackerSpace. It provides opportunities for all STEM related activities, and hopefully a future workshop for such activities in Stuyvesant itself. We provide a place for students to pursue their interests or perhaps pursue something entirely new within the STEM category. Our organization is also not just limited to Stuyvesant, it is the collaboration of 3 other high schools, given students an opportunity to meet new people and other minds.
Cultural Preservation ClubOur mission is to create an atmosphere that allows an appreciation of the vast mosaic of cultures in the world.Our organization's purpose is to enable students to be more aware of the richness and diversity of their own culture and explore possible careers in the fields of preservation and conservation. Members are expected to attend the weekly meetings and contribute to the several projects we undertake. For example, our organization hosted a gingerbread contest for Christmas as well as a bake sale of desserts from different regions of the world and two years before, we funded the preservation of two ancient Roman shoes in the U.K. In addition last year, we planned and developed a documentary featuring the writing of Rigoberta Menchu and her struggle to preserve her culture. This year we intend to remake and redesign this documentary using technology that the school has to offer. The documentary was made by bringing one hundred and fifty photos of indigenous people from Guatemala and narrating a passage from Menchu's book "Birth Ceremonies."
Cultural heritage comes in many shapes and forms and many times, students are not aware of how their heritage shapes their identity and worldview. This activity will benefit Stuyvesant because we will contribute and reinforce a way of life based on sharing and that of a common human identity. We will attempt to hinder racism and xenophobia and promote tolerance towards everyone. This will enable students to be more involved with their cultural heritage. We hope to represent everyone's cultures, no matter how common or rare. We believe that our club will help students who feel close to cultures that may be dying out, or those who have a passion for exploring the heritages of others. This will be achieved through exploration of archaeological sites, artwork, artifacts, or explore the different languages and oral traditions, performing arts, and traditional craftsmanship. We will also explore resources that were created in digital form, or that have been digitalized as a way to preserve them, including text, images, videos, and records. We also plan to explore schools that offer degrees in cultural heritage, including international schools. In addition, we plan to explore internships available in this field. We will plan trips, for example, to the Metropolitan Museum where they have an ongoing exhibit, titled "Golden Kingdoms" in order to promote the culture of Latin America.The activity appointment protocol is based on duration in the club, dedication to the club, commitment to the club, and participation in the projects that we undertake. The presidents are Angelina Mustafa and Srinath Mahankali. The vice-president is Sayan Shil. Our secretary is Lamia Haque. These four students have been in the club for two years and have participated in the production of the documentary. In our club there are other positions based on the various projects. Last year when we created our documentary the positions included narrators, filmers, directors, and editor.The impeachment protocols are as follows: If a leader is consistently missing meetings without a valid reason and not showing dedication and effort that is expected of someone of that position. Behavioral misconduct is also a factor. All members have an equal chance of being promoted to a leadership position based on their commitment, passion, and overall input to the club. WednesdayOur organization is unique because there are few clubs promoting such a focused goal towards cultural heritage preservation. We help bring together people of all cultures and make known the need in the world for this kind of appreciation of heritage. Also, we are one of the few clubs with a committed mentor to this cause: Ms.Rocchio. We believe that our goal of helping to make known and preserve dying cultures goes hand in hand with the sustainability goals which are to eradicate all kinds of ills in the world. Here is an article from 2016, by the Spectator, about the work we did that year.
Democratic Socialists of StuyThe DSS seeks to promote the rights of workers and level the playing field among Americans through democratic processes.The DSS uses a variety of tactics, from legislative to direct action to better the lives of working peoples in America. While we promote praxis over theorizing, we find it important to discuss the topics at hand thoroughly, and as such our Wednesday meetings are dedicated to talking about important socialist and left wing theory. There is a roughly 50/50 split between educational and discussion based meetings. Outside of the Wednesday meetings, we engage in action that helps the American working class. We cooperate with unions to strengthen labor solidarity and anti-austerity work. Being students, we fight for free university for all citizens, particularly within New York State. The fact that any Americans are not able to attend university due to restrictive costs is shameful in a country that spends an enormous money on the military and subsidizing the opulence of the elite class. As well as this, Medicare for All is a main priority for the DSS, and we hope to help in a small way to ensure no American go without the healthcare they rightfully deserve. We also attend and organize other protests and strikes to promote the rights of workers.

Members of the DSS are expected to be respectful of other attendees, and bigotry of any form will absolutely not be tolerated. We hope to become but are not currently a chapter of the Young Democratic Socialists of America.
Many students at Stuyvesant are economically disadvantaged, and politically underrepresented as a consequence. The express purpose of the DSS is to promote and further the idea that the working class should control the economy and societally democratically to meet the needs of all people, not just the profits of a few. As students we are preparing to enter adult life, and begin to need to worry about issues such as student debt and health care. In a country as wealthy as America, where the top one tenth of one percent control a massive amount of wealth, it is simply immoral that we are required to worry about how we will pay for basic necessities like education and health care. Recently, the Overton window has been shifting right, not only in America, but at Stuy. Far right, white supremacist, and bigoted views have been allowed to fester under the auspices of the Trump administration, and this has had an incredibly harmful impact on many students attending Stuyvesant and institutions nationwide. The DSS hopes to shift the window back towards compassion, and give those who have been pushed down by the recent right wing wave a voice. This is not to say that we don't want voices from different political views, but that we want to promote a space in which all views are welcome. Leaders (excluding the initial leader's first and only term) will be democratically elected by members (members hereafter referring to card carrying members) at the end of each semester. If nobody wishes to challenge the current leader, that person maintains leadership. Leaders are wholly responsible for the administration of the club, and may appoint any member of the DSS to positions as they see fit. Membership cards will be administered after a member attends 3 meetings. No monetary contribution to the club will ever be required of attendees, and any member wishing to provide monetary contribution should donate directly to the DSA or YDSA. Members who participate in any form of bigotry shall be revoked of membership and expelled from the club. Impeachment votes may be called at any time by any member of the club against a leader or someone they've appointed to a position in the club. Impeachment votes may only be called on grounds of bigotry or incitement of violence, and not based on any club policy decision that leader has made (of course unless said policy is bigoted or incites violence). WednesdayAt Stuyvesant there is currently no political group that promotes a socialist reformation of society, and the solidarity of workers. Socialism, being often falsely maligned in the United States, should have honest representation within Stuyvesant's greater political communities. Although there are other political organizations, such as the patriots club and the Stuyvesant Young Democrats, they broadly agree with the idea that neoliberal capitalism is the best way forward for human civilization. This idea should not go unchallenged, and the DSS hopes to provide this challenge.The DSS does not condone any incitement of violence, even if to bring about socialist reformation.
Developer's ClubThis is your garage room, this is where you will cultivate the next big thing.The goal of Stuy Developer’s club is to provide an environment for developers to learn and create. Stuy Developer’s club is inclusive of developers of all skill levels. Experienced developers can teach others and thus solidify their understanding about certain concepts while new developers are provided a supportive environment to learn in and a teacher they can look to for guidance. Members in the group can collaborate on meaningful software projects in a team environment in accordance to skill level. This allow all members to make meaningful contributions within the club. Software projects within the club can stem from various directions: problems that members in the club face or even project requests from other clubs or groups within Stuyvesant. Projects can be added to the portfolio or resume of contributing members. The club is broken up into several sections based on technical interests (for example: web development section, iOS development section, etc). Members within the club are expected to participate in the learning, teaching and creation processes found in the club. They are expected to be dedicated and passionate about developing software. They should be respectful of all other members within the club and should listen to all members of the club regardless of experience or expertise.Stuy Developer’s club benefits Stuyvesant by providing a medium for people to learn about software development and also create software. We hope to turn members into passionate developers who are comfortable at working in team environments which is crucial in the professional world. Developer’s club allows students to become problem solvers and thinkers all while solving real world problems. Even people not associated with the developers club can reap the benefits the club provides. Organizations within Stuyvesant can request projects to be made such as a certain club’s website or a club mobile app to log hours. This opens the door to the capabilities of other clubs because they have a technical foundation covered by the Developer’s club. The club can also help develop more interest for computer science and coding in general and can strengthen Stuy’s CS community. In addition, Developers club can facilitate the process of new coders getting comfortable in programming and can even indirectly help students struggling in their CS classes. Students also get to have fun while doing something they can later add to their resume or online portfolio. Students can also meet like minded people who are passionate about software development while cultivating their skills.
Leaders are to be present during meetings and provide creative and technical support for all group members. This means, help group members brainstorm during their developmental stages, help create new ideas and/or strategizing various ways to develop their software, help group members program their software. Leaders can/will be impeached per the president's discretion. If the president feels that a group member or leader is not being a helpful and productive member of the club's community or if the leaders are involved in any misbehavior with any of the group members, they will be impeached. Other reasons for impeachment include: stealing projects, sabotaging projects, giving out false information on purpose, verbal/physical abuse of group members, lack of affection / kindness to group members, or anything that violates their rights as a human being / American citizen. Leaders should bring their laptop to meeting and have prepared teaching material for members that wish to learn a different language. A leader must be the last person to close the door, making sure the club room is spotless. The rules on food: water or anything liquid must have a screwed top and be placed on the floor, food must be eaten outside the door / near the trash can. New leaders will be elected through a majority voting system. Members within the club have their vote count as 1 while leaders have their vote counted as 2. For each category, the person with the most votes wins the position. For impeachment, anybody who finds that a leader within the group is not accomplish their role can anonymously quest for an impeachment vote on the leader. Leaders cannot request for an impeachment: only normal members may do so. When a leader has been cast to an impeachment vote, members and leaders vote on if they think the leader should be impeached. Individually, at least 1/2 of the normal members must request for impeachment and 1/2 of the leaders must request for impeachment. If either the normal members or the leaders have over 3/5 requesting impeachment, impeachment will occur regardless if the other group meets the 1/2 requirement mentioned earlier. Members or leaders cannot collaborate to attempt to get a leader impeached. Impeachment must come about because the leader is suspected to not be doing their work. Any members or leaders found to be collaborating to try to get a leader impeached for secondary reasons will be banned indefinitely. Seniors with leadership positions must open their role allowing members to apply to that position where the majority voting system (as mentioned earlier) takes place or may choose to promote a current non-senior leader into that position.TuesdayStuy Developer’s Club is unique because it allows individuals with no experience to start working on meaningful software projects while simultaneously allowing experienced developers to do the same. Stuy Developer’s Club also enables the whole Stuyvesant body to access a very valuable set of passionate developers. When other non-technical clubs may need a custom website or other piece of software, the Developer’s club can provide resources to accomplish that. This makes it so that the Developer’s club is a valuable asset not only to members within the club but the whole Stuyvesant student body in general.
Ethics BowlOur mission is to teach students about the importance of ethics through discussion and debate, in order to create a more ethical community of students.We want to create a space for Stuyvesant students to learn about various theories of ethics and morality. We can do this by offering lectures from college ethics majors, reading literature from ethical thinkers of the past, as well as discussing between ourselves and ultimately competing in ethics bowl debates across the city and state. We can teach the importance and value of ethics to many students who see ethics as just an arbitrary concept ridden with gray areas and blurred lines. There are key differences between morals and ethics. Morals are most commonly defined as societal norms of behavior perceived as “good”. They don’t allow for deliberation, as they are agreed upon by all. Ethics however, allow for more freedom of thinking and are more applicable in situations like business, and individual struggles. Through discourse and deliberation, we can challenge pre-established ideas of moral behavior in our pursuit in creating a better, more ethical community.It is important for the students of Stuyvesant to have a club like that of ethics bowl. In which we are pushed to our philosophical limits to try to rationalize the ethical dilemmas presented to us, at the same time we must also find a way to refute the philosophical rationalization of the other team. This club is also uniquely key for the students of Stuyvesant because of our rigorous academic career. When we spend morning and night covering and reviewing complex scientific and mathematical subjects, it’s difficult to be able to dedicate time to the complex ethic situations surrounding our day-to-day lives. By ensuring that students have a firm grasp on ethics, students have the ability to conduct themselves in such a manner as well. More ethical conduct will help crack down on unethical behavior such as academic dishonesty. A club like this is crucial for us students to alleviate the stresses of our academic career for an alternative that allows us to stimulate our minds in a way that we haven’t experienced. Secondly, this club is a great way to counteract the mind-numbing affect that constant studying and reviewing has on developing teenage minds. We offer a space where students can take their mind off rigorous studying, and instead allow for time to discuss issues in other facets of their lives.In the ethics bowl club, students are expected to learn about ethics, and teach ethics. Students must contribute to the effort of either educating or receiving education. Students who abuse the club’s resources in order to achieve personal goals or goals unrelated to the topic of ethics will be ejected from the club. This also applies to presidents and vice presidents. Both are expected to put genuine work into creating activities and organizing productive, educational sessions. No slacking. Slackers will be impeached. However, this doesn’t mean that we won’t allow students to use their time here to relax and chill out. We understand that Stuyvesant can be a highly stressful environment and refusing to offer any respite would be altogether cruel and would definitely affect our membership greatly. Ultimately, our impeachment protocols are very lax, and rely upon common sense, and allow for varying interpretations depending on the situation and consensus among students. A club leader can only be impeached if a majority of the club members agree, and the faculty leader (Ms. Hua) agrees as well. At the end of each school year there will be a meeting to decide the club leaders of next year by consensus, and if necessary, a vote. And if a leader is impeached, the spot will be open for another member to be elected. Impeachment will only be necessary if the club leader doesn't show up to half of the meetings, or is very obviously not contributing to the club or using the club as a means to their own ends. Impeachment should rarely be necessary, and if it is, it should be obvious to the members and the faculty leader.ThursdaysOur club is unique in that ethics is very rarely talked about in school. There are no classes other than the medical ethics elective that teach it. Even other speech and debate groups rarely talk about ethics, and when they do, its only seen as a backdrop to a broader political or societal issue. There is no platform that teaches ethics in a way that is relevant to our everyday lives, and applicable to the decisions we make every day.
FempowerTo help raise awareness of and fundraise for the technological and educational advancement of women in developing countries.The purpose of this organization is to help inform students about the status of female education in developing nations. Female infanticide and a lack of literacy and technological opportunities for young girls remain a very large issue in many developing nations. Gender bias in traditionally male-occupied professions, and lower literacy levels of young girls in comparison to boys have led to a severe disregard for female education. This club would help fundraise for foundations based in these nations to help girls advance educationally and technologically. By working with the Suhavi Foundation and other female orphanages and support organizations, members would be exposed to the educational disadvantage of girls in countries such as India and China.
In addition to collaborating with other organizations, our club will provide members with different opportunities in order to help young girls living in developing countries to attain the education and technological skills needed to succeed in an increasingly technology-driven world. We will strive to accomplish this exposure through facilitated discussions and web-based resources. Members are expected to be present and active during club meetings. They are expected to participate in discussions relating to the aforementioned topics. They will be expected to help out with at least one fundraiser during the 2019-2020 school year.
Joining the club will help educate students about issues they may have been previously unaware of, or that they may not have put as much thought to.Our club would raise awareness for issues such as female infanticide, a gender barrier in technological fields, and a lower rate of literacy rate for females in many underdeveloped and non-Western countries. This activity will benefit the Stuyvesant community by raising awareness and involving the student body in an attempt to address and find a solution to these problems. By spreading awareness, we can involve the Stuyvesant community and show that we can all make a positive impact on the lives of girls outside the United States. This will help students to leave a positive impact on the world even before they leave the Stuyvesant community, and thus contribute in a meaningful way. Our club can help to enlighten other students about these prevalent issues that girls are facing in developing countries, and our meetings will serve as a space for discussion. Volunteering as a part of our club can also serve to expose Stuyvesant students and the Stuyvesant community to newfound organizations, events, and opportunities that may serve as further inspiration. Furthermore, volunteering as a part of Fempower can help to strengthen one’s ties to the community and provide a sense of fulfillment.

Our club spouses dedication and commitment. Leaders will have to be present at meetings and will lead discussions focused on bringing measure to advance the educational and technological opportunities for young girls in developing nations. Leadership appointment will be based on commitment and passion; the more committed a member is, the more likely they are to become a leader. Leadership will only be revoked with either a complete lack of commitment (i.e. missing meetings for more than a month without a proper reason), or with misallocation of fundraised money. All members are expected to show up at least once a month (unless a valid excuse is given for their absence). Members are expected to participate/volunteer in at least 1 fundraiser over the course of the school year. Members are encouraged, but not obligated, to search for more fundraising opportunities to foster the educational and technological advancement of young girls in developing nations.
MondayOur club is unique because it will be directly involved in fundraisers with the intent to make a difference for girls in developing countries. Although there has been a greater push towards the incorporation of increased female figures in technological fields, there has still been disparity between girls and boys in developing countries. Our club specifically focuses on these girls in developing nations and collaborates with other organizations in order to fundraise. This hands-on collaboration with other organizations and emphasis on awareness and fundraising separates us from other clubs.
Freedom For All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This club works together to spread awareness of the detriments of keeping dolphins in captivity.The organization's purpose is to spread awareness of keeping dolphins in captivity. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent beings on the planet. Such smart creatures could not adjust to life in a concrete tank. They are far-ranging animals who prefer to swim for 100 miles everyday in wide open ocean. They are highly social creatures that travel in family groups. But the captive industry did things that were detrimental to dolphins. They were captured, separated from their families, and placed in tanks that are way smaller than what the ocean could provide them. They are deprived of food so that they could perform tricks for audiences. In tight spaces, the more aggressive animals would attack the more submissive ones. Out in the open sea, dolphins could get away from other dolphins that they don't like as there is plenty of room to escape. This leaves them with painful scars on their bodies. The tanks are heavily chlorinated which makes these creatures sick. Most of the time, dolphins die young in captivity. The "permanent smile" of a dolphin is an optical illusion that tricks human eyes into thinking that the animals are happy. My group wants to point out to others that they should look beyond this illusion and not buy tickets to dolphin shows. We would also discuss plans in order to spread the word and plans to successfully have captive dolphins be relocated to sea sanctuaries.This activity would benefit Stuyvesant in that it would make this school look compassionate as it is supposed to be. Stuyvesant students are depicted as very smart people. But we ask ourselves, if Stuyvesant students are so smart, why do some still go to dolphin shows? Do they know that these animals are suffering? Do they know that these animals belong in the ocean? Do they even know that these animals are as intelligent as they are? If Stuyvesant students are so smart, then they should know by now that dolphins do not belong in concrete tanks. We want this club to teach Stuyvesant students to make more compassionate choices when they want to see these amazing creatures. Stuyvesant students are also good at doing big things. WE want the club members to work together, hang out, and hatch big plans that could help keep dolphins out of captivity. Because we would teach our members to recycle and throw out their trash in a responsible manner, the school has a chance of becoming cleaner. These big things are what would enhance the spirit of the school.

We also feel quite sorry for the Stuyvesant students who lose hope and worry that they would not find a job. When we invite others to join my club, we am hoping that we could give them a purpose in life that they could try to achieve. Working as a caretaker at a dolphin sanctuary is a fun and enriching job in the future. For those students who lose hope, we would kindly ask them to take care of the dolphins for us when they get older.
It is required that everyone behaves in a manner that resembles that of a trustworthy person-polite, responsible, and calm. They should not engage in behavior that hurts other like bullying and horseplay. They are not allowed to do things that hurt the cause of our group. They are encouraged to participate in conversations and discussions regarding keeping dolphins in captivity. They are allowed to share facts about the animals too. We would totally expect disagreements in discussions. Leaders are required to make sure that the conversations go smoothly until the entire group makes a solution together. Leaders could lose their privileges by switching dolphin discussions into discussions that relate to academic dishonesty and also completely off topic in general. Leaders are not allowed to challenge other leaders on over who is the better leader. The best leader is the one who is most cooperative, responsible, and makes sure that things go smoothly.
The leaders must also love everyone and must not develop any form of intense hate against other people. Since they are the representation of what our club is, we must make sure that they are on their best behavior at all times.
If an individual is found to break any of the expected rules in our small community, then the superpowers or anyone with formal leadership must have a talk with the person in question. If this type of behavior were to happen again, then we will have no choice but to prevent them from temporarily participating in the club. If there was a true desire to save dolphins, then that person may be admitted back after they have discussed their interest with a leader. If a person with any position of leadership were to break such rules, since this individual has earned a position through merit and hard work, they will not be banned from the group but instead, they would become a member. In time, by displaying qualities we look for in a leader again after a long period of time, that person will have another opportunity to reclaim the position they once had.
As for the Appointment procedure, since this club have originated from a Facebook group, there were moderators and admins. If one person deems that a certain individual was worthy of becoming a leader, then we, the leaders could vote on whether that person could carry out the expectations as needed. Also, there exists a form with questions that ultimately determine if you can be a leader or not. Since there is a limit on the number of leaders that can exist in this club, we would continue to accept applications but they would be placed in a waiting list of applicants. If a spot were to open due to an impeachment or any other reason, a candidate from the pool of applicants will be chosen.
On FridaysThis group first started out as a Facebook group. Because we were so concerned on how dolphins are treated in captivity, we created this group all by myself and began inviting others to join the cause. This group has a connection with another nonprofit organization named Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project that was founded by Ric O'Barry. Our group knows exactly when dolphins are getting captured through that organization. We are planning to host dinners in the building as a way to motivate others to support our cause. In fact, food is something that dolphin trainers use to motivate dolphins to perform.
German Language and Culture ClubThe German Language and Culture Club gives students the opportunity to practice the language, experience modern and traditional aspects of German culture, and exchange ideas in order to promote the understanding, relevance and enjoyment of German language and culture and encourage intercultural dialogue. The purpose of the German Language and Culture Club is to bring students with an interest in German language and culture together, in order to expand their knowledge beyond the classroom. Students can experience and share both modern and traditional aspects of German culture by means of organized talks with guest speakers from a variety of job sectors, movie screenings, music appreciation and possible live performances, volunteer work, mentoring and playing with young German-speaking children, outings to restaurants, among other fun activities. The club will also address current events and social issues happening in Germany, and club members are encouraged to suggest topics that are of special interest to them. Through activities such as these, I hope to enhance the members’ knowledge of Germany, so that the immersive experience can help them speak the language and have a well rounded sense of the German culture, wherever they go. Being located in New York, the club would take advantage of German-related events at a local scale, and encourage collaboration with other cultural clubs and organizations to further promote intercultural dialogue.

The German Language and Culture Club will add to the diversity of the school community by providing a platform for students to meet and communicate in German and to have the opportunity to be exposed to German related topics and to native German speaking students. It will enrich the Stuyvesant community because dealing with another culture enables people to gain a more profound understanding of their own culture. The Stuyvesant community will further benefit from the network that I am trying to establish with other German speaking students, whether in New York or in Germany. By encouraging consistent communication with other schools, long term relationships between schools and countries can be formed. These relationships could even lead to potential summer opportunities for students, on both ends. German, being an important language in engineering makes a German club especially relevant in an environment like Stuyvesant, where STEM studies are highly valued. By inviting German guest speakers from various fields, it is not only beneficial to the German club members but to the Stuyvesant community in large. Conversing in a foreign language beyond the classroom will not only help students to develop intellectually, but it will also make students better communicators and empower them to feel more comfortable in speaking German.
Leadership positions will be decided only by an agreement between the current President and Vice President. The Vice President is not permitted to override the President, if he/she does not agree. A new President is selected based on the following:
- Is nearly fluent in German, having taken at least 3 years in school or it being their mother tongue.
- Must have a recommendation from their German teacher explaining why they would be a good fit to be President and whether or not they care and are engaged enough in the culture to teach and give valuable knowledge to other students.
- Must be interviewed by both the President and the Vice president to evaluate their abilities to orally speak the language and get a sense of whether German language and culture is a passion of theirs.
These guidelines are there to ensure that the club does not lose its goals nor its impact to empower potential German speakers and lead them on a path where they can use German as a part of their identity.
WednesdayThe German Language and Culture Club is unique because it is the first of its kind at Stuyvesant. It provides members with the ability to use and practice their German in order to retain it for the rest of their lives. I hope to inspire people through the experiences they have and the contacts they form over the course of the club and the opportunities they will have to learn about Germany as a part of the entirety of Europe. As I have a partnership with the head of the Language and Culture Department at UNIS (United Nations International School), I am thrilled to expose the members of the club to a variety of global issues and cultural immersion, as well as organized trips to the UN Headquarters. My contacts to German students in Germany will also add to the uniqueness as I am interested in forming a network with German high schools that hopefully will last for many years.
Having grown up in a bilingual household and visiting my extended family in Germany every year, I am excited to form the German club and share my knowledge of German and its culture with other students at Stuyvesant. I believe that my fellow students can benefit from communicating with a peer, like me, who is proficient in the language. I can’t wait to lead the club, have a lot of conversations in German, help create a network and share fun activities, music, films, traditions, and foods.
Girls Who CodeStuyvesant's Girls Who Code aims to support and increase the number of females pursuing computer science.Stuyvesant’s Girls Who Code chapter is part of the national non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in technology. Through this club, we aim to educate, equip, and inspire girls, as well as guys, with the computing and technical skills they’ll need to pursue computer science as a passion or career. We host after school workshops to teach girls about computer science topics and skills beyond the classroom, such as competitive computing or data analytics, organize field trips to large tech companies like Google or Buzzfeed, as well as provide a supportive environment to encourage girls to continue pursuing STEM fields. We also frequently invite successful women in the tech industry to come to Stuy and speak at our meetings. Although members are not required to come to every workshop or every field trip, we hope that every Girls Who Code meeting gives girls the confidence they need to succeed in a traditionally male-dominated industry.This activity benefits Stuyvesant by creating a supportive environment for females in computer science. Although the statistics at Stuy are slightly better than nationwide, there is still a huge drop in the retention rate for females progressing from Intro2 to AP Computer Science. Research has shown that effective mentorship early on for aspiring female computer scientists can significantly increase their desire and confidence in staying in this typically male-dominated field. The main goal of this club is to provide that mentorship for many females pursuing computer science for the first time. We host workshops, Q and A sessions, and field trips to expose girls to computer science beyond the classroom and hopefully, inspire them to consider computer science as a career. In addition, Girls Who Code is a great way for girls to network with each other and with other successful computer scientists to establish some ground in the industry early on. We also hope that having upperclassmen Student Leaders, many who have succeeded in the Stuyvesant computer science courses, guiding them through the process will encourage them to keep taking computer science courses throughout their Stuy careers. In short, the purpose of Girls Who Code is to benefit the minority of females in computer science and close the gender gap in STEM fields overall.GENERAL REQUIREMENTS
1) The role of the president and/or vice-president is to make sure the club runs smoothly in order to constantly improve and expand the club year after year.
2) Presidents and/or vice-presidents can be impeached if they do not fulfill these duties.
3) All presidents and/or vice-presidents are expected to uphold an image of responsibility, reliability, and trustworthiness. Any form of academic dishonesty or dishonesty in general, a serious offense not only in the classroom but also in terms of peer-to-peer relations, may risk impeachment.
4) All presidents and/or vice-presidents should not associate or relate their position in the club, or the club itself, to any political affiliation or group, whether in school (SU elections) or out of school (city, state, presidential elections, etc).
5) Any changes or additions proposed to this charter must be approved by all two co-presidents, the vice president (if applicable), and Mr. Brown.
FridayGirls Who Code is unique because we are one of few clubs that use learning and academics to address social injustice. The biggest problem for women in STEM is the inability to fit in with other programmers, and we believe that education early on is key for their retention in this field. Although there are quite a lot of computer science clubs, our organization is one of few that uses our responsibilities as a school club to address larger social issues.
Homeless CoalitionWe aim to spread awareness about homelessness in NYC and serve the homeless community.Our club aims to spread awareness about homelessness in NYC through awareness events at Stuy. We set up opportunities for volunteering at Father’s Heart and MASBIA soup kitchen. We plan to host shoe, food, coat, and toy drives throughout the school year to donate to the National Homeless Coalition and shelters such as Ali Forney Center and Barrier Free Living. We are also the umbrella for a program at Barrier Free Living Apartments, No One Gets Left Behind, which will allow student volunteers to tutor the adults/children at a domestic abuse shelter. We also plan on hosting a charity run with the organization, BackOnMyFeet in early October, and a homeless awareness talk with the help of the National Homeless Coalition sometime in the spring. Overall, our club hopes to educate students about the reality of homelessness in NYC, and offer them opportunities to make an impact on the homeless community. The Homeless Coalition will benefit the Stuyvesant Community as it will spread awareness about the reality of homelessness in NYC, how prominent homelessness is in NYC, and why or how different groups of people find themselves homeless. It aims to educate people to erase the misconception that the homeless community is "lazy" or "undeserving". It also aims to teach students the importance of service, unconditional help, and authentic passion by offering volunteering opportunities to be up close and personal with the homeless. People may feel uncomfortable reaching out and walking up to a homeless person because they aren’t sure how to approach them. There’s a stigma around the homeless community and the Homeless Coalition aims to present them in a different light, as mentioned before. The Homeless Coalition also believes that our program at the BFL shelter will teach students patience and tutoring skills by working with tenants as young as 8 years old and as old as 40 years old– trying to get their GED. Through hands-on service, students will have the opportunity to work closely with the homeless, by simply volunteering at a soup kitchen. The drives held by the Homeless Coalition will also benefit the Stuyvesant community as a whole since people will be coming together to collect items and donate them as a Stuyvesant community. This will be extremely impactful, as we are such a big school, for the shelters, as well as for the students of the Stuy community.
The co presidents will appoint the presidents for next year, and the cabinet of presidents and vice presidents will also have a say in the new cabinet. However, the co presidents will have the final say. Presidents will be chosen based on how active they are in the club, and how committed they are to the events we have. For example, people who come to most of the volunteering events and the in-school awareness events will be considered. Students who show initiative by introducing new ideas, events, drive ideas, or partnership with a volunteering organization will also be considered. There will be co presidents who are in charge of administration, recruiting members, and communicating with outside organizations. The vice president will be helping with administration and outlining plans for events. The events manager will be in charge of reaching out to shelters, soup kitchens, the NHC, and other potential organizations about volunteering. The fundraising manager will be in charge of fundraising, and setting up drives for donations to homeless shelters. For impeachment protocols, if three fourths of the members of the clubs feel that someone in the cabinet is not following the values of the club, or is no longer active in the club, we will have a members vote.
WednesdaysWhile Stuyvesant has pre-existing community service clubs such as Red Cross and Key Club, the Homeless Coalition plans to go beyond volunteering. What makes us unique is how we drive to raise awareness on not just the statistics but the personal factors that attribute to homelessness. Additionally, our No One Gets Left Behind program serves to encourage early development of good work ethic and provides educational resources and tutoring to underprivileged children at a shelter, something not offered by any other club.
I-HELP LiberiaThe I-HELP Liberia club aims to improve education for Liberian students through raising money, classroom materials, and school supplies, and creating a standard STEM curriculum for the students.The Stuyvesant Chapter of the I-HELP Liberia club is a branch of the larger I-HELP Liberia organization, which works to raise money by organizing fundraisers and drives to support Liberian STEM education. Some of our main initiatives are: raising awareness for the Liberian community and the cause of the I-HELP Liberia project, arranging several fundraising events to gather resources, and working with Liberian schools and the Ministry of Education to reach out to students and teachers across the country. The club consists of four major sections: Science/STEM Resource Planning, Fundraising and Event Planning, Publicity, and International Relations. The Resource Planning section is responsible for creating lesson plans, lab manuals, and competition questions (for Science Bowl and Math Olympiad competitions) for Liberian schools. The Fundraising and Event Planning section is in charge of organizing fundraisers, gathering the donations, and shipping them. The Publicity section works to raise awareness for the club and for Liberian education, updates the website and social media pages, and reaches out for grants/donors to gain financial support. The International Relations section communicates with the Liberian schools and students to assess what they need, collect feedback, and build long-lasting relationships. Its main purpose is to analyze the club’s current impact and what can still be improved on within the Liberian schools. Members will be expected to fulfill all the requirements for their section, and participate in our drives, luncheons, bake sales, etc. This may require volunteering outside of school or on weekends, although it is not mandatory.Our club provides Stuyvesant students with volunteer opportunities and makes an impact globally as well. Through the fundraisers and events hosted by the club, our club is reaching out to enhance what is a large part of our lives, education, for other fellow students. These students in Liberia experience education much differently from us, with poorly trained teachers and insufficient school supplies and teaching materials. As our club members take the initiative to help out students obtaining education in a third world country, they may come to realize the vast difference between the great education and opportunities, particularly in STEM, that we have access to here, and the very inadequate education and few opportunities offered to Liberian students. Through I-HELP Liberia, Stuyvesant students are able to provide explicit help and support to the Liberian education system, which is one of the education systems that needs this help the most. Although we will not be able to solve this crisis by ourselves, working with Liberian communities and schools will allow us to gain the students’ perspective of education within their poorer country, and allow us to take action to improve on this persisting issue. Along with community service, the I-HELP Liberia club will also provide students with a meaningful and memorable experience of working with other students internationally. The club’s leadership will consist of two co-presidents and two co-vice presidents. There will also be four section directors: a Resource Planning Director, a Fundraising Director, a Publicity Director, and an International Relations Director. The section directors are surveyed and chosen by all four leaders. If all four leaders agree that the director has been neglecting his or her responsibilities even after repeated warnings, they can also be impeached. New presidents and vice presidents will be selected the same way. However, to be impeached, the other three leaders must all agree that the leader in question has not fulfilled his/her responsibilities. Members will be allowed to apply to and be on as many committees as they want, but they will be selected into committees based on their responses to a form. If their director decides that they aren’t meeting requirements, their director may give them a strike. Using this strike system, the club leaders can check to see who is committed to the club. If the member receives three strikes, he or she may be dropped from the committee.Tuesdays and ThursdaysUnique from other community service organizations, I-HELP Liberia focuses on providing help and support internationally for Liberia. Additionally, we focus on aiding the progression of Liberian education through communication with Liberian officials, teachers, and students. One of our unique opportunities for members is a 2-week summer workshop to work directly with Liberians. Students who participate are able to host activities, workshops, and events that help to expose Liberian students to more modern education, and positively impact the lives of many Liberian children, as well as promote the improvement of the Liberian education system.In addition to the club meetings which will be held about once a week, there will also be a lot of online work and activities done within the sections and between club members. Our club advisor is Dr. Greenwald, who doesn't have a StuyActivities username.
Japanese Culture ClubJapanese Culture Club provides a welcoming environment where students can explore, appreciate, and experience multiple aspects of Japanese culture! Japanese Culture Club (or just JCC) allows students to explore various aspects of Japanese culture in a fun and relaxing way. Each of our biweekly meetings will be based on an activity or theme that we will vote for as a club. Activities can range from watching Japanese films (not limited to anime!) together and eating Japanese food to making origami or learning about and celebrating Japanese holidays. If members are interested in the Japanese language, we can study it together as well. JCC is always looking for new things to do and explore as a club so we are always open to suggestions!

