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Thursday 9/20 5:45 PM, Rice FieldThursday 9/13 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 9/4 5:45 PM, Rice FieldThursday 8/30 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 8/28 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTHURSDAY 8/23 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 8/21 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTHURSDAY 8/16 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 8/14 5:45 PM, Rice FieldThursday 8/9 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 8/7 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTHURSDAY 8/2 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTUESDAY 7/31 5:45 PMThursday 7/26 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 7/24 5:45 PM, Rice FieldThursday 7/19 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 7/17 5:45 PM, Rice Field
100% chance of thunderstorms...
Thursday 7/12 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 7/10 5:45 PM, Rice FieldThursday 7/5 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 7/3 5:45 PM, Rice FieldThursday 6/28 5:45 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 6/26 5:45 PM, Rice FieldThursday 6/21 5:30 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 6/19 6 PM, Rice FieldThursday 6/14 5:30 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 6/12 5:30 PM, Rice FieldThursday 6/7 5:30 PM, Rice FieldTuesday 6/5 5:30 PM, Rice FieldThursday, 5/31 5:30 pm, Rice FieldTuesday 5/29 5:30 PM, Rice FieldMonday 5/28 Pickup 3 PM, Rice Field - Memorial Day Superstar PickupThursday, 5/24 5:30 pm, Rice FieldTuesday 5/22 5:30 PM, Rice FieldThursday, 5/17 5:30 pm, Rice FieldTuesday 5/15 5:30 PM, Rice FieldThursday, 5/10 5:30 pm, Rice FieldTuesday, 5/8, 5:30pm, Rice FieldThursday, 5/03, 5:30pm, Rice FieldTuesday, 5/01, 5:30pm, Rice FieldThursday 4/26, 5:30pm, Rice FieldTuesday 4/24, 5:30pm, Rice FieldSaturday 4/14, 2 pm, Rice FieldTuesday 4/10 Rice Field 5:30pmThursday 4/5 Rice Field 5:30pmTuesday 4/3 Rice Field 5:15pmThursday 3/29 Rice Field 5:15pmTuesday 2/20 Rice Field TUESDAY 10/17 Rice Field 5:15pmSaturday 10/14
Rice Field
TUESDAY 10/10 Rice Field 5:00pmSaturday 10/7
Rice Field
(Yale vs. UConn scrimmage @ 2pm)
5:00 pm
Rice Field
5:00 pm
Rice Field
Friday 9/29
5:30 pm
Rice Field
Thursday 9/28
5:15 pm
Rice Field
Tuesday, 9/26 5:15 Rice FieldThursday, 9/21
5:15 pm
Rice Field
Thursday, 9/14
Rice Field
Tuesday, 9/12 5:15 Rice FieldSaturday 9/9
Rice Field
Thursday, 9/07
Rice Field
Tuesday, 9/05
Rice Field
Thursday, 8/31
Rice Field
Tuesday, 8/29
Rice Field
Thursday 8/24 5:15ish @Rice FieldTuesday 8/22, 5:15pm @Rice FieldThursday 8/17 5:15pm @Rice Field.

Travis', Will's, and Matt's LAST GAME!
Tuesday 8/15 5:15pm @Rice FieldThursday 8/10 5:15pm @Rice FieldTuesday 8/8 5:15pm @Rice FieldThursday 8/3 5:15pm @Rice FieldTuesday 8/1 5:15pm @Rice FieldThursday 7/27 5:15 @ Rice FieldTuesday 7/25 5:15pm @ Rice FieldThursday 7/20 5:15pm @ Rice FieldTuesday 5:15pm @ Rice FieldSaturday 7/15 3pm @ Rice FieldThursday 7/13 5:15 @ Rice FieldTuesday 5:15pm @ Rice FieldSaturday ~3pm @ Rice Field - ERCM is at a tournamentThursday 7/6 5:15 @ Rice FieldSaturday 7/1 3pm @ Rice FieldThursday 6/29 5:15 @ Rice FieldTuesday 6/27 5:15 @ Rice FieldSaturday, 6/24 3PM @ Rice FieldThursday, 6/22 5:15 @ Rice FieldTuesday 6/20 5:15pm @ Rice FieldSaturday 6/17 3pm @ Rice FieldBBQ rescheduled for 6/15 Thursday!!! Pickup & BBQ, 5:15 @ Rice Fields Your Name (& your "Rosanna's & Will's Send-Off" BBQ Contribution) [please don't feel pressured to contribute, but just so everyone knows, a majority of us will be BBQ-ing it up to celebrate Rosanna's & Will's time with us before she moves to Hotlanta and he moves to HotPhilly, and it would be nice to involve all of you wonderful people in the comraderie)Please fill your BBQ info in the Thursday column. BBQ has been rescheduled to THURSDAY due to poor weather. <----------BBQ rescheduled to Thursday!!!! ~Tuesday Pickup, 6/13 - 5:15 @ Rice Field~ Please refill out your BBQ contributions in the Thursday attendance columnSaturday, 6/10 - 3:00 @ Rice FieldThursday, 6/8 5:15 @ Rice FieldTuesday 6/6 5:15pm @ Rice Field 6/3 2:00pm @ Rice Field Thursday 6/1 5:15pm @ Rice Field
I left my hat (grey/white Patagonia trucker with a bison on it) at the field! If you have it please email me at! Cheers!
