texts i wanna send my ex
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I feel bad for when your new girlfriend finds out that you're actually gay. Dating women will not make you straight. Es ist schade dass es so gekommen ist, aber ich verstehe es dass du es beenden musstest. Ich liebe dich nach wie vor.You stole my heart then dropped me like a hot potato when you got scared how close we had become. I hate you. I miss you. It is going to take me ages to get over you, but I'm determined to.Мой психолог сказал мне, что моя любовь к тебе убьет как меня, так и тебя. Она сказала, чтобы я стал тебе другом. Но милая, милая моя, я скорее наложу на себя руки, чем стану твоим другом. Я люблю тебя, так люблю тебя, что это чувство - единственное, что держит меня лишь на поверхности депрессии, не позволяя провалиться мне глубже. Будь счастлива, а я буду рядом с тобой.Мой психолог сказал мне, что моя любовь к тебе убьет как меня, так и тебя. Она сказала, чтобы я стал тебе другом. Но милая, милая моя, я скорее наложу на себя руки, чем стану твоим другом. Я люблю тебя, так люблю тебя, что это чувство - единственное, что держит меня лишь на поверхности депрессии, не позволяя провалиться мне глубже. Будь счастлива, а я буду рядом с тобой.I miss you so much. What I felt for you is not something i can ever feel again. You knew how deep my feelings for you were and yet you decided to break up with me that way. You damaged me in ways i cant explain. You knew how vulnerable i was. you drew me in only to stick a cold knife into my heart. The pain is unbearable. After all the promises we had made to each other you screwed me over so heartlessly like i never meant anything to you. Despite all that, I cant stop thinking about you. Im with someone now and shes great but the problem is she aint you. I want you back!!
Ich werde dir nie verzeihen, dass du das Wort "Liebe" aus meinem Wortschatz gestrichen hastperfekt haha
Seitdem ich dich neulich wiedergesehen habe, für diesen kurzen Moment, bereue ich es noch mehr dich nicht geküsst zu haben in unserer Nacht. Hey, I just wanted you to know that I really miss you. Not only do I miss how it felt to be wrapped snugly in your arms in bed, but also just how close we were. I miss sharing memes, I miss hearing your laugh when you find something really funny, I miss our classic one-liner banter. I miss hearing about your plans, what you’re having for lunch, how your gym sessions went.
And I say this without any specific intention or motive – I just want you to know that you’re always going to be someone special to me. You’re the guy who gave me my first kiss, the one I hugged for 40 minutes under the stars, the one who taught me what it means to seize the day.
I guess everything is a learning experience and there is always a silver lining. Despite my having stressed you out and annoyed you to the ends of the earth (with what was, in hindsight, dramatic overreactions), hopefully you are better off now having felt wanted again and more secure. And although we’re not close now and I know you don’t feel the same way anymore, I hope that one day we can keep giving each other our best. X
Dear You, I want to tell you that I do miss you. I miss you more than I should. Sadly. I wish we could have worked out. You came to mean so much more to me than I thought you would. I don't regret my time with you. I miss those memories we made. I'm sorry that I can't be there for you right now. I want to be by your side while you grow but I can't. I want to comfort you when your mind hurts. I want to hold your had and listen to your weary voice. But you need to grow without me. I stressed so much over you. I let myself get to invested in you. I now have to let you go. I don't want to hold you back from college. Go out and get your degree. Pursue those dreams. Wherever you go to college whether it be here or out-of-state please remember me. You have made such an impact on my life. Sweet boy, you may have temporarily damaged me but I will recover. I have to let go of my claim on you. It is so difficult for me to do. That rose you made me. It currently sits at my best friends house because I couldn't get rid of it but I didn't want to look at it. Everytime I would look at it I would cry. Never failed. Everytime I see you it hurts so much. You have moved on so easliy yet I am hurting so much. I hate how you won't even look at me. I miss your eyes. I miss our deep conversations. I want to go back but both of us know we can't. You leave in a few months for college so I can't keep pouring myself into you. You wanted to be friends but that hurt me more. You still placed me on a pedestal, one that I could not live up to. You were searching for something in me that is not there. That quest only leads to you losing your head. Over and over again you told me not to worry about hurting you. But I don't care. I see what is best for you right now. You are blinded by this infatuation. You told me that I meant more to you than I should. But I don't believe you meant it. You were never willing to give up certain things for me. I have been so selfless for you. Please don't be this way with your future lover. I beg of you. Love her. You never really loved me at least not enough to meet me halfway. I truly forgive you and I always will. Goodbye, You. I tried so fucking hard to be nice and accepting of the rejection you pushed onto me out of nowhere only because I didn't wanna be added to the list of girls you shit talked butttt you still ended up fucking me over by initiating phone sex with all your friends listening onto the conversation I don't know why you'd go out of your way to embarass me to that extent if you liked or respected me even the slightest bit you would have just left me alone instead of exposing me to your friends in that manner I haven't done shit to you for you to be that fucking vile towards me I genuinely think there's gotta be something wrong with you and hope you get the mental help you need
Hey, kid. I've been thinking about things ever since Saturday. I've wanted to talk to you ever since then, and maybe it's still too early. If you need space or time, I respect that, but I felt like I had to say something. The best I could come up with is that we rushed into a relationship for different reasons without necessarily thinking about whether it was the best idea. I think we were both in a vulnerable place at the beginning of the semester, and we used each other as emotional crutches for the longest time. If I'm completely honest, I didn't want to date anyone at the time, but I convinced myself that it would somehow all work out. That's not to say that our feelings weren't legitimate or anything, and I really enjoyed the time we had together. That being said, we fucked up a lot along the way, and I think our unhappiness manifested itself in a lot of anger and eventually a lot of cheating. I'm really sorry that I hurt you over the last four months, because I truly do love you and think that you are an amazing person. I just don't think that we worked well together when we were sober. You are my best friend right now and will be for the foreseeable future, but I think that we're happier apart then we could be together. I still want to hang out with you sometimes, and since neither of us particularly like monogamy, I don't think we should go down that road any time soon. Our lives are going in very different directions, and it's irresponsible and cruel of me to try to hold you down any more. I want you to be happy, even if someone else makes you happy. That hurts, but that's life. I really want the best for you, Olivia, but I still want you to be in my life in some way. I meant it when I said that you are one of the best things that's ever happened to me, and my memories of our time together are about as bittersweet as it can get. I've cycled through relief, anger, and sadness throughout the last couple of days, and I probably will continue to for a while. This is starting to get really long, so all I wanna say is that I hope we can still be in each other's lives in some way. I still love you kid... but enough to let you be free. I want to get my head on straight, and I think I finally get what you meant by the need to actually feel your feelings. It hurts, but at least it's finally real.
it's been 2 months since we had any contact but I still think of you every day. I wish I could have a do over with you. but my head knows that we would never work. My heart wants to be in your arms again. feel your kiss again. I miss you so much. I miss hiking with you your silly jokes and your scent. the twinkle in your eyes and your voice... I want to hear your voice again. you didn't love me and I didn't think I did either but n ich vermisse die Zeit mit dir, Nick. jeder Tag mit dir hat mich zu einem besseren Menschen gemacht. ich weiß du tust es nicht mehr aber Ich werd dich immer lieben. I miss you so much. I found the map of the place we stayed in at Squaw Valley. Then I found the stones from the glacial in Iceland and that stupid driving map I tried to document our trip on. We had incredible adventures together. I miss you. The lack of your things reminds me of the deafening silence that has overcome me without you in my life. When my phone rings, I always hope that it is you. Our old relationship had its beauty and its ugliness. And it really had to die. And I can't be in that kind of relationship ever again. But there is a healthy relationship that I dream of, and I want to have that beautiful, whole kind of relationship with you. I hope God can show me how to be in one like that. I hope that you want a relationship like that with me. For the things that I have done, please forgive me. I also want you to know that I forgive you.