Meetings are not mandatory. Anyone is free to join us during any club meeting if they are interested!

We also plan to volunteer as a club for the annual Japan Day event at Central Park in May. We encourage members to participate but it is not mandatory.
Japanese Culture Club allows students to take a break from the rigorous academic side of Stuy by creating a fun environment for exploring Japanese Culture. It is a great way to make new friends who share the same interests. Our club is open to people who are interested in or are just curious about Japan in ways that include but are not limited to anime and manga. There is much more to Japan than the things that typically come to mind and Japanese Culture Club provides a place for those who are interested to explore. We won’t be having lectures and we won't be just researching the Japanese culture. None of us are experts and we’re all here to learn! Club meetings will be more like fun casual meet-ups. We want Japanese Culture Club to become like any other family in the Stuyvesant community. (We sometimes just eat and do homework together too!)

Japanese Culture Club also looks to get our club members involved in the community. We participate in Japan-related volunteer activities as a means of both helping out the community and learning about Japan. Those who are interested in volunteering can join us for these events and earn volunteer hours.
Activities for each meeting with be decided as a club together (by vote). Leaders who are consistently unable to commit to the club or are behaving inappropriately will be impeached.Members of Japanese Culture Club would be expected to respect the general club meeting regulations. Club members should not stay after we dismiss the meeting. We will dismiss promptly at 5:00. They should start re-organizing the classroom before then. They are expected to respect the classroom that we are using, making sure to keep it clean and organized. Any sort of inappropriate behavior during a club meeting is strictly prohibited and the member will be asked to leave. Members are also expected to behave appropriately online as we may often be communicating via social media sources. Members are also expected to respect others. They are not to inappropriately comment on other members opinions. Respect is a very important factor in Japanese culture and we would like to incorporate that into our club. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. Members are also not to hold meetings on their own in rooms that are not reserved by us. Members who want to become leaders will submit an application that will be reviewed by the current leaders, and current leaders will decide who is elected. A leader’s responsibilities include coming up with and planning club activities related to Japanese Culture, and facilitating club meetings. Leaders also look out for volunteer opportunities for Japan-related events. A leader will be impeached if he/she is consistently unable to commit to the club (not coming to meetings, etc.) or is behaving inappropriately during club activities. Current leaders decide if a leader is impeached. In the event of impeachment, the position will once again be open for members to apply for.
TBDJapanese Culture Club is unique because we are a very open club. We want club members themselves to vote on what the topics of our meetings should be and we want to keep members involved. JCC aims to allow members to freely explore their interests in Japanese Culture with others who share their passion. Japanese Culture Club is very low commitment. Meetings are not mandatory and anyone is free to just join us to relax, de-stress, and have fun.
This club is not focused on anime!
Jazz at StuyJazz at Stuy hopes to provide resources and opportunities to produce jazz in Stuyvesant.The purpose of Jazz at Stuy is to encourage the student body to engage deeply into jazz by providing prospective musicians with adequate resources to develop their skills and understandings. Playing with other musicians is one of the most important aspects of jazz, and currently, no club is able to provide an environment in which jazz musicians can collaborate freely within the school.
Musicians of every level who are passionate to delve into jazz are welcomed. There are no requirements or expectations towards the members for this club. Our goal is to simply provide the tools for musicians of various skill levels to enrich themselves and advance a step further musically. Members will be given the opportunities to form their own jazz combos within the club, and will be provided with adequate space, instruments, and lead sheets to fulfill their goal. Jazz at Stuy will be a perfect platform for musicians to plan performances within or outside of school as well.
Stuyvesant provides plenty of opportunities for musicians during and after school. However, jazz musicians are often neglected from such extracurriculars. While classical musicians interested in theater have STC and SING!, jazz musicians have no organization to group up and enrich their skills. Providing prospective musicians with a stage to advance in jazz would greatly diversify the genres of music produced in Stuyvesant. As the combo leader of Jazz Band in Stuy, I was given privileges during certain times of the year to gather my own group and prepare for important events (such as Spring Feast and College Night) after school. The hours spent after school with other musicians left an immense impact in my music life, and I would like to take the chance to expand my privileges to every jazz musicians in the school.
Jazz is a complicated genre that takes substantial resources and effort to set foot in. Some non-jazz musicians in Stuyvesant give up their interest and passion for jazz mainly due to the difficulty of starting jazz. Although we do have a jazz band class, the limited time during the first period of each school day is not enough for a musician to truly develop and advance.
The leadership positions are to be determined by the previous president of the club. The president is expected to head the group sessions as a combo leader, schedule sessions, and plan performances. The president is to be chosen by the previous president before he/she graduates, unless any group members choose to object to the decision. If a member objects, the remaining members will discuss on the topic and vote whether the said member would better fit the position than the member appointed by the president.
Impeachment protocols will be based on two aspects: attendance and musical capability. If the leader fails to attend a significant number of sessions, members can choose to vote to impeach and remove the president from the executive position of the club. If the leader fails to meet the required musical expectations, the members can choose to vote to remove the person from the position of combo leader but NOT from the executive position of the club.
TBDJazz at Stuy is unique, because it is the only club in Stuyvesant devoted to supporting jazz musicians. Our goal is to spread the resources available to Jazz Band members to every musician in Stuyvesant interested in jazz. In addition, our club will also introduce musicians with no prior experience to jazz, provide opportunities for musicians to hold weekly sessions in the band room together, and have a public performance within or outside of school.
Junior State Of AmericaThe mission of the Junior State of America is to strengthen American democracy by educating and preparing high school students for lifelong involvement and responsible leadership in a democratic society.The main purpose of JSA is to empower students to fight for what they believe in. JSA is a place where students build leadership skills, learn civil debate, and strengthen their engagement through volunteering and activism. JSA allows for an exchange of ideas through stimulating student debates, thought talks, problem-solving and a variety of simulations. By participating in these activities, each member gains a more intelligent and informed viewpoint. JSA also provides a wonderful chance to meet and make friends with scores of other bright, involved students who have similar interests. One of our key activism initiatives is Fight Apathy. Fight Apathy is a campaign in high schools that encourages discourse and conversation about what people truly believe in. In this world, it is very important to stay informed and have a stance that you can back up with evidence and explanations. JSA is an environment where students can be engaged in topics they truly care about, outside of the classroom.JSA benefits Stuyvesant by creating a space for free thinking and intellectual conversation. In the classroom, students are pushed to memorize information and regurgitate it when the test comes. JSA, while still academically oriented, promotes the exact opposite idea. JSA encourages students to talk about what they care about and learn how to present their ideas in an organized way. At bi-weekly JSA meetings, students engage in mock debates over a range of topics, like "Is water wet?" to "Is affirmative action outdated?". Members of the club will be able to use their intellectual ability to argue different positions, and also make new friends. During the 3 overnight weekend conferences, students become delegates of their school to argue in similar debates or propose a new bill to the Constitution with students from all around the country. Conventions also include activism initiatives and student government elections. These trips are all across the North East and give students the opportunity to explore cities they have never been to before. JSA follows the structure of the real government with the Stuyvesant Chapter being the executive branch. There is a President, Vice President(s), and a cabinet. It is very easy to get involved in JSA doing interesting things. The Junior States of America is a low commitment, extremely helpful organization which will introduce you to the world of Politics.JSA’s leadership positions are comprised of President(s), Vice President(s), and various cabinet positions. At the end of the year, all members who have attended at least two one day conferences or one overnight conference can vote for next years positions. There can be co-presidents or co-vice presidents depending on who runs and the outcome of the vote. Once these positions are selected, the president(s) and vice president(s) release cabinet applications. Every member has a chance to apply for every position and decisions are made by the beginning of the following year. If at any time, two thirds of the clubs active members, at least one VP, and our TA Ms. Shuman vote to impeach the president, the vice president's) becomes president and the chief of staff becomes vice president. The same procedure goes for vice presidents except it needs presidential approval. Any cabinet member can be fired if the president and vice presidents, along with Ms. Shuman agree.WednesdayJSA is often compared to speech and debate. Unlike speech and debate, JSA debates are not designed to be prepared for excessively and involve a lot of on the spot thinking. This unique characteristic is super valuable because it forces people to improvise on the spot. Improvisation, especially in front of large crowds, is very hard. Many people before starting JSA are super afraid of speaking in front of large amounts of people. By having the experience at JSA of talking and debating to a room full of strangers, you can become a more well-rounded person and be better prepared for your future beyond high school. JSA has the power to help all of its participants in that way and truly prepare them for future success.
K-PopOur goal is to help K-Pop fanatics get familiarized with dancing and promote an interest in K-Pop within Stuyvesant.Stuyvesant K-Pop's purpose is to create a community within the school that consists of members of different backgrounds who have a passion for Korean pop music and Korean music in general. The main focus of this club will be on teaching and learning choreography from the newest girl groups to the most popular boy groups such as BTS and BlackPink. Members are expected to be respectful to each other as well as be active within the club's Facebook page. Generally, members will meet up approximately once every week to learn choreography from one of the leaders in the beginning of the year. Later on, members can apply to teach choreography through a Google Form and video submission (details will be in the Facebook page). No dancing experience is necessary! In addition to these workshops, we will have more relaxed meetings once in a while where we get together and just relax while listening to music.
Stuyvesant K-Pop will benefit Stuyvesant because it creates a community for all that are interested in K-Pop. As the Korean music industry gets more and more popularity across the world, more and more people, especially teenagers, also begin to develop an interest. Furthermore, we welcome people of all backgrounds to join Stuyvesant K-Pop. As a result of this, we are creating a diverse community that is bonded by a single factor: music. Our Facebook page allows members to post any information/questions regarding K-Pop, keeping the community updated with the latest music (and sometimes drama, food, and other aspects of Korean culture). We are also mainly centered around the choreography of these songs. In hosting workshops, we plan to introduce more students to dancing and help them prepare for showcases such as StuySquad and SOS. In addition, by giving members the opportunity to teach choreographies and direct a crew, we are providing them with experience for directorship before applying for showcases. Of course, dancing also promotes exercising! It's a good way to get your daily workout in while having fun! In a school that is constantly stressing the importance of academics, it is important for us to relieve our worries and relax.
All positions are assigned by the president of the club of that year. At the end of each year, the president will send out a Google Form, inviting members who have been active in Stuyvesant K-Pop to apply for a position. Positions are announced before the end of the school year. Vice president (usually a junior) takes the president position if the president is to resign, graduate, or get impeached. All leaders are the club are expected to fulfill their roles (ie. teach and run club meetings). Failure to do so will lead to impeachment.
However, members can show up to as many or as little meetings as desired. Members are expected to stay respectful within the Facebook group and be somewhat active in our discussions! Members can also sign up to teach a choreography if they want to, but they must send in a video of them performing the choreography to a leader before being approved.
TuesdaysOur club is unique because we are the only organization in Stuy that focuses on Korean pop music. In addition to simply listening, we are encouraging students to sing and dance to these songs as well. We are one of the few clubs that host regular workshops that promote dancing within the school in preparation for shows such as StuySquad and SOS. Furthermore, we are open to people of all backgrounds, creating a diverse club full of many different students of different interests.
Korean Heritage ClubWe want to help people learn about the south korean culture in an interactive and entertaining way.This organization’s purpose is to increase awareness for Korea and to learn about a culture and language without the stresses of grades and for our own enjoyment. The club will have a variety of activities from learning basic language skills to tasting korean foods and snacks, having outings, watching films, and more. The organization is for both non-Koreans and Koreans to learn about the country and its rich culture and help those who struggle with their identity as both an American and Korean and give them the determination to proudly identify themselves as Koreans. General members are expected to be in attendance for the meetings and actively be a part of the club. If any member cannot attend a meeting, s/he must contact either one of the presidents to notify them of their absence as well as their valid excuse. Members are also expected to help raise money for the club to provide for some of the activities the club will have. The activity will benefit Stuyvesant as it will help raise awareness for Korea’s culture and language. It will help others gain insight and understanding of the fundamentals of Korea and Korean people. The club will also help those second generation Koreans as well, as they will learn about and learn to appreciate their heritage. In general, this club will spread knowledge and allow students to immerse themselves into a culture not of their own and help them broaden their perspectives. The club can also be a way for students to enjoy themselves in learning. This would be different from the language classes taken as a course, however, as students can learn to enjoy the korean language and culture without the pressure of grades and tests. The club will also have group activities and outings that will bring the members closer together. By doing so, this activity will help members see how different people view Korea and its culture as well as understand the perspectives everyone has. This will, again, increase acceptance of others and create a more understanding atmosphere. Finally, the Korean Heritage Club will allow students to grasp a better understanding of current times and become knowledgeable about, the often overlooked, Korea.Club meeting will take place on either wednesdays or mondays each week after tenth period, unless specified. Each meeting will last from 3:40 to 5:00pm unless there are special circumstances. In order to qualify for leadership positions, said applicants must be in the club for at least a year and must not have more than three unexcused absences. In addition, members should be active participants throughout the meetings, having a full understanding of the purposes and goals of the club as a whole. If the members do not believe that a leader is competent and believe that he or she is neglecting his or her duties, they should file a complaint with signatures of those who support the arguments listed. If the said leader fails to change their ways, the members may consult the other leaders and take a vote to impeach the said leader. For irresponsible or troublemaking members, leaders will give three warnings and then proceed to ban said members from the club if they prove to be destructive.mondays or wednesdaysOur organization is unique because it provides students to learn about a culture and language without the stresses of grades and for their own enjoyment. We will also have a variety of activities such as tasting korean foods and snacks, having outings, learning basic history, watching Korean films, listening to popular Korean music, and trying out fashion trends from Korea. The club also allows for those who have a common interest in Korea and its culture to connect and interact in a positive community. Our organization also allows a language that is currently not taught in school to be examined and learned about.We want to make this club because we want to increase awareness for Korea. Many people, when they think of Asia, think of China or Japan and don’t really know about Korea. In current day, North Korea has made Korea infamous and many do not understand or acknowledge the rich culture and history behind South Korea. We want to get rid of the superstitions, prejudices, and misconceptions of Korea as well as teach others about Korea so they can appreciate the country. Finally, we also want to help those second-generation Koreans who struggle with their identity as both an American and Korean and give them the determination to proudly identify themselves as Koreans.
Lacrosse ClubTo introduce lacrosse to those interested and to train those with experience and provide training for current players on the Peglegs team.Stuy Lacrosse Club is meant to provide students with the opportunity to play the underappreciated sport of lacrosse. Whether you have absolutely no experience and have never even seen a lacrosse stick, or you have played for years, the club will welcome you with open arms. We will go over the basics of lacrosse, such as rules and positions, and have kids practice the fundamentals: passing, catching, and cradling. Soon, we will progress to more complex parts of the game like formations and plays and actually run those plays so the students can get a feel of what it is like to be in a real game. Hopefully, by the end of the club, those who showed dedication and commitment will find themselves trying out for the Peglegs Lacrosse team and secure themselves a spot. Many seniors on the team graduated last year and there are spots open. We want enthusiastic and skilled players to fill in those spots so we can create a new generation of Stuyvesant Lacrosse players that have a strong base, so once we graduate, we know the team will be left in good hands.This activity will benefit Stuyvesant by providing students a means of accessing such a underappreciated sport when they otherwise would be unable to. It also would greatly improve the quality of our PSAL team and lead to more victories. The season starts in the spring, so having students train and practice this early on would give our team an edge, especially with the new recruits. Lacrosse is not a sport easily mastered without guidance, as the equipment isn't readily available and not many opportunities exist outside of school for this sport. Thus, there is no other way to get new, unexperienced players on the team and make sure they are able to play. Additionally, this will provide an opportunity for current members of the team to practice and sharpen up their skills prior to the season starting, and gives a chance for them to bond with new potential teammates. All of these reasons will not only improve the lacrosse team at Stuy, but also make the school a better place. Having kids involved in sports and trying different things is an amazing thing, and giving the students the opportunity to really try something new and interesting will make for a far happier student body.The leaders of the Lacrosse Club will be the current captains/junior captains of the team. Captains for the lacrosse team are chosen by the coach at the end of each season, as well as the junior captain. The current captains were chosen by Mr. Wu, but he will not be coaching this year. Therefore whoever the coach is for the 2018-2019 season will determine who the next captains are, thus making them presidents of the club. The coach will continue to choose the captains for the following years, and they will continue to serve as presidents of the club. If anything were to happen for them to be removed as captain, such as disciplinary action or removal from the team, then they would also be removed as a leader of the club. Members are expected to treat each other with respect and help each other improve their lacrosse skills and work as if they were on a team because that's really what the club represents. It's an opportunity for people to have a glimpse of what it means on the team, and they should act as if they are on it if they want to truly be a part of it. Members who are already on the lacrosse team will be expected to be more committed as they will need the practice to play well during the season, and the newcomers will be encouraged to come as often as they can. If they cannot make it or lose interest, that is fine, but our goal is to make the environment as welcoming as possible so that doesn't happen.Thursdays and FridaysLacrosse isn't a very well-known sport, and as a result the opportunities available for it are slim and rare. Outside of school, it's difficult to find a league for some kids to play in, and even then, those cost money and time - something students might not have much of. Thus, this club will allow them to experience this amazing sport without having to sacrifice a lot. No other club exists in Stuy for the purpose of lacrosse, and this will be a great opportunity to increase outreach and awareness of our lacrosse team.
League ClubTo enrich the stuyvesant league of legends communityOur purpose is to gather like-minded individuals who share the same passion. We will converse about the game League of Legends and discuss different nuances of the game (i.e. strategies, advice, etc.). It will be a place where players can improve their gameplay and unwind from its taxing atmosphere. Club members will be able to seriously improve their gameplay or just hang out to hide from the harsh reality of life. Members will be expected to join the discord, sometimes contribute ideas for club activities, attend weekly meetings, and dress appropriately (i.e. no clothes from P.E.). We also wish to introduce more people to the game, and even further, to participate in tournaments against other school and beat them. These recreational activities will help to destress Stuyvesant students and improve their happiness overall. With the free food we will be giving out every meeting, students who do not eat at school will be able to eat there and club activities will be molded around to be as convenient as possible for our members.This club will benefit Stuyvesant because it will allow students who usually stay alone and clammed up to step outside of their shell and interact with fellow students. Those who are usually reserved can talk to other people who share their own hobby: being an introvert. It will help to bring meaning and happiness into the lives of shy people and will introduce people to new friends. Not only that, but Stuyvesant may compete against other high schools in League of Legends. This will bring prestige to Stuyvesant and further instate the superiority of Stuyvesant over other schools. Not only that, improving your skill at games will bring more skill into your daily life, as your critical thinking from playing the game at a high level will bleed into your daily lives and thus work. Also becoming more skilled at the game will allow you to win more games. Winning more games will make you have more fun and make you more happy. On average people happier in life do better in life than those unhappy. Also, a club for this game might inspire other students to create other gaming related clubs. These other clubs could bring further prestige to the school.Appointing activities will happen as follows: Once a month, members will be allowed to submit their ideas on Discord and we will decide which activity to do based on popularity or random order. Yes, Discord will be mandatory for club members. Impeachment protocols will be as follows: If a club leader has missed three club meetings consecutively, they may be impeached and another member may take that leader position and its accompanying responsibilities. As mentioned before, members may not attend meetings in Physical Education uniform attire. Members may bring their own food if desired but must share with the rest of the club, otherwise the food will be confiscated and given to a random member of school faculty as a gift. Members are expected to conduct themselves in manner typical of Stuyvesant student. This may include being socially awkward, barely staying awake, or walking into the right room number on the wrong floor number. Students are not expected to bring their own devices to school but may if desired.FridayThis organization is unique because it is a one of a kind gaming club at a school which is focused on academics. Most other schools have esports clubs but in this club we will focus on one game. The tournaments and fundraising we will be doing in the game will also be be unique compared to the other clubs at our school. Also this club allows for beginners, and veterans alike to join and still compete in contests.
Machine Learning ClubThe Machine Learning Club aims to introduce Stuyvesant students to machine learning and teach them how to write apps/programs using this programming method.The purpose of the machine learning club is to help students learn how to use machine learning, and build their very own machine learning models. There are many different types of machine learning, like neural networks and reinforcement learning. Through this club, students will be able to write their own code for such machine learning programs. There are many resources online to help students learn how to use machine learning, and this club will bring these resources to the club members. Various guest speakers will occasionally come in to present the tools available for machine learning, and how to use them. The club will enable students to do their own machine learning projects, so that students can apply their learning, and actually test out their models in real scenarios or real applications. The club will aim to foster new ideas, and give students the ability to experiment with current technology. Additionally, the club will prepare students for various online competitions, some with real prizes, such as on kaggle.com, and for research competitions such as Regeneron. The club will also provide an organizational structure that can be used to match up Computer Science and Machine Learning mentors at local technology companies (such as Google) with student teams, for the purpose of mentoring students’ machine learning projects. Finally, the club will be a community where students interested in machine learning can come together to discuss and brainstorm ideas and learn from each other.The Stuyvesant community is heavily invested in computer science, having five computer science classes and tons of clubs that use it like Stuy Robotics, Stuy Hacks, Stuy Launch etc. However, to many people machine learning is a scary buzz-word and an inaccessible topic. We want to teach, both ourselves and others, how to work with machine learning so that students can use it in their respective projects. We will also try to create a community around various online competitions and our own projects that either require or have the option of using machine learning. Students will learn how to collaborate on large complex programming projects. Machine learning is the current “big thing” in computer science used by countless companies including Google, Uber, Amazon, etc. and even an elementary introduction at the high school level could give Stuyvesant students a leg up on getting into good colleges and getting jobs at top technology companies. It is hoped that enough students will be sufficiently intrigued by machine learning that they will consider learning and finding their own ways to actually implement machine learning models at Stuy’s other clubs, strengthening our academic clubs’ affiliation with computer science even more. The club will create a structure for matching Stuyvesant students with mentors working at top technology companies, thus greatly helping out students with their research projects.The founding presidents and vice-president of the club are self-appointed at the time of the club’s initial registration. Following the registration, students who join the club and actively participate in, and contribute to, club activities, become eligible for voting to appoint and impeach the president and vice-president. A club member has to attend every club session during a semester, with no unexcused absences, in order to maintain eligibility for voting. If a president leaves the club, a vice-president will be voted on by all club members to become the next president, if there is no other president. The vice-president who receives the most votes becomes the next president. The vice-president will then be able to choose a new vice-president to replace him/her. In the event there is no vice-president, the outgoing president will choose the next president, unless he is being impeached, in which case the club members vote on the next president. If the club has multiple presidents and vice-presidents, then a president can be impeached if all vice-presidents and all other presidents (if more than one exist) agree to the impeachment. In the condition there is no other president, then the president can be impeached if more than two thirds of the eligible club members vote in favor of the impeachment.TuesdayCurrently, although there are several CS clubs, there is no club at Stuyvesant that focuses specifically on machine learning. However, there is great interest in machine learning among Stuyvesant students, and this club will fulfill the demand. As opposed to other programming clubs, the Machine Learning Club has a more specialized purpose aimed at teaching just this one aspect of computer science. The club also has unique opportunities for interacting with people who actually work in the field, through visits to Google office.
Math and Reading Help ClubWe aim to help children who struggle with math and reading.This club is a community service/volunteering club dedicated to helping out kids who struggle in math and/or reading. We hold weekly tutoring sessions in public libraries all across the city and kids of all ages who require help with math or reading can freely come without any appointment or sign up. We try our best to help them understand and master the concepts they struggle with through direct one-on-one tutoring. We aim to give kids who otherwise might not be able to afford private tutoring the academic help they need. Members should be very patient and willing to sit down and give their attention to those in need. The amount of commitment required is relatively low. Sessions take place only once a week and for only a few hours (usually 2-3 depending on branch) and as a result members are expected to attend help sessions whenever they conveniently can. Members do not need to be good at math or reading, just willing to teach and help others.This club is a great resource for Stuyvesant students. The club provides Stuyvesant students an option for participating in a great community service activity to help others, and also as a result--better themselves. This activity provides Stuyvesant students with a great opportunity to help out their communities using their academic abilities (how good students are at specific subjects is unimportant as club members are essentially always teaching younger kids who are learning the same things Stuyvesant students previously learned before their time at Stuyvesant). Members who participate personally help out kids who struggle academically and are experiencing the same difficulties Stuyvesant students have experienced before or even currently experiencing. Additionally, the community service activity this club does is not difficult or physically strenuous (while still being very meaningful) and this opportunity is available for all Stuyvesant students regardless of their individual academic abilities, strengths, or weaknesses. The club provides students with a great experience working with children as well as a great teaching experience. Doing such and similar volunteering also obviously helps promote and carry on Stuyvesant’s excellent reputation. The activity also might help spread Stuyvesant’s name and potentially encourage prospective future Stuyvesant students to look towards enrolling in Stuyvesant in the future.
In the extremely unlikely event that impeachment of a leader is a serious issue, a vote among members will decide whether or not he/she is impeached. If a majority (more than half) of all members, regardless of position, vote yes, the leader will be impeached and replaced if necessary. New leaders will only be appointed if either new leadership positions open up or if existing leaders step down for whatever reason (impeachment, resignment, etc.). New leaders will be appointed purely based on merit by previous or existing leaders of the same position, or if no leader can (specifically if a leader is impeached), appointing will be done by other leaders or by the club as a whole. There aren’t many protocols which all members must follow. Members are just expected to voluntarily attend their local library sessions whenever conveniently possible. Members must also follow all library rules and comply with library staff, and not do anything unlawful or otherwise prohibited by Stuyvesant.
Saturday/SundayThis club provides a unique community service and teaching experience for those interested. This activity is unique from many other activities in that it is available to all Stuyvesant students regardless of their academic ability, strengths, or weaknesses. All that is required of prospective members is that they must have a good attitude and believe in what they do. The club’s activity is also unique in that it gives students and members an opportunity to work outside of Stuyvesant itself.
Med OutReachMed OutReach aims to raise awareness about various diseases and cancers, as well as fundraising in order to find cures and support the cause.Med OutReach would like to educate the Stuyvesant community about different diseases and types of cancers that people live with, while contributing in the global effort to find a cure. We would spend club meetings teaching members about various diseases, prevention methods, diagnosis, treatment options, and how to support those affected. These meetings can range from having club leaders teaching to having oncologists and members of various affiliations coming to Stuyvesant High School to speak. Our goal is for our members to become more open-minded and sympathetic towards others living with conditions that many tend not to know much about. We would then work to fundraise to support various research organizations trying to find cures or to improve treatments. Events could include learning days, trips to labs and hospitals, fundraising in school, and going to different walks held around the city. We want our members to be a part of a supportive environment, gain new knowledge, and to contribute back to the community and world we live in.
Members are expected to attend meetings and go on trips and visits.
Med OutReach will work to improve the general knowledge of Stuyvesant students about different diseases and cancers. The Stuyvesant community currently has no club that works solely on educating and raising awareness on such a large factor of health in the world. Med OutReach will allow students of all grades and different interests to become involved in a common goal, to learn more about the largest leading cause of deaths in the world that doesn’t have a cure, and to promote awareness. By participating in walks students will not only create and strengthen bonds with each other but will also become more involved in the outside community. For those students who have lost family members to various diseases this may be a good way to cope with the loss and contribute to fundraising for research so that others with the disease have a better chance at survival. Our goal is to promote a supportive, welcoming environment for the Stuyvesant community. Students will not only become more educated but shyer students will gain more confidence from volunteering at different events. Med OutReach will encourage our members to be active in real life situations. Med OutReach is also a way for Stuyvesant students to network with doctors and researchers in fields they are interested in. Meeting new people and making new connections is an important aspect of our club that make it a great benefit to the Stuyvesant community.
The president of Med OutReach will need to show leadership and networking skills. They will need to be comfortable reaching out to doctors, hospitals, and various associations. The vice president would need to be able to lead our weekly meetings in case the president is absent as well as working with the president to come up with different events and lessons. When electing a new president interviews would be held and candidates will be chosen based on the commitment they have shown throughout the course of the year, how often they showed up to events and meetings, as well as whether or not they took up smaller roles in leadership. The newly elected president will be given a vote in the interview of a new vice presidential candidate, alongside the current president and vice president votes. If the president or vice president is not performing their duties as they should, during the school year, the club members are able to vote to impeach them and re-elect a new leader based on a popular vote.
Dependent on the availability of leadership and membersStuyvesant High School, there isn't a club solely dedicated to the awareness and fundraising for cancer, and that is what we're here for. Our goal is to not only educate our members and the Stuyvesant community on how these diseases and cancers work, but how we can help and how they affect everyone around us. We want to be able to open a door to open conversations about cancer and the aftermath/effects it can have on someone, along with their loved ones. We want an open space to enrich our member's minds and reach far beyond what we learn in a single science class.
ModernModern brings contemporary and ballet to dancers of all levels and introduces different styles of dance to students by seeing performances.Modern's purpose is to provide a year round dance community at Stuyvesant where we concentrate on ballet technique and contemporary dance styles. We will hold classes and help dancers with finding dance classes and summer intensives that work along with their schedules when needed. We will help dancers with choreography and have a showcase during the end of terms. Modern will be a safe place for all levels of dancers to learn about ballet and various contemporary dances. We might also go to a few performances throughout the city and watch documentaries. Modern will be open all year round and dancers could help inform others about various sports teams in Stuyvesant such as cheer leading, stunt and gymnastics which we could help interested students prepare for.
Modern will also help prepare students interested in performing in SING, SOS or in the Stuyvesant Theatre Community. Modern will be a place to ask questions and a creative expression for many students. We will also hold various conditioning, Pilates and stretching classes.
Modern will benefit Stuyvesant because many dancers we have met loved meeting up and practicing for performance such as SING and Stuyvesant Outlet Showcase but do not have a place to practice or create when not in preparation for such performances, Modern will be a year long club where dancers can practice and learn from others. Often in SING and Showcasetuyvesant Outlet S different grades are split up or by friend groups, modern will be a meeting place for the dance community. We will also help Stuyvesant students release stress and have fun by learning dances and learning more about different careers in dance available. If students are interested, there are many summer intensives or open classes throughout New York City which we could attend as a group. Modern will serve as a place to practice one’s technique and strengthen their overall fitness. In addition, there are many different dances styles are out there and we would like to build a club where we can learn from each other. We could even hold performances and fundraisers for Stuyvesant. There are also different methods of taking notes of dances such as drawing techniques, voice recordings and music notations which we could discuss.There are leadership positions such as teaching the class or presenting information which can help the dance community. If people are interested there are also various volunteering for dance teacher assistants. Protocols to such leadership positions include an interview about their availability and taking an assessment group dance class.Impeachment protcols include an in person session with the person of misconduct and a suspension. Club members will be expected to come to class at least once a month and help make Modern a safe and fun place for dancers to learn. We will have auditions for SING modern which members can audition for based on their grade level and their ability. We will have a calendar of optional classes outside of this club which members can look into. In addition, members can lead the class or present dance related discussion after they submitted their content to the leaders of Modern Dance Club. If certain members are looking to choreograph with students, they would have to come up with choreography first, then hold a class which a leader would help teach.
Presidents are chosen based on their experience in dance, teaching abilities and availability. There will be chances for students to ask leaders to try to teach or choreograph dances to the class. Based on their attendance, commitment to the club and behavior during the previous year and application to apply for a leadership position, a candidate will be chosen. Vice presidents will be chosen in a similar process. If a leader is impeached, their position will be open to other members of the club to apply based on their capabilities to plan meetings, teach ballet and modern, availability, and passion for dance.
Tuesdays or ThursdaysThere is currently no dance club for ballet or contemporary for stuyvesant students year round.Modern will be a year long club where dancers can practice and learn from others. Modern will be unique in that we will not be only learning about different styles of dance but also go to performances, take open classes and have stretching or conditioning classes. Modern will be open to all levels of dancers and students will have a space to share their choreography and work along fellow dancers.
Modern Film ClubTo provide an environment for people to watch and discuss their favorite modern film productions and de-stress after a long day at school.The purpose of this club is to provide an extracurricular activity for students who enjoy products from the audio visual industry. This includes television series, movies, live broadcasts, and theaters. We are a low commitment club that has at least one meeting per month, which are not mandatory. We will watch movies or television series together and discuss it afterward.

