Guest Speakers for Worship Services
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Name (Last, [Title] First)
AffiliationEmailPhoneStatusComments/Background InfoSuggested bySuggested date (YEAR-MO)Date (if spoke @ 1stUU)
Alpert, Rabbi AlanaDetroit Jews for Justice and T'chiyah Brisson 2019-06
Anila, Koho Vince Director of Stillpoint Zen Budd Temp. Anila is a good speaker and could provide the Buddhist perspective on our times. Here is the description from the website: "Since 2005, Koho Vince Anila has served as Still Point’s Guiding Teacher and Executive Director. A native of Detroit, Koho practiced for a number of years at the Zen Buddhist Temple in Ann Arbor with Ven. Haju Sunim and P’arang Geri Larkin, before helping found Still Point as its first Board President and one of its first seminary students. Koho was ordained a Dharma Teacher by P’arang Geri Larkin in 2003, and is also a psychotherapist in private practice. "
Block, Randy Director of Michigan UU Social Justice Network (MUUSJN)beelock47@comcast.net248-549-5170activeMary Lou Malone has been active with MUUSJN for many years. Gwen Winston is MUUSJN Network Coordinator.pre-2019
Brown, Adrienne Maree Writeradriennemaree@gmail.comadrienne is the co-editor of the anthology Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements with Walidah Imarisha, published by AK Press in 2015. She has helped to cultivate work and thinking about Octavia Butler and Emergent Strategy, gathering a loose knit network of people interested in reading Octavia’s work from a political and strategic framework.Chloe LundineChloe Lundine (Irene re-ups this nomination in 2019)pre-2019
Buttry, Rev. Dan Global Consultant for Peace and Justice with International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches[Available in early 2020] (rec. Rev. Murray) Dan Buttry is one of the foremost international peace activists in the United States, and happens to live in Hamtramck! Dan Buttry is the Global Consultant for Peace and Justice with International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches. That means that he works around the world, usually on short term peace projects. His area of specialty is conflict transformation. Simply put, conflict transformation means turning conflict from negative, destructive experiences into positive, constructive experiences in which problems are solved, unjust relationships are structured in more just ways, violence is replaced by nonviolent means of dealing with disagreements, torn relationships are reconciled, decisions become more participatory and traumatized people are supported for healing.Rev Murray/Irene Brisson2019-06
Cassells, Halima Oakland Avenue Artist Coalitionqueen.afi@gmail.comactiveDetroit-based artist/ community advocate Halima Cassells occupies a myriad of roles that are unified by a devotion to fostering community inter-connectivity. In practice she designs spaces for authentic engagement, and collaborative artistic expression, as well as projects that engender new economy practices. She works as an independent artist and assumes roles at Oakland Avenue Artists Coalition,O.N.E. Mile project, Incite Focus Fab Lab, Center for Community Based Enterprise, and the Free Market of Detroit.pre-2019
Chislett, PaulFUUD member and trusteepaul.chislett@gmail.com519-995-8351activepre-2019
Corrado, Rev. JohnMinister Emeritus of Grosse Pointe Unitarian Churchrevjc@juno.com586-463-2845activeRev. Corrado sent us a letter on June 3, 2013 indicating his availablity and desire for guest preaching at our church. His address is 23522 Myrtle St., Clinton Twp., MI 48036. He has preached before at our church. He is an accomplished musician, being a composer and published hymnist and playing a pretty good accordion. 6/19/2013 Note: May be too expensive given our current budget.pre-2019
Elturk, Imam Steve IONA (Islamic Organization of North America) in Warrenameer@ionaonline.orgdoes a lot of inter-religious work. He used to be co-director of the now defunct Muslim Chaplaincy Diploma Program at Ecumenical Theological Seminary. Suggested by Stephen Butler Murray.pre-2019
Evens, Rev. MarkFirst UU of Ann Arbormark@uuaa.org734-665-6158activePresided for Bessie Mercer memorial service at FUUD. Recommended by Kathleen Jacobs Johnson.pre-2019
Foss, GwennSE MI UU. Former cantor at FUUD.bookdoctorgwen@gmail.com248-893-7029inactiveWait until July 2015 -- one year after her period of employment by FUUD has ended. Knowledgeable re UU history.pre-2019
Garrigues-Cortelyou, Rev. PeggyFirst UU of Ann Arborpgarrigues@comcast.netinactivePeggy spent three years as the assistant minister at the UU Congregation in Ann Arbor and is now (2009) working with an interfaith agency there. pre-2019
Golodner, Lynne Meredith

also c/o Jennifer Marsik Friess
c/o Jennifer Marsik Friess 248-974-3880activeReceived solicitation via email to newslettereditor (Tamara). Here is an excerpt:
Please consider having Lynne Meredith Golodner come talk to your congregation about her new book, The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads, which celebrates the ways that food and faith connect us all.