I love you very much.
warum kann ich dich nicht vergessen, geht aus meinem herzWhy can not I forget you, goes out of my heartObwohl ich seit einem Jahr in einer neuen Beziehung bin, und ich weiß das es bei dir genauso ist, muss ich oft an dich denken. Er kann dir nicht das Wasser reichen, er ist nicht halb so aufmerksam und liebevoll wie du es warst. Manchmal denke ich es war ein Fehler dich gehen zu lassen
cant wait for u to get dumpedYou were not worthy of my love. Thank God I'm so done with you.
stop clubbingno.
You were the first, I trusted you with my entire life. I told you everything, but you couldn't stand next to me and hold my hand when I needed it the most, you left me all alone in the dark. It has almost been a year and here I am.... still thinking about you and missing you and waiting for you to come back while you moved on and have another girlfriend. Fuck you. I still love you but you're an ass now. I hope your happy because I'm so much happier and healthier without you. bgb "Es war dumm und schwierig, kompliziert und anstrengend, auf eine solche Art zu lieben, aber es war wunderbar. Wunderbar war die dunkelschöne Traurigkeit dieser Liebe, ihre Narrheit und Hoffnungslosigkeit; schön waren diese gedankenvollen Nächte ohne Schlaf" Du hast es gebrochen. Nicht sinngemäß, nein. Mein Herz ist kaputt gegangen vor Schmerz - mein EKG als einfaches Beweißmittel dafür dass du es binnen kürzester Zeit zerberstet hast. Und trotzdem fürchte ich mich vor dem Tag an dem ich dir zufällig irgendwo alleine begegnen werde während du deine Frau und dein Kind an den Händen hältst. Und ich schäme mich dafür dass meine Gefühle selbst nach Jahren nicht verblassen. Ich hoffe du wirst nie so sehr verletzt.
God I hope you come on here some day. Ik this isn't about an ex persay, but I needed to get this off my chest. We've been "friends" for about half a year now. You know my family and my dad really likes you. We keep making pretty awkard eye contact every time we're together, and I don't know if that's because you're staring too. My friend really likes you and she thinks that you want to go out with her, and I don't know anymore. I hate the fact that I like you so much, because I feel like I'm betraying her. But I can't not like you. I can't not like your infectious smile and the way you brighten up a room. Your beautiful eyes and the way they light up when you figure something out. Your amazing sense of humor and your (albeit slightly strange sometimes) jokes. Do you know how amazing of a person you are? You are a gentleman, you are kind, and you are so so so thoughtful. You hold the door for anyone and everyone, you help everyone if they even look like they need the slightest amount of help, and you pick up random things that have fallen for me. You go out of your way to do the smallest nice things for me and a lot of other people. You always think about what you say and who you say it to, which is funny because I just always run my mouth off. You always show me things that you think are funny and you can cheer me up when I'm nervous or sad. I wish I could talk to you about this but I don't want to lose our friendship. It's funny how I would trust you with my life but I can't talk to you about this. Please can we both just say how we feel, and I'm praying that you feel the same as I do. it. Du warst die erste, die erste die ich wirklich geliebt habe, du hast mich zu einen anderen Menschen gemacht. Einen Menschen den ich heute liebe, ich habe mich verändert. Heute verstehe ich es, das Leute sagen, "Menschen prägen Menschen", du hast mich geprägt. Wir waren drei Jahre zusammen, wir hatten gute Zeiten, wir hatten Schlechte. Zum Schluss hatten wir uns getrennt... das zweite mal,wir hatten uns noch nicht vergeben. Heute ein paar Tage vor meiner Reise, was auch ein Grund war, denke ich immer öfter an dich und an unsrere Zeit. Ich habe dir alles verziehen, weil ich genauso scheiße gebaut habe, wir waren noch Jung! Heutzutage denke ich nur noch an unsere guten momente. Weißt du noch, unsere "Bubble"! Bald gehe ich nach Australien, ich frage mich immer wieder, was passiert wenn ich wieder zurück komme. Im inneren hoffe ich, das wir irgendwann wieder zu einander finden. Ich habe Angst davor, dich nie zu vergessen. Eigentlich habe ich eher Angst davor dich zu vergessen.
I hope he's taking care of how you should be taken care of.I still got your black shirt you gave me last time when I slept over. I also got you a stuffed animal, a turtle (because of our insider-jokes), when I was on holidays. I never gave it to you, because I knew, that giving things to you would be too much since we were never a couple but just "casually dating". I kind of knew. But I just like you so much you know? Do you even know what an awesome great person you are? I dont know what to do with that turtle. Its small and green. I gave it into a not-seethrough-plastic bag because I cant even look at it. It hurts. I am happy with my life and I have many friends and everything, I don't "need" you I just want you so much. I love your smile. I love your thoughtfullness. I love how you think, before you speak, when I am always doing exactly the opposite. I love that you are such a gentle, calm person. And on the other hand you have your music, your loud music. Which, unfortunally I never heard you play life. You are so fun. I love your jokes. I love all the insiderjokes we had. I loved our whatsapp-conversation. I know I said it before but I so much love your smile.  And no, you really dont need to worry about hairloss haha. Your hair is perfectly fine. You are such a beautiful person, inside out. Maybe I was too much. Too loud. Too giggly. Too stupid. Not kind enough, not good enough? I really do hope you are happy, because sometimes you seemed to be so sad. I also liked that kind of. Your sensitiveness. I liked everything about you actually. And I am dating SOOOO many men, i have been (loosly) dating 16+ guys in 2016 haha. But you were the only one I really liked. I don't like how you told me, that you don't see this going anywhere. Your writing was really cold. Like, as if you thought that I would be like a little child and begging you to come back and to be in a relationship with me. I dont want drama, I dont need it. If you think you cant have a relationship, I understand. And I would not want to be with someone, who isnt sure whether they even want to be with someone.     Maybe I am idealizing you since we only went on a couple of dates. Well, it werent even real dates, most times you just slept over at mine or vice versa. I dont know. I just know, that always when I looked at you I really really felt the strong need of you being happy. And I would have liked so much to be the one who made you happy. I don't think that I will fall in love with anyone else soon.  
i am over you, you piece of shit. Still, I wish i never even met you. have fun with your drugs, getting overdosed someday while i am graduating and making something out of my life. I wouldn't even be suprised to hear you died of overdosing, or being in jail for selling drugs in a few years. You are worthless.Du warst die erste große Liebe meines Lebens. Ich hab oft davon geträumt wie wir zwei zusammen alt werden. Es tut mir bis heute leid wie das ganze auseinander gegangen ist, und das ich dich verlassen hab als du es schwer hattest. Ich denke bis heute so oft an dich, und ich weiß nicht ob dir jemals jemand das Wasser reichen kann. Es gibt Tage an denen ich über dich hinweg bin, und mir denke es ist gut so wie es ist, aber dann gibt es wieder Tage an denen ich mir einfach nur wünsche das du mich in den Arm nimmst. Du warst der liebevollste Mensch den ich jemals gekannt habe, und obwohl jetzt schon zwei Jahre vergangen sind, bist du noch immer in meinem Kopf und meinem Herz. Niemand hat es geschafft besser zu sein als du, oder mich dazu zu bringen dich zu vergessen. Manchmal wünschte ich mir, es wäre vielleicht anders gekommen und wir hätten uns nicht so entwickelt wie wir es nun einmal haben. Aber manchmal hoffe ich tief in meinem Inneren, das wir uns vielleicht doch noch einmal über den Weg laufen. Ich habe nicht gelogen als ich gesagt habe dass du immer einen Platz in meinem Herzen haben wirst. Du hast ihn bis heute und niemand wird ihn dir jemals wegnehmen können. Ich hoffe du hasst mich nicht mehr. Ich möchte nur das du ein glückliches und erfühltes Leben führst. M <3 Du elendiger Pisser. Ich hoffe du verteckst an deinen Lügen!! Hauptsache niemals allein sein und immer den Lörres wegstecken können - omg! Einfach nur sowas von abartig. Und da die wünsche der Hexe immer in erfüllung gehen: ich wünsche mir, dass sie schwanger ist. Ich wünsche mir, dass du nie wieder glücklich wirst :-) ich hasse dich so so sehr!!!!!