In addition to in-school activities, we will hold votes on future movies or television series to watch. We may also have club trips to theaters and cinemas, which are entirely optional. We also encourage members to expose themselves to modern film productions on their own and recommend productions to the club. If members are unable to come to the meetings, we are active online to hold discussions and polls for future club activities.

However, we are not limited to these activities and would greatly appreciate input/ideas for future activities from club members.
Every student in Stuyvesant knows about how much homework and tests there are. Hours upon hours of homework each night and tests every two weeks. Stress seems to follow you everywhere. We found out that one of the best things that helped us throughout our years was to escape the rigorous environment by doing something we enjoyed and something relatively stressfree. We found out that a good way to escape the stressful environment was to watch movies, television shows, read books, and to interact or make new friends. These things can also inspire us, invoking emotions that cant be replicated elsewhere. When you watch a movie or show, you're not thinking about that test you failed or the essay you have to write.

In addition to after school meetings, we also have interact online through social media or email. We will create polls about what to do at our future meetings and ways to improve our club.

This club provides a fun escape from school and can help destress you for the day. Thus, through our club, we hope to give students a place to escape to, an environment for students to feel inspired, and an outlet for their creativity.
We plan to accept leadership positions through a form whenever a position is open. This will be followed by a short interview after school. The leaders have to be dedicated members of the club (missing only a few meetings) and contribute to the club's activities, whether that means socializing, participating in polls, or just showing up. We would impeach the leaders if they are not actively showing up at meetings without a valid excuse. We would also impeach the leaders if they do anything inappropriate at the club or online while associated with the club. Leaders are also expected to be respectful to other leaders, members, and the general community at Stuyvesant High School.

There are protocols that members are expected to follow. Members need to be respectful towards others and listen to the leaders if the meeting becomes disruptive. Members are also expected to behave appropriately while at the club and on online platforms.
FridaysThe Modern Film Club is unique because of its openness and friendly environment. We want members to vote for future meeting plans and to leave feedback. We also want to expose our members to various parts of the audio visual industry and provide a friendly environment for them to enjoy and learn about the modern industry. We are also very low commitment and none of our meetings are mandatory! We also allow people to join at any time of the year to experience our club and escape the stressful environment of Stuyvesant.
Mr. Peng's After School Office HoursThis club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
Potentially every dayThis club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
This club is for students in Mr. Peng's classes who wish to attend office hours after school.
Mu Alpha Theta StuyTo provide recognition and opportunity based on mathematical skill.The purpose of this organization is to officially establish a chapter of Mu Alpha Theta in Stuyvesant, which is the National High School and Two-Year College Mathematics Honor Society. This will recognize students who excel at mathematics in Stuyvesant, and allow for students to participate in mathematics related events and competitions. Many students in Stuyvesant who enjoy math do not get the chance to participate in math team, so we are providing an opportunity for a dedicated group of members to gather in meetings to discuss mathematical related events, and to compete in regional or national math contests. Outstanding achievements by students will be rewarded with awards, scholarships, and grants to students or their faculty advisor. Not only will the students be able to interact with others who enjoy math in the school, but students will be connected across the country in a national convention organized by the main chapter of Mu Alpha Theta. Mu Alpha Theta will work to provide avid math students with opportunities that they would not have without this club. Currently in Stuyvesant, there is no other club like Mu Alpha Theta, which can help such a broad spectrum of eager students. Some of Mu Alpha Theta meetings will be outside of school, such as in museums, which will expose members to new fields and perspectives of math. Members can also meet members from other charters and share ideas. This is one of the biggest benefits of Mu Alpha Theta. Mu Alpha Theta is a large club with chapters throughout the nation. This will allow Stuyvesant students to connect with students with the same passion from across the United States. This club ensures that all members are dedicated and will continue to further their mathematical knowledge. This includes math competitions to keep members on top of their game and get even better. Meetings are beneficial, because not only will a board member teach other members, but members can teach each other which brings everyone in the club up. Members of Mu Alpha Theta are also eligible for special awards, scholarships, and grants provided by the organization. Thus, Mu Alpha Theta will promote the enjoyment of mathematics.If a member decides that an officer (either a President or Vice President) is incompetent, they can bring it up at a meeting. If another member seconds the challenge, then the officers, excluding the one being charged, will vote on whether or not he should be removed. If there is an unanimous decision for removal, then the officer will be removed from office, otherwise, the officer will be able to keep their position. The President and Faculty Advisor can overturn that decision if they both decide the officer should be removed. In the case of a removal, an officer can appoint a member and if at least half of the officers approve the appointment, the appointee will become an officer. In the event that a President is removed, one of the other officers will take his place, and the replacement officer will be appointed. The officers for this year have already been chosen, and will be on an application basis for the coming year. TBDThe thing that makes Mu Alpha Theta Stuy unique is that there is no other branch of the national math honors society here at Stuyvesant, and this provides a unique opportunity to recognize students who excel in the field of mathematics. It is only fitting that these students receive some honor for their hard work. This club will also broaden the outreach programs of the Stuyvesant Math Teams, by including more students in various competitive math arenas.
Muslim Student AssociationA club dedicated to provide a comfortable platform for Muslims to foster lasting bonds and develop interfaith and cultural understandings.Stuyvesant Muslim Students Association strives to provide a welcoming and open atmosphere for those interested in learning more about Islam. With weekly meetings, along with occasional events both inside and outside of school (such as the biannual celebration of Eid) that often involve interactions with other clubs and even other schools, we aim to dispel misconceptions and invoke curiosity and awareness about Islam.
Additionally, the MSA seeks to take part in initiatives or events that aid the school, such as open houses or the College Fair. MSA also serves as a support system for Muslims where they can freely discuss Islam and its current standing in today’s news, as well as the contemporary issues and concerns faced by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. With the help of our members, we strive to promote a better image of Islam for a widened understanding and an improvement in our own prospective lives, all the while forging lasting bonds and creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment within the school.
StuyMSA holds meetings every Friday and special events throughout the year. Meetings are discussion based, centered around topics, often for discussion, sometimes for didactic purposes. Media, such as videos, powerpoint presentations, and articles show different perspectives of Muslims and bring light to contemporary issues affecting the Muslim community. Social and community-service type events such as food drives, Henna parties, Eid celebrations, and outdoor activities are held when appropriate (for example, during Islamic holidays). What the club offers is a support system for Stuy’s Muslim population. We work closely with other SPARK initiatives to help the school.
The MSA participates in the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament (MIST), an annual team competition for high school MSAs throughout New York held at Columbia University, and subsequently on a national scale in various cities around the United States (with the most recent Nationals tournament coincidentially taking place right here in New York). The competitions are not religious based, they range from quiz bowl, to science fair, and even debate. Our MSA tries its best and succeeds at bringing home the gold each year. MSA also helps in school wide events, such as lectures held in a lecture hall, held when available. All in all, our end goal is to nurture a better relationship between people of the same and different faiths to create a warmer Stuyvesant.
Appointments for board members position are made by an application process. Once a list of potential qualifying candidates are chosen, emails will be sent out to them regarding interviews. After all of the interviews are conducted and a final review is done, a unanimous decision will be made by the Presidents and the Vice Presidents choosing the people to fulfill positions for the next board. If a board member fails to perform his/ her tasks, one other board member must remind/ reprimand him/her in private. If he/she still continues to ignores the issue at hand, or is unable to maintain his/her duties, then the issue will be raised in a board meeting and the said board member will have a chance to defend their him/herself. Once that is done, the rest of the board will vote anonymously, a majority vote resulting in expelling the board member. The events afterwards in terms of the new appointment on the board is dealt by the senior board in a interview process of interested members. FridayWhat’s unique about MSA is the power it has to bring people together. It takes students from a variety of backgrounds and characters, and uses this one thing they have in common, Islam, as a fundamental basis of unity. Each week, every meeting, the members learn more about Islam and one another, and sometimes even themselves. MSA gives each person the ability to grow and shape themselves to be who they choose to be, and allowing the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of not just Islam but the world around them too.
NACLO ClubTo bring NACLO enthusiasts together to practice and share puzzle solving strategies.The NACLO club is based around the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad, a national competition based on cryptography, linguistics, and computer science. In this competition, students solve several puzzles about foreign languages, and English, using only what is provided in the problem and logic, in an attempt to represent the United States in the International Linguistics Olympiad. The club will serve to bring students together to practice these puzzles, to share solving tips and tricks, and to serve as an environment where NACLO enthusiasts can interact with each other. In addition, the NACLO club plans to host multiple other events after the NACLO season is over, including lectures on linguistics organized by the faculty advisor.

The NACLO club will be a very low-commitment club. There are no requirements to become a member other than attending at least one meeting. Also, students who are not members of the club are welcome to participate in NACLO club practice sessions, although sufficient materials are not guaranteed for unexpected visitors.

The NACLO was introduced to Stuyvesant in 2017 and gained a small following of students who participated in the exam. After the huge success of many Stuyvesant students in the invitational round, the interest in NACLO exploded as many fell in love with the unique style of puzzles. Most people, however, did not have a way of getting in touch with the NACLO organizers at Stuyvesant and registering for the exam.

The NACLO club works to fill this void by providing an easy route of access between the general student body and the NACLO chapter at Stuyvesant.

The NACLO club plans to meet after school based on student availability and interest. Meetings will most likely consist of sessions of solving puzzles, sharing methods to solve said puzzles, and using this discussion to further our understanding of computational linguistics and to improve our ability to do well on the NACLO. In 2018, multiple students from Stuyvesant managed to score in the top 100 people in the country without any prior knowledge of NACLO and very little practice. Our hope is that with practice, Stuyvesant can easily dominate the NACLO nationally.

The founders of the NACLO club are excited to share this opportunity with the Stuyvesant student body, and we hope that Stuyvesant students will enjoy NACLO!
The NACLO club will, upon graduation of previous presidents or vice presidents, appoint new leaders based on the following principles:

a.Any president or VP ought to have significant experience with NACLO. Any student who might wish to become president or VP must have taken the open round at least once. Qualification for the invitational round is not a hard requirement, but is highly recommended.
b.Any president or VP must be a highly active member of the club prior to being considered for a leadership position. An enthusiasm for carrying on the club is an integral part of leadership which the NACLO club holds to be very important.

The hope is that when the time for this decision comes, the transfer of leadership should come naturally and without conflict. In the event that multiple students feel that they deserve a leadership role in the club, priority will be given to upperclassmen. If this is not sufficient to narrow down the selection, a decision will be made collectively by the club members, ultimately overseen by the staff advisor.

Impeachment of a sitting leader will most likely never occur. In the extreme case that the current members or staff advisor feel the need to impeach a sitting president or VP, it must be a unanimous decision between the other president/VP and the staff advisor.
undecidedThe NACLO club has an incredibly unique combination of STEM and language arts. Students participating in the NACLO will be challenged with problems based on computer science, cryptography, and linguistics. Also, students do not have to have any prior knowledge of any foreign languages whatsoever. The beauty of NACLO puzzles is that they contain languages which competitors definitely have never seen before, and provide all the tools for us to translate these languages on the fly.

Also, the NACLO club is a unique combination of serious national competitiveness (successful competitors can even participate in international competitions), and low-commitment, fun activity. The sole purpose of the NACLO club is to have fun. (although looking good to colleges is a handy side benefit =])
The NACLO is a 100% free competition. No payments are required to participate.
Operation SmileRaise awareness and money for children with cleft lips to receive safe surgery and advocate for safe surgical practices.The purpose of this organization is to raise awareness and money for surgery for children with cleft lips who aren't able to afford safe surgery. We want to advocate for safe surgical practices especially in nations that can’t afford safe surgery equipment. Throughout the year, we will be making various items such as Smile Dolls, treat baskets, cards, and much more to send to children in hospitals. We will also be holding fundraisers and participating in the bake sale selling our club’s merchandise such as pins and shirts. We will have an official Operation Smile Week where we sell our merch throughout the day and educate the student body about the purpose of our club. General members are expected to attend every meeting and take part in what we make for the children as well as contribute any ideas that they have. They are also expected to take part in any presentations or events that we will hold such as Operation Smile Week.
This activity will help educate Stuyvesant students about an important topic that they may not be aware of. There are so many children in the world who are suffering from cleft lips but can’t afford the surgery. It’s important to help our communities as much as we can. We want the students to know the impact that they will have by helping to raise money and morale for the children who are suffering and require surgery. While we may not be the doctors who actually perform the surgery upon the children, all the little things we do add up to make a great impact on those children. From the fundraisers to the smile dolls, we help make them feel better and we help ensure that they receive surgery. We want everyone to be aware of the fact that the privileges we have are not things that every nation has but it’s important that we do something to share those privileges with those around us because it brings everyone around the world a little closer together. We are very dedicated to our cause and hope that the students around us want to help expand our cause. We have so many great events planned this year and want to share the fun experiences with everyone!

For appointment to leadership positions, members of the club must first submit the application form, which will serve to give the current board members (the Co-Presidents and Co-Vice Presidents) an idea of the applicant’s experience and capabilities. Each board member will go through each application and decide as a group if the applicant is suitable to fill the role that the applicant is applying for. Once the decision is made, the applicant will be notified of the board’s decision, and an announcement will be made to the entire club of the new appointees. The impeachment protocol for leadership positions is that the member being impeached will have an opportunity to explain themselves and justify his/her position in the club. Then, the board will discuss as a group the situation surrounding the impeachment, and once a consensus has been reached, the member being impeached will be informed of the verdict. Applications will soon be released if a replacement is needed.
ThursdaysWe are the only charity club at Stuyvesant that is dedicated to our specific cause. The Operation Smile club at Stuyvesant is in partnership with the professional Operation Smile organization, whose mission is to spread awareness of the cleft lip condition and encourage safe surgical procedures in developing countries that do not have the proper resources. In addition, all funds raised by the club through bake sales or the selling of merchandise is donated to the Operation Smile organization, and the money is used to fund cleft lip surgeries for children who cannot afford it.
Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter Club)Our club's mission is to welcome anyone who's read Harry Potter, whether they're a casual fan or a die-hard Potterhead. The Harry Potter Club is entering it's 10th year. At a school based heavily on academics and competitive sports, having a place to just unwind can be invaluable. We open our doors to anyone who's a fan of Harry Potter an just would like to have some time off from class and homework, where it's to make ends out of chopsticks, glue, and paint, take part in a trivia tournament, or even go on a themed scavenger hunt. We also have a number of events outside of school that members of the club can attend. For example, we went to see the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie when it came out in November. A large portion of the club went, and there were even a group of attendees that weren't a part of the club that went with friends. Being together for the release of another part of the Harry Potter world was an incredible bonding experience. The club benefits the community in such a way that members will be able to meet peers who are knowledgeable and passionate in this particular topic. We will be able to discuss various themes and events throughout the series, and we will even hold debates for controversial opinions. As new students enroll into Stuyvesant, this club will assist those who are Harry Potter fanatics and are looking forward to interacting with the club members, and being a part of the Stuyvesant community as a whole. Even when someone is not a die hard fan of Harry Potter, the club may still appeal to him or her as an extracurricular that can enrich their time at Stuyvesant, and it will give them something to look forwards to besides tests and more tests. For instance, they can easily establish communication skills by participating in club events and regular meetings. The Stuyvesant community may invest their time in the Harry Potter club exploring a gamut of characters and digging deeper to the story of Harry Potter through different perspectives they might not have otherwise discovered. This may benefit the students as club meetings can increase the members’ desire to understand literary techniques and the universe of Harry Potter, as well.Appointment would be done through careful analyzation of various different members' attendance and behavior, as well as their dedication to the club and its ideals. Recruitment would be done through Facebook and our mailing list, and of course, throuogh direct meetings held. If needed be, current leaders would ask for advice from past leaders as they have gone through the procecss of choosing leaders and such. Impeachment would come when a cabinet member clearly isn't doing their job, or they are slacking off. When there is a noticeable decrease in the amount of time and effort they place in the club, they will be considered for impeachment. In order to impeach the president or the vice president, the cabinet would need to come to a unanimous vote (minus the one being impeached), while for any other member of the cabinet, it would be a simple majority. We, however, hope that it will not come to this.FridayThe Harry Potter Club serves as a tight-knit group in which the Stuyvesant community is able to express as well as develop its interests in the Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling. We would essentially become a family united by our shared love of the world of Harry Potter, whether or not we have differing viewpoints and opinions. The beauty of the world of Harry Potter is that there is so much detail involved, and yet there is also so much more that readers are able to contribute and analyze themselves.
Patriots' ClubTo bring together fellow patriots who all love and respect the United States of America and inspire people to think about their roles as an American citizen.The Patriots' club is meant to bring together a group of people who may not have a voice in Stuyvesant: patriotic students, especially conservatives who may feel intimidated by the school setting and not want to share their voice.
We believe that the current generation is lacking in respect for the country and has lost its patriotic fervor. Our goal is to promote America as the beacon of hope and liberty that many of our immigrant relatives saw her as. This fervor for our country, we believe, comes from the realization that our liberties aren't free, rather it is a sacrifice by millions of men and women who serve in the armed forces or in civilian jobs and contribute to the nation.
The Patriots' club is a discussion based club where we discuss or debate topics relevant to politics. Additionally, there will be one or two speakers who are invited by the club president to speak at the club throughout the year. This club is more right-leaning but we accept and encourage people of other political affiliations to join or drop by because we believe that all voices ought to be heard regardless of how offensive it may be to us or to others.
We believe patriotism is very beneficial to the way a body of people functions, especially a diverse group of people with different cultures. Despite these different cultures, most of these people have one thing in common: the respect for the rights and opportunities they have in America. In the day and age of identity politics, more and more people are becoming divided among race, gender, religion, but we believe that everyone, no matter if they are Asian-American, African-American, or Mexican-Americans, are Americans.
Stuyvesant is prided on being the academic standard for the rest of New York and a good part of that is based on ideological discussions between students. Sharing knowledge is not only crucial for mental success, but it is also a good way to bond with others.
These debates, in turn, may also bring light to political issues that a student may not be able to talk about anywhere else. This group also provides a stress-free meeting place for those who are too intimidated to share their ideas otherwise.
But this club is also valuable for those who don’t wish to share their ideas but would prefer to listen. Listening to both sides of the discussion may give a third party more insight on where they stand on a political issue.
But most importantly, the club challenges the status-quo of a liberal high school by providing the other side of the one-sided political climate.
There are about 3 leaders, one president and two co-leaders (VPs). A new president can only be appointed by an existing president. The president also appoints the co-leaders who then can become the president when the existing president graduates.
The most important rule in maintaining order is that members have to be respectful in the club environments and listen to the leaders when they dictate commands. A debate becomes an uncivilized verbal fight once people start insulting each other or being disorderly. Therefore, we must set personal feelings inside and only use points relevant to the current debate.
We also encourage members to invite their friends in hopes of making the club grow some more.
Also, when advertising the club, some members may also voluntarily aid in posting posters, verbally advocating the club, or even sharing the club on social media. We believe in a strong sense of community and thus we want to make the club grow together.
FridayThere are few clubs in Stuyvesant that promote right-wing political stances and I believe it is important for a club to do so. To foster important discourse, both sides of the debate or political spectrum needs to be present. Additionally, our group is unique in that it is not a safe space, meaning all voices can be heard in our club regardless of what it may be. Doing this can build character and resolve for those who may not be used to hearing controversial opinions.
Pizza and Bubble Tea ClubOur club hopes to be a safe space for people to hang out, while also learning about pizza and bubble tea and the history of them in NYC.What Stuy has is a lot of stress. What it needs are pizza and bubble tea. Our club will be a safe space for students to talk, and explore further interests beyond studying. We realize that students need some time in their day to rewind and take their mind off of school. Not only are we providing much needed refreshments, we are a family for students to have a place of their own. We will have discussions about stressors and share our own experiences and advice. Members are expected to be respectful, kind, and hungry. Additionally, members need to have open minds and be open to discussions. We know that students don't have much time so we will only meet once per week. The club runs on the mission of having a safe space, which will add to the dynamics and development of what we hope to accomplish. We will also hold meetings where we discuss “what’s new?” in the pizza and bubble tea world.

This activity will benefit Stuyvesant and the community in many ways because it will be a place where students can come and destress. Stuyvesant is an extremely stressful place and we want to ensure that people have a way to let loose at the end of the day. If everyone at Stuy was stressed 24/7, then that would have no benefit on the students or the school as a whole. We will ensure that the meetings are constructive and are reflective of what the members want to talk about or do. This is not to be confused as a club that just sits in a room and hangs out. We want to educate our members about the newest and freshest bubble tea/pizza places in the city. We want to bring NYC CULTURE back into people’s lives. Stuyvesant is a huge place filled with so many clubs. But what it is lacking is a bubble tea/pizza club. How do we know this will be popular? We have already spoken to many prospective members and they are willing to set aside a day a week to expand their knowledge of, what we consider to be, the most important food and drink combo in NYC.

We plan to meet once a week (maybe more if we get more interest in the club). We want to make sure that we have many members at our meetings so we will ensure that we let members WAY beforehand about meeting times and places. We expect members to be willing to come to at least a few meetings. We want to make our meetings engaging and worthwhile. We will not have leadership positions within the club but that only produces stress. We do not want stress. If someone wants to impeach the president/vice president, they can write a letter and it will be read. We expect people to have tons of fun. That is the only protocol members are expected to follow. Once again, we want to avoid politics because we just love bubble tea and pizza too much. It would not be fair. And no leadership positions are necessary to ensure everyone has fun. Once a member writes a letter of impeachment, we will meet to discuss the validity of the letter. If the contents are true, we will host a meeting and if majority rules for impeaching, we will remove the leader.
TuesdaysHave you ever heard of a pizza AND bubble tea club? That’s right. You haven’t. Our organization is extremely unique because it doesn’t create a strict outline of what we will do. We aim to only do things that our members want to. We plan for this to be a very transparent club and more importantly we plan for it to be a club where anyone can be involved. And most importantly, a club where everyone can have fun!
Poetry Immersion ClubTo provide a welcoming platform for students interested in poetry.The Poetry Immersion Club aims to foster appreciation for all kinds of poetry and to offer a supporting environment for the self expression of this literary language. We intend to provide members with the tools they would need to read, analyze, and write in different poetry genres, from free verse to the classic Shakespearean sonnet.

No prior knowledge of poetry is required, though members are expected to attend meetings regularly. Once adept in the composition of poems, members will, on a weekly basis, be intellectually challenged with several thought-provoking prompts to which they will be asked to write a poem in any genre of their choice. If one would like to, he/she could share what they wrote to the rest of the club members. For those who have prior knowledge of poetry, the Poetry Immersion Club will offer a platform where they could hone their skills, share their works with others, and be provided with useful, positive feedback.
This activity will benefit Stuyvesant by giving its students an opportunity to develop their interests in poetry outside of the often restrictive natures of writing in regular English classes that the school provides. Our club will give flexibility to those who have a true passion for poetry. Here they will be guided to express themselves fully through a wide variety of poem genres. The Poetry Immersion Club will enable students to learn more about themselves and the world of poetry, which is a valuable opportunity that they don’t always have access to.

The Poetry Immersion Club will also give students an outlet to destress. Our club will allow students to take their focus away from the academic pressures of Stuyvesant and to the freedom and fun that poetry offers. By writing in an unrestrained manner, students will feel less burdened or tied down by the workloads given at Stuyvesant. This activity will benefit Stuyvesant by permitting students to share their own work and to appreciate the work of their peers and more well-known poets throughout history. Students can share their pieces with others who enjoy poetry just as much as they do and have the ability to appreciate. By receiving positive and welcome feedback from others, they will be more encouraged to continue pursuing themselves in poetry. By reading other students’ works, they will also be able to acquire sources of inspiration. Appreciating poets outside of Stuyvesant will allow students to notice how expansive the world of poetry is and how there is beautiful work out there that they might have otherwise missed.
The appointments for leadership positions will be based solely on the merits and demonstration of commitment by the applicant. Therefore, any member, either new or old, are encouraged to apply. The standard appointment procedure will begin with a questionnaire, and then a face-to-face interview with the current leaders. Once appointed, leaders are expected to coordinate with each other and the other members of the club to determine the agenda of each meeting and to ensure that each meeting can go on smoothly. Leaders are also expected to plan regular meetings and to attend each one without fail, unless there is some extenuating circumstance.

As for the impeachment protocol, any person of leadership found abusing their power by either failing to show effort or exercising unfair authority over the club will be impeached by the means of popular sovereignty. Then, there should be a general election where each member can vote for the new leader.

