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NameShort descriptionLong description
3M Co Ordinarysticky notesA LOT of products, from car shampoo to dental supplies to welding masks and sticky notes.
AbbVie Common Stockpharma researchSpun off from Abbot Laboratories in 2011, this company specialises in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing.
Activision Blizz. gamesThis video games titan owns iconic games titles from World of Warcraft to Overwatch.
Adobe Systems Inc OrdinaryphotoshopSoftware firm. They unleashed Flash on the world's internet browsers.
Advanced Micro Dev OrdinarychipsThis tech manufacturer builds processors and chips for businesses and consumers.
Alibaba Group ADRChinese AmazonLed by business influencer Jack Ma, this Chinese internet giant provides a commerce platform, cloud computing, digital media and more.
Alphabet Inc A Shs Com Stk $0.001'A'Google's parent companyLet me Google that for you because this company knows everything.
Amazon.Com Inc Common Stockseattle bookshopOnline shopping, Kindle, cloud computing, etc.
American Express Com USD0.20gold cardsKnown widely as Amex, this services firm offer a leading rewards program through their credit cards for customers and businesses.
Amgen Inc OrdinarydrugsThis large biotech firm focuses on pharmaceutical drug development and sales.
Apache Corporation Ordinaryoil and gasFormed in 1954, this petroleum player searches for and produces carbon fuels.
Apple Inc Com Stk NPViPhonesThe creation of the infamous CEO Steve Jobs, this tech firm revolutionised several sectors with products such as the iPhone, Mac and iPod.
AT & T Inc Com Stk USD1Phone lines
The world's largest communication firm by revenue, they provide mobile services, next-gen TV, high-speed internet for people and businesses.
Baidu.Com ADRChinese GoogleThe Chinese Google, this internet giant provides a web search services, Chinese language encyclopedia and marketing tools for companies.
Bank of America Co Common Stock $0.01Banking in America
One of the largest banks in America, they offer consumer banking, global banking and asset management under it Merrill Lynch business.
Berkshire Hath. B Com Stk $0.0033Warren Buffett’s companyLead by the iconic investor, Warren Buffett, they own large stakes in firms such as Coca-Cola and Geico.
Blackstone Group Common Stock NPVPrivate equityThis huge private equity firm holds stakes in businesses ranging from hotels to biscuits.
Boeing Co Com Stk USD5jumbo jetsThe world's largest aerospace company, they design, manufacture, and sell aeroplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, and satellites worldwide.
Booking Hldgs Common Stkonline travel bookingA leader in online travel, their brands includes,,, Kayak, & OpenTable.
Box Inc Common Stockcloud storageUtilising a freemium business model, this cloud content management and file sharing service firm serves individuals and businesses.
Bristol-Myers Squi OrdinarydrugsThis biotech company researches and manufacturers a huge range of medicines.
Caterpillar Inc Com Stk USD1construction equipmentKnown for their bright yellow cranes and bulldozers, they manufacture and sell machinery and engines for construction and mining.
Chesapeake Energy Ordinaryoil and gasFormed in 1989, this relatively new oil company has interests in oil exploration, drilling and production.
Chevron Corp COM.STK.$0.75Energy IncThis multinational titan covers every aspect of the energy industry, including oil, natural gas and alternative fuels.
Cisco Systems Inc Common stock $0.001networking equipmentThis worldwide leader in IT and networking provides solutions such as conference calling and firewalls.
Citigroup Inc New Com Stk USD0.01financial servicesOne of the Big Four US banks, Citi is engaged in a wide range of financial services, including retail and investment banking.
Coca-Cola Co Com Stk USD0.25sodasThe goliath of the beverage industry. Whether you like Coke, Fanta or Sprite, your money is going to the Coca-Cola Company.
Colgate-Palmolive OrdinarytoothpasteThis consumer goods holding company makes and markets a wide range of soaps, toothpastes and personal care products. Fresh!
Comcast Corporatio Class Acable TVOne of the largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world by revenue. They own NBC Universal and Comcast Cable.
ConocoPhillips Ordinaryoil and gasThis energy firm is one of the largest pure-play oil and gas companies.
Crispr Therapeutic OrdinarygeneticsThis biotech firm focuses on the research of genetic therapies and drugs to tackle serious diseases.
33 Intl ADRonline travel bookingThis Chinese online travel booking platform allows users to book hotels, tickets and packaged tours. They are the largest in China.
Deere & Company Ordinaryfarming equipmentFounded by a blacksmith in 1837, this equipment maker has produced machinery for agriculture, gardening and landscaping for many years.