Ich verstehe wirklich nicht, warum du ja zu mir sagen würdest, wenn du kein Interesse daran hättest, in einer Beziehung zu sein. Wenn du mir keine Liebe für mich gehabt hättest und niemals. Und die Entscheidung, die Dinge mit solch einer verdammten lahme Entschuldigung zu beenden, wie "ich brauche jemanden, der mich näher an Gott bringen kann" Hündin, wenn ich Gott wäre, würde ich nicht wollen, dass du meinen Namen sagst. Es ist nur so ein Witz, dass Sie wie Religion handeln, dass Sie tatsächlich etwas haben, was der Moral ähnelt, wenn wir beide wissen, wer das Kind ist, das absolut nichts dacht, wie man herumspielt und Spaß hat. Ich hoffe du fickst alleine, weil niemand sonst es verdient hat, durch das lieblose, emotionslose, gedankenlose Shitfest gelegt zu werden, das du mich durchgemacht hast. Mach die Welt einen Gefallen und verschwindet. Vielleicht bringt das euch Gott näher.Vi lovade varandra att aldrig ljuga, att aldrig lämna varandra i sticket.Hallo M. -- Ich wollt Dir noch sagen: Als ich dich letztes Jahr besser kennenlernte merkte ich, das Du was Besonderes bist. Voll Werte, Tugenden, Charakter, Ehrgefühl und gepflegte Umgangsformen, die heutzutage selten zu finden sind. Trotz deiner Unsicherheit, strahltest du Kraft und Ruhe aus. Ich werde nie verstehen, warum die auf diese Lügen von diesem Miststück hereingefallen bist und es zugelassen hast, das sie alles kaputtgemacht hat. Mein ganzer Ruf ist in München zerstört und damit alles was ich zwei Jahre lang aufgebaut hat und ihr seht nicht mal die Scherben, vor denen ihr heute deswegen selbst steht. Das ist das Schlimmste. Wir wären eine richtige Familie gewesen und hätten perfekt zusammengepasst. So wie jemanden wie Dich, werde ich wohl nie wieder finden.. weil ich dich liebe.. und solltest du jemals vor meiner Tür stehen um zu sagen, dass dir alles leid tut, so kriegst du von mir trotzdem links und rechts eine runter gehaun. S.
I hate myself for believing all your lies..Ich vermisse Dich einfach so sehr. Es ist jetzt schon fast 3 Jahre her und es wird einfach nicht leichter. In eine andere Stadt zu ziehen hat rein garnichts geholfen. Jeden Tag denke ich an dich und bin immer so kurz davor dir zu schreiben und mich wieder total lächerlich zu machen. Ich habe keine Ahnung wie du über uns denkst und es macht mich wahnsinnig nicht zu wissen wie du fühlst. Ich sehe jeden Tag deinen Youtube Kanal durch um durch die Musik die du hörst einen Einblick zu bekommen wie du dich vielleicht fühlen könntest. Wir haben so oft versucht einen Schlussstrich zu ziehen und egal was zwischen uns schief gelaufen ist, am Ende sind wir doch wieder gemeinsam nach Hause. Aber ich brauche einen Schlussstrich Du alte Sau...!!Wie sehr ich dich vermisse.... unbeschreiblich.
To 0928: You already chose the bitch, then why you come back to me when she left with all shit and dramas. You don't know how hard I can survive after u left. Now, you screw up my life again You're the most disgusting person I've ever met Alex. You fucked Roxana - she doesn't know anything about me - in Alpbach and Vienna. By now I know you guys met up in Vienna. You lied to me. wenn du nur wüsstest wie sehr es schmerzt.
I dont know what to do without you.. You were and still are the love of my life.Ich weiß inzwischen nicht mehr, ob ich dich überhaupt geliebt habe, oder ob ich einfach nur Mitleid hatte. Nach deiner unglaublich süßen Liebeserklärung konnte ich schließlich nicht nein sagen. Es war keine schlimme Zeit, wir haben uns ja eh nicht so oft gesehen, aber es hätte irgendwie besser sein können. Im Nachhinein schäme ich mich für einiges was in den 1,5 Jahren passiert ist. Ich wäre manchmal gerne weiter gegangen, aber das wären jetzt wahrscheinlich auch nur neue Punkte die ich bereuen würde. Ich habe einiges an Erfahrung gesammelt, mit der ich meine nächste Beziehung besser führen kann. Danke dafür. Ein Tipp an dich: Achte etwas mehr darauf ob dein Gegenüber gerade so begeistert von deinen Knutsch-Attacken ist, oder ob man grade seine Ruhe haben möchte. Ich habe in solchen Moment versucht dich zurückzuhalten, hab es aber auch nicht übers Herz gebracht es dir ins Gesicht zu sagen. Das tut mir auch irgendwie Leid. Ich hoffe bei dir läufts weiterhin gut und du findest eine sypathische neue Freundin, hoffentlich nicht irgend so eine Standard Schlampe wie dein Kumpel immer angeschleppt hat. Ich werde bestimmt auch wieder was finden. Wir sind ja schließlich noch jung. Das war auch einer der Gründe warum ich aus der Beziehung raus wollte. Ich bin noch jung. Ich habe noch so viel vor mir. Ich muss noch so viel ausprobieren. Das werde ich auch tun. Die ganzen Rosen und dass du immer für mich gezahlt hast, war auch ein bisschen übertrieben. Ich hab mich echt unwohl gefühlt, als du mir zu einen ganz normalen Treffen eine Rose geschenkt hast. Die zum Geburtstag und die zum Valentinstag waren ja verständlich, aber ich brauche keine Geschenke. Ich habe die zwei vorhin erwähnten Rosen übrigens immernoch getrocknet in meiner Vitrine stehen. Ich sollte sie wirklich mal entsorgen. Als wir in diesem Café waren und ich wirklich mit dir gekämpft habe um selbst bezahlen zu dürfen, warum hast du nicht gesehen, dass ich selbst zahlen will? Ich hole meinen Geldbeutel nicht zum Spaß raus und ich halte deine Hände auch nicht zum Spaß krampfhaft fest und sage dir auch nicht zum Spaß, dass ich zahlen will. Wenn du das tust, fühle ich mich nähmlich auch schlecht. Ich war danach echt sauer. Tja, es war ja eh unser letztes gemeinsames Essen. Meine beiden besten Freundinnen haben mir übrigens geholfen, die Schluss-mach-Nachricht zu formulieren. Dafür bin ich ihnen dankbar. Alleine hätte ich es nicht so schön hingebracht. Leider weiß ich nicht, wie es dir nach diesem wahrscheinlich schon etwas überraschendem Ende ging, aber ich hoffe, nicht zu schlecht. Eigentlich wollte ich gar nicht so viel schreiben, aber irgendwo hab ich dir schon noch viel zu sagen. Wenn wir uns das nächste mal sehen, hoffe ich, dass es nicht unglaublich peinlich und unangenehm wird. Wir sind ja wohl keine 12 mehr. Die ganze Beziehung war einfach unüberlegt. Ich hätte vermutlich noch ein Jahr warten sollen. Ich hoffe du lernst etwas aus unserer Beziehung. Keine Angst, ich hasse dich nicht oder so. Ich liebe dich nur nicht.thank you for cheating on me and then acting like it was okay. Also thank you for not acknowledge the fact that wee were together even though everyone else seemed to know it better than you did. also thank you for lying to me and ghoasting and mainly using me for sex. het was it did I also thank you for getting me pregnant than having no sympathy when i miss carried and then wanting to have sex with me again after the girl you cheated on me with broke up with you. I hope the relationship you are in now fails. also my boyfriend that I have now fucked me so much better and actually loves fingering me and eating me out. and know we aren't friends so stop calling me that too delete my number. and don't text me when you are bored and want to hang out with meaber für sowas hast du kein Verständnis.
