2018-2019 AER Action plan
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AER Action Plan
ActionEntityDate of EB adoptionDescriptionLead and supportig regionsTimeframe
SEED Project – Silver Economy AwardsCommittee 1, Committee 216/03/2016Awareness-raising on highlighting opportunities of the European Silver EconomyEmpirica gmbH (DE), AER Committee 1 for Eonomy and Regional DevelopmentcOct 2016 – Dec 2018 01/10/16
AMiD ProjectCommittee 221/03/2017The project will result in the creation of a Specific Needs Assessment Tool to be circulated among all actors dealing with migrants assessmentVärmland (SE) Timis (RO), Valencia (ES)01-2018 / 01-2020
Cultural HeritageCommittee 324/01/2018Raise awareness on the importance to transfer to young generation the immaterial heritage of landscapesVästerbotten (SE), other interested regions, Gävleborg (SE), Hampshire (GB)to be confirmed
AER Summer Accademy 2018 – Cultural Heritage for Regional AttractivenessCommittee 320/03/2018The aim is to create opportunities for intercultural exchanges & debates on social inclusion, equality etcBrussels Capital (BE)6-11/08/18
REFIT Project – New regulative frameworks to foster innovation in the transport sectorCommittee 120/03/2018AER will lead the working packag”Network building and policy impact” aimed to build a network of various stakeholdersNew mobility services initiative of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Cluster of the European Innovation Partnership on Sustainable Cities and Communities2018-2020
Training on Youth Mobility for regional policy makersCommittee 320/03/2018AER offers training on youth mobility for regional policy makers in the first year the college will be operatingEuropean College of Cluny, Eurodyssey Steering Committeesto be confirmed
Youth mental healthCommittee 220/03/2018Focus on cooperation in this topic, which initially was oriented on project development, good practice sharing and awareness raisingÖrebro (SE)1) From March to May 18 2) Fall of 2018 and forward
Youth and Mental Health in Summer AccademyCommittee 322/05/2018Youth and Mental Health as a central theme for one of the coming summer accademiesA coming host region for the Summer Accademyto be discussed at SAOC
Advertise Eurodyssey for new members to joinCommittee 322/05/2018Presentation at AER GA to attract new membersBrussels Capital (BE), Catalonia (ES)18/04/18
Bridging the gap! – ProjectCommittee 322/05/2018It aims to promote the active participation of young people in democratic life and foster debateVojvodina (RS), Timis (RO), County council (RO), County of Csongrad (HU)Sep 2018 – Feb 2020
Convene joint Action for the future Cohesion PolicyCommittee 122/05/2018AER will continue to build its role as an interlocutor for the added value and impact of this investment policy in European regionsFlevoland (NL)01/06/17
Financing Climate action at regional levelCommittee 122/05/2018It aims to catalyse institutional support for climate action at regional levelAER EBAug-18
Food: short supply chains & quality foodCommittee 122/05/2018Mutual learning event on food organised around 4 discussion groupsDolj (RO), SCEW13/11/18
INTEGRATE PERMED Project – The inter-regional linking infrastructure for implementation in personalised medicineCommittee 222/05/2018AER is responsibile for the work package on recommendations for regional implementationPNO, European Personalised Medicine Association2019-2020 Apr-18
International event on Biomass in VojvodinaCommittee 122/05/2018Organisation of an international event on Biomass in Vojvodina in collaboration with AERVojvodina (RO)15/03/16
Meeting of the working group on Transports and MobilityCommittee 122/05/2018The Working Group organises regular meetings to share information and experiences on transports and mobilityÖstergötland (SE)26/09/18
Mobility: engagement in the EIP-SCCCommittee 122/05/2018The AER working group on Transports and Mobility will organise a workshop or a seminar to share the work of the EIP-SCC with other AER membersallAutumn 2018 – Spring 2019