Members are expected to contribute positively to all of our meetings. They must respect the work of others and of themselves, and not leave any messes behind in the room we are assigned to.
WednesdayAlthough there are several excellent publication clubs and activities at Stuyvesant, such as the Spectator and Moonlight, this club is different because it provides a casual community where one could exercise their creativity and interact with other people enthusiastic with poetry. Unlike any other clubs, the Poetry Immersion Club enables members to read and appreciate poems from both old and emerging poets. Ultimately the Poetry Immersion Club provides a welcoming atmosphere for those seeking a place to have fun and relax, or even escape from a world of analytical essays!
PstuychologyTo connect people who are passionate about psychology.The purpose of this club is to allow students who are interested in Psychology to learn more about this field in various ways. For example, there will be speaker events, where students receive lectures/speeches from a professional who is currently working in the field. In addition, we are also hosting meetings every other week, so club members can bring in some interesting cases they find interesting and we can share them and discuss. We are also working with Ms. Chan, who will be helping us arrange talks with different psychologists. Mr. Blumn (who will be our advisor), will be helping us with internships, volunteer work, and trips for our members. This will not only allow them to get some hands on experience, but will also allow them to make connections for any future opportunities. Our target audience will be those who are passionate about Psychology. This can be meant for people who are currently taking AP Psychology or had already taken it before. Pstuychology is not only going to be a club where we gain important knowledge, but will also be a place where we meet our new family! All in all, Stuyvesant Psych’s purpose is to provide every student, who are interested in the Psychology field, an opportunity to ask/learn anything about it.
Our club will benefit the Stuyvesant community because we will be helping students seek new opportunities. As a psychology club, we will constantly look for new opportunities (related to psych) for the students in our club. We will be hosting meetings for discussions/presentations about interesting cases every other week and we will meet up to volunteer for events at least twice a month. Not only that, but we are planning to have a Psychologist specializing in different subjects to come in every month. Through this, we will not only be able to learn more about what we love from these psychologists, but we will also allow the students in our school to get the experience of talking to an actual psychologist. Mr. Blumn, as our advisor, will also help us look for opportunities for members of our club. (It can either be in summer or a job at a clinic or tours/trips at a psych related facility). In addition, we will be working closely with Ms. Chan, who is an AP Psych teacher, to invite psychologists to come in. We have also discussed about extra credit opportunities (with Ms. Chan and Ms. Reep) for students who are currently taking AP Psych. Not only will this allow the students to give a boost to their grade but they will also be gaining more knowledge from someone who has experience.
Right now we only have the two founders as the co-presidents and one vice president. We believe that this is currently sufficient for the running of this club. However, if we need more help in the future, we will be creating more leadership positions. We will make a Google form for members to apply to these positions. After reviewing all the applications, we will choose the best candidate based on their dedication to the club and how good their answers are, and train them to be leaders (ex: how to organize speaker events and meetings), especially since we are going to graduate next year. We want this club to keep functioning even after we graduate. As for the impeachment protocols, if anyone in a leadership position is noticeably not doing his/her job (we can tell ourselves or if there are complaints from other members), he/she will be removed from the position. This applies to the presidents and vice president too.
Tuesday/ThursdayWhat makes our organization unique is that we are going to be the first club that is focusing on psychology. We will be inviting a lot of psychologists, all specializing in different fields of psychology, in every month for a speech. This is not something other students have done in the past, which makes it unique. A lot of students who are currently or had been interested in psychology will get a chance to learn more about it through this club. People who are passionate about psychology can come and discuss it with us through our meetings.
SDNDWe hope to one day play Dungeons and Dragons like the pros.We will initiate members into the world of D&D. This club will be the beginning of a new age of D&D in Stuyvesant High School. We intend to teach members the ins and outs of playing and or Dming (Dungeon Master). General members will be expected to not abandon the campaigns (attend weekly), and be generally pleasant around others as to not put off future prospective members. Members who decide to DM will be expected to do prep work for campaigns whether it be writing up their own or deciding which premade to use. They will also be in charge of making sure the members in their group are up to date. This will imbue into them leadership and organizational skills. Meanwhile the players actually playing will be able to experience a wholesome experience that will bring together all those in the group, creating new friendships. We overall hope for an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.The DMs will be expected to prep the campaigns i.e writing up their own stories or deciding which premades to use as well as helping players create their characters. They will also be in charge of making sure the members are in line which will imbue into them leadership and organizational skills. The players playing the campaign will be gathered around the board interacting with each other which will be a wholesome experience generating new friendships and bonds.
This will also help members develop their role playing and acting skills as well as writing skills due to the character they will be writing for themselves. The DM themselves will be tasked with writing the whole overarching story and plot for the campaigns which will boost their creative writing skills and general creativity. They will also have to act out and manage non-player characters which will be a great boost to general self esteem and a fun way to be someone you’re not. This will also be a creative outlet for those that are stressed and it will allow people to assume a role which allow them to experience something they normally wouldn’t do which allows for great fun when done properly.
There shall always be three presidents at once. To impeach a president, an anonymous force must write up a complaint and send it directly to all three presidents. Afterwards, the presidents will review the complaint and act accordingly. The three presidents will remove a president from their seat if the other two agree. If that fails, the anonymous force can post a poll on the group page or pin it on the discord page and if the majority of the members (>65%) voted for. Then the president will be removed from their seat.

To fill a vacancy an election will be held where the member who holds the majority of the votes will become the new president. To vote or run you must be a member for at least 2 months and have attended a minimum of 8 meetings. To write in a person or someone who doesn’t qualify, they must provide a paragraph explaining why that person deserves the position. This must include their qualifications and past experiences in other clubs. They will be reviewed by the presidents and voted on if they can run.
Friday and ThursdayThis is a specialized club for people who are looking to attend a role-playing game specific club. This is different from other clubs because it will allow more focus on lengthy sessions as compared to other clubs. It also provides more creative options that could take far longer than the average club which will make it unique in the longevity of our sessions. We will also have more room than other clubs that administer other various board games than D&D and through the extra space will be able to have larger campaign areas.This is not a board game club it is a niche that isn't filled by that club.
Skip ClubWe want to make Stuyvesant a happier place, one skip at a timeSkipping is a natural tendency, yet for some reason, it seems to usually be discouraged or even frowned upon in today's world. We thought it was about time that someone changed that. Our goals include skipping whenever possible, and this is found not only to improve our mood, but if you're running late to class and you decide to skip the rest of the way, you are 90% less likely to be worried about it. We are a low commitment club, we do not judge you based on how well you can skip, or how much experience you have with it. We only encourage you to keep skipping! Usually in our meetings, we're pretty chill. We will get to know each other while skipping through the halls, and maybe even in the bike path whenever possible. We may also hand out awards at the end of the year to those who we believe played an amazing role in helping make stuy a skippier place.
This activity will benefit Stuyvesant by making Stuy a happier as well as healthier place. According to a Time magazine article about jump roping, which is basically skipping :), it "offers a combination of benefits to bone, balance and muscles that most types of exercise can’t match". Which is one of the biggest reasons we push for more skipping to happen at Stuyvesant. The healthier that Stuyvesant is, because of our efforts, the happier we are. We also believe that a happier student body will result in the rest of Stuyvesant being more engaged and sociable people as well. As if that weren't enough, we believe that our club would also help people be more courageous and daring as well as more accepting of other ideas. It's not everyday that you see someone skipping through the hallways and maybe it wouldn't be so bad if that changed. The main reason people don't want to skip in public is because they may feel it causes them to stand out or "not fit in" with everyone else, even though there's absolutely nothing wrong with skipping. We feel that encouraging people to break social norms like skipping also leaks into other aspects of their life and in the end helps them stand out as the unique and amazing individuals that they really are!
We believe in democracy so, when appointing new leaders, we would rather prefer that we use an election of some sorts to decide who our new leader should be. In the beginning of each year, we also plan to have applications for director roles and those will be based on judgement from the presidents of that year. We believe in user input and will utilize it for the foundation of many of our club's future projects and ideas. We plan to use our site for many of these purposes since we firmly believe in the use of technology to achieve our goals. We will usually post on many different platforms when we need input from our club members or when there are applications that we need them to fill out. Impeachment of club directors is dependent upon if they regularly do not meet deadlines for when they need to complete their tasks by.
Every other TuesdayWe are unique in the sense that we are the only club at Stuy dedicated to the enjoyment of skipping as well as encouraging breaking social norms. We hope we are able to bring out the courage and uniqueness of all of our members. We also respect people's time, and thus we are not a very high commitment club. We want to be a great addition to people's lives, and most commitment to the club will come directly from how much people want to commit themselves. Our site is located at https://stuyskip.club
Slavic Heritage ClubTo provide a friendly community for Russian-speaking students in Stuy while simultaneously teaching the history and culture of Slavic countries.The Slavic Heritage Club is a safe and fun environment for students of all backgrounds to come and experience a rich and historical culture. We run meetings once or twice every month with the purpose of exposing our members (slavic or not) on all facets of Slavic culture. These meetings will teach anything from the Russian language to a light history of Slavic literature. On top of teaching students about slavic culture we try to have events and activities, every so often, that promote student participation. One of these events was the largely attended Kompotition, which was a competition held last year to see which of our members could craft the most authentic and most delicious slavic drink known as Kompot. Our goal is to deliver a light and entertaining way to help decompress students after school while exploring the intricacies of Slavic heritage. Our objective is to help Russian-speaking students become more involved in their culture and encourage those from other backgrounds to find interest in the slavic world as well.By creating the Slavic Heritage Club, we are hoping to provide a safe and friendly community for the Russian-speaking population of Stuyvesant. Back when we were freshmen, we had a hard time transitioning into high school, as it was new and unfamiliar and there were no organized communities of older kids from the same background. For those of us who couldn’t find a place in the Jewish Student Union or other clubs, a Slavic club is what we knew we needed.
Other than an easier transition into the society of Stuy, we offer a chance for students to learn more about their culture, one that is usually underrepresented in the history curriculum. We will teach about Russian, Ukrainian, and other traditions and bring in personal stories from our parents and grandparents. The members will also contribute by bringing in dishes from their respective cultures such as pierogi, borscht, etc.
Additionally, we will encourage non-Slavic students to come and learn more about the extensive culture and history of Russia. Understanding Slavic culture will help students understand current events as well as allow them to see through the common misconceptions that surround Eastern Europeans. With our club leaders coming from different backgrounds - Russia, Ukraine, Latvia - we are able to provide the full, unbiased scope of these regions.
Our appointment and impeachment protocols will be made to serve each applicant equally, without any privilege given to the people with Russian or Slavic heritage. We are hoping to create a diverse club with a resourceful and engaging faculty to help propel us to new boundaries. We will look for students that are hard-working and diligent, not just students that speak the language or know the course material (of course either would be great). To make sure that everybody has a fair shot at being appointed to our club, we will post applications on Facebook as well as signups at our interest meeting. We will only appoint board members after our interest meeting to make sure that everybody gets a chance. We will then host interviews and ask for students to submit a paragraph on why they think they are well suited for the job. However if things do get out of hand with one or more of the board members, we will make sure that the case is handled fairly through sensible impeachment processes. Our impeachment process follows a certain order where, first, the person in question accumulates strikes. These strikes are given for various reasons such as not showing up to meetings or not showing dedication to the club. After three or so of these strikes the presidents and vice presidents of this club will meet together and vote on the removal of said person. If the person in question is of a higher position such as vice president, the presidents will convene and decide a solution that works best for the well being of the Slavic Heritage Club.2x a monthThis club will provide a comfortable transition for new Russian-speaking students by creating a safe and friendly environment. It will function as a place where students can feel more comfortable finding support for their problems, since most members will be from the same background. Whether they’re freshmen or not, members will all be accepted in our community.
Additionally, the club will help students become involved in their culture. Personally, we found Russian traditions and culture fascinating, but were rarely ever taught about them by friends or family. We expect this club to serve as that source of information that we were missing. However, this is not limited to slavic members; all members who are interested in Eastern European and Russian culture will be able to gain a better understanding of it.
Another function of the club is educating students on the situations concerning slavic countries today. Many students, both Russian-speaking and not, are curious about current events surrounding Russia, but are only exposed to biased or illegitimate news concerning the matter. We will try to make an environment where all sides of the story are given.
The purpose of the Slavic Heritage Club is to educate, involve, and provide a friendly environment for students.
Sophomore CaucusTo work on projects, events, and policy improvements that benefit the sophomore class and school. The Stuyvesant High School Student Union and Caucuses serve to improve student life with respect to education, extra- and co-curricular activities, and other areas of school life. Elected and appointed students across departments work on a variety of different projects concerning extracurricular activities, sponsorships and benefits from local businesses, budgeting, policy change, communication, and web development. SU members that work under any SU department or members of any caucus department are important in helping the SU maintain contact with students and receive student input, as members often work directly with students. The Caucuses consist of two elected officials who choose a cabinet of members to assist them in their projects. The Sophomore Caucus is currently working on dances, lectures, research talks, and a pen pal program. Additionally, we propose a system of organizing and distributing information to their respective classes to be approved by the Student Union President. If no such system has been approved, an advisory council consisting of homeroom leaders must be formed.
The Student Union is an integral part of Stuyvesant life, playing a role in all extra-curricular activities that occur within Stuyvesant. The SU allows students to gain great insight into one of the most progressive student governments in New York City. Through its departments, Caucuses, and ever growing team of diligent members, the SU ensures that each and every project is thoroughly completed and cultivated. Projects may involve helping improve and expand the variety of clubs students can immerse themselves in, fostering partnerships with public officials and organizations and working closely with the Revenue Building Department to receive sponsorships and benefits from local businesses, making sure there is a stable budget to fund clubs, events and any other projects, forming strong relationships with individuals and businesses outside of Stuy, inciting policy change for the wellbeing of students, using various methods of communication to create a well-informed student body, and using web development to create websites and apps to make life much easier for our students. The SU is also composed of four caucuses (one for every grade) ensuring that every student’s voice is heard. Apart from the platform the SU provides for students’ voices, the SU also organizes events throughout the school year aiming to benefit the wellbeing of the student body.
During the spring of each year, elections take place and caucus representatives are elected by a popular vote. Students run in pairs and campaign, attend a debate, go through a primary and general election. The Executive Council may vote on the removal from office of any Student Union official, elected or appointed. Removal from office specifically means the complete and total relief of duties and the title of any Student Union official. The removed person will be barred from being a part of the Student Union until the ban is lifted by both the Coordinator of Student Affairs and the Principal. Members of the caucus are expected to participate in events, complete assignments, and represent the caucus when talking to students. If a member receives three violations (offenses include not attending a meeting or not finishing an assignment without proper warning), they will be asked to leave the caucus. Caucus members are expected to complete all assignments on time, be willing to help with other departments, and attend most caucus-organized events (e.g. lectures, dances). Depends. The Stuyvesant Student Union (SU) is the largest and most powerful high school student government in the city, and working within it not only provides a fulfilling experience when you serve the Stuyvesant community, but provides a valuable experience working with internal and external organizations. Though we are only students, our voice is not undermined but rather deemed important. This allows us to able to consistently pursue changes that would allow students to have a better high school experience. Outside the school, we are applauded for involvement in the community, which opens doors to working with politicians, big companies and sitting on student advisory councils.
The Stuyvesant Student Union Constitution:
SotgooegatogThe aim of this club is to discuss the classical works of literature by H. P. Lovecraft.The purpose of this club is to spread appreciation and knowledge of the classical works of literature by H. P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft's works are important classics that many people do not know of, and our club exists to help people understand and enjoy these timeless novels. Lovecraft's writing is unlike any of the writings that students at our school are exposed to, and while Sotgooegatog is not insulting the curriculum, it believes that it is a shame that our peers would not be introduced to works that could change their lives for the better. It is this organization's dream that once this club grows to it's full potential, everyone in our school will be slightly exposed to H. P. Lovecraft, allowing them to determine whether they like it or not, rather than being ignorant of a fantastically different writing style. That is the purpose of the literary club based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft, Sotgooegatog.This club will offer an outlet for students who appreciate the work of H.P. Lovecraft, or any other older and/or lesser known writer to share literature they appreciate to a community that will be open to their preferences. It will also diversify the extracurricular community of Stuyvesant, bringing a club that is not found at most schools to ours, creating yet another option so that students have the opportunity to find a club that best suits them. This allows more students to enjoy their time at Stuyvesant the fullest, thus ensuring that a larger portion of the population within Stuyvesant has an apex experience while attending. Sotgooegatog also offers a literature outlet in a primarily math and science school, providing a way for those who enjoy English to explore more in the field. By introducing H.P. Lovecraft to the student body, we are not just diversifying our school's club selection, but we are expanding our peers' minds, opening up new worlds of writing and thought to them, allowing them to better find literature to read that they enjoy most, thus improving their lives to the fullest extent. In these ways Stuyvesant High School would be improved by the incorporation of Sotgooegatog. Appointment of any club member with a discernible rank would be carried out by democratic election. This election would be voted on by all actively participating members of the club, as to not allow people who show up once as a joke to determine the fate of our club. Impeachment of any club member with discernible rank would follow immediately after they violated club protocol, student union rules, or department of education legislation. After impeachment, a meeting would be held as soon as possible to allow for election of someone to take their place, an election which would operate the same as a normal one, consisting of voters who are dedicated members of the club, though there may be less of them than normal as it would have to be an emergency meeting, and they may be unable to make it. However, if the club majority finds this emergency replacement unsatisfactory, they will be able to call for another election for that position at any time. Whatever day most people are free on.This organization is unique in that it is the only club thus far focusing on H.P. Lovecraft, as well as one of the only clubs thus far focusing on literature in general. Sotgooegatog is a club that meets almost every week, giving people the unique ability to join a community that is fairly constant, a community that focuses on a theme, mainly the works of H.P. Lovecraft, but does not generate an atmosphere that is too serious or single-minded.
South Manhattan Coffee ClubTo work together as a team and create complete, polished video content.The club’s goal is to work together to produce complete video content. We want to cultivate the various creative, artistic and technical skills that go into filmmaking, but also understand the importance of actually creating a product. We want to create material that we are proud of, and have fun while doing it. While some people would have certain set jobs as, for instance, a writer, you could experience several different roles in the process such as directing or acting to gain a more complete understanding, with the end goal of coming away with the experience of producing real material, and of the knowledge of how to do it and what goes into it. We want to run a club that isn’t high commitment - filmmaking is fun, and members should only have to act of their own volition. (Keep in mind however, we are working as a team, so if you make any promises to contribute to a project you are expected to deliver on.)
Many students in Stuy are talented in video production yet never get a chance to work with others to turn it into a tangible product. With this club, students will have a new opportunity to both develop and show off their talents together, bouncing off of and helping each other. Creative thinking is to be key here; while club members aren’t expected to adhere to any specific qualities, we want to cultivate new and different ideas and concepts. People will work together to make their ideas come to life, and even if not everything comes to fruition, everyone involved will still have something valuable to gain from the experience. Video production involves a wide variety of talents and skills that can be exercised, from filming to editing and writing to acting. It’s a unity of what many students at this school excel at, and alongside practicing and learning these, we will also learn how to work as a team and put out coherent, finished products. We hope these finished products bring entertainment to not only fellow students but whoever it may reach; and of course, we want to help everyone have fun doing it, and perhaps inspire a love of film among students who are new to the field.
Leadership in this club will likely be changing from project to project. Each work we put out will have a different vision behind it, and the person who came up with/ has the strongest views or plans to make this happen will be responsible for making the most decisions pertaining to the project. If this person wasn’t to show up/ communicate, loses this vision, or simply doesn’t want to work on it any further, somebody else is to take up this role or the project may be dropped. Members are expected to cooperate smoothly with each other and make sure that their work does not reflect badly on the school (i.e overly inappropriate/ offensive material). Final judgements and decisions on these policies will be made by the president, although in the majority of situations this is not to interfere with the creative vision or expression of those in the club.
Friday (flexible)As a film production group, our club would be different from something like improv because it would be about planned and written out pieces that would be performed and filmed, instead of spur of the moment jokes. In addition, this club woulds concentrate on one coherent thing at a time as team instead of working on individual ideas. Another goal of this club is actually to produce and make final, polished projects, not just to help members learn how to produce, but to work together to make our ideas a reality.
Sports Debate ClubThe goal of the sports debate club will be to provide kids at Stuyvesant an outlet to relieve their stress and express their opinions on current events and historical topics in sports. We will discuss topics such as the mental health of athletes and Colin Kaepernick, but also Lebron Vs. Jordan. Although this club may start out with only a few kids who love watching and talking about sports, eventually, we believe we can become the main reason that Stuyvesant students fall in love with sports. We will do this by providing a crossroad between academics and sports, introducing them to access the intellectual side of sports. Our final goal is to bring together all students, regardless of their athletic ability and race. We expect our members to come to at least half of the meetings prepared to present their arguments and listen to opposing arguments with an open mind. In addition, we expect our members to respect the faculty advisor, cabinet members, all other members and their opinions. Lastly, we expect our members to respect the room we have been assigned and the materials within.
This club will allow the many students at Stuyvesant who try out for teams to still be active in the sports community either out of season or if they failed to make the team. We will create a space that is great for socialization within the community and allow for many kids to meet new friends with like interests. This will also create a low-stress environment at the end of the day to relax before they go home and be in a good mood for the rest of the day. This will also allow for teachers to relieve some stress and in turn, create a space where students and teachers can create bonds that will last for a long time and that these bonds can be grown upon. We will be a highly inclusive environment so that all of the students can feel free to express their ideas, and more importantly whatever else may be on their minds. We will also be willing to discuss all sports and teams from different backgrounds so that we can represent the entire student population. We will also be a place where the students can provide outlets for possible career options. As presidents, we can hopefully provide kids with summer internships in sports so that these students have the opportunity to pursue their interests in life. Overall, this club will help the students at Stuyvesant.The impeachment protocols for all leadership positions is exactly the same. Two-thirds of the club must agree that a person in the leadership position is not doing their job or abusing their power an deserves to be removed from the said position. Once the club is in agreement that the leader is being removed from the position, a candidate must have the votes of at least half the club in order to be appointed. If there is a tie, the tiebreaker is our faculty advisor, Mr. Goldsman. The activity appointment protocols work in a similar way. If a member believes that they have an idea that will help to improve the club or move it forward, they may present it to the entire club. Once the proposal has been heard, the club will vote on it. In order for the proposal to be accepted, one half of the club must agree. If the voting process results in a tie, our faculty advisor is the tiebreaker.WednesdayOur organization is unique because even though there are clubs that involve sports, they all specialize in one sport. Our club would encompass all the sports that our members want to talk about. There is of course, the debate team, but they debate with other schools and each other, with winning as the sole objective. In our club winning will be off to the side, with learning more about sports at the forefront of every member's mind.Bronx Science has their own sports debate club and we hope to organize an event with them, once we are established.
SteyelinersEveryone has their own inner makeup artist; here, you are enabled to find out who that is.Welcome to Steyeliners! We are a makeup club!
The purpose of our club is to provide an enjoyable, comfortable environment where any student can feel free to walk in and not only learn about makeup, but to have hands-on experiences with it. We’ll start off meetings discussing questions about cosmetics (ex. how does contouring/highlighting work? If I have oily skin, how often should I apply lotion? etc.), and people can even share their experiences/bring in products that they swear upon. We will also talk about ingredients in cosmetics and their properties (ex. lotions with honey can aid in healing acne scarring). Though we’ll provide some makeup and cotton pads/cotton q-tip swabs of our own, members will be strongly encouraged to bring their own cosmetics and brushes so that they can discover what their preferences are (and not be limited solely to the brands we provide). The most important thing is that members are able to relax and have fun during meetings.

Makeup is an art form. And while Stuyvesant is primarily a STEM school, there are still many students who still engage in various artistic pursuits. Our sense of creativity is one outlet in which we can discover more about how we perceive the world, and makeup allows us to try on different personas while enjoying the process. Makeup does not possess the intimidation factor that arts such as painting and drawing do. Anyone and everyone can use and learn how to use makeup; the basics are not difficult to learn. Our faces are beautiful canvases, and cosmetics are a way we can illustrate different facets within ourselves and expose it to the world: makeup enables those who apply it to involve themselves in a form of self-expression. This club may also help one’s sociality because we will be filming and editing videos to post about reviewing products and tutorials, so the club members will learn how to set up a successful social media account, how to advertise one, edit videos creatively (thus applying computer science skills) and being able to use speech skills to attract an audience. Not only this, but students will learn how to start off a social media page with almost nothing, since we will also be teaching our club members how to contact big companies to fund us (Sephora has a program) and showing them how we can get our own funding, by finding opportunities to receive free makeup, as well as how to sanitize it.

Our club is capable of reaching out to others on more than the individual level, too. Though it may not be possible in the beginning, members of our club could eventually use their newfound inner Michelle Phan to do the makeup of members in theatre production/dance clubs during shows such as SING! We’d be able to create inspired looks that are coordinated with the themes these productions portray. In a play it might not be obvious, but in something like StuySquad, seeing a large group with something like thickly winged eyeliner can emphasize on the mood being projected out to the crowd.
At least one president and vice president should be present at meetings.
At least three days prior to the meeting, a president must send out an email to the mailing list stating the details of the meeting: location, date, and time are a must.
For hygienic reasons, meetings cannot take place if we do not provide q-tips, facial cotton pads, facial wipes, and plastic mascara wands. We must also advise and occasionally remind members on clean makeup practices (ex. Avoid sharing brushes, if you decide to go home with makeup on, don’t forget to remove it before you go to bed, etc).
Whomever is the leader at the meeting must also clean up any messes left behind by members.
If a member is found making repeated offenses to any of these protocols, the presidents and vice presidents have every right to impeach them and ban them from ever reapplying for a leadership position.
For a member to qualify for a leadership position, they must show interest for the club and show dedication (attend meetings) as well as skill and creativity. There will also be an application process.
ThursdaysPrior to the founding of Steyeliners, no such makeup club existed. Steyeliners is therefore the first club of its kind. The closest thing we had to a makeup club were the groups responsible for applying makeup onto the performers involved in SING! productions. But SING! is but a fraction of the year. Why limit the world of makeup in a single month, for a single theatrical production? C'mon, we can do better. These wings were made to Stuy.We founded the club last year in the second semester.
Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)Empowering Ourselves, Our Communities and Building Resiliency in Order to Stand Strong! SADD is committed to empowering young people to successfully confront the risks factors and pressures that challenge them throughout their daily lives. We believe that knowledge is power so we focus on educating students from within the club to spread information awareness and protective factors in all communities. SADD fosters a sense of belonging and promotes resiliency, leadership, and advocacy skills so that young people can make positive life decisions that will carry them throughout life span.
SADD covers a wide range of topics including drug abuse, alcohol abuse, drunk driving, teen dating violence, cultural ignorance, racism, bullying, mental health awareness, stress management, and career readiness. SADD also focuses on issues relevant to the Stuyvesant community at a specific time. The members of SADD research and educate themselves on certain topics, such as those listed above, during meetings and discuss their significance in the Stuyvesant community and our lives. Then, SADD reaches out to the students to educate them on these various topics by setting up booths or having events which promote a healthier and well-educated lifestyle.
Stuyvesant is known for its stressful environment and extremely challenging obstacles that students constantly approach. SADD counters these stress factors by allowing students to have a group of people to talk to and consult when they are pressured by schoolwork, peers, or for any other reasons. As SADD’s main focus is to ensure and promote the well being of the Stuyvesant community, education and health of the Stuyvesant community is one of our top priorities.
SADD educates students and faculty on topics through our various events including The Great American Smokeout, Red Ribbon Week, Sexual Assault, Holiday Safety, etc. The information delivered to students and faculty alike may be new to them and help them lead a healthier lifestyle. By doing this, the Stuyvesant community can stand strong with resilience and perseverance despite the immense obstacles that phase us.
SADD organizes the annual Stuyvesant Outlet Showcase/SOS at the end of the year which is a chance for students to show everyone their unique talents. SOS encourages students that are afraid to commit to a dance crew or perform in front of a crowd to venture out of their comfort zones and perform along with their friends. We also encourage people to audition for SOS even if they have an out of the ordinary performance. Since SOS takes place at the end of the year, many students take it as a chance to relieve the stress and just have fun which is a positive influence on our health.
We release a leadership application in June for all SADD members. This is how leadership positions are assigned and renewed. In addition, we offer unlimited leadership positions throughout the school year for members who are consistently present in mind and body at meetings and show responsibility in completing assignments. Current leaders are constantly observing members who go above and beyond and notice when they show leadership potential.
SADD uses a brownie/strike system that adds “brownies” to leaders who exceed expectations in work and in effort. It also penalizes leaders who demonstrate subpar and insufficient effort. This is shown in missing meetings, submitting late/no work, acting reluctant in doing work or being involved in SADD events and not contributing ideas or furthering discussions.
In this system two brownies will make up for one strike. If a leader receives three strikes, his/her position will be revoked. Leadership positions are finalized at the end of the school year. If a leader’s position has not been revoked by then, he/she is officially recognized with his/her given title for that year.
Wednesdays Students Against Destructive Decisions promotes positive health choices by focusing on peer-to-peer engagement. With games like granola pong and spin the wheel, as well as the #itsonus pledge, we brought topics such as alcoholism, smoking, and sexual assault to the forefront of discussion and shone a light on the importance of student well-being in the previous years.
We end the year by hosting the annual Stuy Outlet Showcase/SOS, which gives students an “outlet” to perform. SOS is a chance for students that do not often have the chance to show everyone their talents to finally showcase what they are proud of. Many seniors find that SOS is an enjoyable way to end their year because it is a way to just relax and have fun and perform in front of friends for the last time. Performances in SOS have included Dance crews such as Korean Fan Dance, KPop, Step, Flow, Latin, and Belly, spoken word poetry, ballet, and various solo performances.
Studio & Literary Arts Club (SLAC)The purpose of the Studio and Literary Arts Club (SLAC) is to expose the Stuyvesant student body to the studio and literary arts through lectures, and expand students’ portfolios in their respective mediums; through reading books collectively as a club, and by hosting weekly workshops/brainstorming sessions, students will be able to foster the growth of such skills.The purpose of the Studio and Literary Arts Club (SLAC) is to give Stuyvesant students access to lectures held by professionals and successful personas in the creative arts fields, who will present about their current and past work and exhibitions, and allow students to get a closer look at their typical workday, where they get their inspiration, how they came to this career path, what it takes to be successful in this media, and countless other specifics that vary from individual to individual. Such individuals will be mainly focused in the studio, or fine, arts, including photographs, paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures or ceramics, or the literary arts, including books, short stories, web and paper comics, poetry, and other types of prose. Typically, these individuals will either be Stuyvesant alumni or artists and professors primarily based in New York City, who will have attained some form of widespread recognition and experience. Aside from the valuable opportunity that these lectures will provide, we will also being partaking in a club-wide activity meant to foster conversation about the studio and literary arts: reading. Members will vote to decide on a book that we will read together as a club, and hold discussions and brainstorming sessions related to the book. Reading together is meant to encourage the flow of creativity, and during workshops, members will work on group or independent projects in their respective mediums as influenced by the book. We encourage members focused in the studio arts to keep a sketchbook, and members focused in the literary arts to keep a journal to store their ideas and work. SLAC is meant to expose and explore ideas, while teaching simultaneously members how to think and draw inspiration for their work. The Studio and Literary Arts Club (SLAC) will work to benefit Stuyvesant by blending what is traditionally known as a primarily STEM-focused environment with the ideas that come from the arts and humanities perspective of our education. Our main goal is to provide easier access to exposure in the literary and arts fields, and teach students how to think when developing their own projects. The skills gained from learning to take what one has read in a book and transferring that onto paper are irreplaceable and infinitely valuable, regardless of what field the student chooses to pursue. We want students who have liked or tended to lean towards English and Art in their school years to find a niche and a welcoming home in Stuyvesant. Regardless, any student who is willing will be able to take advantage of first-hand experience through lectures, and gain the critical thinking abilities they will need in college and their future jobs. Students will also be free to workshop any outside work for their classes or personal preferences, and be able to get their work reviewed and peer edited. SLAC will also be a viable option for students wishing to collaborate with others, and to submit their work for competitions (including, but not limited to: Caliper Magazine, The Spectator, Ink Magazine, Scholastic Scholarship Competition, Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, and various other competitions sponsored by colleges or arts-related organizations). By competing, students will bring acclaim to Stuyvesant not just for STEM, but for the arts, and show that they are able competitors. In addition, SLAC plans to release a website with a gallery showcasing work done by students.The administrative positions for the Studio and Literary Arts Club (SLAC) will be as follows:

The President will be responsible for creating a master list of the planned speakers the summer before the school year begins, and getting into contact and confirming said speakers. Speakers must be willing to give a 1-2 hr Powerpoint Presentation about their experience in the field; this presentation must be validated and approved by the President in order to be deemed useful to the student body. The speakers must come from a variety of fields and mediums centered around the fine and literary arts. The President must also have prior experience will either the literary or fine arts fields themselves, and be fluent in one or both to be elected. The President must be able to help members workshop their work in either medium, based on their prior knowledge, and compile a master list of potential competitions for members to apply to. In addition, the President must create a potential list of books that the club will vote on and read as whole throughout the duration of the year. The President is also expected to secure a willing and able faculty advisor and file the club charter each year that they are in office. The President will be responsible for creating and managing the website for the club, which will include a gallery of past works for recent years, approving all members on StuyActivities, and replying to emails in the club email. The President will also be responsible for emailing out a recording of the lectures after a minimum of 2 weeks have passed, as well as minutes, to club members.