Das Meth hat dir deine Seele geraubt.
You said it yourself - I made you feel wanted again and I helped you feel more secure after your ex. I also gave you fantastic head. Good luck finding better than me.Dear Karma, I have a list of people you missed.
Du bist so kaputt, dass es nicht zu übersehen ist. aber du willst es nicht wahr haben.
Unsere Freundschaft war mein Leben. Ich liebe dich, auch wenn du mich nicht mehr liebst. Ich habe damals jahrelang um uns gekämpft und gehofft, dass wir es nochmal miteinander versuchen können. Eines Tages gabst du mir diese Chance und mein Leben hatte wieder einen Sinn. Du warst mein Leben. Doch dann, vor einem halben Jahr, hast du meinen Freund kennengelernt, ihn lieben gelernt und er wollte dich ebenso. Meine glücklichste Beziehung zerbrach sowie die Freundschaft,die mein Leben ausmachte. Ich weiß, dass du das hier nie lesen wirst, aber es tut mir Leid, dass ich unsere Freundschaft nicht mehr ausgehalten habe. Du hast mich ignoriert und mich wie Dreck behandelt. Mir immer wieder Hoffnung geschenkt, nur um mich dann wieder zu verletzen. Du wusstest, dass ich es in meinem Leben sehr schwer habe und musstest noch eins oben draufsetzen und das, obwohl du meine beste Freundin warst. Wir kannten uns 7 Jahre. Du warst meine einzige Freundin. Die Liebe, sie hat die Freundschaft zerstört. Nur noch Augen für ihn hattest du. Mich hast du links liegen gelassen und vermutlich gedacht, ich würde dir sowieso wieder hinterher rennen, wie ich es all die Jahre tat. Aber nein... dieses Mal hast du es vollkommen kaputt gemacht. Und das werde ich dir nie verzeihen.You took so much from after we got together. I had our daughter without you. You've only seen her five times in almost six years. You feel so entitled over me. You bask in the struggles I endure while you live a life of happiness with your wife, NEW daughter, and family. To think I left my goals to want to help you with yours and you shit on me. You call yourself righteous? A man of good standing? And your wife need to be ashamed of herself for allowing you to be a father of six, seven, or more, and have no contact with ALL of your children. I guess that's what happens when you've been a single mom for so long that when a man comes into your life you care about nothing else; except that fact that he takes care of you and yours. Typical black female behavior (I don't care what religion background you are from). You sir, have lied to me, on me, about our daughter, who I was to you, what our daughter wasn't, etc. And yet I tried to build a bridge between you and her, despite my good judgement. As angry as it makes me when OUR daughter asks for you, I still make your trifling ass look decent to her because she doesn't deserve to hear how much of a shithole father she has. You may do all the good in the world for other people but you treat her like she doesn't exist. And believe me when I say that all children grow up. And when they grow up they will have questions. You blame me for YOU as a man for not being in her life. Bitch you don't even make a consistent effort to be in her life. We lived 30 minutes away from each other and you only saw her twice. Why? Cause I told you that I didn't want sex to be the reason that you come around. And you disappeared again. Every time I caught you in a lie I would become every nasty word known to man. And yet you have the gaul to have this persona that you're such a loving husband. I should have fulistened to you back in 2010. I should've taken my behind back home to regroup my life. I know you bask in the fact that me and your daughter are struggling and that's the part that hurts. However with each waking moment of our lives we will get stronger and better whether you like it or not. In all honesty I can't wait to file the papers to terminate your parental rights due to the fact that you don't use them. $25 fucking dollars for child support and your bitch ass had the nerve to say that you want out of your financial obligation. And I'm pretty sure the little miss is pregnant again just so OUR daughter won't even get that. You are truly a socio-pathic narcissist. A.M.B you truly are a asshole in my book and our daughter will find out the same as she gets older unfortunately. SMH
wir hätten es schaffen können, wenn du es nur gewollt hättest! aber jetzt ist es zu spät.
You taught me what love is. You taught me what missing someone really is. Everyday, I dream of a different world, where you and I lived in the same country.
ich bin kaputt, du bist kaputt.... keine Ahnung ob ich dich hasse, ob du mir leid tust oder sonst was... ich bin verwirrt, kann meine Gefühle nicht einordnen.
Sometimes, I still see things that I know you would love and would laugh it, but I have to remind myself you're not here anymore.
aber die Erinnerung an die zeit, bevor alles den Bach runter ging, sie schmerzt so unglaublich. Es zerreisst mich fast.
I never really wanted to make up with you. Guess I was just too young to say 'no' and felt kind of honored to be loved by a guy four years older than me... Surprisingly it lasted 3 years, anyway! I loved the feeling of having a good friend by my side more than I loved you. And your mother is just annoying.
was mir bleibt ist der Schmerz und die ständige frage nach dem warum....WARUM???
I hope that you will find someone who loves you as much as you loved me. I hope that you will find someone who loves you as much as I loved you.
You got into a relationship with someone you said you never would. Sadest thing is you got together with her only 2 weeks after we broke up. Fucking piece of shitmein neuer Freund kann dir nicht mal ansatzweise das Wasser reichen. Ich habe uns immer irgendwann zusammen leben sehen wenn wir alt sind, umso mehr hat es mich getroffen als diese Vision zerbrochen ist. Jetzt habe ich jemand neuen gefunden, aber es fühlt sich nicht ansatzweise so magisch an wie es mit dir immer war. Ich denke oft an dich, und ich hoffe ich hör irgendwann wieder von dir.
去死吧烂家伙I Hate you!
I know that it has been over a year, but how could you get my friend pregnant and never tell me....things could be so different right now. You've ruined both of our lives. Please stop texting and calling me still. You treat me like a side piece when you claim you and the babymama arent even together. I know she wants a family with you. Go be a man and fulfill your duty of being the great Dad that I knew you would always be some day. You have made your bed now lay in it. Please get out of my life. I wish you truly knew how much I cry and hate myself for the time I still dedicate to you, and only get let down time after time. Im seriously done with you. Deine Oma will übrigens mich lieber als Enkelkind haben, meinte sie. Aber sie war echt lieb zu meinem Geburtstag... hatte sie nicht deinen vergessen?
I tried so hard to be nice and accepting of the rejection you put onto me out of nowhere all because I didn't Ich habe erst jetzt, über ein Jahr später, realisiert was für ein kranker Mensch du bist.
You tried to rape me and denied it
I hate you for being a halfass father to our son. Divorcing you was the best decision I've ever made. GET IT GIRL!
i miss you but I will never go backWhy?so true
thanks for the traumatic experience for having to mother you you spoilt wimp
Thank you for every single ounce of hurt and suffering you subjected me to during our relationship. I no longer despise you. You opened my eyes to everything I don't want in a spouse or for our daughter when she reaches dating age. Because of you, I now have a deep appreciation for the amazing man I love now. Hopefully, as you continue to find yourself, regret won't haunt you. I wish I had never given you another chance. What was I thinking? That maybe you actually changed?