Join the mailing list and Facebook group:1.EbenMike Blazanin (weather seems clear, I'll show up for 7 people)EbenMargaret (late)EbenEbenEbenJulesJules - is not afraid of rainsighEbenEbenJules. Sun's back on the menu, boys!Jules, forecast is sun!JulesEbenJulesJulesEbenJulesJackie (if we cancel for weather can someone text me 2527221636)EbenEbenEbenEbenEbenJames (6:15)LilyEbenLilyJPEbenJules, barely raining out hereEbenJulia*just got a tornado warning so am having second thoughts...Margaret MeredithCormacJulesYOU'RE ALL DEAD TO MEJulesSTELLA!MacLilyLilyLilyMJ (at 4?)EbenBrian - will throw for a bitKhaledNuisanceEbenNuisanceBrianBrian was laaateEbenebenNuisanceJules, I want to play frisbee damnitNuisanceSteveNuisance – if more folksBrian - leaving earlyBrian, rain or shine
would throw if anyone wants to.
NuisanceBrianNoah R.EbenNuisanceElliottNuisanceEbenEbenEbenEbenEbenPetersEbenSmelliot (down to throw and play 3v3 if people don't show up)NickEbenBrian - 3:15JulesEbenMattTravis (+3 below)EbenBrianStella (small propane grill, chicken sausage, sliced cheese, sliced tomato, & lettuce)EbenDanNuisanceIsaacElliot
3 (maybe late)ElliotBrianAlanPatrick also down for 3'sBrianPaulALAN Margaret - stuck at work but would definitely throw at 6:30!mikeJulesKateEbenEbenJames, late, in if it's only light rain OutEben🚀FroggoEbenJames (Probably, will hide under bed Frisbee in the event of thunder)JamesWomp wompJames (will throw regardless)LilyJames (6:15)Lily Tim (closer to 6pm)PeteMeredithMeredithPeteSamPeteCormacJaimieMattMattMaxMark DJuliaDanaLilyJBMargaretSam snow Banas (4 or later works)JaimieEbenNicoBrianNuisanceEbenNuisanceNuisanceNuisanceNuisanceMike Blazanin (around 5:30)BrianCarterJulesJason - 6 is good enough for meNuisanceEbenDwingateNuisanceEbenWilljakenessEbenWillWillNuisanceWillJulesElijah(5:45)EbenElliotFINE (same)PetersJamesSamcourtneyElijah(5:30, unless there are thunderstorms)TkMarcJulesJingMatt Potato Chips & beersNupurJPJames (Later)MattrosannaEmily - realized I can't come, I'll definitely join next Tuesday! Looking forward to some ultimate
4 (i'll come for 7 too, a little late tho)KayleighIanwasifMargaret - will throw / play 3'sAnriRossJamesMike cmon peeps let’s play :-/Margaret Ezra (around 6:15)EbenDeniz (sorry for bailing, had to work late!)RutRut (From Thailand) I guess no game todayLukasEbenTomIanEbenKyle J. (first time joining)NandanJulesJackie(closer to 630 if you guys go that late) yes we doElliottKatherine Margaret - 6LilyMattMattJefferyPeteJulesAlexMax$pencerIanJaimie 6ishThayneEbenRoogy (can't be there until 6:15 or so)EbenMaxPeters - will throw for a bitJulian (if 6 people)EbenMargaretJulianneEbenEbenMike BlazaninMike BlazaninEbenEben - 110%EbenCourtney - not running thoughMike - if 6CourtneyMax, rain or shineMwingateWingateTravisDamianJasperJasperEbenNuisanceWyatt (first time)JuliaElsa JulesEthanSmrocket JasonSamBarbEbenFine (why is no one signed up - ok I'll be there at like 5:30)AlecKateCourtneyJuliaNuisance - cooler with ice packsSmack - beer fosho, & hot dogs/buns if I can convince Dan to go to the storeJoeyFineEbenalecrosanna
