League of Legends Counter Pick List
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Bot lane: Sustain beats Poke, Poke beats Burst, Burst beats Sustain Email suggestions to ThisIsMyBFG@gmail.com Timers: Golem/Lizard 5:00, Dragon 6:00, Baron 7:00Use this only if you plan on playing this champ, these are champions that have good synergy in lane, or as a team compositionEveryone should buy wards not just support // Control Dragon and Baron // Never chase like a madman // First blood=/= gg // Minimap, take a peek to assess everyones location // Tower hug if you are getting wrecked, better to lose some exp than to die // Sometimes, that last creep you want to kill, might get you killed // Don't Facecheck bushes.If there are any high plat and above players that might want to take over editing rights for this doc, I'm considering allowing it. I don't play much anymore.
Counter #1Counter #2Counter #3SynergyCounter Mechanics:Role Played:Tips & Tricks
AatroxJaxFioraPantheonKayle/Zilean/YorickDots, Mobility, Hard CCJungle/SoloTopJuking the knockup is very critical, there is a cast time and a landing indicator.
AhriBrandMalzaharDianaJax/Malphite/LuluHard CC, Mobility SoloMidSkillshot heavy hero, just put on your skillshot dodging pants and don't get baited by her ulti
AkaliSwainHeimerdingerRenektonAmumu/Blitzcrank/ShenHard CC, Stealth Detect, Non-Target AoeSoloTopIf her Q already up on you, Don't approach her. // If she is low health hiding in her shroud remember she can jump to nearby champions & minions cut her off. // She gains a ult stack on all kills & Assists.
AlistarLuluZyraSonaVayne/Tristana/GravesDisplacement, True DamageSupport/TopWatch out for lvl 1 gank, watch out for that infamous "bush to cliff knockback-knockup combo"
AmumuCho'gathSejuaniLeeSinKennen/Annie/GalioCounter Jungling, Displacement, MobilityJungleBlue Dependent early without mana items so try steal he's 1st/2nd blue at 07:30. // If he's running directly to the middle of champions he's most lilely going to ult, CC, get out or knock him away!
AniviaGragasFizzLeblanc/KassadinJarvanIV/ReeSingAh/MaokaiMobilitySoloMidRun towards her to the side instead of away, when she tryes to land her Q, makes it a lot harder to land and time. // 95% of cases don't tower dive her. gives easy opportunity to stun. kite and kill you. // Steal "her" blue at 7:15
AnnieBrandKassadinOriannaAmumu/Kennen/FiddlesticksHard CC, Tenacity, RangeSoloMid/SupportMany annies Flashes in and drops her whole combo on you at level 6, dont let it happen. stay max xp range or go back before 6 for full health. and watch out for her Stun-buff its above 2 there is a potentional of stun on next combo
AsheJinxGravesSivirSona/Zyra/JannaMobility, Gap CloserRangedADA good Ashe will ult to initiate or wait till team engages so just be aware of that fact.
AzirZiggsXerathSyndraYasuo/LeeSin/JaycePoke, Hard CCSoloMidWorks well in siege comps
BlitzcrankAlistarLeonaTaricTristana/Corki/VayneMobility, Vision Support0+
BrandKassadinFizzLeblancAmumu/Kennen/GalioHard CC, MobilitySoloMidStay behind minions so he can't land hes skill shot stun, // skillshot only stuns when your burning from one of hes spells // Dont stand clumped up in fights or hes ult will tear you apart.
BraumZyraMorganaAlistarLucian/Jinx/TwitchAOE, PokeSupport
CaitlynJinxEzrealDravenJanna/Elise/NamiMobility, Strong Early GameRangedADAvoid traps if she's in range to shoot you. // Dodge her Harass, its easy look for the animation. // And save your team m8s (use flash if neccesary!) from her ult! // She can jump walls with her Net
CassiopeiaZiggsFizzLeblancSinged/Amumu/TeemoMobilitySoloMidDodge her Snake trap(not purple) if she's close to you. if she hits you, either beg to god she dont have ult up and nuke her, or run! IF you exspect ult, turn away for a second so it doesn't stun!(think medusa)
Cho'GathWarwickOlafRumbleLulu/Alistar/WarwickMobility, HP, % based dmgSoloTopDont fight Cho'gath with less than 300/475/650+0.7AP hp, Feast has a low cooldown
CorkiDravenLucianJinxNami/Sona/LeonaMobility, HPRangedADPretty squishy easily bursted down, will usually use his escape skill towards his teamates so don't get baited
DariusMalphiteJayceYorickOlaf/Amumu/DravenCC. KitabilitySoloTopMake sure you keep your distance as much as possible.. If he has full stacks on his passive he can ult you at 30-50% hp ez
DianaMordekaiserIreliaJaxAnnie/Malphite/RivenHard CC, HP, MobilityJungle/SoloMidShe has the potential to dish out a lot of damage within about 5 seconds, make sure you use plenty of CC on her in teamfights.
