BME psychologists & anti-racist work
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Work by key BME psychologists post 1980.
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Other authors
WyattGail EAfrican AmericanMental health, trauma, health psychology, HIV, reproductive healthcare, domestic violence,WomanWyatt, G. E. (1997). Stolen women: Reclaiming our sexuality, taking back our lives. New York: John Wiley [Argues that slavery and racism have enduring psychological effects on Black women today inculding in their sexualities] "She has also testified before the United States Congress eight times on issues related to health policy. She was the first African-American woman to be licensed as a psychologist in the state of California".
Sue StanleyAsian AmericanClinical psychology, mental health, culturally sensitive therapyAlso has done work highlighting Western/White bias of psychology
HolidayBertha GAfrican AmericanBlack psychologyWomanHoliday, B.G. (2009). The History and vision of African American Psychology: Multiple pathways to place, space, and authority. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 15, 317-337.APA Senior Director for Ethnic Minority Affairs
PadillaAmado MHispanic/Latino AmericanLatino/ Hispanic psychology; educational psychology; language acquisition; acculturationPadilla, A.M. & Olmedo, E. (2009). Synopsis of key persons, events, and Associations in the history of Latino psychology, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 15, 363-373.
OlmedoEstebanHispanic/Latino AmericanLatino/ Hispanic psychology; mental health; acculturationPadilla, A.M. & Olmedo, E. (2009). Synopsis of key persons, events, and Associations in the history of Latino psychology, Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 15, 363-373.Founding member of Devision 45 of APA and first director of the Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs at the American Psychological Association
SuesDerald WingChinese-AmericanCross cultural psychology, counselling Co-founded Asisan American Psychological Association; Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice, Overcoming our Racism
VasquezMelbaLatinaCounselling; therapy; latino PsychologyWoman2011 APA President; first Latina President
ArrendonoPatriciaLatinaOrganizational psychology; racism in the workplace; counselling psychology WomanPresident of the American Counseling Association, American Psychological Association Division 45 Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race, National Latina/o Psychological Association, Association of Multicultural Counseling and Development, and the Latino Professional Network of Boston
AmaroHortensiahealth psychology; substance abuse; HIV prevention in women; mental health & clinical psychologyWoman"Over the last two decades, Amaro founded five substance abuse treatment programs for women in Boston"
CasasManuelHispanic AmericanMultiracial counselling; hispanic behavioural studies
SuninRichardAsian-AmericanDeveloped program to recruit and retain BME students; 3rd BME APA president; mayor;
SenguptaNarendraIndianEstablished first psychology lab in India
EvansConnie EAfrican AmericanPsychology of women WomanEvans, C. E. (2006). THE INTERSECTION OF GENDER, RACE AND CULTURE AS INFLUENCERS ON AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN’S FINANCIAL FITNESS, ASSET ACCUMULATION, AND WEALTH ATTAINMENT Monograph.Highlights importance of intersectionality when considereing the wealth gap between white and black individuals/families in America. Black women are worse off than both the white woman and the black man.
KochharRakeshEconomic wellbeing of Latinos, immigrants and othersKochhar, R. (2004). The Wealth of Hispanic Households, 1966 to 2002. Washington, DC: Pew Hispanic Center.Highlights the wealth gap between Hispanic households and white households.
OdusanyaShamarel O EWomanOdusanya, S. (2017). The Experience of Qualified BME Clinical Psychologists: An Interpretative Phenomenological and Repertory Grid Analysis."Odusanya is striving for a more diverse workplace in clinical psychology and so studied the experiences of qualified clinical psychologists employed by the NHS. She found that many BME psychologists feel that they stand out as different on account of their ethnicity. She highlights the implications of her research and says that it is up to the profession to ensure more diverse and equal work spaces to ensure that nobody is less privileged due to their minority ethnic group".
KambonKobiAfrican American African American mental healthServed as the president of the Association of Black Psychologists from 1982-1983. He does research in the areas of African American mental health and psychological outcomes of racial-cultural oppression of African Americans in American society. He developed several measures of African-centered worldviews and philosophies. His works examine how deviations from African-centered worldviews can have detrimental effects for African Americans in the US.
WycheKarenAfrican American Ethnic minority women and mental healthShe has a range of articles publised in various journals i.e. Psychology of Women Quarterly, American Journal of Ethnicities and Applied and Preventative Psychology. This has contributed greatly to the literature on the experiences of BME psychologists in North AmericaWyche, K. F. (2001). Sociocultural issues in counseling for women of color. In R. K. Unger (Ed.), Handbook of the psychology of women and gender (pp. 330-340). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons Inc.Wyche, K. F. (2004). African-American Muslim women: An invisible group. Sex Roles, 51(5-6), 319-328.