In a world of ethnic and religious conflict, Lynne was struck by a powerful idea. One force unites people across all faiths and cultures: Food. Whatever may divide us, all religious traditions share transmission of tradition through food as a sacred value.
She spent two years researching the ways in which bread is symbolic and significant to so many communities and what she found was that bread serves almost as a “universal truth,” a connection we make with Christians and Muslims and Native Americans and others.
In her research, Lynne visited the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn to interview women who have been baking bread at the mosque for more than half a century. That story is simple and powerful and she tells it beautifully....
I've attached her media kit, and here is a piece by Lynne about writing Holy Breads:
8/19/2013 note by Dan Secrest: I exchanged email's with Lynne's agent, Jennifer Marsik Friess, indicating our potential interest for the future and mentioning our going rate of $150 + the opportunity to sell books in Coffee Hour. Jennifer responded that this is wonderful and she looks forward to hearing from us. NOTE: Sherry Wells notes that we should ask for a percentage of book profits to go to church.
8/23/2013 update: Received email from Lynne as follows: Thank you for connecting with Jennifer on my behalf. I am taking over follow up now, so please let me know when you might have a space for me to speak to your congregation. I would be honored. Thank you!
Howell, Shea by Elayne Sikelianos. Writer and activist, currently working with Grace Lee Boggs. She writes a column every week that goes out with Grace Lee Boggs' newsletter, regarding different issues concerning Detroit. Also, formerly worked with UU affiliated community group "Detroit Summer".pre-2019
Jones, Rev. Michael C. Creative Power: Detroit's Dancing Poet 8330 E. Jefferson Apt. 1009 Detroit MI 48214 Americausabrowneagle@aol.com313-535-6169Suggested by Nancy Owen Nelson. Jones has visited our church several times. Here are a couple of links to show him reciting poetry and doing social justice work. pre-2019
Kaplan, 578-6812activeACLU. Recommended on 6/30/2013 by Linda Darga, and seconded by Danny Rebb, to speak on gay marriage and related issues. Probably willing to speak for free -- but check to be sure.pre-2019
Khan, Dr. Saeed Prof. Wayne State and UD Mercys.khan@wayne.edu313-577-3002Irene contacted in December 2018, no reply.
Kidd, Joe and Sheila Burkemusicians--acoustic snsburke@ameritech.netactive(Nancy Owen Nelson) These two sing music of social justice and peace. pre-2019
Kohlmoos, LaceyPublic Citizen’s Global Trade Watchlkohlmoos@citizen.orgactiveWill speak on 7/21/2013 on subject of Trans Pacific Partnership, at recommendation of Dan Wiest. Not based in SE MI, I believe. Very political.pre-2019
Lidums, Rev. OlafEcumenical Theological Seminaryproflidums@comcast.netinactiveRev. Lidums has spoken many times at FUUD, and has an excellent track record.
Rev. Lidums can help us find other speakers from the ETS.

Magner, Randy Artistic Director and Sales Director, StarBrite Theatrical an excellent musical intergenerational service in fall of 2006 (The Wisdom of Dr. Seuss). His spring 2007 intergen service was less successful.pre-2019
Moir, Jim In final year of seminary at Meadville Lombard (as of 5/2008).jimmoir@sbcglobal.netactiveGrew up in First UU, Detroit. Mother Lyla Moir still attends. Lives in Warren (?)pre-2019
Montgomery, Wardell Montgomery, Jr. is an urban folk poet and a member of Plymouth United Church of Christ. He gave us a sermon in poetry, on 8/3/2014, exploring a literal interpretation of the Bible versus a metaphorical one.