I always thought the decorations you bought were pretty ugly.I miss you so much and you're not even physically gone yet. you haven't moved but you apparently have moved on from me even tho you say you feel the same way about me that I do about you. I love you. I never got the chance to tell you to your face, but I always thought it when I was around you. I adore you. i love your smile, laugh, voice and everything about you. I miss you. I love you. Please come back at one point. Please text me. Please. I love you so much. Please don't leave my life
The only things that were pretty about you were your face and your lies.you meant so much to me at one point and now you're just a jackass
I hate you for always bringing out the worst in me.You. I can never get you off my mind and sometimes it drives me crazy because I know that what we had, what we have, isn't gonna go anywhere, at least not anytime soon since you're moving. I feel like I'm contradicting myself in some way. I say that I love you and miss you but....I kissed another guy yesterday. In a way it's a good thing, right? You told me to move on, not think about you or dwell on our situation. So that's what is happening right now I guess. Is this me moving on? If it is, it's not good. Because this guy is gonna be gone soon too. He joined the army. I don't know him all that well either so I don't know if I really want to stick out the wait for him to come back. This is what you do to me. You tell me to not dwell on things, to move on, that I'll find someone better than you and what happens? I cross paths with someone but my mind still goes back to you and the person I found is gonna leave too. I want to be happy. I want to be with you. I want the impossible it seems...I truly wish we never met I see nothing positive from my time with you. Who knows why we met? I would rather be forced to skinny dip in the North Atlantic at gun point than have to see you again with those gargoyles you have for step kids.
We actually had a nice, normal conversation Sunday. Why did you suddenly ghost me? You wanted to be friends. You seemed to happy to hear from me. You kept the conversation going. I didn't beg you to take me back or guilt you for ending things. We just chatted about my trip to NYC, and your job. It all seemed normal, then you just suddenly cut it off? You were the one bringing up vaguely sexual comments when we texted. Why are you so scared of everything?! I want to keep you in my life. I value your advice and opinions. I get it that we can't be together. Mostly because you run away all the time. Because you push me away all the time! I'm just dumb to keep trying to reach out. Now I need to stop and understand that if you really cared, you might put your bullshit aside and actually try to stay in touch. But you don't and I need to start seeing your actions for what they really are. I'm sorry I hurt you the day you found out about your friend. I was immature and I should have held out longer. We already discussed how neglected I felt at that point, but it doesn't excuse my selfish behavior. But damn...why can't we still talk? We can take our friendship slowly...but you need to stop running and I need to stop running after. hey, it's been like four years.I never moved on, i just became sort of vacant, I've been floating around for a long time now i'm ghosting my life. I think about you all the time, like everyday, when i do think about you i'm not mad or upset about what happened but I'm happy, you're the single greatest person i ever met, you live such an extrodinary life with extrodinary people.I want to say thankyou for guiding me, helping me, supporting me and reaching out to me when i was drowning you got me to where i am today you put me on that striaght and narrow into a career and into a life, i was nothing before i met you i was barely a person, we both know that i was close to becoming less than that, but you really saved me. you saved me theres nothing in this world i wouldn't do to repay you for that. I'm glad he makes you happy and I hope he makes you happy ever day. you were my best friend. thankyou! keep it real kid, to the moon and back. :)
I loved you with everything I had. I stood by you after your mom died, and again a year later after your grandmother died. I was there when you fell into depression. I was there and I loved you through all of it. And you couldn't even fucking pick me up from the airport after I had been away for 3 months?! I am so angry at you, but I'll never tell you. Because I still love you. And I always will. You were my first love. It's a cruel fate to love someone with every fiber of your being without getting anything in return. Of all the things I would do for you, you would never do the same for me. And that fucking hurts. So, as Ed Sheeran so beautifully phrased: farewell, and before I'll save someone else, I've got to save myself. you completely destroyed me. because of you I can't open up.you treated me like I was a possession. you really are the epitomy of an awful person. I hate you. I wish I never met you--never accepted that friend request.
S., It's been over a year since we broke. Not broke up...just broke. I remember why but I regret my decision so, so much. I know you're not sure about what love is (anymore?) and I don't know if anybody ever is. But as far as I am concerned..."I love you" are the only words to decribe what I feel when I think of you. My heart's jumping when I see you (fortunately (?) that has not happened in a while...moving as a far away from you as I could has obviously had an effect) but I am trying so hard to let go. It's just...very hard. Last night you appeared in my dreams again...just glancing at me over a busy street. Even in my dream I realized that this will never happen again. I woke up, crying. I just hope you're fine and do not regret our decision.
Discloser - I've said I'll never had kids since I was 16 years old. But last year I dated someone for a year, he set the standard for love. I've never loved someone so deeply, and it's been 4 months since the breakup, and I still can't say that I'm over him. Our breakup was 100% mutual that we both still cared for each other, but we both just want different things right now. He's in bro mode to just be with his buddies and do whatever he wants without being tied down to someone - which on one hand I absolutely get. But on the other - I never once got mad when he'd hang out with his friends or go on trips or do whatever he wanted really. I knew his friend relationships were important so I made sure to always let those be important for him. But somewhere along the year he stopped being that guy I started dating. He stopped being that guy that told me he loved me. And even though our breakup was mutual (I got to his apartment, sat down to talk and just said "this isn't working" and he agreed) part of me really wishes he had fought more for me. But he didn't and I can't change that. The hardest part of a breakup for me at least, isn't the actual breakup, it's when you both say what you need to, and then part ways. The realization that you won't see them anymore. That he won't be part of my life anymore. He won't be the person I just call randomly anymore to see how his day is going. And even 4 months later, it still bothers me. I'll wrap this up. But my biggest thing about my ex.....I loved him so much. And I still love him so dearly. Yes it was only a year of dating, and I understand that maybe it wasn't long enough to have afuture. But I saw an entire future with him, and at one point he did too. I said I'd never have kids, but with him, I saw us being parents and having a kid or two and him being an amazing dad. I sound like an idiot. nbd. but at least I can put this here. and not there. Because I'd love to tell him all of this and how hard it's been without him, but I can't. Because he won't care, and that almost hurts more. But until further notice, my heart is still broken. You-re the fucking PATRIARCHY
i still miss you so damn much that it's embarrassing. they same time heals all wound but it's been four years, and i still cannot let you go.YOU ARE A SLOBBY PIECE OF SHIT AND I FUCKING HATE YOU. DOESNT MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE OR HOW SMART YOU ARE. YOU ARE A PIECEO OF FUKCING SHIT.
I hate myself for breaking with up and hate that I got to know you in the the wrong time frame of our lives. If it weren't for the prospect of us having been torn apart by thousands of kilometers for two years straight which 20 year old me couldn't handle, I swear we would still be together, the happiest couple to have ever been. I love you, I never stopped loving you. I was just too immature to admit it and pushed my feelings aside and told myself to be angry at you, just to try to forget you/get over you. Three years later, I miss you and hate that I won't ever be able to get back with you. You are the most beautiful woman I've ever met, the kindest person I know, I adore you for the way you are with the perfect personality. I hope you are happy with your boyfriend (who by the way is so fucking hot).. Love you, forever and always
Life is actually so complicated and I don't understand why. Things are never easy when it comes to love, or at least not with me. I just don't get it. Why it has to be so difficult ?? I have never felt something this strong for someone and I thought that everything will be okay because you are perfect and I feel so good with you. But apparently, life decided it would be different. I'm just so sad I'm not the one you want to be with. I don't even hate you because you didn't really choose. I just wish this kind of thing wouldn't exist. It would be so much easier that way. But thanks for loving me, for making me feel special, for showing me what it is to be really loved. I will never forget that. I will never forget you. I will always love you.
This is unbearable
Dear R, I know, you are just not that into me. I won't let you know that I still love you and I miss you, no matter who you are and how you treated me, and I won't beg you to come back to me. Thanks for being cruel to me rather than pretending a good guy so that my heart is only broken for one time but not more. You always wanna look for a perfect girl while I only look for a person who loves me enough. I know I will find that person ealier than you do. You let me understand in an other way love is unconditional and when you voluntarily put the person on his mind. The lesson is bitter but one day it will become a blessing. Take care. All the best. Love, T.This feels like it's written towards me. If it is you, I am sorry. I did not mean to be cruel.
I just want to say I'm sorry.
I know you hate me but I just want to know what app you use to tune your ukelele
te extraño
I think you're special
Sorry me, Sam. Jasp.
