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Stroud High School - 9A Homework
SubjectTeacher InitialsDate SetHomework SetDate DueWorksheet/ Resources Required Yes/No
ChemistryCSH25.06.Complete p. 12 and 13 in your booklet04.07.2018
REJH19/6/18Do you think it is logical for humanity to expect some kind of consequence for their morality as it is such a big part of how we live or should we accept that this life is it and morality is simply a decent way to get through it?25/6/18no
GeographyLT18/6/18Complete work from the lesson. Print and stick/put into your book/file.22/6/18
bscience (biology)TJL14/6/18revision for cells test next week21/6/18
HistoryJS14.6.18Finish writing up the answer to the interpretations question
Yes source sheets
REJH13/6/18Do you think the Ka’aba is as significant as the Birmingham Qur’an? Create a recommendation for which you think would be more significant to a Muslim – justify your choice19/6/18no
PhysicsOL12/6/18Describe how Sperm, muscle & nerve cells (neurones) in animals and Root hair, xylem and phloem cells in plants are adapted to their function next lesson
HistoryJS8.6.18Finish Qs 1 and 2. Research evidence for question 3.Next lesson
Science (Biology)TJL7/6/18Finish the Qs for required practicals 1 & 2  -spend 30-40 mins13/6/18required practical booklet
ChemistryCSH07.06.2018p.20 in your booklet13.6.y
GeographyEU6/6/18Finish off your contour line diagrams from todays lesson - shape in the shape of the land in an appropriate colour.
Artst8/6/18Complete the following tasks by 6th July: Mindmap, sketches of ideas, moodboard, artist research, maquette, headpiece, evaluation6/7/18yearfolders
REJH5/6/18Create a brainstorm in your book about the word 'mystical' and how it might relate to human experience and existence11/6/18no
ScienceMJH4.6.18Prefixes and Units p19 and 20 in the booklet 15/6/18Yes
REJH23/5/18Complete visual piece about Sunni and Shia Muslims5/6/18yes
Science (Chem)CSH21.05.2018Complete the assignment “Carbon footprint”(booklet, p.18). It involves producing a poster or an essay and you will needi nternet access!

Science (biol)TJL10/5/18Just look (in awe) at the scale/size of the different 'things' in this animation - nothing else needed just looking. http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/cells/scale/just do it
EnglishJK8/1/00Bring in a 'powerful' picture. This could be a photo you have taken or one you have found. It must be a hard copy/printed out and you must be able to explain why it is powerful.14.5.18no
EnglishJK8.5.18Finish writing your Hardy style story opening. Two character smeeting for the first time in a 19th century setting of your choice. 600-800 words/one to one and a half sides of A4 typed, font size
Science (Biol)TJL3/5/18Make a resource to summarise this specification content (diagrams too). Use kerboodle as your source.              Cells may be specialised to carry out a particular function sperm cells, nerve cells and muscle cells in animals root hair cells, xylem and phloem cells in plants.10/5/18Kerboodle
MathsMSH2/5/18Complete topic checklist. Decide on 3 topics you need to revise. Get some resources from the Net for one of your topics#9/5/18n
GeographyEU2/5/18Find 4 pictures of densely populated areas and 4 pictures of sparsely populated areas of the world and bring them to next lesson. Make sure they have clear titles to locate them.16/5/18 (no lesson on Monday)
HistoryjsFinish causes of WW2 poster
HistoryJS1.5.18Spend 30 minutes on your poster on causes of World War 2.
EnglishJK1.5.18Finishing planning for your 'first meeting' story assessment. Extended learning: read and research symbolism in literature appropriate to your story e.g. if your setting is natural, find out sybolism of flowers/trees/animals etc4.5.18no
BiologyTJL26/4/18Complete table of structures in bacteria, read info/highlight on bacteria & fungi in booklet & complete Qs on page opposite matching table we went through in class3/4/18booklet
9AART24/4/18Complete artist page - written work 500 words, images, title, background, could produce a artist study04.05.2018yearfolders
ChemistryCSH23.04.2018Finish watching the video (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xudm8n). Read through p.12 in your booklet and answer the questions on p.1302.05.2018yes
REJH25/4/18Complete assessment in pink book in 30 minutes only1/5/18yes

Artist Analysis, 4 different ideas ( thumbnails), plan, written evaluation.