DowDuPont Inc. Common Stock USD0.01chemicalsWith a track record spanning over 100 years, this chemicals firm works across several sectors from agriculture to healthcare.
Dropbox Inc. Ordinarycloud storageThis beloved cloud data company is expanding into productivity and business software.
eBay Inc Common Stockonline car bootOne of the earliest e-commerce sites, eBay is a huge marketplace for businesses and individuals alike.
Electronic Arts Common Stock NPVvideo gamesA leading video games publisher, they make famous games such as FIFA, Madden and Need for Speed.
Estee Lauder Co OrdinarycosmeticsThis multinational company owns a suite of skincare, perfume and make-up brands.
Etsy Inc Common Stock NPVHipster eBayThis new marketplace platform taps into the authenticity trend with a focus on handmade and vintage goods.
Exxon Mobil Corp Com Stk NPVoil and gasThe world's largest public oil and gas company, their revenue eclipses the GDP of many countries. They own brands such as Mobil and Esso.
Facebook Inc Common Stocksocial networkThe biggest social networking firm in the world. They own Instagram, Whatsapp and their platforms attract over a billion users daily.
Fedex Corp Ordinarypackage deliveryThe inventors of express delivery, they are global leaders in logistics and parcel delivery.
Fireeye Inc Common StockcybersecurityThis awesomely named firm sells advanced security software to businesses.
First Solar Inc Common Stock $0.001solar panelsA leading manufacturer of solar panels globally.
Fitbit Inc COM STK 0.0001fitness watchesThis wearable tech company has been shaming the lazy since 2007.
Ford Motor Co Common Stock $0.01carsSince the Model T in 1908, this automobile manufacturer has produced cars for millions globally. They own brands such as Mustang and Cadillac.
General Electric Common Stockindustrial conglomorateA large conglomerate, they work across many sectors including finance, energy, healthcare and transport delivering solutions to customers.
General Motors Co Common Stock $0.01carsCommonly known as GM, this car maker designs, manufactures and sells vehicles under brands such as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac.
Gilead Sciences OrdinarydrugsA biopharmaceutical research firm, they discover, develop and sell drugs for treating HIV/AIDS, cancer lung diseases, and heart conditions.
Go Pro Common Stock $0.0001indestructible camerasFounded in 2002 by Nick Woodman, this camera maker specialises in action cameras and owns mobile apps and video-editing software.
Goldman Sachs Grp Ordinaryinvestment bankingFounded in 1869, this leading global investment bank, securities and investment management firm is the old guard of the finance world.
GrubHub Inc Common StockUS DeliverooThis Chicago-based food delivery platform boasts a tasty 14M customers and over 1600 restaurants.
Halliburton Co Ordinaryoilfield servicesOne of the world's largest providers of products and services to the energy industry. The find, drill and process hydrocarbons.
Home Depot Inc Cm Stk USD0.05DIY suppliesThe world's largest home improvement retailer, they have over 2000 stores in three countries.
Honeywell Int Common Stockindustrial goodsThis manufacturing giant builds technology and products for the aerospace, industrial and home consumer markets.
Intel Corp Common StockmicroprocessorsOne of the largest semiconductor chip makers in the world, they provide computing hardware to companies such as Dell and Apple.
Intl Business Mach Ordinarybusiness softwareStanding for International Business Machines, IBM has been a technology leader for decades and offer solutions across several sectors.
Intuit Inc Ordinaryaccounting softwareWhen it comes to this financial software company, there's no accounting for taste.
IROBOT CORP usd 0.01vacuuming robotsFounded in 1990 by three MIT graduates, they design robots for space exploration and military defence.
61 Inc ADRecommerceThe largest e-commerce company in China by revenue serving over 200 million customers.
Johnson & Johnson Common Stockhousehold chemicalsSelling medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods, they own brands such as Neutrogena.
JPMorgan Chase & C Common Stock USD1bankingDating back over 200 years, this leading financial services firm manages over $2 trillion worth of assets for millions of customers.
Kimberly-Clark Ordinaryloo rollThis company manufactures a wide range of personal care products, mostly from paper.
Kraft Heinz Com Stk NPVketchupOne of the largest food and beverage companies in the world, their portfolio of brands in include Heinz and Weight Watchers.
Liberty Global Inc Common Stock $0.01telecomsThis telecoms and media giant is the largest broadband provider outside the US.
Lockheed Martin Ordinaryfighter jetsThis innovative firm works across sectors such as aerospace, defence, energy and space. They build fighter jets, rockets and nuclear plants.