4.Sam - will come to throw if not enough pplEbenBrianPaulJamesJeffhunter lateIanAnriAlan :(Brian No Shoes - lateJasperJamesKateJules, if not too scary. Welcome, Rut.JamesJamesMargaret (late)Paulmargaret (late)samDan (text me if youre one short ill be there playing soccer 203 228 II89)Sleeves (probs be a tad late)Noah (maybe)LilyAdamEbenWingateRocketJohnMike MMike MJaimieJaimieJamesMargaretJaimieIanDo we just not play ultimate anymore?Brian - 2:30
(Let's combine with funFrisbee unless enough people sign up for both.) (OK! -Stella)
Sam (just to throw)Jules, will show up regardless. come throw with me<- I'll come throw with you!ParkerEzraMike N.AlexSteven CummingsJulianne KayleighBrianJulianDanElliottPetersBrianProf. IanMargaret Noah R.Alex Bruchwingate dosSleeves (late)DanEbenRobJennyEmilyTonyMatt B.Courtney - still ain't runningMatt B.Dan JSmattMattTkNuisanceDave H - yeah it's beautiful out -going to head down even if we don't have numbersDariaJennifer (will be late) Matt (after ercm practice)AB - forks and plates and paper towels. Also zucchini tereseSam- does 3 work better for people? why is no one signed up?NickRosanna (rain or shine! though it is not raining that much!)Vikram
↓ ↓ MAP TO THE FIELD ↓ ↓5.wasifSam; looks like the weather will hold!federSamPaulBrian - Boot / threes-and-a-sub is good enough for me...JamesZoeAaronAaron: Weekend looks wet.JamesjohnKatherine rumor going around theyre giving out free icecream at rice (the field)NoahKyleNandanJennyJules, looks like the rain will be over around 6. don't make me stand out in the rain by myself!muggsyLara M. (closer to 6:15pm)Noah DantobiAiden JulesMattAnthony JordanMargaret - would play with 6!Emily BMaxMaxEzraEltonMaxJacobI guess I'll drive to newingtonLilyJeremy, if you need a lame duckAlex + 2 moreThe triumphant return of Matt KTJ NishimotoMargaret Mike BlazaninElliottElliottElliotMike Blazanin (not until 6 or 6:15ish)AlexElliottJaimieJulesJaimie, rain or shineSamJason (probably)ElliotSamRobWillMatt B.Jon (new)WillElsaMatt Kcourt (still can't run but d to throw)JakeKat (If doesn't rain)(new) Sam -- happy to throw/boot/mini, etc. around 530.NuisanceMattTim Liu (5:45)EbenFineSamJackRosanna (Something)NuisanceBilboCharlie TaylorDan(looks like rain will hold off!)FineEthan B
Rice Fields6.AlexJamesTheoChrisLesleyNoah (we could play boot)bootyEbenElliothunterElliotKatherine liam (first time)JennyMarkJake - 5:35now and raining slightly but blue skies out there, let's play! see yall @ 6Mark L. (first time joining :) )NandanRob P. (likely closer to 6:15pm)MuggsyIanDeanNoahDanCurtSuneethSofIanEbenRobJaimieJamesaudreydon't let the dream die!!!!Sarah the cookie thiefPhil<--come on one more lame duck[we wound up with 4v4 and a sub]Dan\JulianAnnaMargaret (maybe late)JuliaDanBrian (will probably not last long)Jason (probably)DeanMaxCourtney(Ian)BrianMark (like really late)SamBrian (late late)DanNuisanceSamJasperMatt B.(rain or shine)NuisanceJimmyEmilyElliotMark (closer to 6)Probably a bunch of ercm players(Joe)Elijah (probably- unless my hip bothers me, I also will be a bit late)Finet - pickles & beerJoejbootySam (late)Eben