The Vice-President will be responsible in aiding in the search for potential speakers, creating the potential reading list of books, as well as helping in research for competitions and scholarships in a variety of mediums. The Vice-President must also validate the proposed presentations of future speakers, and manage email communications with the speakers (including setting the official date for the event and reserving lecture halls). The Vice-President will be responsible for reserving rooms in advance for club meetings, and sending out all relevant Google Forms, such as sign-ups for lectures (with a proof of confirmation ticket), polls for book selection, polls validating the opinions of students of lectures after they have taken place, and forms for suggestions for the club. The Vice-President will also be responsible for taking attendance on StuyActivities, and creating a comprehensive mailing list for club members. In addition, the Vice-President will be responsible for setting up a camera to record the lectures (with permission of the speaker), and take minutes (loosely, for members that could not attend) at mandatory sessions relevant to the book. They will also be responsible for collecting submissions for the yearly gallery on the club website.

Criteria for Application for Leadership Positions:
The candidates will run as a President/Vice President ticket. Both MUST be upperclassmen, and have attended most (maximum 2 missed, with valid excuse) lectures, ALL mandatory meetings, and most (maximum 3 missed) brainstorming sessions. Each ticket must have one member with extensive experience with either the studio or literary arts, and the other member with their complement (ex: President has studio arts experience, VP has literary experience, or vice versa). The ticket must also have been in the club for a minimum of 1 full year (or 2 semesters). The tickets will write a blurb for their candidacy and why people should vote for them, in addition to any policies or ideas that they will propose, and will present them to the club during a mandatory meeting. Then, the current administration will send out a Google Form with all the tickets, and the club will vote; final decisions will be announced via email after the span of 2 weeks.

Impeachment Protocols:
If any student reports harassment or indecent actions by an administration member, the remaining member will confer with the student and the other member, and independently reach a decision on whether the action violated the rules and guidelines of the club. If it is a serious offense, the administrative member in question will be removed at once and the remaining member will take over both positions until the next yearly election; if it is a minor offense, the member will be given a warning – if they commit another offense, they will be removed; however, they will be allowed to remain in power for the time being but be closely monitored by the remaining administrative member. A complete and detailed record of all offenses must be kept on file for referral. If one of the administrative members feels that the other administrative member has not being fulfilling their duties (ie, not attending meetings, not inviting speakers, etc), they can confront the member and talk about correcting the problem. It will be a one-strike system – if the member works on fixing their mistakes and makes up in some way for their lack of responsibility prior – they will be allowed to remain. However, if the issue is not resolved, the other member will be able to send out an email to students in the club and survey their opinion on the removal of the member. Based on the votes IN ADDITION to the other administrative member’s final decision, the member in question will either be removed or allowed to remain. If the member is removed, then the remaining administrative member must take over both roles until the next yearly election.
FridaysOur organization is unique in both its ideas and variety of experiences and skills offered. No other club in Stuyvesant has previously focused on hosting speakers based in the literary and studio arts; they usually center around STEM careers and take place monthly. We plan to host lectures every other week, with a club meeting in between – a rarity in Stuyvesant. In addition, we plan to read a book collectively, which is a difficult and hard-to-find opportunity because of the large amount of people involved. We are different from many other literature and arts clubs in Stuyvesant because we not only combine the mediums, but also offer an all-inclusive buffet of features – building skills of critical thinking through reading, participating in competitions, workshopping and brainstorming, collaboration, building of one’s portfolio, and exposure to career opportunities – instead of simply choosing one area to focus, we provide our members with the full package they need to succeed and grow intellectually via the arts mediums.
Stuy 4-HOur goal is to develop leadership skills for high school students and have a positive impact on the environment.4-H is an international youth development organization with branches around the world. Our goal is to help youth reach their full potential and make a positive impact on their environment. Stuy 4-H in particular focuses on volunteer service, youth development, and science. Throughout the year, there will be volunteer events, internships, and trips to certain fairs which are sponsored by Cornell. Over the summer, you can go spend a few days at Cornell after having to do a presentation in front of judges from Met Life. At Cornell, you can experience a college life where you take a class of your choice for a few days. There is also an internship over the summer where you will go to schools in all 5 boroughs and teach little kids about the environment due to the fact that in New York City, we are prone to agricultural lifestyles which other kids experience in the country.My club works to benefit the Stuyvesant community by providing students a way to earn volunteer hours and take part in various internships throughout the school year and summer. While doing these activities, they can also build upon their leadership and collaboration skills. They will also be able to attend Public Presentations which is sponsored by New York Met Life, an insurance company. This gives everyone a chance to develop their presenting skills as mentors will help guide you in the process. This will allow for them to attend the trip to Cornell over the summer. Dedicated members will also receive a recommendation by Ms. Lucinda, a director from Cornell. Members can also experience a agricultural lifestyle when they go on a trip if they are to win the Public Presentations. They can also attend STARR (State Teen Action Representative Retreat), sponsored by Cornell so that they can improve their life skills which they will need in college. The trip to Cornell is also free so it offers everyone an accessible opportunity to go to Cornell even if you have financial problems. Thus, my club benefits the Stuyvesant community by allowing for a variety of skills to be showcased and developed upon.First, each member of the cabinet will have 3 strikes for missing his or her rotation for the meeting on Friday. There will be 2 members for each rotation in order to ensure that even if someone cuts someone will be there. However, if both are not to attend, both will receive 2 strikes. In addition, each member must attend at least one volunteer event as well as Public Presentations later on in the year so that they will be able to attend Career Explorations at Cornell over the summer. Cabinet members must also do at least one internship over the school year or summer. This is to ensure that he or she will be worthy of the recommendation that Cornell provides them.
There will be applications and interviews released soon to determine future members of the cabinet. If a member is to be actively attending events, he shall replace an inactive cabinet member.
Fridays4-H is an international organization that is focused upon leadership, public speaking, and agriculture. Within New York City, our club gives students in undeveloped neighborhoods a chance to experience new technologies and are exposed to the environment. Throughout the year, we have countless volunteer events and even opportunities for students to visit companies and build their leadership skills. Unlike other clubs that are focused upon volunteering and require a certain number of hours to be fulfilled, our club does not require such.
Stuy AIRStuy AIR hopes to educate the community and raise public awareness about the air quality in Stuyvesant High School and New York City.AIR stands for Action, Innovation, Research. The purpose of Stuy AIR is to educate the student body in Stuy on air pollution and public health. Stuy AIR will also fundraise potential research that may help improve air quality. Air pollution has damaging effects on communities all over the world. Air is an important factor in our everyday lives, the quality of it being equally as important. Thus, we will promote high air quality by help funding research. We will raise awareness of air pollution and quality as well as pollution and environmental issues that affect public health all around the world.
Members will learn about air pollution and the effects it has on communities everywhere. Members are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities, where the funds are donated to research projects around the world. We will also be conducting our own research on air quality inside the Stuyvesant school building and hopefully New York City’s environment as a whole.
Stuy AIR benefits Stuyvesant by educating our community about the importance of air quality. Despite significant improvements in recent decades, air quality in New York City is still a significant environmental threat. However, not many people are aware of the actual severity of this issue or the effects that air pollutants currently have on people’s daily lives. Low air quality has actually been linked to increased aggression in teens as well as a reduction in IQ levels. Stuy AIR hopes to implement all three parts of our campaign: Action, Innovation, and Research. We plan to start with smaller projects to make brochures and posters to first bring light to the issue of air quality. We can then focus on more specific types of research such as the indoor air quality of different areas of the school. The air quality indoors is actually often worse than that of outdoors, and we can see how this applies to Stuyvesant. We can use sensors to collect data in and around the school and promote awareness as to how this may have long-term effects on us students. If possible, this project can then be advanced to international levels to compare the air quality of schools around the country. Stuy AIR will also reach out to companies to help with fundraisers and further encourage the Stuyvesant community to become involved.Members are expected to come to most of the meetings and they will be expected to participate in fun, engaging activities such as making posters and fundraising. We will be having mandatory meetings at least twice a month, and members are expected to come. This club is based on Action, Innovation, and Research and so members are expected to participate in our fun organized activities.

Presidents and vice presidents are expected to be fully responsible for the club and its activities. They should come up with new and interesting plans to support the future for the club. To make sure that cabinet members are doing their job and leading the club effectively, there will be regular Google Form sent to the members (at least once a month) to get feedback. If the president fails to effectively lead the club (e.i. does not hold meetings on scheduled days, absent/late to meetings without sufficient prior notice, does not show respect to other members of the club, etc.), the new president will be chosen among the members who show substantial effort and commitment to the club. These duties apply to vice presidents as well. The election for the new president/vice president will take place through voting. The president will work together to organize activities for the club. Vice presidents will be selected by the presidents based on their ability to cohesively work with them. They will also help organize activities for the club and serve to assist the presidents by helping them with tasks such as contacting other organizations.
TBDUnlike other clubs that only do volunteer work for areas around the city, Stuy AIR is dedicated to promoting awareness, hosting fundraisers, and educating others about environmental hazard regarding air quality, all starting within our Stuyvesant Community. We focus on areas not only in New York but also reach out to obscure places in the USA and on an international scale. In addition, we have participated in research projects and are educated on this topic, thus allowing us to effectively lead and encourage our members to take action regarding environmental injustice in our community. Learn more at https://www.projectair.club/
Reach us/join Stuy AIR on Facebook page
Stuy AstroTo introduce the Stuyvesant community to astronomy and its applications in the real world.Stuy Astro's purpose is to create a community of Stuyvesant students that share an interest in astronomy and astrophysics. As the Astronomy elective is not currently being offered, our club serves as one of the few places in the Stuyvesant community that can help students learn more about astronomy. Most students first become familiar with astronomical concepts while taking physics during their junior year. Our club hopes to expose students to astronomy before they even become upperclassmen. One of the main focuses of Stuy Astro is to bring guest speakers that are experts on astronomy and astrophysics to foster a passion for their field within the Stuyvesant community. Members of Stuy Astro will meet weekly to discuss new concepts in astronomy or build on to what they have learned in a previous meeting. No prior knowledge of astronomy or astrophysics is required! Stuy Astro benefits the Stuyvesant community in that it fosters a community dedicated to astronomy and astrophysics. Astronomy is a natural science that explains the origins of celestial objects and their evolution. Despite its importance, however, this field is seldom mentioned at Stuy, as the Astronomy elective is not currently offered. Stuy Astro offers students a chance to explore the natural phenomena of our universe. By bringing in guest speakers of qualified backgrounds in the field, Stuy Astro helps promote interest in astronomy as a potential career field. We believe that this could be especially beneficial to the Stuyvesant community, as many students are interested in STEM. By giving members the opportunity to develop a passion for astronomy, Stuy Astro solidifies their knowledge of the topic. Stuy Astro also hopes to provide the Stuyvesant community with a relaxing and encouraging environment to appreciate astronomy, away from the stressful nature of Stuyvesant. The leadership positions of Stuy Astro include the president and vice president, who are currently the founders. Prior to their graduation, the incumbent leaders will send out a Google form at the end of the year to invite active members to pursue the leadership positions within the club. The incumbent leaders will announce the positions for the following year. All leaders are allowed to maintain their positions until they graduate, except in the event of impeachment or resignation.
The president and vice president are expected to host club meetings, lead discussions based on topics of astronomy and astrophysics, and ask guest speakers of qualified backgrounds to speak about their experiences in and knowledge of the field. They are also expected to act in a professional, non-discriminatory manner, and be accepting and encouraging of new members. If either leader fails to fulfill their responsibilities, they may be subject to impeachment. Members can show up to as many or as little meetings as they would like. They are only asked to be respectful during club meetings and discussions. They may suggest any new concepts of astronomy and astrophysics to be discussed at future meetings, or recommend a guest speaker that they would like to hear from.
In the event that a majority of the club finds that impeachment is necessary, it will be decided on a vote by active club members. If 2/3 of the club agrees on impeachment, they are to take a second vote to decide on who will take the new leadership position.
FridayStuy Astro is unique because it is the only club at Stuy that focuses on astronomy and astrophysics. We encourage students to delve further into the field and explore applications of astronomy in the real world, by connecting them with guest speakers of qualified backgrounds. Stuy Astro hopes to promote the field within the Stuyvesant community, so all students have a chance to explore their interests at Stuy.
Stuy BirdiesWe want to provide more people with the opportunity to play badminton, and promote badminton as a sport.As a badminton club, we aim to give more people the access to play badminton. Through meetings and events, we want to build a community of people that love badminton and hope to learn more about it. We hold meetings on weekends or during school breaks at badminton centers in Queens, where club members play together and help each other improve. Anyone interested in badminton is welcome to join the club, and no experience is needed. Members of the club are encouraged to sign up for events, but we don’t require members to attend a minimum number of meetings. For people that intend to go to badminton team tryouts, it’s highly helpful to attend club meetings and practice prior to the tryouts. Current team members will be at the meetings to help those that want to improve their skills and answer questions. However, with that being said, we welcome anyone that wants to spend a good time with their friends to join!At Stuyvesant High School, many people enjoy playing badminton. Each year, around 80 people try out for the Varsity Badminton team, and last year, the Girls Varsity Badminton team had won the PSAL City Championship for the first time. The success of the varsity teams is inseparable to the fact that there are many passionate and talented players in the Stuyvesant student body. Our club aims to further cultivate interest for badminton in the Stuy student body and provide support for those that are passionate about badminton. Through club events, we help members improve their skills and prepare them for upcoming tryouts. During school breaks, club meetings give team members the opportunity to practice and are great ways for club members to spend their free time. Members of the club will meet like-minded athletes and bond with each other over meetings. Even though the Stuy badminton teams are highly selective, our club is open to anyone that loves to play badminton. People that don’t make it onto the team will find their place in the club, where they will make new friends and have access to the resources they need. We hope that anyone interested in badminton can have the opportunity to play and feel supported in our close-knit community.Leadership applications will be sent out once a year. All members are eligible to apply for leadership positions, which include a president, a vice president, and five to seven event leaders depending on the number of club members. The president and vice president are expected to arrange and coordinate club meetings, complete administrative tasks, make general announcements in the club, communicate with event leaders, and promote the club in the school. The event leaders are expected to consult with the club presidents and hold meetings on a regular basis. They are responsible for sending out sign-up forms to members and take count of the members that signed up. At meetings, they will organize club members to play and answer any question that arises. If these expectations are not met, club leaders can be impeached by the presidents or by petitions of the members. If general members repeatedly disrupt club meetings, they will be kicked out and banned from the club.WeekendsWe are a badminton club that provides people with the resources needed to play badminton. In New York City, it is hard to find gyms or centers specifically built for badminton. It is even harder to find a supportive community of people that are all passionate about badminton. At Stuyvesant, we are the only club that promotes badminton and encourages anyone interested to join and play together. People that enjoy playing badminton and want to improve their skills will find their place here.
Stuy BoxersStuy Boxers will teach members of any experience level how to box, and will train with its members.The purpose of StuyBoxers is to introduce boxing as a possible recreational or even competitive sport that students may be interested in. Boxing is an intense sport that can teach students discipline, endurance, and life skills applicable to life beyond physical activity. Students can expect to gain healthier lifestyles if they keep up with the boxing training through exercises including jump ropes, shadow boxing, and weight training.
Anyone who is curious about what boxing is truly about, will gain an opportunity to glimpse at what a professional boxing club entails. No prior experience is required, we will be teaching everything from the very basics.
StuyBoxers will hold clubs in class formats; The instructors will demonstrate and students can follow. The instructors will be expected to provide individual care to each member. The club will mostly consist of exercise and prep for the first few weeks. Throughout the year, we will slowly incorporate punching and boxing techniques.
Most importantly, StuyBoxers will allow students to incorporate physical activity into their lives. 2 - 3 times a week, we will do some sort of cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes (usually jump roping or running). We will also train without the use of heavy or dangerous equipment. Students can expect to gain healthier lifestyles if they keep up with the boxing training through exercises including jump ropes, shadow boxing, and weight training. We hope that this sport will be a fun way to engage students to lead healthier lives.
As boxing is a very intense sport, we will make sure to avoid sparring and fighting. We hope to ensure a safe environment through more passive activities such as training and learning. We hope that as such an intense sport, boxing may also teach its members ideals of discipline, endurance, and perseverance. As a club, we hope to create an environment of students who can motivate and encourage one another to exercise harder than ever before. The rigor of the sport can also help students train ideals that are integral to the work-hard environment of the school.
Lastly, StuyBoxers is simply a fun way for people of common interest in martial arts to gather and discuss events in the boxing community. We believe the creation of StuyBoxers will be very rewarding for all participants in all manners.
People who are knowledgeable, diligent, and serious can expect to get appointments for becoming instructors themselves. We will nominate the next year’s president and instructors towards the end of the year. People who try very hard will be taken note of for diligence. The club presidents will be the main instructors. Therefore, we will be teaching and maintaining the club. However, if anyone shows that they have previous experience or show enough diligence, we intend for these students to also lead and teach the other students.
When we choose to make a student an instructor we do not intend them to also become a president. As a result, there will be instructors who are presidents and instructors who aren't. The club president will teach students the fundamentals of boxing, until they are proficient at jump roping (can jump rope for 7 rounds, 25 minutes, without break), shadowboxing (practice technique and posture), and exercise (strength training exercises such as push ups and leg ups).
The (expected) qualifications of instructors: Previous experience in boxing - enough to have better posture than anyone else. Physical condition - enough to instruct while demonstrating - able to talk while jump roping.

Protocols/principles: We expect members to be aware of their space while exercising. Students are not to use the boxing that they have learned during meetings to inflict harm upon another person during or outside of meetings. Under no circumstance, is a student to punch another. Experienced members are not to instruct the instructor or to interrupt during lessons.
Members who fool around to the point of endangering another member can expect to be kicked out. Any instructor who does not attend at least once every 2 weeks can be expected to demoted. Any instructor who is reported to be inappropriate, arrogant, or distracting will be taken note of and impeached upon further examination.
Mondays and WednesdaysBoxing has a rather violent stigma. As a result, the idea of a boxing club for students may seem foolish. In fact, there are no boxing teams or martial arts sports that schools offer as PSAL sports (other than wrestling.) However, boxing can also serve as an outlet for stress and a teacher for self-control, precision, and confidence. Accordingly, the formation of such a club can provide students with a unique opportunity to learn this misconceived sport in school.
Stuy Chinese CultureOur club educates the Stuyvesant community about Chinese culture through interactive meetings!Stuy Chinese Culture Club teaches students about Chinese culture through lectures by guest speakers, club trips, and other fun events. There is no need for any prior knowledge about Chinese culture– if you’re interested, you should join! We try to bring awareness to different aspects of Chinese culture that a student doesn’t just learn in his or her history classes. During our biweekly meetings, we watch movies, eat Chinese snacks, or discuss a variety of topics from how dumplings are made to current human rights issues in China. We also plan club trips to see Chinese classical performing arts shows, watch Chinese-related movies in theaters, or go to museum exhibits that feature Chinese history or culture. Our club trips are usually open to everyone at Stuy, so many students bring their friends along even if they are not club members. Our club members are expected to have a interest in Chinese culture and to have fun!
Stuy Chinese Culture Club provides the student body with the opportunity to to become more familiar with Chinese culture, which is generally not taught in the American school system unless one has taken a class designed for it specifically. This allows students to take time to relax their school-driven brains while still learning something that they are interested in. In addition, because the majority of the student population at Stuyvesant is Chinese, students will be able to connect with their peers in a non-academic setting. Our club is an easy and low commitment way to meet new people and make new friends that have different perspectives but share one unchangeable characteristic–their background. Our club also strives to discredit many unjust stereotypes perpetuated about the Chinese, which will help participants keep an open mind and become productive members of society.
Besides the fun activities we hold, such as Chinese food making or Chinese calligraphy, we also show some videos and documentaries about the different aspects of Chinese culture, how and why many ancient remnants have been destroyed, etc. This will provide students with a historical background to contextualize what they are learning and interacting with, which they can then learn from and apply to everyday life, like any history class.
For leadership positions, leaders must demonstrate a clear interest in Chinese culture and prove to be responsible. Directors of certain departments are expected to be organized with their event planning and be responsive to the president or vice president. Departments (as of now) include event planning, communications, art and design, and more. The president and vice president are appointed by those of the previous year. Directors and other leadership positions are evaluated by the president, vice president and previous directors through demonstrated commitment, google forms, and interviews. Rising seniors (who have shown the greatest commitment) have priority to be presidents, rising juniors for vice presidents, and upperclassmen in general for director positions. Interest and commitment, however, will override these general rules. Ultimately, we are still an open community where all ideas will be taken into consideration, and the club members are encouraged to ask questions and give constructive criticism to leaders! Board members who fail to attend three meetings with no excuses will be placed under review of the President/Vice President and may be impeached. If this is the case, the president and Vice President will select a replacement by opening an application for the position.
TBDStuy Chinese Culture club is unique in that out of the very few culture-oriented clubs in Stuy, we are more interactive and try our best to take our club members out of the classroom. For instance, we hold many food-making activities and members will be able to bring products home to show to their families. We also invite guest speakers to talk about Chinese culture in a way that students (even leaders of the club) would not be able to explain.
In addition, although there is a large population of Chinese students at Stuy, there is not a great sense of pride and appreciation because these students do not have a cultural setting to bond in. Stuy Chinese Culture changes that and tries to create a welcoming and fun community for anyone that would like to join!
Stuy Content CreatorsOur goal is to both create and help other organizations create videos, both educational and recreational, for the Stuyvesant body to enjoy.Our purpose is to create an environment that people feel comfortable producing videos in. We plan on both creating content within the club, both individually and as a whole, as well as through collaborations with other organizations, both in and out of school. Throughout any project, the rest of the club will always be there to lend any help. We also hope to spread the hobby of content creation and to reduce the level of intimidation that people often have about content creation, as well as showcasing the multitude of talents that the Stuyvesant body has. Videos that we produce will be both educational and recreational, and they can be about pretty much anything that one feels passionate about. Members will be expected to participate throughout the entire content creation process, from brainstorming to filming to post-production. They will also be contacting other clubs and organizations to potentially partner up with and helping the club expand through this. Our club will provide an outlet for students to showcase themselves and their talents; it isn't a club restricted to those who enjoy video production. People who have talents that they want the world to see can refer to us to help them be known for what they are special at. Other clubs and organizations who are looking for a way to gain publicity or display what they do can also turn to us for that. Because of how flexible we are with the content that we make, we have the capability to both directly and indirectly assist almost anyone who would like to have a video produced. In addition, many classes and teachers assign projects in which students make a video about the class's subject. While we cannot and will not directly help them with those projects, we will be happy to help them learn the skills they need to make a successful video. In addition to this, our content will directly be able to benefit the student body. Our educational, Crash Course-esque videos will be able to help students who are struggling in certain classes, and we could also collaborate with teachers or certified ARISTA tutors to make sure that everything is accurate. Our recreational videos will also benefit students who are going through rough times and would enjoy something that they can relate to or something funny. New leaders will be appointed through club voting to ensure that all members have a fair chance at gaining a leadership position. The club will have many opportunities to take part in different activities, so everyone will have a chance to do something. Any leaders that the members of the club recognize as not doing their job properly or with effort will have their positions on the line in a club vote on impeachment. However, instead of a simple majority being enough to win, impeachment votes will need to 3/4 of club votes to be passed. The new replacement leader will be elected the same way as usual, with a majority vote. The primary protocols for members will be to avoid publishing content that may be deemed as inappropriate, as well as to present the club in a positive light when collaborating with other clubs or organizations. Members will also be prohibited from directly helping a student working on a video project for a class. Any members caught infringing on these rules will be given a first strike, and any members with two strikes will be removed from the club.
ThursdaysOur organization is unique because of the enormous variety of interests we can cover. Unlike other clubs that are focused on a very specific area, we are set on producing content, but that content can be about a multitude of topics. We will also be collaborating with other clubs much more frequently than most clubs will, so this will also be a thing about us that stands out. Our members will share an interest in content creation, but all the content that they make will be about different topics and the way that we will be able to appeal to a vast majority of the student body is what makes us different.
Stuy Curvy GirlsTo raise awareness and help support people through FOCOS with orthopedic disorders.This club will work alongside Curvy Girls in order to fund FOCOS. FOCOS is an organization that helps patients with chronic disabilities all over the world for free and they need all the help they can get. It is based in Ghana and focuses primarily on improving the lives of patients throughout Africa with orthopedic care. The children there grow up with their deformities due to the lack of resources that would have otherwise helped them significantly in their everyday lives.
As privileged students that live comfortable lives, it is our job to raise awareness for and to help provide for those who do not have the benefits we access so easily. Members will be expected to help fundraise and collect material goods that will support FOCOS. As busy students, we often don’t find the chance to sympathize with those suffering from the same disorders as us. This club will also serve to help unite and encourage those with orthopedic disorders.
Many students in Stuy suffer from rare disorders and are too shy or have no one to share their experiences with. Through Stuy Curvy Girls, students suffering from these disorders can unite and bond over experiences that no one else can understand. The Stuyvesant community as a whole will also become aware of these issues and refrain from making offensive comments that make others uncomfortable. Curvy Girls is an organization made up of children worldwide to comfort those who are fighting against scoliosis. Together, they reduce the emotional impact of scoliosis by empowering girls through mutual support, acceptance to become leaders, and to improve self-esteem while still giving back to the community. As Stuy students, we are often too busy to go to these meetups so instead, Curvy Girls will be brought to Stuy. FOCOS is a nonprofit organization that relies upon the generosity of volunteers and the donations they receive. If Stuyvesant students were to get involved with this cause, not only can we raise awareness and funding but we will also be changing the lives of kids our age and younger across the globe. The establishment of this club will allow Stuyvesant to become a reliable donor and contributor to FOCOS. We will inspire other students to actively engage with similar organizations with beneficial causes. Leaders will be expected to attend all volunteer events and to contribute more on their own (organizing events and planning what will be discussed during meetings). We plan to hold as many bake sales and other fundraising events as possible. Leaders will be impeached if they fail to attend three of these events or meetings without a reasonable excuse. If at least 75% of members bring to attention that they feel one of the leaders should be replaced with another student with more potential, the other leaders will discuss before making the final call. If any member or leader disrupts the management or organization of the club, they will receive one warning before being immediately removed if they repeat their inappropriate behavior. Members will be removed if they miss at least four meetings/events without a reasonable excuse and will be expected to bring in goods whenever they can for fundraisers. After impeachment, a meeting will be held inviting all members to come and vote for a new leader. Prior to the meeting, members running for the leadership position will have to email the current leaders their pitch of what makes them a qualified leader. At the meeting, each candidate will be given a chance to say their pitch in order to convince the other members to vote for them. Everyone will be given a chance to vote (member's and leader's votes all count the same amount) and the two candidates with the most votes will move forward to the final election. Whoever receives the most votes will earn the position. If there is a tie, the current leaders will make the final decision. FridayThis club is particularly unique because it will serve to unite people under the same concern and we will work alongside an outside organization, Curvy Girls. With the help of Curvy Girls, we will help aid FOCOS financially and raise awareness for the cause. FOCOS rely on the generosity people like us to help them expand. The larger our club is, the greater our impact will be towards the improvement of lives across the globe.
Stuy CyberSecurityEducate the Stuyvesant community on the vulnerability of modern technology.The goal of the CyberSecurity club is to expose our members to cybersecurity; we explore topics not usually covered in CS classes, create projects to demonstrate our knowledge and solve challenges in competitions together. We have achieved great success in the past and we hope to continue that tradition in future years! Our main goal is to teach concepts and security-minded thinking more than actual coding. To get to these concepts, we will be exposing underclassmen to some of the topics covered in AP Computer Science, including algorithms, data structures, and their applications. However, we would like to teach at a variety of difficulty levels in order to accommodate more club members. If nothing else, we want our members to be familiar with a variety of computer science concepts if and when they choose to explore them more deeply in high school or college. They will hopefully have a leg up in more advanced computer science classes and be enthusiastic about computer science.Our club helps students who want to be ahead in their future computer science classes and want to learn more than what is taught in their classes. It helps people interested in computer science learn about a specific aspect of computer science that they might want to study further in the future. CyberSecurity is a very engaging and conceptually challenging field of computer science. It’s very useful to get exposure to it if you want to study computer science and programming, since we go over vulnerabilities and how to prevent them. Many Stuyvesant students are interested in computer science, so going to the Stuy CyberSecurity club could help them learn about it more. We hope to get students enthusiastic about computer science outside of the classroom. In addition, we get students ready for competitions such as HSCTF and the USACO. If a student starts attending this club as a freshman or sophomore, that means they have an edge in these competitions and can start performing well a year or two before their classmates. This can also increase the chance of a student doing well enough on a computer science competition to put it on their resumes/college applications. It is hard for students to develop strong coding practices that emphasize security, as they head into junior and senior year, so starting off early could be very beneficial.When a person is to join the CyberSecurity club, they will automatically become a member. To stay a member, they simply must attend at least one meeting a week. After being a member for one year, one may become either a vice president or a president. In both scenarios, the person will be subject to an interview. In both cases, the person must have been an exemplary member of the CyberSecurity club. The difference between Vice President and President is merit based. We will factor in the attendance, intelligence, and contributions of the applicant to determine an appropriate spot. There will be up to three presidents. To be a president, one must either write the lesson plans, gather resources, or organize events. In addition, each president must have been a member of the club for at least one year. Of course, each president must attend every meeting. Below the presidents, there will be up to three vice presidents. They too will have to come to each meeting, and to stay vice presidents, they must assist a president in one of his/her tasks. The president or vice president may be impeached if there is an incomplete lesson plan for two or more consecutive lessons and/or they are absent from more than one meeting without a valid reason. If impeachment were to occur, there would be a vote to determine a suitable replacement for the impeached.Wednesday, undecidedOur organization is a fun, low-pressure way to grow individually as computer scientists while teaching each other. It lets us solve problems while taking about important computer science concepts. At Stuyvesant, it can be really hard to set aside time to independently pursue a difficult activity. The CyberSecurity Club offers students a unique opportunity to solve difficult computer science concepts while not having to worry about other responsibilities. It is also unique in the hands on learning approach that cybersecurity facilitates.
Stuy Fashion ClubThe Stuy Fashion Club is a club that is designed for students interested in fashion as a hobby and want to gain fashion related knowledge and skills while attending meetings and events hosted by the club.The Stuy Fashion Club aims to help students learn, explore, and understand trends both current and old in fashion industry. It would serve as a forum for students to discuss mainstream brands, as well as those which have flown under the radar. We would take a look at what pieces are being released and where, and if they are worth buying. We would take trips to fashion shows/exhibits and predict the future of certain trends, and if they are going to come back into style in future seasons. We would rate each others outfits and cultivate albums for everyone to look back on for inspiration. Members are encouraged to come in with their favorite outfits so they can be critiqued and add their opinions in discussions. Anyone with any interest at all for designing, styling or shopping in general, regardless of experience, is welcome to come and join the club.
Knowing how to dress oneself well is an important life skill for everyone to learn that carries on to university and further beyond. First impressions are incredibly important and your outfit can determine how you are treated We believe that clothes can give students a much needed confidence boost. With such a strict and competitive school environment, it is easy for many students to feel discouraged and isolated when they do not perform as well as they have expected and feel as though they can not do anything right. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers in fashion, unlike most classes, and we want to give students the chance to experiment with different colors, tones and fits. There is so much more to fashion than the latest trends and bandwagons and our club aims to help students find their aesthetic and a sense of style they can identify with. Many believe that a lot of money is needed to be fashionable, which is completely wrong. Too much money is being spent on clothes with poor quality and poor compatibility. Our club aims to help students reduce the size of their closets and increase the amount of outfit combinations possible as well as find deals and discounts on high quality pieces.
Both appointment and impeachment protocols will be fair and unbiased, and all decisions will be made with a council of members, all from different grade levels, to ensure that all appointees or those up for impeachment are treated the same and that there is no prejudice. This council would pick individuals who have shown a high level of dedication and commitment to the club and display a role model behavior that inspires others to follow. This would be done through a vote where a simple majority would pass. The leaders of this club are expected to set up meetings, facilitate discussions, and address/answer any questions or concerns members have. If either of the co-presidents is found displaying disrespectful behavior/ bullying, a vote would be held for impeachment, where a simple majority would also be the deciding factor. In this event, the position would be opened and a member from the council would be voted in by the others. Members are expected to come to club meetings when they are available, but they are not expected to come in any specific outfits, as fashion is all about wearing whatever you'd like. Members should not partake in bullying others for their outfits and the club cannot condone this toxic behavior. As a result the only main rule is to not persecute others based on what they are wearing, but instead give constructive criticism. FridayWhat makes the Stuyvesant Fashion Club unique in comparison to other art clubs is how we analyze and study our art. Not only do we learn from one another, but we can also learn from different pieces online, incorporating details to make our own new ideas. In addition, we will actually be able to use the senior spirit days to compare outfits as well, and maybe even come up with ideas for new spirit days.
Stuy Fashion LabThis club will be an outlet for creativity for students interested in learning more about sewing/ making clothes, doing DIYs, and more.Stuy Fashion Lab, previously called The Sewing Club, is great for students interested in fashion. You can learn to sew, make your own clothing, do DIYs, and more. There will be opportunities available to do service as well. (For example, donate to homeless or sort fabric in exchange for new materials) This club hopes to bring together creative individuals and have fun making art! There will also be adventures and club trips to places such as the Garment District, thrift shops, or Industry City. The commitment level for this club is whatever one wants it to be. Come as little or as often as you want. Projects topics will be suggested but not required. Collaborate with others or work by yourself. At the end of the year, SFL hopes to put together a spectacular fashion show, displaying pieces made by members! Being a part of SFL will be fun and rewarding.In an environment where the arts are under-appreciated, Stuy Fashion Lab hopes to contribute to making art a more represented field at Stuy. This club will be perfect for anyone who is interested in fashion because there aren't any classes related to fashion in Stuy. Everyone is encouraged to join. Stuy Fashion Lab is all about creativity because students can create something completely new from just a couple materials. They can also reinvent pieces already in their wardrobe. It helps them save money and promotes uniqueness. By using recycled fabric or scrapped materials from fabric companies, Stuy Fashion Lab advocates for reuse, reduce, recycle. It aims to help out the disadvantaged by donating clothing to the homeless. There may be service opportunities available too. Students can improve their skills in sewing or learn new techniques at this club. They will get the chance to work together in groups or individually to create garments such as (but not limited to) tops, skirts, dresses, or pants. Hopefully, a fashion show will be put together at the end of the year to showcase the amazing works done by the members. It will be Stuy's first fashion show, setting a precedent for future classes. Appointment:
To be in the club, students need to sign up on StuyActivities.org and attend meetings. The only requirement is an interest for what the club has to offer. It is recommended to attend at least 5 meetings or 2-3 times a month. Stay involved! Join the Facebook group (Stuy Fashion Lab) to be updated. Emails will be sent out as well.
Stuy Fashion Lab needs all the help it can get! There are several positions available for people who are passionate about art, CS, outreach, and more. Appointment protocols will include an online application followed by a possible interview, depending on the number of applicants. In order to be qualified, one must be dedicated to his or her position's duties. He or she must be able to communicate with other leaders and work well with others. Applicants do not need to know how sew to apply (depending on the position). Over time, dedicated members may be promoted to a leader, so staying involved can be helpful!