Lululemon Athletic Common Stockyoga pantsA yoga-inspired athletic apparel brand designs clothes for yoga, running, cycling and training for women and men.
Manchester United Common Stockfootball clubA legendary football team in the UK, this club has global appeal with fans across the world.
Marsh & McLennan Common Stockprofessionals
This global company covers a huge range of professional services including risk management, talent management, insurance and investing advice.
MasterCard Inc Ordinarycredit cardsThis global payment service takes payments around the clock, around the world. There's good chance your bank card uses their system.
Match Group Inc Common Stock $0.001online datingThis global leader is dating services owns and operates several online dating websites including OkCupid, Tinder and PlentyOfFish.
McDonalds Corp Com Stk USD0.01Big MacsThe world's leading global food retailer with over 36,000 locations. This iconic brand is one of the most valuable in the world.
Merck & Co Inc Common StockdrugsOne of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, they produce innovative medicines, vaccines, and animal health products.
Micron Technology Ordinarymemory chipsThis semiconductor manufacturer is the US's biggest maker of memory chips, powering the RAM for smartphones & computers.
Microsoft Corp DL Com Stk USD0.00000625makers of paintFounded by Bill Gates in 1975, they were once the biggest company in the world and remain a leading tech company in the computing space.
Mondelez Intl Common Stock NPVOreosThis global food and bev company owns a variety of favoured snack brands including Cadbury's, Toblerone and Oreos.
NETFLIX INC COM.STK.$0.001streaming videoThe world's leading internet entertainment service with over 100 million members. They stream original content and popular shows and movies.
Nike Inc Common StocktrainersAn iconic brand and manufacturing giant, they produce sports apparel, footwear and accessories globally.
Nokia Corp ADRnetworking equipmentFinland based technology firm, they provide mobile networks and cloud services along with the retail products such as phones.
Northrop Grumman OrdinaryDefenceThis global security firm produces arms, aerospace and defence systems for governments.
Nvidia Corp Comm Stk USD0.001graphic chipsThe inventors of GPUs for the gaming and professional markets, they also work in mobile computing and self-driving cars.
OKTA Inc Common StockOnline securityThis cloud software company focuses on identity management with its signature single password system.
Oracle Corp Com Stk USD0.01networksA global provider of enterprise cloud computing, they are industry leaders in cloud-based platforms and applications across many sectors.
85 Inc Common Stock $0.0001Home retailThis bargain homeware and furniture retailer got its start liquidating the leftovers of the dotcom boom.
Paypal Holdings Common Stockonline paymentsA leading tech platform for payment services, they allow customers and merchants to make payments on a safe and secure network.
PepsiCo inc Ordinarysoda and snacksBoasting a portfolio of brands including Pepsi, Lays and Quakers; this food and beverage firm has been serving customers for over 100 years.
Pfizer Inc Com Stk USD0.05drugsAmongst the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, they discover, develop and manufacture of healthcare products.
Procter & Gamble Common Stockbathroom stuffThis owns a huge range of personal care brands from shampoos to deodorants.
QUALCOMM INC COM STK $0.0001chips etcThis company has a diverse set of technology interests, including chips, wireless infrastructure and patents.
Raytheon Company OrdinarydefenceThis military contractor builds radars, aerospace systems and guided missile systems.
Red Hat Inc Common Stock $0.0001open source softwareA leading software firm, they serve the majority of companies in the Fortune 500 providing IT solutions such as cloud, Linux and security.
Riot Blockchain Common Stockblockchain thingsPreviously a biotech, this firm pivoted to exploring blockchain technology in 2017.
94 Inc Common Stock $0.001sales softwareWith the world's number one CRM software, this cloud-based software firm in used by over 100,000 companies to manage their customers.
Schlumberger NV Common Stock $0.01oilfield servicesA leading oilfield services firm, they provide technology for drilling, production and processing to the oil and gas industry.
Shopify Inc Sub Vtg sharesonline shopsA Canada based e-commerce giant, this software platform powers online stores across the globe for small business and entrepreneurs.
SNAP Inc Class ASnapchatBoasting over 100m users globally, this camera company and social media giant have an app called Snapchat and Spectacles camera glasses.
Sony Corporation ADR Each Repr 1 Ordelectronics and entertainmentThis Tokyo based giant has many businesses includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services.
Square Inc. Class Apoint-of-sale paymentsThis Silicon Valley payment services firm provides payment hardware and software for small businesses, payroll and more.
Starbucks Corp Com Stk NPVpumpkin spice lattesOperating in over 50 countries globally, this coffee king has transformed coffee culture and one of the most valuable brands in the world.
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