Dein Handschlag ist so als ob man einem toten Fisch angreift.. Solltest du als "big business man" vielleicht wissen!
Just want you to know, after 2 years of self harming, I'm happy now! So fuck you!Good for you :)
Best fuck I ever had - and 'normal' is not enough
Shit. Wieso ist das so schwer? Ich will das richtige tun, jetzt wo wir nach allem endlich sowas ähnliches wie Freunde sind. Aber ich bin auch nur ein Mensch und ich werde feucht, wenn du mir wieder ins Gedächtnis rufst, was und wie wir es damals wo getrieben haben. Gerade eben habe ich dir gesagt, dass du das lassen sollst, dass du deine Freundin liebst und sie dich und du mich nicht. Aber am liebsten würde ich jetzt sofort mit dir ficken. Gut, dass du so weit weg bist und gut, dass du nicht weißt, dass ich so schwach bin.
I still love you.
Why do you still have me fucked upI feel ya
Nach 10 Monaten in denen ich alles getan habe damit es dir gut geht. In denen ich so vieles Aufgegeben habe um bei dir zu sein. In Kauf genommen habe das du einfach nicht so viel für mich da sein kannst wie ich für dich, weil deine Probleme eben größer sind. Ich hatte schon das Bild vor mir wir beide mit Kind und so. Es hat sich perfekt angefühlt, bis zur letzten Nacht. Diese letzte Nacht hab weder ich noch du verdient. Ich hab es nicht verdient das du mich in den glauben lässt das ich Schuld sei an deinem Schmerz. Das bin ich nicht! Ich liebe dich. Und ich habe zumindest lange gespürt das du mich auch liebst. Und ich werde dich immer liebenDass du sieben Jahre Freundschaft aufgegeben hast für einen Typen den du einen Monat kennst werde ich dir nie verzeihen. Ich habe jahrelang alles für dich getan und dir geholfen, wo ich konnte. Du hast dich in ihn verliebt weil er dir einen Lebensstandard bietet den du selbst nie erreicht hättest, den mir meine Familie bieten kann. Neid macht übrigens hässlich. Ich habe dir immer etwas abgegeben, oft für dich bezahlt und dir all meine Sachen geliehen. Dass du nun im Nachhinein über mich und meine Familie ablästerst, nach allem was wir für dich getan und dir geschenkt haben ist ein Armutszeugnis. Ich hoffe sein Geld macht dich glücklich, denn Liebe ist das nicht. Leb' wohl "beste Freundin".
Jag fattar inte ens att varför jag har varit ihop med dig! Du är ful, tjock och du var otrogen mot mig! Jag kunde ha fått någon annan som är mycket bättre än dig! Du var inget annat än en asshole! Nu har mitt liv blibit mycket bättre utan dig! Lycka till med din nya Thai-tjejen! Har hört att hon kan knäppt prata svenska, sånna gillar du. De kan inte prata tillbaka eller säga emot dig, då känner du dig bättre eftersom du är den dummaste jag har varit tillsammans med.
everything will be okay.
Wenn Du ein Punk bist, bin ich die Königin von England!
I don't want to lose you. When we first met, my first reaction was that I was so lucky to have someone so attractive interested in me. Later on, however, we kept dating, sharing a little about each other. You had a deeper, more challenging background than I ever could have imagined. Yet, you remained cheerful, optimistic, ambitious. You showed me a vivaciousness, charm, and drive, coupled by a humility and naivete that I had not seen elsewhere. And that drew me to you. By the time we started dating, I was just looking for something temporary. I was moving in six months after all. But we gave it a shot. You gave me your love. You made me food, supported me when I was unsure about myself, bounced ideas off of me, and made silly jokes. And, somehow, I found myself letting you into my life more than I'd ever thought. I introduced you to my hobbies, we traveled, I introduced you to my parents. Then I moved. But you moved with me. I was not expecting this. I had my doubts about you. You were simpler than me, more taciturn than me, less goal-oriented and more relationship-driven than me, and frankly, less worldly and intelligent than me. Part of me felt that you weren't the right one for me. You left eventually, later than you had planned. I eagerly started looking for other people to see what else I liked. But you came back. You had found a new job, a new project, and came back more mature than when we first met. We applied to graduate schools together. We supported each other as partners, as equals. Still, however, you were more flippant with your future than I. At the same time you wanted commitment. I wasn't sure. Your background is too different from mine. You want children, and you want them earlier than I do, if I even want them. No matter, because you left. But then you came back. And we traveled together. And then you stayed home, and I came back to where my work was. And this time it was different. By now, we'd been to over ten cities across four different countries. By now we'd been together a year, managing to do long distance through half of them. By now, you had been the person with whom I'd been the longest By now, we'd discussed how we'd want to raise our theoretical children, what types of careers we'd want to pursue, our love for traveling and social impact, and our need for exploration. I realized that in many ways we were more similar than we were different. But fundamentally I felt there was still something missing. Or maybe I was being my hesitant self. So I came back, we discussed becoming more serious or ending it there and then, and I chose to end it there and then. I've slept around since then, talked to other girls since then. And though it's only been two months, I've come to realize that though you weren't my ideal, you are pretty damn close. And I cry often, thinking about you. I am not sure if I love you or not, and I am truly sorry about that, but I do know that every day, I miss your hugs, I miss your smile, I miss your laughs and your stupid repetitive jokes that somehow became more and more endearing. I miss how you would support me when I was down while at the same time giving me real talk in terms of the weaknesses I had to address. I miss how willing you were to travel and explore new places and activities with me, even though I was a bit more adventurous than you. I miss your courage, the way you care for others and engage in discussions with strangers at the drop of a dime. I miss your happy go lucky attitude. You repeatedly warned me I had to take myself less seriously, and stop being so indecisive. When we broke up, you told me that that would be my downfall. That you would be more successful than me exactly because you always think of the possibilities and I think of the risks. I thought you were naive, but that is what I loved about you. And now, I think maybe you're right, because despite the fact that you yourself said I was better than you in many ways, you also knew your confidence and ambition would let you climb faster than me. And now, we both got into the same graduate school. This is the best choice for you, but career-wise I don't know if it's the best choice for me. I was so set to move forward and start a new life in a new place, but now I don't know, because for some reason life keeps bringing us together. And each time, you've made greater leaps and bounds than me. I think my best choice is somewhere different from you. But I know that if I go somewhere else, this may be the last time I will get to see you. At this rate, you will become too good for me. You've already started to realize that. You will find a better man than me, and you will marry him. And, I'm scared that if I keep searching for my 100%, career-wise or relationship-wise, I will gain neither, and lose my chance at being with my 95%. I am really scared at this prospect. And as you said, while you see opportunities - All the great guys out there - I've looked at some of the opportunities, and I realize that the best opportunity may be you. And if I don't commit now, I may lose that. But as you say, who knows? After all, we were only each others' first love. Either way, thank you. Thank you for trying to teach me to be happy with myself more, to be more comfortable with uncertainty, and above all, thank you for teaching me what true, unconditional love is through your actions and your selfless attitude towards me and others. Thank you for being my inspiration to both work harder and to loosen up. Thank you for coming into my life, and supporting me through the downs. And I am sorry I maybe couldn't have done the same for you. I do hope that the new experiences I gave you will stay with you forever. And I hope that, whether I end up staying in the city, meaning that we get back together, or I end up going somewhere else, it turns out to be the best choice. And I Hope that if I do move, there is a chance of an "us" in the future. Because I don't know where I'd be without that hope. I think, after all, I do love you, but maybe not as much as you loved me. And I am sorry that that may not be what you deserve... And I worry that because of that, it won't be enough for us to be together, and you'll be the one who got away.Te extraño. Me gustaría que me hablaras, me compartieras un poco de tu vida, tus proyectos, tu día a día
I wish I could forget you as easily as you forgotten me. As a cold-hearted and dark person you were, I looked passed your flaws and was the happy and optimistic side to your depression. You could never appreciate the love of mine or from others. Although you might never be thankful, I hope can appreciate every damn cent I spent on you for what you're able to wear every day and for saving your life when I stayed a few days extra to take care of you when in the end, I took you to the ER and you needed surgery then and there to ease your pain. For all the unfulfilled future things we wanted together, for all the things you wanted to give and have with me, to the young love that once existed. I really just want to move on and not have to care about you anymore as hard as it is. I know this is probably the best decision for your life, and I'm trying to accept it. I know I deserve so much more than you could have ever given me, but it just sucks when I wanted you to be the one, for everything we had shared together. For a song that we both liked when we were young before actually realizing the lyrics four years later today, "people change, and they move on, that's how it goes." Through all the emotions I still feel for you after almost four years together, I sincerely hope you can one day find your own happiness and never let that person feel as unimportant as I did. Holy shit this is too real. I am so sorry for this experience.
stop being a fucking psychopath and texting my friends. i've blocked you but i can't seem to fucking get you out of my life. Please. Go. Away.