Impeachment protocols will include the removal of the member from the club if the member is being disruptive during meetings, or making hateful comments online about SFL. Members are to be respectful to each other. There should be no horseplay in the club laboratory as it is dangerous with all the machines and tools. Breaking equipment is prohibited.
most likely tuesdays or thursdaysSFL is unique because it is one of the few, if not only, clubs at Stuy that is related to fashion. It teaches members how to sew, provide free materials to work with, and has club trips.
Stuy for Wounded WarriorsOur mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors by raising funds for the Wounded Warrior Project.Our purpose is to raise awareness and enlist the aid of our student body for the needs of injured service members. We will host fundraisers (such as bake sales or arts-and-crafts sales) on holidays that are significant to members of the armed forces (Memorial Day, Flag Day, etc.) and use these events to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project. We hope to foster a strong connection between Stuyvesant students and those who serve our country. We believe that Stuyvesant is already in a special position to help the Wounded Warrior Project, as their mission is to aid those who were injured on or after 9/11, which was a major event in our school’s history. General members will be expected to attend monthly meetings, attend fundraisers, and bring goods to sell at these fundraisers. Members will conduct themselves with dignity, maturity, and honesty. They are expected to represent the values of the Wounded Warrior Project and of Stuyvesant.Stuy for Wounded Warriors will benefit the Stuyvesant community by giving students the opportunity to become involved in community service for a worthy cause. This organization will not only raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Project, but will also help students develop a passion for service and a forum in which to use their skills for the benefit of those in need. For example, if a student wants to contribute using their artistic skills, they can create artwork to sell at a fundraising event benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. Stuy for Wounded Warriors will benefit Stuyvesant by fostering a safe environment to share ideas about how to become involved in meaningful community service. This activity will teach students how to manage funds and how to reach out to the student body in order to get their peers involved in fundraising events. We hope to keep future students informed about Stuyvesant’s close connection to 9/11 and the brave service members and civilians who have made sacrifices as a result of the events on 9/11. We hope that, once this club is established, future students at Stuyvesant will continue to develop this club and maintain a relationship with the Wounded Warrior Project.There will be two leadership positions offered: the role of President and Vice President. Both President and Vice President will work together to further the club’s cause. They will be in charge of managing funds in coordination with the Wounded Warrior Project. They will have the responsibility of organizing fundraising events and attending meetings and fundraising events. They are subject to the same code of conduct and protocol as all general members. In the future, perhaps, they will arrange for guest speakers to speak with the club members.
There will be a leadership application process. The current club leaders will choose “leaders-in-training” from the pool of applicants through a selection process. Once training is completed, the “leaders-in-training” will succeed the incumbent leaders. The criteria for appointing new leaders will include: the number of meetings attended; leadership qualities displayed; passion for the club and investment in the club’s values. The President will be a rising senior and the Vice President will be a rising junior. Applications will open early in the spring semester; the first round will open for Spring 2020.
Leaders will be impeached if they embezzle funds or otherwise hinder the club’s purpose in aiding the Wounded Warrior Project. Leaders can also be subject to impeachment if they display a disregard for club values or otherwise violate the rules set by the organization or by Stuyvesant. Leaders will be impeached if they regularly fail to attend club meetings and/or fundraising events.
General members are expected to attend meetings and fundraising events.General members will actively participate in fundraising events (bring food, crafts, etc. for fundraising). They will emulate club values and follow Stuyvesant code of conduct. General members will respect peers and be mindful of how their actions may reflect on the Wounded Warrior Project and Stuyvesant.
ThursdaysWhile several charitable organizations exist at Stuyvesant, no organization currently exists at Stuyvesant that raises funds solely for veterans. We are dedicated to using students’ abilities to engage them in raising funds. Through this organization, we hope to establish a community of Stuyvesant students devoted to helping others and making positive contributions to their community. This club will enable Stuyvesant to enter a larger group of schools and student ambassadors affiliated with the Wounded Warrior Project and its cause. Stuy for Wounded Warriors is open to all Stuyvesant students and will be a great place for students to meet like-minded peers who are dedicated to helping our service members.
Stuy Game Dev StudioStuy Game Dev Studio wants to provide an environment for people to learn how to design and code games.Stuy Game Dev Studio hopes to take students of all skill levels and turn them into passionate game developers. Within the club, there are two sections: design and development. People interested in coding might find themselves more interested towards the development section while more creative individuals may lean towards the the design section (Students interested in both can be in both sections). In the development section, we will start off by learning the basics of the game engine we will be using throughout the course and then transition into learning the C# coding language. From there, we will gain experience coding simple games such as Asteroid, Pong and Pac-Man. In the design section, we will start by learning fundamental concepts of game design. From there, we will do case studies on very successful games and learn why they are so fun. Afterwards, both sections will combine to form groups. Each group will work together on making their own game which will be later shared with other groups within the club. Members of the the club are expected to have their own development device, be dedicated and attend meetings, and be passionate about making games.The video game industry is currently a very large industry, estimated to be worth $17.68 billion USD in 2016. The industry is only growing larger as games such as Fortnite attract the attention of many young people around the world. Many competitive games are considered eSports, which has been considered to be included as a demonstration sport in the Olympics. Although many students find themselves playing video games, many students also show interest in creating games but find it difficult to start. The purpose of our club is to help students get involved in game design and development regardless of age or experience in the field. Students can get a look into the video game industry and see if the career may be a possible interest for them in the future. Students also get to learn valuable technical skills that can aid them even if they choose no to pursue game development and learn soft skills such as the dynamics of working in teams which is essential in the video game industry. With the club, we hope to aid anybody who has interest in the field with helpful lessons and advice and hopefully also help them develop a passion for video game creation.New leaders will be elected through a majority voting system and the end of every semester. Within the club, leaders found to be not doing their job can be cast into an impeachment vote. Within the impeachment vote, 1/2 of the regular members within the club must vote for the impeachment along with at least 1/2 of the leaders within the club. However, if 2/3 of the regular members vote for impeachment, impeachment occurs regardless of the votes from the leaders. If impeachment occurs, students can cast themselves as candidates for replacements. Voting then occurs and the individual with the most votes replaces the impeached leader. At the end of the year, senior leaders must resign their leadership positions and members within the club can sign up as candidates for empty positions. Senior leaders may also promote a non-senior leader into their position leaving the non-senior’s position empty for potential candidates. For each role, the student with the most votes wins the position. Leaders within the club may only hold one position concurrently.Mondays and WednesdaysStuy Game Dev Studio is unique because it allows the students to learn about the complex world of video game creation in a supportive learning environment. Students are surrounded by people passionate about the same things they are and students get to learn something that is both fun and rewarding. As the year progresses, students have the opportunity to showcase their talents through projects. Stuy Game Dev Studio also allows students to have a potential look at what life in the video game industry is like and if it could be a possible career for them. Students also get to learn valuable technical skills that can aid them outside of just game development such as fundamental programming knowledge.
Stuy History ClubThe History Club strives to provide a source for those with an interest in history to cultivate their interests and talent.The purpose of this organization is to provide those with an interest in history with an outlet to express and cultivate these interests. A main project that we would like for members to work on is the National History Day competition, as well the publication of student essays and other works. As many APUSH teachers require their students to compete in the National History Day competition, we would also like to hold some meetings that are dedicated to giving these students both space and time to work on these projects. Meetings will also serve as a space to discuss history, play history trivia games, or socialize. Discussions related to history would be in the form of group study sessions, discussions of current events (particularly in the context of history), as well as in depth discussions of primary sources and historical events. Additionally, we would like to organize visits by guest speakers, such as people who work in local governments, museums, or other fields related to history, which all students would be invited to. Another activity we plan on partaking in is organizing club outings to competitions such as the History Bowl as well as trips to local museums and exhibits. Finally, members would work on curating the social studies department wall on the third floor. Most important, however, is that the members have an positive experience interacting with history, and have an enjoyable time at these meetings.This activity will benefit Stuyvesant because it will allow kids with an interest in history to thrive in a STEM school. Encouraging students to participate in the National History Day competition and giving them space and time to work on their projects will allow them to explore their interests outside of the classroom. Aside from the NHD competition, we would encourage students to submit their work into other competitions, such as the Concord Review. Additionally, events such as the History Bowl can make the subject of history more exciting and fun. Trivia games and other social events can also show how history can be fun.The Stuy History Club could even benefit those who are not necessarily the biggest fans of history. We definitely would like to bring in a couple of guest speakers throughout the year, and these events would be open to anyone interested. We would also like to send out a newsletter via an email blast, which will contain fun facts, summarize information about museum exhibitions, and also contain information about history related opportunities/ internships. These events would be open to anyone in Stuyvesant who wishes to partake in them, so it could potentially benefit Stuyvesant as a whole, not just the members of the club.Besides attending meetings and being open and enthusiastic about history, there aren’t specific protocols members are expected to follow. Though this club has existed in the past, this is the first year where we have more activities and events as well as regularly scheduled meetings planned for the year. Since this club is operating differently than it has in the past, appointment protocols for leaders followed the premise that the positions went to those who want to make sure the club is running smoothly, preside over meetings, and take charge in organized events and activities. If a leader is consistently shirking duties, then they will be impeached from their position, but allowed to remain part of the club. If the club is big enough then choosing leaders could be based on a vote, but it could also be based on who is the most dedicated and has the most passion for the club.MondayOur organization is unique in the sense that it is the only organization dedicated to history. We strive toward showing the student body that history is engaging, social, and fun. Because Stuyvesant is considered by many to be a STEM oriented school, we provide resources for those interested in history, a humanities discipline, to explore their interests, cultivate them, and share them with like minded people with similar passions. We want to make sure those who are interested in pursuing history outside the classroom have the ability to do so, through this club.
Stuy Instrumental ClubTo provide an opportunity to play higher levels of music while gaining valuable life experiences and connections in the process. This club is a place where students will get the opportunity to play music, learn music, and immerse themselves in a group of young musicians around their age. This club will enable students to increase their musical capabilities in an environment where they can relax and play without the stress or fear of a grading policy. We will cover various genres of music, ranging from classical to jazz, along with independent playing. With just an instrument and some spirit, students can come to meet fellow passionate musicians and get involved in the greater musical community in an environment that stimulates friendships!
We will strive to improve musical skills and techniques and help students in all areas of the musical field that they hope to learn more about, whether it is to improve playing, compose music, or learn more about the musical community and all it has to offer. We welcome musicians from all musical backgrounds and all categories of instruments including winds, strings, brass, and percussion!
Our club will benefit the Stuyvesant community by providing an opportunity for students to play music that they enjoy at a higher level than what is typically provided in the ensembles offered at Stuyvesant, since the club is much more specific to smaller groups with only those who are highly passionate about music and the arts. There will be many opportunities in a wide variety of genres and small performing groups, playing music from concert band, jazz, orchestral, and other repertoire. Students will be faced with more personal responsibility in productions since this is a group based on personal achievement rather than grades, and will face more personal consequences compared to those if one messes up at a school concert.
This club will teach students about dedication and the joys of playing instrumental music, passions that tend to die rapidly once a talented, passionate musician enters Stuyvesant High School, a much more different place than the smaller, more energetic groups found in middle school. Students will also learn how to lead their own ensembles and find repertoire of their own, along with how to set up a performance and execute it on the performance day. This will also facilitate new or closer relationships between people in the group, and create an environment where students are free to express themselves through music. Students will also become more educated and technically advanced musicians, taking those skills further on in their lives after they graduate.
We will appoint leaders in our club based on the passion they have for music and in particular, this club, and the amount of effort they put in to make this club successful. We will consider anyone who shows particular aptitude in this field a potential future leader, and make impartial decisions based on the effort of that particular student.
Impeachments will occur if a leader is not acting upon the guidelines set in the Club Pub rules, or is lacking in effort to keep this club up and running. Any leader who does not attend the majority of the rehearsals and/or does not complete the assigned tasks will be replaced with a member who shows qualities of dedication and great effort. Any leader who cannot take control of the club or tasks set out for them will be removed by the presidents, and in a case of president impeachment, the other leaders of the club must decide unanimously on the impeachment of said person.
TBD Stuy Instrumental Club aims to offer personal connections while making musical advancements within the school. With an environment free from restrictions or grading policies, musicians will be able to cultivate themselves further and make valuable improvements and connections, musically and socially. In addition, by providing an open environment to the talented musicians of Stuy, our club will be able to promote musical productions and collaborations within the school. Stuy Instrumental Club will elevate the quality of music produced in Stuy.
Stuy Intercultural ClubThe mission of the Stuyvesant Intercultural Club is to educate the Stuyvesant community on many different cultures, as well as their music, dance, food, language, traditions, holidays, politics, government, and much more!Our purpose is to learn and appreciate the many cultures around the world. We will explore many cultures, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Bengali, Indian, Pakistani, Jewish, Hispanic, French, German, Italian, and many more. We will talk about food, practices, language, and other interesting components of each culture. If a club member is familiar with a certain culture, he or she can lead the discussion and teach us more about it. Everyone will have the chance to participate freely in the discussion. Once in a while, we will go out after school and try some food or watch a movie/performance from a particular culture. New York is a melting pot with people from all parts of the world, but we never really have the time to fully indulge ourselves in a certain culture. Hopefully, we and our club members will gain a better perspective on the world and its numerous, diverse cultures. New York is a melting pot with people from all parts of the world, but we never really have the time to fully indulge ourselves in a certain culture since we are always busy with work at Stuyvesant. Hopefully, we will gain a better perspective on the world and its numerous, diverse cultures.
The Stuyvesant community is a very diverse group of students from all over the world. There are students from literally every corner of the world, practicing many different religions. Stuyvesant and New York City are melting pots of so many cultures, which make these places so interesting and unique. We want to spread awareness and appreciation of these wonderful and diverse cultures. By teaching each other about our different cultures, we will learn more about the world.
For years, Stuyvesant has had multiple clubs for individual cultures, but we are different! In our club, so many different cultures are discussed and learned about. Each member has a say in the club and we care deeply that everyone is involved. This will be an amazingly fun club with so many opportunities to discuss, share, and appreciate each other's cultures. We held club meetings for our club last year and it was a big success!
For a member of our club to receive a leadership position, he or she will be interviewed by the presidents. We will also take into account how dedicated the applicant is to the club before we make a decision on whether they receive a leadership position.
For impeachment protocols, we will go by a three-strike system. Every time a leader misses a club meeting without a valid excuse, they will receive one strike. A leader will also receive a strike if they deliberately disobey club rules. When a leader shows initiative and great leadership, he or she will lose half a strike. When a club member receives or loses a strike, they will be immediately notified by the presidents and vice-president. When a leader receives three strikes, they will lose their leadership position, but will have the chance to stay in the club as a regular member. The presidents will use their judgment to make calls about strikes. We will try to be as fair as possible to everyone.
TuesdayOur club is unique because we learn about all cultures and are deeply interested in diversity and acceptance of all. The Stuyvesant community is a very diverse group of students from all over the world. There are students from literally every corner of the world, practicing many different religions. Stuyvesant and New York City are melting pots of so many cultures, which make these places so interesting and unique. We want to spread awareness and appreciation of these wonderful and diverse cultures. By teaching each other about our different cultures, we will learn more about the world.
Stuy LiftsTo promote a healthy diet and exercise plan for everyone.This organization is an opportunity for people of all shapes and sizes to learn how to live a healthier life by taking better care of their body. People who wish to start heading over to the gym have no idea where to start and that is what this club plans to fix. A greater understanding of your own body will lead you to make better life choices more suited for you. Learning to lift weights may seem frightening at first, but we will try our very best to help you to feel at ease with yourself. It matters not how strong you are at first or how much knowledge you may have on the gym setting because this club is programmed to inform you on the in's and out's of the gym and how to exercise properly. General members of the club are expected to not take this club as a joke and to fool around. As much as even we leaders like to have our fun, too much fooling around would be a distraction to those who are taking this opportunity seriously. Many students do not make very healthy choices and may find that they are consistently eating junk food and not getting enough exercise. This club encourages you to take visits to the gym more often than you already were before and also encourage you to make healthier food options than whatever is may be that you are consuming now. We strive for taking care of our bodies not only physically, but also mentally. We will help students to reject bad food choices and promote healthier alternatives in whatever way we can. We also encourage students to partake in more exercise than they already partake in and we will even go to the gym with them as well to not only observe their progress, but to also aid them in performing exercises that they have never done before. Stuyvesant kids are well known for pulling all nighters and most of us do not make the best choices regarding our health and that is where Stuy Lifts comes into play. We can provide assistance to other kids regarding issues that are significantly reducing their overall health. We also like to make friends, so Stuy Lifts can be a great place just to get to know one another. We have already decided on leadership positions that will stay as they are for now, but members are able to be promoted based on their dedication to the club, motivation for what this club strives for, and of course, wanting to have a leadership position in the first place. Leaders may be impeached if they do not show up to enough meetings, do not have a fair knowledge on the basics of what it will take to run this club, do not want to have a leadership position in this club, or commit any acts that are considered unlawful according to Stuyvesant rules and regulations. Members are not required to attend every meeting, but going to the gym with us is highly recommended. Members are also requested that they do not fool around and disturb others who are taking this club seriously and trying to have a good time here. Fridays and sometimes other days depending on whether enough people can make it.There is not really any clubs that focus on weight lifting and that is where we wanted to stand out. It would not be club dedicated solely to exercising and gaining muscle either. On the days that we do not go to the gym, we will talk about food choices and different exercises that each of us can do depending on our schedule. It will not be as rigorous as other clubs as we know that of us are busy with our lives. This club is more of a friendly get together where we help each other with our activities. We would like a room for the club to host meetings. It would also be very much appreciated if the room that you provide us is not used by other clubs or organizations when we have our meetings.
Stuy LimitlessStuy Limitless is a mental health and self-confidence advocacy club that seeks to better the Stuyvesant community and lessen the stigma against mental health issues.Stuy Limitless is focused on self-care, self-love, and self-esteem; we believe that confidence is a key to a person and their happiness. Aiming to build the student body up, we want to use Limitless as a platform to educate the Stuyvesant community about mental health. Mental health is an issue that is commonly overlooked in Stuy, and we aim to establish Limitless as a safe space. In addition, Limitless spreads awareness and fights stigma by teaching students (through presentations and/or demonstrations) about coping with mental illnesses and dealing effectively with stress. Members will work on initiatives to bring messages of hope and positivity, support, and recovery to fellow students; some may be artistic projects and others can be mental health first aid events. In the end, Limitless is here for students who need someone to talk to and those who want to help erase the taboo surrounding discussions on mental health.Stuy Limitless will bring to light the issue of mental health that is constantly overlooked. By spreading awareness through posters, presentations, and meetings, we expect to break down the harmful stigma regarding mental health. We hope to encourage students to recognize the significance of the role of mental health in well-being, productivity, and lifestyle.
This club may also provide a refuge and forum for those who already recognize the impact of mental health. These people can expect Stuy Limitless to be a place of coping where they can receive peer-counseling for feedback and support. This may help students to confront their personal issues while making new friends.
The influences of mental health extend beyond welfare; Stuy Limitless may also serve as a club for students to learn about themselves and to learn different techniques to cope with different issues, which they may implement for academic benefits. Previously, we held meetings with professionals who taught members how to cope with anxiety and maintain high levels of performance through practices such as meditation and reflection. Tools such as these can be used during the Stuyvesant academic year to help school performance while learning about self-care.
By addressing such issues, we expect to see a general trend towards healthier lifestyle in Stuyvesant.
Those in leadership positions will stay in them unless either they resign or they are impeached. Several months before it’s time for the current leaders to graduate, they decide what process they would like to use (essay-writing, Google forms, interviews, etc.) to pick someone that they think can fulfill the role. They may pick a maximum of six candidates to be future leaders, and these candidates will be leaders-in-training. The few month grace period is in place so that the current leaders can observe the leaders-in-training in order to make sure that they would be able to keep the club active and effectively lead. To impeach a cabinet member, the cabinet and club members both vote. If more than half of the total members present at the meeting concerning impeachment vote yes, that cabinet member is impeached. If there is a split, then both the official cabinet members and the leaders-in-training discuss it further on their own and finalize the decision.TuesdaysWhile there are other clubs that advocate mental health (and we collaborate with other such SPARK organizations), Limitless actively works to fight the stigma against mental health and allow for there to be more open and honest discussion on the topic. We partner with professional mental health organizations, such as Letters Against Depression and Thrive NYC, holding events that allow students to be exposed to a mental health discussion that's beyond the school environment. Our projects, such as motivational posters you may have seen on the walls or boxes with letters of hope and positivity, reach across the school, and we're always open to hearing new ways to make people feel supported.Join our Facebook group: Stuy Limitless!
Stuy MoonlightTo enrich the Stuyvesant population with vibrant cultural, artistic, and unique perspectivesWe are a blog created with the intent on enriching the artistic and creative experiences of the population of Stuyvesant by collaborating on creative writing pieces, sketch art, mixed media pieces, songwriting and visual interpretations of music! We will work to develop your skills as an artist and writer while giving you the creative empowerment that one needs to be able to express themselves in a honest way. Our commentary only serves to suggest paths of growth rather than shape an individual's voice. In fact we strive to preserve and express individuality by creating an open and trusting environment where everyone has each others back. We serve to encourage members to experiment and try new mediums, stray from their norms and see things in new light. With our constant daily pressures, Stuy moonlight hopes to create a community where one feels accepted and not pressured to conform. We aim to create a strong community that feels like family. Stuy Moonlight provides students with a media platform where they can express their special voices while also fostering a community based on growth, compassion and openness. Students will receive mentorship on how to improve their works in a wide range of genres. Loose restrictions give students freedom to discover their own unique voice. Although no one is an expert in art, poetry, video etc we hope to bring together experiences of many people and learn of one another. We are all Stuyvesant students going through very similar and very different lives at the same time and we hope to bring meaning and understanding by sharing our stories. The blog format allows students to experience a new and interesting perspective. The club allows students who don't have the time or permission to stay after school to be accepted in a community that extends out from standard school hours. Although we will have regular meetings, members incorporate the Internet to share and discuss ideas outside of the classroom. This allows a member to decide their own level of commitment. As a club we present the resources and community and allow each individual member to choose the path they take that ultimately enriches their lives.First, if a board member has broken the school code of conduct in any form in respect to the club, has made derogatory or discriminatory comments, they will immediately be dismissed. There are two presidents/vice-presidents at all times, and the other president will temporarily take over duties of the other, while working to select a well-qualified replacement. If a board member in question has not fulfilled their duties as a president/vice-president at the end of the academic year, there will be an application process to replace this member. Such person can reapply as long as they did not break the code of conduct.
When board members become graduating seniors, application processes will take place in order to replace these members. The applicants will be screened to ensure their visions align with the goals of the community as a group and that they have the experience and the maturity to take on a leadership position in a club.
ThursdaysIn a community where academic pressure and competition reach their pinnacle, the Stuyvesant Moonlight Club serves as a gentle, yet lasting reminder that nothing is worth too much as to give up creativity. Here, our staff and members encourage the entire student body to contribute a dazzling array of photography, artwork, poetry, and short stories to our online magazine. Being part of our tightly knit family is not only a way to shelter yourself when the workload grows unbearable, but more importantly an opportunity to let your true passions and abilities shine through.Our website: https://stuymoonlight.weebly.com/
Stuy PB&JTo engage the Stuy community with organizations such as Project Sunshine to support children undergoing medical treatment.The purpose of Stuy PB&J is to give Stuy students the chance to give back to sick children by putting a smile on their faces through various ways. By becoming one of the Project Sunshine Kids for Kids chapters, we will partner with their NYC-based office to assemble and distribute "care packages" to more than 50 hospitals in the NYC region. In addition to care event we are planning to host is a book drive to help kids facing medical challenges through packages, we will have fundraisers to provide for the expenses of these kits. Another h the accompaniment of storybook characters. Care package kits are supplied directly through Project Sunshine and include goodies such as toys, arts and crafts projects and handwritten letters. Because we are minors, we are unable to participate in direct volunteering, so we want to further bridge the relationship with the kids by initiating a "pen pal" system.
Every year, over 3 million children are hospitalized in the US, many of them long term, meaning they will become relatively isolated from key social interactions, experience a decrease in self esteem and miss out on a “normal” childhood. Through partnering with a non-profit organization that has over 325 medical partners (hospitals and clinics) around the world, we hope to engage the Stuyvesant students in giving back to their community. We know all of us carry an extremely busy schedule, but the Project Sunshine chapter aims at relieving this stress by helping students understand that whatever problems they are experiencing in their life, there is someone going through something much more drastic. Hospital requirements restrict minors from participating in direct on-site volunteering, but the Kids for Kids chapter provides an alternative, offering youth development opportunities promoting skills such as leadership, empathy, communication, advocacy and collaboration. We hope that members will be able to gain personal experiences and become better leaders of the next generation through Project Sunshine. In addition for personal gains one may achieve through service projects, this chapter might be able to offer invaluable chances for students to develop leadership skills through working with other members for a common interest. For the Stuy community, this project will be able to raise awareness of the pediatric field and exposing students to an area of interest where they may become invested in advocating for. Project Sunshine will also allow for students to develop communication skills, as they will establish relationships with various hospitals and clinics which will appear as valuable connections during and after Stuy.
Stuy Project Sunshine aims provide general club members with executive members who upholds the duties, missions and character of Project Sunshine. They should correctly represent charitable, kind-hearted and exceptional leaders who are striving to expand and better Stuy x Project Sunshine. Through applications and interviews, executive members will be responsible for leading all aspects of this project, and should range in their abilities to effectively reach out to the project’s NYC-based offices to keeping track of funds. Impeachment protocols are to ensure that executive members understand their obligations and commitment, by aiming as a reminder. Basic examples of protocols will include the measure of dedication and care an exec pools into this club. Through strikes and warnings, protocols that specifically seeks out attendance, lateness, and logistical stats like that as well as more serious offenses will be put in place. Such may include misbehavior, apathy towards fundraising events, disrespectful attitudes towards any member of Project Sunshine (related or unrelated to the Stuy community) will all result in termination or strikes. To add on to our impeachment process, if a leader exhibits any of these offenses, they will be stripped of their position, hence their position will be open for other club members we see eligible through an application and interview process.
wednesdayOur organization plans to widen the perspective of Stuyvesant students by helping children in hospitals undergoing medical treatment. We often take our health and our bodies for granted, and our club will aim to spread awareness for these children who have a normal childhood unfairly taken from them. Through fundraisers, volunteer events, making connections with these children and lots of memorable bonding, Stuyvesant students will ultimately make a positive impact on the lives of these children.
Stuy PodcastTo have people from the Stuyvesant community to talk to teachers/staff/students about topics/issues regarding Stuyvesant High School.The podcast’s purpose is to create a platform in which the members can have a conversation with the Stuyvesant community, about topics that concern the student body, whether it is inside or outside the classroom. Nowadays, many people tune into podcasts to hear about the news or just listen for entertainment, and bringing a version of that to Stuy is a dream for the podcast. The goal is to have interesting guests and ask them not only questions created by the people of the club, but also questions submitted from the student body that are thought-provoking and important. Members will seek to ask people who they would want to hear from and will create and collect relevant questions beforehand to ask these guests so that the podcasts have structure and a purpose. The plan is to post these podcasts online where anyone can listen to them, and hopefully, the club can grow exponentially with the amount of traction it could receive.The founders of this club, along with hundreds of other Stuy students, love podcasts. They are simple, informative, easy to make, and when done right, very engaging to the audience. Many of our students may not know their teachers outside of the classroom, and the podcast could create a conversation with them that could really help the student body connect with them more. Hopefully, the podcast can reach out to teachers from all departments and talk to them about their jobs, what got them into teaching, and advice they can give to their students. For example, the hosts would talk to English teachers about writing, literature, plays, movies, etc., but also with STEM teachers about recent innovations and the future of technology. The podcast can also improve community interaction, by having members gather questions from students to ask these teachers. In Stuy, there is always a flow of ideas and thoughtful conversation, and this podcast is a great way to present this to the public. It can also allow students to showcase their certain talents or interests, such as in music, acting, technology, etc. They can talk about how they got into these passions, and what it took for them to be successful at it. Impeachment is done by voting between the club members. Members will be able to vote on the impeachment of a leader if they have shown to be increasingly or altogether inactive or display inappropriate behavior. The issue will be brought up in a meeting by a leader, and members will be able to vote on it. If a leader is impeached, an opening for a leadership position will be opened, and members will be able to apply. The most qualified member will be chosen by the remaining leaders after a thorough process consisting of interviews and deliberation by the leaders. It is overwhelmingly important that the members of our club are professional and respect the guests. Members will be admitted through applications and interviews. If a leader graduates, the remaining leaders must appoint a replacement they deem best fit. Besides that, when questions are collected from the student body, they must be appropriate, relevant to the subject matter, and no profanity/inappropriate behavior amongst us or the community questions will be tolerated. The podcast must be respectable so that ideally, people will take their time to listen to it. As well, for the guests, we must plan a date ahead of time so that their schedule can match with ours.UndecidedMany clubs have great interaction with students that are interested in one topic, such as robotics, chess, medicine, etc. This podcast will combine many of the things that make Stuyvesant unique and present them in a way that is simple and effective for all listeners to understand. This podcast would be made for all members of the Stuyvesant community, such as current students and teachers, incoming freshmen and alumni. In the last decade, podcasts have been growing in popularity exponentially compared to traditional newspapers and magazines and is a form of media that our student body would be very interested in.We still want our podcast to have a casual feel to it, more like a conversation than an interview. We've been inspired by podcast such as the NYT Daily, Radiolab, and the Joe Rogan Experience. We want to combine the elements of these podcasts, and create something entertaining but also special. As well, we do not plan on all members being present for the podcasts, rather there will be no more than 3 people per podcast.
Stuy PongStuyPong is meant to help people improve in and enjoy the sport of table tennis.StuyPong is a table tennis club where we play table tennis! The club is essentially two standard table tennis tables and people who enjoy the sport. Meetings are held on the first floor near the pool after school on days when club leaders have time. To the vast majority of people, table tennis is considered a recreational activity/ hobby, but we also want to show how it’s an official Olympic and PSAL sport. We can teach players many things such as but not limited to how to serve, how to add spin, and how to loop or even what a loop is. You can get pointers from people from both the boys and girls team on how to improve table tennis technique and/or just play around for fun. This is a good chance to see if you want to try out for the winter PSAL table tennis team. Since table tennis was introduced as a PSAL sport in 2014, the boys team won first place every year in the City, except last year where we placed second. Many of our best players have graduated so finding players for the team is essential through the club. This club is meant to be very chill and essentially will just be a place where everyone from table tennis team members to recreational players can just hang out and share a hobby. This activity will benefit Stuyvesant by providing a means and chance for people to play popular and very fun sport/hobby. Many people have tables in their basements and we essentially give that same experience by just playing around and having a nice time. In addition to that, we can also be very competitive and practice very high level technique and skill sets that average players wouldn't have. Many of the team members have been playing for many years and have official table tennis ratings showing they are very experienced and skilled. You wouldn't be able to see some of the best high school table tennis players just anywhere. Many players have never been introduced to table tennis as a sport, but rather as a beginner game for fun. We want to show and introduce players to a totally different high mechanical sport that they've only probably seen on YouTube. Current team members and experienced players would be able to sharpen up and improve their skills while new and beginner players can learn and be introduced new technique. This club will not only show Stuyvesant's dominate athletics, but also its ability and flexibility to let clubs like ours exist. Ultimately, we want Stuyvesant to have a place where people can play, learn, and practice table tennis.Leaders are chosen by the recommendation of the past years’ leaders and by majority approval of all the members and leaders. At the end of year, graduating leaders and others will mutually agree on next years' people to take charge of the club. Leaders also have many responsibilities. Leaders should be able to set up dates when they are available to play some table tennis.They should be able to notify members and non-members alike about meeting dates. Setting up days when they can play are essential to allowing members to play with more experienced players and have supervision. Without leaders organizing times to play, the club will very dry and inconsistent which is not what we want. They should also set up the tables properly and also very importantly put away the tables properly making sure that's just how they left them. They should make sure no one harms the equipment and all equipment is used properly. Most significant though, is that they should be very friendly and provide a wholesome environment for everyone who comes along to our club. If a leader doesn't fulfill these requirements then they'll probably just not be a leader anymore then. Impeachment could occur when a leader/member of the club notices particular lack of involvement by a specific leader in the club. Our leaders will then discuss among themselves and give this person a warning. If the behavior continues, then leaders will have the choice and obligation to let the person step down. This will easily be decided if they just never come to meetings or decide that they don't feel organizing meeting dates.Monday TuesdayOur organization is unique because we are the only organization that allows people to come and go and play table tennis. We provide people to just hang out and chill with their friends while playing ping pong. Our team members wouldn't have to go to expensive official table tennis clubs and new members wouldn't have to go out of their way to try out a new sport. No other organization in Stuyvesant can compare to what we have to offer for the sport of table tennis
Stuy Project LoveStuy Project Love is a movement dedicated to reaching out, presenting hope and finding help for individuals struggling with social, emotional and mental health issues such as addiction, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, self–esteem, self–harm/injury, stress and suicide ideations etc.Stuy Project Love exists to educate, encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery support. While providing a space for students to feel safe and open up, our club also works to ensure that individuals can feel safe at school and at home. During our club meetings, we will host trust exercises and conduct group discussions in which we can express our thoughts and feelings, such as any concerns relating to our emotional, social, and mental well being, or even just something we need to get off of our chests.