AziboDaudi A. Y.African American mental healthNationally recognized expert in African-centered Psychology and the creator of the Azibo Nosology - a diagnostic system of mental disorders directly linked to African-centered personality theory.Highlights the importance of indigenous diagnoses and understanding of mental health.
MahmoodiNedaIranian Britishhealth psychology
TakasunaMikiJapaneseJapanese psychologySeries of articles detailing history and origins of Japanese psychology. 1) 10.1111/j.1468-5884.2005.00276.x 2) 3) The origins of scientific psychology in Japan.
JohnsonUmarAfrican American Mental health and development of Black boysPsych-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education & ADHD Wars Against Black Boys (2013) Critiques over medicalization of Black boys Some criticism of work and credentials ( e.g., unverified by this archivist) but work critiquing over medicalisation of Black boys would seem to be useful.
ChildsE. KitchAfrican American Feminist therapy; anti-oppression; anti-racism and anti-sexism activism; healing Women of Colour communities; decriminalization of sex work WomenChilds published on the distinct experiences of Black women and a feminist approach to therapy.
ChinJean Lau ChineseGender and ethnicity in the therapeutic relationship; cultural competency; women's leadership; Asian American mental health.Women"Chin's work has explored how the genders and ethnicities of clients and practitioners intersect and shape the therapeutic relationship. "
Comas-DiazLillianPuerto RicanEthnocultural approaches to mental health; women's spirituality; intersecting identities; social justice; international psychology.Women"Comas- Díaz played a critical role in creating Division 45 of the APA, the Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues" and was the first editor and chief of the journal Cultural Diversity and Mental Health.
SinghDevendraIndianEvolutionary psychology"The first to elucidate the concept and significance of waist-to-hip ratio as an indicator of attractiveness"
SonChristopherNon-dominant group responses to oppression
DavisStephanieBlackcritical psychology, harm, community accountability and transformative justice within liberation movementWork focuses on queer/trans peopleBeing a Queer and/or Trans Person of Colour in the UKReview of Dr Davis' work presented at BPS annual conference here:
de-Graft AikinsAma Blacksocial psychology; health psychologyWomanExperiences of chronic illnesses, Africa's non-communicable disease (NCD) burden and the social psychology of knowledge in African settings.
FairchildHalfordBlackBlack studiesBlack Lives Matter: Lifespan perspectives"He is a former President of the Association of Black Psychologists and Chairman of the Intercollegiate Department of Africana Studies at the Claremont Colleges".
ShawnBediakoAfrican AmericanBehavioral Medicine/Community PsychologyHis research is broadly concerned with health-related implications of stigma Chey
WhiteAaronetteBlackBlack feminist psychology; feminism of African-American men; anti-rape movements; narrative methodswomanpublished book 'Ain't I a Feminist?' (2008)
UndurtiVindhyaIndian Feminist counselling; violence against women; sex-trafficking; women’s mental health; social identity.WomanPublished numerous articles, and published a book 'Feminist Counseling and Domestic Violence in India', Developed research inititives to improve and empower the lives of Indian Women, feminist activist, research interests moved towards women's mental health
Burtler-BarnesSherettaBlackStructural racism and inequalities in education WomanNominated and chosen to attend the White House Summit on the United States of Women
Fatima varner; Amber Williams;Robert Sellers
CarterRona BlackAdolesence and Girls, racial and cultural factors that infuence pubertal processesWomanComparing Associations Between Perceived Puberty, Same-Race Friends and Same-Race Peers, and Psychosocial Outcomes Among African American and Caribbean Black Girlsexamines transitions which include major biological changes of puberty snd social transition into new types of interpersonal relationships
ClarkEddie.MAfrican Americansocial psychologyHis research interests are health attitudes/persuasion and close relationships
Cheryl L. Holt; Min Qi Wang; Beverly R. Williams; Emily Schulz
Sanchez - HuclesJanisWomen and leadership; ethnic minorities and diversity; culturally competent mental health services.WomanHad a task force in Division 35 looking at minority women, published research on women of colour in leadership, trauma and recovery in cultural context, breaking the silence around race in training, practice and research. Worked in many leadership positions, continues to work to improve the mental health and services of people of colour
BruceAdrianAfrican Americaneducation, learning contexts, mathematics achievementCommunal and Individual Learning Contexts as they relate to mathematics achievement under simulayed classroom conditionsexplores the enduring facilitative effects of communal learning contexts on academic achievement for american african children.