You used me. You knew I'd do anything for you. You knew you'd made me smile when you smiled at me. Fuck, you even knew which tone to use when you wanted something from me. I hope you one day feel what I felt when I found out you were just using me as a fucking servant.
u weren't good in bed stop telling my friends "you can give them a good fuck"
warum kann ich dich nicht vergessen, geht aus meinem herz
cant wait for u to get dumped
stop clubbing
You were the first I trusted you in my entire life. I told you everything. But you couldn't stand next to me and hold my hand when I needed it the most, you left me all alone in the dark. It has almost been a year and here I am.... still thinking about you and missing you and waiting for you to come back while you moved on and have another girlfriend. Fuck you.
i still dont get why and i still cant talk to you without my facade breaking downRight? What the fuck is that?
Du wusstest dass du ein Junkie und somit krank bist, hättest du mich wirklich geliebt hättest du h gehen lassen müssen! Ich war erst 15 & du hättest es besser wissen müssen! Ich leide noch immer wegen dem Liebeskummer, ich liebe dich nicht mehr aber ich kann dich nicht vergesseni feel you.
God, may i know where he is? i'd sail across the sea, fly over the islands, walk on every inch of land just to be with him. without him, the world feels empty and all of a sudden life simply become meaningless. my love, please take me back.
Ich wünsche Dir viel Spass in Berlin und beim Fisten und ich hoffe eines Tages wirst Du Deine Goldwaage und Deine Eifersucht bereuen und feststellen, dass keiner mehr soviel in ein selbstverliebtes Arschloch investiert wie ich in den 1,5 Jahren. Ich bin nur froh dass wir es vor dem Umzug festgestellt haben. FF well.
I really believed it'd work out. We had such a good time. You were the first person I really trusted in every way. You weren't only my lover, you were my best friend for four years. It hurts, that you left me that way. I would have done everything to save our love. It hurts, that you don't seem to think of me anymore. It hurts, that I feel ashamed for being attracted to other men. Why did you do that? Still: I thank you for the time we had. It was special to me.<-- oh darling, this is so sad and yet so relatable. Chin up! Everything will be okay even if you cannot imagine right now. Thank you very much for your kind words <3late saturday night with a glass of wine mood; we're still here though, so the best of luck to you
You know, you really broke me. Do you even know, that you were the first boy i ever fell in love with? My first love ever. We didnt date for a long time but honestly... those 3 months felt like forever. Back then i never saw how little you cared about me. You never told me i looked pretty. You never texted me, you never made me a gift. I am not asking for material things, but idgi how i never saw how little effort you put in us. in me. in the damn relationship. I regret you so much. Really i just hate you right now. You with your weed and your drug-friends. You made me do such bad things because you were the bad influence my parents warned me about. But i didnt't listend to them because of you freaking son of a bitch. I hope you get whatever you deserve. Stop breaking young girls heart. If i had a time machine, i would go back and just block you before we ever went on that stupid movie where we first kissed. I never needed you and all you did was made me suffer. Made me drunk. Made me lose my virginity. fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. You little pothead. fuck yourself. i hate you. go to hell. Ya no me pasa lo de antes, no me duermo todas las noches soñando y sintiendo que te abrazo o que me abrazas, que nos unimos, nos fundimos en y con la energía del otro. Ya no te busco en todos lados, ni te encuentro en todos lados. Ya no le cuento a la gente de vos, ni te stalkeo (salvo de vez en cuando), ni nos imagino juntos, ni le pido (tanto) al Universo que me hables y me digas algo lindo y especial. Ya no revivo los recuerdos a cada rato, no te veo como el hombre más perfecto, ni más inteligente, ni más capo, ni más canchero del planeta. Ya pasó el tiempo, ya sentí demasiado, ya me aburrí, ya la viví muchas veces, ya estoy de vuelta, ya me despegué, ya sentí otras cosas increíbles por otras personas, que me hicieron descubrir un tipo de atracción nuevo, diferente, necesario para descubrirme y redescubrirme como mujer. Ya no creo que seas vos. Pero igual sí hay algo en vos, hay algo en mí, hay algo en nosotros, y eso lo extraño. Extraño que hablemos, que confiemos, que nos acompañemos, que estemos. Extraño ser parte de tu vida y que seas parte de la mía. Extraño nuestras charlas. Si pudiese pedir algo sería reestablecer el vínculo, encararlo desde un nuevo lugar, desde ahora pero sin dejar de lado todo eso hermoso y doloroso pero más hermoso que doloroso que alguna vez nos pasó. No perdamos esta energía, no nos durmamos en los laureles, en el orgullo ni en el tiempo. Podemos llevar esto a un estado mucho mejor para los dos, quiero que compartamos cosas, que charlemos, que nos riamos, nos divertamos. Que tengamos códigos, que estemos al tanto, que estemos. Saber que estás, que sepas que estoy, que más allá de todo nos tenemos. Porque como te dije alguna vez: quiero seguir hablando con vos hasta que tenga 100 años. Y para eso falta un montón pero hoy no hablamos, y no me animo a decírtelo, a hacer algo, a demostrarlo, y por eso dejo esto acá. Te quiero y te agradezco siempre. <3
You were my life. I loved you more than my life.
you realise, that i was prettier than all your ex's right? And i treated you better than all of your ex's, but you still dumped ME lol. fuck yourself.
schade, dass ich mehr Eier in der Hose besitze als du. Dass ich über meine alten Beziehungen hinweg bin und eine
neue mit dir eingegangen wäre.
Ich persönlich glaube ja, dass dein Penis echt klein ist und somit auch dein Ego. Du hast einfach keinen Mut und
bist auch kein richtiger Mann. Ein richtiger Mann hätte es versucht! Er hätte zu seinen Gefühlen gestanden und nicht
kurz vor knapp den Schwanz eingezogen. Du bist erbärmlich, bleib am Besten alleine, denn so tust du niemandem
mehr weh. Du machst keiner mehr Hoffnung, betitelst sie als "das Beste" um ihr dann zu sagen, oh sorry es gibt zu viele
"Aehnlichkeiten". Du kannstest die Gemeinsamkeiten, du wusstest worauf du dich einlässt aber das was du getan hast
war einfach nur feige. Im Gegensatz zu dir bin ich stark, ich weiß was ich will und ich stehe mit beiden Beinen fest
im Leben.
So viele es tut mir Leid, ich sag dir mal was: tu erst gar nichts, was dir Leid tun könnte. So geht man mit einer Frau nicht
um! Was denkst du eigentlich wer du bist, dass du mich so behandeln kannst? Ich wäre das Beste für dich gewesen
wir hätten so viel erreichen können uns aufbauen können, wenn du nicht ein emotionaler Krüppel wärst.
Ankommen willst du, wirst du mit dieser miserablen Einstellung aber nie.