Mutual learning event on the Sharing EconomyCommittee 1, Committee 2, Committee 322/05/2018Mutual learning event on the Sharing Economy organised around 4 discssuion groupsBrussels Capital (BE), Catalonia (ES)04/12/18
New Mobility ServicesCommittee 122/05/2018Good practices exchange on electric cars and infrastructureÖstergötland (SE), all AER membersAER meetings and EIP-SCC events
PATHWAY Project – Pathway to cial entrepeneurshipCommittee 1, Committee 222/05/2018AER will organise a multiplayer event to present the project to stakeholders, create debates and have a positive impact on the application of outputsARIS Formazione e Ricerca, Umbria (IT)
PIKTOGRAMA Project – visual thinking for social innovationCommittee 322/05/2018AER will be in charge of spreading the results of the activities developed during the project, as well as work on the sustainability of outputsARIS Formazione e Ruiicerca, Umbria (IT)Oct 2018 – Mar 2021
Road to the future ProjectCommittee 322/05/2018AER is partner in this project, it will engage YRN and link youth participants with policy-makersYoung European Federalists (JEF Europe)Sep/Oct 2018 – Dec2019/Jan2020
SCIROCCO – Exchange project – Personalised Knowledge transfer and access to tailored evidence-based assets on integrated careCommittee 222/05/2018AER will lead the work package dealing with knowledge transferNational Health Services Scotland2019-2020
Social Entrepeneur Key competencies – SEK projectCommittee 322/05/2018AER is in charge of organising an international information day, which will be the opportunity to share the project outcomes and to foster networkingARIS Formazione e Ricerca, Umbria (IT)
The Sustainable Development Goals as policy frameworkCommittee 122/05/2018On 2018 Autumn Plenaries the SDGs were presented as policy framework; regions will also share their own experiences and discuss enabler and barriersOppland (NO), Värmland (SE) & all interested AER membersAutumn 2018
Using SDGS to comunicate AER activitiesCommittee 1, Committee 2, Committee 322/05/2018Many AER activities are contributing to achieving the SDGs, AER should promote the 2030 agendaall r egionsto be confirmed
Waste management in rural areasCommittee 122/05/2018The working group will organise a workshop on the topic of waste management in rural areasDolj (RO)27/09/18
Webinar on New MobilitiesCommittee 122/05/2018The working group will organise a webinar on new mobilities for all AER membersÖstergötland (SE)to be confirmed
Youth entrepeneurshipCommittee 322/05/2018It aims to exchange good practices on youth entrepeneurship and identify best practices in EuropeVarazdin (HR)to be confirmed
Youth Regional Network engagement in AER activitiesCommittee 322/05/2018AER will engage the YRN in the development of its activities, programmes and projectsEB, AER Secretariat, YRNDuring the whole year
Together for Cohesion: let’s rEUnite! projectCommittee 125/09/2018AER coordinates the project and it will collect experiences on cohesion policy together with regionsMc Group, Alba (RO), Catalonia (ES), Csongàd (HU), Jämtland Härdjedalen (SE), South Ostrobonthnia (FI), Timis (RO), Trentino (IT), Varazdin (HR)Jan 2019 – Dec 2019
AMIF-2018-AG-INTE-1: Local and regional integration networksCommittee 221/11/2018Follow-up project to ongoing AMiD project, more focused on regional authoritiesAER as a project partnerDeadline to submit the proposal 12/01/19
Collaboration between Task Forces and Committees for event on migrationBureau Task Force on Migration, Committee 1, Committee 2, Committee 321/11/2018Identification of speakers & good practices in the regions ahead of event on migrationCatalonia (ES)In run up to 18/12
Development of pilot project to be funded by the European CommissionCommittee 3, Eurodyssey21/11/2018To support the programme and ensure sustainability a pilot project is being developedVarazdin (HR)ongoing
