texts i wanna send my ex
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I don't hate you for breaking up with me over the phone even if it completely ruined me for several weeks, I still watch your streams from time to time, and I'm glad you seem to be okay. But I don't think it would be kind on my heart to meet you again, well, at least not today.
Im so excited to finally put this out there. I know this is something that I couldn't have told you in the past, and I wish I had but we cannot regret the things we do in life. Im greatful for all the bulllshit that you put me through. All those torturous moments that you made me feel. alone and unwanted. My heart shattered into a million pieces. And like an idiot I still followed you. I let you break me over and over, emotionally and mentally. I'm grateful of where I am now because of it. You taught me what I would never want in a man, and since then I have met so many better men after we broke up. I wish you happiness in your life, and I hope you never come looking for me again. This will forever be done, and we can never be friends like before. Farewell my old beloved. I wish you the best of luck in life.
how could you end our 5 years relationship after we have been through so much and i basically stayed by your side when your were jobless, i supported u this whole time. and 3 days after arriving norway in you forgot all about your roots and us and fell for someone new in a span of just a few days. you didnt even wait until the other side of the bed to be cold and u r already dating and sleeping together. i never thought this could be you. it really hurts.
This is scary, please get out of my head, please. Stop haunting my thoughts. I dont want to think about you anymore.
who is this
look, its not that i dont love you. I do. but i left you because i cant deal with my emotional baggage AND yours. so you messaging me every day crying is not helping us get back together. please stop. i know it hurts but for us to ever have another chance we have to let go of the first chance. =
We could have been so amazing, but you ended it before it had the potential to blossom into something beautiful. I know you felt it too. I hate that I still think about you every day and miss you like hell. I hate the way you ran, pushed me away, and cut me off. Most of all, I hate that I can never hate you.
It makes me sad that you didn't realize my "unrealistic expectations" to see, and be with you had to do with my fear of being abandoned by you. Thank you for ignoring my texts, and showing me that my decision to not sleep with you would be my best defense in moving on past you. Remember when you told me on your birthday at the baseball game you would never choose drugs over a person? Well, that Friday I wanted to see you and you decided to stay in to do your drugs meant you made your choice, and yourself a liar. Meeting your mom only told me that walking away later, would be harder on my heart. I know you believe I left because of your physical disability; but I left because it was too painful to deal with the mood swings, and watch you slowly destroy the man I was ready to eventually fall in love with at my own time. I hope you find a career that makes you happy, your living situation settles down, and that you stop stressing about the small things in life so you can enjoy more of its beauty each day!
I miss you..I wish every day I could go back and change everything. I screwed up. You're really something special, and I screwed it up. 3 months later, I finally kissed a guy, thinking I was over you..boy was I wrong. I went to the bathroom and sobbed, wanting nothing more than to talk to you, kiss you, hold your hand. That "something" we had is more rare than I thought, and I hate myself for driving you away.
I miss you more than you'd think. But letting you go was the only choice I had. There's still a tiny piece of me that wishes you'd come back though
Es ist schon so lange her, dass es sich ein bisschen albern anfühlt, zu der Beziehung überhaupt noch was zu sagen. Ich freue mich, dass Du einen fetten Kopf gekriegt hast - ausgerechnet Du, der immer so sehr aufs Aussehen bedacht war und mich mit aller Macht in eine Art Model verwandeln wollte. Tut mir leid, dass ich das fünf Jahre lang nicht verstanden und einen wirklich tollen Mann wegen Dir habe ziehen lassen. Dafür habe ich Dich mehrfach betrogen. --- Muss selber lachen, aber es tat auch mal gut, das zu schreiben.
For you, my B.do, you've always been breaking my heart since day one. I cant believe that you still do it to this day, and why do I allow it? because I am a fool, a fool for you. And I wear my heart on my sleeve. You're my kryptonite. And sometimes I wished I hadn't met you, life would be so much more easier. But I dont regret meeting you. you taught me to love again and get in touch with my feelings. Jeeze, can I ever tell you this? it kills me that you act so superficial like nothing phases you, but it affects me, wounds me deep. And I wish you could see that. please dont treat me like this anymore. All I ever wanted to do was love you, and have my love reciprocated back. But once again, I am the fool for letting you do this to me. Hoping one day you will change, but you never will. One day, I hope you can realize what our love would have been, should have been, and could have been. I hope you realize it sooner then later, So that you could see that I would have loved you unconditionally, Yet again you continue to break my heart. I think its time for me to walk away from your unrequited love.