Dein Hund war noch das süßeste an dir!! Selbst, dass du so heiß bist, hat deine Charakterschwäche nicht hinweg
geholfen. Du bist der Wackelpudding und ich die steife Sahne! Ich hoffe es wird dir irgendwann so richtig Leid tun, das
"Beste" gehen gelassen zu haben. Leck mich doch, aaah halt nein das geht ja nicht, weil du ein Schlappschwanz bist!

I've done a really good job at pretending that you don't exist for a decade. Now that you're ready to have me back in your life, I'm not sure how to react. The 14 year old in me is so giddy that after all of these years, I'm finally getting what I thought I had fucked up so long ago. The 24 year old in me is emotionally unavailable, nervous about your intentions, and doing just fine without you. There is no reason for you to have waited so long. I want more than anything for this to have a happy ending, but knowing you, I know better now. I miss you - the old you - but I'm not sure if you realize that I'm no longer the child that fell so hard for you all those years ago. Quit playing those silly games and act your age.
I am not yet capable of love. I am not yet ready to be the loving party- I can only receive love. I had to move on to put my shit together. I even cheated on you you poor thing. I told you that other thing to make you think of me with as low esteem as possible, and you don't know how happy- or in a kind of illegitimate way redeemed- when I found out you had a girlfriend. You grumpy stubborn beautiful soul. Wish we oculd be friends but that's not going to work.
Oh my god you are not my ex yet but in my mind you are. This is so fucking horrible. You don't even know. I knew from the start we should have never started dating, how the hell did it get as serious as right now. God please help me for I have fucked up yet again, and I've written this one and the one above as well.
i miss the conversations that drove us late into the night. they filled me with purpose and the resolve to move towards it. it's just so sad that as time went on, the waves went out of sync and we stopped building each other up and started crashing, and crashing, and crashing and i just had to take a break from it all but i went too far out. there isn't anything to go back to. now it's just me, staying in the same place like your parents tell you to when you get lost, grasping at the wind in hope that i might grab hold of some grain that'll take me back, but there's nothing. whatever was left is lost to time. maybe you've found someone new already, and you two are just vibin' and having a good time. maybe i should let the wind take ahold, let myself get caught up in the breeze and have it invigorate me with new energy as it takes me wherever it goes. maybe i'll find myself with someone i can put as much in as i did for you. hope you're doing well. p
There´s the thing about opportunities you never got to explore - you will never know, what the result would have looked like. That´s why you never get them out of your mind. I will never know if we would have worked as a couple, or if we at least would have made good friends. I asked you time and time again how you see me, what I was for you. And time and time again I did not get a straight answer. There was always a "give me time", but never a straight "yes" or "no". I told you many times that I could handle the "no" and be only a friend, but you always kept dangling a carrot in front me by sending those ambiguous texts or saying flirtatious things. Now it´s nearly a week since our last contact and I have to tell you that you a coward. You do not even have the guts to tell me to fuck off. And I am angry - more with myself than with you - that it bothers me - that you bother me and that I can´t get you out of my head since 3 years. You do the same thing all the time - and as soon as I start to forget about you and I start to be myself again - "bling" - there is a new message from you. Stop doing that, stop playing with my heart and be honest with yourself. You do not want me, but you need the attention. Go, get that from any other girl, but stop fooling with me. I can´t stand that any longer. For me this is it - the last text you will never get. I need to feel like myself again and I need to get the chance to give my heart to someone, who really wants it and who deserves it!!
Im sorry i was tryin to make you do someting you didnt want. there is no excuse for that. But im also happy, that you stopped pushing me to do things i was didnt want to do. We both fucked up, badly. Im just happy we are not together anymore. I came out of a serious long term relationship, and needed somebody that hugs me when i was scared. and you never have been in any relationship before. we were just 17. I wanted physical things, you did not whant to give, and i was okay with that, at some point. You wanted some real love, that i had, but not for you. My heart was broken, but it steal beat for her. Im sorry. But please leave my fiance alone now. She always cries when you write her, even when you dont mean it personaly. She forbid me to contact you, she wants to handle it herself. But she cant. She cries, because it reminds her of our breakup, and that i searched for a bandaid in you. I was wong. You were there. I tried to fix my wounds with you, and that was not fair. i wish you never had to be involved. but i wanted you. and i really really really liked you. But i dont know why.I wanted to eat out your pussy before I cheated on your
When we first met, I thought you were interesting and could teach me a thing or two about your culture and working experience. I have just stopped trying online dating, because I hated the feeling of meeting someone for the first time and you two are immediately on a date. With you it was very chill and mostly built on spontaneity and last-minute urges to watch a movie, grab dinner or even just coffee. But I have always known it was not going to work out. You know those gut feelings that you get on your first date with someone? So far, they have been pretty damn accurate. When you mentioned that you friends and family would never accept me because of our cultural differences, how come it never occurred to you that I also have a family who cares deeply about me? Wouldn't they be concerned if I were with someone who wouldn't give me a fighting chance? I have been optimistic and open minded about interracial relationships, but I'm not open minded about being with someone who wouldn't fight for me. Perhaps that is not fair for you in the sense that you were only expressing your concerns, but relationships are not fair anyway. Great love is not built by passive people who wait for other people to shape their lives, you fucking go out and grab it when it comes around. In the end, my practical and selfish side of me just told me that maybe you just don't feel the same way that I still feel for you.
You were my first love and I will always love you. But how could you move on so easily. I really thought you loved me just as much as I loved you. I just don’t understand how you managed to replace me within three weeks after we broke up. Are you really that afraid of being alone? That’s really sad. The fact that you cut me out of your life completely is so hard to process. I honestly think it will take me years to get over you. Don’t understand how you could hurt me like this after everything I have done for you. I stood by your side for three years and I was fully committed to you. Hope that one day you will be stable enough to be on your own. Instead of constantly jumping into new relationships just out of fear of being alone.
I just want to tell you I'm not angry at you for leaving even though I was by your side every day through hell for over a year watching your dad die. Then he passed and you stuck it out 3 more months only to tell me you just want to be alone. I want you to be happy regardless of if it's with me even though I will never be the same again. I miss my best friend. I miss my lover. I miss my everything and watching you slowly change and isolate yourself as your dad got worse is probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I just want you back, but healthier and happy to be yourself again. I want that for you even if it's not with me. I tried everything when we were together, would move the heavens for you. I wish that had been enough.
I miss you so much. So much that I went to a perfumery to spray a bit of your perfume on a paper so that I can have your smell with me anytime I want, so that I can still fall asleep with your smell near me. I will do everything for you but it doesn't seem enough sadly... However it feels so right to be with you.
Did you really think you could ruin my Valentines Day (with my new partner who actually respects me) by sending that pathetic suicide note? Did you think that this was the only way I would talk to you? Fuck you and your lies. I will never let you weaponize your depression like that against me, not again. Never again. We both know that if you wanted to die, you'd be dead. Also, your "last words" were super trite and boring. They were probably song lyrics, huh? I won't look them up. You don't deserve even one more second in my thoughts. Also! Fuck you for "coming out" as trans to me and then telling me that you needed to talk to me because your family had kicked you out. I know you're living with your parents, and that they love you unconditionally. You tried to use that to guilt me into talking to you again, you manufactured drama where it didn't exist, when there are REAL TRANS KIDS being disowned by their parents every day. You have a trans cousin idiot! Your family accepts trans people! I know they accepted you! Are you even trans, or did you just lie to me again to try and get my sympathy? I don't want to know! FUCK YOU. Fuck you. You're not as special or unique as you think you are. You're just a man-child who refuses to take responsibility, someone who is SO bent on controlling their partner that they would LIE and SELF-HARM for attention. You need to switch your therapist and get some real fucking help. Also, when you gave me back all your stuff, you gave me your diary too. I don't know why. Probably another attempt at manipulation. Anyways, I wanted to let you know, I didn't read it. I threw it out with the rest of your garbage. By the way, my Valentines was fantastic. I'm so much more happy without you in my life.
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