MathsMSH18/4/18Homework book p.133 E12.123/4/18n
GeographyLT16/4/18Complete your project. Please print a mark sheet (to be completed next lesson).20/4/18
EnglishJK28.3.18Read the short story called 'The Withered Arm' in the book you have been issued16.3.18Yes
GeographyEU26/3/18Make sure you have finished your 'Geography of Chocolate' project over the holidays ready to present to the class during the first lesson back after the Easter break. Think of something that is going to appeal to your peers too - perhaps a little quiz or a chocolate tasting experience or dress up as a cocoa farmer from west Aftrica. Have a lovely Easter and enjoy your world!18/4/18
ChemistryCSH26.03.2018Read through p.4 and 5 in your booklet, then complete questions on p.5 and produce a bar chart of the percentage data of Earth and Mars (only for nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and oxygen). Use the graph paper which was given to you in the lesson.18.04.2018yes
Science (Biol)TJL23/3/18Use thsi site and watch the following clips, http://freesciencelessons.co.uk/sizes-of-cells/  http://freesciencelessons.co.uk/order-of-magnitude/ make any notes yuo need to and make sure you answer the Qs - I'll be looking for workings out and answers (and please don't just copy what the answers he shows you - if you're going to benefit you need to give your brain a workout). Try the Qs in the booklet (3 pages - a worked example then 6 Qs29/3/18cells booklet
GeographyEU21/3/1830 minutes geography of chocolate project
REJH20/3/18Complete sheet on Noble Eightfold Path26/3/18yes
EnglishJK20.3.18Spend 30 minutes finishing off and checking through your poetry comparative essay. You will need to print this out to hand in next lesson.23.3.18no
ScienceMJH19/3/18Finish pages 5 to 7 in your fundamentals of physics booklets16/4/18Yes
HistoryJS15.03.18Soend an honest 30 minutes writing your answer to 'Explain why prohibiton failed in the USA'.Next lessonPlans. Booklet.
REJH12/3/18Go to Year Foldrs and the folder entitled, 'Good and Evil' - doc called Mill. Print off and stick in. Write what you think it says about suffering in the world14/3/18yes
GeographyEU7.3.18Plan your 'geography of chocolate' project. What format is it going to take? What resources will you need? Do you know how I am marking it? Plan how you are going to use your time in lessons for the next 5 lessons.18.4.18advice/guidance on year folders
HistoryJS1.3.18Finish Prohibition mindmap/diagram (why, how and consequnces). Make it have impact!8.3.2018 (next lesson)Prohibition booklet.
artst26/2/18Complete design pages - This should be presented across 2 double pages. This should include, drawings, sampling of colours and fabrics, annotation, different viewpoints, textures and may include photos. Resources in year folders - design your hat couture. Start to think about what structure you will use, alice band?9/3/18Yearfolders
GeographyEU21.2.18Finish your flow diagram/information to show pictures (and a bit of writing) about the primary/secondary/tertiary and quaternary industries involved in the production of chocolate.22/2/18 if possible but if not 26/2/18no
scienceTJL8/2/18Revision for test on light & sound - see emailed resource dates 8/2/1822/2/18
EnglishJK22.1.18Continue to work on your independent project - Romantic poet and poem23.2.18no
GeographyEU5/2/18In preparation for our gography of choclolate project, take a look at all the different types of chocolate in a supermarket. Pay attention to the % cocoa solids in each and if you're lucky you may be able to persuade your parents to buy you some to taste! Enjoy the holiday next week
ScienceCSH5/2/18Do the independent learning assignment Modelling metals on p. 7 in your booklet.
You will need to download the corresponding file form your Year folders.

