Things I want to text my ex
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update! many thanks to everyone who has made "texts i wanna send my ex" such a success! please note that the original sheet (now "old texts") can no longer be edited, but a new sheet (see below) called "old texts" can! please enter new messages there. a million thanks, sean.
Just wanted you to know you made my 26-hour flight across the world a truly miserable experience. I was never mad at you for not being able to see me before I left. It was the fact that you never replied, nor reached out to me when I was away at home that really hurt me. There were plenty of ways for you to reach out but you never did- so what was I supposed to think? I could have texted you when I got back but realized I couldn't be with someone who was ok with not knowing whether or not I was hurt. So yeah, I guess that's why I walked away.I didnt get the tattoo of your name removed. But now it says Frederik (is an asshole)I realize now what a passionate person you were and how i should have been lucky to have someone be so passionate about me but why was all this jealousy and hate directed towards me? I wish you the best but I don't know if I mean it.I know I hurt you but more than anything I wish we could be friends. Reason why I wish we were never together. I'm sorry.
heyi miss you so much, that I would tolerate your micropenisI love that you still have a tattoo of my name on your hand. Like, how stupid can you be?I am still hoping to bump into you in one of the corners of this shitty town. And I'm sorry. And I know you are too. And I love you even more than before.
I still have your netflix accountthe best! hahahah that's hilarious!!!I need to do that, too!hahahahhahalmao
Haha ditto. And I keep messing with your favourites list ;)
remember when you drunk texted me 2 weeks ago - ya fuck u
the longer we're apart, the less I understand why I ever liked you.
You're an entitled, self-centred person, and should really take a step
back and examine what exactly YOU have to offer, before you start having
ludicrous expectations of your partner. I can't believe I let your
entitlement fool me into believing you were worth my time. I'm so glad
we broke up. I'm so much happier, and so much more myself than I ever
was with you.
Why the fuck did you let him sexually assault me? Why didn't you answer my screams?
i hope you can finish now !m
I tried. I know you did too. I'm sorry things ended up the way they did, and I still kinda hate you for it, but if I had to do it again I would still spend this past year with you. I still wear the stuff you got methat was the best sex i ever hadYou cheated on me. We tried again. It failed. I fell in love with someone else. You treated me like your own child. I was so bad in your thought. You never find someone else when you treat her like me.
thank you for the book recommendation mendation but NO THANKS FOR BEING A DICKI LIKE THE LAST PART
I missed beyond understanding...
good morningnot so gr8 now that i texted you
i knew it was over when you told me your favorite movie was garden stateI think the person who don't likes garden state is the real problem in this one <-- YESSSSSSS<--agree<--- sooooo true! <--- yes yes yes!!!
you're an asshole for never buying me flowersyes! we all want flowers! wow can we really chill
stop texting meYour scorpion tattoo looks like a lobster. Ridiculous.I think the person who don't likes garden state is the real problem in this on
I'm hotter than you ;)
if you had spent less time cheating and more time canvassing, Hillary would have took Iowa.if you had spent less time cheating and more time canvassing, Hillary would have took Iowa.Holy fuck, this is amazing<3Notrump trump trump
thanks for introducing me to Happy Endings - glad you got back together with your husbandYou broke my heart, I always thought we would last forever.I will always remember you, I forgive you for what you did but il still remember the pain you caused till the day I die. I hope everything is going well in your life and I wish you all the best. You made the mistake and I now realise you will have to live with it for the rest of your life. You were my bestfriend but everything happens for a reason. X
your new girlfriend is vanilla sorry I was fun
I loved your dog more than I ever loved youI did!
Please take me back, I still love you:-(I know that feel :(
No words truer than that ;(
I'm getting just as many gifts from you for Valentine's this year as I did when we were dating.if i knew people would believe me, i would tell your friends, family, and new girlfriend that you sexually abused me.PREACH
who dis.
Best of luck with that ultimatum bingooooo what if his dick is not that great but his heart is pure
Your dick was great but your heart is notomgsad but true...hard on>heart damn, yes!
Hello darkness my old friend
if you had spent less time cheating and more time canvassing, Hillary would have took Iowa.I KNOW U FUCKING CHEATED CUNT
This needs to be printed and sent directly to the person!
i txt u y u no txt bak!?
tbh I was mostly dating you because you were rich
you cheated first but I cheated more?lolthats how you do it!
things would be a lot better for you if you lost 20 lbssdfsdfdssbest!
thanks for telling me I had abandonment issues and then abandoning me, so helpfulSAME. FUCK
still not 100% sure if you're bi/gay!!!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh i'm so bitter
you showed up to my show closing night to fucking return my clothes?
i have syphillisouch baaaaad :Dhahahahahahahahahah
Your new boyfriend looks like a toad.
I'm pregnantfck
i know you wont
I'm happy you're thriving but sad that you didn't want to include me in your future. After eight years we brook up, and now two months later.. i start feeling like shit. back then i thought i was about grown up by myself.. i know it better now.. i brook up because i knew i am not good enough for you! i am sorry for not being that guy you deserve.