Contacted through Mary Lou Malone
Mosey, Sue Midtown, Inc.Rev. Murray recommended. Kathe Stevens has a working relationship. NON contacted Kathe re this issue.Rev Murraypre-2019
National Religious Campaign Against Torture by Dan Wiest. They have resources (though not necessarily speakers) for services.Dan Wiestpre-2019
O'Brien, Dorene collection is called “What it Might Feel Like to Hope.”
Owens, John to Rev Roger in 2/14/2014 email from Rev. Shelley Page of the Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church (email linked here in "Affiliation" field). UU from GPU who would like to speak about gun control.pre-2019
Pearson, Fred Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at Wayne State Universityab3440@wayne.edu313-577-3453Director of Peace and Conflict program. Recommended by AirleyAirleypre-2019
Qazwini, Imam Sayed Hassan Islamic Center of America, http://gazwini.orgRev Murray/Irene Brisson2019-06
Bugleisi, Rev. Leonetta Unitarian Universalist Ministerrevleonetta1@gmail.com248-202-1711active8/21/2013: Sent email to Rev. Roger which Roger forwarded to Worship Committee.
August 14, 2013
Dear Unitarian Universalist Colleagues:
As you begin to move into another church year, I wanted to extend my availability for pulpit supply on your Sunday’s away.  At this point my Sunday calendar is open.  I have twenty-three years of preaching experience, since my ordination in 1990.  I am hopeful that many of you will be able to pass this letter onto your Worship Committees.
Some of the sermons that are ready to be delivered are (written here ready for newsletter description):
1.       ‘Considering Heaven While on Earth’-    From scientific to spiritual to personal, The Rev. Leonetta Bugleisi offers an opportunity to visit the concept of Heaven with renewed energy and resources.
2.       “Lighter Suitcases, Lighter Spirits” – The Rev. Leonetta Bugleisi brings us some practical steps in making the baggage in our suitcases lighter so that our present days can be lived more fully.
3.      “Parallel Teachings of Buddha and Jesus” The universality of Jesus’ teaching come to light as The Rev. Leonetta Bugleisi compares them to Buddha’s teachings.
4.      ‘The Changing Face of Education’ – From open classrooms to Montessori and home schooling, the philosophy and success of educating our youth touches us all.  The Rev. Leonetta Bugleisi looks at some of the current trends in education in the United States.
5.      “Soul-Strength of Leadership” – The Rev. Leonetta Bugleisi will share some ancient and current descriptions of leadership.  As you look at the current needs and the future growth of your congregation, applications of soul-strength in leadership can be applied.
--- Of course, there are many other sermon topics that I could readily give.  I hope that you will consider inviting me into your pulpit or have your Worship Committee invite me to fill the pulpit as needed.  Thanks so much for remembering me while you fill out your year.
Rutledge, Brad Brad S. Rutledge is a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing where he chaired the Celebrations (Worship) Committee for five years. Brad is also an award-winning actor in the Lansing community theater
517-332-2975 (h)
517-505-0400 (w)
activeBrad is an attorney in Lansing specializing in public finance transactions. He is a frequent speaker at the UU Church of Greater Lansing and regularly leads services when the minister is not is the pulpit. He is married to Cary Einberger and has two adult daughters.
Brad has a blog:
Secrest, Bill Professor of World Religions at Henry Ford Community CollegeWSecrest@hfcc.eduactiveDan Secrest’s brother. Active with StillPoint. Spoke on 1/6/2008 and was well received.
5/14/13 note by Nancy Owen Nelson: Bill went to the Middle East in 2011 and wrote journal-like pieces which he posted on our college newspaper (The Mirror). I would like him to speak to that trip, read some of the posts...perhaps use photos?
Singh, Raman (Ms)Gurdwara Sahib Hidden Falls TempleactiveComments from Danny Rebb on 1/23/2013:
I attended the interfaith pannel / prayer service sponsored by DION on MLK Day.
One of the panelists was Raman Singh, from the Gurdwara Sahib Hidden Falls Temple. She is an excellent speaker.  In her alotted 5 minutes, she touched on points of her Sikh faith that closely resemble UUism.  