7.MikeFederTAlecScottEzra - 6:15Noah (Maybe)Margaret (might be late)mike (plz no rain, I’m getting fat)Nandankatherine****Brian at ~7:15 -- there will def be people who just assumed the game is on, given such beautiful weather. Also, I'm down for a ice cream / froyo run after the game =)richard (first time)MarkKeep star %&& ^qw&aKatherineTom (assuming I can find the field) MuggsyLara M. (likely closer to 6:15pm)JacksonMaxNandanEzra (~6)Deanat least 2 in the FB thread mentioned they were coming...Julian(late)MichaelLilySamKevinMaxRosespencer, around 6:30Brian Bishop sorryMargaretRoseNoah RamosDanDanRobNoahSteveJulianEbenJaimieSTELLA!!!! (YAY!!!)BrianElliot (late)WillSamPetersCourtneyJules, will show up rain or shinekat (late)EmilyNuisanceBrian - 3:15NoahNick Probably a bunch of ercm playersMatt (BYE JOE)binliEmilyRocketFred (Italian sausages and beer and chips)SUGGESTIONS: coleslaw? potato salad? nachos? guac? salsa?Travis (something)MuggsyNoahTessaCormac (Late)Fred
Game on!!! →8.ChipWalterMasoRatanMikeSamDanielPeters (might be slow)tobi<--------------------HEROJoeBrian - 7:15AntoniusAaron-whenever I get my work done AqajaDevon (may be a bit late)NoahJulesNoahFroggoRocketEmilySarah (not before 6, we'll see)AnthonyJaimeAnthony- at some pointDanYvonneJulesRose 6:00pmMattSamJoshRoseIanJake (prolly a bit late)JuliaCurt 230[this game happened]JulesRoseKhaledJaimieNoah RamosJaimieJames (late)no dice then with only 6? :(STELLA (Hey STELLA!!)JamesSamNuisance (Someone left behind a blue water bottle with UCR written on it on Thursday. I have itSamMark (late)JamesJulescourt if no thundaastooormsEvanSamSamTeresenickprobably at least one player from ERCM is in VermontNoahProbably a bunch of ercm playersTravis (late)MattElijah (a bit late)Jules, Courtney (ketchup, mustard, utensils, pickles)Mike P: Beer, maybe some MEAT, plates and utensils, and devils biscuits. (ive got a shit ton of plastic utensiles ive been saving up, so leave yours at home -Jules)Big boy mikeJasonWillLiana
Cold Feet Position →9.hunter lategregRatanTDavidBillyTereseKatherine Brian - 7:15Jim (around 7 if I can make it)Jackie (if enough people sign up by 3 5p traffic is gross)TeresealanBrian at 7:15Muggsy Timothy ElliotMichaelDeanTerese - maybeSamZoey 6pmdeanMargaretwingateDirkEbenJasonJames (6:15)Apparently at least one of our players has checked, seen 1-2 names, and reasoned "meh, why sign up if nobody else is going to" /facepalmMargaretTerese - if enough peopleJaimieJulienKhaledTereseMax (probably)terese - if enough peoplet - sounds fun; im a maybePegisNuisance (stupid rain!)Noah (maybe)- where mah KONES???PeteWillFinebootyMaryFineSamDanT - hopefullyWillMattMattteresejulesBrian - 90%tereseJingMark (new to New Haven; maybe)RundioBrian - I'll be quite late (Brian, I will have codenames for you! - Mary)JulesNoah (maybe)RocketSamFred Jr.