I still ask myself why you left that night after you asked me what's wrong and I explained. You said you needed to think about it while all I said was that I needed more time with you, not apart from you. It's been 3 months now since you left. I blocked you right away because I knew and still know we were never meant to be (even my mum said we don't belong together) but why am I feeling that strong need to call you up and say how much I love and miss you. You are an asshole, but you once were mine. And I guess I'm missing the memories more than I miss you. I don't wanna say maybe, but what if? Stupid fool I am.
Just wanted to let you know that spaghetti carbonara also tastes good without you!
I miss you so much. But I think it was for the best... I couldn't picture myself with you long-term, and have always doubted if I truly loved you or just needed you at that point in my life. I'm sorry. I miss you so much.
Yo Fucker. I loved you. And I believed you where the love of my life - or you could BE the love of my life. But you didn't want to. I am not you little dog, waitin' for you 23'55 hours a day JUST to get pet for fuckin' 5 minutes. I told you....i told you 7 (!) months long that I was unhappy. I told you I will break up. But you smiled, noddin' with your head, you haven't believed me. I just moved out of our flat. And you haven't believed me. Smiled. “You won't get somebody better than me“, you said. NO. You're right. He hadn't that much money. He had no PhD. At least he hadn't the same motherlanguage as you do. But he respect me. Have time for me. Remember things I said. He knows how to get me lucky. And all YOU do is gossip about me. Honestly, I never thought you are the kind of men who gossip and tell lies about the woman who stayed 4yrs on your side and dry your tears you cried because of your first world problems. No. You are the kind of motherfucker who told everyone that I betrayed you, fucked with everyone, lied to you...and you are the goooooood boooy. Everyone believes you. You know what? Fuck you. Fuck you so much. I wished our break up lasts in friendship....but no, it ends in hate and its FUCKING your fault. I just cant say that my hate based.on your life heats me up. Thats simply not true. But...if I see you I feel like burnin' in hell.
Dieser Text geht nicht an meinen Ex sondern an einen in den ich verliebt bin. Ich fang dann mal an. Hi du, ich sitze mit meinem Laptop im Bett und denke an dich und da wir uns seit vorgestern nie wieder sehen werden, denke ich noch mehr an dich als je zuvor. Es bricht mir das Herz, dass wir uns wahrscheinlich nie wieder sehen werden. Als ich dir an jenem Tag gegenüber saß, hätte ich am liebsten den Moment für immer eingefroren. Ich habe dich immer wieder länger beobachtet weil ich mich an dir nicht satt sehen konnte. Bis heute weiß ich nicht, was du über mich denkst, was du für mich empfindest, du bist so verdammt geheimnisvoll! Mir ist nicht entgangen dass auch du mich beobachtet hast, du hast mich mit deinen Blicken durchbohren. Eigentlich sollte ich aufhören an dich zu denken, denn du hast seit einigen Monaten eine Freundin. Allerdings kann ich nicht aufhören an dich zu denken, weil du mit mir auf deine merkwürdige Art flirtest. Du schaust mir tief in die Augen, beobachtest mich, machst die selben Bewegungen wie ich, lachst über jeden Mist den ich erzähle, umarmst mich und fasst mir an den Arm, ich kann den Rest nicht beschreiben, aber jedenfalls ist da etwas in der Luft und es macht mich fertig. Du bist ein Mysterium. Und ich will trotzdem in deiner Nähe sein. Ich würde mich niemals trauen dir zu erzählen wie viel ich für dich empfinde und du würdest es wohl auch nicht machen. Was sollst du denn auch schon von mir wollen denke ich mir, wahrscheinlich siehst du mich als unreif mit meinen 24 Jahren. Wie ich mich immer gefreut habe, wenn ich wusste, dass ich dich gleich sehen werde. Mein Herz pochte wie verrückt, wegen dir und jetzt wird es das nicht mehr, weil du weg bist. Wir kennen uns seit 2 Jahren und dafür, dass ich dich in dieser Zeit so selten gesehen habe, hast du einen riesen Platz in meinem Herzen. Ich habe Angst deine Stimme zu vergessen, zu vergessen wie dein Lachen klingt. Du ahnst gar nicht wie sehr ich leide. Trotz des Schmerzes den du toller Mensch verursachst, bin ich dankbar und glücklich, dass ich dich kennenlernen durfte. Wer weiß wann ich aufgebe darauf zu warten eine Sms von dir zu bekommen, wahrscheinlich nie. Ich hoffe das Mädel an deiner Seite weiß dich zu schätzen und tut dir hoffentlich niemals weh. Ich könnte noch so viel schreiben, aber mir fällt es verdammt schwer alles in Worte zu fassen wie sehr du mich in deinen Bann gezogen hast. Leb wohl. Du wirst mir fehlen und ja auch wenn es übertrieben ist, ich liebe dich, das tue ich wirklich.