1.  From the Universalist perspective, one God who's spark is in all of us.
2.  Internal / external spirituality - the external form being service to others.

Rabbi Edut has her contact info
Stackhouse, Dwight Skip and Alex MorganSecret Society of Twisted 248 632-3131These men do a storytelling event for Twisted Sister Storytellers. Here is a link. It is about race and HOPE. (Nancy Owen Nelson rec. to Ruby)
Stringfellow, Rev. Dr. Roland Metropolitan Community Church of Detroitmccdpastor@gmail.compre-2019
Uncle Eddie & Robin - UU Musicians 639-5538
(304) 559-4264
activeSent following email to church office on 1/7/2014:
My name is Robin Mahonen, and I am writing to discuss the possibility of working with you to present a musical service and/or coffeehouse performance at your Unitarian Universalist congregation. With my husband, we are the musical singer-songwriter husband-wife duet of "Uncle Eddie & Robin". We are currently scheduling for spring, summer and fall of 2014. I am a lifelong Unitarian Universalist, and currently serve as Vice President of the Ohio Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation, and Chair of the Worship Committee. I also hold a Master's in Social Work from Adelphi University, as well as post graduate study at the University of Pittsburth, and am comfortable facilitating small group discussions as well as speaking to larger audiences. As a small congregation with a quarter time minister, I have conducted dozens of services over the past decade on a number of topics. We have also performed at UU coffeehouses, notably in Youngstown, OH, and also in Morgantown and Charleston, WV, and Ligonier in PA. We are prepared to come in and provide a complete "soup to nuts" Sunday service, with an interesting presentation accompanied by musical interludes.
I am also the founder of the Wheeling Water Warriors, a group of activists opposing fracking, and the coordinator of the Great Ohio River Relay. We are actively pursuing venues where we can talk with people impacted by this issue in their communities. We were also honored to be among some of the original occupiers at the Occupy Wall Street protests in NYC in their first two weeks.
Uncle Eddie and Robin, “Not Your Typical Old Folkies,” have been described as "...a dynamic musical duet with a taste of the old and a flair for the new. Their energy belies their age, and the breadth of their life experience makes for a rich and rewarding musical evening. This husband-wife team combines their voices in stunning, tight harmonies on songs that pack a punch, and their musical chemistry is undeniable and their sound is unmistakable. With a political consciousness and a flair for incorporating new styles, they are the perfect combo of old and new West Virginia music. "
Ed “Uncle Eddie” Mahonen, “banjo player, raconteur, and all around old dude” is an icon in the Appalachian music scene. He worked as a staff musician on the legendary Wheeling Jamboree as well as a member of several regionally touring Bluegrass and Jam Bands. His style incorporates elements of bluegrass, rock, and folk, which he has shaped into a unique and original blend which he terms “plunk rock.” West Virginia’s “Graffiti” Magazine said Ed has been “a force in West Virginia music for over thirty years.”
We have two CD's of original music, and are completing our third. We maintain a Facebook page with almost 1200 fans, and a website, and have numerous videos on YouTube.
Please let us know if you are interested in having us perform and share our experiences with your congregation. We are very flexible, and will work with you to create both an enlightening and spiritual experience for your members.
Please feel free to write us here at this email address, or call us directly at (304) 639-5538 (Robin) or (304) 559-4264 (Ed). We look forward to working with you and meeting you!
Venugopal, Dr. Prasad Prof. Physics, U of D 993-1481NON from Colleen Mills' literature Citizens for PeaceNancy Owen NelsonPre-2019
Whitty, Dr. MikeGlobal Citizens for Tolerance/Stab.whittymd@udmercy.edu248 723-01052019 on civility. Pre-2019 nomination: In a recent article, "Democracy, Not Theocracy," published in Diplomacy Journal, Prof. Whitty speaks about world fundamentalism as a threat to democracy.Carolyn2019-072012
Faue, ElizabethWayne State (also a UU member of another congregation)Elizabeth Faue (PhD, prof) is known for her work exploring the gendered dimensions of labor, politics, and working-class experience and as an advocate for interdisciplinary scholarship, critical engagement, and higher education. B2019-08
Miles, TiyaHarvard book Dawn of Detroit: Chronicle of Slavery and Freedom in the City of the Straits details slavery in Detroit from 1760 to 1915. MacArthur Foundation winner. [probably unavailable. Moved to Harvard.]Nancy Owen Nelson2019-09
Morrison, Melaniefounder and executive director of Allies for Changemelaniemorrison@alliesforchange.orgHer book Murder on Shades Mountain: The Legal Lynching of Willie Peterson and the Struggle for Justice in Jim Crow Birmingham contatns personal narrative in her search for the historical truth of a hanging. see Nancy Owen Nelson2019-09