Dr. MundoDariusShyvanaRenektonJarvanIV/Darius/OlafDisplacement, Mobility, Heal ReductionSoloTopStay behind minions to avoid as many cleavers as possible and use your ranged spells to harass him whenever possible.
DravenVarusCaitlynThresh/Leona/JannaMobility, KitabilityRangedADDraven does a lot of damage with his twirly blade bull shit... it's your job to not let him dance and punch him in the face like a man when he goes to catch his baton. On a more serious note... I would like to once again note the importance of not allowing his steroid to refresh especially in trades.
EliseNocturneJaxLeeSinAhri/Rengar/LeeSinMobility, Burst, SlowsJungleIf she has no other target to hop to just stand in the center and wait for her to come back down.
EvelynnLee sinCassiopeiaTwisted FateShen/Kayle/ZileanHard CC, Stealth DetectJungleIf Janna is the goddess slut of assists that makes Eve the goddess slut of KS. Totally irrelevant.... Tips: Pink important bushes depending on which side you're on
EzrealDravenCorkiGravesLulu/Taric/Sona/LuxHard CC, MobilityRangedADEzreal is a highly mobile champ that has a decent amount of burst with a drawback, if he uses his teleport attack to move forward his only escape mechanic other than flash is now on a generous cooldown... counter attacks are key.
FiddlesticksLeeSinJannaAlistarPantheon/Galio/KennenHard CC/Displacement, Healing ReductionJungle/SupportWarding fiddles ult spots, and countering his blue, since he is blue dependent, and remember his ganks are usually timed to his ult cd
FioraRenektonTrundleShenMasterYi/Morgana/VladimirFast animations, Early game lane bulliesSoloTopIf you have a champ with decent mobility just bait her into using her E, dodge her then run in for some dps and dip out.
FizzRyzeMordekaiserPantheonWarwick/JarvanIV/TalonHard CC, KitabilitySoloMidGet to know the distance of his trick.
GalioPantheonTalonZedAmumu/Fiddlesticks/KennenHard CC, Silence, Displacement, True DamageSoloTop/SoloMidThe key to countering Galio is having an on hit-effect that applies a CC. Champions such as Udyr, Xin Zhao, and Garen are great for this cause once they get to Galio and hit him, the ult stops channeling, or good ol' ranged displacement
GangplankPantheonPoppyFioraTwistedFate/Nocturne/AhriEquivalent Ranged Poke, Roughly same CD SoloTopGangplank's biggest weakness is someone who has a low cd poke of equivalent range, and, when possible, a re appliable cc
GarenTahm KenchRyzeHeimerdingerKennen/Sejuani/DariusHard CC, High Sustain, KitabilitySoloTopConstant harass is key to beating Garen, make him fear you early, his late game is total dildos so if you can survive until mid game without feeding him he should fall off pretty hard
GnarNidaleePantheonSwainYasuo/Lulu/OriannaRange, Poke Spam, SustainSoloTopGnar doesn't fair well in a poking match, as his only form of poke is easily sidestepped. Keep an eye on his rage bar and don't get baited into an extended fight when he is near transformation
GragasRivenFizzAhriJarvanIV/Janna/AmumuHard CC, MobilitySoloTopWhen Gragas takes a drink from his flask is a great time to harass him, as he can't move while doing it. Placement is key with Gragas' ultimate, moving yourself ever so slightly can be the difference between him knocking you towards or away from him.
GravesSivirCorkiCaitlynTaric/Janna/Blitzcrank/VolibearMobility, KitabilityJungle/Top/RangedADGraves has high burst potential, and his passive stacks armor and mr with each hit. His only mobility is on a long cooldown so wait until he uses it foolishly so you can burn his flash.
HecarimNasusSejuaniNautliusGangplank/Sivir/ZileanCounter Jungling, Health, High Sustain, TenacityJungleA well timed hard CC can shut down Hecarim's charge. He stacks MS as his charge continues, also at the end of his charge he has a knockback. Burning flash to get on the other side of him may cause him to push you in the proper direction.