ScienceTJL1/2/18Have a really good go at teh last 2 pages in the booklet. We'll look at answers next week. Also be thinking about parts of this topic you would like to work on next lesson - we'll have a recap of reflection, refraction & colour8/2/18
GeographyEU31/1/18You have a homework today and your lesson tomorrow to finish your essay 'How on Earth can we save the Amazon Rainforest?' I will expect you to hand this is at the start of the lesson on Monday of next week.5/1/18
EnglishJK22.1.18Continue to work on your independent project - Romantic poet and poem22.2.18no
ScienceMJH29/1/18Finish the story of the journey of sound- describe the pathway from the air to the brain. How are different pitches and volumes heard. Also, see revision below.9/2/ 2018No
SCIENCETJL25/1/18Revise light & sound topic - be creating revision resources - also spend time revising for end of key stage exam - little & often - make yuor revision active by making Q cards, mind maps and using past questionsongoing
EnglishJK22.1.18Continue to work on your independent project - Romantic poet and poem22.2.18No
artst23/1/18You will have lessons to complete this too. Artist anlaysis double page- 250 words per artist. Minimum of 2 artists which will inform your head piece - explore sampling background, personal opinions - all resources on year folders 23/2/18
GeographyEU22/1/18Spend 30 minutes planning, researching or working on your essay 'How on Earth can we save the Amazon Rainforest' by next lesson.31/1/18
no - instructions from lesson
GeographyEU17/1/18You have been working very hard and the story boards you handed in today clearly show you have spent a lot of time on them so no set homework today - just ensure your book is organised and everything is completed so far on our topic of 'Tropical Rainforests'.n/a
mathssmr17/1/18formal hw in orange book on basic stats22/1/18y
MathsMSH15/1/18Standard form sheet22/1/18y
ScienceMJH15.01.18Complete p13 in your booklet on the structure of the ear26.01.18Yes 
EnglishJK16.1.18Finish writing up your essay answer to the question 'How does Shakespeare present Romeo's feelings towards Juliet. Use the notes in your book and your plan to help you.  Don't forget to comment on specific examples of language and use terminology in your answer (metaphor/simile/noun/adjective/ verb etc) Aim to write 4-5 paragraphs as well as a brief introduction and conclusion.23.1.18
notes in exercise book
ScienceTJL11/1/18Under the title Homework - eclipses, Explain how solar & lunar eclipses are formed. Try to use the terms umbra and penumbra18/1/18n
Artst9/1/18Complete mood board across a DOUBLE PAGE (minimum). This should demonstrate you have explored a variety of ideas: You should all consider, artists, hat designs, structures, mateials, photographs and words. Some May consdier adding: Sampling of colour ways, textures, materials, drawings, paintings, backgrounds, paper cuttings, experiemnting with a variety of materials. - Resources of year folders - also look on pinterest. It should be: Imaginative, creative and thoughtful presentation.

HistoryJS5.1.18This is Monday's homework but I've set it today (09.11.17) just in case you want to complete it over the weekend. Finish the table/poster relating to different types of coastal erosion defenses. Next lesson I will be taking in your books to mark both this table/poster and the letter to Mrs May appealing for help and saying how upset you are that nothing is being done to protect this part of the coast.11.1.18
Yes - links sheet
GeographyEU3/1/18This is todays homework and Monday 8th January's homework. Complete your story/information board to show how indigenous people live in harmony with the rainforest.17/1/18template
ScienceTJL, CSH, MJH03.01.2018Practice your talks to be ready for the in class competition on Mon, 8th Jan!08.01.2018
ScienceTJL, CSH, MJH14/12/17Prepare your Famelab talk ready to pratise on your 1st lesson back with whoever is teaching you first3.1.2018
REJH13/12/17Work over hols: to those for whom it applies - what response do pacifists and conscientious objectors give to conflict?2/1/18
artst12/12/17Extension - please complete your final piece and evaluation 250 words with a photo of your final piece. You will find the evaluation form in Year folders - Year 9 - art - Miss Torr resources - evaluating your final piece 5.1.2018yearfolders
ScienceTJL7/12/17P19 of the light sound bookletlesson after Christmasbooklet
Geography EU6/12/17Name 3 tropical rainforests of the world. No need to write them down, just come to the lesson with the knowledge (a very short easy homework today as energy levels are flagging!)7/12/17no
GeographyEU27/11/17Finish your Tropical Rainforest title page to show their location, the plants, the animals, how humans are threatening them etc. I will take your books in next lesson to mark these.6/12/17no