10.mike jMichaelSangwoo PatricksamAaronSamhunter - lateNandanKate Gaston (sorry, fair weather only...)ReneeAPkatherine DirkNoahJulianne J$DirkMark (maybe)DirkbinliJules and Sam are here just waiting for the rain to subside- anyone else coming?t - 6:15< are people still going? JasonMargaret (6:00? ish)you talk a big game #9.RoseMaxNoah RamosMaxMargaret Jason (now that fall league is cancelled)STELLA!James (late)Stella (not if it rains! Sorry, had to delete URL someone put here to retype) (Hey STELLA!!)JulesDanDanJason (late)T (maybe)WyattMuggsyFine maybe (seems like rain?)SamDanNickMattcourt (can't run)Kat ( late around 5:45)James (around 7:00)Will tereseMark (Watermelon and some tater chips)teresestBanasBrian can do *3*pm next week, fwiwJames (late)
11.Rocket. LateWillElliotIñakihunterSmita (around 7 if I come) KatePeteDan (throwing only)anthonyNandanSleevesJulesSambinliMuggsyAnthony probablyJ$$$FredFredHarrison StoffelJames (late)DanMike H.JasonMaxZJames A(Meredith)Matt B.James AEthanT - maybeMikeFineJimmyFredBen ElliotMarkKat- Maybe I will go just to throw around 5:45! (for those who doesn't know, I broke my ankle and I had surgery)Ali (welcome, we generally play until 7:30 or 8) BootycookiesBarbMeeshPeterWill
12.NoahSam DeankateNoahjackiebooty!?!?!?Mark, (6ish)TereseKatherine EthanCamJulianzt - maybeMeredith Tom YJamesTerese - late, 5:30-5:45DJ Khaled (Im new)Mark (late)Sam (rain is dumb.)Matt B.CarlosNoah (can't play much)(Chris)BenJuliaJimmyJasperJulianMatt B.FineNoahJason ProbablyjulesFred (maybe)JulesTessaBarb (not sure I can make it, if I can - pineapple & Veg to grill)RosannaIsaacEmilyNoah (late)Elsa
Baker's dozen →13.hunterhunterhunterhunterRocketMuggsyNandanSarah (not before 6)PeteRocket TaylorJP. Yeah +gl s frigkm/ wasbgj,DeanSleeves (6ish)Mike pStella (just for throwing)Julien MBarb (late)DanEthanbooty(Harry)Sam SnowMeredithJulianMuggsyKat (Little late)EvancourtneyDave H (probably, and only until 6)no Brian - I'm working 5-7pm weekdays through July. However, I'd be down for throwing between 3:15 and 4:45.CourtneyBrianSmack, around 6ishElsa (marinated mushrooms and probably bell pepper and tofu) JoeJason
14.JamesAlanRocketAnri (have to leave early)KylejbBanas-maybe Rocket (6:15ish)Maya (maybe, ~6)Sleeves, 6:15ishFred (6ish)Sleeves (6ish)ElliotNoah (maybe)JulianSam Targaryen MarkSamSnowMatt (LAST PICKUP!)Noah (could never really run much) (or throw tbh)Rocket Fineterese - bit lateMattTravis +1 (Hi Marc!)Mark EvanJake
Full game with a sub whoo hoo! →15.AlanAnriMeredithAlex F. Hard Mark the Soft StandlerDanWingateMaya 6:30 ishDuncanMary (just for throwing. Injured again)Fred (just for tossing and heckling)JulianMaxJaimie(Mary)RocketTerese - maybeBrian - 7:15Sam (new to New Haven, closer to 6)terese - maybe, and late - around 7Noah (as long as back is okay)JulianEmilyRundioJulesSam
16.kateMattmike CormacMike PJaimie (probably)Max (probably)(Mary)Jaimie E.JulesbootyFine (idk if I can play but I'll try)Brian - for like 1 point, around 7:15JoeChenRundio +1Veggie burgers and veggiesEthanCourtneyBarb
17.ChrisCarter -late, 6:30Chris (late)Mike wingate (late)(Barb)Max K.CraigmyreEvanJulianJess T (newb)Fred (hopefully)RocketNoahTereseNuisance
18.Carter (Late 6:30ish)Julian Mark (super late)ThayneJimmyElijahGeoff (first time at pick up)Alissa/Allergy (prob around 6:00 pm) - bringing hot dogs, buns, and chipsbootySambooty
19.NuisanceRob P. Mary OVictorJames (Late, dependent on how knee feels, would throw if I cant play)Elsa (bell peppers + marinated mushrooms)Colin
20.AlexNoahBrian, late - hip/ankle/back/knee are OK, but I should probably go easy on this swimmer's ear...Tessa (veg burgers and salad)Will
21.RocketJulian (A Grilled Apple Tart)Joe
22.Peter, Betsy around 630-7 (plates, potato salad, mayber beer?)Patrick
23.EvanAlecBig Poppa Breen
24.Noah (bringing cones)
26.Girthy Green Bean
27.STELLA! (Can someone bring extra cones for a 2nd field?)
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