HeimerdingerNunuCaitlynKarthusBlitzcrank/Amumu/KennenHard CC, Mobility, SoloMid/SoloTopChasing Heimer with his turrets around, even with ally creeps is dangerous because his ult will mow down the creeps before you know it and will be hitting you. His rockets hit the three closest targets, try to put 3 creeps between you and him at all times.
IreliaOlafUdyrCho'GathRiven/LeeSin/AhriDisplacement, HP, Strong Early GameSoloTopWith high mobility, sustain, and true damage, HP is a very important buy vs her. Shutting her down early will make her ungodly scaling much easier to manage.
JannaBlitzcrankSonaNamiKog'Maw/Ashe/GravesMobilitySupportAlways..... be....... JANNA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrsTE1vpoXM
Jarvan IVNocturneXin ZhaoLeeSinAnivia/Annie/SwainMobility, High Sustain, HPSoloTop/JungleFlash or use an ability to get out of his ult, sidestep his knockup combo.
JaxRenektonRyzeSingedZilean/Gangplank/MorganaCC, MobilitySoloTopPretty simple really. DON'T FEED JAX. Losing xp by going b is much better than feeding him any kills. He is reliant on his good early game to scale him into a late game monster.
JinxDravenCaitlynEzLeona/Thresh/AlistarPoke, Hard CC, Denying ResetsRangedAD
JayceYorickFioraIreliaRiven/Malphite/LeeSinMobility, High Sustain, HPSoloTopAs soon as you see his acceleration gate goes down take evasive maneuvers. His snipe does a lot of damage but is easy to dodge, also beware of his percent based damage when in melee mode.
KarmaJannaSorakaSonaGraves/Ezreal/CorkiSustain, Equal PokeSupport/SoloMidSmash face repeatedly against keyboard with mouse hovering over Karma. Proceed to laugh.
KarthusLeblancAhriVeigarSoraka/Vladimir/Yorick/KayleHard CC, Displacement, Silence, BurstSoloMidKARTH PRESS R! Then I Zhonya's and everything was k
KassadinGangplankTalonPantheonMaokai/Blitzcrank/MalphiteHard CC, Strong Early Game, High SustainSoloMidKass is a really good ganker from mid and can burst quite quickly, be wary
KatarinaKassadinLeblancDianaJarvanIV/Amumu/MalphiteHard CC, Displacement, SilenceSoloMidExhaust lowers ult damage
KayleAniviaMalzaharJaxKarthus/Katarina/YorickHard CC, Gap ClosersSoloMid/JungleWhen she is near 1/4 hp you can almost guarantee she will pop her ult, try to save your cooldowns until her ult has finished.
KennenRyzeMalzaharSwainMEHDisplacement, High SustainSoloTopHis bread and butter is his ult which probably follows after a flash, good warding and positioning is key
Kha'ZixAhriLee SinPantheonOrianna/Rengar/AmumuHard/Soft CC, Mobility, JungleKha'Zix is like Shaco; he excels when you're running away. Try to stay near other champs/creeps and just suck it up and be a man if you have to. His dueling potential is greatly decreased if he doesn't get his procs on Q
Kog'MawVarusCaitlynBlitzcrankJanna/Alistar/NamiHard CC, MobilityRangedADHes pretty squishy so try to burst him down fast before he can get any damage off
LeBlancLuluMorganaKassadinUdyr/Nautilus/WarwickHard CC, Mobility, Strong EarlySoloMidAnyone who can survive burst does wonders vs LB. One Negatron Cloak will deny her ability to kill you in one combo. Also.... DON'T FEED HER. She falls off hard after 20 mins or so if she isn't fed.
Lee SinPantheonUdyrJaxWarwick/Udyr/RivenHard CC, MobilityJungleBe all like,,,, AH SHIT IT'S LEE SIN HE GONNA BE NEAR ME SOON then you dodge his Q and proceed to laugh.
LeonaJannaThreshAlistarGraves/Corki/EzrealDisplacement, Tenacity, True Damage, MobilitySupportDodge her Xenith Blade and she's pretty much useless. Her ult only stuns if you're in the middle of it so run to the side when it is channeling. Also being Lulu makes you win at life..... FOREVER
LissandraDianaLuxLeblancTrundle/Sejuani/AsheSilence, Tenacity, MobilitySoloMid
LucianGravesJinxCaitlynBraum/Sona/KarmaMobility, Displacement, Hard CCRangedADDon't stand in front of the minions in this lane, you generally want to stand to the side of them so it's harder for him to harass you with Q. Don't feed him early and he will scale horribly into mid game.