Please dont send me a friend request I'm not going to accept
I fucking hate you and I have to pretend you did not break my fucking heart because in the two months I have known you i have felt more for you than I ever did for my ex. I should have never went to your house and laid down in your bed. We didnt even fucking kiss but you played with my hair and that made me feel more than having sex with him ever did. You told me you were leaving her but you didnt and I cant even be mad at you for it dude I have to respect it I do respect it. You're sticking by her through her really shitty time and I cant even be upset I do not even have the right to be upset. Now I have to see you every day at work knowing I have these digusting feelings for you and I have to pretend that youre just my best friend and nothing more. I wish he would have never given you that sales job. I wish you never would have walked into my office and introduced yourself. I wish I would have never looked at you. I wish no one would have ever pointed out to me that you are, or I guess were, completley obsessed with me and that you were in love with me. I did not even want you unril someone pointed out that I was so blindled by you that I cant focus and my morning just flips around when you walk through the door. I wish I did hate you and I wish I did not love you. You are the first person who ever denied my sorry ass and it made me feel like shit. I wish I didnt love you for being such a good person. I wish I never would have let you touch my hair and tell me I was beautfiul. I wish so many things but most of all I wish I had never fucking met you because you turned my world inside out. You made me see how shitty my relationship was with him abd made me fall in love with you instead. I should have never let you hold me in the parking lot while i bawled my eyes out. I should have never goe to your house and laid in your bed like I could handle just sex. There is so many things I should not have done and should not have been getting emotions toward. You have turned my fucking life upside down and now I have to pretend like I dont even fucking care. I have to showup to work and laugh with you like you didnt see me in a way no one else got to. I have to look at you knowing I love you but you dont me. I have to pretend I am okay but I am the furthest from it.
I hate myself that i can't fucking hate you, you stupid beautiful bitch who broke my heart! :((((
I'm sorry I broke up with you over the phone.
I am not a toy, please don't play with me. I am a human being with feelings and emotions, just like you. You're either in my life, or out, pick one and stick with it.
I don't hate you for breaking up with me over the phone even if it completely ruined me for several weeks, I still watch your streams from time to time, and I'm glad you seem to be okay. But I don't think it would be kind on my heart to meet you again, well, at least not for a long time to come. Maybe when I find my next significant other I'd be okay again, but now I guess I'm going with the flow. I'd love to say I know what I'd do if you told me everything you held back when you broke up with me, but I don't think I do. Heck, I'd probably just break my heart all over again, and that's okay. Things happen, people change, emotions are messy and I know you hate it. Sometimes I wonder what the fuck I could've done better, or if I was just your fuckin rebound, even if such thoughts are pointless. Occassionally, I wish I wasn't wishing you gave me a proper closure. Once in a blue moon, I wish I hadn't wished to kiss you harder.I miss you
I wanted to fuck you better and I wished I was stronger
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