ScienceTJL16/11/17Revision for your test on Variation23/11/17
artST22/11/17Ongoing You will have 5 lessons to complete your final piece - we will evaluate your peice on 12th December. It must show a minimum of 7 hours of work. This include 2 hours of homework across the 5 weeks.12/12/17
yes - criteria year folders
ScienceCSH13/11/17Complete the questions on the revision list (worksheet given out in lesson). Test will be written on 27.11.2017.22/11/17
yes (worksheet)
GeographyEU13.11.17This is Monday's homework but I've set it today (09.11.17) just in case you want to complete it over the weekend. Finish the table/poster relating to different types of coastal erosion defenses. Next lesson I will be taking in your books to mark both this table/poster and the letter to Mrs May appealing for help and saying how upset you are that nothing is being done to protect this part of the coast.22/11/17
yes (on year folder if you want to use it)
GeographyEU08.11.17No homework today as you missed the lesson (Stroud Ambitions)n/a
ScienceCSH08.11.2017Use the information from your booklets and notes (plus internet, e.g. BBC bitesize) to produce a revision poster on what you have learned so far about the salts topic!13/11/17
yes (booklets, bbc bitesize, notes)
EnglishRP7/11/17Research Theories of Tragedy. What typical conventions or things do we expect tp find in a Shakespearian tragedy? Make a list of all of the characters in Romeo and Juliet and who they are!9/11/17
REJH7/11/17Apply the Just War theory to the conflict you researched13/11/17yes
ScienceMJH6/11/171. respond to my comments in your book in a different colour. 2. Revise for a test on the Biophysics and Machines topic. Test on 20/11.20/11/17No
HistoryJS2.11.17Finish writing up Source A in neat; write answer about Source B using A as a model. Write it neatly on answer sheet.9.11.17
Yes - source sheet and answer sheet.
EnglishJK1.11.17Finish your essay plan and bring with you to our lesson on Monday in the Wolfson Suite6.11.17yes
ScienceCSH30/10/17Complete the worksheet What can you remember from year 7 and year 8 chemistry topics?. I will collect the whole questionaire at the beginning of next lesson.8/11/17Yes
GeographyEU30/10/17Happisburgh in Norfolk have used wooden GROYNES and RIP-RAP (or rock armour) to try to stop the sea eroding the cliffs. Find a picture of these and write a sentence or two to explain how they work. Bring to next lesson as I have your books.8/11/17no
artst30/10/17Take 10 photos minumum  and print to size A5. You will use these photos in your inspired piece, consider angles and compotions, objects that relate to you, are you sporty? musical?  You have also been given the lesson to take these photos of yourself theses should also be printed and stuck in your sketchbook  - I will save to year folders - year 9 - art - 9A Photos 8/11/17
artst20/10/172 options for your homework - option 1 - take 10 photos and print to size A5. You will use these photos in your inspired piece, consider angles and compotions, objects that relate to you, are you sporty? musical? Option 2. is to choose one homework task, bronze, silver or gold 31/10/17
EnglishJK20.10.171) finish reading the book (only 15 pages) 2) annotate the description of Curley's wife as she lies dead - what impression of her is Steinbeck trying to create now?31.10.17
GeographyEU18.10.17I will be taking in your Weston fieldwork write up first lesson back after the holiday. Please ensure you have finished your questionnaire results and written your final summary paragraph.30.10.17fieldwork booklet
EnglishJK17.10.17Re-read Chapter 3 and focus on the attitudes towards Curley's wife. Come to class prepared to discuss this!20.10.17copy of thetext
ScienceMJH16/10/17Go here to revise pressure. Try the test questions too. http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/guides/zssbgk7/revisionAfter the holidayNo
ScienceCSH9/10/17What are antacids? How do they work? Write a short summary and include one word equation as example18/10/17No
GeographyEU9/10/17The following sections of your Weston Super Mare fieldwork write up should be complete: a) title page b) environmental profiles c) land use map with pie chart d) categories of land use table with bar chart. Add pictures of some different types of land use too if you can. Next lesson you are going to present your questionnaire results so remember to bring your fieldwork booklets.18/10/17yes
artst9/10/07Complete a 500 word analysis, 250 words introduction, 250 words exploring the formal elements, e.g. colour, techniques. You must present this in your sketchbook, with a title, and 4 images. Those that would want to achieve a 8 or 9, will of considered composition, background, style of the fonts and personal opinions. 20/10/17
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