LuluSorakaZiggsSyndraCaitlyn/Ezreal/AsheHard CC, MobilitySupport/SoloTopWherever her pix is is somewhere else she can use Glitter Lance. Keep away from her fairy and out heal her. A well timed Silence/Stun can deny her ultimate from saving someone.
LuxAhriLeblancKatarinaAshe/Caitlyn/VarusMobility, KitabilitySoloMidDodge skillshots/lazerbeam
MalphiteYorickVladimirCho'GathAhri/Gragas/OriannaKitability, Mobility, High SustainSoloTopHe's there for his ult, watch for it
MalzaharGangplankLeblancGalioWarwick/Nocturne/MaokaiHard CC, Silence, Mobility, DisplacementSoloMidExhaust lowers ult damage, quicksilver if hes "doin' dirt"
MaokaiCho'gathXin ZhaoLeeSinMalzahar/Ryze/SwainCounter JunglingSoloTop/JungleOH NO MAOKAI IS ADVANCING ALL TWISTED LIKE, but then I flashed back to my tower and laughed as he follows the whole way there.
Master YiFiddlesticksSkarnerRammusMalphite/Ahri/MorganaHard CCJungleIf you see a Master Yi picked just build your team around Hard CC. He's very easy to shutdown.
Miss FortuneTristanaDravenEzrealThresh/Sona/NamiRange, Mobility, CCRangedADNo escapability except slow and summoner, it's much easier to dodge a bounce if you run sideways of the creep line or even forward. It does more damage on the second hit and if she doesn't have that ability off cooldown it's a good time to get some harrass in. Don't waste heal spells/pots when her impure shots is on you
MordekaiserHeimerdingerMalzaharTwisted FateYorick/Fiddlesticks/MalphiteHard CC, Kitability, High SustainSoloTopTry to get harass off in between creep waves when he doesn't have as many minions to gain shield. DoTs make him cry .
MorganaSonaKarmaJannaJinx/Caitlyn/LucianDisplacement, Kitability, MobilitySupportDodge those skillshots, expect shields
NamiAnnieFiddlesticksKarmaGraves/Ezreal/CaitlynHard CC, Silence, MobilitySupportEhhh, just dodge her skill shot. This champ relies too heavily on the ADC to be effective. Also try not to stay bunched up as her heal bounces.
NasusTeemoRenektonGarenPantheon/Udyr/NautilusStrong Early Game, Kitability, TenacitySoloTopNasus relies heavily on farming up his Q use that to your advantage
NautilusLeeSinHecarimAshe/Ahri/SingedHard CC/Displacement, Mobility, Kitability, TenacityJungleDodge the hook and depending on your positioning you may want to consider flashing backwards if his ultimate is coming towards you.
NidaleeViMaster YiFiddleLulu/Alistar/WarwickHard CC, MobilitySoloTopDon't chase a nid as they like to say
NocturneFiddlesticksLeeSinViTwistedFate/Pantheon/ShenCC, MobilityJungleWarding the places he will ult from, figure out the distance and ward accordingly
NunuMaokaiViNocturneOrianna/Lulu/Hard CC/DisplacementJungleExhaust lowers ult damage, any hard CC cancels the channel of his ult but the damage will still apply.
OlafTeemoYorickJayceAhri/Warwick/SkarnerHP, Kitability, Mobility, High SustainJungle/SoloTopGank Olaf before he hits 6 to shut him down early. He becomes much harder to kill post 6 as CC is essentially useless.
OriannaZiggsSyndraDianaAmumu/JarvanIV/MalphiteHard CC, Mobility, HPSoloMidStay mobile and try not to be predictable, don't let her zone you and try to drop damage on her whenever possible. Learn the range of her q because she needs to get in closer to make it go behind you.
PantheonYorickWukongCho'GathYorick/Kayle/AmumuHard CC, Strong Early Game, High SustainJungle/SoloTopSame as all the other globals, if you are low it will come and kill you
PoppyQuinnSwainRumbleVayne/Anivia/AlistarHard CC, True Damage, KitabilitySoloTop/JunglePoppy is a total bitch. The End. JK! But her Q does HP% based magic damage so pick up some MR and make sure you never position yourself where you're in between her and a wall
QuinnVladimirTeemoRumbleNami/Leona/LuluHard CC, Lane Bullies/Ranged HarrassSoloTopThis champ is mediocre all around. She's not op and she's not weak. Her ultimate is kind of a joke except for in dueling situations, her kit is well rounded but overall it's kinda bad imo. Her valor proc is random and her gap closer isn't really a gap closer at all. She's definitely not a hyper carry as her skillset relies too much on poor positioning.