Throughout the year, we will spearhead and/or collaborate on Stuy UNITY initiatives such as community service projects & monthly health awareness such as Eating Disorders, Health Fair, Red Ribbon Week, Smile Week & many other related themes. Our members are expected to attend meetings regularly, participate in Stuy UNITY initiatives to the best of their abilities, and most importantly, come in with an open mind and heart.
Stuy Project Love will benefit Stuyvesant by connecting and/or providing individuals struggling with social, emotional, and mental health issues with support. Often times these people may go completely unnoticed and do not receive the support and treatment that they need. In other cases, they may not speak up about their struggles due to fear of being ostracized, or being judged, or the stigma that surrounds social, emotional, and mental health issues. Whatever the reason it may be, Stuy Project Love wants to provide everyone who is going through hardship a place for them to open up and connect with others who may be in similar situations.

In addition to providing support to these individuals, we also work closely with other clubs and staff at Stuyvesant High School in order to better the environment, and make sure students feel safe and secure.

At our meetings, we will host discussions and activities, which are primarily aimed at helping people better understand how to cope with and combat anxiety, depression, or even just stress. This also allows for us to create support networks and more importantly, create lasting connections that go beyond the scope of the club. By doing so, we will improve the overall well-being of students at Stuyvesant High School.
In March, applications for vacant leadership positions will open. Applicants will be asked to fill out a questionnaire created by the president, vice president, and the faculty advisor. All members who would like a leadership position are required fill out a questionnaire as a preliminary step. Ultimately, things like attendance, contribution, and leadership ability will also play a role in the decision. There may be a short interview session if deemed necessary by the president and/or vice-president and/or faculty advisor. Results will be released later in May.

Impeachment of an officer is determined by vote; if a majority votes against the officer, then they will be removed from their position and the vacancy will be filled as soon as possible. Each officer has specific duties that they are expected to follow and uphold; in the case that they have failed to do so, the faculty advisor can also pass judgement on whether or not this officer should keep their position.
MondaysStuy Project Love specializes in addressing the problem at its roots by providing direct support and assistance to those who need it without discrimination or judgement. Through our year-round initiatives, we will promote the importance of mental, social and emotional health. We also work directly with faculty in order to better the health and wellness of the Stuyvesant body as well as the rest of the community. We come together as peers, mentors, and friends, not just to reach these goals, but also to help others with their personal issues, and welcome everyone with open arms.
Students can join our Facebook group, Stuyvesant Project Love. We also have a page, which can be found at facebook.com/StuyProjectLove !
Stuy Quiz BowlWe learn academic and non-academic trivia and practice to compete in regional tournaments, with the goal of participating in the national competition.Our club’s main purpose is to learn trivia and practice for Quiz Bowl tournaments. We will meet once a week and go through Quiz Bowl questions based on those in previous tournaments in order to gain practice. Afterwards, if needed, members will go through the questions asked during the meeting and come up with facts that would be useful to know for future meetings and tournaments. We will also have some meetings where we focus in on more specific topics that people want to learn more about and/or will help us do better in competitions, such as mythology or classic literature. This will be a fun and low commitment club, so members are only asked to show up occasionally and contribute when they can, whether by asking questions or answering them. Skill level isn’t something we take into account when thinking of contributions; we welcome students of all skill levels and encourage anyone interested to join.By giving students who are interested in trivia a club the can join and attend to learn more, Quiz Bowl will further develop a culture of learning and inquiry at Stuyvesant. Because Quiz Bowl covers essentially every topic, there will always be something that someone is interested in and can learn more about. Because of the wide variety of topics, members might also find themselves becoming interested in topics they hadn’t previously given much time or attention. This club also intends to bring awards and pride to the school. Ultimately, members will be practicing for Quiz Bowl tournaments by honing their buzzing skills and knowledge, with the ultimate goal being to reach and win nationals. However, not all members need to enter tournaments. If they are interested in learning more about specific topics but don’t feel comfortable entering the official competitions, it is perfectly fine; members can still show up to meetings, participate in the mock rounds, and learn more about whatever topic they are interested in. Not only will the club offer a chance for students to compete and to learn more, the club will also serve as a place where students can come to relax and hang out after a long and stressful day of school.The executive positions (president, vice president, etc.) are determined by a myriad of factors - including, but not limited to: performance in competition, attendance, cooperation with members of the club, demonstrated leadership, etc. If one of the current leaders does not show up to at least one meeting each week, they are in the position to be impeached. Only after deliberation with the faculty advisor (Mr. Cocoros) and active members of the team will a decision be reached. Furthermore, if an executive member is caught engaging in cheating at a tournament - whether publicly or privately - they will immediately be impeached and replaced with an appropriate substitute. Finally, in the case that an executive member voluntary vacates their position (in other words, resigns), one of two things will take place. An appropriate substitute will take over the executive role or (in the case of no or multiple substitutes) an election will occur between active members of the team to determine who will fill the role. These appointment and impeachment protocols are enforced to preserve the integrity of Stuyvesant Quiz Bowl and improve the experience of the club for new and returning members.ThursdayOur club is one of the only trivia clubs in Stuyvesant. While there are other similar clubs, such as Science Bowl, we are the only one that encompasses essentially all topics, from music to mathematics to sports to history and more. We are also unique in the sense of our flexibility. We are a low commitment club and don’t have a set schedule for meetings. Of course we’ll have typical meetings of answering questions, but we’re also open to activity suggestions from our members, as long as we still expand our knowledge and improve our buzzing skills.
Stuy RescueStuy Rescue's mission is to raise awareness and lend a helping hand to various animal shelters in New York City.Stuy Rescue's purpose is to give back to the community by volunteering at local animal shelters. Approximately 2.7 million cats and dogs are killed every year due to overcrowded shelters and a lack of adoptive homes. We aim to decrease this number by offering our aid and representing them in our community. We hope to work with various contributors to this cause, including Sean Casey Animal Rescue (SCAR), Angels for Mistreated Animals (AMA), Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition Shelter (BARC Shelter), and the Best Friends Society. Stuy Rescue’s goal is to reach a larger demographic outside of the Stuyvesant community and spread awareness about this worldwide issue. Members should actively participate and attend the events that they have committed to, as well as the learning days, which will be provided by the shelters. They are also responsible for certain number of hours, to prove they are involved in promoting our cause. Stuy Rescue offers another branch of humanities in addition to Red Cross and Key Club. We plan on introducing this type of volunteer work to Stuyvesant High School because we believe that expanding in fields other then STEM is equally as important. Rather than having a reputation of the best STEM public high school of New York City, we hope Stuyvesant will be known as a advanced, well-rounded school. Furthermore, giving students the opportunity to come in contact with animals is another way of relieving stress. Stuyvesant students are well known for dealing with school related stress. Therefore, creating a club that allows a mutually beneficial relationship for students and the animals they come in contact with presents a solution for both situations. Different animals can induce a variety of emotions, and the rewarding feeling of helping others can be found in helping animals as well. Not only do we want to participate in a popular cause, we hope Stuy Rescue can drive Stuyvesant High School to be an advocate for animals in need. Our club offers a chance to gain job experience, as well as teaches members the skills of balancing responsibilities, time management, assertiveness— and most importantly, LOVE!As a president of Stuy Rescue, one must be organized, responsible, and engaged in advocating for the club's cause. He or she must be actively reaching out to animal shelters and offering the club's aid. The current president must also be there to guide members at all times as well as lead meetings of the club. In addition, the president must be accountable for setting up learning days and volunteer hours with the animal shelters along with meetings held in school. Members should actively participate in scheduled events and commit to volunteer hours he or she has signed up for. On learning days, all club members are expected to attend. If a member is unable to show up, he or she must notify the president(s) or a leader. Furthermore, if members are clearly disrespectful and not contributing in the form of ideas or hours, they will either be suspended or dismissed from Stuy Rescue. These rules apply to the president(s) as well as others with leadership positions.
Members who apply for any leadership position must have been actively participating in events for at least one semester of the school year. Future president(s) of Stuy Rescue will be appointed by the current president(s) through an application and interview. To impeach a leader or president of the club, the current members must come to an agreement or majority vote. If Stuy Rescue has a designated faculty member, his or her opinion should also be considered in the impeachment of any leader or president.
WednesdayStuy Rescue is unique as there is currently no humanities club in Stuyvesant that is offering aid for animals in need. Unlike Red Cross or Key Club, we are not associated with any large organizations and is an independent group that raises awareness for a worldwide problem. As Mother Theresa once said, "Do small things with great love." Being the founders of Stuy Rescue, we hope by creating this club, we will inspire others in our community to the same and give their support in order to further spread our purpose.
Stuy SAT PrepOur club is committed to providing prep for the SAT for underprivileged high school students at Stuyvesant.The purpose of our club is to prepare Stuyvesant students, ranging from freshman to juniors, for the SAT. We want to give students the opportunity to have high-quality prep at no cost and without the pressure of time constraint that most students face at Stuyvesant as they juggle extracurriculars and school. We want students who were never able to afford prep or who are looking for new methods to excel on the SAT to take advantage of our resources. We intend to provide two lessons a week and unlimited resources that students can take advantage of at any time. In doing this, students will build the confidence and skills they need to master the SAT. We also plan to allow students who succeeded on the test to help other students do the same. General members are expected to attend every meeting and study material at home. We look forward to working with the motivated kids of Stuyvesant.Our club will benefit the Stuyvesant community by making the SAT preparation process easier. Some students at Stuyvesant cannot afford prep or do not have enough time to study. Our club will provide free resources to those students to ensure that they have enough time dedicated to studying for the SAT and their other classes and their extracurriculars. This will bring something new to Stuyvesant because most tutoring clubs that are offered aid students outside and inside of Stuyvesant for classes in high school. However, this club would help students prep for college life through tutoring for the SAT exam and advice from college students in the future. Additionally, ARISTA is a very successful organization at Stuyvesant that has helped many students gain prep for free. We want to be able to extend these resources and provide prep for the SAT, an exam that can be very biased for students who are able to afford prep. By doing this, we will be able to allow all students to have the same access to the same quality tutoring. This can also benefit Stuyvesant by providing another opportunity to volunteer if students would like to help other students do better on the SAT.All positions are expected to fill each task thoroughly and in a timely manner. The highest position will be President. The President(s) are required to delegate tasks to the other positions, plan meetings, and plan new ways to improve the club. This includes inventing better teaching methods that are most effective for students, communicating with members with information on the topics of each session, the time, and the location, and ensuring that all positions are completing their assigned tasks. The next position will be Vice President(s). This position acts as a bridge between the board members and the president. They must keep the president up-to-date with the status of each board member. They may also be required to fill the position of the President if he/she is not present. Both the President and the Vice President can be impeached if there is proof that they are not fulfilling the tasks of their position and are vote out by all board members. The board is made up of the Public Relations Officer, the Administrative Service Officer, and the Educational Assistance Officer. The Public Relations Officer will be required to communicate with members about meetings, locations, and time. This position will be given to a member with great communication skills, eloquence in writing emails, and time management. The Administrative Service Officer will be required to attend every meeting and take notes on what is taught for that day. This position will be given to a member with great time availability. The Educational Assistance Officer will work directly with the President and the Vice President to formulate worksheets and plan lessons for students. This position will require someone with time availability. Any experience with tasks similar to all positions are appreciated, but not required. Each position will be given based on an application and interview process. Impeachment will only result if any position fails to complete their duties after three times. (Three Strike Policy)

Tutors will be appointed by application asking about experience and tutoring methods. Impeachment will only result if tutors fail to report excuses for missing meetings three times.
monday, wednesdayOur organization is unique because it provides prep for students in the Stuyvesant community on the SAT, a standardized exam essential for the college process. It is well known that testing can be unfair because not everyone has access to the same type of prep that other students are fortunate to have. I have experienced this for myself and I have been fortunate enough to receive free prep. However, scholarship programs can be very competitive and many people are unaware of these programs. Through this club, we can limit the socioeconomic gap that is very apparent in education and help all Stuy students have access to the same type of prep.
Stuy Self EsteemTo promote confidence and self-worth within the Stuyvesant community.This club aims to encourage self-love within the individuals of the Stuyvesant community, many of whom have very low self esteem due to the pressures and competition within Stuyvesant. We welcome any students in need of a safe space to express dissatisfaction with themselves, as we will listen without judgement. Students can expect to talk about these issues and receive positive reinforcement regarding them, while also working together to fix any insecurities as a bonded group of individuals. We wish to provide a resource for students to go to not as a professional group, but as a collection of friends in which we can confide in each other and seek not only advice, but empathy, about the stressors and insecurities we face and can often relate to. The ultimate goal of our club is not only to teach students how to face their insecurities and learn to accept themselves, but also to foster a safe and relaxed environment for anybody who needs it.
Our club welcomes with open arms anyone feeling unsure of their worth as a self-sufficient, unique individual. In a school with thousands of talented and intelligent students, many students feel unremarkable and tend to compare themselves to others, losing their sense of confidence in the process. We hope to provide an outlet for students to vent about any problems they experience, whether within school or concerning themselves, and foster a community where we can aid each other in improving our flaws, while also learning to accept and love who we are. This is essentially a club for everybody, as every student has insecurities, but very many lack a safe resource to seek emotional support from. We understand that many of us constantly feel that we don’t stand out, so we strive to recognize each individual’s unique potential. Stuy Self Esteem provides a beacon of light in the stressful and daunting fog of Stuyvesant High School, where students are free to express themselves and seek empathy from peers. We wish to encourage the good qualities of people, while finding positive ways to improve the “negative” qualities. At the end of the day, we want to establish ourselves as a casual circle of friends, seeking to build each other up at our darkest times.To appoint leadership positions such as vice president and secretary, and eventually president, we will ask applicants to answer questions regarding themselves on a google form. Since one of our main priorities is developing a close relationship with our members, we wish to become familiar with their character, and once they are comfortable enough to share it, their own experiences with low self esteem. As a part two to our appointment process, we will host interviews to become acquainted with the more professional aspect of our applicants. We will ask questions pertaining to how they would run the club, as well as how they would improve upon on existing ideas. Finally, we plan to evaluate our applicants during a regular group discussion at one of our regular club meetings based on active participation to determine if the applicants contribute to the overall function and progression of the club and our ideals. Our impeachment protocols are quite simple: if a leader behaves in a manner we deem inappropriate, such as ridiculing a member, they will be given a strike and be demoted without hesitation. After 3 strikes, they will be removed from the club altogether; this applies to any member. As members, students can expect to adhere to one very specific protocol: not to voice any judgemental or negative thoughts regarding other members, as that is the exact opposite of what our club strives to achieve.MondayUnlike other mental health clubs at Stuy, we are solely dedicated to raising self esteem in our members. By focusing on one specific aspect of mental health, we establish a deeper connection with each other and this topic. In helping each other raise our self esteems, we reveal a very vulnerable side of ourselves, but that is what will make us so close in the first place. Allowing ourselves be vulnerable develops trust within one another, which is precisely what we aim to do. We also want to focus less on seeming like a support group, and more like a congregation of friends. We want students to eventually become comfortable sharing personal topics with other students, but most importantly we want students to have an enjoyable time and make friends.
Stuy SiegeWe hope to create a community where people get to develop their teamwork and communication skills by playing Rainbow Six Siege.Rainbow Six Siege is currently the 5th most popular game in the world. We know many of you played the game or at least heard about it. With the tremendous player base, and the highly competitive nature of the game; Rainbow Six Siege can be very daunting to players of all skill levels. We hope to teach beginners how to play the game, not just the mechanics, but also the importance of teamwork in a game which relies heavily on communication and strategy. In addition, it is also recommended that experienced players also join so they can meet others who share interest in Rainbow Six Siege. Having a group of members who you can rely on makes a huge difference if you desire to climb up the ranks. Members of the group can meet other people to play with online, and along the way develop teamwork, communication, and friendships. Schools around the city are talking an interest in Rainbow Six Siege and organizations are arising. In the future we might be able to compete, and make a team. This club acts as a social outlet for gamers to get better together, but we also discuss any news related to the game since Rainbow Six Siege is a game that is constantly being updated with a surplus of content every season. Members are expected to not ridicule anyone because of their rank in-game or because of any other reason unless it is said in a jokingly way in which no one is offended or hurt. Members are also expected to own the game or show an interest in it.Stuyvesant High School is a very competitive environment where students need time to just relax, and make friends with people who have a common interest. We allow that to happen by letting fellow students feel they are in a gaming community in which people are bonded by the love they share for Rainbow Six Siege. Siege is a competitive game and it is very hard to rise through the ranks without teamwork. Some people don't have reliable teammates since usually they are placed into a game by random matchmaking. Our club allows people to play with their peers, and win games if they obtain synergy with one another. The feeling of playing with friends and emerging victorious through hard work gives a sense of accomplishment to players. We hope that when our members play with each other, and develop friendships along the way, they can find the joy to overcome the gloominess of homework and exams that students are constantly pressured with. As mentioned before Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter which relies heavily on teamwork, communication and strategy. Rainbow Six Siege may just be a video games, but it's much more than that. This game teaches players the importance of working with a team and doing so in a way which involves critical thinking. Our members will apply these skills in school, and real life which will help them solve challenging problems. Leaders of the group are expected to help members with any questions that may concern them about how the club works, and any questions related to the game. We are responsible for making new members feel welcomed to the club and at home. New members who join the club later may think that they are excluded in a way because everyone else knows each other. Leaders will strive to make sure that members always feel as if though they are welcomed by all. Leaders should maintain a respectful attitude toward everyone else, (even outside of the club) and not do or say anything that might hurt someone. Failure to maintain these standards will result in an impeachment for any leadership position. If we all feel as a collective unit that a leader is failing to do his/her job we will initiate a vote to remove said leader. In case a new leader is needed any member of the club may run as a candidate for a leadership position. The members only will vote and the person with the highest amount of votes will assume the position of the role they applied for. The voting will occur through a google forms page that will be emailed to all members of the club (besides the candidates). A good member is one who shows dedication to the club, and also respects others. Members are expected to not ridicule anyone of their in game rank or because of any other reason unless it is said in a jokingly way in which no one is offended or hurt. Mondays and ThursdaysOur club is unique because no other club in this school attempts to bring together a collection of students who play Rainbow Six Siege. Through our club, a large number of students can join because of the immense popularity of the game. We also attempt to bring people together through video games by allowing people to have the freedom to just talk to anyone who share a love for Siege without having to scavenge the entire school for someone to play with. We might be interested in competing in tournaments in the future with a team, but we have not discussed it much. Thank you for reading our club idea, and we hope that we may make a positive impact on the students at Stuyvesant High School. Have a great day :)
Stuy SmileStuy Smile aims to create a warmer atmosphere at Stuyvesant by rewarding kind actions, appreciating the unappreciated, and propagating “random acts of kindness” throughout the school. Stuyvesant High School is known for having an ultra-competitive and extremely stressful environment that can intimidate students, especially underclassmen. Stuy Smile aims to create a warmer atmosphere at Stuyvesant by rewarding kind actions, appreciating the unappreciated, and propagating “random acts of kindness” throughout the school. At Stuy Smile, members leave behind their stress and worries at the door. We focus on giving our members a safe space to take that necessary break between their busy lives at school and at home. Our members participate in a handful of fun activities to blow off steam and help spread appreciation and positivity outwards to teachers and staff. Members are expected to attend meetings (that take place once every two weeks) with enthusiasm and help out with our positive initiatives around the school. As a place where students can play games, snack, make friends, or just talk, Stuy Smile refreshes people, so they can tackle their next task with renewed energy. Here, students can take the time for a breather and reflect on themselves. It is no secret that Stuyvesant students can feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed throughout the school year. Stuy Smile is a safe space for those who need a place to chill after those tough days doing homework and frantically studying. At Stuy Smile, students can gather to offer each other support and simply be themselves without having the pressure of school work hanging over their heads. Whether it be playing games, snacking, or simply relaxing, attending meetings at Stuy Smile will help students achieve greater peace of mind, giving them the necessary break between their busy lives at school and at home. It benefits students by encouraging a more positive outlook on both the school and themselves. At Stuy Smile, we are known for offering a helping hand to those who feel overwhelmed by whatever circumstances in their lives. Our club is low commitment as not to bombard members with the stress over missing a meeting. Instead, we focus on creating a more casual, friendly vibe in our meetings with a handful of fun activities to blow off steam. Stuyvesant students would benefit from Stuy Smile because our club creates opportunities for students to meet people they wouldn't have otherwise and make new friends.
Students will be appointed as leaders for Stuy Smile based on several criteria, the most important of which is a genuine care for the Stuyvesant community and a clear ambition to contribute to a warmer atmosphere at the school. Both of these qualities will be evaluated based on the prospective leaders’ essays and interviews. Prior experience volunteering or doing community service will be considered, but not required. The applicants should also display leadership ability, a willingness to work with others, and the passion necessary to help this club take off and expand throughout their time as board members. Applicants for the “marketing director” position should be talented in graphic design and inclined to marketing on social media as well. After a few warnings, leaders will be impeached for showing a general disregard for the activities or members in the club, and/or fail to carry out their roles as board members.
Tuesdays or Thursdays Stuy Smile is unique in that there are strong bonds within the community that we have built in only a few years' existence. The time we spend with each other throughout the year gives us a sense of family and belonging. Instead of being a club that is just another addition to your resume, Stuy Smile is an organization meant to do good around the school by improving the lives of Stuyvesant students because they do matter. And whether it is that one friend you make at a meeting or the rewarding feeling of making someone else feel happy, the things we do at Stuy Smile make a difference.
Stuy SquadStuy Squad aspires to promote a love for dance within the Stuyvesant community through a myriad of dance styles.Stuy Squad consists of approximately fifteen crews split into ten different dance styles depending on the year, all of which perform in an annual showcase at the close of each semester. In addition to fostering and strengthening a cohesive dance community at Stuyvesant, Stuy Squad also serves to bring together a variety of students of different grades and backgrounds to work towards a common goal — putting together the best showcase yet. Commitment to the club depends upon the crew as well as how many crews that a student is participating in. Most crews practice around two or three times a week, however this typically increases to five times a week as the show grows nearer. Weekend practices do not occur unless they are studio practices. Universally, the Stuy Squad board asks that each member of Stuy Squad is not absent from rehearsal more than seven times, as it can infringe upon the quality of performance.
Stuy Squad as a whole will ultimately create closer connections between dancers in the same crews, shed light upon the thriving dance culture Stuyvesant has, and highlight the artistic talent present in the student body. Stuyvesant is typically characterized as a rigorous and competitive school that values academic performance above all else; however along with many other clubs, Stuy Squad serves to contradict that assumption. Stuy Squad aims to showcase the talent that many might predict to be missing from a school of such high academic rigor. Stuy Squad is also a chance for students to take a breather in their busy lives and focus on their passion. It is quite easy for a student to devote all their time to academics because of the school’s focus, and Stuy Squad hopes to serve as an outlet for both the dancers as well as the audience to forget about their stress and simply enjoy the world of dance. Meeting new students through dance crews is also a valuable experience, from not only reaching out to individuals that one would’ve never had the chance to talk to, but also bonding through a shared passion. Our crews, spending countless hours of practice together, ultimately bond and create a large, welcoming community of dancers.
There are two main areas of leadership within Stuy Squad: the board and directorship. To be a board member, students are asked to complete a written application and an interview (either in person or over Skype). Regarding directorship, students are asked to complete a slightly shorter written application and an in-person interview. Prepared choreography is a requirement for both sections of the application process.