RootMaria filipinoClinical psychology; multiracial identity; multiracial families; eating disorders.womancollaborated to publish a book called 'Racially Mixed People in America' (1992), published research on eating disorders - specifically bulimia, Filipino Americans, women and therapy, currently an active member of the Asian American Psychological Society.
SalamiTemilolaAfrican American cognitive vulnerability, black and white college studentsComparison of Helplessness and Hopelessness as Sourcess of Cognitive Vulnerability among black and white college students.
ObasiEzemenari African America alocohol and cigarette use, dehydroepiandrosteroneThe effects of alcohol and Cigarette consumption on dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in Rural African Americansinvestigates the physiological impact of nicotine and alcohol use on DHEA functioning.
PeteetBridgette.JAfrican American Substance abuse and education disparities with an emphasis on mental health outcomes within ethnic minority populationsWomanRecieved 'Marion Spencer Diversity Ambassador Award, University of Cincinnati'Research focuses on the barriers to achievement including psychological and drug related issues within underprivileged populations including ethnic minorities and first generation college students.
JerladMorganAfrican American contributions of media use to black students feminityWomanSubordinates, Sex objects, or Sapphires? Investigating contributions of media use to black students' feminity ideolgies and sterotypes about black women. investigated media contributions to black college students endorsement of tradtitional gender ideologies and sterotypes of black women
StephensDionne P.African Americansocio-historical factors shaping minority populations’ sexual scripting and sexual health processes, with emphasis on gender and ethnic/ racial identity development.WomanStephens, D. P., *Boyd, B., & *Ruvacalaba, Y. (In Press). Black college women’s reflections on sexting during high school. Journal of Black Sexuality & RelationshipsResearch specifically examines diverse cultural beliefs' influence on intimate relationships and sexual health decision making in marginalized populations. A. Eaton
DeReefJamisonBlackIsland of Memes, critique, analysis, african centered psychologyBook Review: The Island of Memes: Haiti's Unfinished RevolutionWade Nobles provides a critique and analysis of the Haitian Revolution through the prism of African- centered psychology.
Robertson-PaytonCarolynAfrican American Mental health; prevention; counseling; ethics; minority issues; peace.WomanShe was the first woman and African American to serve as a directer in the Peace Corps. Member of the American Psychological Association for over 40 years, worked to increase the involvement of underrepresented groups such as women, minorities, lesbians and gays. Published research on Minority Women, Substance Abuse and Mental Health and Implications of the Ethics Code for diverse groups.Grandaughter of both a slave and of African royality
Miles-CohenShariAfrican American Public policy; women's health; poverty; race and diversity; mentoring.WomanResearch includes eliminating inequities for women with disabilities, transcending barriers of stereotype, race and ethnicity, and bringing cultural diversity to feminist psychologyStrong African American feminist
LanierYzetteBlackDevelopmental Psychology; Adolescent health, HIV/STI prevention, Health equity, African American adolescents, Social and behavioral interventionsWomanDr. Lanier was awarded $1.2 million from the CDC for HIV behavior intervention based on young black heterosexual couples' dynamics. Her long-term goal is to develop effective developmentally appropriate, culturally tailored interventions that promote healthy romantic relationships and protective sexual behaviors among adolescents and their sexual partners.
Marilyn S. Sommers;Jason Fletcher; Madeline Y. Sutton; Debra D.Roberts
HunterCarla D.African AmericanEthnic minority psychology and explores identity and well-being in persons of African descent who reside in the U.SWoman2009 Section on Ethnic and Racial Diversity (SERD) APA-Division 17 Outstanding Contribution to Scholarship on Race and EthnicityIt is her hope that this line of research will be utilized to inform culturally competent and culturally relevant service delivery thereby decreasing treatment and mental health disparities for persons of African descent who reside in the U.S.
Andrew D. Case; Nancy Joseph; Yara Mekawi; Ehsan Bokhari
DelgadoRichardMexican-AmericanCritical Race TheoryCritical Race Theory founder along with J Stefancic
BhogalManpalBritish IndianEvolutionary psychologyAttractiveness
Owusu-BempahKwarme1945-2017Psychology's racism; childhood and parentingThe Racism of Psychology (1994) and Psychology Beyond Western Perspectives (2000)Also wrote extensively in The Psychologists (BPS) particularly in 1990s on racism.
OutarLeonBlack BritishSports PsychologyOutar, L. et al. (2018). “I need to go to the gym”: Exploring the use of rational emotive behaviour therapy upon exercise addiction, irrational and rational beliefs
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