Eurodyssey Website Training Session in BarcelonaProgrammes21/11/2018Training session for Eurodyssey member regions to learn about the usage of the new website but also other communication tools (FB, Instagram, Slack…) to upgrade the brand of the programme and enhance its visibilityEurodyssey Secretariat (AER + EY Presidency of Catalonia) as lead. Eurodyssey member regions as beneficiaries.14-15 February 2019, Barcelona (Spain)
Happening around food innovationCommittee 1, Committee 2, Committee 321/11/2018Presentation of food innovation and local products at official dinnerÖrebro (host of Spring plenaries), supported by all26/03/2019
Horizon 2020 – LC-SC3-RES-28-2018: Market Uptake supportCommittee 121/11/2018Horizon 2020 project to develop platform to identify Renewable Energy sources and barriers to their implementationAER as project partner, potentially together with R20Deadline to submit the proposal 11/12/18
Launch of the test phase of Civil Servants Exchange ProgrammeCommittee 3, Eurodyssey21/11/2018A first edition will be launched in cooperation with Eurodyssey an the College of ClunyVarazdin (HR), supported by subcommittee on education, Eurodyssey steering committeeJan-19
Organisation of thematic event on Food, innovation, sustainabilityCommittee 1, Committee 2, Committee 321/11/2018Short seminar on innovation and the role of networks to support innovation in regionsÖrebro (host of Spring plenaries), supported by all27/03/19
Participation in WSEDCommittee 121/11/2018Participation in WSED and MAP meetings around energy activities with Upper AustriaVärmland (SE)27/02-01/03
Presentation of various companies from the Sharing EconomyCommittee 121/11/2018At the event on the Sharing Economy: Pecha Kucha style presentation of several companies from the Sharing EconomyBrussels Capital (BE), Catalonia (ES)04/12/18
SFEEFI – Structural Funds for mainstreaming Energy Efficiency FInancingCommittee 121/11/2018Horizon 2020 project to promote large-scale financing programme for energy efficiency & creation of financial instruments with Structural Funds (Mainstreaming energy efficiency finance – LC-SC3-EE-10)“AER as project partner. Letters of support from: lba (RO), Bistria-Nasaud (RO), Calarasi (RO), Covasna (RO), Satu Mare (RO), Sibiu (RO), Timis (RO), Vrancea (RO), Grand Est (FR), Údarás na Gaeltachta (EI), Madeira (PT), Brussels Capital (BE)”Deadline to submit the proposal 24/01/2019
Webinar on TAIEX-EIRCommittee 121/11/2018Webinar for members to understand how to use the TAIEX-EIR which finances peer learning on environmental policiesWorking Group Energy & Climate Change, Working Group on RuralJan-19
Workshop on welcoming migrants with disabilitiesCommittee 221/11/2018Workshop to present outcomes and receive feedback on the tools developed by the AMID projectVärmland (SE), Valencia (ES), Timis (RO)27/03 or 28/03/2019
10th Plenary Session Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM)Vice Presidency for interregional cooperation and Mediterranean affairs05/02/2019An assembly of local and regional representatives from the EU and its Mediterranean partners set up in 2010 by the CoR together with territorial associations. VP Albert Castellanos is AER representative to the ARLEM.Catalonia (ES)26-27/02/2019
AER 2019 Summer Academy “Youth is future, youth is Europe”Committee 3 + SAOC member regions05/02/2019On the occasion of its hosting of the 2019 European Youth Capital, the AER Summer Academy will take place in Novi Sad, Vojvodina (RS) from 1-6 July 2019 under the theme “Youth is future, youth is Europe” in the wake of the 2019 Elections to the European Parliament. The participating regions at the 2019 Summer Academy will show off, by exchanging innovative ideas and good practices in various fields, the potential of young people to bring about a social transformation and rethink the way Europe can meet the challenges of the future. The social programme includes entrance tickets to the major European music festival “Exit”.Vojvodina (RS)01-06/07/2019
Autumn BureauBureau05/02/2019Organisation of the Autumn Bureau in Brussels Capital RegionVästragötaland (SE) (AER President) + Brussels Capital (BE) (Host)05/12/2019