Impeachment of board members can only occur if there is an explicitly given complaint about the student in question that is deemed harmful enough to the future of Stuy Squad to warrant consideration for removing that person from the board. However, because board members are specifically chosen for their commitment to Stuy Squad and their ability to make fair decisions, the prospect of impeachment for any reason is extremely unlikely and unprecedented.

As for impeachment of directors, if it is found that a director is not behaving properly, the misconduct can be communicated to the Stuy Squad board, which will then review whether or not that director should be removed from power.

Depending on the crew, meeting days will change.Stuy Squad is the largest and sole dance-only performance during the Stuyvesant academic year. While other shows and performances throughout the school year implement dance as a minor aspect, Stuy Squad makes dance the sole focus. It focuses on celebrating each individual dance style instead of forcing conformity upon students. Our crew members also make use of outside studios and practices, something that no other club experiences regularly. This is, of course, decided through the individual crews and their directors, but many of Stuy Squad’s groups aspire to give a high-quality and entertaining performance to the audience.
Stuy StepOur club's mission is to encourage a variety of students to develop a respect and appreciation for step dancing, all while creating a fun environment for learners. Our step club will have a variety of purposes depending on what a student will look for in our club. Students interested in dance crews for StuySquad, SING!, etc. will have the chance to develop their skills in our club during downtime between the major dance shows. Our club will help students familiarize themselves with the techniques that are used to be a "good" stepper and hopefully make the cut if they try out for the crews. Alternately, many people can be involved with our club just for pure fun, and this will help them either learn new experiences or delve further into one of their passions. Our club can help them see if they have an interest in step or even any other form of dancing, and expand their interest if they have one. Our club will provide a productive and helpful environment for people of all experience levels to improve their dancing and enjoy themselves! Many people think of step as a hard, intimidating crew, and sometimes when they try out for one of the dance shows they might not make the cut. This might make them feel dejected, since the only time they could learn and practice is during the learning days and at home without any further help. Because of this, we wanted to create a club so that the Stuyvesant community could learn more step and develop their skills, and introduce step to new people. We feel that students should be able to practice step before the major shows so that they would feel more comfortable with it. Other dance crews like hip hop either have a club or provide outside learning classes to develop their skills, but step is often overlooked and alienated because it is not as popular of a dance style outside of school environments. Our club will help familiarize step and help people learn how fun it can be to learn something new. This is also a great way for students to de-stress after chaotic days with their uptight academic schedules. We hope to build a community that can help each other out, outside of step as well. Appointment Procedures
Club/Pub President
Applications for new presidents will open in May of a school year once one or more existing president(s) will graduate that school year.
All students who want to run for a president position must fill out an application that will be viewed by the current presidents.
All candidates for president must have attended at least 70% of meetings held in the last 5 months.
All current presidents must come to a unanimous decision on who the new president(s) will be. Their selection will decide the appointed Presidents.
Club/Pub Vice-President
Applications for new vice-presidents will open in May at the end of every school year.
Current vice-presidents must submit a new application every year they apply.
There must be at least one new vice-president chosen every year if at least one viable candidate applies.
All candidates for vice-president must have attended at least 60% of meetings held in the last 5 months.
All students who want to run for vice-president must fill out an application which will be reviewed by the current presidents.
Once a majority decision (with one person allowed to have a different opinion) is made, their selections will decide the appointed Vice-Presidents.
Impeachment Procedures
Premises for Impeachment
If presidents/vice-presidents display multiple instances of intended disrespect towards club members.
If presidents/vice-presidents are inactive (do not attend meetings, plan meetings, or plan performances) for more than 3 months.
Only one impeachment can occur within a three month period.
For an impeachment to occur, existing presidents/vice-presidents must come to a unanimous decision to remove the individual from their position.
Whether the removed president/vice-president will completely be removed from the club is up to the existing leaders’ decision.
A replacement president/vice-president may be chosen based on the General Rules (II.B) and Appointment Procedures (II.C)

Formatted Appointment and Impeachment Protocols can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ud0-5gEGMS77Rbgazde0oXfV3AosNpSCT8l0fePGwbk/edit?usp=sharing
Any day convenient (Monday-Friday)Stuy Step is unique because it is the only step club present in Stuy that allows people to participate in this kind of dance in a low stress environment outside of Stuy Squad and SING! This club is not strict membership and doesn’t have very rigorous standards for its members so anyone can drop by at any of our meetings to learn new choreography. Additionally, people can sign up to teach their own choreography during our meetings so our club can also help people develop leadership skills.
Stuy StrumsThe goal of Stuy Strums is for students to learn, play, and perform the ukulele together for fun and for the community.Stuy Strums has three main purposes. First, to serve as a place for ukulists to relax and play comfortably with their peers. Second, to help improve the skills of members in the club. And lastly, to be able to perform in various settings, such as hospitals or infirmaries, to contribute to the community. Most meetings will be in the form of ‘jam sessions,’ so that members can play whatever they want, independently or with other members in the club. Some meetings may have teaching involved, for specific skills (e.g chunking) or songs that members would like to learn. In preparation of certain performances, some meetings will be dedicated to rehearsal. Performances will be optional for members, and they will occur once or twice every term. Members will be expected to come at least once every two weeks and to have fun. Take a break from school and jam with us!First of all, Stuy Strums is an outlet. It is an outlet for students to be creative, to have fun, and to relieve stress with other fellow students by making music. This is especially true for the ukulele, which is an instrument that is simple and enjoyable to learn. The very act of strumming is a powerful way to let go. By providing this outlet four times a month, Stuy Strums nurtures the health, happiness, and well-being of Stuyvesant students. Secondly, Stuy Strums is also an opportunity. It is an opportunity to learn, perform, and actively contribute to the community. Stuy Strums aims to hold performances once or twice a semester at venues such as senior centers, children’s hospitals, and other spaces to raise money for charity. By preparing for, promoting, and participating in these performances, students will build their teamwork skills, improve their communications skills, and achieve the satisfaction of helping others. Stuy Strums will thus also help contribute to a positive public image for our high school. Stuy Strums is an overall great experience through the making and sharing of ukulele music. We hope that many students will make Stuy Strums a part of their journey in high school.In selecting a member for a leadership position, we will look for his/her level of skill, ability to communicate effectively, and also how frequently the member shows up to meetings. Members in leadership positions will be expected to come to every weekly meeting. If members in leadership positions do not attend weekly meetings for more than one month, their leadership position will be removed and given to someone else. We plan to appoint members to leadership positions at the end of each term, so that we have ample time to decide whether or not a member possesses the prerequisites required to operate and maintain Stuy Strums. As a general rule, we expect all members of the club to be present at least once every two weeks. Strummers should be respectful and kind to their peers, and certainly should enjoy themselves (why else are you here?). If a strummer decides to opt in for a performance, they must take part in all or nearly all rehearsals, and must come to the performance at its specified time and date.Tuesday and Thursday (subject to change)Stuy Strums isn’t any ordinary music club. It is a warm community built around the ukulele, a home to creative and artistic students, and an outlet of musical expression. It’s a place to de-stress and leave all your worries behind – to relax and pluck away at your four-string. Stuy Strums connects students of similar interests and helps them contribute to the community, while teaching students the value of the ukulele as a musical medium and improving their skills in the process. All students are welcome, and if you don't already have a ukulele we can buy you one for 50 dollars!
Stuy TILEStuy TILE hopes to teach students and help connect students to successful people in the business field by hosting lectures that students can attend to learn more about the business field.The purpose of our club, Stuy TILE (Talks on Innovation, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship), is to host free events and lectures at Stuyvesant which will give not only students at Stuyvesant, but students throughout the city the access to conversations with a local innovator, leader, or entrepreneur. Being located at the heart of TriBeCa allows us to reach out more effectively to speakers. Through these conversations, better known as TILE talks, students will be able to learn more about the business field and ask any questions they have to the talker. This club will also teach/train members communication, leadership, and organization skills that would be necessary for reaching out to speakers and how to organize a successful event. The club will also help members connect to successful leaders in the business field. We expect members to be dedicated and attend every single lecture that we hold, as well as come to the meetings before the lectures to help us make sure everything goes as planned.
This activity would have a number of benefits for Stuyvesant. Firstly, this club would allow Stuyvesant students that do not have as many opportunities and connections as others to learn more about the business field and learn what it takes to be successful in that field. Although there are many clubs that teach skills that would be beneficial towards a business career, this club would directly provide advice from successful people who were in the same spot as us years ago. The speakers would give valuable insight into what awaits us after our lives in school and how to make the most out of our opportunities. They would also teach us lessons that we would be able to use in our future, such as skills necessary to start a successful business or how to successfully market a product. The club would also expand Stuyvesant’s connections with different companies and people, hopefully opening opportunities for all students. Finally, being a member of this club would allow students to gain valuable experience in what it is like to reach out and communicate with people. Joining the club would also help members work on their social media marketing skill and organizational skills, as well as teamwork skills.At the end of every school year, three seniors, otherwise known as the Coordinators, and three Vice Coordinators (juniors). Every June, there will be a two-step application process for new Vice Coordinators and the Vice Coordinators of that year will step up as Coordinators. The first step of the application process will be a Google Forms applications with questions about their accomplishments within the chapter and what they have done. The Coordinators will keep a running record of what each member has done within the club and how many lectures they attended and helped out at. The next step of the application process will be an interview with at least two of the Coordinators. The interviews will be conducted after cuts are made during the first step of the application process.

Impeachment Protocols
In the case of an event that calls for impeachment,
The other Coordinators and Vice Coordinators will meet together and one of them will present the cause that calls for impeachment. After the issue has been presented, another Coordinator must second the motion, at which time the impeachment vote will start. If the vote reaches or exceeds2/3rds of the Coordinators and Vice Coordinators calling for impeachment, then the issue will be brought to the Teacher Advisor. If the Advisor approves, the impeachment will go through and the impeached member will no longer be a part of the Stuy TILE.
TuesdayStuy TILE is unique because it allows students to directly learn about the career they’re interested in. Of course, many different clubs allow students to gain experience that would help them reach their desired career path, but this club would directly provide this advice from people how are already successful. In addition, we are able to bring accessible, free talks to students who are interested in the business field. There are not a lot of opportunities regarding business currently in Stuyvesant, so this club will be able to help students that want to pursue this field in the future.
Stuy UrbanStuy Urban Dance exists to provide an environment for Stuyvesant students to immerse themselves in urban dance.Stuy Urban Dance allows students to show an artistic facet in a STEM-heavy school, opening them to the dance community. In a laid-back style, students learn not only dance techniques but also teamwork and social skills. This club displays a different impression of the Stuyvesant community, showing that we have creative capabilities in addition to intellectual capabilities. While it isn’t considered the conventional “education” that Stuyvesant boasts, it furthers the education experience as members learn how to physically connect their bodies to the different layers and technicalities of music. Although Stuyvesant High School hosts shows such as Stuy Squad, SING, and SOS that allow students to prepare for showcases and express their artistic talents on stage, Stuy Urban Dance will attempt to reach students of all experience levels and accelerate their personal growth as dancers through a series of workshops designed to emulate those in the dance community outside of Stuyvesant. Stuy Urban Dance benefits the Stuyvesant community in a way no other club does. Stuyvesant has the biggest if not one of the biggest dance communities in the city. No other schools have a club that actively holds workshops and trains dancers to go outside of school to join professional teams. The fact that dancers can start in school and end up dancing in a city-wide community is what makes our club beneficial for the Stuyvesant community. We provide room for our club members to push themselves, and when they do, it becomes something more than just a school club. It's a way for them to learn about work ethic, dedication, commitment, and a lot of other things that you will eventually need to learn after high school. Additionally, since Stuyvesant is notorious for its strenuous class environment, dance can be seen as a relaxation technique for many of our members. Picking up a hobby from this club is one of our main goals as we want to help open the doors of dance to as many people as possible so by introducing urban dance to high schoolers, they may discover a passion that allows them to relieve stress while having fun and learning.
The presidents in a given year will appoint every board member for the following year. This will be done through an application, possibly along with an interview. If a board member is problematic, it will be communicated to him/her if it is their first time. If the same problem is not resolved after communication, that board member's status in the club will be taken away but there will not be a replacement. The board members will be required to take part in all of the planning that goes within the club whether that is taking attendance, promoting the workshops, or hosting and teaching a class. Members are not required to come to every single workshop because it is an open class. However, we still maintain an attendance record. As a member, they are only required to enjoy and take the class for their own personal benefit to grow as a dancer. However, we will take cautionary steps when a member is disruptive and hinders the flow of the class for everyone.Varies but FridayAlthough Stuysquad and Sing! exist to introduce the dance community to the school, the process is often delayed when there is no proper foundation for students to feel comfortable dancing. Stuy Urban is unique for the reason that it provides that safe environment for beginners and experienced members alike to the dance world and the different styles. It also illustrates how the dance community outside the school functions because it serves to replicate those class functions in a high school setting that requires no workshop dues.
StuyActivities AppreciationThis clubs serves to make people aware of StuyactivitiesTo get more people to appreciate StuyActivities.Provide better tools for club management, as well as make starting a club at Stuyvesant easier and more efficientWe rotate heads every 7 days.MondayIt is the only organization on StuyActivities dedicated solely to appreciating StuyActivities.This is a fake charter. The club does not exist.
StuyCCCTo immerse students in computer science with a more theoretical focus and to introduce them to computer science competitions.The goal of Stuy CCC is to expose our members to competitive programming; we explore topics not usually covered in CS classes and travel in teams to several competitions each year. We have achieved great success in the past and we hope to continue that tradition in future years! Our main goal is to teach concepts and algorithmic thinking more than actual coding. We are even exposing underclassmen to some of the topics covered in AP Computer Science, including algorithms, data structures, and their applications. However, we would like to teach at a variety of difficulty levels in order to accommodate more club members. If nothing else, we want our members to be familiar with a variety of computer science concepts if and when they choose to explore them more deeply in high school or college. They will hopefully have a leg up in more advanced computer science classes and be enthusiastic about computer science.Our club helps students who want to be ahead in their future computer science classes and want to learn more than what is taught in their classes. It helps people interested in computer science learn about a specific aspect of computer science that they might want to study further in the future. Competitive programming is a very engaging and conceptually challenging field of computer science. It’s very useful to get exposure to it if you want to study computer science and programming, since we go over common algorithms and data structures. Many Stuyvesant students are interested in computer science, so going to the competitive computing club could help them learn about it more. We hope to get students enthusiastic about computer science outside of the classroom. Also, we get students ready for competitions such as PClassic and the USACO. If a student starts attending this club as a freshman or sophomore, that means they have an edge in these competitions and can start performing well a year or two before their classmates. This can also increase the chance of a student doing well enough on a computer science competition to put it on their resumes/college applications. It is harder for students to manage computer science contests, especially online ones like the USACO, as they head into junior and senior year, so starting off early could be very beneficial. Our club works with our advisor to organize trips to popular computer science competitions, such as the PClassic and St. Joseph’s.
The leaders of the club are appointed due to demonstrated interest and participation in the club. A leader would be impeached if they failed to fulfill their obligations or were otherwise irresponsible. A leader (instructor, vice president, or even president) would be asked to step down by the instructors and leaders if they didn’t contribute enough to the club or did not attend meetings regularly. The club leaders/instructors typically work closely with each other, so they would give/be given warnings before any demotion or impeachment. Instructors are selected by demonstrated interest in the club (coming to meetings often) and good knowledge and experience with computer science. Other instructors would probably be appointed if an instructor were not doing very much work for the club. Members themselves (“students”) are encouraged to take on some instructional role and teach each other. However, decision-making powers will only be given to members whose main role is to teach and who are dedicated to the club.
Tuesday, FridayOur organization is a fun, low-pressure way to grow individually as computer scientists while teaching each other. It lets us solve problems while taking away important computer science concepts. At Stuyvesant, it can be really hard to set aside time to independently pursue a difficult activity. The Competitive Computing Club offers students a unique opportunity to solve difficult computer science concepts while not having to worry about other responsibilities. It’s also unique in that it has quite a long history and has been able to explore different formats and styles of teaching.We are planning to use the funding to go to PClassic in the fall and Spring and to SJC in the Spring
StuyDoesMinecraftStuyDoesMinecraft is a fun club for fun's sake- a social club that fellow Minecraft players can be in to meet other people, chat, and of course play the game that we've all come to know and love (or hate) over the years.Like other similar video game clubs, we want to provide a community of people who can always just relax and play Minecraft together. Stuyvesant can be a stressful environment sometimes, and we want to provide a place where others can take a step back, and breathe. Minecraft is a really cool game about creating, and being able to create and have a community with other people is the best parts about the game. Members are expected just to be respectful towards each other, and most importantly, have fun. Minecraft is a game that a lot of us had disconnected in our elementary/middle school years, and we want people to pick up this game again and see the beauty in it once again. And if they haven’t played it before, we want people to rediscover a gem of a game that fell from grace. At the heart of Minecraft is community, so we want to build one.In a world where we're constantly forced to remember all the right answers, and fit into a mold of a perfect student, it's always nice to express yourselves. Minecraft is the perfect outlet to do whatever you want. Envision a club where you can stretch the boundaries of what the game can do- modding, hacking and just having fun. Video games like these are made to be shared with people, and Stuyvesant is the perfect place to do this kind of thing. It's meant to be a laid-back club where we can venture anywhere we want in the realm of Minecraft. We can learn from each other, whether it be new things about playing the game, or maybe taking some insight into the way the game works, and everything in between. To be honest, it’s the prospect of a unique community that can bond over a unique game that makes this club so compelling. The club is not only a place to share at a screen all day. The experiences we can have would be more than just sitting in a room playing a video game for an hour. Minecraft is a game with a very low learning curve, so this club also serves as an entry point, a community within the daunting Stuy cliches that people may be scared to go in. StuyDoesMinecraft means a welcoming environment where we can just relax.It's a low commitment club, so holding members to coming to meetings won't be such a big offense. The club is meant to provide a relaxing environment, but if people are busy, we don't want to hold them to an appointment. Members should be able to conduct themselves in a respectful manner, just like they would in a normal classroom. Though our rules will be a bit more loose, it's not like people can't talk unless told that they're allowed, we don't tolerate misconduct and too rowdy behavior. Members will be dismissed from the club if they prove not to be trusted with keeping up school rules and generally causing disruptions. Repeated offenders would have to be reported to people like the Student Union. As far as impeachment protocol, leaders who are perceived as unworthy of the role would be demoted. This would not only be judged by other authorities, but though the input of non-authority club members, maybe in a private vote. New leaders will be selected with a club-wide vote. Candidates will be chosen by first submitting their application for candidacy. From there, the current leaders will weed out everyone unfit or too inactive in the club to be a legitimate participate, and the final few candidates will be put to a vote. The vote will include everyone except the candidates, and the winning candidate will be put into position shortly after polling closes (voting will take 1-2 days to ensure maximum participation). In terms for impeachment, the process will start to take place when half of the general members disagree with the actions of one, or if the two other leaders see the actions taken by the third to be misconduct. The impeachment process will also be a vote from the club members. Following the impeachment of a leader, a similar process to choosing new leaders will be put in place for replacing them.Scheduling is still being decided, but Wednesday/Friday are the days we'll meet.Minecraft is unique enough for that to be the whole description. But to go into detail, it's another one of the scarce video game clubs in the school, and by far one of the least-committal and skill based ones, too. Minecraft is a timeless game that it's hard to find people who *haven't* heard of it, so the club provides a welcoming community for an already easy-to-enjoy game. We hope that you can find a welcoming community here, too.
StuyDonorsTo bring local charities to the Stuyvesant community and have Stuy students contribute what they can through organized fundraisers and events for these charities.The purpose of StuyDonors is to bring local charities to the Stuyvesant community and have Stuy students contribute to them as much as they can. With clubs such as Key Club and Red Cross, we are required to volunteer outside of Stuyvesant during weekends and free time. With this club, instead of having Stuy students go out to the charities, we can bring the fundraisers and events to our own school and have our own students involved. Doing things such as book drives for children’s hospitals, and raising money for local homeless shelters, by doing bake sales and fundraisers, we can make it more convenient for the Stuy students who are too busy to go volunteer outside of school, and have the entirety of Stuy be able to contribute to what is being given to charity. With collaborations with Key Club and Red cross in mind, we can give some of what we are all privileged to have here at Stuy, to people or organizations in our community who may need it more than us.Our club will benefit the Stuyvesant community because it will bring charity to our school and allow Stuyvesant students to engage directly in projects that will benefit a local charity, and see the amount of contribution they can have. While clubs such as Red Cross and Key Club already exist at Stuy, there is a disadvantage to students who do not have as much free time outside of school because they are not able to go to as many events. With StuyDonors, students can do fundraisers and help charities during school, so anyone can be able to make a contribution. It will allow Stuyvesant to be able to help the greater New York area and will bring a sense of unity into the school. It will also allow students, especially underclassmen, to interact with each other, as well as with people involved in these charities in order to make connections that they may need in the future. Students will be able to do community service and help bring the Stuyvesant reputation up within the charitable community, while not being required to travel long distances, as they do in Key Club or Red Cross. As a whole, the Stuyvesant community will be actively making a contribution to local charities, while bringing the charities to the school and allowing everyone to be involved.
StuyDonors will be open to accept anyone that wants to join, but we will keep track of how much of a contribution they have in the club. Once signed up, there will be a google group on which every 2 weeks, everyone will be responsible for posting idea they have for charities we can contribute to, or ways we can raise money for these charities. If someone repeatedly misses posts or fails to show up to club meetings more than four times without a legitimate excuse, that person will first get notified that there is a decision being made about whether or not they should stay in the club, and will be given a chance to fix their attendance. If they fail to do so, we will respectably take them out of the club and out of the mailing list as well as the Google Group. In terms of appointing leaders, we will allow people who come up with fundraising ideas to lead that specific fundraiser and deal with the charity that they want to work with. If someone shows strong leadership roles and is repeatedly leading projects, they will e considered for larger roles, such as treasurer or vice president of the club. The president and vice president will be decided through elections. Members who feel like they can have the leadership and organization skills to efficiently run our organization can apply for positions, giving us insight on how they could improve our club and what they will do to make it happen. All members will vote on who they think is the most suitable for the responsibility through login sheets at meetings and actions that demonstrate commitment and genuine aspirations for the success of this club. Impeachment would be necessary when a leader continuously neglects his/her duties, such as organizing events and hitting the quotas for the number of meetings they need to attend. If the president is to be impeached, the vice president will step up to the role until another election is held. ThursdayWe're donating to local charities that don't get as much funding compared to other organizations. All of the proceeds will go to the selected local charities. In addition, it doesn't require members to help outside of school since we know how hard it is to manage time. They can just volunteer one or two period(s) for an event and they're set. It won't take up too much time. Members are allowed to sell what they made rather than just buying it.
StuyFlowStuyFlow was created to spread the flow arts and provide a friendly environment for students to express their concerns or thoughts with each other.Stuy Flow is a performance based club. We specialize in glow-stringing, staffing, whipping and other illuminating arts. As a part of all three Stuyvesant showcases, we invite students who are interested in performing and the arts to join us. We encourage students to be creative to make their own art using mainly colors and light. We welcome everyone and want to all our members to be comfortable with each other. We are also affiliated with the SPARK with the intention to promote youth engagement in social-interest bonding. We want to provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere to support students in our community. One of our fundamental values is PLURR which stands for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect & Responsibility. We want everyone apart of our family to feel like they have a place in this school and allow them to express themselves in this unique form of art. We are all wolves in the same packThe acronym PLURR stands for peace, love, unity, respect and responsibility. PLURR describes the core values of our club. We are a supportive family and a fresh air to the stressful environment of Stuyvesant. The fundamental purpose of the arts is to provide an outlet for students to socialize and take time off from schoolwork. Students are welcome to join StuyFlow to participate in the illuminating arts of dance, glowstringing, staffing and much more. We want students to be creative and create art in the simplest and unique way using only shoelaces and glowsticks. We also have a lot of other cool equipment such as staffs, wands and whips which anyone can learn to use.

As a part of Stuysquad, SOS and SING!, Flow will continue to participate and contribute to our school spirit. We invite other students to join to have fun with us and experience performing on stage. What sets us apart from other dance crews is that we perform in the dark. This is the perfect opportunity for students who have stage fright, but want to perform to finally participate. Additionally, we are one of the lower commitment performance groups because we don’t want to pressure students. We understand at Stuyvesant, everyone is juggling school, home and more than one extracurricular activity at a time. We want to emphasize having fun and building a family relationship with each other, instead.

"The main positions are the President and Vice-President(s) of the club. They are responsible for organizing, financing, and managing the club. Most importantly, they are required to set a good example for all other members of the club. There are no other official positions within the club. Those that are more experienced or are former members of the rave community will be expected to assist in the teaching of less experienced members. At the end of the year, members gather and decide on who to recommend for the positions. Finally, there is an election of officers for the upcoming year. These officers may be impeached and replaced if there is a significant lack in participation, organization, leadership, sincerity, and/or approachability. Impeachment can be suggested by any member of the club and a consensus must form among the members of the club. The officer is notified and asked to resign. If she/he refuses, a vote will be taken by members of the club to determine whether or not the officer in question is impeached. Although the President has the final say in matters, he should listen to the recommendations of the body of the club, as poor leadership increases the risk that he/she faces impeachment."Wednesday and FridayWe are the only performance group utilizing light. We impress the audience each year with our tricks and choreography. As a club and a performance crew in all three shows, we are highly committed to showing our abilities and recruiting new members to join us. Our club is very creative in making use of available material to perform. We are also affiliated with the SPARK with the intention to promote youth engagement in social-interest bonding. We want to be a community of youth open to peers who want to reach out to others looking for a friendly and supportive atmosphere.
StuyForumStuyForum aims to improve the political awareness, public speaking, and argumentation skills of the Stuyvesant community. The purpose of StuyForum is to have a space for all interested to discuss issues that they're interested in. Stuyvesant currently has both a debate team and a MUN team, but those are too rigorous and awards-based for most people. StuyForum is an informal, yet structured, meeting place for all those willing to express their own political or personal views on a topic, as well as those who feel the need to voice their disagreement. Club members will also be exposed to information sessions, as well as tips to improve their public speaking. This comes without all the frills and work of Model UN / Debate, which can be a huge turn-off to most people. The end goal of StuyForum is to have a moderated space for people to improve their public speaking, as well as their knowledge of the world around them and the argumentation skills necessary to make their voice heard in today's society. StuyForum will provide Stuyvesant students with the opportunity of sharing their views, training their oratory skills or simply becoming more knowledgeable about certain political and philosophical topics in an environment which is structured and organized, but at the same relaxed and without the competitive edge of other debate clubs. StuyForum will encourage a multitude of views to see the light of day, and unlike other clubs which either require people to defend views they don't necessarily agree with or others, which are one-sided and shut out opposing views, StuyForum will allow and encourage people to say what they actually think and speak about it freely. Discussion topics will be pre-decided based on what the members of the club feel is important at the given time. The moderators of the club will be given the task of guiding the conversation and giving their own views on the matter, rather than having authority over the other members, creating a comfortable, egalitarian environment of mutual enrichment and knowledge, rather than finding ways to make the other side "lose". We expect the club to result in members who are more educated, cultured and confident in speaking and defending their case, enriching the Stuyvesant student body. As is standard for most clubs, leadership elections will happen at the end of every school year. The candidate with the most votes for his/her potential position will receive the position, and will keep it until the end of the next school year. If someone is found to be abusing their position, they will be subject to a vote of impeachment by the executive board (Presidents/VP's). If there is a 3/4 majority for impeachment, the person in question will be stripped of their role and barred from getting any administrative position in the club. Abuse of a position basically entails using one's position in the club as a position of authority, not guidance as it is supposed to be. In the future, this definition will also include a misuse of club funds, such as appropriation of funds for personal use, as well as straying from the vision and mission of StuyForum. Tentative, but most likely Wednesday/ThursdayStuyvesant currently has both a debate team and a MUN team, but those are too rigorous and awards-based for most people. StuyForum is an informal, yet structured, meeting place for all those willing to express their own political or personal views on a topic, as well as those who feel the need to voice their disagreement. StuyForum is a place for honest, frank debate that does not function within a competitive framework, and, as such, allows students to speak their mind about topics they feel strongly about. StuyForum also democratically selects topics by voting, which no other debate club does.
StuyHacksStuyHacks is an organization that hosts computer science related events in NYC to expose high school and middle school students to technology, foster the next generation of innovators, and increase diversity in the computer science community. We organize biannual hackathons that are specifically targeted towards high schoolers interested in the field of computer science. Over 100 students attend our 12-hour hackathon and 150 attend our 24-hour one. Creating such large events require the logistical and organizational skills of a team that is willing to work together towards a great event. We are broken down into separate departments in order to make a successful hackathon happen.
Furthermore, the purpose of StuyHacks is to provide not only Stuy students, but students from other schools, with an opportunity to collaborate with others in order to create innovative tech projects. There are many students throughout the city with different ideas and interests. When these students come together and work towards a common project, they have the opportunity to create something great. StuyHacks is here to facilitate their journey towards a great project by providing mentorship, a place to work together, and a community of like-minded individuals.
Stuyvesant has always had a very large and thriving computer science community. StuyHacks is an organization that allows students to become further immersed in the world of tech and innovation. Our school hackathon is organized by Stuyvesant students for Stuyvesant students. We prioritize those in our community and make sure to accommodate everyone. For those in this school that want to learn more about computer science, StuyHacks acts as an entryway for other school hackathons. In fact, after attending our event for the first time, many students go on to overnight college hackathons.
At our hackathons, we also emphasize the idea of collaboration and teamwork. Many people come to our events without a team and end up forming lasting bonds. StuyHacks allows people to meet other students with similar interests as them. As a group, many Stuyvesant students come up with very creative ideas. We promote innovation at StuyHacks and provide a hub where people can apply the computer science skills they learn in class to real life projects.
StuyHacks also welcomes complete beginners. Those that are still taking Intro 1 to Computer Science can always come to our events. We offer workshops and help with any questions they have about computer science.
Each department has a director as well as an assistant director. After each hackathon, we determine a new board for organizing the next event. Members who want a board position fill out a form explaining why they want the position and what they are able to offer to the departments they want to lead. We appoint members to director positions based on their commitment and efficiency in completing tasks that are assigned to them. It is also important that the leadership is able to lead a department. Therefore, when appointing directors, we also look for people who are able to work well with others and are able to instruct them. As for impeachment, in the rare case that someone is not doing what they are supposed to be doing, they will first be given a warning. After that, the current board members will meet and decide the appropriate action to be taken.Fluctuates depending on members We are one of New York City’s few student-run, high school hackathons. StuyHacks is a high-school hackathon that has served a total of more than 650 students — from all different ages and backgrounds — over our past four hackathons. In addition, we’ve partnered with organizations such as Facebook, Devpost, Disney, Youth Service America, ABC Networks, and Major League Hacking in the past. At our hackathons students are given an opportunity to learn about areas of computer science such as web development from industry professionals.