I was 18 when we started dating. You worked at Wendy's, had no life, and lived with your dad. You were 23. You broke up with me 2 months after I took your virginity. I fled the state in hopes you'd come and profess your love for me at the airport. I was wrong. It took a long time to get over you. Years have past and I am now a neonatal RN, married, and have 2 loving children. Where are you? Still working at Wendy's and living at home with daddy. Karma man. KarmaKarma for not going to the airport?you sound terrible<---agree
i hope you've grown up and learned how to treat women with respect
wish i'd started having sex with you waaaaay sooner, and also stopped having sex with you sooner
Honestly the only thing that would make me happy is for you to never be happy with anyone elseyes
I was hotter than all your exes then, and I'm hotter than your girlfriend now. Tough luck.
grow up
You are a bad person
Remember Raven Symone?
I didn't want a relationship, but your giant fucking ego wasn't gonna let you believe that, huh?
Wow, I'm so much better off without you.
I'm so sorry. I wish I had fallen in love with you.
maybe if you respected other people as equals you wouldn't be such a huge dick
Thank you for showing me I am much more than you'll ever be. :)
you're right- it really IS you.
you're a succubus
You said you loved me. Getting into another relationship 2 months after us determined THAT was a lie.
You've been a sophomore since we were sophomores
my cat is better company. he may not satisfy me sexually...but neither could you.savagehaha
don't do it if a cats licks you, you will soon know about it!!! yuk
told my ex the same.
the best thing I got out of our relationship was the bracelet your mom gave me for Christmas
Did you know I'm your biggest fan?dont be
I hope you don't abuse your new girlfriend like you did me and the one after me. We're all really nice girls.this
remember how you thought i was too dumb to get into princeton? well i don't see YOUR acceptance letter anywhere, who gets the last laugh nowwww
I need you to take some inches off your dick and add it to your brain.hahaha besthahaha
STOP TEXTING ME - I already know i'm the one that got away.
Thank you. I needed you to destroy me so I could come back LIKE A FUCKING PHOENIX, BITCH. #ItsLitso u were ash when she left u ? Thats interresting...
Can you tell your mom that we're not getting back together so she will stop texting me on holidays?
You're incredible and I'm sorry I broke your heart.sameddfgfdfHoping this is my ex wanting to get back with meUnless you cheated on her or did something very bad to her, you have nothing to lose by sending this
i wish i had broken up with you the first time i seriously thought about it...not the fifth #RIP3yearsI
sorry but y r u a sociopath
Your dog deserves betterword.BUUUUURN
A breeze hit my leg by the stove the other day and I thought it was the cat, but then I remembered I don't live with the cat anymore. I cried. When you venmo'ed me your half of the couch and desk at work, I went to the bathroom. I cried. Thank god for single-stall, gender-neutral bathrooms. My therapist says I'll be your biggest regret, but I pay him to say things like that. My friends say you're a dick, but they're my friends. I say that I miss you and I miss the inside jokes and language we had that's now a dead religion no one practices. I'm still shaken by our breakup, and trying to rebuild myself. I wish you had held my hand more, and I wish I had been gentler.this made me cryThis made me so sad, wowim so afraid of this happening to me one time
This is truly amazing - we should all be gentler. And hold hands more.
beautifully written
i still miss you a whole whole bunch and won't love anyone else more
Can I ask you something that you'll probably say no to?accurate.
Wish you never licked my buttHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I miss you, and I'm sorry I was hard on you. We were both wrong, and we both were hurt.
I got pink-eye from eating you outoh shit
Wish you licked my butt:)
I want my fucking hat back
Things would've gone better if you were smarter.
Everyone on r/relationships is glad I broke up with you
hope i ruined valentine's day for you too!!! LMAO
I saw the shit you wrote about me in Sean's google Doc, and I'm mad!!!
I hope your new girlfriend knows you have to masturbate to fall asleep.
I read a list of things that people want to say to their exes today and mostly it makes me so grateful to know that you will always be my best friend.
why are things so complicated? we still like each other, why's it gotta be such a fucking trip. It's not like we have anyone else right? I guess it's just crass of me to say that.
i'm sorry it ended the way it did. I didn't mean to hurt youyep
hey cuntface. if you weren't such a constant dick about my past sexual experiences i might have stuck around. fuck you.
i'm keeping that shirt
i love you too.
I wore your deodorant all the time. That's why you were always running out.
You moved on fast...:(
i hope we stay friends and that for your sake you eventually work on your issues even half as much as i’ve worked on mine. call me when you grow up.
testing if my number is still blocked...
hell will be hotter once you're there asshole
I hope you don't hate me. I love you. You also majorly fucked me up and now I cry whenever I think about it xoxo:(
I didn't realize how small your penis was until I finally got good fucks after breaking up with youhaha!
I hated that confirmation that you try to treat her better than you treated me because you learned from me. Why does she deserve better than I did?oh my god, yes! :(
sorry i handled the breakup really badly and i wish you didn't hate me
stop reading my fucking tumblr