Autumn Committee PlenariesCommittee 1, Committee 2, Committee 305/02/2019Update on AER activities, presentation of shared achievements, information on statutory matters and procedures, recognition of the engagement of a selection of regions; Sharing experiences of regions on the topics which are being discussed in each Committee.Committee Presidents’ regions + East Slovenia (SI) (Host)24-26/09/2019
Breakfast Debate on Youth Entrepreneurship & entrepreneurship educationCommittee 305/02/2019Organisation of a Breakfast Debate, with the participation of EMAX Sweden, as a follow-up on the activities at the past plenary meetingVarazdin (HR)28/03/2019
Committee 1 Spring Plenary meetingCommittee 105/02/2019Organisation of the plenary meeting of Committee 1, reporting on achievements and progress of the Committee’s work programme and achievements, exchange on topics relevant to the Committee, elections, joint development of the 2019-2020 work programmeBrussels Capital (BE)26/03/2019
Committee 2 Spring Plenary meetingCommittee 205/02/2019Organisation of the plenary meeting of Committee 2, reporting on achievements and progress of the Committee’s work programme and achievements, exchange on topics relevant to the Committee, elections, joint development of the 2019-2020 work programmeTimis (RO)27/03/2019
Committee 3 Spring Plenary meetingCommittee 305/02/2019Organisation of the plenary meeting of Committee 3, reporting on achievements and progress of the Committee’s work programme and achievements, exchange on topics relevant to the Committee, elections, joint development of the 2019-2020 work programmeVarazdin (HR)27/03/2019
European Week of Regions and Citiestbc05/02/2019“The EWRC is an annual four-day event during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement EU cohesion policy, and prove the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance. The week is co-organised by the EC DG REGIO and the CoR. AER to submit a proposal to become event partners.”VästraGötaland (President)7-10/10/92019
General AssemblyGA05/02/2019Organisation of the AER General Assembly in Larnaca (CY)Västragötaland (SE) (AER President) + Association of Cyprus Municipalities (Host)5-6/06/2019
Joint Committees’ plenaryCommittee 1, Committee 2, Committee 305/02/2019Update on AER activities, presentation of shared achievements, information on statutory matters and procedures, recognition of the engagement of a selection of regionsCommittee Presidents’ regions + Örebro (Host) (SE)26/03/2019
Mutual Learning event innovationtbc05/02/2019Organisation of the annual AER-Brussels Capital mutual learning event on a current & transversal topic related to innovationBrussels Capital (BE)04/12/2019
Spring BureauBureau05/02/2019Organisation of the AER Spring Bureau in Larnaca (CY)Västragötaland (SE) (AER President) + Association of Cyprus Municipalities (Host)5-6/06/2019
UN Climate Change Conference (COP-25)Committee 1, Working Group on Energy & Climate Change05/02/2019COP-25 will aim to stocktake the climate actions and strengthen the efforts towards the Paris Agreement targets by 2020, including the finalisation of the details for the “market mecanisms”.VästraGötaland (President) + Värmland (Committee 1 working group on energy and climate change)11-12/11/2019
Workshop, energy & Climate ChangeCommittee 1, Working Group on Energy & Climate Change05/02/2019Organisation of a meeting on the topics the WG is working on, especially the SDGs at regional levelVärmland (SE)27/03/2019
Workshop, Transport & MobilityCommittee 1, Working Group on Transports & Mobility05/02/2019Organisation of a meeting on the topics the WG is working on, especially new mobilitiesÖstergötland (SE)28/03/2019
World Forum for PeaceVice Presidency for Democracy05/02/2019AER and the Congress (CoE) will lead a workshop on the role of local and regional governments in building peace in this event whiwh will take place in Normandy, on the eve of the heads of States celebration of the 75th anniversary of D-DayJämtland (SE), Västerbotten (SE)04/06/2019
MOCHA ProjectCommittee 2Autumn 2014AER is a member of the MOCHA Advisory boardAER Secretariat2015-2018