RammusTrundleCho'GathShyvanaAnnie/Ahri/XerathHard CC, Counter Jungling, True DamageJungleUse your escape summoner wisely, if done properly you can easily kite a rammus gank.
RenektonTrundleRyzeGarenPantheon/LeeSin/UdyrStrong Early Game, MobilitySoloTopHe doesn't get sustain until level 3 but he'll probably come with pots, his dash only becomes a double dash if he goes through either you or creeps. His early game damage is very strong but he starts falling off pretty hard later on.
RengarLee SinJaxRivenShen/Evelynn,ZileanStealth Detect, MobilityJungle/SoloTopIf he's jungling just throw a pink in your lane, Rengar has been nerfed a lot lately so he isn't as prevalent but his ultimate is retarded good. Top lane, just stay away from the bushes so he can't hop out at you. His sustain isn't as high after the ap rengar nerf. Just try to trade him as much as possible and if you are scared going in lane just stack pots and buy an elixir.
RivenLeblancRenektonAlistar/Nautilus/AmumuHard CC, HP, KitabilitySoloTopRiven has really high mobility so being able to kite and/or being mobile gives an advantage. They key to beating her is trying to trade with her before she uses her shield dash. If you can get some dps in before then just back off then rinse/repeat.
RumbleXin ZhaoJayceYorickAmumu/Morgana/MalphiteHard CC, High Sustain, Kitability, MobilitySoloTopTight spots are rumbles best friends, so don't be in one
RyzeOriannaBrandCassiopeiaMaokai/Udyr/LeeSinHard CC, KitabilitySoloTop/SoloMidTry not the be in range of his snare unless need be, His Q is longer range than his snare
SejuaniTrundleAmumuLeeSinAshe/Rumble/RenektonTenacity, Counter JunglingJungleWith the addition of Liandrys Torment Sejuani sucks slightly less.
ShacoLee sinViRammusShen/Alistar/BlitzcrankStealth Detect, MobilityJungleWard the spots he usually decieves from, honestly if your team can survive 15 minutes without feeding him once, you're most likely gonna win.
ShenTrundleTryndamereDariusTwistedFate/Nocturne/AhriHard CC, True Damage, KitabilitySoloTopRemember that guy that was gonna die but then shen ults and the tables turn? yea, gotta learn from it
ShyvanaRyzeTrundleOlafUdyr/LeeSin/MaokaiKitabilitySoloTopHer clear times are amazing so funny story here, I always play Nautilus vs Shyvana and I'll tell you why. She's all like I'M GONNA GO DRAGON MODE AND FLY AWAY. Then Nautilus is like, AW HELL NAW YOU GET BACK HERE. Long story short, his dredge line if used properly makes her ultimate's dash essentially useless.
SingedTeemoEliseJayceNautilus/Cassiopeia/Nunu/CassiopeiaCC, KitabilitySoloTopEarly gank from your jungler help, just ask for one, a little lead on singed will do loads
SionGnarNidaleeIreliaSoloTopMost Sion's are AP mid and will get boots of mobility, care for his ganks that will come after hes pushed the lane
SivirCorkiVayneKog'MawNami/Janna/AlistarMobilityRangedADYou really only have to worry about her skilshot
SkarnerOlafGangplankTeemoSivir/Malphite/LuluHard CC/DisplacementJungleBeing out of position = food for Skarner
SonaThreshBlitzcrankLeonaAshe/Ezreal/GravesHard CC/DisplacementSupportHer main usage is ult, so care
SorakaBlitzcrankLeonaZyraAshe/Sivir/UrgotHard CC, Heal ReductionSupportJust expect getting silenced or cc her down
SwainCassiopeiaFizzGalioJarvanIV/Maokai/VladimirMobility, Heal ReductionSoloMid/SoloTopExhaust lowers the ult damage->Heal
SyndraZiggsAhriCassiopeiaMaokai/Udyr/LeeSinHard CC, MobilitySoloMidNever let a ball be between you and syndra. Also consider just buying mr right off the bat as she statistically has the highest burst potential in the game at level 6.
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